NL GenWeb 1904 McAlpine's Directory

Conception Bay North - Harbour Grace District

Bryant's Cove

The information was transcribed by SUE O'NEILL ~ January 1999. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.
Surname Given Names Relation Occupation
BabbJnof Thosfisherman
BabbEdwof Johndo
BabbThosof Johndo
BabbWmof Johndo
BriffettElielof Thosdo
BriffettJacobof Elieldo
DugganEdwof Jasdo
DugganJereof Edwdo
Hayse?ineusof Johndo
HayseJnof Jndo
HearnJasof Johndo
JamesAmbof Danldo
JamesIsaacof Danldo
JamesArchof Danieldo
JanesWm Hyof Israeldo
KidneyPatkof Timfisherman
KidneyJasof Timothydo
KidneyJnof Timothydo
MorganJacobof Edwdo
MorganJacobof Jacobdo
MorganAbramof Jacobdo
NorcottPatkof Wmdo
NorcottWmof Patkdo
NorcottJnof Patkdo
NorcottPatkof Patkdo
NorcottAbramof Michdo
NorcottMarof Abramdo
NorcottAndof Abramdo
NorcottMichof Timothydo
NorcottJasof Timdo
NorcottTimof Timothydo
NoseworthyJacobof Gdo
NoseworthyMosesof Tdo
NoseworthyEbenof Mdo
NoseworthyEof Mosesdo
NoseworthyGof Jndo
NoseworthyRof Geodo
NoseworthyG jrof Geodo
NeilChasof Richdo
NoseworthyNoahof Wdo
NoseworthyNathof Edo
NoseworthyLeanderof Edo
NoseworthyHyof Thosdo
NoseworthyJonaof Hydo
NoseworthyAlexof Hydo
NoseworthyCof Hydo
NoseworthyBerof Hydo
NoseworthyRichof Jdo
NoseworthyWalof Jdo
NoseworthyErnof Augdo
NoelJnof Fredkdo
NoelAlexof Fredkdo
NoseworthyTof Jasdo
NoseworthyJasof Tdo
NoseworthySelbyof Cdo
NoseworthyJacobof Tdo
ParsonsGeoof Eddo
ParsonsGeoof Geodo
ParsonsAmbof Geodo
ParsonsChasof Geodo
ParsonsAmbof Edwdo
StoneJnof Thosdo
StoneWmof Thosdo
StoneJasof Wmdo
StoneJnof Wmdo
StoneAlexof Thosdo
StoneThosof Thosdo
StoneGeoof Thosdo
StoneAmbof Geodo
StoneGeoof Geodo
StoneAlbertof Thosdo
StoneEdwardof Geodo
SheppardJosiahof Mardo
WhelanMichaelof Timdo
WhelanJasof Timothydo
WhelanWmof Bryando
WhelanPatkof Bryando
WhelanMichof Bryando
YetmanHyof Thosdo
YetmanGeoof Hydo
YetmanNathof Thosdo
YetmanHyof Thosdo
YetmanMosesof Jndo
YetmanWmof Jndo
YetmanRobtof Thosdo
YetmanJosof Wmdo
YetmanFrancisof Wdo
YetmanThosof Josdo
YetmanThos jrof Tdo
YetmanMarkof Jndo
YetmanJoshuaof Jndo
YetmanHyof Hydo
YetmanJasof Hydo
YetmanAndof Hydo
YetmanWm Hyof Wdo
MartinJohn S

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