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Conception Bay North Region ~ Harbour Grace District

Harbour Grace - Part 1 of 12

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Note, the age denotes age of last birthday. It was read, recorded and transcribed by SUE O'NEILL, 1999.
COOMBS, HettieFdaughtersingle1908Aug18Hbr. Grace
COOMBS, PheobeFdaughtersingle1909Jan12Hbr. Grace
COOMBS, WalterMsonsingle1902Aug19Hbr. Grace

COURAGE, SarahFheadwidow1865Sept56Hbr. Grace
COURAGE, WilliamMsonsingle1902Jan19Hbr. Grace
COURAGE, RaymondMsonsingle1904July17Hbr. Grace

WILLIAMS, StephenMfatherwidower1836June85Hbr. Grace
PARMITER, JaneFdaughterwidow1888Oct32Hbr. Grace
PARMITER, Arthur H.Mgrandson single1917Jan4Hbr. Grace
PARMITER, AdaFgr.daughtersingle 1919Dec2Hbr. Grace
PARMITER Dorithy[sic]Fgr.daughtersingle 1920Dec1Hbr. Grace

WILLAMS, NicholsMheadmarried1857Sept64Hbr. Grace
NICHOLS, Mary A.Fwifemarried1863Dec87Hbr. Grace
NICHOLS, LeliaFdaughtersingle1901Oct20Hbr. Grace

NEIL, DanielMheadmarried1892July29Hbr. Grace
NEIL, MaryFwifemarried1887Aug36Hbr. Grace
NEIL, WilliamMsonsingle1909Aug12Hbr. Grace
NEIL, MableFdaughtersingle1913Nov8Hbr. Grace
NEIL, AnnieFdaughtersingle1917Oct4Hbr. Grace
NEIL, JamesMsonsingle1918Oct2Hbr. Grace

NEIL, James Sr.Mheadmarried1863Aug58Hbr. Grace
NEIL Mary A.Fwifemarried1866Aug55Hbr. Grace
NEIL, VioletFdaughtersingle1905Mar16Hbr. Grace
NEIL, EdwardM-father1855May86Hbr. Grace

SILLARS, ThomasMheadmarried1857Nov63Hbr. Grace
SILLARS, FrancisFwifemarried1858July63Hbr. Grace
SILLARS, AlbertMson[blank]1898Sept23Hbr. Grace
SILLARS, law married1900Jan20Hbr. Grace
HUTCHINGS, Voilet[sic] Fgr.daughter [blank] 1914Apr7Hbr. Grace

BRAY, Mary A.Fheadwidow1837Mar84 Hbr. Grace

NOEL John C.Mheadmarried 1893July28 Hbr. Grace
NOEL, Katie G.Fwifemarried 1893Oct27Hbr. Grace
NOEL, WilliamsMson[blank]1919Dec1Hbr. Grace

SHEPPARD, GeorgeMheadmarried1893Jan48Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, AliceFwifemarried1876Feb45Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, RonaldMsonsingle1902July 19Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, WilliamMsonsingle1905Dec16Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, ElsieFdaughtersingle1907June 14Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, MarjorieFdaughtersingle1910Dec11Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, LeonardMsonsingle1912May8Hbr. Grace

NICHOLS, GeorgeMheadmarried1889Dec31Hbr. Grace
NICHOLS, WilhiminaFwifemarried1894Feb 27Hbr. Grace
NICHOLS, SuzieFdaughtersingle1913May8Hbr. Grace
NICHOLS, ViolaFdaughtersingle1914June 7Hbr. Grace
NICHOLS, WesleyMsonsingle1915Aug6Hbr. Grace
NICHOLS, HazelFdaughtersingle1918Aug3Hbr. Grace
NICHOLS, EdnaFdaughtersingle1919Oct1Hbr. Grace

HUNT, StephenMheadmarried1898 Sept 23Hbr. Grace
HUNT, IdaFwifemarried1902 June 19Hbr. Grace
BRETT, MarthaFauntwidow1849 July 73Hbr. Grace

FOLEY, JamesMheadmarried1876Aug45Hbr. Grace
FOLEY, EthelFwifemarried1878June 41Hbr. Grace
FOLEY, GrantMsonsingle1908July 13Hbr. Grace
FOLEY, BertieFdaughtersingle1913Aug8Hbr. Grace
FOLEY, LillianFdaughtersingle1919Feb2Hbr. Grace
FOLEY, ElizabethFmotherwidow1841Nov80Hbr. Grace

STEVENSON, LydiaFheadwidow1879 April42Fogo
STEVENSON, LillyFdaughtersingle1897 Mar24Fogo
STEVENSON, RobertMsonsingle1899 Sept23Fogo
STEVENSON, DonaldMsonsingle1900 July21St. Johns
STEVENSON, WilliamMsonsingle1903 May18Bonavista
STEVENSON, MayFdaughtersingle1904 Sept17Bonavista
STEVENSON, LouiseFdaughtersingle1906 May15Bonavista
STEVENSON, HaroldMsonsingle1908 April13Bonavista
STEVENSON, MargFdaughtersingle1910 Nov10Bonavista

FRENCH, AzariahMheadmarried1893 Aug28???
FRENCH, ElizabethFwifemarried1892 April29F??
FRENCH, Hilda DFdaughtersingle1919 July 2???
MARSHALL, RachelFmother in lawwidow1849 March72???

BUTT, WilliamMhead widower1857 March64Hbr. Grace
BUTT, Charley CMsonsingle1894 July27Hbr. Grace

POTTLE, JamesMhead married1852 Aug67Bryant's cove
POTTLE, IreneFwife married1852 Feb67Hbr. Grace

HORWOOD, EldredMhead married1885 Aug36Hbr. Grace
HORWOOD, BessieFwife married1887 July34Hbr. Grace
HORWOOD, ClarenceMsonsingle1913 March8Hbr. Grace
HORWOOD, HaroldMsonsingle1917 Oct4Hbr. Grace

FRENCH, JosephMheadmarried1846 Oct76Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, AnnFwifemarried1847 Oct75Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, WalterMsonsingle1894 Nov36Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, Ella M.Fdau. in lawmarried1894 Sept 27Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, ElsieFgr.daughtersingle1916Nov4Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, Henry CMgr.sonsingle1918Nov2Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, BessieFgr.daughtersingle1921 Aug2 M. Hbr. Grace

FRENCH, WilliamMheadmarried1879 Oct42Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, IreneFwifemarried1883 Dec37Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, GrahamMsonsingle1907 July 14Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, KatieFdaughtersingle1908 Sept 13Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, LeonardMsonsingle1910 July 11Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, CalvinMsonsingle1912 Aug9Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, HaroldMsonsingle1914 June 7Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, GeorgeMsonsingle1918 Sept 3Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, AdaFdaughtersingle1921 June 4 Mo Hbr. Grace

FRENCH, DouglasMhead married1855 Oct65Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, ElizabethFwife married1849 Jan72Hbr. Grace

STOWE, MargaretFhead widow1841 Sep80Port De Grave

FRENCH, MatthewMheadmarried1860 Sept61Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, Mary JFwifemarried1871 Oct50Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, EdwardMsonsingle1902Apr 19Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, GrahamMsonsingle1904 July 17Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, GertrudeFdaughtersingle1910 Dec15Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, CharlesMsonsingle1909 July 12Hbr. Grace

FRENCH, JamesMheadmarried1858 May65Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, SusannaFwifemarried1862 July 59Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, LouiseFdaughtersingle1891 June 30Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, ThomasMsonsingle1895 July 26Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, JameiahMsonsingle1905 July 16Hbr. Grace

FRENCH, SilasMheadmarried1876 Aug45Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, LauraFwifemarried1873 Feb48Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, SuzieFdaughtersingle1902 July 19Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, ElsieFdaughtersingle1904 Sept 17Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, SaddieFdaughtersingle1906 Nov14Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, MarkMsonsingle1909 May12Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, SilasMsonsingle1913 July 8Hbr. Grace

CROCKER, AlexMheadmarried1883Nov37Hbr. Grace
CROCKER, PatienceFwifemarried1885Aug36Hbr. Grace
CROCKER, ArchibaldMsonsingle1910Nov10Hbr. Grace
CROCKER, PhilesFdaughtersingle1913Oct8Hbr. Grace
CROCKER, ViolaFdaughtersingle1917Sept4Hbr. Grace
CROCKER, WesleyMsonsingle1921June 3 Mo Hbr. Grace
YETMAN, PatienceFmother in law widow1853 June68Bryant's Cove

MILLS, HaroldMheadmarried1885 Nov35Hbr. Grace
MILLS, MarionFwifemarried1886 Feb35Hbr. Grace
PARSONS, AnnFM-I-Lwidow1856 Mar65Bristols Hope

ROGERS, EdmundMheadmarried1850 Aug70Hbr. Grace
ROGERS, Ann CFwifemarried1853 Aug68Hbr. Grace
HEATH, NellieFdaughtermarried1887 June 34Hbr. Grace
HEATH, ErnestMson in law married18?3 Aug?5Hbr. Grace
HEATH, DavidMgrandsonsingle1920 Apr1Hbr. Grace
ROGERS, WalterMgrandsonsingle1906 July 15Hbr. Grace
NOSEWORTHY, MableFdomesticsingle1898Aug23Hbr. Grace

PELLEY, SarahFheadwidow1850Feb71Hbr. Grace

TARRANT, JohnMheadmarried1879 June 42Hbr. Grace
TARRANT, ElizabethFwifemarried1880 Oct41Hbr. Grace
TARRANT, DonaldMsonsingle1908 June 13Hbr. Grace
TARRANT, ClydeMsonsingle1909 Oct12Hbr. Grace
TARRANT, LenoreFdaughtersingle1912 Apr9Hbr. Grace
TARRANT, AllanMson -1913Jun8Hbr. Grace
DAVIS, GeorgeMheadmarried1871 Oct50Hbr. Grace
DAVIS, FrancesFwifemarried1867 Jan54Hbr. Grace
DAVIS, LorenzoMsonsingle1901 Sept 20Hbr. Grace
DAVIS, BessieFdaughtersingle1904 Oct17Hbr. Grace

BROWN, AnnFhead widow1845 June 76Hbr. Grace

SHEPPARD, RichardMheadmarried1884 Oct37Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, LillianFwifemarried1884 July 37Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, Dougal RMsonsingle1910Dec11Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, ArchibaldMsonsingle1911 Mar10Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, WillehimaFdaughtersingle1913 Apr7Hbr. Grace

SHEPPARD, RobertMheadmarried1884 Oct37Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, LizzieFwifemarried1883 Mar37Upper Island Cove
SHEPPARD, OswaldMsonsingle1915 Oct6Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, NinaFdaughtersingle1918 Oct3Hbr. Grace

YETMAN, JamesMheadmarried1859 Oct62Hbr. Grace
YETMAN, MelinaFwifemarried1863 Nov58Hbr. Grace
YETMAN, JamesMsonsingle1902 Jan19Hbr. Grace
BUTLER, ?????boarder widow1853 Aug68Bonavista

MARTIN, FrancesMhead married1870 Sept 51Hbr. Grace
MARTIN, MaryFwife married1878 May43Hbr. Grace
MARTIN, Ha?leyMsonsingle1909 Jan12Hbr. Grace

YETMAN, HesterMheadwidow1869 May52Hbr. Grace
YETMAN, AlecMsonsingle1900 Sept 21Hbr. Grace
YETMAN, GladysFdaughtersingle1904 Sept 17Hbr. Grace
YETMAN, FlossieFdaughtersingle1908 Sept 13Hbr. Grace
YETMAN, EthelFdaughtersingle1906 Oct14Hbr. Grace

SHEPPARD, LorenzoMheadmarried1875 Jun46Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, SelenaFwifemarried1876 Nov45Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, LizzieFdaughtersingle1888 Sept 23Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, MinnieFdaughtersingle1907 Feb14Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, Harold RMsonsingle1914 Jan7Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, LillianFdaughtersingle1917 Apr4Hbr. Grace

MARTIN,JohnMheadmarried1891 Aug30Hbr. Grace
MARTIN, AgnesFwifemarried1900 Apr21Hbr. Grace
MARTIN, ElizabethFdaughtersingle1916 Feb5Hbr. Grace

SHEPPARD, WilliamMheadmarried1868 Sept53Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, Mary JFwifemarried1877 Oct43Upper Island Cove
SHEPPARD, SolomonMsonmarried1893 Feb28Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, FredMsonsingle1900 Feb21Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, AlbertMsonsingle1902 May19Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, E???edMsonsingle1907 Oct14Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, law married1898 July 23Hbr. Grace

FRENCH, GraceFhead widow1844 April77Green Bay

ALCOCK, BertramMheadmarried1872 Sept 48Hbr. Grace
ALCOCK, BertieFwifemarried187? Feb44Bristols Hope
ALCOCK, HarryMsonsingle1902Nov18Hbr. Grace
ALCOCK, RalphMsonsingle1904 Oct16Hbr. Grace
ALCOCK, BertramMsonsingle1906 Oct14Hbr. Grace
ALCOCK, LeroyMsonsingle1909 May12Hbr. Grace
ALCOCK, RuthFdaughtersingle1913 Apr8Hbr. Grace
ALCOCK, NicholsMsonsingle1916Jan5Hbr. Grace
ALCOCK, RetiaFdaughtersingle1918Dec3Hbr. Grace

SHEEHAN, JohnMheadmarried1883 Sept 38Hbr. Grace
SHEEHAN, JanFwifemarried1889 Oct32Upper Island Cove
SHEEHAN, VeronicaFdaughtersingle1910 July 11Hbr. Grace
SHEEHAN, JamesMsonsingle1913 Oct8Hbr. Grace
SHEEHAN, AnnieFdaughtersingle1915 Sept 6Hbr. Grace
SHEEHAN, AliceFdaughtersingle1921 Aug2 Mo Hbr. Grace

ANDREWS, ???Mheadmarried1876 June 45Hbr. Grace
ANDREWS, ???Fwifemarried1881 July 40Hbr. Grace
ANDREWS, LizzieFdaughtersingle1909 Sept 12Hbr. Grace
ANDREWS, JohnMsonsingle1914 Dec7Hbr. Grace

ANDREWS, HerbertMheadwidower1871 July 50Hbr. Grace
ANDREWS, ElizabethFmotherwidow1834 Oct87Carbonear
ANDREWS, LillyFdomestic single1891 July 30Hbr. Grace

NOSEWORTHY, SelbyMheadmarried1880 Mar40Hbr. Grace
NOSEWORTHY, BerthaFwifemarried1882 Oct38Hbr. Grace
NOSEWORTHY, MalcombMsonsingle1901 Apr20Hbr. Grace
NOSEWORTHY, MayFdaughtersingle1906 Sept 15Hbr. Grace
NOSEWORTHY, MargaretFdaughtersingle1909 Jan12Hbr. Grace
NOSEWORTHY, SelbyMsonsingle1917 Oct4Hbr. Grace

SHUTE, ErnestMheadmarried1893 Dec27Hbr. Grace
SHUTE, PhoebeFwifemarried1896 Jan26Hbr. Grace
SHUTE, DorithyFdaughtersingle1915 Feb6Hbr. Grace
SHUTE, VeraFdaughtersingle1917 Oct4Hbr. Grace
SHUTE, Mark JMsonsingle1919 Oct2Hbr. Grace

SHEEHAN, JohannaFheadwidow1841 Sept 80Hbr. Grace

SNOW, AustinMheadmarried1861 Mar61Hbr. Grace
SNOW, SophieFwifemarried1860 Dec60Hbr. Grace
SNOW, HettieFdaughtersingle1905 Apr16Hbr. Grace
SNOW, FrankFsonsingle1911 Mar10Hbr. Grace
SNOW, GeorgeMnephewsingle1893 Mar28Hbr. Grace

SHEPPARD, ElmerMheadmarried1881 Dec40Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, EthelFwifemarried1882 Dec39Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, GeorgeMsonsingle1905 Sept 16Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, RuebinMsonsingle1907Jan14Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, SusieFdaughtersingle1911 Feb10Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, NellieFdaughtersingle1916 Sept 5Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, WilliamMsonsingle1919 Aug2Hbr. Grace

BRAY, JohnMheadmarried1875 Aug45Hbr. Grace
BRAY, WinifredFwifemarried1883 Apr38Hbr. Grace
BRAY, MarjorieFdaughtersingle1907 Nov14Hbr. Grace
BRAY, GeorgeMsonsingle1908 Dec12Hbr. Grace
BRAY, NellieFdaughtersingle1912 Sept 9Hbr. Grace

BRAY, MaryFheadwidow1850 May71Hbr. Grace

FRENCH, RobertMheadmarried1858 May63Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, Mary JFwifemarried1862 April59Brigus
FRENCH, WoodleyMsonsingle1887 April34Hbr. Grace

DAVIS, WilliamMheadmarried1862 Nov58Hbr. Grace
DAVIS, ElizabethFwifemarried1874 Nov46Upper Island Cove

ROGERS, AlbertMheadmarried1861 Jan60Hbr. Grace
ROGERS, MaryFwifemarried1865 May56Hbr. Grace
ROGERS, Arthur LMsonsingle1893 July 28Hbr. Grace
ROGERS, Winnie GFdaughtersingle1897 Oct24Hbr. Grace

Name in CensusDescription of ErrorMy Name
NICHOLS The fourth family on the list WILLAMS, Nichols - I believe this should be corrected to NICHOLS, William. And the wife, NICHOLS, Mary A. the age should be 58 NOT 87. No name

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