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Conception Bay North Region ~ Harbour Grace District

Harbour Grace - Part 2 of 12

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Note, the age denotes age of last birthday. It was read, recorded and transcribed by SUE O'NEILL, 1999.
PIKE, MaryFheadsingle1873 Feb48Hbr. Grace

SNOW, SamuelMheadmarried1882 Sept 39Hbr. Grace
SNOW, MinnieFwifemarried1896 Oct24Hbr. Grace
SNOW, HenryMsonsingle1919 Oct2Hbr. Grace
SNOW, ArthurMsonsingle1921 June 3MHbr. Grace
ASH, JaneFmotherwidow1854 Sept 67Hbr. Grace

THOMAS, MaryFheadwidow1860 Dec61Hbr. Grace
THOMAS, John HMsonmarried1890 Apr30Hbr. Grace
THOMAS, MarthaFdaughtersingle1896 Jan25Hbr. Grace
THOMAS, UrsulaFdau. in law married1890 Mar31Hbr. Grace
THOMAS, MaryFgr.daughtersingle1921 July 3 MHbr. Grace

ASH, WilliamMheadwidower1871 Sept 50Hbr. Grace
ASH, CharlesMsonsingle1903 July 18Hbr. Grace
ASH, MaryFdaughtersingle1899 May22Hbr. Grace
ASH, ClaraFdaughtersingle1901 Apr20Hbr. Grace
ASH, EmilyFdaughtersingle1907 Aug14Hbr. Grace

ASH, JohnMheadmarried1888 July 33Hbr. Grace
ASH, UrsulaFwifemarried1887 Jan34Hbr. Grace
ASH, NormanMsonsingle1909 Mar12Hbr. Grace
ASH, ElsieFdaughtersingle1911 Dec10Hbr. Grace
ASH, MaxMsonsingle1917 Nov4Hbr. Grace
ASH, FrancieFdaughtersingle1921 Jan9 MHbr. Grace

COURAGE, AbigalFheadwidow1855 Dec65Hbr. Grace

LILLY, GeorgeMheadmarried18?? ????Hbr. Grace
LILLY, MaryFwifemarried1885 May36Hbr. Grace
LILLY, EvelynFdaughtersingle1912 Sept 9Hbr. Grace
LILLY, SusannaFdaughtersingle1914 Sept 7Hbr. Grace
LILLY, MildredFdaughtersingle1916 Oct5Hbr. Grace
LILLY, MaudFdaughtersingle1919 July 2Hbr. Grace
LILLY, ThomasMfatherwidower1855 May66Hbr. Grace

PARSONS, AllanMheadmarried1895 May26Hbr. Grace
PARSONS, JanetFwifemarried1896 Jan25Upper Island Cove
PARSONS, FlorenceFdaughtersingle1919 Dec1Hbr. Grace
PARSONS, SarahFdaughtersingle1921 Sept 6 WHbr. Grace

ALCOCK, BridgetFheadwidow1851 Oct70Upper Island Cove

HENNESSY, HenryMheadsingle1873 Apr47Hbr. Grace

SNOW, WilliamMheadmarried1856 Sept 65Hbr. Grace
SNOW, EllenFwifemarried1861 Nov60Bay Islands
SNOW, BernardMsonsingle1900 Jan21Hbr. Grace

SNOW, FredrickMheadmarried1862 Feb59Hbr. Grace
SNOW, Emma JFwifemarried1863 Nov57Hbr. Grace
STEVENSON, JennieFniecesingle1903 July 18Hbr. Grace

SNOW, WilliamMheadmarried1893 Mar28Hbr. Grace
SNOW, LizzieFwifemarried1895 Mar26Hbr. Grace
SNOW, HazelFdaughtersingle1918 Oct3Hbr. Grace

SNOW, ThomasMheadmarried1868 Apr53Hbr. Grace
SNOW, Julia AFwifemarried1875 Sept 46Hbr. Grace
SNOW, GeorgeMsonsingle1898 Feb23Hbr. Grace
SNOW, BessieMdaughtersingle1904 July 17Hbr. Grace
SNOW, RobertMsonsingle1906 July 15Hbr. Grace
SNOW, ThomasMsonsingle1908 May13Hbr. Grace
SNOW, LillyFdaughtersingle1910 Oct11Hbr. Grace
SNOW, WalterMsonsingle1913 Mar8Hbr. Grace

NOSEWORTHY, StewartMheadwidower1855 Oct56Hbr. Grace
NOSEWORTHY, FrankMsonsingle1903 Aug18Hbr. Grace
NOSEWORTHY, GrahamMsonsingle1906 Nov15Hbr. Grace
NOSEWORTHY, ThomasMsonmarried1894 Feb27Hbr. Grace
NOSEWORTHY, MableFdau. in law married1897 July 24London, Eng

SHEPPARD, AlbertMheadmarried1871 Oct50Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, EmilyFwifemarried1874 Aug47Hbr. Breton
SHEPPARD, AlbertMsonsingle1913 Mar8Hbr. Breton
SHEPPARD, CatherineFdaughtersingle1816 Jan5Hbr. Breton
SHEPPARD, ErnestMsonsingle1918 Nov2Grand Bank

HUNT, StephenMheadmarried1844 Feb76Hbr. Grace
HUNT, FrancesFwifemarried1848 Aug73Hbr. Grace

WARREN, ArthurMheadmarried1876 Apr43Hbr. Grace
WARREN, MaryFwifemarried1864 Feb. 57Hbr. Grace

PEDDLE, JamesMheadmarried1857Nov65Hbr. Grace
PEDDLE, JaneFwifemarried1861 Feb60Hbr. Grace
PEDDLE, RobertMsonsingle1884 Sept 37Hbr. Grace
PEDDLE, LillianFdaughtersingle1887 May34Hbr. Grace
PEDDLE, JohnMsonsingle1897 Nov23Hbr. Grace
PEDDLE, GladysFdaughtersingle1900 Jan21Hbr. Grace
PEDDLE, FrederickMsonsingle1906 Dec15Hbr. Grace

HEPPARD, JohnMheadmarried1890 Jul 31Seal Is., Lab
HEPPARD, KateFwifemarried1890 Oct31Seal Is., Lab

WARREN, WilliamMheadmarried1844 May77Trinity
WARREN, Mary JFwifemarried1842 Oct79Bristols Hope
WARREN, WilliamMsonmarried1887 May34Hbr. Grace
WARREN, law married1888 Apr33Bay Roberts
WARREN, Ethel MFgr.daughtersingle1910 Mar11Hbr. Grace
WARREN, Elsie TFgr.daughtersingle1913 June 8Hbr. Grace
WARREN, WilliamMgrandsonsingle1914 Sept 7Hbr. Grace
WARREN, MaryFgr.daughtersingle1919 June 2Hbr. Grace

ELLSWORTHY, GeorgeMheadmarried1866 July 55Canada
ELLSWORTHY, PriscillaFwifemarried1874 May47Hbr. Grace
ELLSWORTHY, WilliamMsonsingle1897 Apr24Hbr. Grace
ELLSWORTHY, VernaFdaughtersingle1914 Feb17Hbr. Grace
ELLSWORTHY, CliffordMsonsingle1906 Sept 15Hbr. Grace

DAVIS, NathanielMheadmarried1841 Mar80Hbr. Grace
DAVIS, SusannaFwifemarried1845 May76Hbr. Grace
DAVIS, HenryMsonsingle1877 Nov43Hbr. Grace
DAVIS, MatthewM????July ?6Hbr. Grace
DAVIS, JohnMgrandsonsingle1903 Aug18Hbr. Grace

DAVIS, SarahFheadwidow1845 Feb75Hbr. Grace
DAVIS, ThomasMnephewmarried1871 Oct50Hbr. Grace
DAVIS, JosephineFniecemarried1875 June 46Flowers Cove
DAVIS, HowardMgr.nephewsingle1910 Oct10Flowers Cove
DAVIS, OttoMgr.nephewsingle1912 Aug9Flowers Cove

PENNY, HagerMheadmarried1882 Dec38Carbonear
PENNY, FloraFwifemarried1898 Jan23Bristols Hope
PENNY, HelenaFdaughtersingle1915 June 6Bristols Hope
PENNY, MajorieFdaughtersingle1917 Apr4Hbr. Grace
PENNY, JanieFdaughtersingle1914 Apr2Hbr. Grace
PENNY, LeonaFdaughtersingle1920 Aug1Hbr. Grace
TAYLOR, HazelFdomesticsingle1905 Jun13Bristols Hope

ASH, John TMheadwidower1842 Sept 79Hbr. Grace

PIKE, SarahFheadwidow1855 Dec65Hbr. Grace

ADAMS, RichardFheadmarried1866 Mar55Hbr. Grace
ADAMS, MaryFwifemarried1876 Aug45Hbr. Grace

NOSEWORTHY, JamesMheadmarried1880 July 41Hbr. Grace
NOSEWORTHY, HarrietFwifemarried1880 Aug41Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, WalterM???single1885 Sept 36Hbr. Grace

WILLIAMS, AmbroseMheadmarried1866 Dec54Hbr. Grace
WILLIAMS, ElizaFwifemarried1870 Sept 51Hbr. Grace
WILLIAMS, EllaFdaughtersingle1900 Oct21Hbr. Grace
WILLIAMS, StellaFdaughtersingle1910 Dec11Hbr. Grace
WILLIAMS, GeorgeMsonsingle1906 Oct14Hbr. Grace
WILLIAMS, FrederickMsonsingle1908 Apr13Hbr. Grace
ASH, ThomasMheadwidower1870 Sept 51Hbr. Grace
ASH, FrankMsonsingle1900 Jan21Hbr. Grace
ASH, RobertMsonsingle1902 Mar19Hbr. Grace
ASH, RonaldMsonsingle1906 Oct15Hbr. Grace
ASH, SusieFdaughtersingle1910 Sept 11Hbr. Grace

TAYLOR, RichardMheadmarried1862 Apr59Hbr. Grace
TAYLOR, FannieFwifemarried1865 Oct??Hbr. Grace
TAYLOR, KennethMsonsingle1892 July 29Hbr. Grace
TAYLOR, LenniolMsonsingle1894 July 27Hbr. Grace
TAYLOR, MaxMsonsingle1899 May22Hbr. Grace
TAYLOR, ClarenceMsonsingle1901 Oct20Hbr. Grace
TAYLOR, VioletFdaughtersingle1908 Dec13Hbr. Grace

STEVENSON, GeorgeMheadmarried1877 Jan44Hbr. Grace
STEVENSON, ZelaFwifemarried1896 Mar26???
STEVENSON, RupertMsonsingle1918 Jun3Hbr. Grace
STEVENSON JanettFdaughtersingle1919 June2Hbr. Grace
STEVENSON, JohnMsonsingle1920 Aug1Hbr. Grace
NEIL, EmilyFdomesticsingle1902 May19Hbr. Grace

PARSONS, ThedoreMheadmarried1877 Aug44Hbr. Grace
PARSONS, LouiseFwifemarried1878 June 43Hbr. Grace
PARSONS, LauraFmotherwidow1852 Sept 69Hbr. Grace
LeDREW, GraceFdaughtermarried1901 Oct20Hbr. Grace
LeDREW, RalphMson in lawmarried1897 Dec24St. Johns
TAPP, EdnaFniecesingle1913 May8Hbr. Grace
STEVENS, JaneFdomesticsingle1861 Sept 60Labrador

YETMAN, EdwardMheadmarried1894 Aug27Hbr. Grace
YETMAN, LizzieFwifemarried1896 July 25Hbr. Grace

PIKE, AllanMheadmarried1891 Jan30Hbr. Grace
PIKE, EffieFwifemarried1895 Nov26Hbr. Grace
PIKE, WilliamMsonsingle1916[sic] Dec4Hbr. Grace

PIKE, JohnMheadmarried1859 Nov61Hbr. Grace
PIKE, WilhelminaFwifemarried1868 July 53Hbr. Grace
PIKE, ElsieFdaughtersingle1896 Feb25Hbr. Grace
PIKE, IsabelleFdaughtersingle1898 Oct22Hbr. Grace
PIKE, CecilMsonsingle1892 Oct11Hbr. Grace

PIKE, WilliamMheadmarried1892 Oct29Hbr. Grace
PIKE, FrancisFwifemarried1894 Jan27Hbr. Grace
PIKE, MaxwellMsonsingle1918 Nov2Hbr. Grace
PIKE, BetteFdaughtersingle1920 Oct1Hbr. Grace
LEEWHITING, FrankMstepsonsingle1913 July 8Hbr. Grace
LEEWHITING, MarilynFstepdaughtersingle1915 Aug6Hbr. Grace

CRANE, WilliamMheadmarried1883 June 38Hbr. Grace
CRANE, SusieFwifemarried1885 Jan36Hbr. Grace
CRANE, VeraFdaughtersingle1912 Nov8Hbr. Grace
CRANE, EileenFdaughtersingle1914 Nov6Hbr. Grace
CRANE, MableFdaughtersingle1917 Jan4Hbr. Grace
CRANE, EmmaFdaughtersingle1920 May1Hbr. Grace

CRANE, JohnMheadmarried1873 June 48Hbr. Grace
CRANE, MayFwifemarried1875 May46Hbr. Grace
CRANE, HenleyMsonsingle1904 Dec16Hbr. Grace
CRANE, WilliamMsonsingle1907 Aug14Hbr. Grace
CRANE, HazelFdaughtersingle1911 May10Hbr. Grace
CRANE, GeorgeMsonsingle1914 Sept 7Hbr. Grace
CRANE, EthelFdaughtersingle1914 Sept 7Hbr. Grace

CRANE, GeorgeMheadmarried1831 May90 Upper Island Cove
CRANE, EileenFwifemarried1845 Mar76 Upper Island Cove
CRANE, HenleyMsonmarried1888 Apr33Hbr. Grace
CRANE, ElizabethFdau. in law married1894 June 27Hbr. Grace
CRANE, BeatriceFgr.daughtersingle1916 Sept 5Hbr. Grace
CRANE, FlorenceFgr.daughtersingle1919 Feb2Hbr. Grace
REES, SophiaFdaughtermarried1871 Apr 50Hbr. Grace

PIKE, HenryMheadmarried1846 Sept 75Carbonear
PIKE, ElizaFwifemarried1847 Aug75Flat Island

SHEPPARD, StephenMheadmarried1878 Aug43Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, MinnieFwifemarried1888 Mar33Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, MaxMsonsingle1908 Feb13Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, WillisMsonsingle1910 Oct11Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, MaryFdaughtersingle1918 Dec2Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, EdwardM??single1872 Sept 48Hbr. Grace

WARREN, JamesMheadwidower1842 Sept 79Hbr. Grace
GOODWIN, JohotmanMson in law married1868 July 53Bay ??? N.S.
GOODWIN, ElsieFdaughtermarried1877 Aug44Hbr. Grace
GOODWIN, WarrenMgrandsonsingle1903 Sept 18Hbr. Grace
GOODWIN, LeROYMgrandsonsingle1917 Dec3Hbr. Grace
GOODWIN, FloraFgr.daughtersingle1905 Nov15Hbr. Grace
GOODWIN, AnnieFgr.daughtersingle1908 May13Hbr. Grace
GOODWIN, JennieFgr.daughtersingle1913 Apr8Hbr. Grace
GOODWIN, MableFdomesticsingle1903 Mar18New Melbourn
KING, AlmaFniece of George Barrysingle1908 May13Gervis Post
FITZGERALD, MaryFmothersingle[blank on census]70Hbr.Grace
SHEPPARD, WalterMsingle[blank on census]36[blank]

SNOW, MARY KF[blank]widow[blank]50[blank]
SNOW, FrankMsonsingle[blank]14[blank]

NICHOLS, NathanielMheadmarried1852Oct68Hbr. Grace
NICHOLS, HannahFwifemarried1852July69Hbr. Grace
NICHOLS, RichardMgrandsonsingle1912May9Hbr. Grace
WILLIAMS, LouiseFboardersingle1910Feb11Hbr. Grace

CROCKER, George EMheadmarried1888Sept 33 Ivans Harbor TB
CROCKER, MaryFwifemarried1891Jan30Hbr. Grace

LYNCH, JosephMheadmarried1881Sept 40Upper Island Cove
LYNC H, AliceFwifemarried1888June 33Hbr. Grace
LYNCH, Mary A.Fdaughtersingle1913June 8Hbr. Grace
LYNCH, SarahFdaughtersingle1914Nov6Hbr. Grace
LYNCH, HannahFdaughtersingle1918Feb3Hbr. Grace
LYNCH, NathanielMsonsingle1919Aug2Hbr. Grace
LYNCH, JessicaFdaughtersingle1921Aug1 MoHbr. Grace

VERGE, HarrisonMheadmarried1886Sept 35Hbr. Grace
VERGE, AnnieFwifemarried1888Feb32Clarks Beach, CB
VERGE, WinnieFdaughtersingle1912May9Bell Island
VERGE, HerbertMsonsingle1914Sept 7Hbr. Grace
VERGE, HarrisonMsonsingle1917Oct4Hbr. Grace

VERGE, Richard SrMheadmarried1855May66Hbr. Grace
VERGE, MaryFwifemarried1876Apr45Hbr. Main
VERGE, Richard JrMsonsingle1921Mar6 Mo Hbr. Grace

PYNN, Lillian EFheadsingle1860Aug61Hbr. Grace

HUNT, GeorgeMheadmarried1869June 52Hbr. Grace
HUNT, SusannaFwifemarried1871Jan50Hbr. Grace
HUNT, BeatriceFdaughtersingle1905June 16Hbr. Grace
HUNT, John JMsonsingle1900Oct20Hbr. Grace
CLARKE, John JMnephewsingle1913Sept 8St. Johns

HUNT, WilliamMheadmarried1894 Nov26Hbr. Grace
HUNT, MaudFwifemarried1893 Sept 27England
HUNT, DuncanMsonsingle1920 Feb1Hbr. Grace

VERGE, EliMheadmarried1865 July 56Hbr. Grace
VERGE, SussannaFwifemarried1877 Nov43Upper Island Cove
VERGE, GeorgeMsonsingle1910 Sept 10Hbr Grace

VERGE, WilliamMheadwidower1877Mar44Hbr. Grace
VERGE, JamesMsonsingle1913Apr8Hbr. Grace
VERGE, MarkMsonsingle1901Jul20Hbr. Grace
VERGE, ClementMsonsingle1903Oct19Hbr. Grace
VERGE, GeorgeMsonsingle1908July 13Hbr. Grace
VERGE, RonaldMsonsingle1911Aug10Hbr. Grace

BRAY, Selby SrMheadmarried1870 Jan51Hbr. Grace
BRAY, MargaretFwifemarried1872 July 49Hbr. Grace
BRAY, GrahamMsonsingle1902 Oct18Hbr. Grace
BRAY, FrankMsonsingle1904 Oct16Hbr. Grace
BRAY, Selby JrMsonsingle1907 Jan14Hbr. Grace
BRAY, AmbroseMsonsingle1912 Feb9Hbr. Grace
BRAY, LeonardMsonsingle1909 Dec12Hbr. Grace
BRAY, Frances LFsonsingle1917 Dec3Hbr. Grace

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