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Conception Bay North Region ~ Harbour Grace District

Harbour Grace - Part 3 of 12

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Note, the age denotes age of last birthday. It was read, recorded and transcribed by SUE O'NEILL, 1999.
HUNT, HenryMheadmarried1870 Dec50Hbr. Grace
HUNT, MaryFwifemarried1877 Sept 44Hbr. Grace
HUNT, AliceFdaughtersingle1896 Dec25Hbr. Grace
HUNT, WilliamMsonsingle1901 Sept 19Hbr. Grace
HUNT, AnnieFdaughtersingle1908 Aug13Hbr. Grace
HUNT, AgnesFdaughtersingle1910 JJuly 11Hbr. Grace
HUNT, HenryMsonsingle1912 Mar8Hbr. Grace
HUNT, Mary MFdaughtersingle1915 Dec5Hbr. Grace

HUNT, WilliamMheadmarried1868 Oct52Hbr. Grace
HUNT, MarthaFwifemarried1873 Sept 48Hbr. Grace
HUNT, JamesMsonsingle1901 Oct19Hbr. Grace
HUNT, ElsieFdaughtersingle1905 Dec15Hbr. Grace
HUNT, FloraFdaughtersingle1908Jan13Hbr. Grace
HUNT, LizzieFdaughtersingle1912 Sept 9Hbr. Grace

HUNT, John Sr.Mheadmarried1881 Aug40Hbr. Grace
HUNT, MaryFwifemarried1882 Aug39Hbr. Grace
HUNT, WilliamMsonsingle1905 Apr15Bell Island
HUNT, AlbertMsonsingle1908 July 13Hbr. Grace
HUNT, John Jr.Msonsingle1911 Aug10Hbr. Grace
HUNT, FrankMsonsingle1914 Oct6Hbr. Grace
HUNT, AdlaideFmotherwidow1847 Sept 74Cat Harbor

HUNT, DuncanMheadmarried1877 Dec44Hbr. Grace
HUNT, Mary BFwifemarried1880 Feb41Bell Island CB
HUNT, RetiaFdaughtersingle1905 May16Bell Island CB
HUNT, MarionFdaughtersingle1906 Jan15Bell Island CB
HUNT, MarthaFdaughtersingle1908 Oct13Hbr. Grace
HUNT, JamesMsonsingle1912 Dec8Hbr. Grace
HUNT, GeorgeMsonsingle1914 Jan7Hbr. Grace
HUNT, MatildaFdaughtersingle1915 Jan6Hbr. Grace
HUNT, WilliamMsonsingle1916 Nov4Hbr. Grace
HUNT, GertudeFdaughtersingle1918 Oct2Hbr. Grace
HUNT, FlorenceFdaughtersingle1920 Dec9MHbr. Grace

DWYER, JamesMheadmarried1888 Sept 33Holyrood
DWYER, AgnesFwifemarried1889 Sept 32Hbr. Grace
DWYER, EdwardMsonsingle1913 Jul8Hbr. Grace
DWYER, GeorgeMsonsingle1916 Sept 5Hbr. Grace
DWYER, AliceFdaughtersingle1917 June 4Hbr. Grace
DWYER, GertrudeFdaughtersingle1920 Apr1Hbr. Grace
DWYER, JamesMsonsingle1921 Sept 3WHbr. Grace

MORRISSEY, PatrickMheadmarried1854 Aug67St. Johns
MORRISSEY, EllenFwifemarried1866 Mar55Hbr. Main CB

LYNCH, ThomasMheadmarried1881 Mar40Hbr Grace
LYNCH, CatherineFwifemarried1883 Nov37Seal Cove TB
LYNCH, ThresaFdaughtersingle1906 Aug15Hbr. grace
LYNCH, FrankMsonsingle1907 Apr14Hbr. Grace
LYNCH, BrigetFdaughtersingle1910 Nov10Hbr. Grace
LYNCH, SusieFdaughtersingle1915 Aug6Hbr. Grace
LYNCH, ThomasMsonsingle1917 July 4Hbr. Grace
LYNCH, MichaelMbrothersingle1867 Aug54Hbr. Grace

PURCELL, WilliamMheadmarried1872 Sept 49Hbr. Grace
PURCELL, PheobeFwifemarried1875 Nov45Hbr. Grace
PURCELL, RichardMsonsingle1900 Oct20Hbr. Grace
PURCELL, EdwardMsonsingle1903 Oct17Hbr. Grace
PURCELL, AdlaideFdaughtersingle1907 Feb14Hbr. Grace
PURCELL, PierceMsonsingle1909 Mar12Hbr. Grace
PURCELL, IsabelleFdaughtersingle1914 Mar7Hbr. Grace
PURCELL, CharlesMsonsingle1919 July 2Hbr. Grace

NEIL, EdwardMheadmarried1874 Oct47Hbr. Grace
NEIL SarahFwifemarried1879 Jan42Hbr. Grace

CHADWICK, AlfredMheadmarried1858 Jan63Folke Stone, Eng.
CHADWICK, EllenFwifemarried1853 Nov67Hbr. Grace

SLADE, JamesMheadmarried1883 Sept 38Hbr. Grace
SLADE, SusannaFwifemarried1882 Jan38Hbr. Grace

SHANNAHAN, JohnMheadmarried1882 May39Little Bay GB
SHANNAHAN, JosephineFwifemarried1892 Sept 29Hbr. Grace
SHANNAHAN, MargaretFdaughtersingle1917 Aug3Hbr. Grace
SHANNAHAN, ElizabethFdaughtersingle1920 Sept 1Hbr. Grace

LUFFMAN, WilliamMheadmarried1863 Oct57Hbr. Grace
LUFFMAN, AnastchFwifemarried1871 May49Hbr. Grace
LUFFMAN, ThomasMsonsingle1896 June 25Hbr. Grace
LUFFMAN, RonaldMsonsingle1903 Nov17Hbr. Grace
LUFFMAN, HaroldMsonsingle1905 Sept 15Hbr. Grace
LUFFMAN, WilliamMsonsingle1909 Oct11Hbr. Grace
LUFFMAN, GeorgeMsonsingle1911 July 10Hbr. Grace
LUFFMAN, SusieFdaughtersingle1914 Nov6Hbr. Grace

LUFFMAN, RobertMheadmarried1867 Mar54Hbr. Grace
LUFFMAN, JessieFwifemarried1872 Jan49Hbr. Grace

BRAY, MarthaFheadwidow1859 July 62Upper Island Cove
BRAY, LeanderMsonsingle1900 Mar21Hbr Grace
KNIGHT, WinnieFdaughterwidow1892 Oct28Hbr. Grace
KNIGHT, RonaldMgrandsonsingle1914 Oct6Hbr. Grace
KNIGHT, KennethMgrandsonsingle1918 Dec2Hbr. Grace

BRAY, RichardMheadmarried1860 July 61Hbr. Grace
BRAY, ElizaFwifemarried1883 Aug38Tilton
BRAY, UriahMsonsingle1897 Sept 24Hbr. Grace

BRAY, ElizaFheadwidow1846 July 75Hbr. Grace
OSBORNE, EmmaFservantsingle1886 May35Upper Island Cove

NOEL, MarcusMheadmarried1883 Feb38Hbr. Grace
NOEL, ElsieFwifemarried1886 Aug35Hbr. Grace
NOEL, MarkMsonsingle1915 Dec7Hbr. Grace

NEWMAN, HarrietFheadwidow1871 Oct49Hbr. Grace
NEWMAN, ElsieFdaughtersingle1900June20Hbr. Grace
NEWMAN, JohnMsonsingle1902 Aug19Hbr. Grace
NEWMAN, MaryFmother in law widow 1828 Dec92Upper Island Cove

COURAGE, AnnFheadwidow1853 Nov68Hbr. Grace
COURAGE, GeorgeMsonmarried1882 May39Hbr. Grace
COURAGE, Mary law married1892 June 29Hbr. Grace

YETMAN, William GMheadmarried1881 Feb39Hbr. Grace
YETMAN, FannieFwifemarried1892 Sept 29Hbr. Grace
YETMAN, GraceFdaughtersingle1910 Sept 11Hbr. Grace
YETMAN, MaryFdaughtersingle1913 Sept 8Hbr. Grace
YETMAN, VioletFdaughtersingle1915 Aug6Hbr. Grace
YETMAN, FlorenceFdaughtersingle1917 Nov3Hbr. Grace
YETMAN, BlancheFdaughtersingle1919 Dec1Hbr. Grace

BROWN, HectorMheadmarried1887 July 34Hbr. Grace
BROWN, MurielFwifemarried1888 Jan32Hbr. Grace
BROWN, VioletFdaughtersingle1909 Sept 12Hbr. Grace
BROWN, SusieFdaughtersingle1911 Sept 10Hbr. Grace
BROWN, LouiseFdaughtersingle1914 Feb7Hbr. Grace
BROWN, LillianFdaughtersingle1916 Sept 5Hbr. Grace
BROWN, ArmorelFdaughtersingle1919 Oct1Hbr. Grace
BROWN, HenryMsonsingle1921 Sept 17 dayHbr. Grace
GEORGE, ClemontMheadmarried1879 Nov41Hbr. Grace
GEORGE, IsabellaFwifemarried1882 Sept 39Hbr. Grace
GEORGE, AlbertMadopted son single1907 Feb15Hbr. Grace

BROWN, PhilipMheadwidower1859 Oct61Hbr. Grace
BROWN, HettieFdaughtersingle1901 July 19Hbr. Grace
BROWN, WilliamMsonsingle1891 July 30Hbr. Grace
BROWN, ThomasMsonsingle1897 Mar24Hbr. Grace
PIKE, JordanMheadmarried1884 Feb37Bristol Hope
PIKE, MinnieFwifemarried1888 June 33Hbr. Grace
PIKE, GladysFdaughtersingle1908 Nov12Hbr. Grace
PIKE, GrahamMsonsingle1913 Oct9Hbr. Grace
PIKE, WilliamMsonsingle1915 July 6Hbr. Grace
PIKE, DorasFdaughtersingle1918 Mar3Hbr. Grace
PIKE, FlorenceFdaughtersingle1919 Oct1Hbr. Grace

NICHOLS, SarahFheadwidow1856 Aug65Black head GB
NICHOLS, Mary EFdaughtersingle1899 March22Hbr. Grace

DOWNING, UriahMheadmarried1836 Oct85Hbr. Grace
DOWNING, FrancesFwifemarried1859 May62Carbonear
DOWNING, ElizabethFdaughtersingle1901 July 20Hbr. Grace

MERCER, ThomasMheadmarried1855 Feb65Upper Island Cove
MERCER, MaryFwifemarried1863 Aug58Hbr Grace
MERCER, Lillian GFdaughtersingle1908 July 13Hbr. Grace

MERCER, Leander Sr.Mheadmarried1868 July 53Upper Island Cove
MERCER, PriscillaFwifemarried1872 Aug49Upper Island Cove
MERCER, VioletFstepdaughtersingle 1905 June 16Upper Island Cove
MERCER, EthelFstepdaughtersingle 1906 Dec15Upper Island Cove
MERCER, DaiseyFstepdaughtersingle1907 Oct13Upper Island Cove
MERCER, KennethMsonsingle1908 Aug13Upper Island Cove
MERCER, PriscillaFdaughtersingle1912 Feb9Hbr. Grace
MERCER, Leander Jr.Msonsingle1916 Apr5Hbr. Grace

DAVIS, NathanielMheadmarried1865 Sept 56Hbr. Grace
DAVIS, JessieFwifemarried1878 Jan43Hbr. Grace
DAVIS, VeraFdaughtersingle1914 Feb7Horton Kances?

DOWNING, JohnMheadmarried1879 Feb42Hbr. Grace
DOWNING, RachelFwifemarried1884 Oct36Flat Island PB
DOWNING, James SMsonsingle1906 Feb15Hbr grace
DOWNING, Ambrose BMsonsingle1908 Nov12Hbr. Grace
DOWNING, Jessie EFmotherwidow1847 Feb74St. Johns

YETMAN, ArchibaldMheadmarried1882 May39Hbr. Grace
YETMAN, StellaFwifemarried1888 June 33Hbr. Grace
YETMAN, AlexanderMsonsingle1907 Sept 13Hbr. Grace
YETMAN, Roy AMsonsingle1913 Sept8Hbr. Grace
YETMAN, LlewellynMsonsingle Jun4Hbr. Grace

NICHOLS, SophieFheadwidow1851 Sept 70Hbr. Grace

BUSSEY, George AMheadmarried1888 Nov32St. Leonards
BUSSEY, AliceFwifemarried1889 Jun31Jackson's Cove GB
BUSSEY, Viola WFdaughtersingle1918 Sept 3Lewisport NDB

VATERS, GeorgeMheadmarried1882 Oct38Perry's Cove CB
VATERS, DoraFwifemarried1893 Mar28Hbr. Grace

MARTIN, AndrewMheadmarried1873 Apr48Hbr. Grace
MARTIN, AgnesFwifemarried1876 Aug45Bryants Cove
MARTIN, AnnieFdaughtersingle1895 Sept 26Hbr. Grace
MARTIN, BerthaFdaughtersingle1898 Aug23Hbr. Grace
MARTIN, GrahamMsonsingle1906 Nov14Hbr. Grace
MARTIN, GladysFdaughtersingle1908 Oct12Hbr. Grace
MARTIN, FannyFdaughtersingle1910 Aug11Hbr. Grace
MARTIN, MargaretFdaughtersingle1912 July 9Hbr. Grace
MARTIN, EvaFdaughtersingle1914 Aug7Hbr. Grace
MARTIN, GertrudeFdaughtersingle1916 May5Hbr. Grace
MARTIN, AndrewMsonsingle1918 Sept 3Hbr. Grace
MARTIN, EthaFdaughtersingle1921 June 3 Mo Hbr. Grace

PYNN, HenryMheadmarried1877 Aug44Hbr. Grace
PYNN, Mary LFwifemarried1876 Aug45Upper Island Cove
PYNN, Clinton HMsonsingle1901 Mar20Bay of Islands

NOEL, NathanielMheadsingle1899 Nov22Hbr. Grace
NOEL, LillianFsistersingle1902Feb19Hbr. Grace

HARRIS, SusannaFheadwidow1853 Apr68Upper Island Cove
HARRIS, NicholsMsonsingle1893 Apr28Hbr. Grace
HARRIS, JosephMsonsingle1885 Dec35Hbr. Grace

BROWN, JuliaFheadwidow1845 May76Carbonear

NICHOLS, GeorgeMheadmarried1854 Dec68Hbr Grace
NICHOLS, Mary JFwifemarried1859 May62Bay Roberts
NICHOLS, EliotMbrothersingle1848 June 72Hbr. Grace

CROCKER, AlexMheadmarried1869 May52Hbr. Grace
CROCKER, MinnieFwifemarried1871 Mar50Hbr. Grace
CROCKER, HenryMsonsingle1900 Oct20Hbr. Grace
CROCKER, VioletFdaughtersingle1904 Aug17Hbr. Grace
CROCKER, DorisFdaughtersingle1906 Nov14Hbr. Grace
CROCKER, FrazerMsonsingle1909 Aug12Hbr. Grace
CROCKER, AliceFdaughtersingle1913 Aug8Hbr. Grace
ALCOCK, PheobeFsister in lawsingle1864 Mar57Hbr. Grace

YETMAN, MaggieFheadwidow1890 Nov31Hbr. Grace
YETMAN, DorisFdaughtersingle1914 Oct7Hbr. Grace
YETMAN, WilheminaFdaughtersingle1916JJuly 6Hbr. Grace

SPENCER, SamuelMheadmarried1869 Sept 52Wild Bight
SPENCER, LizzieFwifemarried1873 May48Fresh Water
SPENCER, EmmaFmotherwidow1846 Sept 75Carbonear

SPENCER, JoshaMheadmarried1845 Jan76Carbonear
SPENCER, ElizabethFwifemarried1844 Apr77Hbr. Grace
SPENCER, HarveyMsonmarried1889 Sept 32Hbr. Grace
SPENCER, EthelFdau.inlawmarried1900 Nov20Seal Island

PYNN, AugustusMheadmarried1842 May79Hbr. Grace
PYNN, JaneFwifemarried1852[sic] Oct67Hbr. Grace
PYNN, NormanMheadmarried1892 Apr29Hbr. Grace
PYNN, SusieFwifemarried1895 June 26Hbr. Grace
PYNN, VioletFdaughtersingle1915 Sept 6Hbr. Grace
PYNN, NormanMsonsingle1917 Jan4Hbr. Grace
PYNN, WilliamMsonsingle1919 Apr2Hbr. Grace
PYNN, ElizabethFdaughtersingle1920 Aug1Hbr. Grace

ANDREWS, RobertMheadmarried1883 Nov38Hbr. Grace
ANDREWS, IsabellaFwifemarried1881 June 40Hbr. Grace

HARE, JohnMheadmarried1871 May50Hbr. Grace
HARE, ElizabethFwifemarried1881 Mar40Hbr. Grace
MARTIN, AnadoraFmother in lawwidow1851 May70Hbr. Grace
LEARY, AliceFstepdaughtersingle1906 Nov15Hbr. Grace
LEARY, RonaldMstepsonsingle1903 Apr18Hbr. Grace
HARE, JamesMsonsingle1910 Oct11Hbr. Grace
HARE, MaryFdaughtersingle1910 Oct11Hbr. Grace
HARE, EdwardMsonsingle1912 Nov8Hbr. Grace
HARE, MauriceMsonsingle1915 July 6Hbr. Grace

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