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Conception Bay North Region ~ Harbour Grace District

Harbour Grace - Part 4 of 12

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Note, the age denotes age of last birthday. It was read, recorded and transcribed by SUE O'NEILL, 1999.
MARTIN, MaryFheadsingle1851 June 70Hbr. Grace
MARTIN, CatherineFsistersingle1861 Aug60Hbr. Grace

MARTIN, CatherineFheadwidow1857 Sept 64Western Bay, BDV
MARTIN, GertudeFdaughtersingle1889 April32Hbr. Grace

MARTIN, CharlotteFheadwidow1857 May64Hbr. Grace

TETFORD, Robert Sr.Mheadwidower1857 Apr64Hbr. Grace
TETFORD, Robert Jr.Msonmarried1894 June 27Hbr. Grace
TETFORD, lawmarried1898 Jan23Hbr. Grace
TETFORD, RobertMgrandsonsingle1920 Dec9MHbr. Grace

POWELL, GeorgeMheadmarried1852 June 69Hbr. Grace
POWELL, ElizabethFwifemarried1856 Sept 65Old Perlican

SHEPPARD, EdwardMheadmarried1881 Nov39Hbr. grace
SHEPPARD, EthelFwifemarried1882 Feb39Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, HazelFdaughtersingle1907 Sept 14Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, FrankMsonsingle1910 Mar11Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, William HMsonsingle1914 June 7Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, LeonardMsonsingle1916 Nov5Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, JeanFdaughtersingle1919 Nov1Hbr. Grace

SHEPPARD, JohnMheadmarried1883 July 38Hbr. Grace
SPEPPARD, FrancesFwifemarried1884 Nov36Greenspond, BB
SHEPPARD, MyrtisFdaughtersingle1907 Sept 14Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, EvelynFdaughtersingle1909 July 12Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, FlossieFdaughtersingle1911 June 10Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, EthelFdaughtersingle1914 July 7Hbr. Grace
SPEPPARD, ArthurMsonsingle1916 July 5Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, WalterMsonsingle1919 Mar2Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, JaneFdaughtersingle1921 May4 Mo Hbr. Grace

PIKE, JamesMheadmarried1856 Aug65Hbr. Grace
PIKE, Mable JFwifemarried1876 May45Freshwater
PIKE, FrankMsonsingle1902 Mar19Hbr. Grace
PIKE, LorenzoMsonsingle1904 June 16Hbr. Grace
PIKE, ClaraFdaughtersingle1908 May13Hbr. Grace
PIKE, ErnestMsonsingle1916 May5Hbr. Grace
TRAVERS, VictorMboardersingle1837 Feb84Hbr. Grace
KELLAND, HarrietFservantsingle1901 Mar20Winterton

HARRIS, WilliamMheadmarried1879 Aug42Hbr. Grace
HARRIS, AnnieFwifemarried1878 June 43Hbr. Grace
HARRIS, Mary SFdaughtersingle1906 July 15Hbr. Grace
HARRIS, StellaFdaughtersingle1908 Sept 13Hbr. Grace
HARRIS, GordonMsonsingle1912 Oct9Hbr. Grace
HARRIS, WilliamMsonsingle1918 Dec2Hbr. Grace
SPARKES, ThomasMfather in lawwidower1849 May72Hbr. Grace

MERCER, JosiahMheadmarried1862 Feb59Upper Island
MERCER, AnneFwifemarried1872 May49Hbr. Grace
MERCER, JohnMsonsingle1902 Mar19Hbr. Grace
MERCER, KennethMsonsingle1908 Jan13Hbr. Grace
MERCER, IsabelleFdaughtersingle1911 Dec9Hbr. Grace

LILLY, Mary AFheadwidow1840 Dec80Upper Island Cove
STERLING, lawwidow1883 July 38Carbonear
STERLING, MasieFdaughtersingle1904July 17Hbr. Grace
STERLING, SadieFdaughtersingle1905Oct15Hbr. Grace
STERLING, AliceFdaughtersingle1912[sic] Sept 12Hbr. Grace
STERLING, LeonardMsonsingle1914 Mar7Hbr. Grace
STERLING, JohnMsonsingle1915 Sept 6Hbr. Grace
STERLING, ClarenceMsonsingle1917 Mar4Hbr. Grace

HAYSE, GeorgeMheadsingle1874 Sept 47Hbr. Grace
HAYSE, IsabelleFSistersingle1890 Nov30Hbr. Grace

POWER, JohnMheadmarried1856 Jan65Carbonear
POWER, JanetFwifemarried1857 Feb64Hbr. Grace

SHEPPARD, MaryFheadwidow1868 Oct53Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, NormanMsonsingle1901 July 20Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, RichardMsonsingle1902 Mar19Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, MosesMsonsingle1907 Mar14Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, AyariahMsonsingle1910 June 11Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, HaroldMsonsingle1911 Sept 10Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, EthelFdaughtersingle1900 July 21Hbr. Grace

DAVIS, EdwardMheadmarried1873 Apr48Hbr. Grace
DAVIS, BrideFwifemarried1876 Oct44Hbr. Grace
DAVIS, MaryFdaughtersingle1903 Jan18Hbr. Grace
DAVIS, ThomasMsonsingle1904 Apr17Hbr. Grace
DAVIS, ItaFdaughtersingle1907 Feb14Hbr. Grace
DAVIS, GregoryMsonsingle1910 Sept 11Hbr. Grace
DAVIS, BrendanMsonsingle1912 Aug9Hbr. Grace
DAVIS, LeoMsonsingle1915 Oct5Hbr. Grace
SCANLAN, AbiFauntsingle1863 Feb58Hbr. Grace

MORTIMORE, JohnMheadmarried1858 July 63Hbr. Grace
MORTIMORE, SarahFwifemarried1857 June 64Spaniards Bay

MARTIN, EloilMheadmarried1856 Feb65Hbr. Grace
MARTIN, CarolineFwifemarried1856 Apr65Hbr. Grace
PARSONS, RonaldMgrandson single1909 Nov10Hbr. Grace
PARSONS, CarrieFgranddaughtersingle1913 Sept 8Hbr. Grace

SNOW, ThomasMheadwidower1861 July 60Hbr. Grace
SNOW, LillyFdaughtersingle1896 Sept 25Hbr. Grace
SNOW, GertudeFdaughtersingle1899 Sept 22Hbr. Grace
SNOW, WilliamMsonsingle1908 July 13Hbr. Grace

SILLARS**See errata table below, JamesMheadmarried1888 Feb33Hbr. Grace
SILLARS, JessieFwifemarried1889 Aug32Hbr. Grace
SILLARS, Albert JMsonsingle1912 Aug9Hbr. Grace
SILLARS, SusannaFdaughtersingle1914 Sept 7Hbr. Grace
SILLARS, EmilyFdaughtersingle1916 Oct4Hbr. Grace
SILLARS, ElsieFdaughtersingle1919 July 2Hbr. Grace

ASH, James AMheadmarried1867 Sept 54Hbr. Grace
ASH, Jane MFwifemarried1871 Jun50Hbr. Grace
ASH, LlewelynMsonsingle1893 Oct28Hbr. Grace

ASH, GrahamMsonsingle1898 Oct22Hbr. grace
ASH, ArthurMsonsingle1902 March19Hbr. Grace
ASH, BessieFdaughtersingle1904 Dec16Hbr. Grace

ASH, JohnMheadmarried1878 Apr43Hbr. Grace
ASH, ElizaFwifemarried1880 Aug40Hbr. Grace
ASH, HaroldMsonsingle1908 Oct13Hbr. Grace
ASH, AlbertMsonsingle1909 July 12Hbr. Grace

FRENCH, GeorgeMheadmarried1863 July 58Carbonear
FRENCH, MaggieFwifemarried1867 Jan54Hbr. Grace
MORRISSEY, lawmarried1896 May25Nova Scotia
MORRISSEY, GertudeFwifemarried1897 Mar24Hbr. Grace
MORRISSEY, MayFdaughtersingle1919 May1Hbr. Grace

NICHOLS, JacobMheadmarried1895 Oct25Hbr. Grace
NICHOLS, AliceFwifemarried1897 Nov23Hbr. Grace
NICHOLS, DorothyFdaughtersingle1920 Dec1Hbr. Grace
BECKMAN, JohnMheadmarried1885 Aug36St Johns
BECKMAN, LevinaFwifemarried1893 Nov27Hbr. Grace
BECKMAN, FrankMsonsingle1914 Mar7Hbr. Grace
BECKMAN, William RMsonsingle1915 Apr6Hbr. Grace
BECKMAN, HenlyMsonsingle1918 May3Hbr. Grace
BECKMAN, JamesMsonsingle1920 July 1Hbr. Grace

MARTIN, ThomasMheadmarried1894 Feb26Hbr. Grace
MARTIN, LillianFwifemarried1900 Dec20Liverpool Eng.
MARTIN, WilliamMsonsingle1920 Dec1Hbr. Grace

COLE, John CMheadwidower1850 Feb70Hbr. Grace

SHEPPARD, MarthaFheadwidow1861 Oct59Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, MartinMsonsingle1893 Oct27Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, ElsieFdaughtersingle1899 Aug22Hbr. Grace

NOSEWORTHY, PriscillaFheadwidow1856 Oct64Hbr. Grace
NOSEWORTHY, EleayerMsonsingle1885 Aug36Hbr. Grace
STERLING, RonaldMboardersingle1902 Oct19Hbr. Grace

ASH, RichardMheadmarried1872Jan49Hbr. Grace
ASH, ElizabethFwifemarried1873 Sept 48Hbr. Grace
ASH, GladysFdaughtersingle1902 Apr19Hbr. Grace
ASH, WilliamMsonsingle1904 June 17Hbr. Grace
ASH, HaroldMsonsingle1911 May10Hbr. Grace
ASH, GordonMsonsingle1914 Oct7Hbr. Grace

PIKE, EliotMheadmarried1851 May70Hbr. Grace
PIKE, LouisaFwifemarried1852 Sept 69Hbr. Grace
PIKE, GeorgeMadopted son single1904 Apr17Hbr. Grace
BRADBURY, RebeccaFheadwidow1854 Apr67Bishops Cove
BRADBURY, JennieFdaughtersingle1892 Apr29Hbr. Grace
BRADBURY, JohannaFheadwidow1844 Nov76Spaniards Bay
BRADBURY, EugeneMsonsingle1886 Feb35Hbr. Grace
BRADBURY, AlbertMsonsingle1881 Nov39Hbr. Grace
BRADBURY, GeorgeMsonsingle1899 Aug22Hbr. Grace

SNOW, MargaretFheadwidow1861 Oct59Perry's Cove
SNOW, FredrickMsonmarried1891 Sept 30Hbr. Grace
SNOW, RobertMsonsingle1913 Feb18Hbr. Grace

LEEWHITING, RobertMheadwidower1859 Feb62Hbr. Grace
LEEWHITING, LouiseFdaughtersingle1883[sic] Dec28Hbr. Grace
LEEWHITING, OliveFgrandaughtersingle1920 Sept 1Hbr. Grace

PIKE, GeorginaFheadwidow1865 Sept 56Bay Roberts

SHEPPARD, JordanMheadmarried1857 Nov63Hbr. grace
SHEPPARD, ElizabethFwifemarried1858 Nov62Hbr. Grace
YETMAN, JaneFdaughterwidow1892 Mar29Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, PatricaFdaughtersingle1895 an26Hbr. Grace
SHEPPARD, HettieFdaughtersingle1902 June 19Hbr. Grace
YETMAN, FreadaFgrandaughtersingle1920 Nov1Hbr. Grace

FRENCH, AmeliaFheadwidow1832 Mar89Cape French
FRENCH, FrancisMsonsingle1858 Jul63Hbr. Grace

MARTIN, MyriahFheadwidow1844 Sept 77Bay Roberts
MARTIN, IsabellaFdaughtersingle1884 June 37Hbr. Grace

HORWOOD, WilliamMheadmarried1863 Nov58Hbr. Grace
HORWOOD, MaryFwifemarried1871 Aug50Hbr. Grace
HORWOOD, ElsieFdaughtersingle1898 Dec22Hbr. Grace
HORWOOD, FrederickMsonsingle1905[sic] Dec18Hbr. Grace
HORWOOD, IsabelleFdaughtersingle1904 Oct17Hbr. Grace
HORWOOD, JohnMsonsingle1906 Nov15Hbr. Grace

JONES, MaryFheadwidow1865 Aug56Hbr. Grace
JONES, JohnMsonsingle1894Jul 27Hbr. Grace

BRAY, WilliamMheadmarried1888 June 33Hbr. Grace
BRAY, ClaraFwifemarried1887 Sept 34Northern Bay
BRAY, JennieFdaughtersingle1919 Jul2Hbr. Grace

BRAY, AmeliaFheadwidow1843 Oct78Cat Harbour

NOSEWORTHY, JosephMheadmarried1863 Feb58Hbr. Grace
NOSEWORTHY, MaryFwifemarried1883 Sept 38Hbr. Grace
LYNCH, JohnMstepsonsingle1902 Sept 19Hbr. Grace
LYNCH, BernardMstepsonsingle1905 Nov15Hbr. Grace
LYNCH, RonaldMstepsonsingle1907 Sept 14Hbr. Grace
LYNCH, MargaretFstepdaughtersingle1914 Nov7Hbr. Grace
NOSEWORTHY, LizzieFdaughtersingle1917 Nov4Hbr. Grace
NOSEWORTHY, WilliamMsonsingle1918 Sept 3Hbr. Grace
NOSEWORTHY, VioletFdaughtersingle1921 Apr6 Mo Hbr. Grace

NOSEWORTHY, JosiahMheadmarried1851 Aug70Cat Harbour
NOSEWORTHY, EmilyMwifemarried1856 July 65Hbr. Grace

BRAY, GeorgeMheadmarried1888 Dec32Hbr. Grace
BRAY, SarahFwifemarried1896 Aug25Tilton
BRAY, RalphMsonsingle1917 Feb4Hbr. Grace
O'CRANE, BerthaFsister in lawsingle1903 Oct18Bay of Islands

HARRIS, GeorgeMheadmarried1883 Sep38Hbr. Grace
HARRIS, ClaraFwifemarried1894 Jun37Hbr. Grace
HARRIS, LeroyMsonsingle1911 May10Hbr. Grace
HARRIS, RonaldMsonsingle1914 Sept 9Hbr. Grace
HARRIS, JohnMsonsingle1916 May5Hbr. Grace
HARRIS, WilsonMsonsingle1918 Apr3Hbr. Grace
HARRIS, GertrudeFdaughtersingle1920 Sept 1Hbr. Grace

GOSSE, JanetFservantsingle1901 Jul20Blake Town TB

JENKINS, LornaFheadwidow1851 Oct70Hbr. Grace
JENKINS, PriscillaFdaughtersingle1900 Oct21Hbr. Grace
JENKINS, LillianFgrandaughtersingle1915 Oct6Hbr. Grace

BRAY, JohnMheadmarried1839 Jul82Hbr. Grace
BRAY, JuliaFwifemarried1839 Jul82Hbr. Grace

BRAY, StephenMheadmarried1849 May72Hbr. Grace
BRAY, JaneFwifemarried1852 May69Hbr. Grace
BRAY, RobertMsonmarried1884 Oct36Hbr. Grace
BRAY, MargaretFdaughter in law married 1886 Oct35Portugal Cove
BRAY, Robert GMgrandsonsingle1910 Aug11Hbr. Grace
BRAY, ErnestMgrandsonsingle1913 Sept 9Hbr. Grace
BRAY, RossMgrandsonsingle1916 Nov5Hbr. Grace
BRAY, VioletFgrandaughtersingle1918 Jul 3Hbr. Grace

VERGE, ElizaFheadwidow1848 Apr 73Hbr. Grace
VERGE, Max NMnephewsingle1898 Jul 23Hbr. Grace

BROWN, AnnFheadwidow1846 Mar75Hbr. Grace

ASH, Edward TMheadmarried1857 Jan64Hbr. Grace
ASH, AnnaFwifemarried1852 Feb69Bristol's Hope

YETMAN, MosesMheadmarried1882 Sept 39Hbr. Grace
YETMAN, SusannaFwifemarried1883 July 38Hbr. Grace
YETMAN, RalphMsonsingle1919 Aug2Hbr. Grace

FRENCH, ErnestMheadmarried1889 July 32Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, BeatriceFwifemarried1893 Nov27Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, EffieFdaughtersingle1915 Jan6Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, NellieFdaughtersingle1917 Oct4Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, RoyMsonsingle1918 Sept 3Hbr. Grace
FRENCH, ClarenceMsonsingle1919 Dec2Hbr. Grace

GOSSE, Sarah JFheadwidow1852 Jul69Hbr. Grace
GOSSE, ErnestMsonsingle1892 Jul29Hbr. Grace

HAWKINS, IsabellaFheadsingle1865 Apr56Hbr. Grace

COOMBS, WilliamMheadmarried1865 Jun56Upper Island Cove
COOMBS, PheobeFwifemarried1871 Aug50Bristol's Hope

QUINN, WilliamMheadmarried1883 Oct38Hbr. Grace
QUINN, WinifredFwifemarried1888 Aug33Hbr. Briton
QUINN, MaxwellMsonsingle1905 May6Hbr. Grace
QUINN, EdwardMsonsingle1917 Aug4Hbr. Grace
QUINN, WilliamMsonsingle1920 May1Hbr. Grace

BUSH, HannahFheadwidow1840 Jun81Island Cove

DOYLE, PatrickMheadmarried1848 Feb73Hbr. Grace
DOYLE, SusannahFwifemarried1849 Feb72Carbonear

GRANVILLE, AndrewMheadmarried1893 Apr28Hbr. Grace
GRANVILLE, AgnesFwifemarried1894 Apr27St. John's
GRANVILLE, MichaelMsonsingle1915 Mar6Hbr. Grace
GRANVILLE, MaryFdaughtersingle1917 May4Hbr. Grace
GRANVILLE, LeoMsonsingle1919 Jul2Hbr. Grace
GRANVILLE, LawrenceMsonsingle1921 Sept 1 Mo Hbr. Grace

WALSH, JamesMheadmarried1883 Nov38Hbr. Grace
WALSH, FrancesFwifemarried1896 May25Hbr. Grace
WALSH, DennisMsonsingle1916 Oct5Hbr. Grace
WALSH, BernardMsonsingle1918 Apr3Hbr. Grace
WALSH, AugustaFdaughtersingle1921 Mar7 Mo Hbr. Grace

RYAN, EdwardMheadmarried1851 Mar70Trinity bay
RYAN, MaryFwifemarried1861 Aug60Bay Roberts
RYAN, RichardMsonsingle1892 Aug29Bay Roberts
RYAN, AnnieFdaughtersingle1899 Aug22Hbr. Grace

JONES, Michael TMheadmarried1869 Aug52Hbr. Grace
JONES, CatherineFwifemarried1872 Mar47St. Johns
JONES, MaryFdaughtersingle1897 Mar24Hbr. Grace
JONES, WinifredFdaughtersingle1900 Dec20Hbr. Grace
JONES, AndrewMsonsingle1905 Nov16Hbr. Grace
JONES, RonaldMsonsingle1906 Sept 15Hbr. Grace
JONES, AgnesFdaughtersingle1908 Aug13Hbr. Grace
JONES, EleanorFdaughtersingle1909 Aug12Hbr. Grace
JONES, MichaelMsonsingle1914 Sept 7Hbr. Grace

QUINN, EdwardMheadmarried1879 Oct42Hbr. Grace
QUINN, EmilyFwifemarried1885 May36Hbr. Grace
QUINN, RupertMsonsingle1911 Apr10Hbr. Grace
QUINN, DonaldMsonsingle1914 Apr7Hbr. Grace
COURAGE, MargaretFmother in lawwidow1847 Aug74Hbr. Grace

SULLIVAN, MorrisMheadmarried1872 Nov49Hbr. Grace
SULLIVAN, HannahFwifemarried1871 May50Hbr. Grace
SULLIVAN, PatrickMsonsingle1906 June 15Hbr. Grace

HAYDEN, LukeMheadmarried1879 Aug42Hbr. Grace
HAYDEN, JuliaFwifemarried1879 Feb42Carbonear
HAYDEN, MargaretFdaughtersingle1911 Oct10Hbr. Grace
HAYDEN, MaryFdaughtersingle1914 Nov7Hbr. Grace
HAYDEN, GraceFdaughtersingle1917 Dec4Hbr. Grace
HAYDEN, PaulaFdaughtersingle1919 Jan2Hbr. Grace
KENNEDY, TerranceM??????1845 Feb76Carbonear

ABBOTT, WilliamMheadmarried1881 Oct40St. John's
ABBOTT, MargaretFwifemarried1881 Aug40Hbr. Grace

GARLAND, CharlesMheadmarried1871 June 50St. John's
GARLAND, SarahFwifemarried1886 May35Carbonear
GARLAND, JessieFdaughtersingle1891 Feb30Carbonear
GARLAND, MayFdaughtersingle1902 July 19Hbr. Grace
GARLAND, DorothyFdaughtersingle1919 Oct2Hbr. Grace
GARLAND, ThelmaFdaughtersingle1921 Aug7 Wk Hbr. Grace

STAPLETON, JohnMheadwidow1856 Aug65Hbr. Grace
STAPLETON, JohnMsonmarried1895 Nov26Hbr. Grace
STAPLETON, MollieFwifemarried1902 Feb19Hbr. Grace
REGAN, SadieFservantsingle1899 Mar22Spaniards Bay

PUMPHREY, JosephMheadmarried1886 Sept 35Hbr. Grace
PUMPHREY, AgnesFwifemarried1891 Nov30Hbr. Grace
PUMPHREY, FrankMsonsingle1916 Oct5Hbr. Grace
PUMPHREY, WalterMsonsingle1918 Mar3Hbr. Grace
PUMPHREY, GregoryMsonsingle1919 July 2Hbr. Grace
PUMPHREY, JohnMsonsingle1921 Sept 1 Mo Hbr. Grace

Name in CensusDescription of ErrorMy Name
SILLARS Surname should be SELLARS. James and Jessie were my grandparents and Elsie, my mother. Audrey Mullins

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