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Conception Bay North - Bryant's Cove

St. Andrew's Anglican Cemetery

Transcribed November 1998 by Bonnie Hickey. Note: The majority of graves in this overgrown cemetery are marked only with plain slate.
In Loving Memory of Jane Maria/
Beloved wife of James NOSEWORTHY/
Died Nov 30th 1883/
Aged 43 years/
James NOSEWORTHY her husband/
Died Dec 14th 1910/
Aged 78 Yrs/

J. M. N./
J. N. [Infant headstone].

In Memory of Charels NOSEWORTHY who died Dec(r) 10, 1886/
Aged 56 Years/
[headstone broken].

In Memory of Selina/
Beloved wife of the late Cha(s) NOSEWORTHY/
who died Nov 2nd 1907/
Aged 68 Years/

In Loving Memory of Belinda NOSEWORTHY/
Born Dec 1st 1848/
Died Jan 29th 1885/
And her husband Jacob/
Born July 7th 1843/
Died Dec 24th 1902.

In Loving Memory of George PARSONS who died Oct 3rd 1916/
Aged 81 Years/
[headstone broken].

In Memory of Amelia/
Beloved wife of George PARSONS/
who died Nov 29th 1913/
Aged 74 Years/
[headstone broken].

G. P. [Infant headstone].

In Memory of Elizabeth Jane/
Beloved wife of Edward PARSONS/
[remainder illegible - headstone broken].

In Memory of Ambrose PARSONS/
died April 19th 1928/
Aged 86 Years/

In Memory of Melvina PARSONS/
died April 3rd 1922/
Aged 74 years/

To the Memory of William JONES/
adopted son of Ambrose & Melvina PARSONS/
Died Sept 5th 1903/
Aged 21 Years/

In Fond Memory of Herbert/
beloved child of Thos. A. & Elizabeth Ann NOSEWORTHY/
Died June 1st 1888/
Aged 4 Years & 4 M(s).

E. P. [Infant headstone].

In Remembrance of Mary PARSONS/
beloved dau(r) of George & Amelia PARSONS/
who died 17th Feb 1883/
Aged 7 years/
[headstone broken].

In Loving Memory of Fanny MORGAN who died March 28, 1889/
[headstone broken].

Erected by Henry/
in memory of Catherine [illegible]/
who died Oct 1st 1904/
Aged 76 years/
[headstone broken].

In Memory of Joshua YETMAN/
Died May 27th 1934/
Aged 85 Years/
[headstone broken].

In Memory of John William/
son of William & Bertha BABB/
Aged 5 months.

In Loving Memory of Elfrida YETMAN/
beloved wife of Joshus YETMAN/
died [June?] 25, 1926/
Aged 76 Years/
[headstone broken].

In Loving Memory of Sarah Ann BABB/
[illegible] 55 Years/
[illegible] her husband John BABB/
Died Jan 24th 1919/
Aged 67 years/
[headstone broken].Note: Headstone is no longer broken.  Was redone in August 2006 for the Babb Family Reunion - Rosalind Stokes

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