NL GenWeb 1948 NL List of Electors

Conception Bay North - Harbour Grace District

Polling Division #20: Shearstown South & Butlerville

Chief Electoral Officer Sgd. N. Short

The information was transcribed by MELVIN HUSSEY ~ February 2002 exactly as the data appears in the original and posted to NL GenWeb on January 2002.

While I have tried to be careful, there could be problems due to transcription errors, interpretations, poor copies, or errors existing in the actual data.

1Badcock, ClarenceShearstown SouthM
2Badcock, EdwardShearstown SouthM
3Badcock, ElizaShearstown SouthF
4Badcock, ElizabethShearstown SouthF
5Badcock, ElsieShearstown SouthF
6Badcock, John J.Shearstown SouthM
7Badcock, MildredShearstown SouthF
8Badcock, W. EdgarShearstown SouthM
9Bradbury, ChesleyShearstown SouthM
10Bradbury, DellaShearstown SouthF
11Bradbury, FannieShearstown SouthF
12Bradbury, HaywardShearstown SouthM
13Bradbury, JohnShearstown SouthM
14Bradbury, MargaretShearstown SouthF
15Bradbury, SadieShearstown SouthF
16Brazil, AliceButlervilleF
17Butler, AdolphusButlervilleM
18Butler, AgnesButlervilleF
19Butler, CharlesButlervilleM
20Butler, DavidButlervilleM
21Butler, EdwardButlervilleM
22Butler, ElsieButlervilleF
23Butler, EmmieShearstown SouthF
24Butler, HaywardButlervilleM
25Butler, IreneShearstown SouthF
26Butler, JessieButlervilleF
27Butler, JohnButlervilleM
28Butler, JosephButlervilleM
29Butler, LorettaButlervilleF
30Butler, MaryButlervilleF
31Butler, MichaelButlervilleM
32Butler, MichaelButlervilleM
33Butler, MildredButlervilleF
34Butler, PatrickButlervilleM
35Butler, Patrick (Sr.)ButlervilleM
36Butler, PhilipButlervilleM
37Butler, SamuelButlervilleM
38Butler, SarahButlervilleF
39Butler, SusannahButlervilleF
40Butler, SusieButlervilleF
41Butler, ThomasShearstown SouthM
42Butler, WinifredButlervilleF
43Deering, AbnerShearstown SouthM
44Deering, BethaShearstown SouthF
45Deering, EthelShearstown SouthF
46Deering, FannieShearstown SouthF
47Deering, HenryShearstown SouthM
48Deering, HelenShearstown SouthF
49Deering, HildaShearstown SouthF
50Deering, JamesShearstown SouthM
51Deering, James (Jr.)Shearstown SouthM
52Deering, James (Sr.)Shearstown SouthM
53Deering, LeviShearstown SouthM
54Deering, MargaretShearstown SouthF
55Deering, Margaret M.Shearstown SouthF
56Deering, SarahShearstown SouthF
57Deering, ThomasShearstown SouthM
58Deering, Thomas G.Shearstown SouthM
59Deering, Thomas G. (Sr.)Shearstown SouthM
60Delaney, CatherineShearstown SouthF
61Delaney, ClaraShearstown SouthF
62Delaney, James F.Shearstown SouthM
63Delaney, John F.Shearstown SouthM
64Delaney, Kathleen P.Shearstown SouthF
65Delaney, Margaret M.Shearstown SouthF
66Delaney, PatrickShearstown SouthM
67Dwyer, DulcieShearstown SouthF
68Dwyer, George E.Shearstown SouthM
69Earle, Annie M.Shearstown SouthF
70Earle, Arthur A.Shearstown SouthM
71Earle, ChesleyShearstown SouthM
72Earle, E. FlorenceShearstown SouthF
73Earle, E. MaxwellShearstown SouthM
74Earle, EdwardShearstown SouthM
75Earle, ElizabethShearstown SouthF
76Earle, ElizabethShearstown SouthF
77Earle, ElizabethShearstown SouthF
78Earle, ElizaShearstown SouthF
79Earle, Elsie B.Shearstown SouthF
80Earle, FannieShearstown SouthF
81Earle, M. McKenzieShearstown SouthM
82Earle, Ida M.Shearstown SouthF
83Earle, JamesShearstown SouthM
84Earle, Julia A.Shearstown SouthF
85Earle, Lewis V.Shearstown SouthM
86Earle, LuluShearstown SouthF
87Earle, MarcellaShearstown SouthF
88Earle, MarkShearstown SouthM
89Earle, Maud A.Shearstown SouthF
90Earle, MaxwellShearstown SouthM
91Earle, MurielShearstown SouthF
92Earle, NathanShearstown SouthM
93Earle, R. FrancisShearstown SouthM
94Earle, Sarah F.Shearstown SouthF
95Earle, StanleyShearstown SouthM
96Earle, Stephen H.Shearstown SouthM
97Earle, W. JamesShearstown SouthM
98Earle, WalterShearstown SouthM
99Earle, WesleyShearstown SouthM
100Earle, WilberShearstown SouthM
101Earle, WilliamShearstown SouthM
102Earle, WilliamShearstown SouthM
103Earle, W. RobertShearstown SouthM
104Flynn, FrankShearstown SouthM
105Flynn, TheresaShearstown SouthF
106Franey, DavidButlervilleM
107Franey, FerneButlervilleF
108Franey, JohnButlervilleM
109Franey, PeterButlervilleM
110Fry, Annie C.Shearstown SouthF
111Fry, ElizabethShearstown SouthF
112Fry, EvangelineShearstown SouthF
113Fry, GladysShearstown SouthF
114Fry, JosephShearstown SouthM
115Fry, William C.Shearstown SouthM
116Gardnerer, ElizabethShearstown SouthF
117Hedderson, William L.Shearstown SouthM
118Holmes, FloydeShearstown SouthM
119Holmes, JamesShearstown SouthM
120Holmes, Nora L.Shearstown SouthF
121Holmes, WilliamShearstown SouthM
122Holmes, William J.Shearstown SouthM
123Jewer, HelenShearstown SouthF
124Jewer, IsaacShearstown SouthM
125Lynch, E. JuliaShearstown SouthF
126Lynch, WilliamShearstown SouthM
127Mercer, Augustus H.Shearstown SouthM
128Mercer, Alice B.Shearstown SouthF
129Mercer, Ann M.Shearstown SouthF
130Mercer, BaxterShearstown SouthM
131Mercer, DouglasShearstown SouthM
132Mercer, Effie E.Shearstown SouthF
133Mercer, Emma E.Shearstown SouthF
134Mercer, ElizaShearstown SouthF
135Mercer, ElizabethShearstown SouthF
136Mercer, ElizabethShearstown SouthF
137Mercer, EvaShearstown SouthF
138Mercer, Evelyn L.Shearstown SouthF
139Mercer, George M.Shearstown SouthM
140Mercer, GrahamShearstown SouthM
141Mercer, HattieShearstown SouthF
142Mercer, HelenShearstown SouthF
143Mercer, Henry H.Shearstown SouthM
144Mercer, HerbertShearstown SouthM
145Mercer, HerbertShearstown SouthM
146Mercer, James Dr.Shearstown SouthM
147Mercer, James H.Shearstown SouthM
148Mercer, JoanShearstown SouthF
149Mercer, JohnShearstown SouthM
150Mercer, John A.Shearstown SouthM
151Mercer, JosephineShearstown SouthF
152Mercer, MaxwellShearstown SouthM
153Mercer, NathenialShearstown SouthM
154Mercer, Rhoda J.Shearstown SouthF
155Mercer, RobertShearstown SouthM
156Mercer, RoyShearstown SouthM
157Mercer, Susan D.Shearstown SouthF
158Mercer, SusannahShearstown SouthF
159Mercer, ThomasShearstown SouthM
160Mercer, VictorShearstown SouthM
161Mercer, Violet M.Shearstown SouthF
162Mercer, WilfredShearstown SouthM
163Mercer, William C.Shearstown SouthM
164Morrisey, AliceButlervilleF
165O'Keefe, BridgetShearstown SouthF
166O'Keefe, GeorgeShearstown SouthM
167O'Keefe, MadelineShearstown SouthF
168O'Keefe, Patrick J.Shearstown SouthM
169O'Keefe, ThomasShearstown SouthM
170Osmond, EvelynShearstown SouthF
171Parsons, AbrahamButlervilleM
172Parsons, AbramShearstown SouthM
173Parsons, AliceButlervilleF
174Parsons, AnnieShearstown SouthF
175Parsons, Annie MButlervilleF
176Parsons, ArthurButlervilleM
177Parsons, DellaShearstown SouthF
178Parsons, EdwardButlervilleM
179Parsons, Edward J.ButlervilleM
180Parsons, ErnestButlervilleM
181Parsons, GeorgeShearstown SouthM
182Parsons, George W.Shearstown SouthM
183Parsons, HazelShearstown SouthF
184Parsons, HenryButlervilleM
185Parsons, JaneButlervilleF
186Parsons, JennieShearstown SouthF
187Parsons, MaryButlervilleF
188Parsons, MildredButlervilleF
189Parsons, MinnieShearstown SouthF
190Parsons, RobertButlervilleM
191Parsons, RolandButlervilleM
192Parsons, Thomas W.Shearstown SouthM
193Parsons, William C.Shearstown SouthM
194Parsons, William J.ButlervilleM
195Pottle, AlfredButlervilleM
196Pottle, KatherineButlervilleF
197Power, AndrewButlervilleM
198Power, EllenButlervilleF
199Power, FrederickButlervilleM
200Power, RonaldButlervilleM
201Quinlan, Monica M.Shearstown SouthF
202Quinlan, RaphealShearstown SouthM
203Richards, AliceButlervilleF
204Richards, JanetButlervilleF
205Richards, JohnButlervilleM
206Richards, JosiahButlervilleM
207Richards, MaryButlervilleF
208Richards, William J.ButlervilleM
209Roberts, IreneShearstown SouthF
210Saunders, E. RoyShearstown SouthM
211Saunders, MarjorieShearstown SouthF
212Seymour, AllenButlervilleM
213Seymour, GeorgeButlervilleM
214Seymour, GeorgeButlervilleM
215Seymour, GeorgeButlervilleM
216Seymour, JamesButlervilleM
217Seymour, JosephineButlervilleF
218Seymour, LoraineButlervilleF
219Seymour, MarcellaButlervilleF
220Seymour, NaomiButlervilleF
221Seymour, SadieButlervilleF
222Seymour, Thomas E.ButlervilleM
223Seymour, W. JamesButlervilleM
224Snow, ArthurButlervilleM
225Snow, EdithButlervilleF
226Snow, ElizabethButlervilleF
227Snow, EstherButlervilleF
228Snow, JamesButlervilleM
229Snow, JohnShearstown SouthM
230Snow, LeonardShearstown SouthM
231Snow, RebeccaShearstown SouthF
232Snow, William J.Shearstown SouthM
233Sparkes, AmeliaShearstown SouthF
234Sparkes, ElizabethShearstown SouthF
235Sparkes, HerbertShearstown SouthM
236Sparkes, John C.Shearstown SouthM
237Sparkes, J. GarfieldShearstown SouthM
238Sparkes, M. LouiseShearstown SouthF
239Sparkes, Victor C.Shearstown SouthM
240Tetford, GeorgeShearstown SouthM
241Tetford, George (Sr.)Shearstown SouthM
242Tetford, JohnShearstown SouthM
243Tetford, Lily M.Shearstown SouthF
244Tetford, MargaretShearstown SouthF
245Tetford, MaryShearstown SouthF
246Tetford, MyraShearstown SouthF
247Tetford, William J.Shearstown SouthM
248Tilley, Nina L.Shearstown SouthF
249Vokey, James AShearstown SouthM
250Vokey, MaryShearstown SouthF
251Vokey WilliamShearstown SouthM

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