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Harbour Grace - Christ Church Burial Records, 1881 - 1899

In 1865, after fourteen years as pastor of the congregation of St. Paul's Church, Harbour Grace, Rev. Bertram Jones left his parish to retire in England. Jones was replaced by Rev. Mr. Hoyles from Carbonear and James Gardner, a lay preacher of the congregation. Jones returned to Newfoundland in 1868 after an unsuccessful attempt to secure a retirement and pension from the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel.

His request for a pension from the St. Paul's congregation, upset by the expulsion of their priest, Archdeacon Kelly, resulted in a schism which divided the congregation.

In 1875 forty-six members of St. Paul's congregation erected Christ Church and on July 9, 1876 it was consecrated by Bishop Kelly. Ironically, the dispute over the Jones pension was settled that year when he retired. In December 1878 a memorial present of 120 was instrumental in enabling the congregation to acquire their first curate. Reverend C.E. Smith served as first Rector of Christ Church from his appointment in 1880 until 1883 when he was replaced by Reverend N. LeMoine.

According to T.G. Ford (1935) Christ Church was officially granted the right to keep registers of marriage, birth and death in 1883. On January 12, two years earlier, the first baptism was performed at the church and noted on the register of St. Paul's. The church, however, operated in heavy debt and by 1889 became the Mission of Christ Church, St. Paul's parish, subsidized by grants from the Synod. That year the Reverend John Monk Noel was appointed curate of both mission churches of St. Peter's and Christ Church. From that period his successors at St. Paul's, Rev. W.R.J. Higgitt (1915-1925), Rev. Gordon S. Templeton (1925-1934), Rev. H.F.G.D. Kirby (1934), and former curate of St. Peter's Rev. W.E.R. Cracknell, became responsible for the Christ Church congregation. With the arrival of Kirby in 1934 the congregation decided to close the church. The final baptism was recorded in October 1933 by Rev. Mr. Templeton. The church was eventually dismantled and its building material transferred to Rev. Mr. Short's congregation for enlargement of the church at Grates Cove qv.

Please note that I have used the original documents held at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Harbour Grace. Consulting the records may yield additional information; the name of the minister who performed the burial, the date and cause of death. For verification purposes, photocopies of these documents can be consulted at either:

St. Paul's Anglican Church
Cochrane Street, PO Box 341
Harbour Grace, NF A0A 2M0

Anglican Archives
19 King's Bridge Road
St. John's, NF A1C 3K4

The records were transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY in March 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Joseph WalkerGoddenHarbour Grace22 Jul 18814 yr
EmmaNewmanHarbour Grace26 Oct 188175 yr
[Ina?] WarrenHiscockHarbour Grace10 Feb 18825 yr
Ann ElizabethBussellHarbour Grace10 Jun 188232 yr
AliceDroverHarvey Street22 Aug 18821 1/2 yr
MartinSheppardHarvey Street31 Oct 188256 yr
CatherineAndrewsWater Street27 Dec 188271 yr
Joseph LillyHarvey Street7 Sep 188371 yr
JonathanBrownHarvey Street19 Oct 188312 yr
FrancesBrownHarvey Street5 Nov 18833 1/2 yr
ElizabethSheppardMartin's Brook18 Mar 188447 yr
Ella SparkesWater Street4 Apr 18846 mth
JamesNewmanHarvey Street2 Mar 18857 yr
CharlesSnowHarvey Street16 Mar 188557 yr
EmmaBussellHarbour Grace Island14 Apr 18859 yr
Annie GertrudeTaylorS. John's11 Sep 18852 mth
StephenAndrewsCochrane St.17 Sep 188575 yr
William SheppardMartin's Brook10 Oct 188564 yr
RobertPayneWater St.14 Nov 188565 yr
JamesCarsonBear's Cove2 Jan 188635 yr
ThomasHawkinsCourage's Beach4 Jan 188677 yr
Julia AnnDroverHarvey St.21 Jan 188642 yr
CarolineHawkinsCourage's Beach25 May 188667 yr
SolomonSheppardHarvey St.16 Jun 188678 yr
Annie GeorgeBeach23 Aug 18861 yr 10 mth
GeorgeCorbinWater St.2 Oct 1886infant
EdwardFrenchCourage's Beach18 Oct 188654 yr
Solomon WilliamBrownCole's Lane23 Feb 188714 yr
Ann DaviesCourage's Beach13 Oct 188776 yr
ElizabethNewmanStanley Road6 Nov 188716 yr
EmmaCorbinWater Street9 Feb 1888infant
JohnHarris[Mosquito?]23 Apr 188832 yr
Lillian EtherlGolderPoint of Beach27 May 18887 yr
William PowellPowell's Lane17 Sep 188839 yr
MaudSillersHarvey Street25 Nov 1888infant
Muril PiddleMosquito30 Mar 1889infant
Lilly FrancesSparkesHarvey Street10 May 1889infant
RachelBensonThe Hill12 Jun 1889infant
ElizabethBensonThe Hill12 Jun 1889infant
Mabel RendellHawkinsWater Street7 Jul 1889infant
James PiddleMosquito8 Jul 188982 yr
ThomasPiddleMosquito12 Jul 188913 yr
John MartinAshWater Street23 Jul 188912 mth
NathanielFrenchCourage's Beach22 Aug 18898 yr
MosesFrenchCourage's Beach1 Sep 188912 yr
RobertGeorgeKitchen's Hill29 Aug 18893 yr
John CharlesGeorgeKitchen's Hill4 Sep 1889infant
AzariahFrenchCourage's Beach9 Oct 188925 yr
AnnaPayneWater Street20 Oct 1889infant
MaryGoddenHarbour Grace14 Feb 189086 yr
MaryStevensonHarbour Grace3 May 189035 yr
HarryStevensonHarbour Grace5 Jun 1890infant
Maria PowellHarbour Grace18 Aug 1890infant
GeorgeSheppardHarbour Grace9 Dec 189047 yr
Ida JaneGosseHarbour Grace9 Feb 18913 yr
ElizabethJacobsHarbour Grace20 Feb 18917 mth
ElizabethButtHarbour Grace28 May 189175 yr
GeorgeCarsonBear's Cove Hr Grace17 Aug 189172 yr
Mary KateBrownStanley Road Hr Grace21 May 18916 yr
Lizzie FrancesSheppardHarvey Street12 Nov 189122 yr
HenlyNoseworthyCourage's Beach Hr Grace1 Apr 18921 yr 7 mth
Robert JosephJacobsHarbour Grace29 May 189210 day
William ClementGeorgeHarbour Grace10 Jun 18929 yr
WilliamYeatmanHarbour Grace30 Jun 189276 yr
Thomas GosseCourage's Beach Hr Grace5 Jul 189216 yr
John C.FrenchShip's Head3 Sep 189270 yr
WilliamSheppardMeehan's Lane23 Sep 18922 wk
DonaldHawkinsCourage's Beach29 Sep 18921 yr 9 mth
Frederick WmGolderThe Beach26 Feb 189347 yr
RachelCanningWater Street23 Mar 189359 yr
AlbertDavisCourage's Beach11 Apr 189320 yr
StephenHawkinsCourage's Beach2 Jun 189347 yr
PriscillaAlcockCourage's Beach22 Nov 189367 yr
ThomasGillWater Street22 May 189460 yr
SamuelGordonBear's Cove18 Sep 189467 yr
ElizabethFrenchCourage's Beach28 Nov 189462 yr
GeorgeButtWater Street4 Mar 189562 yr
CharlesTitfordWater Street9 Jul 18957 mth
Mary ElizabethNealeThompson's Lane27 Aug 18956 mth
MayFrenchCourage's Beach26 Sep 18951 yr 6 mth
JamesPowellStanley Road6 Jan 18962 yr 9 mth
AlbertPowellStanley Road10 Jan 18964 1/2 yr
AnniePowellStanley Road26 Jan 18967 yr 8 mth
JosephRussellNewtown Road St. John's24 Feb 189664 yr
PriscillaPynnLady Lake3 Mar 18962 yr 3 mth
EliasGosseCourage's Beach15 Mar 189614 yr
Lilian WinsorDavisCourage's Beach2 Apr 189615 yr
NathanielSheppardHarvey Street24 Aug 189664 yr
Ausell RobertJacobsHarvey Street26 Aug 18965 mth
ElizabethNewmanStanley Road1 Sep 18968 day
Mary AnneMercerWater Street23 Sep 189641 yr
Lorenzo LewisSparkesWater Street10 Nov 18969 mth
GeorgeAndrewsNoad Street9 Oct 189661 yr
ElizabethSheppardHarvey Street11 Nov 189688 yr
Mary WinifredBussellHarvey Street18 Apr 189718 yr
PatienceWilliamsShip's Head19 Sep 189764 yr
CatherineTappoff Water Street12 Nov 189773 yr
HughCraneNoad Street17 Nov 189764 yr
AmbroseCarsonBear's Cove2 Dec 18977 mth
WalterNeillThompson's Lane5 Oct 18976 yr
Maria PowellMayne's Lane10 Jan 18983 day
SarahYeatmanStretton's Hill20 Apr 18983 wk
Gladys NoelHarbour Grace25 May 18984 yr
Harold CarrFrenchShip Head25 May 18981 yr 10 mth
ThomasMercerWater Street8 Jun 18982 yr
NormanNewmanHarbour Grace4 Jun 18985 day
IsabellaGosseIsland Cove27 Jun 189811 yr
George [P.?]BarnesHarbour Grace8 Jul 189879 yr
LouisaSparkesHarvey Street22 Jul 189842 yr
SusannaNoseworthyAsh's Lane24 Aug 18986 day
Wm RalphNoseworthyAsh's Lane26 Aug 18987 day
GraceAshHarvey Street10 Oct 189811 day
Catherine IrisDavisHarvey Street19 Oct 18981 mth
LlewellynPynnHarbour Grace19 Oct 189820 mth
StewartBrayShip Head9 Nov 189847 yr
EmilyGeorgeoff Water Street2 Dec 189851 yr
JosephGoddenWater Street24 Jan 189973 yr

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