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Harbour Grace - Christ Church Burial Records, 1900 - 1934

In 1865, after fourteen years as pastor of the congregation of St. Paul's Church, Harbour Grace, Rev. Bertram Jones left his parish to retire in England. Jones was replaced by Rev. Mr. Hoyles from Carbonear and James Gardner, a lay preacher of the congregation. Jones returned to Newfoundland in 1868 after an unsuccessful attempt to secure a retirement and pension from the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel.

His request for a pension from the St. Paul's congregation, upset by the expulsion of their priest, Archdeacon Kelly, resulted in a schism which divided the congregation.

In 1875 forty-six members of St. Paul's congregation erected Christ Church and on July 9, 1876 it was consecrated by Bishop Kelly. Ironically, the dispute over the Jones pension was settled that year when he retired. In December 1878 a memorial present of 120 was instrumental in enabling the congregation to acquire their first curate. Reverend C.E. Smith served as first Rector of Christ Church from his appointment in 1880 until 1883 when he was replaced by Reverend N. LeMoine.

According to T.G. Ford (1935) Christ Church was officially granted the right to keep registers of marriage, birth and death in 1883. On January 12, two years earlier, the first baptism was performed at the church and noted on the register of St. Paul's. The church, however, operated in heavy debt and by 1889 became the Mission of Christ Church, St. Paul's parish, subsidized by grants from the Synod. That year the Reverend John Monk Noel was appointed curate of both mission churches of St. Peter's and Christ Church. From that period his successors at St. Paul's, Rev. W.R.J. Higgitt (1915-1925), Rev. Gordon S. Templeton (1925-1934), Rev. H.F.G.D. Kirby (1934), and former curate of St. Peter's Rev. W.E.R. Cracknell, became responsible for the Christ Church congregation. With the arrival of Kirby in 1934 the congregation decided to close the church. The final baptism was recorded in October 1933 by Rev. Mr. Templeton. The church was eventually dismantled and its building material transferred to Rev. Mr. Short's congregation for enlargement of the church at Grates Cove qv.

Please note that I have used the original documents held at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Harbour Grace. Consulting the records may yield additional information; the name of the minister who performed the burial, the date and cause of death. For verification purposes, photocopies of these documents can be consulted at either:

St. Paul's Anglican Church
Cochrane Street, PO Box 341
Harbour Grace, NF A0A 2M0

Anglican Archives
19 King's Bridge Road
St. John's, NF A1C 3K4

The records were transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY in March 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Lilian BeatricePowellStanley Road18 Apr 19002 1/2 yr
ArchibaldCraneStretton's Hill20 Apr 19006 yr
LeMoineTappNoad St.16 Sep 190014 yr
NicholasHarrisHarvey St.28 Oct 190048 yr
Kate PikeAndrewsHarvey Street18 Nov 190020 yr
BeatriceHuntBannerman Road18 Nov 19003 mth
Frank SmartJacobsKitchen's Hill6 Feb 19013 1/2 yr
JohnNewmanCrow Hill7 Mar 190131 yr
Martin EdwardSheppardDowning Street8 Apr 19013 1/2 yr
HenryAlcockCourage's Beach29 Apr 190175 yr
Mary RosellaFrenchCourage's Beach2 Sep 190111 days
Lionel GrantAshWater Street8 Sep 19015 mth
JamesJacobsKitchen's Hill8 Sep 190147 yr
GeorgeSheppard[Harvey?] Road12 Oct 19012 yr
JamesUmbersonGlover Road12 Jun 190284 yr
RonaldSpurdellBeach Hr Grace6 Jun 19024 hr
Ann ElizaSpurdleBeach Hr Grace18 Jun 190227 yr
ElizaSpurdleHr Grace2 Aug 19025 yr
Mary GolderHr Grace Beach5 Aug 190260 yr
VioletSpurdleStrettons Hill30 Aug 19021 1/2 yr
William FordTappHr Grace2 Feb 190380 yr
GeorgeMercerBrown's Hill Hr Grace13 Mar 19038 1/2 mth
JohnGoddenHr Grace30 Mar 190378 1/3 yr
Elsie M.NoseworthyHr Grace2 May 19036 yr
William ArthurNewmanHr Grace10 May 19035 mth
JosiahMercerHarvey Street3 Jul 19031 day
WilliamMercerHarvey Street3 Jul 19031 day
CatharineSheppardHarvey Street9 Sep 190336 yr
Samuel NelsonJacobsHr Grace25 Oct 190315 1/4 yr
William HenryFrenchHr Grace9 Feb 19043 yr 7 mth
Rosa BelleFrenchCourage's Beach31 Mar 19042 day
GeorgeSheppardHarvey Street25 Jun 19042 yr
Annie VioletSpurdleHr Grace27 Aug 19047 mth
WilliamPinnHr Grace30 Aug 190414 1/2 yr
Elizabeth AnneParsonsHr Grace2 Oct 190471 yr
EugenePowerHr Grace29 Dec 190436 yr
HarveySheppardHr Grace6 Jan 19055 mth
BessieNoseworthyHr Grace25 Jan 19053 mth
MosesFrenchHr Grace5 Feb 190524 1/2 yr
Effie MayNewmanHarvey Street23 Jan 19064 mth
Elizabeth May NoseworthyHarvey Street16 May 19062 1/2 yr
Hayward MalcolmPeddleHr Grace23 Jun 19067 mth
CharlotteParmiterHr Grace12 Sep 190675 yr
Mary BrownSheppardNoad St. Hr Grace15 Sep 190650 yr
GeorgeFitzgeraldWater Street10 Nov 190617 day
Anne ElizabethNoseworthyNoad Street Hr Grace6 Dec 190647 yr
Samuel ParmiterOtterbury Hr Grace2 May 190783 yr
BlancheMyrdenHr Grace7 May 190718 yr
ErnestSheppardHr Grace13 Aug 19072 mth
Thomas CharlesHawkinsSt. John's27 Sep 190725 yr
MarthaAndrewsHr Grace13 Nov 190766 yr
Susannah EarleNoseworthyHr Grace11 May 19089 mth
WilliamDavisHr Grace18 Aug 190856 yr
Mrs. JohnBrownHr Grace19 Aug 190824 yr
MarkAshHr Grace30 Feb 190934 yr
DianaCourageHr Grace23 Feb 190973 yr
WilliamAshHr Grace4 May 190927 yr
LouisaAshHr Grace10 Aug 190965 yr
MelinaBrayHr Grace14 Feb 191056 yr
ArthurMercerHr Grace7 Feb 19105 yr
FrederickNewmanHr Grace9 Mar 191058 yr
JessieHawkinsHr Grace25 May 191025 yr
RaymondSheppardOtterbury Hr Grace27 Dec 19101 1/4 yr
ElizabethBensonHarvey Street Hr Grace9 Feb 191189 yr
MarthaElliottWater St. W. Hr Grace17 Feb 191183 yr
MaryStevensonStevenville Lady Pond Rd Hr Grace9 May 191147 yr
Laura WarrenFrenchCourage Beach Hr Grace18 May 19118 days
Hannah WinnifredSheppardVictoria Street Hr Grace23 May 191185 yr
Evelyn BlancheNoseworthyWater Street W. Hr Grace5 Sep 19116 mth
WardleyNoseworthyWater Str. Hr Grace16 Oct 19116 wk
RichardMercerDowning Street Hr Grace10 Feb 191223 yr
WilliamSparksHarvey Street Hr Grace29 May 191228 yr
SelinaYeatmanChurch Hill Hr Grace14 Jun 191216 yr
JaneEdmundsStretton's Hill Hr Grace29 Jun 191274 yr
Arthur HenryDavisStephensville Hr Grace18 Sep 19122 1/2 mth
WilliamSparkesHarvey Street Hr Grace1 Dec 191278 yr
Julia A. MartinPipe Track Water Street W. Hr Grace5 Feb 191366 yr
MarkNoseworthyWater Street West Hr Grace19 Mar 19132 mth
Susanna LillyHarvey Street Hr Grace11 May 191359 yr
Sarah JaneNewmanHr Grace21 May 191379 yr
Elsie KitchenBell Island12 Jul 191315 yr
EliolMartinPipe Track Water Street W. Hr Grace23 Aug 191372 or 69 yr [sic]
Clarence ArchibaldSheppardHr Grace2 Oct 19132 mth
JohnNoseworthyNoad St. West10 Dec 191364 yr
JemimaLynchHarvey St.15 Mar 1914
Mary AnnPeddleHarvey St.6 Sep 191452 yr
Le Roy GrantNoseworthyWater St. Hr Grace4 Feb 19154 1/2 mth
MariaFrenchCourage's Beach Hr Grace10 Apr 1915[79?] yr
HectorBrayDevonshire Rd. Hr Grace29 Apr 191565 yr
Hazel MaySheppardHarvey St. W. Hr Grace30 Jun 191511 mth
SamuelLillyHarvey St. Hr Grace16 Jul 191574 yr
CatherineSheppardNoad St. Hr Grace28 Jul 191585 yr
WilliamNewmanHr Grace26 Nov 191584 yr
CharlesEdmundsHr Grace14 Dec 191578 yr
John NewmanHr Grace18 Mar 191678 yr
FlorenceBrownHarvey St. Hr Grace2 Jul 19161 yr 8 mth
LeviVergeHr GraceSomewhere in France37 yr
George RaymondSheppardWater St (West) Hr Grace4 Jul 19161 1/3 yr
Edmund JohnBrownWater St (West) Hr GraceKilled in Action "Somewhere in France"29 3/4 yr
Mary JaneNoseworthyPippy's Hill Hr Grace14 Dec 191668 yr
Leonard L.StirlingHarvey St. Hr Grace3 Jan 191741 yr
MatildaDavisHr Grace18 Jan 191779 yr
EmmaKitchenHarvey St. Hr Grace28 Mar 191747 yr
JohnSheppardoff Noad Street Hr Grace14 Jul 191789 yr
Mary DavisTappWater St. Hr Grace23 Sep 19171 1/4 yr
Doris EdnaDavisKitchen's Hill Hr Grace12 Oct 19171 yr
Violet RhodaYetmanHarvey St. Hr Grace5 Nov 19176 wk
Hayward YetmanHr Grace9 Nov 191729 yr
JohnVergePipe Track Hr Grace3 Jan 19181 3/4 yr
EliBrownWater St West Hr Grace11 Mar 191882 yr
GeorgeParmiterOtterbury Hr Grace; For several yrs had been residing in United States12 Mar 191825 yr; Lost by wreck of S.S. Florizel
MarthaVergePipe Track Hr Grace28 Apr 191841 yr
WilliamSpurrell or SpurdleHr Grace3 May 191866 yr
WalterSheppardHr Grace11 Sep 19188 mth
EdgarStevensonHarvey Street16 Jan 191970 yr
Harold W.OkeVictoria Street 17 Jan 191923 yr
JohnSparkesHarvey Street16 Feb 191963 yr
Walter B.RogersHr Grace21 Feb 191935 yr
FreemanYetmanWater Street West 9 Jul 191928 yr
Susannah EarleBrownHarvey St.20 Sep 191978 yr
Julia SparkesHarvey St.24 Sep 191959 yr
WilliamYetmanWater Street21 Nov 191960 yr
EdwardBrayHr Grace2 Jan 19205 yr
WilliamHeraldWater St. Hr Grace3 Feb 19202 day
Sarah NoelHarvey St.18 Jun 192062 yr
George V. DavisCourage's Beach19 Jul 192077 yr
ZipporahFitzgeraldHolbrook St.5 Sep 192049 yr
James HenryBrownHarvey St.10 Sep 19201 mth
Florence LillianNoseworthyVictoria Street13 Sep 1920
RobertLillyHarvey Street20 Oct 192074 yr
AdaSheppardNoad Street 27 Dec 1920
SamuelLowndesWater St. Hr Grace24 Jan 192132 yr
FlorenceYetmanHr Grace25 Jan 192118 yr
JohnLynchHarvey St. Hr Grace13 Apr 192180 yr
HenryBrownHarvey St. West24 Jun 1921
GeorgeSheppardShip's Head Hr Grace16 Mar 192248 yr; injured by the overturning of his slide
StephenAndrewsHarvey St. Hr Grace4 Jun 192293 yr 8 mth
Annie GertrudeHeathHr Grace5 Dec 192210 mth
MaryNewmanHr Grace4 May 192393 yr
MaryYetmanLady Lake Road Hr Grace15 May 192329 yr
JohnBrownBell Island C. Bay28 Apr 192342 yr
HarrietGoddenBear's Cove Hr Grace11 May 192484 yr
ElizaSheppardHr Grace South23 Jul 192444 yr
Emily BeatonHawkins23 Victoria St. St. John's11 Jul 192573 yr
RonaldNoelOtterbury Hr Grace12 May 19252 yr 2 mth
ElizabethDavisHr Grace30 Aug 192574 yr
ErnestGoddenHr Grace1 Sep 192559 yr
Leonard BrownHr Grace9 Nov 19251 yr 9 mth
AugustusPynnHr Grace14 Nov 192583 yr
ElizabethShuteHr Grace25 Jan 192652 yr
JohnTappHr Grace1 May 192675 yr
MatthewFrenchHr Grace20 Jul 192665 yr
EstherYetmanWater Street Hr Grace27 Jul 192656 yr
James HenryFrenchWater St. Hr Grace17 Oct 192667 yr
ElizabethSparkesHr Grace7 Feb 192790 yr
MaryTappNoad Str. Hr Grace2 Nov 192776 yr
VernaViguersSouth Side W. St. John's10 Feb 192825 yr
John L.OkeVictoria Street Hr Grace13 Mar 192873 yr
ThomasLillyHr Grace26 Mar 192870 yr
George W.AndrewsHarvey Str. Hr Grace10 Jun 192851 yr
JanePynnHarvey Str. Hr Grace26 Jun 192875 yr
EthelTappNoad Str. Hr Grace14 Jan 192952 yr; died at Grace Hospital St. John's
Mary AnnSheppard30 [Ba---oddy?] St. St. Johns24 Feb 192987 yr
HildaBarrettHr Grace27 Jul 19292 1/2 yr
JuliaGoddenHr Grace12 Jan 193061 yr
MaryFrenchCourage's Beach Hr Grace13 Jul 193059 yr
DonaldPynnHr Grace14 Aug 19306 mth
WilliamLampenSt. John's20 Sep 193072 yr
Ann RogersHr Grace19 Mar 193178 yr
ThomasMercerHr Grace29 Mar 193177 yr
ElizabethPowellHr Grace19 Apr 193175 yr; died at Infirmary St. John's
NormanShuteHr Grace1 Jun 193135 yr
DruscillaEllsworthyNoad Street Hr Grace30 Aug 193159 yr
Mary AnnLilyWater Str. Hr Grace10 Sep 193190 yr
Ann ElizaTaylorNoad Street Hr Grace13 Dec 193190 yr
IsabelleGeorgeHarvey Street Hr Grace11 Jul 193262 yr
Edmund RogersWater Street Hr Grace24 Dec 193283 yr
James NoseworthyHr Grace28 Dec 193359 yr
SilasFrenchHr Grace 18 Jan 193461 yr
PhoebeAlcockHr Grace2 Apr 193470 yr
ClementGeorgeHr Grace26 Jul 193464 yr
JamesCrockerHr Grace24 Oct 193461 yr

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