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Harbour Grace - Anglican Burial Records, 1775 - 1779

Please note that I have used both photocopies and original documents held at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Harbour Grace. For verification purposes, photocopies of these documents can be consulted at either:

St. Paul's Anglican Church
Cochrane Street, PO Box 341
Harbour Grace, NF A0A 2M0

Provincial Archives of NF and Labrador
Colonial Bldg., Military Road
St. John's, NF A1C 2C9

Anglican Archives
19 King's Bridge Road
St. John's, NF A1C 3K4

The records were transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY in January 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

29 Nov 1775WilliamParsons, Mr.
Planter in Bears Cove
20 Dec 1775PhilipBrown
Native of Jersey
24 Mar 1776MichaelPynn
formerly a Planter in Harbor Grace
21 Apr 1776HenryJuer

5 Jul 1776EleanorCoombs
Wife of John Coombs; Southside
7 Jul 1776Martin Hancock
Sailor belonging to Mr. Hugh Roberts Merch(t) of Liverpoole
11 Aug 1776WilliamFrench
Son to Thomas & Ann French
1 Nov 1776WilliamPenny
Son to John & Eleanor Penny in Carbonear
9 Nov 1776JamesAyles
of Christ Church Hants; at Carbonear
21 Nov 1776JamesStokely
of Ipswich
6 Feb 1777John Hussey
Apprentice to Mr. Henry Warford, Bear Cove
3 Mar 1777WilliamBrock

18 Mar 1777Henry Parsons18 yrSon to Jonathan Parsons Planter in Bears Cove
22 Jun 1777EleanorClark
Daughter to John & Martha Clark
20 Jul 1777Sarah Jones
Wife to William Jones, Island Cove
21 Jul 1777MaryButler
Wife of James Butler, Portograve
7 Aug 1777Sarah Penny
Wife to John Penny, Harbor Mien
22 Nov 1777JaneMarshall
Wife to Rich(d) Marshall, Freshwater
4 Dec 1777John Furze
of the Bonavista Sloop of War
5 Jan 1778CharlesStanworth
Native of Shaftsbury, Upper Island Cove
13 Feb 1778Mary Pynn[88?] yrWidow
17 Feb 1778JohnShepherd4 yrSon to John & Elizabeth Shepherd
10 May 1778JosephPippy
19 May 1778JamesNosworthy, Sen(r)
Planter in Brians Cove
6 Jun 1778MarySnow
Daughter to John & Elizabeth Snow
7 Jun 1778RichardPowel, Sen(r)94 yrPlanter in Carbonear
14 Jun 1778JosephBishop
of Christ Church Hants; Serv to Mr. Joseph Knight, Carbonear
4 Aug 1778CharlesRichardson
of Trinity Parish Jersey; at Carbonear
9 Oct 1778ClementNicole
of the Island of Jersey
20 Oct 1778MaryJuer[1, 10 or 11?] yrDaughter to Ann & John Juer
29 Dec 1778EdwardSmith, Jun(r)18 yrof Spaniards Bay
30 Dec 1778WilliamBrock
Ship Carpenter Serv to Mr. Rogers of Bristol
25 Dec 1778John Holinsteen
belonging to the Florida of Newcastle
27 Jan 1779GraceParsons70 yrRelict to John Parsons in Clowns Cove
2 May 1779MaryFrench
20 May 1779NicholasJuerSaid to be 106 yr
24 May 1779JohnBesant19 yr
12 Aug 1779JohnNorris
Serv(t) to Mr. John Clements Merch(t) in Bristol
23 Aug 1779Sarah Parsons
Spouse to Jonathan Parsons in Bears Cove
3 Oct 1779John Diamond
Planter in Adams Cove
19 Nov 1779Elizabeth Davis, Mrs.
Spouse to Mr. George Davis in Carbonear. She was cruelly murdered, a load of shot being lodged in her Bowels, by Persons unknown
25 Nov 1779DorothySarsfield
from Mosquito
27 Nov 1779JosephSkinner
a Native of Guernsey; Serv(t) to Robert Ash in Carbonear
28 Dec 1779John Champion
of Topsham, by Mr. Arthur Thomey
28 Dec 1779JohnMartin
Upper Island Cove
12 Dec 1779WilliamYongs19 1/2 yr
20 Dec 1779ThomasYeatman
Brians Cove
16 Jan 1780JohnScriggins
from Bristol; Serv(t) to Mr. Wm Danson
30 Jan 1780Elizabeth Grey
with her young Son Philip Grey Aged 3 Months
30 Jan 1780PhilipGrey3 mth[son of Elizabeth Grey]
8 Feb 1780WilliamGrey
Husband to the aforesaid Elizabeth Grey
13 Mar 1780Elizabeth Thomasabout 80 yr
15 Mar 1780Jane Martin
Wife to John Martin, Harbor Grace
2 Apr 1780JohnHussey
Harbor Grace
16 May 1780JonathanParsons, Mr.
Planter in Bears Cove
17 May 1780DinahCoombsnigh 5 mthDaughter to John & Alice Coombs
30 May 1780AliceCoombs
Wife to the said John Coombs
17 Jun 1780EleanorSmith
Wife to William Smith, Harbor Grace
4 Jul 1780WilliamThomey
in Carbonear by M:S:
23 Jul 1780JohnCadwell, Sen(r)
Harbor Grace
1 Aug 1780JohnBrazil, Sen(r)said to be 89 yrHarbor Grace
22 Aug 1780JosephTaylor
Planter in Carbonear
26 Aug 1780EdwardSnow
Planter in Bay Roberts
13 Sep 1780MaryMartin, Sen(r)

8 Oct 1780EvansDavis
Serv(t) to Mr. John Clements Merch(t) in Bristol
4 Oct 1780Sarah Ash1 yrDaughter to John Ash, Harbor Grace
16 Nov 1780IsaacSmith4 yr 4 mthin Spaniards Bay
13 Dec 1780FrancesPayn
1 May 1781HumphreyTattle
belonging to Mr. John Castlike, Salmon Cove
9 Feb 1781PeterFussel
a Native of Winchester Hants
6 Jun 1781John Jones
Son to Francis Jones, Upper Island Cove, who died by a sudden accident
12 Jun 1781JohnBarret
Planter in Span(ds) Bay
17 Aug 1781Anne LarnLilly
Daughter to Mr. William & Patience Lilly, Harbor Grace
31 Aug 1781AnneBesant
Daughter to John & Mary Besant, Bears Cove
24 Oct 1781Elizabeth Wells
Daughter to Simon & Frances Well [sic], Carbonear
19 Nov 1781ThomasButt11 yrSon to Henry Butt, Carbonear
26 Nov 1781RuthBesant70 yrCarbonear
29 Nov 1781SamuelFrenchgoing 10 yrB. Rob(ts)
29 Nov 1781CharlesNosworthy
B. Rob(ts)
22 Dec 1781MaryPike
Wife to Thomas Pike, Carbonear
27 Dec 1781Elizabeth Grey
Daughter to Mr. Robert & Sarah Grey, Harbor Grace
22 Jan 1782WilliamBellman

22 Feb 1782RobertMarshal
to Richard & Sarah Marshal
[22 Feb 1782?][blank]Pike
Daughter to Thomas Pike Widower
14 Mar 1782Elizabeth Leahy
Wife to Daniel Leahy
21 Apr 1782MaryBaldwine15 yr
24 Apr 1782WilliamRichards, Sen(r)
Port de Grave
25 Apr 1782MaryMercer1/2 yr
6 May 1782HannahButler
Wife to Mr. Thomas Butler, Port de Grave
2 Jul 1782FrancesMercer
Wife to Charles Mercer, Bay Roberts
16 Jul 1782JonathanWebber, Jun(r)about 18 yr
26 Jul 1782CatharineCrane6 yr
11 Aug 1782EdwardSnow
Planter in Harbor Grace
14 Sep 1782JaneDymickabout 1 yr
30 Nov 1782MaryNoel
Daughter to Clements Noel, Carbonear
6 Dec 1782CatharineThistleabout 80 yrHarbor Grace
26 Dec 1782MaryWells
Wife to Theophilus Wells, Port de Grave
29 Dec 1782RichardYongs, Sen(r), Mr.
Upper Island Cove
12 Jan 1783Henry Abbot78 yrCarbonear
21 Jan 1783JohnJeffries3 yr
26 Jan 1783WilliamGrey
Son to Mr. Robert & Sarah Grey, Harbor Grace
30 Jan 1783MaryHiggins
Daughter to William & Elizabeth Higgins, Harbor Grace
23 Feb 1783Elizabeth Smith
Wife to Thomas Smith, Spaniards Bay
7 Mar 1783John Earle
Bay Roberts
7 Mar 1783JosephParsons
[Bay Roberts?]
17 Mar 1783JohnJuer
Harbor Grace
21 Mar 1783Elizabeth RuthGreen
Harbor Grace
23 Mar 1783[blank]Baldwine
to William Baldwine
27 Mar 1783WilliamFrench
Harbor Grace
6 Apr 1783Francis Martin
Harbor Grace
7 Apr 1783Sarah Grey
Wife to Mr. Robert Grey, Harbor Grace
9 Apr 1783CatharineJones

[9 Apr 1783?]PatienceButt

21 May 1783CharlesTucker
Planter in Port de Grave
26 May 1783SamuelBursey
Son to John & Jane Bursey in Port de Grave
16 Jul 1783GregoryNormor
Planter in Belisle
17 Jul 1783Sarah Mackmannigan
22 Jul 1783JohnJuer
Harbor Grace
23 Jul 1783Amos Bartlett
sailor in the Lark belonging to Mess(rs) Green, Carbonear
18 Oct 1783IsraelJanes
Harbor Grace
17 Nov 1783JohnJenkins
Sailor to Capt(n) Newton, Harbour Grace, drowned by accid(t)
3 Dec 1783MaryParsons
Wife to John Parsons, Carbonear
7 Dec 1783EveButt
Wife to Roger Butt, Carbonear
17 Dec 1783JohnPike, Sen(r)
Planter, Carbonear
28 Dec 1783DanielLe Sauteur

1 Mar [1783?]MartinShepherd
26 Mar [1783?]JohnButler
Planter in Port de Grave, his death was occasioned by a Fall over a Precipice
7 Apr [1783?]ElizabethFrench
Wife to Edward French, Planter, Bay Roberts
11 Jun [1783?]JaneNoseworthy
Wife to William Noseworthy, Planter in Cupids
9 Jul [1783?]AnnCollins
Wife to John Collins, Harbour Grace
14 Jul 1784JamesMoffat
Serv(t) to Capt(n) John Pike, Carbonear
15 Jul 1784John Roberts
sailor to Capt(n) Joseph Rogers Merch(t) in Bristol
25 Jul 1784MaryBarns
17 Aug 1784MaryShepherd13 mthDaughter to John & Anne Shepherd
20 Aug 1784Henry Webber, Mr.about 51 yrPlanter in Harbour Grace
14 Sep 1784AnneFrench
Planter in Harbour Grace
15 Sep 1784MaryWebber81 yrWidow, Harbour Grace
28 Sep 1784WilliamSnow
Harbour Grace
1 Oct 1784RobertBishop
Planter in Bay Roberts
3 Oct 1784WilliamSmith
Harbour Grace
6 Oct 1784George AugustusPynn, Capt(n)

12 Oct 1784John Ford, Capt(n)
belonging to Poole, Dorset; in Carbonear
7 Dec 1795JohnHamilton
of Piltown near Waterford, Ireland, buried in Carbonear
22 Dec 1795ProvidenceHoldeninfantdaughter of Robert & Patience, of this Harbour
24 Dec 1795JamesBaldwininfantillegitimate son of Mary Baldwin
25 Dec 1795ElizabethPayne59 yrof this Harbour
2 Jan 1796FrancisMartin
of this Harbour
2 Jul 1796JohnWebberinfant
6 Sep 1796EleanorBrassilinfant
16 Oct 1796Elizabeth Ruth GreenSymondsinfant
25 Oct 1796ThomasAlcock
of this Harbour
-- Nov 1796DavidJenkins
Seaman, of Newton in Glamorganshire
-- Nov 1796JaneThomas
of this Harbour
8 Nov 1796JaneSnow
of this Harbour
12 Nov 1796Ann MariaDanson52 yr
14 Nov 1796CharlesSnow
of this Harbour
17 Nov 1796ElizabethAlcock
of this Harbour
20 Nov 1796RobertFrench, Sen(r)
of this Harbour
3 Dec 1796RachelSymondsinfant
3 Feb 1797PatienceLilly60 yrof this Harbour
22 Mar 1797JonathanShepherd[blank] yrof this Harbour
12 Nov 1797GracePiddle
of Mosquitto
29 Nov 1797CatharineJuerinfant
31 Nov 1797JaneJones
of Upper Island Cove
23 Jan 1798John Martin
of this Harbour
10 Aug 1798AbrahamMartininfant
4 Sep 1798JonathanShepherd
of this Harbour
26 Dec 1798HumphryNealabout 20 yrof Brians Cove
2 May 1799JohnReed
Master of the brig Two Brothers of Yarmouth in the County of Norfolk
10 May 1799WilliamWhite
of the City of Exeter in England resident of Bacon Cove Conception Bay
20 May 1799EveButt
Servant to William Stevenson of the Southside
1 Jun 1799Sarah Parsons21 yrDaughter of the late John Parsons & Patience his wife
18 Jul 1799George GarlandCawley39 yrLieu(t) of the Royal Newf(d)land Reg(t)
7 Nov 1799MaryFrize76 yrWife of Joseph Frize of Mosquitto
7 Dec 1799Henry Juerabout 16 yrSon of James & Elizabeth Juer of this Harbour

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