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Harbour Grace - Anglican Burial Records, 1800 - 1814

Please note that I have used both photocopies and original documents held at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Harbour Grace. For verification purposes, photocopies of these documents can be consulted at either:

St. Paul's Anglican Church
Cochrane Street, PO Box 341
Harbour Grace, NF A0A 2M0

Provincial Archives of NF and Labrador
Colonial Bldg., Military Road
St. John's, NF A1C 2C9

Anglican Archives
19 King's Bridge Road
St. John's, NF A1C 3K4

The records were transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY in January 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

28 Jun 1800WilliamCawleyinfantSon of James Cawley & Charlotte his wife
1 Jul 1800JohnArcher
formerly of Snow Hill London but now of this Harbour
6 Aug 1800AnnNicholasinfantof this Harbour
25 Aug 1800ElizabethChanceyinfantDaughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Chancey of this Harbour
28 Sep 1800HannahBennett41 yrWife of Stephen Bennett of this Harbour
19 Oct 1800WilliamColeinfantSon of William Cole & Elizabeth his wife of this Harbour
4 Nov 1800ThomasBurrowsinfantSon of Johnstone Burrows & Katharine his wife
8 Dec 1800Margaret Rogers55 yrWife of Joseph Rogers of this Harbour
4 Jan 1801EdwardHussey
of this Harbour
18 Jan 1801ElizabethYetmanabout 80 yr
23 Mar 1801MaryMartin72 yrWife of William Martin
14 Jun 1801AnnGarland117 yr
14 Jun 1801MaryMoores87 yrDaughter of the above Ann Garland
30 Jun 1801Sarah Coleabout 75 yrof this Harbour
21 Nov 1801JohnBrockabout 78 yrof this Harbour
[26?] Nov 1801JonathanAsh4 yrSon of James Ash & Mary his wife
22 Dec 1801JohnFrench4 yrSon of John French & Susannah his wife of this Harbour
29 Dec 1801ElizabethPorterabout 3 yrDaughter of William Porter & Mary his wife
3 Jan 1802PrudenceCornish18 yrDaughter of John Cornish & Mary his wife
5 Jan 1802Catherine ElizabethBradburyinfantDaughter of Charles Bradbury & Elizabeth his wife
13 Jan 1802Richard Andrews3 1/2 yrSon of William Andrews & Elizabeth his wife
19 Jan 1802George AugustusMartininfantSon of Joseph Martin Jun(r) & Elizabeth his wife
7 Feb 1802JohnClements80 yrMerchant of this Harbour
26 Feb 1802JonathanWarford13 yrSon of John Warford & Mary his wife, at Mint Cove
4 Mar 1802RobertBaker14 yrSon of George Baker & Elizabeth his wife, at Bread & Cheese Cove
7 Mar 1802MaryBrowninfantDaughter of Edward Brown & Katherine his wife
3 Apr 1802ThomasMilkaiinfantSon of John Milkai & Frances his wife
19 Apr 1802ElizabethBradburyinfantDaughter of Garland Bradbury & Susannah his wife of this Harbour
29 Apr 1802Henry Jones5 yrSon of William Jones & Dorothy his wife, Upper Island Cove
May 1802WilliamButtabout 8 yrSon of Adam Butt
3 Jun 1802GeorgeMartininfantSon of Jonathan Martin & Rebecca his wife of this Harbour
25 Jun 1802MaryMartin35 yrWife of John Martin of this Harbour
25 Aug 1802Sarah BrowninfantDaughter of William Brown & Frances his wife
18 Sep 1802ThomasAlcockinfantSon of Mansel Alcock & Mary his wife
18 Sep 1802WilliamFrench2 yrSon of John French & Mary his wife
28 Sep 1802JaneSnow86 yrof this Harbour
3 Oct 1802Richard Youngsabout 56 yrUpper Island Cove
12 Nov 1802WilliamDavis
a sailor belonging to the Neptune of Grenneck [blank] Henry Master.
29 Mar 1803JohnPiddleinfantSon of John Piddle & Mary his wife of Mosquitto
23 Jun 1803GeorgeNeal20 yrof Carbonear
29 Sep 1803RobertStone26 yrformerly of Trinity
20 Oct 1803JaneJuer9 yrof Harbour Grace
5 Nov 1803MarthaParsons23 yrWife of Wm Parsons of Harbour Grace
1 Dec 1803Joseph Pynn 79 yrof Mosquito
15 Jan 1804AnnLilly4 yrDaughter of Wm & Patience Lilly of Harbour Grace
18 Jun 1804Joseph Martin76 yrof Harbour Grace
31 Jul 1804JaneShepherd6 yrDaughter of Henry Shepherd of Spaniards Bay, buried there
22 Oct 1804MatthewAnspachinfantSon of the Rev(d) L.A. Anspach of Harbour Grace
23 Dec 1804[blank]Parsons
Widow of [blank] Parsons of Bearscove
26 Dec 1804JamesMcDonaldinfant
5 Jan 1805JamesBrampton
a boy belonging to Wm Henderson
17 Feb 1805Joseph Pynn2 mthSon of Henry Pynn of Mosquito
24 Feb 1805JohnAndrews49 yrformerly of Topsham, Devon, late of Harbour Grace
26 May 1805JamesNosworthy53 yrof Bryans Cove
24 Jun 1805JaneWarford
of Bears Cove
19 Jul 1805WmHiggins79 yrof the South Side of Harbour Grace
20 Jul 1805[blank]Parsonsinfantof Otterbury
19 Sep 1805Henry RichardAndrewsinfantof Harbour Grace
16 Oct 1805Wm Cole83 yrof Ships head
6 Nov 1805[blank]Sacrey7 yrSon of [blank] Sacrey of Bryans Cove
8 Dec 1805[blank][blank]
Son of [blank] of Bryans Cove
25 Dec 1805MarkStevenson7 yrof Harbour Grace
10 Jan 1806Martha WoolfryAndrews6 mthof Harbour Grace
9 Feb 1806WmMartin84 yrof Harbour Grace
14 Mar 1806MaryGray35 yrof Harbour Grace
20 Mar 1806AmyGarland70 yrof Harbour Grace
24 Mar 1806CharlesAnspach6 mth
7 Apr 1806JohnStirling32 1/2 yrSurgeon of Harbour Grace, late of H.M. Ship Concord
3 Jul 1806FrancisShepherd2 yrof Harbour Grace
23 Jul 1806Catherine Ash82 yr 4 mthof Harbour Grace
5 Aug 1806Sarah Snow17 yrof Harbour Grace
23 Aug 1806Tho(s)Pinkham19 yrof Harbour Grace
29 Aug 1806WmBelleyinfant
25 Sep 1806MaryCadwell74 yrof Harbour Grace
8 Oct 1806JohnRogers55 yrof Harbour Grace
19 Nov 1806JohnTrapnell47 yrof Harbour Grace
21 Nov 1806[blank]Jordan17 mthof Harbour Grace
3 Dec 1806[blank]Pynn17 mthof Musquito
5 Dec 1806Wm[Garbert?]25 yrof Whitby, Yorkshire
12 Dec 1806JohnShepard68 yrSouth Side of Harbour Grace
15 Dec 1806WmGoujer9 mthof Harbour Grace
13 Jan 1807JohnBadcock39 yrof Bay Roberts
17 Jan 1807WilliamBelvin17 mthSon of John & Mary Belvin of Musquito
1 Feb 1807RobertHolden50 yrformerly of Bristol, and late of Harbour Grace
20 Feb 1807Robert BindlossDanson8 mthSon of Tho(s) Danson of Harbour Grace
14 Mar 1807AbrahamMartinabout 4 yrSon of Abraham Martin of Harbour Grace
20 Mar 1807Wm Belbun
of Musquito
13 Apr 1807JohnBadcock14 mthSon of the late John Badcock of Harbour Grace
24 Apr 1807CatherineAndrews43 yrof Harbour Grace
30 Apr 1807AnnMcDonald [or Courage?]infantthe natural daughter of James McDonald by Mary Courage
12 May 1807[blank]Pynn
[pencilled in "Mrs. Pynn [illegible]'s mother in law"
11 Jun 1807Julian JaneGosse14 mthDaughter of Richard & Francis Gosse, at Bread & Cheese Cove
11 Aug 1807J.Trapnell

23 Aug 1807[blank]Snowabout 10 yrSon of George Snow of Otterbury
23 Sep 1807HenryNicholasinfantone of the twin infants of Wm & Jane Nicholas
25 Sep 1807Joseph Nicholasinfantthe other twin of Wm & Jane Nicholas, vide Baptisms 13 Sep 07
25 Oct 1807JohnCoffin22 yrof Yarmouth in Nova Scotia
12 Nov 1807[blank]McDonald [or Courage?]
one of the twins of John McDonald by Mary Courage
12 Nov 1807JamesJuer57 yrof Harbour Grace
21 Dec 1807HectorHenderson29 yrSon of Wm Henderson of Bristol, Merchant, Drowned in the Shipwreck of the Ceres
21 Dec 1807[blank][blank]
A seaman belonging to the same vessel [Ceres]
12 Feb 1808[blank]Whiteway
of [blank], Master of the Vessel in which H. Henderson was lost [Ceres]
13 Mar 1808AnnBradbury14 yrof Harbour Grace
18 Mar 1808MaryParsons4 mthDaughter of Wm & Mary Parsons
21 Aug 1808MaryCurtis
Daughter of the late Wm & Susanna Curtis
23 Sep 1808HenryNicholas
Son of William & Jane Nicholas
25 Sep 1808Joseph Nicholas
Son of Will(m) & Jane Nicholas
27 Oct 1808MaryWhite 5 yrDaughter of John & Mary White
15 Nov 1808James RewKnight51 yrof Harbour Grace, Cooper
30 Nov 1808MaryCarrol54 yrWife of Charles Carrol of this Harbour
12 Dec 1808Richard CornishBadcock14 mthSon of Francis Badcock by Mary his wife, Bay Roberts
1 Jan 1809DorothyLilly7 1/2 yrDaughter of William Lilly Jun(r) of Harbour Grace
5 Jan 1809WilliamCourage15 mthSon of John Courage
17 Jan 1809MaryFitzgerald
Wife of David Fitzgerald of Harbour Grace
26 Jan 1809MosesNicholas4 yrSon of Thomas & Amy Nicholas of Harbour Grace
12 Feb 1809[blank]GarlandinfantChild of Charles Garland Jun(r)
7 Mar 1809JamesAsh41 1/2 yrof Capelin Cove
8 Mar 1809JohnPayne86 yrof Harbour Grace
1 Apr 1809WilliamPiddle
Southside of Harbour Grace
2 Apr 1809[blank]Collinsabout 6 yrDaughter of Timothy Collins of Spaniards Bay, buried at Harbour Grace
10 Apr 1809CharlesCarrol68 yrof Harbour Grace
10 May 1809[blank]Goujer
Wife of [blank] Goujer
29 May 1809PeterHaly51 yrof Harbour Grace
4 Jun 1809WilliamLilly, Jun(r)48 yrSon of Wm Lilly Esq. J.P. of Harbour Grace
14 Jun 1809John Will(m)Brazil64 yrof Harbour Grace
18 Jun 1809ElizabethParsons74 yrof Harbour Grace
2 Jul 1809JohnstonBurrows46 yrSurgeon
10 Oct 1809CharlesSacrey18 mthSon of Peter Sacrey of Bryans Cove
7 Nov 1809Joseph Furneaux45 yrof Paington, Devon, but late of Portdegrave, at Portdegrave
19 Nov 1809ThomasFawn40 yrof Crewkerne in Somersetshire late of Harbour Grace, at Harbour Grace
7 Dec 1809HarrietPalmer
Daughter of Richard Palmer of Harbour Grace
12 Dec 1809ThomasCram67 yrof Harbour Grace
11 Jan 1810FrancesTucker86 yrof Harbour Grace
22 Feb 1810ThomasFrench
of Harbour Grace
8 Mar 1810CharlesGarland79 yr 9 mthSurrogate
16 Mar 1810RobertAndrews23 yrof Harbour Grace
23 Mar 1810AlphonseAnspach8 mth
11 Apr 1810Joseph Brazil31 yrof Harbour Grace
16 Oct 1810PatienceTrapnell37 yrWidow of the late John Trapnell
28 Oct 1810PatiencePynn73 yrof Mosquito
26 Nov 1810JamesAsh5 wkSon of John Ash of Harbour Grace
28 Nov 1810JohnBelbun30 yrof Mosquitto
26 Feb 1811WilliamAndrews3 yrSon of Geo & Eliz(th) Andrews of Harbour Grace
3 Mar 1811RobertAndrews5 yrSon of D(o) [ditto Geo & Eliz(th) Andrews of Harbour Grace]
8 Mar 1811[blank]Warford
Daughter of John Warford
31 Mar 1811IsaacBradbury82 yr 7 mthof Harbour Grace
7 Apr 1811MaryTrapnell4 yr
6 Apr 1811MaryJordan4 wk
28 Apr 1811JamesWelsh28 yr 6 mthof Harbour Grace
20 May 1811Joseph Yetman53 yrof Brians Cove
21 May 1811WilliamParsons75 yrof Harbour Grace
16 Jun 1811AndrewRoose14 yr 11 mthof Stockholm, Sweden, Killed by a fall from the Main yard of the Shetis Brig, Geo. Mainland, Master
27 Jun 1811ElizabethHerold6 yrDaughter of Geo & Jane Herold of Harbour Grace
30 Jun 1811PhobeTrapnell [or Knight?]11 mththe natural daughter of Patience Trapnell of Harbour Grace by J(s) B. Knight
8 Jul 1811FrederickMartin13 1/2 mthSon of Robert & Mary Martin
25 Jul 1811MatildaMcLean21 mthtwin daughter of [blank] & Eliz(th) McLean of St. John's
28 Jul 1811MaryMcLean21 mththe other twin of [blank] & Eliz(th) McLean of St. John's
11 Sep 1811JohnAnspach2 days
28 Sep 1811JohnNicholas83 yrof Harbour Grace
23 Oct 1811JamesGoujer14 mthof Southside
21 Dec 1811Julian Martin2 yrDaughter of Jonathan & Rebecca Martin of Harbour Grace
29 Dec 1811RebeccaMartin2 yrDaughter of Jonathan Martin of Harbour Grace
4 Jan 1812JuliaFrench16 mthDaughter of John & Susanna French of Harbour Grace
29 Jan 1812JohnFrench4 yrSon of John & Susanna French of Harbour Grace
10 Mar 1812CatherineBrown8 mthDaughter of Edward & Catherine Brown of Harbour Grace
3 Apr 1812MartinShepherd75 yrof the Southside of Harbour Grace
7 Apr 1812RachelParsons71 yrof Bearscove
28 Apr 1812SamuelPiddle82 yrof Musquitto
14 Jun 1812JohnNicholas18 yrof Harbour Grace
NOTE: It appears there may be a page missing from the original register at this point.
8 Jun 1813JosephHussey86 yrat Island Cove
18 Jul 1813JamesSnowinfant
17 Aug 1813ThomasRyan23 yr
25 Sep 1813CharlesWebber56 yrbrought from Cricket
17 Nov 1813JohnBradbury27 yrat Upper Island Cove
9 Dec 1813WilliamWinter48 yrnative of Bristol, seaman on the Somerset, Died by The visitation of God
16 Dec 1813WilliamBennett37 yrlate of Carbonear
12 Jan 1814DavisGarland84 yrGent:
19 Feb 1814JohnMartininfant
2 Mar 1814CatherineParsons24 yrlate of Bears Cove
15 Mar 1814WilliamSeymour27 yrbelonging to the Parish of Marnell, Co. Dorset
3 May 1814WilliamAndrews57 yr
4 May 1814CharlesWebberinfant
2 Jun 1814Patience Crane65 yrWife of Henry Crane, at Island Cove
5 Jun 1814ElizabethWallop26 yrWife of Barton Wallop Esq: Captain in his Majestys Nova Scotia Regiment of [Trencibles?] & Daughter of John Ward Esq: of St John's [sic], New Brunswick
15 Jun 1814JohnMulcahy44 yrSouth Side
10 Aug 1814AnneKnight65 yrW(d) [widow?]
21 Aug 1814Elizabeth Thomas65 yr
4 Sep 1814SarahFoster29 yrBryans Cove, died in Child Bed
5 Oct 1814HenryAsh55 yr
12 Oct 1814MaryJorden
Wife of William Jorden; Coroner's verdict "Died by the visitation of God"
1 Dec 1814Patience Holden57 yrW(d) [widow?]
26 Dec 1814CarolineMartininfant

Name in RecordDescription of ErrorMy Name
TRAPNELL "30 Jun 1811 Phobe Trapnell [or Knight?] 11 mth the natural daughter of Patience Trapnell of Harbour Grace by J(s) B. Knight". I suspect a re-reading may show J(s) R. Knight. Al Beagan

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