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Harbour Grace - Anglican Burial Records, 1815 - 1829

Please note that I have used both photocopies and original documents held at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Harbour Grace. For verification purposes, photocopies of these documents can be consulted at either:

St. Paul's Anglican Church
Cochrane Street, PO Box 341
Harbour Grace, NF A0A 2M0

Provincial Archives of NF and Labrador
Colonial Bldg., Military Road
St. John's, NF A1C 2C9

Anglican Archives
19 King's Bridge Road
St. John's, NF A1C 3K4

The records were transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY in January 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

4 Jan 1815JohnMayne54 yrSurgeon
13 Jan 1815Henrietta SophiaClow2 mth
15 Jan 1815WilliamDawson25 yrof Cats Cove
21 Jan 1815FrancesBabbs13 mthBryans Cove
30 Jan 1815ElizabethNeale17 yrBryans Cove
16 Feb 1815ElizaRowe77 yrwidow of Elias Rowe, formerly of Jersey
22 Feb 1815WilliamDavisinfant
7 Mar 1815SarahHussey5 mthIsland Cove
19 Mar 1815SamuelNewellinfant
26 Mar 1815MaryBrazill86 yr
2 Apr 1815JohnTucker19 yr
4 May 1815MaryAndrews26 yr
23 Jun 1815MarthaAndrewsinfant
25 Jun 1815CharlesGarland39 yr
25 Jun 1815LouisaAdams3 1/2 yrBears Cove
16 Jul 1815HenryLilly38 yr
16 Jul 1815JohnAllcockinfant
3 Aug 1815JohnLambert24 yr
4 Oct 1815WilliamLilly, Esq.80 yrSurrogate
10 Oct 1815Richard[Palmer?], Esq.45 yr
15 Oct 1815GeorgeSnowabout 44 yr
9 Nov 1815JamesGougerinfantSouth Side
7 Dec 1815JaneNicolas80 yrwidow
15 Dec 1815ThomasBolster34 yrof Carbonear, buried at Carbonear
28 Dec 1815WilliamHumbersoninfantBryans Cove
29 Dec 1815AnnieCurtisinfant
2 Jan 1816RichardNewellinfantSouth Side
24 Jan 1816JamesHutching60 yrof Spaniards Bay, buried at Bread & Cheese Cove
6 Mar 1816JohnCrane80 yrof Island Cove, buried at Island Cove
19 Mar 1816ElizabethSeymourinfant
3 Apr 1816Mary AnnHill27 yrwife of Wm Hill, a native of Bristol
23 Apr 1816MaryGosse56 yrwife of Wm Gosse of Spaniard's Bay, buried at Bread & Cheese Cove
2 May 1816MaryMartininfant
13 May 1816ElizabethHiggins85 yrW(d) [widow?], South Side
13 May 1816RobertBelly
Verdict Lunacy
19 May 1816JosephPynn61 yrMusquitto
22 May 1816WilliamGouger35 yrBryans Cove, drowned
30 May 1816HenryWarford85 yr
1 Jun 1816JamesAdams45 yrIsland Cove
4 Jun 1816GeorgeChauncey23 yr
23 Jul 1816RachelPiddleinfantMusquitto
23 Jul 1816SamuelStucker22 yrSeaman
10 Sep 1816JamesWhitinginfant
2 Oct 1816JohnGordon19 yrMusquitto
18 Oct 1816MaryWarford48 yrBears Cove
20 Nov 1816SarahMartin30 yrSpinster
22 Dec 1816JohnYoungs53 yrIsland Cove
1 Feb 1817JaneAndrews40 yrof this parish; wife of George
2 Mar 1817CatherineCavillinfantof this parish
30 Mar 1817JohnNewell26 yrof this parish, S.S.
30 Mar 1817JonathanParsons[28?] yrof this parish
2 Apr 1817ThomasClarke17 yrof Musquitto
12 Apr 1817JamesWestinfantof this parish
14 May 1817GraceSweetapple18th [sic]of Musquitto
18 May 1817JamesCawley, Esq.55 yrof this parish, Magistrate
20 May 1817FrancisPiddle70 yrof Bread & Cheese Cove
1 Jun 1817[blank]Shepherdinfantof this parish, S.S.
7 Jun 1817SusanAsheinfantof this parish
20 Jul 1817JohnWhitty23 yrof Sherborne, Dorset, buried at Carbonear
21 Jul 1817CorneliusVayard25 yrof Sherborne, Dorset, buried at Carbonear
2 Sep 1817WilliamSlade35 yrof Marshall's Folly, buried at Carbonear
2 Sep 1817MaryAsheinfantof this parish
6 Sep 1817MaryBrazill5 yrof this parish
2 Oct 1817JohnStretton73 yrof this parish
3 Oct 1817JosephLilly36 yrof this parish
15 Oct 1817JohnChurchill40 yrof this parish
23 Oct 1817MaryParsonsinfantof this parish, Bears Cove
25 Oct 1817[blank]Snowinfantof this parish
24 Nov 1817JonathanParsonsinfantof this parish
29 Nov 1817JuliaJamesinfantof this parish, S.S.
7 Dec 1817JaneWarfordinfantof this parish, Bears Cove
23 Dec 1817HenryOliver48 yrof the Island of [Guernsey?]
30 Dec 1817GeorgeNeil[15?] yrof Bryan's Cove
29 Jan 1818RobertAshe14 yrof Carbonear
28 Feb 1818CharlesHawkins44 yrof this parish
3 Mar 1818SarahPiddleinfantof Musquitto
14 Mar 1818WilliamYeatmaninfantof Bryan's Cove
9 Aug 1818CatherineGosse92 yrof Spaniards Bay
27 Oct 1818GeorgeCowan30th [sic]of this parish, drowned
27 Oct 1818JohnHall18 yrof this parish, drowned
15 Nov 1818Susanna GreenDanson3 yr 9 mthof this parish
4 Dec 1818JamesJoyce35 yrperished between Silly Cove and Carbonear due to inclemency of weather; buried at Carbonear
17 Dec 1818JosephPynn23 yrof Musquitto
27 Dec 1818FrancisPippy3 yr 3 mthof this parish
31 Dec 1818[blank]Shepherd 73 yrW(d) [widow?] of this parish, S.S.
Jan 1819[blank]Piddleinfantof Musquitto
10 Jan 1819GeorgeHerold18 yrof this parish
2 Feb 1819WilliamDownes70 yrof this parish
8 Feb 1819ChristianDavis8 yrof this parish
26 Feb 1819RachelParsons24 yrof this parish, Bears Cove
3 Jun 1819JamesCold65 yrof this parish
20 Sep 1819Mary[Bazey?]3 yrof this parish
9 Oct 1819TobiasWebber26 yrof this parish
1 Dec 1819HenryHiggins3 yrof this parish
12 Dec 1819JohnAsh72 yrof this parish
23 Dec 1819GeorgeAndrews44 yrof this parish; a good man
28 Jan 1820RobertCourage16 mthof this parish
9 Feb 1820PatienceParsons76 yrof this parish
15 Feb 1820JohnBrowne14 yrof this parish
29 Feb 1820JuliaParsons2 yrof this parish
7 May 1820JosephNeal
of this parish
22 May 1820AndrewRoss28 yrSeaman of the [brig?] Brothers
24 May 1820ElizabethSnow
of this parish
25 May 1820ThomasBarnes32 yrof Musquitto
11 Jul 1820ElizthTucker46 yrof this parish
1 Aug 1820JuneWaters2 yrof this parish
22 Aug 1820AnneMartin22 mthof this parish
13 Oct 1820William TaylorParsons82 yrof this parish
10 Dec 1820ElizabethPayne22 yrof this parish
14 Dec 1820DinahPippy13 yrof this parish
21 Dec 1821WilliamPayne28 yrof Broad Hempston, Devon, out late of Carbonear, Cooper
4 May 1821Mary[Bany?]1 wkof this parish
17 Jun 1821EdwardGrealy77 yrof Island Cove
21 Aug 1821WilliamLampen62 yrof this parish; 30 years Schoolmaster under the Society for Propagation of the Gospel
17 Sep 1821PeterSachery21 yrof Briants Cove
3 Oct 1821AbrahamShepherd75 yrof this parish
1821ElizabethWebber90 yrof this parish
1 Jan 1822JohnathanWarford3 wkof this parish
2 Jan 1822JohnAndrews30 yrof this parish
23 Jan 1822CharlottePynn3 yrof Musquitto
11 May 1822JohnMelvel20 yrSeaman of Bristol on board [Kullriten?] Master
23 May 1822JosephHenshaw26 yrformerly of Birmingham, England, gunsmith but late a marine on board H.M.S. [Cli---her?]
23 May 1822[blank]Brazill5 yrof this parish
16 Jun 1822FrancisAndrews56 yrof this parish
21 Jul 1822ElizabethWilsdom38 yrof this parish
30 Jul 1822JuliaCurry2 yrof this parish who was killed by the wheel of a cart passing over it
3 Aug 1822WilliamBirch32 yrof Bridport, England
5 Aug 1822JonathanBrazil47 yrof this parish
18 Aug 1822John LloydLilly59 yrof this parish, Magistrate
19 Aug 1822JohnStow1 wkof this parish, an infant
25 Aug 1822BlathwaitMartin18 mthof this parish
11 Sep 1822ElizabethBrown17 yrof this parish
15 Sep 1822MaryannWilsdon13 yrof this parish
22 Sep 1822MartinShepherd19 yrof this parish
21 Oct 1822AnnMartin18 yrof this parish
17 Oct 1822MosesDavis18 mthof this parish
29 Oct 1822AnnShepherd29 yrof this parish
2 Nov 1822JohnNoel1 mthof this parish
13 Nov 1822SamuelWilkins[81 or 84?] yrof this parish
10 Dec 1822AnnParsons18 yrof Briants Cove
29 Dec 1822JohnKnight28 yrof this parish
12 Jan 1823JohnAsh73 yrof this parish
14 Jan 1823JohnAllcock1 yrof this parish
15 Jan 1823AnnBradbury77 yrof this parish
19 Jan 1823MaryNosewerthy77 yrlate of the parish of Crockers Cove
14 Apr 1823SusannaTaylor3 1/2 yrof this parish
16 Apr 1823WilliamSmith41 yrof and buried at Bread & Cove [sic] Cove
29 Apr 1823ElizabethKitchens2 yrof this parish
17 May 1823WilliamSmith74 yrof and buried at Bread & Cheese Cove
2 Jun 1823MarthaParsons17 mthof this parish
8 Jun 1823CatherineMartin53 yrof this parish
3 Jul 1823Francis[Phelan?]35 yrlate of this parish
22 Jul 1823NancyCowan72 yrof this parish
31 Jul 1823[John?]Glasonbury1 wkof this parish, buried at Bay de Verds
6 Aug 1823AgnesParson14 mthof this parish, buried at St. John's
21 Aug 1823MaryPitman20 yrof this parish, buried at St. John's
31 Aug 1823GeorgePiddle46 yrof Musquitto, buried at St. John's
7 Sep 1823RobertHiggins18 yrof this parish
9 Sep 1823ThomasFrench8 yrof this parish
14 Oct 1823ElizaParsons40 yrof this parish
19 Oct 1823Thomas[Greenslade?]1 wkof this parish
5 Nov 1823WilliamGorden1 mthof Musquitto
11 Nov 1823ThomasWest2 mthof the Southside
12 Nov 1823WilliamNicholas1 wkof this parish
20 Nov 1823JohnShepherdfortnightof this parish
23 Nov 1823Ann[Davis or Davy?]46 yrof this parish
a marine belonging to HMB Pelter
28 Dec 1823Elizabeth[Mayne?]63 yrof this parish
9 Dec 1823Samuel[Wilmet?]29 yrof the parish of Brigus
17 Jan 1824JaneWarford4 yrof this parish
20 Jan 1824NeomiParsons5 mthof this parish
14 Feb 1824Richard[Bullin or Dullin?]46 yrof Bere Regis, Dorset, JB's servant [likely J. Burt, the Anglican Missionary]
17 Mar 1824JuliaShepherd4 1/2 mthof this parish
25 Mar 1824AnnCole64 yrof this parish
26 Mar 1824JuliaParsons4 yrof this parish
28 Mar 1824JuliaShepherd2 1/2 yrof this parish
1 May 1824AnnJeans6 yrof this parish, South Side
4 May 1824ClementNoel64 yrof this parish, South Side
6 May 1824NathanilHennesy[3 or 5?] wkof Musquitto
12 May 1824JonathanParsons72 yrof this parish
13 May 1824CharlesPynn2 daysof Musquitto
16 Jun 1824StaffordStowe30 yrof this parish
13 Jun 1824SarahWoolfry5 yrof this parish
23 Jun 1824MaryJewer67 yrof this parish
14 Jul 1824JohnWhite58 yrof this parish
4 Jul 1824Jane[Turney?]82 yrof this parish
9 Jul 1824JohnAllcock28 yrof this parish
3 Aug 1824JonathanCawley30 yrof this parish
1 Sep 1824RichardBaggs46 yrof Northern Cove, buried at Bread & Cheese Cove
1824HenryJewer[26?] yrof this parish
10 Nov 1824ElizabethMartin42 yrof this parish
1824[unnamed]Whiteinfantson of Caleb White
27 Nov 1824ArchibaldHellier20 mthinfant son of the clerk of HMB Pelten, of [Po---?] in Hants, England
8 Dec 1824RichardHaynes38 yrof Plymouth, Master HMB Pelten
28 Nov 1824DavidTurner71 yrof this parish
28 Nov 1824GeorgeSnow15 yrof this parish
23 Dec 1824JoannaSacrey7 yrof Briants Cove
5 Jan 1825DianaCampbell39 yrof this parish
4 Jan 1825SarahSacrey4 yrof Briants Cove
16 Jan 1825HenryAndrews28 yrof this parish
9 Feb 1825FredrickSnow14 mthof this parish
11 Feb 1825MargaretAnstice4 yrof Briants Cove
18 Mar 1825AnnDavis19 yrof this parish
27 Mar 1825MarySmith52 yrof Bread & Cheese Cove
27 Apr 1825AnnBrown18 yrof this parish
10 May 1825Mary HenriettaNuttall20 mthof this parish
7 Aug 1825ElizabethParsons56 yrof Briants Cove
14 Jul 1825GeorgeShepherd4 yrof this parish
11 Aug 1825AnnDaw75 yrof Ship Cove
18 Sep 1825WilliamSacrey20 yrof Briants Cove
25 Sep 1825MaryPutticomb17 mthof this parish
17 Oct 1825ElizabethThomas18 mthof this parish
28 Nov 1825GeorgeHiggins21 yrof this parish
14 Dec 1825WilliamCadwell86 yrof this parish
6 Jan 1826JohnNosary15 yrof Briants Cove
8 Feb 1826JaneHerald56 yrof this parish
15 Feb 1826MaryHerald3 daysof this parish, illegitimate dau of Mary Herald
21 Feb 1826GeorgeHerald2 yrof this parish
5 Mar 1826ThomasNicholas28 yrof this parish
7 Mar 1826JosephYetman38 yrof Briants Cove
8 Mar 1826CharlesNosary82 yrof this parish
8 Mar 1826AnnNosary75 yrof Briants Cove
7 May 1826RogerWhite54 yrof this parish
14 May 1826JohnCroad34 yrof this parish
25 May 1826AnnBarnes26 yrof this parish
7 Jun 1826HenryThomas82 yrof this parish
18 Jun 1826TabithaShepherd39 yrof this parish
25 Jun 1826SusannaFrench60 yrof this parish
25 Jul 1826JohnAndrews68 yrof this parish
11 Jun 1826EdwardGouger16 mthof this parish
4 Aug 1826RachealFrench19 mthof this parish
25 Aug 1826AnnBray16 mthof this parish
1 Sep 1826JohnFrench2 yrof this parish
1 Sep 1826MichealAdams84 yrof this parish
10 Sep 1826MaryannWilsdon2 1/2 yrof this parish
13 Sep 1826AnnAlcock3 yrof this parish
27 Sep 1826JohnLilly24 yrof this parish
11 Oct 1826DiannaShepherd13 yrof this parish
15 Oct 1826MaryJeans28 yrof this parish
15 Oct 1826ElizabethAlcock24 yrof this parish
17 Sep 1826RobertGuppy34 yrof this parish
24 Dec 1826HenryWebber75 yrof this parish
29 Dec 1826CharlottePutticomb29 yrof this parish
22 Jan 1827RobertNicholian45 yrof this parish
24 Jan 1827Frances[Walkey or Walkers?]11 yrof this parish
24 Jan 1827JosephBray5 yrof this parish
15 Mar 1827GeorgeWebber5 mthof this parish
16 Mar 1827AliceDavis3 yrof this parish
27 Mar 1827ElizabethTurner84 yrof this parish
4 May 1827AnnAsh3 yrof this parish
13 May 1827AnnAsh77 yrof this parish
16 May 1827CharlotteFrench45 yrof this parish
16 Jul 1827WilliamMartin4 mthof this parish
7 Sep 1827JosephPeters10 mthof this parish
9 Sep 1827JosephParsons5 yrof this parish
16 Sep 1827ElizabethGoodger7 daysof this parish
21 Sep 1827AlexanderEasten38 yrof St. John's
11 Oct 1827JosephSnow12 mthof this parish
8 Aug 1827RichardNeal24 yrof Briants Cove
1827SusannaDavis9 mthof this parish
21 Oct 1827WilliamLampen15 mthof this parish
7 Nov 1827JohnDouns30 yrof this parish
11 Nov 1827FrancesAlcock5 yrof this parish
13 Dec 1827ElizabethSeymour2 daysof this parish, illegitimate child of Elenor Seymour
16 Dec 1827ThomasGoodger1 yrof this parish
16 Dec 1827RichardDavis2 yrof this parish
20 Dec 1827WilliamStacey36 yrSeamen of the Brig John Cabot
4 Jan 1828RobertPiddle15 mthof this parish
13 Jan 1828JohnHerald77 yrof this parish
18 Jan 1828JohnCornish74 yrof this parish
8 Mar 1828John[Pennement?]unknowna native of England who was drowned in this Harbour
2 Mar 1828JaneGlasby42 yrof this parish
16 Mar 1828RichardMarshall77 yrof this parish
22 Jun 1828PeterPorringer38 yra seamen belonging to the Wilberforce
9 Jul 1828CharlotteNosary14 mthof Briants Cove
22 Aug 1828HenryTucker68 yrof this parish
3 Aug 1828JamesCoombes27 yra Seamen belonging to the John Cabot
9 Aug 1828JaneCadwell13 mthof this parish
4 Oct 1828MarkParsons1 mthof this parish
19 Oct 1828FredericStevenson26 yrof this parish
23 Oct 1828RobertAsh66 yrof this parish
25 Oct 1828MaryPutticomb14 daysof this parish
28 Oct 1828JohnGreely
of Island Cove
20 Nov 1828WilliamStow2 yrof this parish
1 Jan 1829JamesCowan73 yrof this parish
8 Jan 1829PeterDe Mittenabout 50 yra native of France who was frost burnt on the road to Carbonear
3 Mar 1829MaryWebber[29?] yrof this parish
8 Mar 1829MaryLampen55 yr
13 Mar 1829ElizaSterling1 wkof this parish
15 Mar 1829MaryDavis49 yrof this parish
[1929?][blank]Gordeninfantson of William Gorden of Musquitto
10 May1829MaryHiggens45 yrof this parish
10 May 1829AnnPynn78 yrof Musquitto
11 Feb 1829JaneAsh72 yrof this parish
18 Jun 1829WilliamFrench2 yrof this parish
21 Jun 1829JohnCourage67 yrof this parish
5 Jul 1829JuliaParsons3 yrof this parish
15 Jul 1829ElizabethPippy18 mthof this parish
23 Jul 1829ElizabethSnow33 yrof this parish
1 Aug 1829HenryWarford3 yrof this parish
18 Aug 1829ElizabethWebber6 wkof this parish
27 Aug 1829JaneShepherd84 yrof this parish
2 Sep 1829[blank]Alcockinfantof this parish, son of Ebenezar Alcock
16 Sep 1829[blank]Sacrey1 wkof Briants Cove, son of W. Sacrey
24 Sep 1829SusanGoodger39 yrof Briants Cove
1 Oct 1829SamuelGordon78 yrof Musquitto
8 Oct 1829[blank]Collins
of Spaniard's Bay, & there was buried
12 Oct 1829WilliamShepherd[37?] yrof this parish
24 Nov 1829ElizabethHiggins37 yrof this parish
20 Nov 1829WilliamHiggins32 yrof this parish

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