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Harbour Grace - Anglican Burial Records, 1840 - 1849

Please note that I have used both photocopies and original documents held at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Harbour Grace. For verification purposes, photocopies of these documents can be consulted at either:

St. Paul's Anglican Church
Cochrane Street, PO Box 341
Harbour Grace, NF A0A 2M0

Provincial Archives of NF and Labrador
Colonial Bldg., Military Road
St. John's, NF A1C 2C9

Anglican Archives
19 King's Bridge Road
St. John's, NF A1C 3K4

The records were transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY in January 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

5 Jan 1840FrancesAndrews22 yrof this parish
5 Feb 1840[Cruthbert?]Kitchen24 yrof this parish
5 Feb 1840JuliaPynn10 mthof this parish
18 Feb 1840ThomasThorne8 daysof this parish
3 Mar 1840Mary AnnPinkstone31 yrof this parish
10 Mar 1840NicholasPayne51 yrof this parish
29 Mar 1840SarahSweetland6 yrof this parish
13 Apr 1840LouisaShepperd2 yrof this parish
19 Apr 1840Maria[Murell?]2 yrof this parish
21 Apr 1840CharlesHerald2 yrof this parish
24 Apr 1840Mary AnnHerald5 yrof this parish
24 Apr 1840John Frec(k)Shepperd4 yrof this parish
29 Apr 1840MartinGillard1 yrof this parish
19 May 1840StephenSacrey12 yrof this parish
19 May 1840AnnWelsh10 mthof this parish
21 May 1840Joseph[Deer?]21 yrof Briants Cove
21 May 1840EdgarRobinson2 yrof Briants Cove
25 May 1840WilliamJones1 yrof Briants Cove
29 May 1840ElizabethSacrey14 yrof Briants Cove
30 May 1840MosesSnow5 yrof this parish
11 Jun 1840PatienceFrench36 yrof this parish
16 Jun 1840ElizabethGordon3 yrof Musquitto
16 Jun 1840MathewAsh10 mthof this parish
25 Jun 1840SusannaPynn1 yrof Musquitto
11 Jul 1840WilliamMartin88 yrof this parish
15 Jul 1840JamesHiggins58 yrof the parish [sic]
15 Jul 1840Mary JaneMartin9 daysof this parish
24 Jul 1840SarahMenchan4 yrof this parish
22 Jul 1840SusannaMartin2 yrof this parish
27 Jul 1840SusannaSimms6 yrof Musquitto
14 Aug 1840WilliamPynn68 yrof Musquitto
20 Aug 1840ThomasAndrews2 yrof this parish
22 Aug 1840Leah MaryBarret2 yrof Briants Cove
22 Aug 1840LucyLampen3 mthof this parish
2 Sep 1840SarahFox1 yrof this parish
23 Sep 1840RebeccaMartin62 yrof this parish
23 Sep 1840EmmaParsons3 yrof this parish
23 Sep 1840WilliamWelsh2 yrof this parish
1 Oct 1840JuliaSimms5 daysof Musquitto
8 Oct 1840WilliamLilly1 yrof this parish
21 Oct 1840RobertAndrews36 yrof this parish
22 Oct 1840ElizabethPuddicomb4 yrof this parish
28 Oct 1840MaryAndrews30 yrof this parish
4 Nov 1840ElizabethCurrage88 yrof this parish
15 Nov 1840John CharlesAlcock2 mthof this parish
20 Nov 1840GeorgeBennett12 yrof this parish
1 Dec 1840GeorgeWinsor32 yrof Musquitto
14 Dec 1840GeorgeWinsor5 daysof Musquitto
19 Jan 1841JamesAsh67 yrof this parish
3 Feb 1841FrancesWoolfry14 yrof this parish
5 Feb 1841RachelNosworthy55 yrof Briants Cove
7 Feb 1841MosesPynn10 daysof Musquitto
11 Feb 1841Delphine[Stuck?][14 or 19?] yrof this parish
31 Mar 1841ElizaMayne24 yrof this parish
29 Apr 1841AnnAndrews10 mthof this parish
11 May 1841WilliamCake14 mthof this parish
16 May 1841JaneHumberson17 yrof this parish
2 May 1831EliasMartin1 mthof this parish
8 Jun 1831ElizabethMartin
of this parish
13 Jun 1841MariaDavis49 yrof this parish
10 Aug 1841PhilipParsons8 daysof this parish
13 Aug 1841GeorgeTap55 yrof this parish
28 Aug 1841JaneWalters60 yrof this parish
21 Sep 1841William LyellNoseworthy8 daysof Briants Cove
25 Sep 1841WilliamSmith7 wkof this parish
22 Oct 1841JamesNoseworthy3 yrof this parish
27 Oct 1841MarianneSnow1 dayof this parish
21 Nov 1841PatienceButt33 yrof this parish
4 Dec 1841MarianneCurtiss3 wkof this parish
[7?] Jan 1842SarahPuddicombe11 mthof this parish
10 Jan 1842FrancisAshe2 yrof this parish
13 Jan 1842MaryWalsh6 yrof this parish
19 Jan 1842[----don?]Stark19 mthof this parish
24 Jan 1842GeorgeHiggins10 [yr?]of this parish
[24?] Jan 1842[Samuel?]Snow8 yrof this parish
24 Jan 1842John[Griffins or Higgins?]12 yrof this parish
25 Jan 1842John[Hiens?]2 yrof this parish
26 Jan 1842ElizabethSheppard2 yrof this parish
27 Jan 1842JohnNoseworthy12 yrof this parish
28 Jan 1842MarthaSingleton27 yrof this parish
1 Feb 1842PatienceWalford9 mthof this parish
2 Feb 1842[illegible]Sheppard6 daysof this parish
2 Feb 1842Mary[Newell?]12 mthof this parish
2 Feb 1842[illegible]Woolfry18 mthof this parish
11 Feb 1842SarahWhite10 mthof this parish
15 Feb 1842MargaretDow3 yrof this parish
15 Feb 1842MelinaButler20 mthof this parish
18 Feb 1842Jane[Perch?]5 yrof this parish
18 Feb 1842William PuntonDow19 mthof this parish
22 Feb 1842AnnaSackery67 yrof this parish
7 Apr 1842SamuelGodden3 yrof this parish
28 Apr 1842Marianne[Samic or Larnic?]7 yrof this parish
6 May 1842WilliamJenkins18 yrof this parish
25 May 1842NicholasAsh82 yrof this parish
1 Jun 1842JohnMartin61 yrof this parish
13 Jul 1842AnneHawkins61 yrof this parish
26 Jul 1842SolomonYateman15 yrof this parish
5 Aug 1842ThomasSheppard3 yrof this parish
22 Aug 1842RobertWest21 yrof this parish
23 Aug 1842[Louisa?][Hunt or Stark?]10 mthof this parish
8 Sep 1842ElizabethMartin64 yrof this parish
16 Sep 1842ArchibaldArcher3 yrof this parish
24 Sep 1842ThomasSnow5 mthof this parish
25 Sep 1842SarahWelsh18 mthof this parish
26 Sep 1842GeorgeAndrews4 mthof this parish
29 Sep 1842GeorgeParsonsinfantof this parish
2 Oct 1842Emma MarthaHowell14 mthof Saint Johns
4 Oct 1842JohnPynn6 daysof this parish
7 Oct 1842PeterPippy3 yrof this parish
18 Oct 1842JaneMartin15 mthof this parish
10 Nov 1842Thyrsa[Churchcorle?]34 yrof this parish
16 Nov 1842EmilyGalahaninfantof this parish
11 Dec 1842JamesStevenson3 mthof this parish
24 Dec 1842BetseyEarleinfantof this parish
8 Jan 1843JaneFrench63 yrof this parish
10 Jan 1843Hugh WilliamGodden2 yrof this parish
17 Jan 1843AmbroseShepherd11 yrof this parish
25 Feb 1843JohnHiggins73 yrof this parish
6 Apr 1843WilliamPhelan2 yrof this parish
25 Apr 1843MaryAlcock71 yrof this parish
26 Apr 1843SarahNeal68 yrof this parish
18 May 1843JohnHoskins57 yrof this parish
22 May 1843BenjaminPitman58 yrof this parish
24 May 1843JohnSnow23 yrof this parish
13 Jun 1843SarahMartin10 mthof this parish
25 Jul 1843JabezWarford44 yrof this parish
25 Sep 1843ElizabethAsh26 yrof this parish
30 Sep 1843RichardPottle4 mthof this harbour
6 Oct 1843JohnWells2 yrof this harbour
8 Oct 1843ElizabethSpurdle68 yrof this harbour
5 Dec 1843ThomasBaker87 yrof this harbour
12 Dec 1843JohnRogers54 yrof this harbour
20 Dec 1843CharlotteSt. John74 yrof this harbour
17 Jun 1844GeorgeWest
Sea-man, was buried by coroner's Warrant
30 Jun 1844WilliamPippy40 yrof Harbor Grace
18 Mar 1844ArchibaldNewell12 mth
25 Mar 1844AnnPhelan18 yr
27 May 1844EdgarSnow9 mth
7 Aug 1844ElizaSnow9 days
28 Feb 1844CharlottePynn42 yr
15 Sep 1844JamesPiddell7 mthof Mosquitto
18 Jun 1844George BaringCowan27 yrdied 12 Jun; Clerk, Missionary for the [SPG] and Rector of this parish
8 May 1844ElizabethKingwell51 yrdied 3 May; wife of the Rev. John Kingwell Teacher for the Newfoundland School Society
16 Sep 1844ThomasWilliamson
sailor of the Brig "Argo"
2 Oct 1844PhilipEarle

20 Oct 1844ElizabethJenkins51 yrwife of Samuel Jenkins of Harbour Grace
1 Dec 1844HughHolland48 yrof Harbour Grace
16 Jan 1845ThomasStone4 mthson of Thomas & Grace Stone of Bryants Cove
24 Jan 1845SusannaGreen64 yrdied 21 Jan; wife of Tho(s) Danson Esq. Chief Magistrate of Harbour Grace
28 Jan 1845JohnPrice
died 26 Jan; of Harbour Grace but a native of Bonavista
21 Feb 1845RobertSheppard3 yrson of John & [blank] Sheppard of Harbour Grace
4 Mar 1845Hannah BennettWhiting30 yrdied 28 Feb; of Harbour Grace
19 Mar 1845MosesWelsh20 daysnatural son of Olivia Welsh
30 Mar 1845Mary-AnnHiggins25 yrdied 26 Mar; of Harbour Grace
22 May 1845WilliamParsons6 wkson of Edward & Elizabeth Parsons of Bryants Cove
8 Jun 1845HenryGarland75 yrdied 3 Jun; of Harbour Grace
3 Aug 1845MaryNoseworthy11 daysof Harbour Grace
12 Aug 1845ThomasSnow36 yrdied 9 Aug; of Harbour Grace
21 Aug 1845JamesPiddle5 daysson of James & Virtue Piddle of Mosquito
2 Sep 1845HannahNoseworthy28 yrwife of Alfred Noseworthy of Harbour Grace
25 Sep 1845Hugh WilliamLilly2 yr 10 mthson of Joseph & Julia Lilly of Harbour Grace; died at Ladle Tickles in Green Bay
25 Sep 1845ThirzaDavis16 mthdaughter of Robert & Mary Davis of Harbour Grace; died 19 Sep at Ladle Tickles in Green Bay
7 Oct 1845William ThomasDove19 daysson of Israel & Martha Dove of Harbour Grace
18 Oct 1845ArchibaldPynn16 mthson of Thomas & Mary Pynn of Harbour Grace
20 Oct 1845John CharlesMortimer6 daysson of James & Thirza Mortimer
29 Oct 1845Catherine ElizabethAnderson68 yrdied 25 Oct; wife of Richard Anderson Esq. Harbour Grace.
18 Nov 1845JosephHerald7 wkson of Philip & Mary Herald of Mosquitto
25 Nov 1845MelinaSheppard3 yrdaughter of William & Sarah Sheppard of Harbour Grace
25 Dec 1845WilliamButt86 yrdied 22 Dec; of Harbour Grace
3 Mar 1846CharlesHawkins2 yr 3 mthson of Thomas & Caroline Hawkins of Harbour Grace
24 Mar 1846SusannahShepherd1 daydaughter of John & Mariah Shepherd
25 Mar 1846Elizabeth AnnSnow1 daydaughter of Charles & Susanna Snow
17 Apr 1846JaneDiscomb10 daysdaughter of Samuel & Patience Discomb of Harbour Grace
26 Apr 1846SusannaSnow36 yrwife of Charles Snow of Harbour Grace
27 May 1846ArchibaldShepherd7 daysson of Jonathan & Ann Shepherd of Bryants Cove
16 Jun 1846AnnHiggins63 yrdied 14 Jun; wife of John Higgins of Harbour Grace
30 Jun 1846SarahArcher5 daysdaughter of John & Jane Archer of Capelin Cove
1 Jul 1846William BurtonPinsent4 hoursson of Robert & [blank] Pinsent Stipendiary Magistrate
1 Jul 1846AnnBennett43 yrdied 19 Jun; wife of Samuel Bennett of Harbour Grace
10 Jul 1846GeorgePippy77 yrdied 7 Jul; of Harbour Grace
19 Jul 1846ThomasFrench77 yrof Harbour Grace
27 Jul 1846Sophia M.Stark47 yrdied in St. John's on 25 Jul; wife of John Stark of Harbour Grace, Clerk and Registrar of the Northern Circuit Court of NF
17 Aug 1846MargaretSnow55 yrdied 16 Aug; wife of Edward Snow of Harbour Grace
2 Sep 1846EmilyAndrews17 mthdied 31 Aug; daughter of Stephen & Catherine Andrews of Harbour Grace
5 Sep 1846MargaretGordon
died 2 Sep; daughter of Samuel & Mary Gordon of Harbour Grace
13 Sep 1846MaryMartin63 yrdied 9 Sep; of Harbour Grace
21 Sep 1846SamuelPiddel5 daysson of James & Virtue Piddel of Mosquito.
22 Sep 1846SusannaGillard1 daydaughter of John & Mary-Ann Gillard of Harbour Grace
1 Oct 1846FannyElizabeth2 yrdied 27 Sep; daughter of Samuel & Mary Gordon of Harbour Grace
9 Oct 1846JamesPayne
died 6 Sep; of Harbour Grace
6 Dec 1846ThomasNoseworthy53 yrdied 3 Dec; of Bryants Cove
26 Dec 1846WilliamMartin2 mth 2 wknatural child of Patience Martin of Harbour Grace
1 Jan 1847ThomasDavis63 yrdied 29 Dec 1846; of Harbour Grace
5 Jan 1847NathanielTraverse14 mthson of William & Dinah Traverse of Harbour Grace
7 Jan 1847MarthaMartin23 yrdied 5 Jan; of Harbour Grace
21 Jan 1847JohnSmith62 yrdied 17 Jan; of Harbour Grace
4 Feb 1847AbsolomeSmith47 yrdied 1 Feb; of Harbour Grace
5 Feb 1847MargaretNoseworthy17 mthdaughter of Thomas & Susanna Noseworthy
17 Feb 1847SarahShepherd59 yrdied 15 Feb; of Harbour Grace (South Side)
14 Mar 1847HenryAndrews4 yrson of Robert & Ann Andrews of Harbour Grace
17 Mar 1847MaryCarson14 daysdaughter of George & Elizabeth Carson of Harbour Grace
28 Mar 1847JohnMartin66 yrdied 25 Mar; of Harbour Grace
28 Apr 1847AlbertAlcock1 yr 11 mthson of James & Julia Alcock of Harbour Grace
5 May 1847John HenryWilliams11 mthdied 2 May; son of John & Charlottee Williams of Harbour Grace
29 May 1847GraceNoseworthy15 yrof Bryants Cove
25 Jun 1847EleanorUmberson14 daysdaughter of James & Catherine Umberson of River Head Harbour Grace
11 Jul 1847WilliamParsons72 yrdied 8 Jul; of Harbour Grace
18 Aug 1847JanePippy63 yrdied 16 Aug; of Mosquito
20 Aug 1847GeorgeVerge22 yrdied 18 Aug; of Harbour Grace
7 Sep 1847AnnaDowe7 mth 2 wkdaughter of William & Margaret Dowe of Harbour Grace
19 Sep 1847PatienceLilly80 yrdied 15 Sep; of Harbour Grace
21 Sep 1847CeciliaCourageinfantof Harbour Grace
24 Sep 1847ElizaMordaninfantof Harbour Grace
26 Sep 1847GeorgeParsons4 yrof Mosquito
28 Sep 1847Eliza EstherPynn9 yrof Mosquito
30 Sep 1847FrederickDove12 mthson of Israel & Martha Dove of Harbour Grace
4 Oct 1847SolomonCole14 mthson of John & Mary Ann Cole of Harbour Grace
5 Oct 1847MariahNichols4 mthdaughter of Tobias & Patience Nichols
7 Oct 1847MaryShinner15 yrdied 3 Oct; of Bryants Cove
10 Oct 1847James RewKnight61 yrdied 8 Oct; of Harbour Grace
23 Nov 1847MaryStaple4 daysdaughter of Richard and Olivia Staple of Harbour Grace
24 Nov 1847JohnYateman61 yrdied 20 Nov; of Bryants Cove
24 Nov 1847SarahNichols74 yrdied 22 Nov; of Harbour Grace
10 Dec 1847AnnPottleabout 21 yrdied 7 Dec; of Bryants Cove
14 Dec 1847MaryPottle22 yrdied 12 Dec; of Bryants Cove
17 Dec 1847AnnCaerney
died suddenly on the evening of the 14 Dec; of Harbour Grace
30 Dec 1847JacobMoore67 yrdied 24 Dec; of Harbour Grace
15 Jan 1848AnnAsh7 yr 5 mthdaughter of William & Patience Ash of Harbour Grace
20 Jan 1848AugustusNoseworthy5 yr 1 mthson of James & Patience Noseworthy of Bryants Cove
21 Jan 1848SarahArcher3 wkdaughter of John & Jane Archer of Harbour Grace
22 Jan 1848ThomasCadwell6 daysson of William & Harriet Cadwell of Harbour Grace
20 Feb 1848JamesThompson46 yrdied 18 Feb; of Harbour Grace
9 Mar 1848CharlesPynn91 yrdied 4 Mar; of Mosquito
10 Mar 1848MaryBray27 yrdied 7 Mar; wife of James Bray of Harbour Grace
19 Apr 1848SarahCake26 yrdied 16 Apr; of Mosquito
7 May 1848GeorgeMartin73 yrdied 5 May; of Harbour Grace
19 May 1848WilliamChipman26 yrdied 16 May; of Carbonear
26 May 1848DorathyJones97 yrof Bryants Cove
27 May 1848FannyPrice28 yrof Harbour Grace
2 Jun 1848ElizabethWhiteabout 8 mthdaughter of Edward & Jane White of Harbour Grace
16 Jun 1848RachelChurchil75 yrof Harbour Grace
25 Jun 1848William HenryNoseworthy8 daysson of Jacob & Elizabeth Noseworthy of Harbour Grace
8 Aug 1848Mary-AnnKnight26 yrdied 6 Aug; of Harbour Grace
17 Aug 1848JaneSweetland[1 wk]born on 8 Aug; died 15 Aug; daughter of Charles & Jane Sweetland of Bears Cove
27 Aug 1848DavidStirling22 yrdied 24 Aug; of Harbour Grace
29 Aug 1848CharlesBradbury83 yrdied 26 Aug; of Harbour Grace
12 Sep 1848MaryPiddle66 yrof Mosquito
20 Sep 1848AmeliaHunt20 yrof Harbour Grace
29 Sep 1848JaneDurdell73 yrdied 26 Sep; of Bryants Cove
30 Sep 1848John WilliamLilly11 mthson of William & Teresa Lilly of Harbour Grace
10 Oct 1848JohnNoseworthy67 yrof Bryants Cove
13 Oct 1848CharlesAsh19 mthson of Richard & Jane Ash of Harbour Grace
24 Oct 1848AnnHawkins11 mthdaughter of William & Christiana Hawkins of Harbour Grace
25 Oct 1848LucretiaDavis59 yrof Harbour Grace
28 Oct 1848MatildaFrench14 mth 2 wkdaughter of Charles & Jane French of Harbour Grace
2 Nov 1848RobertSnow2 wkson of Charles & Elizabeth Snow of Harbour Grace
14 Nov 1848ThomasSpurdell63 yrof Harbour Grace
19 Nov 1848MatildaGarland58 yrdied 16 Nov; of Harbour Grace
23 Nov 1848DianaMortimer2 yrdaughter of James & Tereza Mortimer of Harbour Grace
19 Dec 1848JanePottle60 yrof Bryants Cove
20 Dec 1848ElizabethTitford28 yrof Harbour Grace
20 Dec 1848FrancisMartin69 yrof Harbour Grace
24 Dec 1848William HenryMartin1 yr 9 mthson of Stephen & Mary Martin of Harbour Grace
17 Jan 1849GeorgeHerald3 mth 17 daysson of Philip & Mary Herald of Bears Cove
20 Jan 1849WilliamAdams[blank] yrdied 19 January of the Small Pox; of Harbour Grace
11 Feb 1849EleanorTalbet18 mthdaughter of John & Susan Talbet of Harbour Grace
22 Feb 1849CharlotteeSimms11 daysdaughter of James & Lydia Simms of Mosquito
4 Mar 1849Mary-AnnGillard45 yrdied in Child-Bed; of Harbour Grace
28 Mar 1849WilliamScott19 yrof Glasgow, Scotland, a Mariner on board the Brig "Clutha"
7 May 1849StephenSachary65 yrof Bryants Cove
9 May 1849RebeccaAndrews12 wkdaughter of Stephen & Catherine Andrews of Harbour Grace
17 May 1849DianaMortimer65 yrof Harbour Grace
21 Jun 1849JamesWalters71 yrdied 18 Jun; of Harbour Grace
8 Jul 1849IsaacJeanes62 yrof Bryants Cove
19 Jul 1849CarolineUmbersons9 yrof Bryants Cove
12 Aug 1849MaryHunt42 yrdied 9 Aug; of Otterbury Harbour Grace
23 Aug 1849FrancesHiggins26 yrdied 20 Aug; of Bryants Cove
28 Aug 1849HenryPynn57 yrdied 25 Aug; of Harbour Grace
18 Sep 1849Sarah AnnNichols11 mthdaughter of Tobias & Patience Nichols of Harbour Grace
21 Oct 1849JohnJones20 yrdied on the Coast of the Labradore on 6 Aug; of Bryants Cove
26 Oct 1849ThomasLuffman9 daysson of Henry & Susanna Luffman of Harbour Grace
31 Oct 1849EdwardSnow63 yrdied 27 Oct; of Harbour Grace
8 Nov 1849EmilyCallahan1 yr 10 mthdaughter of Timothy & Susanna Callahan of Harbour Grace
10 Nov 1849CharlesHawkins3 mth 10 daysson of William & Christiana Hawkins of Harbour Grace
14 Nov 1849Mary-AnnBrown4 mthdaughter of John & Mary Brown of Harbour Grace
21 Nov 1849William CharlesDavis[about 1 wk]born on 13 Nov 1849; son of Charles & Ann Davis of Harbour Grace
2 Dec 1849CatherineBrazil[blank] yrdied [blank] November; of Harbour Grace
17 Dec 1849JohnUmbersons4 mthson of James & Catherine Umbersons of Bryants Cove
22 Dec 1849DavidSnow1 dayson of Joseph & Amelia Snow of Harbour Grace

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