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Harbour Grace - Anglican Burial Records, 1880 - 1889

Please note that I have used both photocopies and original documents held at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Harbour Grace. For verification purposes, photocopies of these documents can be consulted at either:

St. Paul's Anglican Church
Cochrane Street, PO Box 341
Harbour Grace, NF A0A 2M0

Provincial Archives of NF and Labrador
Colonial Bldg., Military Road
St. John's, NF A1C 2C9

Anglican Archives
19 King's Bridge Road
St. John's, NF A1C 3K4

The records were transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY in February 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

3 Jan 1880Anna May Alcock14 mthof Harbour Grace
21 Jan 1880Mary AnnClow2 1/2 yrof Harbour Grace
22 Jan 1880EliRogers13 mthof Harbour Grace
24 Jan 1880John Tho'sDavis3 yr 3 mthof Harbour Grace
28 Jan 1880Thomas GeorgeDavis5 1/4 yrof Harbour Grace
28 Jan 1880Ethel LilyDavis1 yrof Harbour Grace
13 Feb 1880Charles EdwinHurst16 mthof Harbour Grace
21 Feb 1880Sophia GertrudeNutall45 yrof Harbour Grace
1 Mar 1880SilasPeddle6 mthof Harbour Grace
3 Mar 1880Ann MariaNeale34 yrof Harbour Grace
10 Mar 1880LouisaFrench2 yrof Harbour Grace
13 Mar 1880PhilipHerald66 yrof Mosquito
15 Mar 1880FrancisBray7 yrof Harbour Grace
23 Mar 1880StephenCourage40 yrof Harbour Grace
31 Mar 1880[not given]Brown__ yrof Harbour Grace
3 Apr 1880Mary E. Nutall76 yrof Harbour Grace
13 Apr 1880ChristianaAndrews10 mthof Harbour Grace
19 Apr 1880IsabellaCrane61 yrof Harbour Grace
20 Apr 1880JaneFrench24 yrof Harbour Grace
3 May 1880LeanderVerge8 yrof Harbour Grace
7 May 1880WilliamBrowninfantof Harbour Grace
11 May 1880JamesBray52 yrof Harbour Grace
13 May 1880WilliamSillars8 yrof Harbour Grace
17 May 1880Charles Brazil10 yrof Harbour Grace
20 May 1880MelinaNoseworthy26 yrof Harbour Grace
29 May 1880John Richard[Mills or Wills?]13 yrof Harbour Grace
5 Jun 1880AmbroseFrench6 mthof Harbour Grace
12 Jun 1880ElizabethTravers8 yrof Harbour Grace
16 Jun 1880MaryBrown68 yrof Harbour Grace
6 Jul 1880JonathanAsh__ yrof Harbour Grace
15 Jul 1880MelinaCourage10 yrof Harbour Grace
2 Aug 1880OliviaStaplesinfantof Harbour Grace
16 Aug 1880SusannahNosworthy6 mthof Harbour Grace Island
24 Aug 1880StephenBrown5 yr of Harbour Grace
24 Aug 1880FrederickSweetland18 yrof Bear's Cove
26 Aug 1880MaryHarris19 mthof Mosquito
2 Sep 1880LionelShepherd5 mthof Harbour Grace
8 Sep 1880John HenryHarrisinfantof Harbour Grace
9 Sep 1880EllaWilliamsinfantof Harbour Grace
13 Sep 1880FannyNoseworthy7 mthof Harbour Grace Island
7 Oct 1880PatienceFrench2 yrof Harbour Grace
7 Oct 1880NathanielSnowinfantof Harbour Grace
8 Oct 1880WilliamHunt16 yr 6 mthof Harbour Grace
25 Oct 1880John SamuelPynn1 yr 8 mthof Mosquito
12 Nov 1880Effie JaneDavis14 mthof Harbour Grace
19 Nov 1880JohnSparks71 yrof Harbour Grace
27 Nov 1880LillianBray3 yr of Harbour Grace
1 Dec 1880Thomas Wills 77 yrof Harbour Grace
8 Dec 1880JohnCullihale84 yrof Harbour Grace
11 Dec 1880Selby ThomasHunt7 yrof Harbour Grace
16 Dec 1880George LennardBray7 1/2 yrof Harbour Grace
29 Dec 1880MaryHunt10 yrof Harbour Grace
29 Dec 1880JacobHunt4 yrof Harbour Grace
3 Jan 1881WilliamFrench35 yrof Harbour Grace
7 Jan 1881Frederick WilliamMartin6 1/2 yrof Harbour Grace
14 Jan 1881Alice MaudClow9 mthof Harbour Grace
18 Jan 1881PatienceMartin41 yrof Harbour Grace
22 Jan 1881RachelCrocker77 yrof Harbour Grace
28 Jan 1881JanetGosse12 yrof Harbour Grace
28 Jan 1881IsabellaSheppard18 mthof Harbour Grace
29 Jan 1881FrancesOke52 yrof Harbour Grace
1 Feb 1881CatherineBrown8 yrof Harbour Grace
5 Feb 1881JaneSweetland29 yrBear's Cove
8 Feb 1881WilliamFrench2 yrof Harbour Grace
10 Feb 1881JohnWarford56 yrof Harbour Grace
11 Feb 1881ArthurCrocker11 mthof Harbour Grace
15 Feb 1881WilliamFrench11 yrof Harbour Grace
15 Feb 1881WalterFrench7 yrof Harbour Grace
22 Feb 1881ElizabethMartin2 1/2 mthof Harbour Grace
25 Feb 1881RoseFrench10 mthof Harbour Grace
26 Feb 1881JohnHoward (Horwood)[sic]6 yr 8 mthof Harbour Grace
27 Feb 1881Frederick WalterNoel2 1/2 yrof Harbour Grace
2 Mar 1881JohnGillard83 yrSouth Side Harbour Grace
3 Mar 1881MariaFrench4 yrof Harbour Grace
9 Mar 1881FrederickHorwood14 yr 9 mthof Harbour Grace
12 Mar 1881CharlesStaples2 yrof Harbour Grace
5 Apr 1881MaryStevenson12 yrof Harbour Grace
5 Apr 1881Alice Payne4 mthof Harbour Grace
12 Apr 1881WilliamSheppard9 yrof Harbour Grace
18 Apr 1881CarolineBarrett12 yrof Harbour Grace
21 Apr 1881StephenTucker2 yrof Harbour Grace
21 Apr 1881Emma MayTucker14 mthof Harbour Grace
28 Apr 1881PhoebeSheppard16 yr of Harbour Grace
11 May 1881Alice W.Gillard4 yrof Harbour Grace
19 May 1881ElizabethPower13 yrof Harbour Grace
19 May 1881EmilyHunt13 mthof Harbour Grace
24 May 1881Isabella M.Martin2 yrof Harbour Grace
25 May 1881LeonoraJanes45 yrof Harbour Grace
30 May 1881MartinMortimerinfantof Harbour Grace
2 Jun 1881ClementAnthony3 1/2 yrof Harbour Grace
7 Jun 1881George Brown86 yrof Harbour Grace
8 Jun 1881ReubenMartin33 yrof Harbour Grace
11 Jun 1881HenryStaple 1 yr 9 mthof Harbour Grace
16 Jun 1881ReginaldNoel5 yr 7 mthof Harbour Grace
17 Jun 1881RobertTucker4 yrof Harbour Grace
18 Jun 1881NathanielNoseworthy9 yrof Harbour Grace
22 Jun 1881MariamAsh6 yr 9 mthof Harbour Grace
22 Jun 1881Mary AnnDaw34 yrof Harbour Grace
27 Jun 1881CharlesNoseworthy4 yr 4 mthof Harbour Grace
4 Jul 1881FrancisAsh79 yrof Harbour Grace
4 Jul 1881SolomonSheppard10 yrof Harbour Grace
12 Jul 1881James Tho'sNoseworthy9 mthof Harbour Grace
15 Jul 1881CarolineDavis58 yrof Harbour Grace
31 Jul 1881Mary AgnesRoss29 yrof Harbour Grace
16 Jul 1881NormanRogers13 mthof Harbour Grace
19 Aug 1881MarkAlcock64 yrof Harbour Grace
2 Sep 1881EbenezerBray11 mthof Harbour Grace
6 Sep 1881Susannah Knight[Allace?]26 yr 11 mthof Harbour Grace
27 Sep 1881ElizabethFrench55 yrof Harbour Grace
27 Sep 1881LouizaJacobs1 yrof Harbour Grace
12 Oct 1881Lizzie MayOke25 yrof Harbour Grace
1 Nov 1881William HenryCourage2 yrof Harbour Grace
14 Nov 1881Mary JanePowell2 mthof Harbour Grace
29 Nov 1881WilliamBray66 yrof Harbour Grace
7 Dec 1881RobertAsh73 yrof Harbour Grace
13 Dec 1881MaryAnthony65 yrof Harbour Grace
20 Dec 1881BertramSquarrey2 1/2 yrof Harbour Grace
28 Dec 1881GeorgeDove7 mthof Harbour Grace
29 Dec 1881SibellaJones7 yrof Harbour Grace
14 Jan 1882Ann CarolineHiggins59 yrof Harbour Grace
19 Jan 1882MatildaSheppard13 mthof Harbour Grace
23 Jan 1882MariaBray5 yrof Harbour Grace
24 Jan 1882MaryWills 78 yrof Harbour Grace
25 Jan 1882[Seneth?]Puddicombe8 yrof Harbour Grace
27 Jan 1882SophiaHeater69 yrof Harbour Grace
7 Feb 1882GeorgeAsh14 yr of Harbour Grace
25 Feb 1882ElizabethJones66 yrof Harbour Grace
28 Feb 1882PhilipVerge41 yrof Harbour Grace
18 Mar 1882JosephCourage62 yrof Harbour Grace
27 Mar 1882JosiahPowell1 1/2 yrof Harbour Grace
4 Apr 1882Ernest EdwardVerge2 1/2 yrof Harbour Grace
7 Apr 1882WalterSpence20 yrof Harbour Grace
15 Apr 1882AnnieBrown36 yrof Harbour Grace
4 May 1882Samuel ParmiterCrocker2 1/2 yrof Harbour Grace
10 May 1882Susanna Peters82 yrof Harbour Grace
1 Jun 1882CharlesFrench1/2 hourof Ship's Head; baptized by Midwife
9 Jun 1882JosephAnthony73 yrDeath Hill
23 Jun 1882MabelWhite2 yrHarvey Street
16 Jul 1882Ann FlorenceMartin2 yrMartin's Brook
10 Aug 1882EdwardWilliams67 yrCourage's Beach
15 Aug 1882FredericCole6 mthCourage's Beach; Bap'td by R.C. Priest
22 Aug 1882Clara EllenCrane6 mthof Mosquito
19 Sep 1882Herbert GeorgeHarris5 1/2 yrof Harbour Grace
13 Oct 1882HenryMartin15 yrMartin's Brook
28 Oct 1882WilliamHerald10 yrBear's Cove
15 Nov 1882MabelMackenzie2 yrVictoria Street Harbour Grace
21 Nov 1882CatherineSparkes78 yrCochrane Street
24 Dec 1882CarolineDove9 yrThe Hill
15 Jan 1883Ernest Dove11 yrThe Hill
16 Jan 1883William HenrySheppard6 1/2 yrHarvey Street
19 Jan 1883Julia A.Martin72 yrWater Street
22 Jan 1883Clara Purchase3 mthNoad Street
19 Mar 1883WilliamSparkes88 yrCochrane Street
28 Mar 1883ElizabethMartin13 yrMartin's Brook
30 Apr 1883JohnHerald43 yrBear's Cove
5 May 1883ElizabethButt58 yrCourage's Beach
10 May 1883William HenryMartininfantMartin's Brook
15 May 1883WilliamFrench7 mthCourage's Beach
5 Jun 1883SophiaBray3 yrCourage's Beach
7 Jun 1883Annie MaudClow8 mthDeath Hill
9 Jun 1883Eliza Powell70 yrMayne's Lane
2 Jul 1883EdithCourage25 yrCourage's Beach
8 Jul 1883RobertTarrentinfantKitchen's Hill
8 Sep 1883HarrietAsh3 mthof Harbour Grace
23 Sep 1883NathanielSnow27 yrof Harbour Grace
11 Oct 1883AlfredSheppard67 yrof Harbour Grace
11 Oct 1883MaryAnthony1 yr 3 mthof Harbour Grace
20 Oct 1883ElizaCurtis71 yrof Harbour Grace
29 Dec 1883WilliamFrench39 yrof Harbour Grace
4 Jan 1884JohnBray70 yrof Harbour Grace
17 Jan 1884Clara MayVerge3 mthPipe Track; Privately baptized by Mr. Snow.
2 Feb 1884FrancisMartin57 yrMartin's Brook
11 Feb 1884RichardStephenson72 yrKitchen's Hill
13 Feb 1884MaryCrane77 yrDeath Hill
13 Feb 1884Sarah JaneWarford7 yrBear's Cove
14 Feb 1884Sarah Whelan53 yrWater Street
1 Mar 1884FrancisDalton2 yr 9 mthPipe Track
1 Mar 1884WilliamHunt56 yrPipe Track
12 Mar 1884MarthaHunt22 yrPipe Track
13 Mar 1884ThomasNichols26 yr Ship's Head
17 Mar 1884MatthewDalton7 mthPipe Track; Baptized R.C. Cathedral
22 Mar 1884RichardAndrews52 yrWater Street
27 Mar 1884WilliamClow4 mthDeath Hill
14 Apr 1884Mary JaneCourage22 yrCourage's Beach
18 Apr 1884RachelVerge50 yrPipe Track
19 Apr 1884MariaFrench2 yrCourage's Beach
30 Apr 1884SusannaStephenson6 yr The Hill
5 May 1884EmilyNoel35 yrCourage's Beach
13 May 1884CharlesBrown6 mthIllegitimate; of Bear's Cove
17 May 1884WilliamDavis78 yrWater Street
24 May 1884HenryAlcock27 yrWater Street
27 May 1884GeorgeButtinfantWater Street
9 Jun 1884WilliamWalsh82 yrBrazil's Lane
11 Jun 1884NathanielSnow8 mthHarvey St.
17 Jun 1884GeorgeShepherd79 yrKitchen's Hill
19 Jun 1884JohnTalbot87 yrShip's Head
19 Jul 1884MaryPiddle36 yrof Mosquito
24 Jul 1884WilliamBunclark63 yrCustom House
25 Jul 1884William JamesBrayinfantBray's Lane
29 Jul 1884Mary JaneSnow25 yrHarvey Street
21 Aug 1884Jessie LouiseKitchen2 mthHarvey Street
13 Sep 1884EmmaCurtis17 yrNoad Street
13 Sep 1884William JamesHarris10 mthof Mosquito
19 Sep 1884LeonardMartin6 yr Martin's Brook
1 Oct 1884MatildaCurtis44 yrNoad St.
2 Oct 1884Mary JaneSheppard7 yrWater St.
14 Oct 1884Thomas JohnPowell1 yr 5 mthLampson's Brook
19 Nov 1884EdwardBrown35 yrWater Street
1 Dec 1884William R.Stephenson22 yrThe Hill
11 Nov 1884PatienceSheppard46 yrWater Street
12 Nov 1884RebeccaHerald63 yrBear's Cove
16 Dec 1884AliceMartin3 mthBrazil's Lane
17 Dec 1884George LewisTarrent4 mthKitchen's Hill
18 Dec 1884MaryFrampton29 yrNoad Street
22 Dec 1884CamillaStephenson70 yrKitchen's Hill
27 Dec 1884JohnBrown10 yrBrown's Lane
6 Jan 1885SarahWebber84 yrWater St.
14 Jan 1885FredericBrown5 yrWater St.
15 Jan 1885AlbertClow6 mthDeath Hill
30 Jan 1885JamesFrench2 1/2 yrCourage's Beach
3 Feb 1885WilliamFrench4 yrCourage's Beach
28 Feb 1885JamesThompson24 yrMartin's Brook
24 Mar 1885Lavinia FrancesAndrews19 yr 6 mthWater Street
24 Mar 1885FannyBrown2 mthPipe Track
25 Mar 1885RobertJenkins13 yrHarvey Street
17 Mar 1885SelbyBenson14 mthKitchen's Hill
28 Mar 1885TheresaJenkins10 yrHarvey St.
8 Apr 1885RichardFrench65 yrCourage's Beach
20 Apr 1885Frederic HorwoodVerge7 mthCourage's Beach
20 May 1885SelinaAsh9 dayHarvey St.
27 May 1885John CharlesClow4 mthLong Hill
9 Jun 1885MargaretMartin15 yrMartin's Brook
11 Jun 1885ThomasParsons75 yrOtterbury
13 Jun 1885Martha ElizabethAldridge4 1/2 yrThompson's Lane
16 Jun 1885SarahGordon49 yrCaplin Cove; Baptized in Methodist Chapel
24 Jun 1885John HenryThomasinfantWater St.
30 Jun 1885Emily CarolineWells8 mthHarvey St.
8 Jul 1885GeorgeMortimore7 mthKitchen's Hill
27 Jul 1885William PaulBenson1 mthWater St.
27 Jul 1885Mary JaneAdams1 mthThe Beach
4 Aug 1885ArchibaldStevenson3 1/2 yrKitchen's Hill
8 Aug 1885Sarah JaneHunt42 yrCourage's Beach
11 Aug 1885WilliamClow39 yrLong Hill
12 Aug 1885MarkFrampton13 mthNoad St.
31 Aug 1885W. Tho'sPuddicombe27 yrSnows Lane
16 Sep 1885WillisPiddle20 yrof Mosquito
20? Sep 1885Ernest BrayinfantThe Marsh
22 Sep 1885BerthaMartin18 mthNicholas's hill
30 Sep 1885ThomasNoseworthy33 yrLady Pond
3 Oct 1885EmmaTarrent33 yrKitchen's Hill
10 Oct 1885SusannaAndrews49 yrNoad Street
14 Oct 1885ElizabethPike15 mthBear's Cove
18 Oct 1885MargaretSnow3 yr 10 mthHarvey St.
23 Oct 1885JohnHerald2 yrof Mosquito
11 Nov 1885SarahPeters57 yrCochrane St.
17 Nov 1885WilliamAsh80 yrWater St.
25 Nov 1885JosephMartin68 yrWater St.
4 Dec 1885MelinaNoseworthy1 yr 6 mthHarvey St.
8 Dec 1885ThomasParsons50 yrOtterbury
14 Dec 1885ElsieAsh4 mthHarvey St.
15 Dec 1885EmmaEdmonds75 yrStretton's Hill
22 Dec 1885Mary AnnRobbins3 1/2 yrNicholl's Hill
31 Dec 1885JamesEdmonds78 yrStretton's Hill
20 Jan 1886William GeorgeHunt2 yr 4 mthCourage's Beach
25 Jan 1886WilliamGeorge2 dayDeath Hill
30 Jan 1886BenjaminParsons19 yr Otterbury
15 Feb 1886AmbroseCarson25 yrBear's Cove
16 Feb 1886JuliaNicholls80 yrStanley Road
5 Mar 1886William H'yThompson16 yr 6 mthMartin's Brook
19 Mar 1886SusannaThompson84 yrMartin's Brook
16 Apr 1886LizzieAndrews24 yrWater St.
30 Apr 1886JohnRobins74 yrWater St.
18 May 1886Ann ElizaSheppard11 yrWater Street
20 May 1886AbsalomPeddle19 yrof Mosquito
29 May 1886StephenAllen44 yrWater St.
24 Jul 1886ThomasPayneinfantWater St.
2 Aug 1886SarahSnow17 mthWater St.
6 Aug 1886NaomiWilliams34 yrCourage's Beach
12 Aug 1886Reginald Martin2 1/2 mthMartin's Brook
14 Aug 1886GeorgeBrown77 yrBrown's Hill
24 Aug 1886MosesCourage27 yrCourage's Beach
28 Aug 1886AnnieCrane9 yrof Mosquito
2 Sep 1886PeterRogers7 mthShip's Head
4 Sep 1886DelilahPynn67 yrBannerman Lake
25 Sep 1886JohnJenkins57 yrHarvey St.
27 Sep 1886John EdwardFrench63 yrCourage's Beach
12 Oct 1886SusannaBrown54 yrBrown's Hill
26 Oct 1886SarahWilliams60 yrCourage's Beach
27 Oct 1886JohnHerald80 yrBear's Cove
15 Nov 1886RichardParmiter85 yrRailway Station
6 Jan 1887JohnBeach67 yrParson's Lane
14 Jan 1887George W.Bennett9 yrHarvey St.
1 Feb 1887NormanAsh2 mthHarvey St.
10 Feb 1887Emily Courage35 yrCourage's Beach
25 Feb 1887MaryYoung46 yrCochrane Street
2 Mar 1887MaudNoel2 yr 4 mthDeath Hill
2 Mar 1887DonaldGordon2 yr 6 mthCaplin Cove
4 Mar 1887CatherineAsh29 yrCourage's Beach
12 Mar 1887HarveyNicholls1 yr 4 mthLampson's Brook
15 Mar 1887StephenSnow59 yrNoad Street
25 Apr 1887SusannaCourage8 mthCourage's Beach
25 Apr 1887William G.Clow8 mthLong Hill
11 May 1887CharlotteFrench82 yrSouth Side
20 May 1887Julia AnnClow33 yrLong Hill
23 May 1887AmeliaFrench55 yrCourage's Beach
24 May 1887JamesAlcock68 yrWater St West
31 May 1887John Cha's Powell6 mthMayne's Lane
31 May 1887James H'yAdams4 mthThe Hill
3 Jun 1887BaxterKitchen1 yr 8 mthKitchen's Hill
5 Jun 1887GeorgeHeater86 yrBear's Cove
13 Jun 1887KateStaplesinfantWater St.
18 Jun 1887Alice MaudGosseinfantShip's Head
1 Jul 1887WilliamPippy70 yrPippy's Lane
11 Jul 1887JessieCarson24 yrBear's Cove
15 Jul 1887Mary SeymourSnow10 mthCourage's Beach
18 Jul 1887CyrilTarrant9 yrKitchen's Hill
20 Jul 1887WilliamSnow31 yrHarvey Street
27 Jun 1887Mary AnnBunclark68 yr_____ Lane
26 Jul 1887DianaBarrett55 yrKitchen's Hill
10 Aug 1887JohnFrenchinfantLong Hill
24 Aug 1887HelenaNoel10 mthCourage's Beach
25 Aug 1887MaudLuffman9 mthCourage's Beach
28 Aug 1887FlorenceWalsh14 mthCourage's Beach
6 Sep 1887LouisaAsh8 mthCourage's Beach
7 Sep 1887WilliamDay11 mthCourage's Beach
19 Sep 1887NormanWhite10 mthHarvey Street
24 Oct 1887William JohnBray11 yr 6 mthCourage's Beach
30 Nov 1887Mary AnnAsh51 yrHarvey St.
13 Dec 1887EmilyFrench2 yrCourage's Beach
13 Dec 1887FrankAndrews3 mthNoad St.
13 Dec 1887Mary AnnSnow60 yrKitchen's Hill
15 Dec 1887JohnCrane13 yrof Mosquito
22 Dec 1887JamesMortimer71 yrHarvey Street
26 Dec 1887AmeliaSheppard39 yrHarvey St West
4 Jan 1888DianaSheppard5 yrPipe Track
13 Jan 1888CharlotteMartin33 yrMartin's Lane
6 Jan 1888SelbySillars5 1/2 mthHarvey St.
14 Jan 1888Walter JohnHeater5 yrCaplin Cove
20 Jan 1888CharlotteWilliams66 yrHarvey St.
26 Jan 1888WilliamBenson64 yrKitchen's Hill
3 Feb 1888JohnHarris79 yrHarvey St.
4 Feb 1888JosephNoseworthy1 yr 3 mthPipe Track
10 Feb 1888SarahCake67 yrBear's Cove
27 Feb 1888Annie Maud[Eldrige?]5 yrBeach Hill
[not given][not given]Hunt[not given]Pipe Track; [inserted between 27 Feb/8 Mar 1888]
8 Mar 1888RuthFrench6 yrCourage's Beach
20 Mar 1888WilliamAdams8 yrBeach Hill
27 Mar 1888WilliamHunt3 yr 6 mthPipe Track
30 Mar 1888FannyBrazil3 yrDeath Hill
7 Apr 1888JohnNoseworthy72 yrSouth Side
13 Apr 1888Walter Martin3 yrMartin's Brook
17 Apr 1888MaryBrown24 yrHarvey Street
18 Apr 1888EdgarAndrews13 yrNoad St.
19 Apr 1888RonaldMartin2 yrThe Hill
27 Apr 1888RobertMartin4 yrWater Street
30 Apr 1888SarahCorbin73 yrLeMarchant Street
28 Apr 1888Effie FrancesThompson11 yrMartin's Brook
1 May 1888JanetSimms8 yrCochrane St.
22 May 1888JamesMartin5 yrMartin's Brook
31 May 1888AmeliaWhite59 yrBear's Cove
2 Jun 1888KateBrown10 mthHarvey St.
20 Jun 1888Joseph HarveyBrazil3 yr 6 mthBrazil's Lane
26 Jun 1888William E.Snow25 yrNoad St.
29 Jun 1888JohnBeach24 yrMartin's Brook
14 Jul 1888WilliamPottle3 yr 6 mthWater St West
20 Jul 1888WilliamCourage2 yr 1 mthCourage's Beach
25 Jul 1888GeorgeMartininfantHarvey St.
28 Jul 1888Ann ElizabethTitford36 yrBarnes' Lane
3 Aug 1888MatthewDavis75 yrNoad Street
28 Aug 1888ClaraBrown6 mthStanley Road
12 Sep 1888JessiePayneinfantWater Street
17 Sep 1888MundenTarrentinfantKitchen's Hill
17 Oct 1888AmbroseSparkes1 yr 9 mthLeMarchant Street
1 Oct 1888James HenleyCaroons2 yr 2 mthBear's Cove
30 Oct 1888GeorgeKitchen74 yrKitchen's Hill
29 Nov 1888Annie E. A.Martin1 yr 9 mthShip's Head
8 Dec 1888EvelynWelsh34 yrBrazil's Lane
7 Jan 1889JohnMartin4 yr 6 mthBrazil's Lane
30 Jan 1889Hugh WmTrapnell69 yrWater Street
[not given]George Wm StevensoninfantKitchen's Hill; [inserted between 30 Jan/15 Mar 1889]
15 Mar 1889SamuelElson1 yr 6 mthThe Hill
1 Apr 1889MosesCourage2 mthCourage's Lane
6 Apr 1889RachelNoseworthy7 mthPipe Track
9 Apr 1889JohannaUmber72 yrPipe Track
11 Apr 1889ElizabethWebber18 mthCaplin Cove
19 Apr 1889SusannaCourage69 yrCourage's Beach
15 May 1889MaryBrown9 yrPipe Track
23 May 1889WalterSnow10 mthWater St.
3 Jun 1889AnnPayneinfantWater Street
24 Jun 1889JanetSnow10 mthWater St.
24 Jun 1889AlexanderClift73 yrHarvey Street
26 Jun 1889ElsieHawkins9 mthCourage's Beach
27 Jun 1889WilliamBrazil18 mthWater Street
28 Jun 1889ElizabethWalker84 yrWater Street
30 Jun 1889RobertEldridge16 mthThe Beach
23 Jul 1889MaryWoolfrey70 yrThe Beach
24 Jul 1889MalcomNoelinfantWater Street
8 Aug 1889FloraPynn14 mthGordon's Lane
21 Aug 1889RachelFrench8 yrCourage's Beach
24 Aug 1889Mary EmmaCourage11 mthCourage's Beach
26 Aug 1889SusannaCourage5 mthCourage's Beach
27 Aug 1889MosesFrench10 yrCourage's Beach
1 Sep 1889[not given][not given]5 yrWater Street
2 Sep 1889ElizabethAsh5 yrHarvey Street
8 Sep 1889SusannaNoseworthy19 yrHarvey St.
12 Sep 1889WilliamAndrews5 yrWater St.
12 Sep 1889AmeliaFrench11 mthCourage's Beach
16 Sep 1889PeterHatcher1 yr 3 mthKitchen's Hill
18 Sep 1889ElijahStaples3 mthWater Street
21 Sep 1889RupertHunt1 yr 7 mthShip's Head
30 Sep 1889Fanny OkeWelshinfantLeMarchant Street
31 Oct 1889ElizabethPuddicombe6 mthSnow's Lane
12 Nov 1889FredericBrown8 yrWater Street
16 Nov 1889FrancesBrown91 yrof Harbour Grace
17 Nov 1889John BarnetBrown15 yrof Harbour Grace
21 Nov 1889LauraBrown6 yrof Harbour Grace
25 Nov 1889ThomasPiddle73 yrof Mosquito
5 Dec 1889JohnPiddle6 yrof Mosquito
11 Dec 1889ElizabethStevenson71 yrof Harbour Grace

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