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Harbour Grace - Anglican Marriage Records, 1802 - 1814

Please note that for this transcription I have used the original documents held at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Harbour Grace. Consulting the records will yield additional information; the name of the minister who performed the marriage, the place where the marriage was performed and whether the bride, groom & witnesses were literate. For verification purposes, photocopies of these documents can be consulted at either:

St. Paul's Anglican Church
Cochrane Street, PO Box 341
Harbour Grace, NF A0A 2M0

The Rooms Provincial Archives Division
The Rooms Corporation of Newfoundland and Labrador
9 Bonaventure Avenue
P.O. Box 1800, Station C
St. John's, NL, Canada A1C 5P9

Anglican Archives
19 King's Bridge Road
St. John's, NF A1C 3K4

The records were transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY in January 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

9 Dec 1802ThomasSearlof Conception BayJaneSmerdenof Conception BayJohn [Scaret?], Gregory [Nerrowmoar?]
1 Jun 1803WilliamPillgrem
MaryBaldwinof Harbor GraceWm Lampen, Charles Garland
12 Jun 1803WilliamSmith
EleanorLundriganof Conception BayWm Lampen, Wm Piddle
16 Nov 1803EdwardFrenchof Harbour GraceCharlottePiddleof Harbour GraceFrancis Piddle, Jonathan Brazill, Joseph Brazill
18 Nov 1803JohnCoombesof Upper Island CoveJaneCraneof Upper Island CoveWilliam Crane, John Landrigan
23 Nov 1803SamuelPiddleof MusketoTabithaBelbinof MusketoWilliam Belbin, George Piddle
25 Nov 1803JamesMercerof Upper Island CoveJaneBaggsof Upper Island CoveJoseph Drover, George Crane, John Coombes
26 Nov 1803MartinSheppardof this HarbourAnnFrenchof this HarbourJohn Ash, John French
13 Dec 1803FrancisShepherdof this HarbourRebeccaBakerof this HarbourGeorge Baker, Abraham Smith
17 Dec 1803JohnAshof this HarbourMaryNoseworthyof Brian's CoveJames Noseworthy, Ann Ash
16 Jan 1804PhilipTippetof Bay RobertsPatienceParsonsof Bay RobertsWilliam Parsons, Sarah Tippet
24 Jan 1804AbrahamSmithof Bread and Cheese CoveCatherineBarrettof Bread and Cheese CoveHenry Bishop, Jacob Smith
7 Feb 1804RichardGosseof Spaniard's BayMaryHutchingsof Spaniard's BayJohn Besom, James Hutchings
13 Feb 1804ThomasHicksbachelor of Harbour MainElizabethNowlandwidow of Harbour MainWm Lampen, John Kennedy
24 Feb 1804SamuelMerserof Bay RobertsJaneEarlof Bay RobertsJohn Snow, William Snow
18 Mar 1804AbrahamSmithof Bread and Cheese CoveElizabethSmithof Bread and Cheese CoveWilliam Smith, Isaac Smith
6 Jun 1804JohnDonovanof the County of Cork in IrelandMaryMahanyof MusketoJohanna Mahany, Catherine Cahill
24 Jun 1804JohnBelleybachelor of Dorchester in the County of DorsetMaryJuerspinster of H GraceCharles Garland Jun'r, Wm Lampen
3 [Sep?] 1804JamesPennyof CarbonearMarthaWilliamsof CarbonearJames Kennedy, Ann Britt
7 Nov 1804JohnLakeof Trinity BayElizabethPinharnof Freshwater in the District of Conception BayBenjamin Pensan, Anna Pensan
8 Nov 1804GeorgeHiscockof Land's Cove in the District of Conception BayMaryClarkof CarbonearWilliam Andle, Stephen Weylan
13 Nov 1804CharlesHawkinsof H GraceAnnWeylanof H GraceThomas Weylan, Thomas French
17 Nov 1804WilliamParsonsof this HarbourMaryParsonsof this HarbourWm Lampen, Will'm Parsons
17 Nov 1804ThomasDanson, Esq.of H GraceSusannaPike, Missof CarbonearJames Cawley, Francis Pike
18 Nov 1804JamesRigsof Bay VerdsRachelFoleyof Bay VerdsThomas Grant, Will'm Gold
19 Nov 1804JamesNoseworthyof Brian's CoveGracePorterof Spaniard's BayJohn Noseworthy, John Gosse
22 Nov 1804ThomasBartlettof Port de GraveMaryDawof Port de GraveWilliam Bartlett, Amy Bartlett
26 Nov 1804JamesKingof Western BayMaryCrowleyof Western BayWilliam King, Oliver Penny
4 Dec 1804JohnEvansof CarbonearElizabethCakeof CarbonearJohn Stickland, James Forward
12 Dec 1804AbrahamBradburyof Bay RobertsRachelRusselof Bay RobertsJohn Bradbury, Joseph Anthony
13 Dec 1804AbrahamBradbury(Edward Bradbury's son) of Bay RobertsPatienceRobertsof Bay RobertsJohn Churchwill, William Bradbury
13 Dec 1804WilliamKennedyof Harbour GraceDinahWarfordof Harbour GraceWm Lampen, Wm Foley
20 Dec 1804JacobSmithof Spaniard's BayAmySmithof Spaniard's BayWilliam Smith, Thomas Smith
20 Dec 1804JohnLundraganof Upper Island CoveElizabethYoungof Upper Island CoveJames Adams, Mary Foley
3 Jan 1805GeorgeBadcockof Bay RobertsElizabethAndrewsof this HarbourRobert Badcock, Robert Andrews
10 Jan 1805JonathanParsonsof this HarbourElizabethBrazillof this HarbourJoseph Brazill, Ann Knight
10 Jan 1805JamesRogersof this HarbourAnnPiercyof Western BaySamuel Donovan, Henry Martin
26 Jan 1805DanielSullivanof CarbonearAnnCourageof H GraceDavid [Mullawory?], John Courage
7 Feb 1805JohnChurchwillof St. John'sRachel Parsonsof H GraceWm Lilly, [J?] Stretton
26 Feb 1805PhilipTuckwidower of CarbonearAnnPennywidow of CarbonearWilliam Penny, Henry Thistle
26 Feb 1805JeremiahMcCarthyof the City of Cork in IrelandAnnColeof Conception BayMaria Donagan, Martin Cavanagh
20 Sep 1805WilliamPowerSoldier in His Majesty's Nova Scotia RegimentElizabethPiddleof Harbour GraceWilliam Piddle, William Nicholas
1 Nov 1805AmosSmartof Conception BayElizabethWilsonof Conception BayWilliam Piddle, William Nicholas
4 Nov 1805JohnSnowof Harbour GraceJaneMartinof Harbour GraceWm Lampen, John Martin
9 Nov 1805JamesDunphyof Waterford in IrelandCatherineBarrettof Harbour GraceCharles Scott, Edmund Barrett
15 Nov 1805ThomasFosterof Upper Island CoveSarahJonesof Upper Island CoveJohn Coombes, William Jones
26 Nov 1805DanielDelanyof Port de GraveFrancesTippetof BearneadThomas Bartlett, Jacob Delany
5 Dec 1805DavidFitzgeraldof H GraceMaryTippetof H GraceJn'o Trapnell, Isabella Bennet
8 Dec 1805WilliamParsonsof H GraceCatherineMundanof BrigusWm Lampen, Joseph [Richardian?]
10 Dec 1805WilliamNorrisbachelor of [Featherd?] in the County of TipperaryCatherineAdamswidow of H GraceEdmund Power, Susanna Foster
10 Dec 1805FrancisShepherdof H GraceFrancesStoweof H GraceWm Lampen, Henry Lilly
10 Dec 1805WilliamFoleyof Trinity in this IslandOliveWebberof H GraceWm Lampen, Thomas Woolfrey
12 Dec 1805JamesMercer(Charles' son) of Bay RobertsCharlotteMercer(James' daughter) of Bay RobertsAnn Earl, Samuel Mercer
12 Dec 1805CharlesTaylorof MusketoAnnParsonsof H GraceSamuel Pike, Mary Ann Parsons, Elizabeth Parsons
16 Dec 1805RobertBishopwidower of Bay RobertsPatienceParsonswidow of Bay RobertsJohn Sparks, William Parsons
16 Dec 1805WilliamShepherdof Harbor GraceAnnNoseworthyof Brian's CoveJonathan Brazill, John Noseworthy
17 Dec 1805JohnDroverof Upper Island CoveAnnLynchof Upper Island CoveJohn Lynch, Henry Mercer
17 Dec 1805WilliamPiddleof Spaniard's BayMaryMugfordof Spaniard's BayEdward French, Jane French
26 Dec 1805JamesForwardbachelor of CarbonearChristianJamesspinster of CarbonearDaniel James, Thoms Butt
27 Dec 1805AbrahamFrenchof Bay RobertsFrancesMercerof Bay RobertsGeorge French, Benjamin Wilcocks
27 Dec 1805BenjaminWilcocksof Bay RobertsElizabethFrenchof Bay RobertsAbraham French, George French
27 Dec 1805ThomasMinchintonof Spaniard's BayElizabethSmithof Spaniard's BayMatthew Minchinton, Thomas Smith
3 Jan 1806RichardClarkebachelor of Crocker's CoveMaryJeffersspinster of FreshwaterMoses Clarke, John Cleary, Robert Clarke
6 Jan 1806NathanielFrenchbachelor of Bay RobertsAnnBradburyspinster of Bay RobertsGeorge French, Robert Merser
6 Jan 1806JosephBrazillbachelor of Harbour GraceAnnBadcockspinster of Bay RobertsRobert Badcock, John Brazill
8 Jan 1806FrancisReedbachelor of Spaniard's BayGraceSmithspinster of Spaniard's BayJohn Martin, John Jones
14 Jan 1806FrancisBadcockbachelor of Bay RobertsPatienceParsonsspinster of Harbour GraceWm Badcock, Jonathan Brazill
18 Jan 1806OliverSt. Johnbachelor of H GraceCharlottePike widow of H GraceJames Cawley, Edward Pike, Matthew Kearney
20 Jan 1806WilliamCaravanbachelor of Bay RobertsMaryFrenchspinster of Bay RobertsWilliam Merser, William French
20 Jan 1806JohnParsonsbachelor of Bay RobertsAnnBradburyspinster of Bay RobertsWilliam Merser, William Parsons
23 Jan 1806JohnGossebachelor of Spaniard's BayElizabethCollinsspinster of Spaniard's BayJohn Bezum, Thomas Fling
23 Jan 1806WilliamJoneswidower of Bay RobertsAnnKerleyspinster of Bay RobertsCharles Kerley, William Tippet
1 Feb 1806JohnLambbachelor of Sherburn in DorsetshireElizabethClarkewidow of Crocker's Cove in the District of Conception BayJoseph Taylor, William Clarke
29 May 1806WilliamParsonsof Bay RobertsFrancesLynchof Upper Island CoveJohn Bradbury, Charles Mercer
3 Jun 1806JamesLeggof Freshwater in the District of Conception BayMarthaNoelof Freshwater in the District of Conception BayJohn Norman, James Homer
1 Oct 1806SamuelPiercybachelor of Western BayMaryPennyspinster of CarbonearJoseph Piercy, William Richards
9 Oct 1806MarkSeagerbachelor of Pool in the County of DorsetJuliaPikespinster of CarbonearThomas Danson, G. Kemp, J.Geo. Thomas
28 Oct 1806GeorgeCrutchof Northern Bay in Conception BayEstherHicksof Northern Bay in Conception BayWm Lampen, John Goobey
2 Nov 1806JamesKeoughbachelor of CarbonearAnnThistleof CarbonearWilliam Thistle, Henry Thistle
7 Nov 1806JosephBrownebachelor of Exeter in the County of DevonMaryTraversspinster of St. John's, Newf'dl'dMary Travers, John McKillop
13 Nov 1806JohnFrenchbachelor of Bay RobertsMaryWilcocksspinster of St. John's, Newf'dl'dRichard Angel, John Churchwill
18 Nov 1806CharlesNoseworthybachelor of Brian's CoveRachelParsonsspinster of Brian's CoveBarthol. Neal, John Noseworthy, Henry Neal
24 Nov 1806HenryMercerbachelor of Upper Island CoveJaneGraileyspinster of Upper Island CoveWilliam Drover Jun'r, Thomas Drover
24 Nov 1806DanielSellerbachelor of CarbonearMaryWhitewayspinster of Western BayWilliam Power, Martha Pelley
1 Dec 1806WilliamYoungbachelor of Upper Island CoveAnnPorterspinster of Spaniard's BayJames Adams, William Mercer
1 Dec 1806WilliamDroverbachelor of Upper Island CoveCharityCoombesspinster of Upper Island CoveMatthew Minchington, Henry Mercer
3 Dec 1806RobertClark bachelor of Crocker's Cove in this DistrictMaryGeorgespinster of Crocker's Cove in this DistrictJohn Gillaspie, Will'm Clark
4 Dec 1806JonathanMercerbachelor of Bay RobertsAnnaFrenchspinster of Bay RobertsGeorge French, James Mercer
10 Dec 1806WilliamCranebachelor of Island CoveAnnHusseyspinster of Island CoveJonas Hussey, John Crane
15 Dec 1806GeorgeFrenchbachelor of Bay RobertsSarahFillyardspinster of BearneedNathanel French, Abraham Fillyard
1 Jan 1807FrancisMartinbachelor of Harbour GraceJane Snowspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Martin, James [Worle?]
21 Jan 1807MichaelDwyerdrummer in His Majesty's Nova Scotia RegimentMaryAdamsof Harbour GraceA. Loramon, Peter Moran
22 Jan 1807CharlesMerserbachelor Upper Island CoveMaryParsonsspinster of Bay RobertsHenry Merser, Charles Parsons
2 Feb 1807ThomasPrierbachelor of MosquetoJanePynnspinster of MusquetoJohn Belly, Sheppard Pynn
25 Feb 1807IsaacSmithbachelor of Bread and Cheese CoveMaryBarrettspinster of Bread and Cheese CoveAbraham Smith (Jacob's son), Abraham Smith (William's son)
6 Jun 1807ThomasWinsorbachelor of the city of Poole in the County of Dorset in EnglandMargaretMurphyspinster of MusketoSamuel Gordon, Thomas Prier
17 Aug 1807JohnMatthewsbachelor of Harbour GraceAnnOverspinster of Lower Island CoveJames Knight, Jonathan Brazill
13 Nov 1807JohnBarrettbachelor of Bread and Cheese CoveSarahFrenchspinster of Bay RobertsJohn French, George Merser
23 Nov 1807SamuelSpencerbachelor of Bay RobertsSarahParsonsspinster of Bay RobertsRobert Bishop, Will'm Parsons, John Parsons
23 Nov 1807WilliamParsonsbachelor of Bay RobertsMaryBradburyspinster of Bay RobertsSamuel Spencar, Robert Bishop, William Bradbury
24 Nov 1807EdwardFrenchbachelor of Harbour GraceElenorFitzgeraldspinster of Harbour GraceSarah Gouger, Charles Bradbury
24 Nov 1807ThomasYetmanbachelor of Brian's CovePatienceJonesspinster of Bay RobertsJohn Hutchings, Henry Neale
28 Nov 1807JohnRichardsbachelor of BearneedElizabethRichardsspinster of BearneedGeorge Richards, William Richards
4 Dec 1807HenryParsonsbachelor of Bay RobertsFrancesElmesspinster of Bay RobertsWilliam Parsons, John Bradbury
7 Dec 1807WilliamBelbunbachelor of MusquetoMaryJonesof MusquetoCharles Pynn, Daniel Mory
9 Dec 1807HenryLufmanbachelor of ColliersAnnNarocotspinster of ColliersJohn Scane, Thomas Eddison
19 Dec 1807WilliamGoujerbachelor of Harbour GraceAmyFillyar spinster of Port de GraveWilliam Piddle, James Goujer
19 Dec 1807JohnGoujerbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethWeylanspinster of Harbour GraceWill'm Nicholas, Mary French
31 Dec 1807JamesGoujerbachelor of Harbour GraceSusannaFrenchspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Goujer, William Nicholas
4 Jan 1808BartholomewNealbachelor of Brian's CoveMaryParsonsspinster of Bay RobertsWill'm Tippet, Thomas Babb
6 Jan 1808JamesBennettbachelor of CarbonearElizabethHowellspinster of CarbonearThomas Woolfrey, W. Bennett, Mary Bennett
6 Jan 1808WilliamPenneybachelor of CarbonearPatienceWellsspinster of CarbonearWilliam Penney, Thom's Butt
11 Jan 1808ThomasFlingbachelor of Spaniard's BayJaneSmithspinster of Spaniard's BayJoseph Foster, James Hutchings
13 Jan 1808JohnMerserbachelor of Bay RobertsAnnMerserspinster of Bay RobertsWilliam Merser, Absalom Caley, Frances Merser
28 Jan 1808HenryParsonsbachelor of FreshwaterFrancesMoorsspinster of FreshwaterSam'l Rumson, Thomas Parsons
18 Feb 1808GeorgePiddlebachelor of MusquittoMaryMartinspinster of MusquittoJohn Hill, William Cake
25 Feb 1808FrancisPikebachelor of CarbonearJuliaPikespinster of CarbonearWm Green, Jn'o Gosse, Thomas Danson
1 Mar 1808WilliamSmithbachelor of Spaniard's BayGraceBakerspinster of Spaniard's BayThomas Smith, Thomas Smith Jun'r (William's son)
20 Apr 1808JacobMooresbachelor of Harbour GraceSusannaTrapnellspinster of Harbour GraceCharles Bradbury, Jos'h Lilly, John Smith
8 May 1808ThomasSmithbachelor of Spaniard's BayRachelGossespinster of Spaniard's BayElizabeth Haye, Thomas Gosse
23 May 1808WilliamHawkinsbachelor of CarbonearAnnOatsspinster of CarbonearHenry James, John Kelloway, Davis Oats
25 Jun 1808JohnHoganwidower of CarbonearAmyHiscockspinster of CarbonearWm Lampen, Thomas Hogan
19 Sep 1808JohnBlundonbachelor of Harbour GraceFrancesChipmanspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Chipman, Henry Neale
29 Oct 1808EdmundVioletbachelor of St. John'sMary AnnParsonsspinster of Harbour GraceMary Stretton, Cha's Parsons
15 Nov 1808AlexanderGillaspiebachelor of CarbonearJaneKingspinster of Broad CoveWilliam Penney, William King
15 Nov 1808ThomasClarkebachelor of CarbonearSarahClarkespinster of CarbonearElijah Pye, William Power
19 Nov 1808JohnBridlebachelor of Dorset in the County of Dorset, EnglandSarahFrenchspinster of CarbonearThomas Northcott, Ann Ash
24 Nov 1808SamuelDawebachelor of Port de GravePatienceKennedyspinster of Port de GraveWm Lampen, William Kennedy
7 Dec 1808JohnTaylorbachelor of MusquittoPatienceParsonsspinster of Harbour GraceJames Cawley, John Parsons, Jonathan Parsons
8 Dec 1808StevenJohnsonbachelor of Northern BayElizabethGodfrey spinster of Northern BayCorn's Sullivan, Mary Godfrey, Robert Johnson
9 Dec 1808JonathanHusseybachelor of Upper Island CoveGraceDroverspinster of Upper Island CoveJoseph Drover, Henry Merser, John Bishop
12 Dec 1808EdwardBradburybachelor of Bay RobertsMaryParsonsspinster of Bay RobertsWilliam Bradbury, Sarah French, Mary Parsons (Henry's Daughter)
12 Dec 1808CharlesSaundersbachelor of BrigusElizabethPiddlespinster of BrigusJohn Clarke, William Piddle
29 Dec 1808EdwardPikebachelor of MusquitoAnnPynnspinster of MusquittoSamuel Pike, Thomas Pynn
5 Jan 1809FrancisGossbachelor of Spaniard's BayGraceHutchingsspinster of Spaniard's BayRichard Goss, Tabitha Goss
10 Jan 1809WilliamCakebachelor of MusquitoMaryBarnesspinster of MusquitoWilliam Pynn, Charles Sweetapple
30 Jan 1809WilliamShepherdbachelor of the South Side of Harbour GraceTabithaGossespinster of Bread and Cheese CoveGeorge Shepherd, James Higgins
13 Feb 1809JamesHutchingsbachelor of Spaniard's BayMary AnnJuerspinster of Spaniard's BayJohn Besom, Richard Goss
7 Mar 1809StevenSacreybachelor of Bryan's CoveRebeccaSharpspinster of Bryan's CoveZachariah Sacrey, John Yetman
9 Mar 1809JohnMcKeebachelor of CarbonearProvidenceMarshallspinster of CarbonearWm Warn, Charles Forward
17 Mar 1809JosephPippybachelor of MusquittoLydiaButtspinster of Clown's CoveCharles Pynn, Charles Sweetapple, George Butt
23 Mar 1809PatrickClearybachelor of CarbonearFrancesCoughlanspinster of Brian's CoveWm Lampen, John Coughlan
4 Apr 1809WilliamGossbachelor of Spaniard's BayMaryGoss spinster of Spaniard's BayRichard Goss, Mary Hutchings
5 Apr 1809JohnPiccotbachelor of Portugal CoveRebeccaHeraldspinster of Harbour GraceJames Knight, Maria Heffernan, William Andrews
25 Apr 1809ThomasMullownybachelor of Port de GravePatienceHoldenspinster of Harbour GraceJames Cawley, W. Stirling, H.G. Clow
28 May 1809StephenHalfyardbachelor of Ochre pit CoveMaryKingspinster of Bradely's [sic] CoveOliver Penney, Edward Skinner
10 Sep 1809William Botlybachelor of the City of Poole in the County of DorsetLouisaTrapnellspinster of Harbour GraceCha's Garland, Elizabeth Garland
2 Nov 1809Henry GarlickClowbachelor of the City of Bristol, EnglandSophiaHoldenspinster of Harbour GraceJames Cawley, William Stirling, Jordan Henderson
8 Nov 1809JamesHodgebachelor of Killigrew in the District of Conception BayJane Squirespinster of Broad Cove in the said DistrictGeorge Tilly, William Gifford, John Walsh
14 Nov 1809SamuelBattenbachelor of Port de GraveAnnBoonspinster of Port de GraveJohn Batten, Anthony Mugford
5 Dec 1809JordanHendersonbachelor of the City of Bristol, England, but now of Harbour GraceElizabethCawleyspinster of Harbour GraceJames Cawley, Bethel Henderson, P. Macpherson
6 Dec 1809WilliamFrenchbachelor of Bay RobertsMaryFrenchspinster of Bay RobertsWilliam French (William's son), Edward French (William's son), William Bradbury
11 Dec 1809WilliamBradburybachelor of Bay RobertsFrancesEarlespinster of Bay RobertsSamuel Merser, Jonathan Parsons
11 Dec 1809CharlesMerserbachelor of Bay RobertsFrancesMerserspinster of Bay RobertsGeorge Merser, Robert Merser
16 Dec 1809RobertPackbachelor of the town and County of Poole, England, but now of CarbonearAnnAshspinster of CarbonearAlex'r Campbell, George Forward
26 Dec 1809RichardGossebachelor of Spaniard's BayCatherineShepherdspinster of Harbour GraceRobert Gosse, Jonathan Shepherd
27 Dec 1809JohnAdamsbachelor of Harbour GraceCatherineMarshallspinster of Harbour GraceStephen Bennett, Jonathan Parsons
28 Dec 1809RobertAndrewsbachelor of Harbour GraceJaneAndrewsspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Andrews, Charles Garland, Mary [illegible]
2 Jan 1810RobertBadcockbachelor of Bay RobertsAnnAshspinster of CarbonearWilliam Andrews, Robert Marshall
6 Jan 1810HenryGarlandbachelor of Harbour GraceMatildaPikespinster of Harbour GraceJames Cawley, Oliver St. John
8 Jan 1810WilliamTippetbachelor of Bay RobertsMaryParsonsspinster of Bay RobertsJohn Churchwill, Robert French
9 Jan 1810JohnSoperwidower of CarbonearGraceHarveywidow of CarbonearWilliam Chipman, William Butt
17 Jan 1810AndrewLaingbachelor of CarbonearMaryBabbspinster of CarbonearJames Forward, Will'm Babb
22 Feb 1810GeorgeShepherdbachelor of Harbour GraceSusannaMerserspinster of Upper Island CoveThomas Merser, Martin Shepherd
6 Sep 1810SilasLoaderof [Stammerst on?] Newton in the County of Dorset, England, but now of Bay de VerdsMaryDayspinster of Bay de VerdsJohn Lewis, William Gould
1 Nov 1810WilliamGoujerwidower of Harbour GraceGraceDearwidow of Bryan's CoveJames Goujer, Jacob Nosworthy
5 Nov 1810CalebBartlettbachelor of Yetminster in the County of Dorset, England, but now of CarbonearHannahTrotspinster of CarbonearJames Pelley, Edward Priddle
15 Nov 1810JacobDelanybachelor of Port de GraveMaryShepherdspinster of the Southside of Harbour GraceNicholas Daw, George Shepherd
20 Nov 1810JohnCannonbachelor of FreshwaterAnnSquiresspinster of FreshwaterJoseph Jeffers, Thomas Grant
22 Nov 1810JacobDaw bachelor of Port de GraveAmyBartlettspinster of Port de GraveJohn Bartlett, Joseph Daw
22 Nov 1810JohnMartinbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethBadcockwidow of Harbour GraceMatt'w Stevenson, William Martin, Thomas Ryan
29 Nov 1810JosephYetmanbachelor of Bryan's CovePatienceJonesspinster of Bryan's CoveThomas Yetman, John Yetman
6 Dec 1810RichardClarkebachelor of Crocker's CoveAnnHutchingsspinster of Spaniard's BayJohn Hutchings, William Clarke
20 Dec 1810JohnBakerbachelor of Spaniard's BayAnnSmithspinster of Spaniard's BayAbraham Smith, William Smith
1 Jan 1811JosephTaylorbachelor of MosquitoJaneParsonsspinster of Harbour GraceEdward Pike, Samuel Pike
10 Jan 1811RichardCoombesbachelor of Upper Island CoveMaryMinchionsof Bread and Cheese CoveWilliam Drover, John Greily
17 Jan 1811WilliamMarksbachelor of CarbonearElizabethBabbspinster of CarbonearElias Earle, William Babb
19 Jan 1811ThomasWoolfreybachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethMarshallspinster of Harbour GraceWm Lampen, James Knight
28 May 1811WilliamPippybachelor of Harbour GraceJaneHeroldspinster of Harbour GraceJ.W. Lampen, Mary Knight
26 Nov 1811JohnBishopbachelor of Upper Island CovePatienceYoungsspinster of Upper Island CoveWilliam Youngs, Francis Bishop
28 Nov 1811RobertWestbachelor of Greatfont mill in the County of Dorset, EnglandMaryWhealanspinster of Harbour GraceFrancis French, Charles Sweetapple
28 Nov 1811WilliamSeymourbachelor of Marle in the County of Dorset, EnglandEleanorCouragespinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Puddicombe, William Brey
9 Dec 1811JacobNosworthybachelor of Bryan's CoveJaneFrenchspinster of Harbour GraceJohn French, Edw'd Snow
11 Dec 1811JohnCollinsbachelor of Spaniard's BayMaryPorterspinster of Spaniard's BayRichard Gosse, James Nosworthy
11 Dec 1811EdwardPikebachelor of Clown's CoveSarahMooresspinster of FreshwaterJohn Moores, Francis Pike
12 Dec 1811IsaacBusseybachelor of Port de GraveCharlotteRichardsspinster of Port de GraveJohn Tucker, Jane Furneaux
12 Dec 1811RichardPenn(e)ybachelor of CarbonearMaryMarshallspinster of CarbonearJohn Noel, John Penney
17 Dec 1811PeterMacphersonbachelor of Greenock, Scotland, but now of Port de GraveLucinda HerbertFurneauxspinster of Port de GraveWill'm Pinsent, Maria Heffernan, Tho. Patten
23 Dec 1811CharlesFrenchbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryFoleyspinster of Harbour GraceFrancis French, Henry Pynn
1 Jan 1812ThomasRyanbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryMartinspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Martin, Benjamin Brazill
10 Jan 1812JohnBrazillbachelor of Harbour GraceCatherineNarcotspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Martin, Benjamin Brazill
16 Jan 1812EbenezerAlcockbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryMartinspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Martin, Robert Andrews
2 Apr 1812NathanielDavisbachelor of Whitechurch in the County of Dorset, England, now of Harbour GraceLucinda Webberspinster of Harbour GraceCharles Webber, Tobias Webber, Henry Webber
26 May 1812JonathanWebberbachelor of Harbour GraceMariaNicholasspinster of Harbour Grace[Wilma?] Brey, Jonathan Kennedy
31 May 1812MatthewGrinsletwidower of Harbour GraceMaryNicholaswidow of Harbour GraceWilliam Nicholas, Mary Piddle
14 Jun 1812JohnFrenchbachelor of CarbonearElizabethOatsspinster of CarbonearCatherine [French?], Joseph Fraze
7 Aug 1812WilliamSterlingof Harbour Grace, SurgeonEmmaMayneof Harbour GraceRich'd Palmer Esq'r, Alexander Campbell
19 Sep 1813WilliamBishopbachelor of Harbour Grace, MarinerElizabethNicholasspinster of Harbour GraceElizabeth Curtis, Sarah French
21 Nov 1813ThomasKnightwidower of Harbour Grace, PlanterAnneStowespinster of Harbour GraceSarah Stowe, Jos'h Lilly
25 Nov 1813WilliamBraybachelor of Ringskerswell, Devon but now of Harbour GraceAnneCouragespinster[James?] Jenkins, John Courage
1 Dec 1813JohnHusseybachelor of Upper Island CoveJoannaGallowayspinster of Upper Island CoveMary Mercer, Robert Lundrigan
4 Dec 1813RobertHusseybachelor of Upper Island CoveSarahBishopspinster of Upper Island CoveJohn Greally, Mary Bishop
10 Dec 1813JohnYeatmanbachelor of Bryan's CoveSusannaParsonsspinster of Bryan's CoveEdward Parsons, Charlotte Parsons
14 Dec 1813EdwardGreallybachelor of Upper Island CoveJaneBakerspinster of Upper Island CoveHenry Mercer, Elizabeth Greally
28 Dec 1813HenryCranebachelor of Upper Island Cove, PlanterPatienceWheelerwidow of Upper Island CoveJoanna Hussey, Joseph Lynch
1 Jan 1814GeorgeParsonsbachelor, S'th S, PlanterJaneAndrewsspinster Robert Parsons, Ann Andrews
5 Jan 1814SamuelHutchingsbachelor of Spaniard's BayAliceChipmanspinster of Spaniard's BayJohn Besom, William Chipman
6 Jan 1814JosephBaggsbachelor of Spaniard's BayFrancesGossespinster of Bread and Cheese CoveWilliam Smith, John Young
10 Jan 1814PhilipVokeybachelor of Spaniard's BayDianaGossespinster of Spaniard's BayOwen Chipman, Elizabeth Hutchings
1 Feb 1814OwenChipmanbachelor of Spaniard's Bay, PlanterElizabethHutchingsspinster of Spaniard's BayWilliam Chipman, Richard Gosse
3 Feb 1814JohnWilliamsbachelor of the City of Bristol but now a Resident of this HarbourSarahFrenchspinsterEdward French, Elizabeth Alcock
19 Mar 1814JohnRogesbachelor of Hinton St. Mary in the Co. of DorsetSusannaColespinster of this HarbourSolomon Knight, Mary Payn
21 Apr 1814JohnNosworthybachelor of Bryan's Cove, PlanterGraceSnowspinster of Port de GraveEdward Parsons, Anne Shepherd
27 Jun 1814EbenezerWebberbachelor of this Harbour, PlanterAnneSnowspinster of this HarbourAnn Andrews, Wm Lampen
27 Oct 1814GeorgeBursellbachelor of Port de Grave, Gent.Jane SophiaFurneauxspinster of Port de GraveP. [M----h---?], Martha Black
31 Oct 1814CharlesBradburybachelor of Bay Roberts, PlanterElizabethAdamsspinster of Upper Island CoveWilliam Young, Mary Greally
16 Nov 1814ThomasMercerbachelor of Upper Island Cove, PlanterElizabethGreallyspinster of Upper Island CoveThomas Drover, Mary Mercer
24 Nov 1814JamesHumbasonbachelor of London but now a resident of Bryan's Cove, PlanterAnneNosworthyspinster of Bryan's CoveCharlotte Parsons, Diana Nosworthy
7 Dec 1814FrancisFrenchbachelor of this Harbour, PlanterRachelSquirespinster of Bay RobertsWilliam Squire, Robert Martin
7 Dec 1814JohnCavillbachelor of Bristol but now a Resident of this HarbourJaneAdamsspinster of this HarbourMary Payn, Benjamin Brazill
20 Dec 1814JohnButtbachelor of Crocker's Cove, PlanterMariaCollynsspinster of Mint CoveJane Collyns, James Hutchings

Name in RecordDescription of ErrorMy Name
25 Nov 1813
William Bray, bach of Ringskerswell, Devon. This is probably Kingskerswell, Devon near Torquay- on my current map. Brenda Young
Nov 1813
"Thomas Knight widower of Harbour Grace, Planter Anne Stowe spinster of Harbour Grace Sarah Stowe, Jos'h Lilly ". Two citations by Keith Mathew's Name Files say Thomas Knight, widower, is a Planter of St. John's - not Harbor Grace - please advise if Mathew's is correct. Al Beagan

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