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Conception Bay North ~ Harbour Grace District

Harbour Grace - Anglican Marriage Records, 1815 - 1825

Please note that for this transcription I have used the original documents held at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Harbour Grace. Consulting the records will yield additional information: the name of the minister who performed the marriage, the place where the marriage was performed, name of person(s) who gave consent for the marriage if necessary, and whether the bride, groom & witnesses were literate.

For verification purposes, photocopies of these documents can be consulted at either:

St. Paul's Anglican Church
Cochrane Street, PO Box 341
Harbour Grace, NF A0A 2M0

The Rooms Provincial Archives Division
The Rooms Corporation of Newfoundland and Labrador
9 Bonaventure Avenue
P.O. Box 1800, Station C St. John's, NL, Canada A1C 5P9

Anglican Archives
19 King's Bridge Road
St. John's, NF A1C 3K4

The records were transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY in March 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

6 Jan 1815WilliamPayne, Jun'rof this Parish, Planter, BachelorAnneAndrewsof the same place, SpinsterWm Lampen, John Smith
10 Jan 1815ThomasDroverof Island Cove, BachelorMaryBarrettof Bread & Cheese Cove, SpinsterWilliam Drover, Susanna Barrett
23 Jan 1815RobertLandriganof Island Cove, BachelorEleanorWheelerSpinsterElizabeth Mercer, James [illegible]
27 Jan 1815EmanuelStoweof this Parish, Planter CharlotteHoldenSpinster[illegible], Rob't Johnston
15 Feb 1815ThomasShairpeof Island Cove, BachelorElizabethBradburyof Bay Roberts, SpinsterIsaac Bradbury, Eleanor Greally
7 Oct 1815JosephLillyof this Parish, BachelorSarahColeof the same Parish, SpinsterJames Lilly, Geo. Lilly, Mary Dianh [sic] Chancey, Susanna G. Danson
13 Nov 1815FrancisJonesof Bryans Cove, BachelorCharlotteParsonsof the same place Edward Parsons, Susanna Yeatman
6 Dec 1815Benjamin Brazillof this Parish, Cooper, BachelorFrancesAndrewsof the same place, SpinsterMary Payn, Wm Lampen
12 Dec 1815EdwardSnowof this Parish, BachelorElizabethCurtisof the same place, SpinsterElizabeth Alcock, [Will'm?] Martin
19 Dec 1815JohnParsonsof this Parish, BachelorAnneWebberof the same place, SpinsterHenry Parsons, Elizabeth Webber
23 Dec 1815GeorgeForwardof Carbonear, BachelorSusannaTaylorof the same place, SpinsterElizabeth Taylor, Thomas Gould
2 Jan 1816RobertCourageof this Parish, BachelorJaneCurtisof the same place, SpinsterJohn Courage, William Bray
9 Jan 1816AlfredMayneof this Parish, BachelorAnneHoldenof the same place, SpinsterEliza Mayne, Frances Maria Cawley, W. Sterling, [J.C. Garland?]
10 Jan 1816RobertMartinof this Parish, BachelorJaneRoachof Bay Roberts, SpinsterRobert Andrews, Catherine Andrews
10 Jan 1816SolomonKnightof this Parish, BachelorElizabethColeof the same place, SpinsterThomas Danson, Mary Knight, Jos'h Lilly, Eliza [?] Danson
6 Feb 1816JohnWilshearof Carbonear, BachelorElizabethPennyof the same place, WidowNich's McKee, Martha Legge
6 Feb 1816JacobWhealonof Bradleys Cove, BachelorPatienceBishopof Island Cove, WidowElizabeth Lampen, John Currie
20 Feb 1816JohnCurrieof Argylshire but now resident of Harbour Grace, BachelorElizabeth PrudencePalmerof the same place, SpinsterAlex Campbell, Frances Maria Cawley, Amelia Palmer, [M.H.?] Bland
22 Apr 1816JohnYeatmanof Bryans Cove, BachelorAnneShepherdof this Harbour, SpinsterMartin Shepherd, Mary Wilson
24 May 1816WilliamWhiteof Salmon Cove, BachelorElizabethPippyof St. John'sCharles Sweetapple, Mary Anne Bently
23 Jun 1816JohnParsonsof Perrys CoveMargaretGeareof the same placeWilliam King, Honor Geare
9 Oct 1816HenrySmithof Laindon Hill, Co. EssexBridgetWhealandof Ross, Co. WexfordCharles Bradbury, Samuel Jenkins
30 Oct 1816WilliamParsonsof Clownes Cove, BachelorCharlotteBradburyof this Harbour, SpinsterJacob Moores, Elizabeth Alcock, Louisa Bradbury, Ruth Stevenson
15 Nov 1816JohnMercerof Bay Roberts, BachelorHannahMercerof the same place, SpinsterWilliam Mercer, James Mercer
16 Nov 1816DanielCaseyof this Parish, BachelorCatherineBrownof the same place, WidowMichael Landers, Jane Cavill
13 Nov 1816JesseHooperof Wimborne, Dorset, BachelorAnneFrenchof Bay of Roberts, SpinsterWilliam Elms, Mary Badcock
2 Dec 1816JohnRobertsof Spaniards Bay, BachelorSarahVokeyof the same place, SpinsterMoses Gosse, Patience Porter
5 Dec 1816FrancisGiffordof Fresh Water, BachelorCharlotteNewellof the same placeThomas Grant, Eleanor Hopkins
19 Dec 1816MosesPikeof Musquitto, BachelorPatiencePynnof the same place, SpinsterWilliam Pynn, William Gordon
30 Dec 1816JohnNormanof Brigus, BachelorMary JemimaBadcockof Bay of Roberts, SpinsterRobert Andrews, Nicholas Payn
31 Dec 1816JohnHigginsResident of this Parish, BachelorAnneWaltersof the same place, Spinster[R'd P------?], Ann Moore
1 Jan 1816 [16 scratched out with pencil]CharlesSweetappleof this Parish, BachelorGracePynnof Musquitto, SpinsterThomas Pynn, William Gordon
1 Feb 1817JosephWhiteof this Parish S.S., BachelorElizabethPiddleof the same placeRoger White, Joseph Pynn
28 Jun 1817JosephInnottResident of this Parish, BachelorMaryThistleof the same place, WidowMary Knight, Matt'w Kearny, John Hillyard, Mary Parson
10 Oct 1817RichardHorwoodof Moreton's Harbour, BachelorMaryMahanyof CarbonearJoseph Jeffers, John Chipman
19 Oct 1817JamesMortimerof Bristol, now of this Parish, BachelorDianaRidwayalso of Bristol, SpinsterWm Griffin, James Merritt
16 Nov 1817JohnWarfordof Bears cove of this Parish, WidowerPatienceSnowof this Parish, WidowR'd C. Stone, Mary Anne Martin
23 Nov 1817WilliamSmithof Spaniards Bay, BachelorPatiencePorterof the same place, SpinsterJohn Gosse, Catherine Gosse
26 Nov 1817JervisChurchillof Bay Roberts, BachelorJaneEarleof the same place, SpinsterWm Earle, Mary Churchill
2 Dec 1817MichaelHammondof Bell Isle, Lance Cove, BachelorMargaretMorrisseySpinsterCatherine Kennedy, William Kennedy
4 Dec 1817CharlesThomasof Carbonear, BachelorElizabethJamesof the same place, SpinsterDaniel James, Frances Thistle
11 Dec 1817JosephPynnof Musquitto, BachelorMary AnneBinklyof this Harbour, SpinsterMary Carrington, Wm Lampen
23 Dec 1817John Forwardof Carbonear, BachelorAnnePikeof the same place, SpinsterThomas Gould, Jane Pike, Mary Chancey
26 Dec 1817WilliamPayne of Broadhempston, Devon, but now a Resident of Carbonear, BachelorElizabethLampenof this Harbour, SpinsterElizabeth Ann Garland, Stephen Bennett Jun'r
27 Dec 1817HenryWebberof this Parish, Bachelor, PlanterRebeccaWhiteof the same place, SpinsterJames Sheppard, Elizabeth Webber, Charles [Sanwory?]
31 Dec 1817WilliamAsheof Carbonear, BachelorElizabethPennyof the same place, SpinsterRichard Hopkins, Martha Penny
31 Dec 1817WilliamGilesof Carbonear, BachelorAnneBadcockof the same place, WidowRichard Hopkins, Martha Penny
31 Dec 1817ThomasGouldof Carbonear, BachelorJaneHowellof the same place, SpinsterSusan Forward, George Forward
31 Dec 1817JohnTrapnellof this Parish, BachelorMary AnneMartinof the same place, SpinsterLouisa Bradbury, Geo Trapnell, [illegible]
8 Jan 1818NicolasPowellof Carbonear, BachelorElizabethWarrenof the same place, SpinsterGeorge Lilly, Patience Taylor
12 Jan 1818WilliamMinchinof Bread & Cheese Cove, BachelorCatherineGosseof the same place, SpinsterMatthew Minchin, E.D. Carrington
4 Feb 1818HenryRosewellof Bay Roberts, BachelorAnneFrenchof the same place, SpinsterElizabeth Mercer, William Answood
11 Feb 1818GeorgeMercerof Island Cove, BachelorBridgetGallowayof the same place, SpinsterSusan Shepherd, William Hussey
14 Feb 1818JabezWarfordof this Parish, BachelorFrancesTaylorof the same place, SpinsterJane Snow, [illegible], Thomas Woolfrey
24 Mar 1818GeorgeLangmeadof Bread & Cheese Cove, BachelorCatherineGosseof the same place, SpinsterRich'd Smith, Thomas Gosse
2 Apr 1818John Meares (Manes)of Carbonear, BachelorAnnePennyof the same place, SpinsterEdward Priddle, John Buckingham
22 Apr 1818LaurenceHarteryof Port de Grave, BachelorLucretiaDenningof the same place, SpinsterJohn Smith, Charles Denning
19 May 1818GeorgeYoungsof Island Cove, BachelorElizabethCraneof the same place, SpinsterAnne Jones, John Landrigan
27 May 1818SamuelJenkinsof this Parish, BachelorElizabethAlcockof the same place, SpinsterElizabeth Webber, John Alcock
5 Jun 1818John Reedof Exeter, Devon, BachelorMary AnneBishopof Island Cove, SpinsterE.D. Carrington, Robert [Nicholson?], Mary Anne Bishop
6 Sep 1818IsaacMartinof this Parish, BachelorSarahMartinof the same Parish, SpinsterJohn Searle, W. Sterling
31 Oct 1818WilliamButtonof Hanley, Dorset, BachelorMarySladeof Marshalls Folly, SpinsterJames Kehoe, Alexander Geare
19 Nov 1818RichardWillsof this Parish, BachelorRuthStevensonof the same place, SpinsterOliver St. John, Mary Stevenson
21 Nov 1818JohnTricketof Perrys Cove, BachelorElizabethRoseof the same place, SpinsterJohn Kelloway, Alexander Geare
21 Nov 1818WilliamSladeof Perrys Cove, BachelorHannahGeareof the same place, SpinsterJohn Kelloway, John Rose
23 Nov 1818FrancisSmithof Bread & Cheese Cove, BachelorSarahMinchinof the same place, SpinsterWilliam Smith, [E. La--ding?]
26 Nov 1818JosephDroverof Island Cove, BachelorSusannaBarrettof Bread & Cheese Cove, SpinsterJames Drover, Matt'w Stevenson
8 Dec 1818Abraham Smithof Bread & Cheese Cove, WidowerMaryGosseof Spaniards Bay, WidowElizabeth Chipman, James Hutchings
9 Dec 1818JamesLodgeof Carbonear, BachelorEleanorHopkinsof the same place, SpinsterWm [Gilez?], James Bayly
10 Dec 1818WilliamGordonof Musquitto, BachelorElizabethFrenchof this Harbour, SpinsterGeorge Williams, Thomas Pynn, Edward D. Carrington, Virtuous Maria Pynn
12 Dec 1818PeterRogersonResident of this Parish, BachelorAmeliaPalmerof the same Parish, SpinsterMartha Palmer, John Currie, Wm Graham, Maria Palmer
16 Dec 1818JohnPennyof Carbonear, BachelorGraceCromieof Western Bay, SpinsterSolomon Penny, Elizabeth Butt
22 Dec 1818HenryPynnof Musquitto, BachelorCatherineTuckerof this place, SpinsterVirtuous Maria Pynn, Louisa Tucker, Elizabeth Gordon
26 Dec 1818WilliamSnowof this Parish, BachelorJanePippyof the same Parish, SpinsterMary Payn, John Snow
20 Dec 1818JohnSnookof Carbonear, BachelorAnneHowellof the same Parish, SpinsterGeorge Wm Lilly, Gustaf Sturling
31 Dec 1818NicolasPaynof this Parish, BachelorElizabethAndrewsof the same Parish, SpinsterMary Payn, John Smith
2 Jan 1819JohnAlcockof this Parish, BachelorJaneMarshallof the same Parish S.S., SpinsterWm Lampen, John Alcock
5 Jan 1819SolomonGosseof Spaniards Bay, BachelorMaryBaggsof the same place, SpinsterWm Andrews, Richard Gosse
6 Jan 1819JamesHowellof Carbonear, BachelorPatienceTaylorof the same place, SpinsterJohn Taylor, Rich'd C. Searle
19 Jan 1819DavidBarrettof Bread & Cheese Cove, BachelorMarthaSparkesof Bay of Roberts, SpinsterNathaniel Barrett, Joseph Drover
31 Jan 1819CharlesSweetappleof this Parish, WidowerPatienceWebberof the same Parish, WidowJa's F. Cawley, Emma Sterling
21 Feb 1819WilliamLoaderof Carbonear, BachelorElizaBurnellof the same place, SpinsterMary Carrington, Wm [Brennell?]
27 Feb 1819James NinerHarrisof Brigus, BachelorMary AnneWattsof Carbonear, SpinsterHenry Corbin Watts, Mary Carrington
1 May 1819JamesBarnesof this Parish, BachelorMaryShepherdof the same Parish, WidowJane Alcock, Henry Garland
12 May 1819JamesHatcherResident of this Parish, BachelorElizabethMuleahyof the same Parish, SpinsterJohn Alcock, Edward D. Carrington
23 May 1819WilliamWinsorof Carbonear, BachelorSarahAsheof the same place, W'dJane Penny, Richard Tuffin
19 Nov 1819Thomas Spurdallof this Parish, BachelorElizabethShepherdof the same placeJohn Martin, Matt'w Stevenson
25 Nov 1819HenryJewerof this Parish, BachelorElizabethChapmanof Spaniards Bay Moses Gosse, John Stone
25 Nov 1819ThomasLundagonof Island Cove, BachelorMaryBurne of Island CoveMoses Gosse, John Stone
2 Dec 1819WilliamHusseyof Upper Island Cove, BachelorElizabethNewmanof the same place, SpinsterJames Drover, John Stone
7 Dec 1819ThomasErleof Bay of Roberts, BachelorRebeccaFrenchof the same placeBenj'n North, John Stone
9 Dec 1819JohnSnowof this Parish, BachelorMaryPippyof the same place, SpinsterJoseph Martin, William Pippy
27 Dec 1819MosesGosseof Spaniards Bay, BachelorAnneGosseof the same place, SpinsterIsreal Gosse, Richard Gosse
29 Dec 1819GeorgeFrenchof Musquitto MaryDoyleof the same placeHenry [Charles?], Catherine Pynn
29 Dec 1819FrancisFrenchof Harbour GraceElizabethBrownof the same place, SpinsterJane Pippy, Stafford Webber Stowe
5 Jan 1820JosephHusseyof Upper Island Cove, BachelorAnneGraylyof the same place, SpinsterThomas Drover, John Stone
6 Jan 1820StephenBennettof Harbour Grace, BachelorAnneNeilof Bryans Cove, SpinsterJa's Rew Knight, Robert Lee Whiting
15 Jan 1820AaronButt of Fresh Water EleanorWhelan
John Martin, William Badcock
3 Feb 1820James Bayly, EsquireChief Officer of Customs in this HarbourFrances MariaCawley
Ja's F. Cawley, J.M. Cawley
10 Feb 1820John Chipmanof Carbonear ElizabethGordonSpinsterEdm'd Danson, William Gordon
_ Mar 1820Benjamin Pitmanof this Parish, BachelorMaryWhiteSpinsterFrancis Pike, John Stone
21 May 1820JohnCoryearof Dartmouth, England, Master of the Brig [Pardone?]Mary AnneStevensonof Harbour Grace, SpinsterWm Lampen, Henry Garland
29 May 1820WilliamWilliamsof Poole, England, Master of the Brig John & IsaacJanePikeof CarbonearAmelia Davis, William Martin
23 Nov 1820GeorgeDuffetof Bay de VerdeElizabethLewisof the same placeR'd Mackay, John Lewis
23 Nov 1820WilliamBarterof Bay de VerdeSusanahLockyer
R'd Mackay, John Lewis
23 Nov 1820CharlesStevensof Bay de VerdeElizabethLockyer
R'd Mackay, John Lewis
23 Nov 1820ThomasCushof Bay de VerdeEleanorLockyerWidowJohn Lewis, Elizabeth Riggs
27 Nov 1820JacobParsonsof Bryans Cove MaryZachareyof the same placeEdward Parsons, Timothy [Hearn?]
1 Dec 1820RichardNewellof Harbour GraceElizabethMarshall
Matt'w Stevenson, Wiliam [sic] Parsons
7 Dec 1820JosephBarrettof Spaniards Bay ElizabethAnthony
Henry Stowe, Charles Roberts
26 Dec 1820ThomasNoseworthyof Spaniards BayCharlottePorter
James Noseworthy, Mary Noseworthy
3 Jan 1821EdwardPetersof this Parish but late of Newton AbbotSusannahBennet
Joseph [---ott?], Ja's Rew Knight
11 Jan 1821RobertPiddleof this ParishMaryZachary
John Kitchen, John Hearn
16 Jan 1821WilliamSparkesof this ParishCatherinePynn
James Lampen, Thomas [Ba--?]
30 Jan 1821WilliamParsonsof this ParishHarrietParsons
Leo. Chancey Jun'r
22 Feb 1821Stretton ThoresbyParsonsof Bears CoveElizabethWebber
Jonathan D. Parsons, James Lampen
29 [sic] Feb 1821CharlesMartinof this ParishMarySnow
James Lampen, George Wolfe
19 Apr 1821WilliamMillslate of the parish of Ipswich in Suffolk, England, but now a mariner on his Majesty's [Gun?] Brig [Clinker?]EstherSaudillsof Bishop Wallham, Hampshire, EnglandH. Johnson, Fred'k [illegible] Master Mate [HM_S Clinker?]
27 May 1821ThomasVincentof Bradford, Dorset, Engl'dAlleyOatsof Kilkany [sic], IrelandDan'l [Deacon?], Peter Neary
31 May 1821JohnKitchenof this Parish, MasonCatherinePerry
Stephen Bennett Jun'r, John Belley
5 Jun 1821SamuelWillmottof Beaminster, Dorset, England, BachelorJoannaNormanof Brigus, Conc. Bay, Spinster[Machael?] Way, Thomas Payne
6 May 1821WilliamEllisof Tillish, [Durham?], England, BachelorCharlotteParsonsof this place, WidowRich'd Anderson, Geo. Trapnell
10 Dec 1821WilliamPorterof Spaniards BayPatienceColliers (Porter)of the same placeNo witness who could write - J.L.
6 Dec 1821WilliamThompsonof BearneedAlliceMcDonald
R.C. Bray
10 Jan 1822WilliamPennyof Carbonear, BachelorMargaretAsh of the same place, SpinsterJohn Osmond
24 Jan 1822WilliamAsheof Capelin CoveCharlotteMulleyBroad Cove Conception Cove [sic]Geo. [North?]
14 Feb 1822WilliamStoweof this ParishAnneBennetof the same placeSarah Stowe, Ann Walters
16 Feb 1822JohnWebberof this Parish, BachelorMaryBadcockof the same place, SpinsterWm [--oley?], John Searle
10 Mar 1822JohnColeof Crokers Cove, BachelorMaryClarkof the same, SpinsterSusanna Burt, Richard Warwick
24 Apr 1822WilliamMarkie, Jun'rof this Parish, BachelorMaryParsonsof Bears CoveSusannah Martin, William Martin [S--ion?]
8 May 1822FrancisBishopof Island Cove, BachelorMaryannGreyleyof the same place, SpinsterJohn Reed,
14 May 1822George[Hall?]of Cuddwell, England, BachelorElizabethNosaryof Cupits, SpinsterThomas Eddison
30 May 1822ThomasFrenchof this Parish, BachelorEleanorMartin
Tho's Davis, Susanna Andrews
19 Nov 1822JohnMinchinof Bread & Cheese Cove, BachelorGraceCraneof the same place, SpinsterHugh W. Danson, James Pitts
25 Nov 1822CharlesButtof Spanyards Bay, BachelorMaryNosaryof the same placeGeorge Wokey [sic], Olive Wokey [sic]
28 Nov 1822EdwardGrealeyof Hibbs Hole, BachelorElizabethPettenSpinsterWm Petten, Char Daw, Susan Burt
[28?] Nov 1822MatthewGreensledof South side, BachelorPatienceKenedyof South Shore, SpinsterRobert Lee Whiting, Darby Neil
1 Dec 1822EdwardBemisterof Corfe Mullen, England, BachelorSusanGrantof Freshwater, Spinster[__ W.?] Bemister, Prudence Dean
1 Dec 1822GeorgeSticklandof Corfe Mullen, England, BachelorMaryJeansof CarbonearJoseph [Wey?], Francis Egarton
3 Dec 1822JohnJonesof Briants Cove, BachelorGraceBarretof Bread & Cheese Cove, SpinsterTho's Foster, Jane Jones, Susan Burt
5 Dec 1822WilliamShepherdof this Parish, BachelorAnn Ashof the same place, SpinsterJames Bayly, Stafford W. Stowe
5 Dec 1822CharlesPynnof Musquitto, BachelorMaryButtof Clowns Cove, SpinsterJames Bayly, Stafford W. Stowe
13 Dec 1822JohnAllcockof this Parish, BachelorElizabethCourageof the same place, SpinsterDarby Neil, Robert French
21 Dec 1822JamesSimmonsof Musquitto, BachelorElizabethPynnof the same place, SpinsterEbenezer Webber, Edward Pynn
26 Dec 1822StephenLutherof Carbonear, BachelorJuliaPikeof the same place, SpinsterEdward Spencer, James Bayly Church Warden
30 Dec 1822WilliamBarnesof St. Johns, BachelorAnnBadcockof Bay Roberts, SpinsterJ's F. Cawley, James Bayly
20 Dec 1822HenryRusselof Bay Roberts, BachelorJoannaSnowof the same place, SpinsterEdward Snow, George Williams
9 Jan 1823Abraham Mercerof Bay Roberts, BachelorPatienceMercerof the same place, SpinsterRobert Mercer, Ja's Brine
9 Jan 1823JohnJacobsof Blashford, England, BachelorMargaretDenningof Port de Grave, SpinsterRobert Prowse, Amelia Furneux
10 Jan 1823Robert CrockerBrayof Charles, Plymouth, BachelorSarahComerof Poole, Dorset, England, SpinsterP. Macpherson, Harriet Furneux
10 Jan 1823George WinneCranfordof Dartmouth, England, BachelorLydiaMercerof Bay Roberts, SpinsterRob't Cranford, George Squires
11 Jan 1823Isreal Gosseof Spanyards Bay, BachelorSarahShepherdof the same place, SpinsterRobert Gosse, John Shepherd
30 Jan 1823WilliamMarshallof this Parish, BachelorElizabethWebberof the same place, SpinsterJames Ash, John [Adams?]
11 Feb 1823JohnRyanlate of St. John, NBElizabethParsonsof this placeJ.C. Nuttall, John Smith
19 Feb 1823JohnGillardof this Parish, BachelorMaryShepherdof the same place, SpinsterHenry Taylor, James Osbourne
18 Mar 1823JohnHoseof St. Mary [Newington?], Engl'd, BachelorMalvena Jane SharpRoweof St. Johns, Newfoundl., SpinsterEdm'd R. Danson, Sam'l B. Peacock
10 Apr 1823JosephPetersof St. Germans, Cornwall, Engl'd, BachelorElizaMayneof this place, SpinsterW. Sterling, Alex Campbell
11 Apr 1823JohnGreyol (Grayale)of Lambeth, Surry, Engl'd, BachelorAnnWhiteof McCarmack, Ireland, SpinsterJohn Robinson, John [Rennell?]
8 May 1823JohnCrootof Chard, Somerset, Engl'd, BachelorBridgetCareyof Galway, Ireland, SpinsterEliza Murphy, Thomas Godden
11 May 1823WilliamMurry (Murley)of Carbonear, BachelorDiannaMannersof Brigus, SpinsterJames Newman, John Monk
13 May 1823JohnPellyof Carbonear, BachelorPatienceSnowof this parish, SpinsterThomas A. Danson, Hugh W. Danson
15 May 1823JamesVaterof Hibberton, Dorset, Engl'd, BachelorFrancis [sic]Curby (Kirby)of OtterburyRobert Mullett, John Monk
29 May 1823JohnStevensonof this Parish, BachelorLouisaBradburyof the same place, SpinsterJohn Ryan Jun'r, Eliza Ryan
8 Jun 1823JamesAsh of Kenton, Devon, BachelorSarahMarshallof this place, SpinsterThomas Woolfrey, [George Mu-h?]
5 Jun 1823WilliamBrownof Spanyards Bay, BachelorEmmaCollinsof the same place, SpinsterHenry Jewer, Richard Gosse
11 Jun 1823HenryParsonsof Wincanton, BachelorCatherineScanlonof Carbonear, SpinsterJohn Peaty
19 Oct 1823JamesT(h)ompsonof St. Steven, Bristol, BachelorSusanAndrewsof this place, SpinsterJames Hippisley, Tho's Davis
30 Oct 1823JohnBrownof Northern Cove, BachelorMaryannNosaryof the same place, SpinsterGeorge Hutchens, Solomon Seymour
30 Oct 1823RobertFrenchof this Parish, BachelorCatherineTuckerof Broad Cove S.S., SpinsterThomas L. Westcott, John Snow
9 Nov 1823GeorgeSoperof Carbonear, BachelorMaryPelleyof the same place, SpinsterJoh [sic] Nichole
13 Nov 1823RichardMorganof Port de Grave, BachelorGraceDawof the same place, SpinsterHugh W. Danson, Jacob Daw
15 Nov 1823HenryParsonsof Otterbury, BachelorMaryKingof Perrys Cove, SpinsterHugh W. Danson
26 Nov 1823JosephVergeof X-Church, Hants, BachelorMaryBrownof this place, SpinsterThomas L. Westcott, Richard Collins
14 Dec 1823WilliamNicholasof this Parish, BachelorMaryCadwellof the same place, SpinsterDarby Neil, Susan Burt
10 Dec 1823SamuelCrutchof Bay de VerdsPatienceShepherd
John Skinner, Henry Dean, Susan Burt
12 Dec 1823DavidRabbitsof Brigus, WidowerMargaretBarnesof Kilkany County, Ireland, SpinsterJames N. Harris, James Robberts
12 Dec 1823WilliamBattenof Salmon Cove, BachelorElizabethRichof the same place, SpinsterJames N. Harris, Jn'o Searle
17 Dec 1823Moses SandyParsonsof this Parish, BachelorMaryMulchayof the same place, SpinsterJames Hippisley, Mary [Parsons?]
26 Dec 1823JacobDawof Ship Cove, BachelorSusanDawof Port de Grave, SpinsterWill Andrews, John Daw
[blank][between 26 Dec 1823 and 6 Jan 1824?]PeterPiddleof Bread & Cheese Cove, Bachelor[blank][blank]
Abraham Smith
6 Jan 1824WilliamHigginsof this Parish, BachelorSarahAshof the same place, SpinsterJohn Martin, Patience French
10 Jan 1824NicholasPayn(e)of this Parish, WidowerCatherineAndrewsSpinsterJames Thompson, Thomas Wills
13 Jan 1824JerryNealof this Parish, BachelorMaryFrenchof the same place, Spinster[Mary?] Nicholas, Patt [Cah---?]
14 Jan 1824GeorgeSmithof Bread & Cheese Cove, BachelorPatienceJoierof the same place, SpinsterAbraham Smith, Dianna Smith
18 Jan 1824ThomasPikeof Carbonear, BachelorFrances SparklingWidowWm Wilkinson, Joseph Guy
26 Jan 1824StephenColeof Ringwood, Hants, England, BachelorMaria Pikeof Musquitto, SpinsterEdw'd D. Carrington
26 Jan 1824WilliamThomasof this Parish, BachelorMaryAshof the same place, SpinsterWill'm Martin, Patience French
[11?] Feb 1824James Fred'cCawleyof this Parish, BachelorAnn SarahGarlandof the same place, SpinsterR. Holden, James Bayly
20 Apr 1824Benj'nScottof Christ Church, Hants, Engl'd, BachelorMaryAndrewsof Port de Grave, SpinsterWm Cowan, Peter Rogerson
13 May 1824EdwardParsonsof Kingston, Somerset, England, BachelorAnnPikeof this place, SpinsterElizabeth Louisa Belley, H. [Junry?]
23 May 1824JamesTombsof X't Church, Hants, BachelorMaryStoneof Carbonear, SpinsterRobert Antell
4 Jul 1824ThomasGodwin [Godder]of Lymington, Hants, BachelorMaryLillyof this place, SpinsterWilliam Earl, William Lilly
17 Aug 1824WilliamMeechof Poole, Dorset, BachelorMaryGillof Brigus, SpinsterFrancis Drake, Thomas Drake
7 Nov 1824JohnEvansof Carbonear, WidowerElizabethBabbof the same place, WidowWill'm Marks, Rich'd Babb
16 Nov 1824WilliamMorganof Porte de Grave, WidowerAbagailTuckerof Ship Cove, SpinsterEdward Morgan, John Tucker
23 Nov 1824JosephParsonsof Briants Cove, BachelorElenorYetmanof the same place, SpinsterHenry Yetman, Is. T. Cawley
23 Nov 1824WilliamRobbertsof Spanyards Bay, BachelorDiannaNosarryof Briants Cove, SpinsterThomas Foster, Is. T. Cawley
27 Nov 1824ThomasYoudenof Brigus, BachelorElizabethHiscockof Carbonear, SpinsterHenry Hiscock, Ann Pye
29 Nov 1824JonathanBrownof Bread & Cheese Cove, BachelorRachaelSmith of the same place, SpinsterAbraham Smith, Nathaniel Barrett
7 Dec 1824ThomasPenneyof Carbonear, BachelorAnnHowellof the same place, SpinsterWilliam Udell, Mary Tocque
25 Dec 1824JosephChubbof [Oversnit or Criersnit?] Dorset, BachelorDiannaOatsof Carbonear, SpinsterRobert Oats, Robert Mallett
20 Dec 1824JamesDroverof Island Cove, BachelorJuliaSmith of the same place, SpinsterNathaniel Barrett, Rich'd Wills
30 Dec 1824SamuelFrenchof Bay Roberts, BachelorVirtueKearleyof the same place, SpinsterWilliam Kearly, Abraham Norman
30 Dec 1824EdwardMorganof Ship Cove, BachelorPatienceParsonsof Briants Cove, SpinsterEdw'd [Parrington?], Joseph Morgan
1 Jan 1825JosephGuyof Poole, Dorset, BachelorEmmaThistleof Carbonear, SpinsterWilliam Thistle, John Roach
1 Jan 1825JamesCandyof Parkstone, Dorset, BachelorEllenKingof Small Point, SpinsterRobert Mullett, Edward Best
6 Jan 1825JohnOsbourneof Carbonear, BachelorElizabethHopkinsof the same place, SpinsterWm Sparks, Samuel Taylor
7 Jan 1825FrancisShepherdof Spaniards Bay, BachelorAnnGossof the same place, SpinsterJohn Sheppard, George Hutchens
13 Jan 1825NathanielBarrettof Bread & Cheese Cove, BachelorLucyHennesy (Henessy)of Porte de Grave, Spinster[illegible], Thomas Woolfrey
27 Jan 1825ArchibaldCurry (Currie)of Argyleshi [sic], Scotland, BachelorMarthaPalmerof Harbour Grace, SpinsterPeter Rogerson, C. Thompson
29 Jan 1825WilliamComerof Poole, Dorset, BachelorJaneBradburryof this place, Spinster[-ar?] Bradbry, Rich'd Anderson
22 Mar 1825RichardDavisof [Wrighton?], Somerset, BachelorSarahParsonsof this parish, SpinsterElizabeth Parsons of Harbour Grace, [P. Robinson?] of Portsea, Hants
3 Apr 1825ThomasMartinof Ringwood, England, BachelorEmmaGarlandof Harbour Grace, SpinsterGeo. D. Garland of Harbour Grace, [G.F.?] Cawley of Harbour Grace, Rob [illegible]
21 Apr 1825ClementPennyof Freshwater, WidowerFrances Skerwickof Perrys Cove, WidowAdam Butt of Freshwater, William Brown of Harbour Grace
17 May 1825EdwardFrenchof Bay Roberts, WidowerFrancesChurchillof the same place, WidowMary Churchill of Bay Roberts, Eward [sic] French of Bay Roberts
17 May 1825JohnChurchillof Bay Roberts, WidowerFrancesRusselof the same place, WidowJames Delany of Bay Roberts, Richard Delany of Bay Roberts
20 May 1825ClementNoelof Harbour Grace, BachelorMaryShepherdof the same place, SpinsterNicholas Howell of Carbonear, Richard Noel of Carbonear
27 May 1825GeorgePennyof Carbonear, BachelorElizabethPikeof the same place, SpinsterMary Butt of Carbonear, Thomas [New---?] of Carbonear
31 May 1825ArnoldWinterof St. Johns, BachelorElizabethCowanof this place, SpinsterWm Barnes, Elizabeth Ann Trapnell
1 Jun 1825WilliamBarret of Bread & Cheese Cove, WidowerJaneNealof Briants Cove, WidowMary Dean, Emmanuel Goss
2 Jun 1825CharlesButtof Harbour Grace, BachelorPatienceFrenchof the same place, SpinsterNathaniel Davis, William French
5 Jun 1825JohnMartinof Harbour Grace, BachelorJanePippeyof the same place, SpinsterElizabeth Parsons, George Pippy
21 Jun 1825WilliamWhelanof Harbour Grace, BachelorJaneNosaryof Briants Cove, SpinsterJames Nosary, John Whelan
This [space] was left for Dr. Baids marriage but which appears in Ship Cove register

28 Aug 1825JamesLampenof Harbour Grace, BachelorElizabeth LouisaBelleyof the same place, SpinsterAlex. Campbell, E. [Tirth?]
3 Oct 1825AlexanderCampbellWidowerCharlotteDixonof St. Johns, Spinster[illegible], Rb Bray
1 Nov 1825JohnJonesof Island Cove, BachelorMaryDroverof the same place, Spinster[Ann?] Mugford, Joseph Bishop
1 Nov 1825WilliamSacreyof Briants Cove, BachelorMaryFosterof the same place, SpinsterZachariah Sacrey
3 Nov 1825BenjaminPitmanof Harbour Grace, WidowerJaneHearleyof the same place, WidowThomas Spural, Sarah Higgins
10 Nov 1825HenryPeckamof Salmon Cove, WidowerElenorCirbyof Carbonear, SpinsterRb Bray, Joseph Parsons
13 Nov 1825RobertStoneof Carbonear, BachelorSusanHawkinsof the same place, SpinsterRb Bray, Robert Mullett
15 Nov 1825JacobBarretof Bread & Cheese Cove, BachelorDinahSmith of Island Cove, SpinsterNathaniel Barrett, Emmanuel Goss
18 Nov 1825JohnGoodwinof Musquitto, BachelorAnnBellmanof the same place, SpinsterStephen [Coles?], William Wills
22 Nov 1825WilliamBakerof Bread & Cheese Cove, BachelorSarahBarretof the same place, SpinsterAbraham Smith, Charles [Maryhale?]
22 Nov 1825SamuelButtof Crockers Cove, BachelorMaryNealof Briants Cove, SpinsterAbraham Smith, Charles [Maryhall?]
24 Nov 1825RichardPorterof Hibbs Hole, BachelorAnnBishopof the same place, SpinsterJohn Porter, Jacob Taylor
24 Nov 1825WilliamGlasby (Gillespie)of Carbonear, BachelorMaryAshof the same place, SpinsterWilliam Moores, Charles [Maryhull?]
1 Dec 1825Moses Buttof Clowns Cove, BachelorElizabethAshof Harbour Grace, SpinsterGeorge Snow, John Ash
3 Dec 1825Charles Sweetlandof Harbour Grace, BachelorJaneHeraldof the same place, SpinsterElizabeth Parsons, John [illegible]
4 Dec 1825JamesBakerof Christ Church, Hants, BachelorJaneTuckerof Harbour Grace, SpinsterRich Collins, John [illegible]
8 Dec 1825JohnNicholeof Carbonear, BachelorDinahWaggof the same place, SpinsterJohn [P.?] Taylor, Francis Pike
22 Dec 1825PatrickBarretof Freshwater, BachelorPatienceButtof the same place, SpinsterGeorge Snow, Julia Butt
24 Dec 1825JohnNicholasof Harbour Grace, BachelorElizabethCadwellof the same place, SpinsterJames Nichols, George Nichohols [sic]
26 Dec 1825JohnMitchellof Plymouth, England, BachelorSusanFragwellof the same place, Spinster[Wm?] Stow, G.W.P. Jillard
27 Dec 1825CharlesMarshallof Crockers Cove, BachelorCatherineClarkof the same place, SpinsterRichard Clark
29 Dec 1825ThomasPyeof Carbonear, BachelorAnnWalshof Brigus, SpinsterHenry Corbin Watts, [illegible] Buckingham
31 Dec 1825EdwardPynnof Musquitto, BachelorAnn(a)Kearneyof Harbour Grace, SpinsterOliver St. John, Hannah G. St. John
2 Jan 1826Abraham Smithof Bread & Cheese Cove, BachelorJanePorterof Island Cove, SpinsterJohn Smith
5 Jan 1826JonathonNoelof Freshwater, BachelorAgnesAshof Harbour Grace, SpinsterFrancis Ash, John Noel
5 Jan 1826ThomasStoneof Harbour Grace, BachelorGraceSacreyof Briants Cove, SpinsterThomas Barnes, Tho's Wilsdon
10 Jan 1826JacobDawof Ship Cove, BachelorRebeccaMorganof the same place, SpinsterJoseph Morgan, Edward Morgan
12 Jan 1826EdwardTaylorof Carbonear, BachelorMaria Nicholof the same place, SpinsterWm H. Taylor, John Nichole
12 Jan 1826JosephTaylorof Carbonear, BachelorElizabethPowellof Carbonear, WidowRich'd Hw'd Taylor, Samuel Taylor
24 Jan 1826WilliamMooresof Freshwater, BachelorFrancesKingof Perrys Cove, SpinsterSamuel Parsons, Richard King
24 Jan 1826EdwardPikeof Carbonear, BachelorMary AnnParsonsof Harbour Grace, Spinster[Francis?] Pike, Moses Sandy Parsons

Name in RecordDescription of ErrorMy Name
BATTEN William Batten M. Mary Slade Sm Point 1818. He was from Dorset. In 1822 at Birth of Anna he is Butten. In 1830 at Birth of Chas he is Budden. In 1832 at Birth of Thomas he is Burdrin. Walter Batten

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