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Harbour Grace - Anglican Marriage Records, 1825 - 1830

Please note that for this transcription I have used the original documents held at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Harbour Grace. Consulting the records will yield additional information; the name of the minister who performed the marriage, the place where the marriage was performed and whether the bride, groom & witnesses were literate. The records were transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY in March 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical or interpretive errors. For verification purposes, photocopies of these documents can be consulted at either:
St. Paul's Anglican Church
Cochrane Street, PO Box 341
Harbour Grace, NL A0A 2M0
The Rooms Corporation of NL, Provincial Archives Division
9 Bonaventure Avenue, P.O. Box 1800, Station C
St. John's, NL, Canada A1C 5P9
Anglican Archives
19 King's Bridge Road
St. John's, NL A1C 3K4
Marriage Date Groom's Given Groom's Surname Groom's Info Bride's Given Bride's Surname BRIDE'S INFO Witnesses
20 Aug 1825JohnBairdbachelor of Saint George, Glascow, County of Lanark, ScotlandAnneFurneuxspinster of Ship CoveH.J. Furneux of Ship Cove, Robr. Jn. Pincent of Port de Grave
16 Nov 1825RobertMarshallbachelor of Clowns CoveMaryPottlespinster of Clowns CoveRichard Marshall of Clowns Cove, Wm Loder of Carbonear
24 Nov 1825GeorgeRoebachelor of CubitsEllenGillspinster of CupitsJohn Sarell of Bareneed, Richard Wills of Island Cove
24 Nov 1825ThomasWillsbachelor of Salmon Cove, Port de GraveMaryCurtisspinster of Salmon Cove, Port de GraveJn Sarell of Bareneed, Richard Wills of Island Cove
6 Dec 1825MosesButtbachelor of Spaniards BayGeziahVokeyspinster of Spaniards BayJn Sarell of Bareneed, John Howlet of Ship Cove
7 Dec 1825JohnEarlebachelor of Bay RobertsSusannaMercerspinster of Bay RobertsGeorge Williams, Eli Mercer, both of Bay Roberts
15 Jan 1826WilliamBennettwidower of CarbonearSarahPikewidow of CarbonearLorenzo Moore, Edward Pike, both of Carbonear
9 Feb 1826JohnCollile (Collehole)bachelor of Teynmouth, Devon, EnglandMaryGordonspinster of MusquettoThomas Pynn of Musquitta, John Chipman of [harber?]
28 Apr 1826JohnWhelanwidower of the Southside of Harbor GraceMaryHawkinsspinster of the Southside of Harbor GraceElizabeth Gouger, John Gouger, both of Southside of Harbor Grace
12 May 1826JabezWarfordbachelor of Harbour GraceRachealSnowspinster of Harbour GracePatrick Tobin, William Warford, both of Harbour Grace
21 May 1826ThomasLutherbachelor of CarbonearPatienceNoelspinster of CarbonearWilliam Luther, George Pike, both of Carbonear
28 May 1826WilliamCoombsbachelor of CarbonearCatherineLearyspinster of CarbonearJohn Giddings, Ann Spencer, both of Carbonear
2 Oct 1826JohnShepherdbachelor of the Southside of Harbour GraceMariaWhelanspinster of Western BayRobert Shutt, Susan Burt, both of Harbour Grace
22 Oct 1826RichardKingbachelor of Perry's CoveSusanKellawayspinster of Perry's CoveWilliam Moores of Perry's Cove
12 Nov 1826ThomasNosarybachelor of Briants CoveAnnShepherdspinster of the Southside of Harbor GraceRich'd Neil of [Brian's?] Cove, Robert Shutt of Harbour Grace
14 Nov 1826JohnOsbournebachelor of Island CoveElizabethJeansspinster of Island CoveMary Ann Youngs, William Janes, both of Island Cove
16 Nov 1826ManselBadcockbachelor of Bay RobertsAmyFrenchspinster of Bay RobertsEli Merser, Henry Badcock, both of Bay Roberts
20 Nov 1826SolomonBishopbachelor of Island CoveMaryannHusseyspinster of Island CoveJoseph Bishop of Island Cove, Lavinia Pack of Carbonear
20 Nov 1826LukeMinchinbachelor of Bread and Cheese CoveSusanSmithspinster of Bread and Cheese CoveJonathan Minchins of Bread and Cheese Cove, Lavinia Pack of Carbonear
28 Nov 1826RobertGeorgebachelor of Crockers CoveJaneHarveyspinster of FreshwaterJames Fitzgerald of Crockers Cove, Lavinia Pack of Carbonear
4 Dec 1826JohnCoxsen (Coxsun)bachelor of CarbonearAnnMehanyspinster of CarbonearWm Burt, S. John [Osmond?], both of Carbonear
5 Dec 1826HenryWinsorof AquafortAnn Caulmanof FerrylandElizabeth Caulman, Maria Brazil
6 Dec 1826WilliamWellsbachelor of MusquittoMaryHeraldspinster of Bears CoveJames Simmons, Levi Pike, both of Mosquitto
7 Dec 1826WilliamUdellbachelor of CarbonearJanePenneyspinster of CarbonearWilliam Penney, John Penny, both of Carbonear
11 Dec 1826ThomasOsbournebachelor of Island CoveJuliaLundragenspinster of Island CoveRobert Lundragen, John Landergan of Island Cove, Mary Osmond of Island Cove
12 Dec 1826JamesNewmanbachelor of Crockers CoveEmmaClarkspinster of Crockers CoveEdward Nichole, Charles [Cluny?], both of Crockers Cove
13 Dec 1826GeorgeHutchensbachelor of Spaniards BayPrudenceNosaryspinster of Spaniards BayJohn Shepheard of Spaniards Bay
14 Dec 1826SamuelGiffersbachelor of FreshwaterCharlotteNoelspinster of FreshwaterJames Noel, Fanny Dean, both of Carbonear
21 Dec 1826JonathanPorterbachelor of Spaniards BayFrancesCollinsspinster of Spaniards BayJohn Sheppeard of Spaniards Bay, Isaac Bradbury of Harbour Grace
21 Dec 1826JohnFrenchbachelor of Bay RobertsElizabethNormanspinster of Bay RobertsJohn Sheppeard of Spaniards Bay, Isaac Bradbury of Harbour Grace
21 Dec 1826WilliamCurtisbachelor of Harbour GraceAnnSnowspinster of Harbour GraceHenry Davis, James R. Thompson, both of Harbour Grace
23 Dec 1826GeorgePynnbachelor of MusquittoCatherineGordonspinster of MusquittoPeter [Hutsheson?] of [Nevcaetta?], Martin [Walsh?] of Mosquito
26 Dec 1826WilliamChardbachelor of Bay RobertsAbigailMercerspinster of Bay RobertsJohn Sheppeard of Spaniards Bay, Elijah Merser of Bay Roberts
26 Dec 1826Isreal [sic] Mercerbachelor of Bay RobertsSusanBradburyspinster of Bay RobertsWilliam Chard, Elijah Merser, both of Bay Roberts
26 Dec 1826JohnSheppeardbachelor of Spaniards BayElizabethPorterspinster of Spaniards BayEli Merser, Joseph Parsons, both of Bay Roberts
27 Dec 1826GeorgeSnowbachelor of Harbour GraceJuliaButtspinster of FreshwaterCharles Calpin, Elizabeth Brazill, both of Harbour Grace
27 Dec 1826Thomas B.Willsbachelor of Harbour GraceSusannaAndrewsspinster of Harbour GraceTho's Davis, James R. Thompson, both of Harbour Grace
27 Dec 1826WilliamHuntbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryMartinspinster of Harbour GraceEliza McGrath, Anne Alcock, both of Harbour Grace
1 Jan 1827JohnClarkbachelor of Crockers CoveAnnButtspinster of Crockers CoveCharles [Cluny?], Henry [illegible], both of Crockers Cove
3 Jan 1827StephenPercybachelor of BrigusElizabeth[Hagg?]spinster of CarbonearRichard Taylor of Carbonear, Jonathon Percy of Brigus
7 Jan 1827JohnPowellbachelor of CarbonearAnnePilgrimspinster of CarbonearRichard Howell, William Loader, both of Carbonear
8 Jan 1827JosephBadcockbachelor of Bay RobertsSarahCrawleyspinster of Western BayWilliam Badcock, Henry Babcock, both of Bay Roberts
9 Jan 1827RobertMarshallbachelor of the Southside of Harbour GraceSarahButtspinster of Broad CoveJohn Alcock of Harbour Grace, William Butt of Broad Cove
11 Jan 1827WilliamBarneswidower of Harbour GraceSarahStowespinster of Harbour GraceRobert Lee Whiting, John Stowe, both of Harbour Grace
17 Jan 1827JamesClarkbachelor of Crockers CoveFrancesPiddlespinster of Bread and Cheese CoveRichard Clark, William Clark, both of Crockers Cove
25 Jan 1827FrancisPikebachelor of CarbonearMaryLeggspinster of CarbonearFrancis Pike, Lavinia Pack, both of Carbonear
2 Feb 1827HenryBeckfordbachelor of Belle IsleAmyCooperspinster of Belle IsleThomas Wilsdon of Harbour Grace, John Stone of Belle Isle
11 Feb 1827FrancisBelbinbachelor of MusquittoSarahPynnspinster of MusquittoWm Sparks, Levi Pike, both of Mosquitto
10 Mar 1827JohnRosebachelor of Marshalls FollySusanPagespinster of Marshalls FollyJohn Slade of Perry's Cove, William Rose of Marshalls Folly
3 Apr 1827CharlesCalpinbachelor of Harbour GraceLouiza (Louisa)Cran (Cram)spinster of Harbour GraceThomas A. Danson, Tho's Godden, Elizabeth Trapnell, all of Harbour Grace
5 May 1827NathanielTaylorwidower of CarbonearAnnParsonswidow of CarbonearJoseph Taylor, Francis Taylor, both of Carbonear
9 May 1827**See Errata table belowJohnEvasneybachelor of Bay RobertsSusannaJonesspinster of Bay RobertsWilliam Kearly, William Chard, both of Bay Roberts
12 May 1827MosesShepherdbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryannLuffmanspinster of ColliersJohn Brazill, George Shepherd, both of Harbour Grace
14 May 1827JamesButtbachelor of Spaniards BayHarrietGossspinster of Spaniards BayJames Titford of Spanyards Bay, [illegible Seymour?]
18 May 1827ThomasMooresbachelor of Black HeadMaryPippyspinster of Harbour GraceGeorge Pippy, Elizabeth Parsons, both of Harbour Grace
20 May 1827JohnPeatywidower of CarbonearSarahPilgrimspinster of CarbonearRobert Mullett, George Baker, both of Carbonear
22 May 1827JohnDavisbachelor of Bristol, EnglandAnneMcGrathspinster of Harbour GraceJames Hippisley, Wm Innott, both of Harbour Grace
22 May 1827WilliamParsonsbachelor of Harbour GraceGracePeatenspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Sterling, Ann Parsons, both of Harbour Grace
27 May 1827HenryRogersbachelor of CarbonearBridgetWalshspinster of CarbonearWilliam [Alcock?] of Carbonear, George Tapp of Harbour Grace
7 Jun 1827ThomasPottlebachelor of Clowns CoveAnnHandleyspinster of Clowns CoveRichard Marshall of Clowns Cove, James Hanlan
10 Jun 1827RichardCollinsbachelor of CarbonearJuliaThistlespinster of CarbonearWm Wilkinson, George Ozzard, both of Carbonear
11 Jun 1827AbrahamMartinwidower of Harbour GraceJuliaStevensonspinster Matt'w Stevenson, Thomas Stevenson, both of Harbour Grace
26 Aug 1827JohnParsonsbachelor of Otterbury in Conception BayBridgetCarlspinster of Adams CoveW. Loder, A.B. Bugden, both of Carbonear
6 Sep 1827Robert HamiltonMartinbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethSnowspinster of Harbour GraceWm Martin, William Bennett, both of Harbour Grace
18 Oct 1827John WilliamArcherbachelor of Harbour GraceJaneCoughlanspinster of Harbour GraceHenry Garland, Ann Elizabeth Trapnell, both of Harbour Grace
24 Oct 1827WilliamPuddicombewidower of Harbour GracePatienceFrenchspinster of Harbour GraceJ. Kitchen, J. [Best or Burt?] [witnesses names pencilled in]
28 Oct 1827ThomasWayof BrigusMaryDawof Ship CoveCharles Sandy, William Munden
4 Nov 1827HenryReedbachelor of CarbonearAnnRumboltlate of Battle Harbour LabradorJohn Leary, Thomas Eton, both of Carbonear
6 Nov 1827RobertAntlebachelor of CarbonearMarySummersspinster of Clowns CoveHenry Davis of Harbour Grace, Mary Leary of Carbonear
7 Nov 1827JohnKinsellaof BareneedEliz'thBoonof BareneedHannah Curlew, Jn Sarell
7 Nov 1827JohnMorgan
SarahWarfordof BareneedJn Sarell, Julia Blackman
8 Nov 1827JohnJones
MaryParsonsof Bay RobertsJohn Jacob, John Goosman
8 Nov 1827JamesHowellbachelor of CarbonearSusanSacreyspinster of Briants CoveJohn Snook, James Howell, both of Carbonear
12 Nov 1827JohnNewmanbachelor of Island CoveAnnLundragenspinster of Island CoveRobert Lundragen of Island Cove, Mary Newman of Harbour Grace
12 Nov 1827RichardRiglerbachelor of Harbour GraceFrancesMarshallspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Alcock of Harbour Grace, Robert Shutt [of Harbour Grace?]
13 Nov 1827WilliamHammond
MaryChurchhillof the South Shore Conception BayNoah Bradbury, Fanny Gilland
14 Nov 1827WilliamEason
AmyFaganof Port de GraveMary Andrews, Samuel Daw
14 Nov 1827SolomonDeanbachelor of Crockers CoveMariaSmithspinster of Bread and Cheese CoveMary Dean, Solomon Dean, both of Carbonear
17 Nov 1827WilliamShepperdwidower of Harbour GraceJaneNosarywidow of Harbour GraceJohn Sheppard, William French, both of Harbour Grace
18 Nov 1827RobertCoombsbachelor of CarbonearElizabethClarkspinster of Crockers CoveJohn Clark of Carbonear, Susan Burt of Harbour Grace
20 Nov 1827RobertAndrewsbachelor of Harbour GraceMary[Conjean or Coujear?]widow of Harbour GraceJames R. Thompson of Harbour Grace, Ann Walters [of Harbour Grace?]
22 Nov 1827HenryYetmanbachelor of Briants CoveSarahFosterspinster of Briants CoveJohn Foster of Briants Cove, Jeremiah Yetman [of Briants Cove?]
25 Nov 1827WilliamTaylorbachelor of CarbonearJaneHowellspinster of CarbonearFrancis Howell of Carbonear, Joseph Ash Taylor [of Carbonear?]
25 Nov 1827EdwardBestbachelor of CarbonearMaryDeanspinster of CarbonearWm [But?], Wm [Hut----?], both of Carbonear
26 Nov 1827RichardTuckerof Broad CovePatienceTaylorof Ship CoveRobert Taylor, Richard Squire
26 Nov 1827IsaacBradbury
IsabellaMercerof Island CoveWilliam Mercer, Henry Mercer
27 Nov 1827CharlesKearleyof Bay RobertsAnnBradburyof Bay RobertsDiana French, Abraham Bradbury
27 Nov 1827ThomasMooreof CubitsElizabethMorganof CubitsWm Morgan, Tho's Bussey
28 Nov 1827ThomasBradburyof Island CoveSarahJonesof Island CoveHenry Mercer, James Osborne
29 Nov 1827JohnHolmesof Bay RobertsElizabethChurchhillof Bay RobertsJervis Churchhill, Abraham Nossel
3 Dec 1827RobertGossbachelor of Spaniards BayMaryShepperdspinster of Spaniards BayJohn Sheppeard of Spaniards Bay, Henry Sheppard [of Spaniards Bay?]
6 Dec 1827GeorgePelleybachelor of CarbonearJuliaSnelgrovespinster of Harbour GraceNicholas Nichole of Carbonear, [illegible] Bradbury of Harbour Grace
9 Dec 1827JamesHowellbachelor of CarbonearSarahMooresspinster of CarbonearJoseph Ash Taylor, William Loder, both of Carbonear
11 Dec 1827IsaacDawof Ship CoveJaneDawof Ship CoveSamuel Daw, Thomas Bartlett Senior
11 Dec 1827SolomonKearlyof Bay RobertsBridgetChurchhillof Topsall [sic]Henry Cave, William Kearly
15 Dec 1827WilliamRosebachelor of Marshalls FollyFrancesParsonsspinster of Salmon CoveWilliam Parsons of Salmon Cove, James Rose of Spout Cove
17 Dec 1827JohnHiscockbachelor of CarbonearRebeccaPennyspinster of BrigusJohn Penny, William Loder, both of Carbonear
20 Dec 1827William Davisbachelor of FreshwaterPatienceParsonsspinster of FreshwaterJohn Chipman, Samuel Parsons, both of Carbonear
25 Dec 1827JamesPerhambachelor of CarbonearFrancesMarshallspinster of FreshwaterAnn Reed of Carbonear, Jonathan Marshall of Crockers Cove
26 Dec 1827RichardFillierof Port de GravePatience Roachof Port de GraveThomas Line, Luke Roach
27 Dec 1827FrancisBadcockof Bay RobertsPatienceSparksof Bay RobertsCatharine Badcock, Richard Badcock
27 Dec 1827GeorgeGreenlandof Bay RobertsRachelRussellof Bay RobertsJohn Churchhill, Jos'h D. Watts
1 Jan 1828RobertParsonsbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethParsonsspinster of Harbour GraceH. [Glelow?], William Parsons, both of Harbour Grace
2 Jan 1828HenryDavisbachelor of Harbour GraceEmmaParsonsspinster of Harbour GraceJonathan Parsons of Harbour Grace, William Davis
3 Jan 1828IsaacMercerbachelor of Bay RobertsMaryElmesspinster of Bay RobertsHenery Elmes, William Chard, both of Bay Roberts
7 Jan 1828JohnAllenbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryRyanspinster of Harbour GraceRobert Lee Whiting, Andrew Barnes, both of Harbour Grace
17 Jan 1828JohnFrenchbachelor of Harbour GraceJaneNicholasspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Nicholas, John French, both of Harbour Grace
19 Jan 1828WilliamCadwellbachelor of Harbour GraceHarrietPercellspinster of Portugal CoveJohn King of [illegible], Philip Brown of Harbour Grace
28 Jan 1828HenryDawof Ship CoveAmyFaganof Ship CoveWilliam Andrews, William Andrews
3 Feb 1828JohnGiddons (Giddings)bachelor of CarbonearMaryCuddiespinster of CarbonearAndrew Cluren, Benjamin Leary, both of Carbonear
3 Feb 1828Walter Bennettbachelor of CarbonearAnnPyespinster of CarbonearSolomon Dean, Henry Greening, both of Carbonear
3 Feb 1828Joseph AshTaylorbachelor of CarbonearMaryHopkinsspinster of CarbonearWilliam Howell, Edward Rowe, both of Carbonear
6 Feb 1828GeorgeAzzardbachelor of CarbonearAnnThistlespinster of CarbonearWilliam Thistle, Joseph Guy, both of Carbonear
6 Feb 1828HenryGouldbachelor of Crockers CoveEmmaNealspinster of Briants CoveWilliam Loder of Carbonear, Frances Dean of Crockers Cove
14 Feb 1828RobertCraftbachelor of CarbonearElenorNealspinster of Carbonear[illegible Skinner?], Lavinia Pack of Carbonear
18 Feb 1828IsaacBradburybachelor of Harbour GraceAnnParsonsspinster of Harbour GraceJames Bradbury, Jonathan Parsons
22 Apr 1828Moses (Morris)Hurleybachelor of Small PointCharlotteNoftilspinster of Broad CoveJohn Trickett of Spout Cove, Thomas King of Small Point
10 May 1828ThomasOatswidower of CarbonearCharlotteButtspinster of CarbonearJoseph Chubb, George Mullins, both of Carbonear
20 May 1828FrancesAshbachelor of CarbonearJanePowellspinster of CarbonearJohn Penny, William Ash, both of Carbonear
24 May 1828CharlesEvillbachelor of Bath in EnglandAnn ElizabethTrapnellspinster of Harbour GraceJacob Moore of Harbour Grace, John [Mett--sell?] of Shaldon Devon
25 May 1828WilliamPyeof CarbonearAnneSnowof Northern GutWilliam Butler, Jos'h [R.?] Watts
26 May 1828GeorgePurchasebachelor of Harbour GraceMaryMarshallspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Alcock, Robert Shutt, both of Harbour Grace
[no date] 1828ThomasPyebachelor of Carbonear[blank]Snowwidow of Bareneed[blank]
28 May 1828JohnEdwardsof TeignmouthMaryFordof CubitsWilliam Hampton, James Ford
[no date] 1828William Richardswidower of Bareneed[blank]Stevenswidow of Bareneed[blank]
31 May 1828William Parsonsbachelor of Salmon CoveAnnRoespinster of Marshalls FollyMartin Roe, [An--neces?] Case, both of Marshalls Folly
5 Jun 1828JohnHutchinsof Spaniards BaySarahSeymourof Spaniards BayGeorge Hutchens, Robert Goss, both of Spaniards Bay
5 Jun 1828WilliamThistlebachelor of CarbonearCatharinePippyspinster of Harbour GraceGeorge Pippy of Harbour Grace, Rich'd Collins of Carbonear
8 Jun 1828JohnWellmanbachelor of CarbonearAnnClarkspinster of CarbonearWilliam Loder, W. Waterman, both of Carbonear
11 Jun 1828Edward (Edmung)Whitewaybachelor of CarbonearAmeliaTuckerspinster of Harbour GraceThomas Woolfrey, Sofia Davis, both of Harbour Grace
23 Jun 1828JohnChristopherof Port de GraveJaneBasseyof Port de GraveWilliam Butler, William Andrews
8 Sep 1828WilliamHamptonwidower of Port de GraveElizabethGiffordwidow of Port de GraveJames Butler, Christopher Gifford
21 Sep 1828GeorgeHicks (Hix)bachelor of Congesbury, Somerset, EnglandMaryParsonswidow of Briants CoveCharles Robinson, Ann Sacrey, both of Briants (Bryns) Cove
27 Sep 1828CharlesRobinsonbachelor of Bristol, EnglandAnnSacreyspinster of Briants CoveGeorge Hix, Elias Ford, both of Harbour Grace
2 Oct 1828JamesSquiresbachelor of Harbour GraceMariaNosarryspinster of Briants CoveJames Nosary, Thomas Nosary, both of Briants Cove
5 Oct 1828JohnMooresbachelor of Northern BayFrancesDrascol (Moores)spinster of Northern BayJohn Reynolds, Charles Jannes, both of Northern Bay
6 Oct 1828EliasEarlbachelor of Briants CoveSofiaGoudjerspinster of Briants CoveGeorge Hix of Briencove, John Stone of Briants Cove
7 Oct 1828WilliamWelshbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethWaltersspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Brazill, John Brazill, both of Harbour Grace
8 Oct 1828AaronDroverbachelor of Island CoveMaryannJonesspinster of Island CoveSolomon Jones, John Coombes, both of Island Cove
16 Oct 1828Thomas Winsborough[Bab or Ball?]bachelor of Harbour GracePatienceGordonspinster of MusquittoGeo.P. Jillard of Harbour Grace, John Chipman of Carbonear
19 Oct 1828WilliamCoombesbachelor of Island CoveClaraMercerspinster of Island CoveJohn Coombes of Island Cove, George Tapp of Harbour Grace
23 Oct 1828JosephParsonsbachelor of Perry's CoveFrancesButtspinster of Perry's CoveRobert Parsons of Perry's Cove, Mary Clark of Crockers Cove
28 Oct 1828JohnDawof Burnt HeadAnneBrineof Burnt HeadJohn Efford, George Newell
3 Nov 1828WilliamMercerbachelor of Island CovePatienceCranespinster of Island CoveChristopher Crane, Thomas Mercer, both of Island Cove
4 Nov 1828JosephCranebachelor of Island CoveAnnMinchinsspinster of Bread and Cheese CoveJohnathan [sic] Minchins, Christopher Crane, both of Bread and Cheese Cove
6 Nov 1828MartinRosebachelor of Marshalls FollyAnnParsonsspinster of OtterburyJohn Parsons of Otterbury, John Kellaway of Perry's Cove
8 Nov 1828JohnStow(e)bachelor of Harbour GraceCatherineCoxsonspinster of Harbour GraceGeorge Tapp, Tho's Godden, both of Harbour Grace
10 Nov 1828ThomasMercerbachelor of Island CoveMarthaClarkspinster of Spoon CoveWilliam Mercer, Joseph Mercer, both of Island Cove
11 Nov 1828MosesPikebachelor of CarbonearElenorHelanspinster of CarbonearJames Pike, Bridget Reynolds, both of Carbonear
11 Nov 1828RobertShuttbachelor of Harbour GraceJuliaNosarryspinster of Briants CoveJames Pinkstone of Harbour Grace, James Nosarry of Briants Cove
13 Nov 1828WilliamSmithbachelor of Bread and Cheese CoveGraceBradburyspinster of Bay Roberts[Eli?] Roberts of Brigus, Moses Jeans of Island Cove
17 Nov 1828JamesHuntbachelor of Harbour GraceGracePiddlespinster of Bread and Cheese CoveRobert Lee Whiting, John Norman, both of Harbour Grace
27 Nov 1828JohnWhite bachelor of Salmon CoveCatherine (Caroline)Kirbyspinster of Salmon CoveJames Rose of Spout Cove, John Kellaway of Perry's Cove
27 Nov 1828JamesNosarrybachelor of Briants CoveSarahHawkinsspinster of Harbour GracePeter Ridout of Harbour Grace, William Nosarry of Briants Cove
5 Dec 1828GeorgeHippersleybachelor of Ratcliff, BristolLouisaParsonsspinster of Harbour GraceJosiah Parkin, James Hippisley, both of Harbour Grace
14 Dec 1828EdwardRoebachelor of CarbonearElizabethPerryspinster of CarbonearWilliam Loder, Rich'd Hw'd Taylor, both of Carbonear
21 Dec 1828Patrick (Pat)Foxbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryNewmanspinster of Harbour GraceJames Ash, John Harris, both of Harbour Grace
22 Dec 1828JosephColbournebachelor of CarbonearElizabethPellyspinster of CarbonearWilliam Pelley, Christopher Pike, both of Carbonear
26 Dec 1828CharlesSnowbachelor of Harbour GraceSarahAndrewsspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Andrews, Ann Walters, both of Harbour Grace
28 Dec 1828JamesPikebachelor of CarbonearElizabethAshspinster of CarbonearWilliam Loder, Nicholas Ash, both of Carbonear
30 Dec 1828ThomasAlcockbachelor of Harbour GraceSusanMartinspinster of Harbour GraceAbsalom Martin, John Adams, both of Harbour Grace
1 Jan 1829SolomonSeymour [or Butt?]bachelor of Spaniards BayElizabethBradburyspinster of Bay RobertsJames Titford, Henry Juer, both of Spaniards Bay
4 Jan 1829WilliamWatermanbachelor of CarbonearJaneBurten (Burden)spinster of CarbonearWm Jackman, Charles [Fowler?], both of Carbonear
10 Jan 1829WilliamTaylorbachelor of MusquittoLousinda Kenedyspinster of Bears CoveJohn Taylor of Musquitto, Elizabeth Kenedy of Harbour Grace
18 Jan 1829JamesSamwaysbachelor of CarbonearSarahPenneyspinster of CarbonearJohn White, James Deveridge, both of Carbonear
25 Jan 1829JohnMooresbachelor of CarbonearMaryNoelspinster of CarbonearWilliam Loader of Carbonear, Richard Taylor
27 Jan 1829JohnGrovesbachelor of CarbonearSarahEaganspinster of CarbonearWm Mitchell of Harbour Grace, George Mullins of Carbonear
29 Jan 1829William[Moores?]bachelor of CarbonearGraceLoderspinster of CarbonearJohn Parsons of Harbour Grace, William Luther of Carbonear
29 Jan 1829EdwardFrenchof Harbour GracePatienceMartinspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Parsons, Johnathan Martin, both of Harbour Grace, William Luther of Carbonear
19 Feb 1829AlfredPikebachelor of CarbonearMaryButtspinster of CarbonearFrancis Pike of Carbonear, Solomon Penney
29 Apr 1829James[Ford?]bachelor of Island CoveHannah[Burn?]spinster of Island CoveJohn Ford, Jonathan Parsons, both of Island Cove
7 May 1829GeorgeHellierbachelor of Crockers CoveElizabethClarkspinster of Crockers CoveSolomon Dean, Nicholas Kenedy, both of Crockers Cove
9 May 1829JohnCouragebachelor of Harbour GraceEmmaShepherdspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Bray, Joseph Courage, both of Harbour Grace
12 May 1829CharlesParsonsbachelor of Harbour GraceRachelRowespinster of CarbonearJosiah Parkin of Harbour Grace, Jonathon D. Parsons
14 May 1829CharlesThompsonbachelor of St. Micheals, BristolElizabethChurchillspinster of Harbour GraceJoseph Peters of Harbour Grace, William L. Lilly
16 May 1829FrancisPikebachelor of CarbonearElizabethPikespinster of CarbonearNathanial Taylor, Edward Pike, both of Carbonear
17 May 1829JamesGilletbachelor of CarbonearSusanHowellspinster of CarbonearSamuel Howell, J. Howell, both of Carbonear
25 May 1829BethelBarretbachelor of Bread and Cheese CoveSusannaPiddlespinster of BrigusWilliam Barret, William Barret Jun'r, both of Bread and Cheese Cove
31 May 1829JamesStokesbachelor of CarbonearMaryTuckerspinster of St. JohnsWilliam Loader, John Col, both of Carbonear
2 Jun 1829SamuelTaylorbachelor of CarbonearElizabethMahanyspinster of CarbonearWilliam Loader, Richard Hw'd Taylor, both of Carbonear
28 Jun 1829William CharlesSt. Johnbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabeth SusannahComerspinster of Harbour GraceOliver St. John, H.G. St. John, both of Harbour Grace
2 Nov 1829JosephLundragonbachelor of Island CoveJane (Jean)Johnsspinster of Island CoveWilliam Janes, Joseph Mercer, both of Island Cove
2 Nov 1829JohnRedmanbachelor of Harbour GraceHonoraMerdenspinster of Harbour GraceJeffery Reigley, Robert French, both of Harbour Grace
19 Nov 1829WilliamJeans (Janes)bachelor of Island CoveJuliaMercerspinster of Island CoveSolalmon [sic] Jones, Joseph Lundragon, both of Island Cove
21 Nov 1829JosephWattsbachelor of CarbonearMaryGilletspinster of CarbonearWm Jackson, Samuel Gillet, both of Carbonear
1 Dec 1829JohnBarretbachelor of Bread and Cheese CoveSarahMinchinsspinster of Bread and Cheese CoveJonathan Minchins, William Barret, both of Bread and Cheese Cove
1 Dec 1829ThomasButtbachelor of CarbonearDiannaPikespinster of CarbonearNathanial Taylor, Nathaniel Pike, both of Carbonear
6 Dec 1829RichardAshbachelor of CarbonearJanePennyspinster of CarbonearWilliam Loader, William Penny, both of Carbonear
7 Dec 1829NicholasStabbbachelor of Harbour GraceRachelChanceyspinster of CarbonearThomas Chancey of Carbonear, John Charles Nuttall of Harbour Grace
7 Dec 1829GeorgeCollinsbachelor of Spaniards BayMarySmithspinster of Bread and Cheese CoveThomas Deacon, Henry Shephard, both of Spaniards Bay
8 Dec 1829JohnSmithbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryPaynespinster of Harbour GraceWm Innott, Wm Payne, both of Harbour Grace
14 Dec 1829JamesCrockerbachelor of Harbour GraceRachelPippyspinster of Harbour GraceTho's Davis, George Parsons, both of Harbour Grace
15 Dec 1829GeorgeCrockerbachelor of CarbonearJanePercyspinster of Western BayWilliam Penney, William Yetman, both of Carbonear
15 Dec 1829EdwardPikebachelor of CarbonearAnnSpencerspinster of CarbonearSamuel Pike, George Pike, both of Carbonear
20 Dec 1829HenryDeanbachelor of Crockers CoveSarahMarshallspinster of Crockers CoveRobart [sic] George of Carbonear, Nicholas Kennedy of Crockers Cove
23 Dec 1829JosephWattenbachelor of Teignmouth, EnglandSusanAndrewsspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Thomas of Bristol, Henry Stowe of Harbour Grace
24 Dec 1829JosephButtbachelor of Clowns CoveSarahParsonsspinster of Clowns CoveJoseph Parsons of Perry's Cove
24 Dec 1829SolomonButtbachelor of Clowns CoveJaneParsonsspinster of FreshwaterJoseph Butt of Perry's Cove
25 Dec 1829JohnSeymour bachelor of Northern CoveSusannaGossspinster of Northern CoveJames Titford of Spanyards Bay, John Martin
26 Dec 1829WilliamNoelbachelor of Harbour GraceGraciousShepperdspinster of Harbour GraceJames Lampen, Clement Noel, both of Harbour Grace
27 Dec 1829RobertBrownbachelor of Spanyards BayMarthaAntonyspinster of Spanyards BayJames Titford, Josiah Antony, both of Spaniards Bay
1 Jan 1830JohnMoorebachelor of CarbonearJane Deanspinster of CarbonearW.W. Bemister, William Loader, both of Carbonear
5 Jan 1830WilliamGossbachelor of Spanyards BayDiannaFrenchspinster of Bay RobertsMoses Gosse of Spaniards Bay, William Gosse
6 Jan 1830WilliamHowellbachelor of CarbonearMary JaneAshspinster of CarbonearFrancis Howell, Samuel Howell, both of Carbonear
7 Jan 1830JohnCanningswidower of FreshwaterCharlotteButtspinster of FreshwaterClement Davis, James Noel, both of Freshwater
10 Jan 1830WilliamParsonsbachelor of Harbour GraceJuliaPikespinster of Clowns CoveWilliam Simmons Jun'r, Francis Parsons
10 Jan 1830JonathonMartinbachelor of Harbour GraceJuliannaParsonsspinster of Harbour GraceHenry Davis of Harbour Grace, John Thomas of Bristol
15 Jan 1830William Brownbachelor of Harbour GraceCatherineMartinspinster of Harbour GraceJoseph Verge, Richard Martin, both of Harbour Grace
17 Jan 1830GeorgeWilliamsbachelor of MusquittoAnnGordonspinster of MusquittoJames Simmons, James Symes, both of Musquitto
19 Jan 1830WilliamAshbachelor of Harbour GracePatienceShepherdspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Ash, Catherine Ash, both of Harbour Grace
21 Jan 1830Nathaniel Davisbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryAndrewsspinster of Harbour GraceNathaniel Davis, Charles Biss, both of Harbour Grace
21 Jan 1830SamuelNewmanbachelor of Crockers CoveJaneClarkspinster of Crockers CoveSamuel Butt, Florence MacCarthy, both of Crockers Cove
30 Jan 1830ThomasNicholas (Nichols)bachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethFrenchspinster of Harbour GraceJames Bradbury, William Brown, both of Harbour Grace
12 Feb 1830RobertButtbachelor of CarbonearHannahHerleyspinster of CarbonearWilliam Loader, Solomon Penney, both of Carbonear
15 Feb 1830FrancisAshbachelor of Harbour GraceHarrietMartinspinster of Harbour GraceJonathan Martin, Tho's Godden, both of Harbour Grace
26 Mar 1830William John C.Traversbachelor of Harbour GraceHannah GarlandSt. Johnspinster of Harbour GraceC.H. St. John, Henry Stowe, both of Harbour Grace
6 May 1830RichardAllenbachelor of CarbonearMaryHiscockspinster of CarbonearRobert Mullett, Charles Baldwin, both of Carbonear
12 May 1830HughHowellbachelor of CarbonearDorathyYetmanspinster of Briants CoveJohn Snook, Richard Ash, both of Carbonear
14 May 1830JamesClarkbachelor of Crockers CoveAnnSwilleyspinster of CarbonearJames Forward, Henry Burgess, both of Carbonear
18 May 1830AbrahamDeanbachelor of Crockers CoveElizabethSladespinster of Marshalls FollyWilliam Slade of Marshalls Folly, Solomon Dean of Carbonear
20 May 1830WilliamNosworthybachelor of Briants CoveMaryJamesspinster of Harbour GraceElizabeth Shepherd of Harbour Grace, Petre [sic] Ridout
22 May 1830GeorgeHiscockwidower of Lance CoveSarahClarkwidow of Crockers CoveCharles [Clany?], Mary Clark, both of Crockers Cove
23 May 1830JamesDavigebachelor of MusquittoAnnPippeyspinster of MusquittoJames Samways, Charles Pike, both of Musquitto
30 May 1830WilliamNealebachelor of Briants CoveMaryHowellspinster of CarbonearSolomon Ash, Solomon Dean, both of Carbonear
4 Jun 1830WilliamBarretbachelor of Bread and Cheese CoveMarySaundersspinster of BrigusWilliam Barrett, Bethel Barrett, both of Bread and Cheese Cove
13 Jun 1830ThomasDowdenbachelor of CarbonearJaneCookspinster of CarbonearCharles Galpin of Carbonear, William Dowden
13 Jun 1830JohnNorman (an Esquimeux)bachelor of Harbour GraceTabithaAntonyspinster of Spaniards BayRobert Lee Whiting, Hannah Bennett Whiting
13 Jul 1830JohnJacob(s)widower of Port de GraveHannah BennettGarlandspinster of Harbour GraceGeorge D. Garland, James Hippisley, both of Harbour Grace
15 Aug 1830JohnRorkbachelor of Adams CoveMaryTocquespinster of CarbonearSimon Levi of Carbonear, Johnston Burrows
5 Oct 1830ThomasParsonsbachelor of Harbour GracePatienceMooresspinster of FreshwaterPatience Parsons, William Brown, both of Harbour Grace
24 Oct 1830CharlesDaviswidower of Harbour GraceLucretiaHe(a)rtrywidow of Harbour GraceH.G.Clow, Ann Mayne
2 Nov 1830SolomonJonesbachelor of Island CovePatienceMercer (Jones)spinster of Island CoveWilliam Janes, Joseph Mercer, both of Island Cove
4 Nov 1830JamesTitfordbachelor of Bread and Cheese CoveMarySmithspinster of Bread and Cheese CoveJohn North of Island Cove, Jonathan Minchin of Bread and Cheese Cove
6 Nov 1830WilliamFillierbachelor of BareneedCatherine[Power?]spinster of Northern BayCha's Blackmore of Port de Grave, Mark Willoughbey of St. Johns
7 Nov 1830RobertPennybachelor of CarbonearAgnesHowellspinster of CarbonearWilliam Loader, James Howell, both of Carbonear
7 Nov 1830ThomasStonebachelor of CarbonearSarahSladespinster of Marshalls FollySamuel Evans, Benjamin [Jones?], both of Carbonear
11 Nov 1830JonathanMinchinbachelor of Bread and Cheese CoveAnnCadwellspinster of Harbour GraceJames Titford, Luke Minchin, both of Bread and Cheese Cove
13 Nov 1830WilliamPynnwidower of MusquittoMaryButtwidow of Clowns CoveHenry Pynn of Mosq'tto, Charles Pynn
14 Nov 1830HenryGreeningbachelor of CarbonearAliceMacdonaldspinster of CarbonearWilliam Loader, Charles Balam, both of Carbonear
16 Nov 1830JosephMercerbachelor of Island CoveJaneDobbinspinster of Island CoveGeorge Mercer, Solomon Jones, both of Island Cove
16 Nov 1830JohnNorthbachelor of Island CoveMaryCoppyduckspinster of Island CoveJames Drover, John Youngs, both of Island Cove
23 Nov 1830GeorgeLynchbachelor of Island CoveMaryJeansspinster of Island CoveWilliam Janes, Joseph Mercer, both of Island Cove
24 Nov 1830StephenTuckerbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethAshspinster of Harbour GraceThomas Godden, William Ash, both of Harbour Grace
27 Nov 1830JohnShepherdbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethHigginsspinster of Harbour GraceGeorge Shepherd, John Higgins, both of Harbour Grace
1 Dec 1830HenryPikebachelor of CarbonearMaryVennspinster of Small Point[George Paine?] of Small Point, James Pike of Carbonear
2 Dec 1830HenryAndrewsbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryAlcockspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Andrews, William Davis, both of Harbour Grace
2 Dec 1830WilliamClarkbachelor of Crockers CoveHarrietClarkspinster of Crockers CoveNicholas Kenedy, Elias Ash, both of Crockers Cove
4 Dec 1830JohnChippettbachelor of Briants CoveHanna(h)Nealspinster of Briants CoveStephen Bennett of Harbour Grace, Sarah Bennett
6 Dec 1830JamesChudleighbachelor of Harbour GraceCatherineCurtiswidow of Western BayWilliam Bray, Jane Courage, both of Harbour Grace
8 Dec 1830WilliamAshbachelor of Harbour GracePatienceMarshallspinster of Harbour GraceGeorge Pippy, John Ash, both of Harbour Grace
9 Dec 1830William Pilgrimspinster [sic] of CarbonearDiannaHollettspinster of CarbonearJohn [Peaty?] of Carbonear, Mary Ann Bennett
16 Dec 1830WilliamBaldinbachelor of Spanyards BayMaryNorrisspinster of Spanyards BayHenry Juer, Henry Sheppard, both of S. Bay
27 Dec 1830JohnGossbachelor of Spanyards BayLouizaHutchinsspinster of Spanyards BayHenry Juer of S. Bay, Henry Sheppard
30 Dec 1830JohnHutchinsbachelor of Spanyards BayCatherineSeymourspinster of Spanyards BayHenry Sheppard, George Hutchens, both of Spanyards Bay

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
CASE Witness to marriage of Wm Parsons and Ann Roe 31/May/1828
[An--neces?] Case should be Ananias Case.
BUTT Spouse of Moses Butt should be Kezia Vokey. Dan Barrett
EVASNEY, John Surname should be GOOSNEY. Dr. Keith Matthews name file at Maritime History Archives, quotes the same marriage date, place and the same bride.
Jill Marshall

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