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Conception Bay North ~ Harbour Grace District

Harbour Grace - Anglican Marriage Records, 1831 - 1839

Please note that for this transcription I have used the original documents held at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Harbour Grace. Consulting the records will yield additional information; the name of the minister who performed the marriage, the place where the marriage was performed and whether the bride, groom & witnesses were literate. For verification purposes, photocopies of these documents can be consulted at either:

St. Paul's Anglican Church
Cochrane Street, PO Box 341
Harbour Grace, NF A0A 2M0

The Rooms Provincial Archives Division
The Rooms Corporation of Newfoundland and Labrador
9 Bonaventure Avenue
P.O. Box 1800, Station C
St. John's, NL, Canada A1C 5P9

Anglican Archives
19 King's Bridge Road
St. John's, NF A1C 3K4

The records were transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY in March 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

1 Jan 1831SamuelBennettbachelor of Harbour GraceAnnWaltersspinster of Harbour GraceRobert Lee Whiting, James R. Knight, both of Harbour Grace
5 Jan 1831GeorgeCranebachelor of Island CoveMaryannSmithspinster of Bread and Cheese CoveMathew Hussey, Thomas Hussey, both of Island Cove
6 Jan 1831JosephBishopbachelor of Island CoveMaryYoungsspinster of Island CoveJohn Youngs, Frances Bishop, both of Island Cove
18 Jan 1831MatthewStevensonbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryAndrewsspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Andrews, James Alcock, both of Harbour Grace
19 Jan 1831AbrahamBarretbachelor of Bread and Cheese CoveProvidenceMinchin spinster of Bread and Cheese CoveWilliam Baker, William Barret, both of Bread and Cheese Cove
27 Feb 1831RobertOatsbachelor of CarbonearElizabethPowellspinster of CarbonearSolomon Ash, Nicholas Powell, both of Carbonear
6 Mar 1831George[Heater?]bachelor of Harbour GraceSophiaDavisspinster of Harbour GraceThomas Woolfrey, Nathaniel Davis, both of Harbour Grace
28 Mar 1831RobertHarwoodbachelor of CarbonearElizabethStephenson (Stevenson)spinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Stevenson, Caroline Ann Clow, both of Harbour Grace
5 May 1831JosephYetmanbachelor of Briants CoveElizabethShepherdspinster of Harbour GraceMaryann Shepherd, James [Swingstone?], both of Harbour Grace
7 May 1831JamesHiggenswidower of Harbour GracePatienceGoodgerspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Nicholas, John Whelan, both of Harbour Grace
15 May 1831HenryBarretbachelor of Bread and Cheese CoveAnnAnsteyspinster of Briants CoveCharles Robinson of Bryns [sic] Cove, William Barret of Bread and Cheese Cove
15 May 1831CharlesMartinbachelor of Harbour GraceJaneMartinspinster of Harbour GraceThomas Snow, Frederick Martin of Harbour Grace
25 May 1831MatthewHusseybachelor of Island CoveHarriett Cranespinster of Island CoveJonathan Hussey, Elizabeth Drover, both of Island Cove
30 May 1831WilliamPenn(e)ybachelor of CarbonearMaryPikespinster of CarbonearWilliam Penny, Nathaniel Pike, both of Carbonear
5 Jun 1831AbsolamSmithbachelor of Bread and Cheese CoveRachelNicholasspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Nichols of Harbour Grace, William Smith of Bread and Cheese Cove
5 Jun 1831JohnLearybachelor of CarbonearMary[Everrard?] (Evorard?)spinster of CarbonearJames Leary, William Coombes, both of Carbonear
11 Jun 1831RogerSnelgrovewidower of Harbour GraceJaneSaint John (St. John)widow of Harbour GraceJames Lampen, James Ash, both of Harbour Grace
15 Jun 1831CharlesBissbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryMerriganspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Harris, John Mitchell, both of Harbour Grace
7 Sep 1831RobertAylesbachelor of CarbonearLaviniaPackspinster of CarbonearRobert Pack, Thomas Chancey, both of Carbonear
3 Oct 1831EdwardParsonsbachelor of Briants CoveElizabethHayesspinster of Briants CoveWilliam Nosary, Abraham Norcott, both of Briants Cove
16 Oct 1831WilliamGill bachelor of St. JohnsElizaDansonspinster of Harbour GraceHugh W. Danson J'r of Harbour Grace, Edw'd Seager of Poole, Sidney Montgomery, Julia Danson, both of Harbour Grace
3 Nov 1831JohnSwainebachelor of FreshwaterSusan Soperspinster of FreshwaterJohn Snook of Carbonear, Francis Gifford of Freshwater
10 Nov 1831ChristopherMercerbachelor of Island CoveMaryannMercerspinster of Island CoveMathew Hussey, Nathaniel Coombes, both of Island Cove
14 Nov 1831GeorgeShepherdbachelor of Harbour GraceSarahLuffmanspinster of ColliersJohn Brazill, Martin Shepherd, both of Harbour Grace
15 Nov 1831JonathanVokeybachelor of Spaniards BayElizabethBarretspinster of Spaniards BayJonathan Martin of Harbour Grace, George Vokey of Spaniards Bay
15 Nov 1831SamuelDurdlebachelor of CarbonearMarySacreyspinster of Briants CoveMary Ann Bennett of Carbonear, Jonathan Martin of Harbour Grace
15 Nov 1831ThomasHodderbachelor of CarbonearCatherineRyanspinster of CarbonearWilliam Hamilton, William Wills, both of Carbonear
23 Nov 1831JosephBurchardbachelor of CarbonearElizabethRyanspinster of CarbonearThomas Shea, James Piddle, both of Carbonear
24 Nov 1831SolomonAshbachelor of CarbonearElizabethPercyspinster of CarbonearGeorge Crocker, Nicholas Powel, both of Carbonear
28 Nov 1831CharlesJeans bachelor of CarbonearCatherineMeriganspinster of CarbonearJames Forward, Morris Merigan, both of Carbonear
1 Dec 1831JamesWhitebachelor of Salmon CoveJaneKingspinster of Perry's CoveWilliam King, John Kellaway, both of Perry's Cove
2 Dec 1831CharlesBalaambachelor of CarbonearFrancesSnowspinster of Port de GraveJames Stokes, William Loader of Carbonear
4 Dec 1831MarkCoxson (Coxsen), Jun'rbachelor of St. JohnsMaryWhitespinster of Harbour GraceGeo. P. Jillard, James [Hitts?] of [Bel Isle?]
8 Dec 1831JohnNoelbachelor of CarbonearAnnPowellspinster of CarbonearRich'd [Hamilton?], William Loader, both of Carbonear
11 Dec 1831WilliamGilpinbachelor of CarbonearMaryLanahemspinster of CarbonearWilliam Loader, William Everritt, both of Carbonear
11 Dec 1831JohnWebberwidower of Harbour GraceSarahHiggenswidow of Harbour GraceThomas Woolfrey, Thomas [-elvin?], both of Harbour Grace
12 Dec 1831JohnAshbachelor of Harbour GraceAnn (Elizabeth)Shepherdspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Sheppard, James Ash, both of Harbour Grace
22 Dec 1831WilliamCollinsbachelor of Gooseberry CoveAnnSummersspinster of Gooseberry CoveWilliam Loader of Carbonear, William Summers of Gooseberry Cove
26 Dec 1831GeorgePorterbachelor of Spaniards BayCatherineSmithspinster of Bread and Cheese CoveJohn Smith of Bread and Cheese Cove, [Henry?] Sheppard of Spaniards Bay
28 Dec 1831FrancisHowellbachelor of CarbonearFrancesHarwoodspinster of CarbonearW.F. Gould, William Loader, both of Carbonear
1 Jan 1832RobertStevens bachelor of Gooseberry CoveMaryPennyspinster of Gooseberry CoveWilliam Fry of Salmon Cove, William Summers of Gooseberry Cove
2 Jan 1832JohnCoombesbachelor of Island CoveMaryYoungesspinster of Island CoveJohn Young, William Coombes, both of Island Cove
2 Jan 1832GeorgeGordonbachelor of MusquittoTheressa Pikespinster of MusquittoWilliam Gordon, Charles Carrington, both of Mosquito
3 Jan 1832SamuelParsonsbachelor of FreshwaterAgnesParsonsspinster of FreshwaterRichard Parsons of Freshwater, William Loader of Carbonear
4 Jan 1832FrancisTaylorbachelor of CarbonearElizabethPikespinster of CarbonearRobert Pack, William H'n Taylor, both of Carbonear
6 Jan 1832JonathonHusseybachelor of Island CoveElizabethDroverspinster of Island CoveJoseph Hussey, George Crane, both of Island Cove
10 Jan 1832CharlesSimmsbachelor of St. JohnsJoannaHendersonspinster of Harbour GraceJas. F. Cawley of Harbour Grace, John Stark, James Bayly Church Warden
12 Jan 1832JohnMulchaybachelor of Harbour GraceCatherinePikespinster of Clowns CoveWilliam Simmons Jun'r of Musquito, Alf'd Parsons of Carbonear
12 Jan 1832HenryPilgrimbachelor of CarbonearElizabethPennyspinster of CarbonearJohn Peaty, Robert Gillett, both of Carbonear
15 Jan 1832WilliamTurnerbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryWarfordspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Warford, John Parsons, both of Harbour Grace
18 Jan 1832DanielPowellbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethNicholasspinster of Harbour GraceJames Nicholas, Hugh Holland, both of Harbour Grace
11 Feb 1832AbrahamThomasof CarbonearJoannaRyanspinster of CarbonearDavid Howard, Mary Gilpin, both of Carbonear
1 Apr 1832GeorgePitmanbachelor of Trinity BayAnnBadcockspinster of CarbonearSimon Levi, William Loder, both of Carbonear
7 Apr 1832GeorgeVoisey (Voisery?)bachelor of Harbour GraceMaryRicespinster of Harbour GraceJ.C. Travers of Harbour Grace, Charles Biss
29 Apr 1832JamesLearningbachelor of CarbonearAnnBennettspinster of CarbonearWilliam [Best or But?], Robert Clark, both of Carbonear
30 Apr 1832HenrySheppardbachelor of Northern CoveJulia Porterspinster of Northern CoveJohn Sheppeard, Robert Goss, both of Northern Cove
27 May 1832ChristopherHarwood (Horwood)bachelor of CarbonearAgnesAshspinster of CarbonearJohn Howell, John Taylor, both of Carbonear
29 May 1832EdwardPrierbachelor of MusquittoSusanTaylorspinster of MusquittoWilliam Gordon of Musquitto, Samuel Gordon
10 Jun 1832PatrickWelshbachelor of Harbour GraceOliviaFrenchspinster of Harbour GraceThomas French, Susan French, both of Harbour Grace
16 Jun 1832LeviPikebachelor of MusquittoAnneBradburyspinster of Harbour GraceEdw'd D. Carrington of Musquitto, James Bradbury of Harbour Grace
13 Sep 1832Henry JamesFitzgeraldbachelor of St. JohnsSarah MaryBeatonspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Burt of Harbour Grace, Margaret Ridley of Harbour Grace
29 Sep 1832WilliamDavisbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethMartinspinster of Harbour GraceHenry Davis, Jonathan Martin, both of Harbour Grace
24 Oct 1832MartinThornebachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethPippeyspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Pippey, Patience Parsons, both of Harbour Grace
4 Nov 1832NicholasNicholebachelor of CarbonearSusanHowellspinster of CarbonearJohn Bemister, James Howell, both of Carbonear
5 Nov 1832JohnHeadbachelor of Island CoveOliviaBurnspinster of Island CoveJames [Good?], Joseph Burn, both of Island Cove
8 Nov 1832JamesJewerbachelor of CarbonearAnnGarlandspinster of CarbonearFrancis Ash, Nicholas Marshall, both of Carbonear
9 Nov 1832Joseph JamesPearcebachelor of TwillingateAlliceTaylorspinster of CarbonearRich'd H'd Taylor, H. Forward, both of Carbonear
9 Nov 1832WilliamRean(e)bachelor of Saint JohnsAnnNicholasspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Nichols of Harbour Grace, William [Pelley?]
12 Nov 1832JosephGossof Spaniards BayJuliaButtspinster of Spaniards BayJohn Butt, John Goss, both of Spaniards Bay
13 Nov 1832WilliamCannonsbachelor of FreshwaterJoannaLaymanspinster of Northern BaySamuel Parsons of Freshwater, William Loder of Carbonear
13 Nov 1832RobertEvansbachelor of Silly CoveHannahPolandspinster of CarbonearHenry Burgess of Crockers Cove, William Loder of Carbonear
15 Nov 1832JosephDroverbachelor of Island CoveMargaretDobbinspinster of Island CoveJoseph Lynch, John Crane, both of Island Cove
15 Nov 1832JohnPowerbachelor of CarbonearElizabethMerriganspinster of CarbonearSimon Winsore, Thomas French, both of Carbonear
20 Nov 1832ThomasLynchbachelor of Island CoveMaryannMercerspinster of Island CoveJoseph Lynch, Thomas Sharp, both of Island Cove
21 Nov 1832WilliamCoombesbachelor of Island CoveMarthaSmithspinster of Bread and Cheese CoveJohn Parsons, [William?] Parasons [sic], both of Harbour Grace
22 Nov 1832JamesPinkstonebachelor of Harbour GraceMaryannShepherdspinster of Harbour GraceJoseph Martin, Francis Shepherd, both of Harbour Grace
22 Nov 1832ThomasGill bachelor of Harbour GraceMary (Charlotte)Newmanspinster of Harbour GraceCharles C. Thompson, Thomas [Snow?], both of Harbour Grace
23 Nov 1832CharlesJonesbachelor of Island CoveElizabethHusseyspinster of Island CoveWilliam Janes, Joseph Drover, both of Island Cove
27 Nov 1832Isreal [sic]Dovebachelor of MusquittoMarthaHarrisspinster of MusquittoJames Symes, Thomas Power, both of Musquitto
27 Nov 1832MosesJeans bachelor of Island CoveJaneMercerspinster of Island CoveWilliam Janes, Elias Greeley, both of Island Cove
27 Nov 1832WilliamForwardbachelor of CarbonearMaryannEarlspinster of Carbonear[Monier?] Earl, James Forward, both of Carbonear
29 Nov 1832Joseph (James)Guybachelor of CarbonearPrudenceClarkspinster of CarbonearJoseph Guy, John Driskill, both of Carbonear
30 Nov 1832WilliamChonoleybachelor of Harbour GraceJaneCavelwidow of Harbour GraceEdward Brown, Joseph Martin, both of Harbour Grace
30 Nov 1832JohnHarrisbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryAdamsspinster of Island CoveGeorge [Hayter?], William Frampton, both of Harbour Grace
1 Dec 1832JamesCaulingbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryGraylyspinster of Harbour GraceElias Ford, Jn Halliday, both of Harbour Grace
__ Dec 1832JosephButtbachelor of Spaniards BayProvidenceFrenchspinster of Harbour GraceEdward French, Jonathan Martin, both of Harbour Grace
10 Dec 1832James Noelbachelor of CarbonearAnnPennyspinster of CarbonearGeorge Joice, Wm Loder, both of Carbonear
12 Dec 1832JosephLillybachelor of Harbour GraceJuliaAshspinster of Harbour GraceJames Lampen, Matthew Davis, both of Harbour Grace
13 Dec 1832JohnFitzgeraldbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabeth AnnGarlandspinster of Harbour GraceJames Hippisley of Harbour Grace, Anne Sarah Cawley
15 Dec 1832BenjaminLearybachelor of CarbonearElenorRyanspinster of CarbonearGeorge Winsor of Carbonear, Charles Shreve
16 Dec 1832FrancisMahoneybachelor of CarbonearMaryPyespinster of CarbonearElijah Pye, Wm Loader, both of Carbonear
18 Dec 1832WilliamSummersbachelor of Clowns CoveJaneButtspinster of Clowns CoveRobert Antill, William Loader of Carbonear
19 Dec 1832WilliamPellybachelor of CarbonearEmmaNicholasspinster of Harbour GraceRobert Hawkins of Carbonear, Charles Shreve
21 Dec 1832RobertPikebachelor of Spaniards BayTamarNormanwidow of Spaniards BayWilliam Hutchens, Josiah Antony, both of Spaniards Bay
21 Dec 1832JamesWarrenbachelor of Harbour GraceMary[Crocum?]spinster of Harbour GraceCharles Snow, William French
26 Dec 1832GeorgeMullingbachelor of CarbonearMaryWhite spinster of CarbonearJohn Grove, Patrick Rinnals
26 Dec 1832MosesButtbachelor of Harbour GraceJuliaGudgerspinster of CarbonearTho's Davis, Joseph Martin
3 Jan 1833JonathanParsonsbachelor of Harbour GraceMatildaParsonsspinster of Harbour GraceFrancis Parsons, Henry Stowe
4 Jan 1833JohnGouldingbachelor of Harbour GraceDinahCombsspinster of Island CoveJames Warren, John Harris
4 Jan 1833William Ashbachelor of CarbonearElizabethHowel spinster of CarbonearWilliam Loader, Francis [Jeer?]
5 Jan 1833AlfredParsonsbachelor of Clowns CoveMaryTaylorspinster of CarbonearTho's Chancey, J.H. Parsons
23 Jan 1833ThomasParsonsbachelor of South side Harbour GraceHarriet Pikespinster of Clowns CoveWilliam Simmons Jun'r, Francis Parsons, Thomas Parsons
31 Jan 1833SolomonPenn(e)ybachelor of CarbonearElizaButtspinster of CarbonearGeorge Butt, Nicholas [illegible]
14 Feb 1833JohnTaylorbachelor of CarbonearElizabethAshspinster of CarbonearSam'l C. Rumson, William Taylor
23 Feb 1833HenryButtbachelor of Perry's CovePatienceGossspinster of Spaniards BayWilliam Hutchens, William [B---ldon?]
28 Mar 1833IsaacBartlettbachelor of CarbonearMary AnnAvarittspinster of CarbonearChas. Cook, Samuel Bennett
9 Apr 1833John RyallFootbachelor of Wincanton, SomersetshireMariaSpencerspinster of CarbonearJohn Pike, Christopher Spencer, John Pike
20 Apr 1833BenjaminJonesbachelor of Carrick in the county of TipperaryBridgetNunenwidow of CarbonearJohn Ryan, Patrick Welch
5 May 1833GeorgePikebachelor of CarbonearSusannahTaylorspinster of CarbonearHenry Taylor, H. Forward
9 May 1833JosephSummersbachelor of Gooseberry Cove on the North ShoreRachaelParsonsspinster of Otterbury on the North ShoreThomas Goulding, Henry Parsons
9 May 1833JosephWeskett (Wiskitt)bachelor of CarbonearMaryRyanspinster of CarbonearThomas Hodder, John Arshell
13 May 1833WilliamDroverbachelor of Island CovePatienceBarnesspinster of Island CoveJoseph Drover, Thomas Drover
18 May 1833ThomasStephenson (Stevenson)bachelor of Harbour GraceCamillaGoverspinster of TrinityTho's Davis, Mathen [sic] Davis
23 May 1833HenryShepherdbachelor of the South SideAnnBaggsspinster of Spaniards BayMoses Shepherd, Thomas Shepherd
2 Jun 1833JonathanKingbachelorMaryPowellspinsterEliza Peters, Wm Loader
2 Jun 1833AnaniasCasewidower of Marshalls Folly North ShoreGraceSladespinster of Marshal's Folly North ShoreWilliam Parsons, Henry Parsons
2 Jun 1833GeorgeParsonsbachelor of OtterburyMarthaAlcockspinster of Otterbury Robert Parsons, L. Holden
9 Jun 1833William Curtisbachelor of Harbour GraceEliza Martinspinster of Harbour GraceJn'o C. Travers, Henry Andrews
9 Jun 1833JohnChurchwillbachelor of Harbour GraceCharlotteAshof CarbonearC.C. Thompson, Jn'o Bemister
20 Aug 1833EdwardSeagerbachelor of PooleOlivia AnnPackspinster of CarbonearWm Seager Green of Poole, Stephen Oliver Pack of Carbonear
28 Oct 1833EdmondBakerbachelorMaryLokerspinster of Lower Island CovePatrick Haley, Ellen Fahy of Harbour Grace, William Brown of Harbour Grace
[20?] Nov 1833JamesNosworthybachelor of Bryants CoveElizabethShepherdwidow of South SideJohn Higgins, William Higgins
20 Nov 1833ThomasSnowbachelorJohannaMartinspinsterWm Martin, Thomas Ryan
21 Nov 1833ThomasMesserbachelor of Island CoveSusanYoungspinster of Island Cove[Bethleham?] Messer, Thomas Rosey
21 Nov 1833JosiahAntonybachelor of Spaniards BayMaryBrownspinster of Spaniards BayJohn Brown, Robert Pike
21 Nov 1833ThomasDroverbachelor of Island CoveProvidenceJonesspinster of Island CoveAaron Drover, Nathaniel Jones
24 Nov 1833JonathanMartinbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethTuckerspinster of Broad CoveRobert French, Jn'o Halliday
24 Nov 1833JohnArshellbachelor of CarbonearElizabethTuckerspinster of Burnt Point North ShoreJames Guy, Robert [Taraint?]
25 Nov 1833NathanielJonesbachelor of Island CoveMary AnnLynchspinster of Island CoveThomas Drover, John Jones
30 Nov 1833GeorgeParsonsbachelor of Bears CoveCharlotteAndrewsspinster of Harbour GraceJames [Poe Thompson?], Robert Andrews
3 Dec 1833JamesSymesbachelor of BridportLydiaPippyspinster of MusquitoSamuel Gordon, Charles Carrington
12 Dec 1833BenjaminMillsbachelor of Burnt HeadElizabethClarkspinster of Crockers CoveTho's Shillabeen, John Clark
17 Dec 1833Isreal [sic]Jeans bachelor of Island CovePatienceCoombesspinster of Island CoveWilliam Janes, John Coombes, both of Island Cove
22 Dec 1833ThomasHusseybachelor of Island CoveAnnDroverspinster of Island CoveBethel Mercer, John Greely, both of Island Cove
26 Dec 1833HenrySeymourbachelor of Spaniards BayAnnGossespinster of Spaniards BayNathaniel Gosse, Jonathan Gosse, both of Spaniards Bay
31 Dec 1833JamesBradburybachelor of Harbour GracePatienceParsonsspinster of Harbour GraceJohnston [F.?] Burrows, [Robert?] Parsons, both of Harbour Grace
3 Jan 1834Hugh CharlesHollandbachelor of Harbour GraceRachel Cadwellspinster of Harbour GraceCharles Nicholas, John Cadwell, both of Harbour Grace
20 Jan 1834CharlesCarringtonbachelor of MusquittoPatienceBallwidow of MusquittoJ. Collihole, Hugh Gordon, both of Musquitto
1 Mar 1834JohnHallidaybachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethBradburyspinster of Harbour GraceR. Anderson, Johnston [F.?] Burrows, both of Harbour Grace
13 Apr 1834HenryStowebachelor of Harbour GraceMaryPynnspinster of CarbonearRobert Lee Whiting, Geo. P. Jillard, both of Harbour Grace
30 May 1834SolomonShepherd bachelor of Harbour GraceSusanNicholasspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Nichols, James Lampen, both of Harbour Grace
8 Jun 1834BenjaminReesbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryGarlandspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Higgins, Edward Pynn, both of Harbour Grace
11 Jun 1834GeorgeWinsorbachelor of MusquittoAnnCakespinster of MusquittoJames Piddle, George Butt, both of Musquitto
25 Jul 1834WilliamBradburybachelor of Harbour GraceSarahCadwellspinster of Harbour GraceJames Ash, William Butt, both of Harbour Grace
13 Nov 1834WilliamAdamsbachelor of Island CovePatienceCranespinster of Island CoveJohn Crane, John Adams, both of Island Cove
13 Nov 1834JohnSparksbachelor of BrigusAnneAshspinster of Harbour GraceHenry Andrews, John Ash, both of Harbour Grace
26 Nov 1834StephenStanfordbachelor of CarbonearLucyEvansspinster of CarbonearThomas Marks, Samuel [-owns?], both of Carbonear
4 Dec 1834WilliamGossebachelor of Spaniards BayElizabethPorterspinster of Spaniards BayJonathan Gosse, William Hutchens, both of Spaniards Bay
7 Dec 1834WilliamYetmanbachelor of CarbonearMaryAshspinster of Harbour GraceNathaniel Davis, Thomas Melvin, both of Harbour Grace
7 Dec 1834EdwardMunahanbachelor of Harbour GraceSusanFrenchspinster of Harbour GraceJohn [-agers?], Charles French, both of Harbour Grace
9 Dec 1834SolomonBrownbachelor of Spaniards BaySusannaGossespinster of Spaniards BayJonathan Gosse, William Hutchens, both of Spaniards Bay
11 Dec 1834MathewMinchinof Bread and Cheese CoveFrancesBadcockspinster of Bread and Cheese CoveJonathan [Munthion?], John Piddle, both of Bread and Cheese Cove
18 Dec 1834HenryRyallsbachelor of CarbonearElizabethJordenspinster of CarbonearWm Jordan of Carbonear, George Williams of Musquitto
18 Dec 1834JohnCollinswidower of Spaniards BayDiannaVokeywidow of Spaniards BayRichard Gosse, Moses Gosse, both of Spaniards Bay
23 Dec 1834WilliamNosworthybachelor of Spaniards BayHannahMuranspinster of Spaniards BayWilliam Hutchens, George Hutchings, both of Spaniards Bay
31 Dec 1834JonathonKenedyof Spaniards BaySarahMuranof Spaniards BayStephen Hutchens, William Nosworthy, both of Spaniards Bay
3 Jan 1835MichaelKellyof Gusses CoveSarahMorriseyof Gusses CoveJohn Currie, Robert Lee Whiting, both of Harbour Grace
15 Feb 1835JohnButlerbachelor of Harbour GraceCarolineClowspinster of Harbour GraceA. Mayne, L. Holden, both of Harbour Grace
20 Feb 1835William Dukinsbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryShepherd spinster of Harbour GraceRobert Lee Whiting, Hannah Bennett Whiting, both of Harbour Grace
27 Apr 1835WilliamChurchillbachelor of CarbonearFrancesEvansspinster of CarbonearSusan Burt, A. Elizabeth Evill, both of Harbour Grace
7 May 1835DanielLacywidower of CarbonearAnnWelmanwidow of CarbonearJames Guy, Jesse Spencer, both of Carbonear
10 May 1835GeorgeHeraldof Harbour GraceElizabethWhite spinster of CarbonearJohn White of Carbonear, Philip Herald of Harbour Grace
11 May 1835William TrotterEwanbachelor of Harbour GraceJuliaKenedyspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Currie, Tratter White, both of Harbour Grace
14 May 1835EdwardWilliamsbachelor of Bay RobertsCatherineMolloyspinster of Carbonear[James -ark?] of Harbour Grace, Stephen Oliver Pack of Carbonear
15 May 1835RobertLibertybachelor of CarbonearSarahClarkwidow of CarbonearJoseph R. Watts, William Whitten, both of Carbonear
17 May 1835AndrewColbournebachelor of CarbonearPatienceWinsorspinster of CarbonearJohn Arshell, Edward Light, both of Carbonear
20 May 1835JohnHigginsbachelor of Harbour GraceSophiaSmithspinster of Bread and Cheese CoveJames Higgins, William Higgins, both of Harbour Grace
21 May 1835JonathanNoelbachelor of Harbour GraceSusanShepherdspinster of Harbour GraceMartin Shepherd, Joseph Noel, both of Harbour Grace
21 May 1835CharlesPikebachelor of MusquittoSusanParsonsspinster of Harbour GraceEdw'd D. Carrington, Eliel Pike, both of Musquitto
25 May 1835MartinShepherdbachelor of Harbour GraceElizaNoelspinster of Harbour GraceJoseph Noel, Jonathan Shepherd, both of Harbour Grace
26 May 1835WilliamButtbachelor of CarbonearMaryPriddlespinster of CarbonearThomas Marks, James Stone, both of Carbonear
2 Jun 1835JohnLangbachelor of CarbonearFrancesButtspinster of CarbonearEdward Butt, Wm Thistle, both of Carbonear
23 Jun 1835Stephen OliverPackbachelor of CarbonearEllen RebeccaGreenspinster of Harbour GraceRobert Pack of Carbonear, Joshua Green of Port de Grave, John Stark of Harbour Grace
29 Sep 1835RobertDobiebachelor of BrigusJuliaDansonspinster of Harbour GraceTho's Danson, John Munn, both of Harbour Grace, E.W. Robinson of Brigus
5 Oct 1835MartinPottlebachelor of Briants CoveAnnWestof Harbour GraceThomas Shepherd, Joseph Martin, both of Harbour Grace
5 Nov 1835GeorgeTrapnellwidower of Harbour GraceMary JaneReedspinster of CarbonearRich'd Anderson, Jane Tapp, both of Harbour Grace
6 Nov 1835JohnRace (Rees)bachelor of Belle IsleRebeccaSacreyspinster of Briants CoveJames Lampen, Edward Knight, both of Harbour Grace
12 Nov 1835JacobSmithbachelor of Bread and Cheese CoveProvidenceHutsonspinster of Northern CoveWilliam Hutchens of Northern Cove, William Smith of Bread and Cheese Cove
12 Nov 1835JohnJonesbachelor of Island CoveJaneDroverspinster of Island CoveAaron Drover, Thomas Drover, both of Island Cove
17 Nov 1835JosephRossiterbachelor of CarbonearSusannaOat(e)sspinster of CarbonearRobert Hawkins, David Oates
19 Nov 1835SimonWinsorbachelor of CarbonearHannahVennspinster of Mulleys CoveJohn Reed, Monier Merrigan, both of Carbonear
19 Nov 1835JamesAlcockbachelor of Harbour GraceJuliaMartinspinster of Harbour GraceTho's Stevenson, James Lampen, both of Harbour Grace
26 Nov 1835AbrahamSmithbachelor of Bread and Cheese CoveJuliaGossspinster of Bread and Cheese CoveJoseph Drover of Island Cove, Thomas Smith of Bread and Cheese Cove
10 Dec 1835JamesReedof Port de GraveOlivia Nosworthyspinster of Briants CoveWilliam Nosworthy, James Nosworthy, both of Briants Cove
17 Dec 1835ThomasMarksbachelor of CarbonearAnnOatesspinster of CarbonearGeorge Oates, Robert Hawkins, both of Carbonear
18 Dec 1835JosephPickeringbachelor of MusquittoPatience[Cruteh?]spinster of MusquittoGeorge Williams, William Cake, both of Musquitto
__ Dec 1835Stephen Hutsonbachelor of Spaniards BaySarahPorterspinster of Spaniards BayWilliam Nosworthy, John Hutson, both of Spaniards Bay
__ Dec 1835ThomasBrownbachelor of Spaniards BayAgnesBakerspinster of Spaniards BayWilliam Hutchens, James Brown, both of Spaniards Bay
__ Dec 1835CharlesFrenchbachelor of Harbour GraceJaneAshspinster of Harbour GraceThomas French, Wm Puddicombe, both of Harbour Grace
1 Jan 1836NathanielGoss bachelor of Spaniards BayFrancesBaggsspinster of Spaniards BayMoses Gosse, Jonathan Gosse, both of Spaniards Bay
1 Jan 1836SolomonShepherdbachelor of Harbour GraceAnnSnowspinster of Harbour GraceJoseph Martin, Thomas Ryan, both of Harbour Grace
12 Jan 1836NicholasAshbachelor of CarbonearJanePennyspinster of CarbonearWilliam Penney, Donalee McLean, both of Carbonear
23 Apr 1836EdwardSnowwidower of Harbour GraceMatildaAndrewsspinster of Harbour GraceCharles Snow, Martha Snow, both of Harbour Grace
21 May 1836WilliamPolandbachelor of Hearts DesireMaryGeorgewidow of CarbonearJames Newman, Joseph Butt, both of Carbonear
12 Jun 1836RobertAndrewsbachelor of Harbour GraceAnnAlcockspinster of Harbour GraceNathaniel Davis, Robert Alcock, both of Harbour Grace
6 Oct 1836William Shepherdof Harbour GraceSarahSextenspinster of GreenspondFrancis Shepherd, James Pinkston, both of Harbour Grace
2 Nov 1836RichardSingletonbachelor of Briants CoveMarthaJamesspinster of Briants CoveGeorge Hix, James Higgens, both of Harbour Grace
9 Nov 1836SamuelDiscomebachelor of Harbour GracePatienceCadwel(l)spinster of Harbour GraceJames Bradbury, John Cadwell, both of Harbour Grace
10 Nov 1836ThomasShepherdbachelor of Harbour GraceEllenerPottlespinster of Briants CoveJohn King of Portugal Cove, William Shepherd of Harbour Grace
11 Nov 1836JohnSheenwidower of CarbonearLauraBrianwidow of CarbonearJoseph Martin, Francis Andrews, both of Harbour Grace
17 Nov 1836WilliamClarkbachelor of Island CoveFrancesJonesspinster of Island CoveJoseph Lynch, Francis Andrews, both of Island Cove
18 Nov 1836WilliamSharpbachelor of Island CoveLouizaMercerspinster of Island CoveJoseph Lynch, Nathaniel Jones, both of Island Cove
22 Nov 1836JonathanParsonsof Island CoveGraceMercerspinster of Island CoveJoseph Lynch, Solomon Jones, both of Island Cove
23 Nov 1836JohnLynchbachelor of Island CoveEmmaJonesspinster of Island CoveJoseph Lynch, Solomon Jones, both of Island Cove
24 Nov 1836MosesNoseworthybachelor of Harbour GraceSusanShepherdspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Shepherd, Joseph Martin, both of Harbour Grace
26 Nov 1836GeorgeParsonswidower of Harbour GraceMaryHarrisof Harbour GraceHenry Trapnell, Thomas Woolfrey, both of Harbour Grace
29 Nov 1836JohnShinnersbachelor of MusquittoElizabethHeraldspinster of Harbour GraceJames Piddle of Musquitto, Philip Herald of Harbour Grace
10 Dec 1836JohnDriskale (Driskel)of Cork, IrelandElizabethHeganspinster of Harbour GraceTho's Stevenson, James Mortimer, both of Harbour Grace
13 Dec 1836ThomasMercerof Island CoveFrancesHusseyspinster of Island CoveRichard Coombs, Beth Mercer, both of Island Cove
15 Dec 1836JohnNosworthybachelor of Harbour GraceCharlotteBrownspinster of Harbour GraceThomas Bartlett, Timothy Calahan, both of Harbour Grace
26 Dec 1836WilliamGossebachelor of Bread and Cheese CoveSarahPiddlewidow of Bread and Cheese CoveFrancis Andrews of Harbour Grace, John Brown of Bread and Cheese Cove
26 Dec 1836StephenAndrewsbachelor of Harbour GraceCatherinePaynespinster of Harbour GraceElias Ford, Francis Andrews, both of Harbour Grace
27 Dec 1836JamesBrownbachelor of Spaniards BayMaryannHutchensspinster of Spaniards BayEdward Smith of Bread and Cheese Cove, Francis Andrews of Harbour Grace
27 Dec 1836EdwardSmithof Bread and Cheese CoveJuliaBarretspinster of Bread and Cheese CoveJames [Barret?] of Spaniards Bay, Francis Andrews of Harbour Grace
27 Dec 1836RichardBradburybachelor of Bay RobertsJaneYetmanof Briants CoveJohn [Chippett?] of Briants Cove, Francis Andrews of Harbour Grace
27 Dec 1836JosephNoelbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryShepherdspinster of Harbour GraceJames Lampen, Francis Andrews, both of Harbour Grace
5 Jan 1837GeorgeButtbachelor of FreshwaterPatiencePynnspinster of MusquittoJoseph Pynn of Musquitto, Joseph Butt of Freshwater
3 Feb 1837ThomasPiddlebachelor of MusquittoMarthaPenn(e)yspinster of CarbonearCharles Davis of Harbour Grace, Alexander Campbell of Musquitto
26 Feb 1837AlfredButtbachelor of Spaniards BayJaneGreelyspinster of Island CoveEdwards [Grealy?] of Island Cove, Moses Butt of Spaniards Bay
28 May 1837HenryDeanbachelor of CarbonearSusanCallahanspinster of CarbonearTho's Dean of Carbonear, Francis Andrews of Harbour Grace
28 May 1837AdamClarkbachelor of CarbonearAnnClarkspinster of CarbonearJoseph Butt of Carbonear, Francis Andrews of Harbour Grace
28 May 1837William Youngsbachelor of Island CoveDorathyCranespinster of Island CoveFrancis Andrews of Harbour Grace, James Younges of Island Cove
31 May 1837ThomasLearybachelor of Spaniards BaySarahCoombeswidow of CarbonearWilliam Coombes of Carbonear, James Pepper of Spaniards Bay
18 Jun 1837WilliamPiddlebachelor of Spaniards BayRebeccaVokeyspinster of Spaniards BayHumphrey [Neal?], Aaron Vokey, both of Spaniards Bay
18 Jun 1837JordanPikebachelor of MusquittoSusannaGordonspinster of MusquittoSamuel Gordon, Edward Pike, both of Musquitto
5 Sep 1837WilliamGibbsbachelor of Plymouth, EnglandEleanor MathewsTappspinster of Harbour GraceElias Ford, [Jane?] Tapp, both of Harbour Grace
23 Oct 1837GeorgeCranebachelor of Island CoveMargaretMoorespinster of St. JohnsJames [-illo--e?] of St. Johns, John Crossman of Island Cove
29 Oct 1837SamuelGordonbachelor of MusquittoMaryPikespinster of MusquittoHugh Gordon of Musquitto, Elizabeth Chitman of Carbonear, Catherine Pike of Musquitto
10 Nov 1837GeorgeYoung widower of CarbonearMargaretWinsorwidow of CarbonearJohn Arshell, John Philips, both of Carbonear
16 Nov 1837SamuelEvansbachelor of CarbonearElizabethButtspinster of CarbonearRobert Hawkins, James Lang, both of Carbonear
21 Nov 1837WilliamSmithbachelor of Bread and Cheese CoveFrancesGossspinster of Bread and Cheese CoveThomas Smith, [Frances?] Smith, both of Bread and Cheese Cove
22 Nov 1837NathanielCoombesbachelor of Island CoveAnnLundragenspinster of Island CoveThomas Lundragen, Richard Coombs, both of Island Cove
23 Nov 1837HenryJonesbachelor of Briants CoveElizabethYetmanspinster of Briants CoveJohn Jones, Patrick Northcott, both of Briants Cove
27 Nov 1837RichardAshbachelor of Harbour GraceJaneFrenchspinster of Harbour GraceFrancis French, George French, both of Harbour Grace
28 Nov 1837GeorgeSnowbachelor of CarbonearJuliaWinsorspinster of CarbonearGeorge Young, Joseph Dyer, both of Carbonear
27 Dec 1837WilliamHutchin(g)sbachelor of Spaniards BayMaryButtspinster of Spaniards BayWilliam Baggs, Jonathan Gosse, both of Spaniards Bay
8 Jan 1838SamuelLillybachelor of Harbour GracePatienceParsonsspinster of Harbour GraceCharles Davis, Tho's Godden, both of Harbour Grace
12 Jan 1838CharlesDavisbachelor of Harbour GraceAnnLillyspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Smith, Francis Andrews, both of Harbour Grace
23 Jan 1838JamesHusseyof CarbonearEllenCooneyspinster of CarbonearJohn Currie, James Sharp, both of Harbour Grace
3 Feb 1838JosephPynnbachelor of Harbour GraceDelilahRogersspinster of Harbour GraceEbenezer Webber of Carbonear, Francis Andrews of Harbour Grace
27 Feb 1838William Cranebachelor of Harbour GraceIsabellaPippyspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Stevenson, George Pippy, both of Harbour Grace
4 May 1838JohnReedbachelor [of Harbour Grace or Trinity Bay?]AnnReedspinster [of Harbour Grace or Trinity Bay?]Robert Lee Whiting, Francis Andrews, both of Harbour Grace
11 Jul 1838ThomasPynn, Jun'rbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryWaltersspinster of Harbour GraceSamuel Bennett, Francis Andrews, both of Harbour Grace
12 Nov 1838GeorgePippybachelor of Harbour GraceMargaretBlun(d)ellspinster of Bay de VerdsHenry Andrews, Richard Stevenson, both of Harbour Grace
3 Dec 1838JacobNosworthybachelor of Briants CoveJaneYetmanspinster of Briants CoveEmily Bennett, Thomas Yetman, both of Briants Cove
4 Dec 1838JohnOatesbachelor of CarbonearElizabethMarshallspinster of CarbonearRobert Hawkins, Thomas [L--ter?]
6 Dec 1838WilliamPotterbachelor of CarbonearMaryBakerspinster of CarbonearSamuel Baker, John Baker, both of Carbonear
7 Dec 1838GeorgeFrenchbachelor of Harbour Grace[blank]Nosworthyspinster of Harbour GraceJoseph Martin, William French, both of Harbour Grace
12 Dec 1838JosephCakebachelor of MusquittoElizabethButtspinster of MusquittoJames Symes, William Cake, both of Musquitto
26 Dec 1838ThomasHawkinsbachelor of Harbour GraceCarolineAndrewsspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Andrews of Harbour Grace, Francis Andrews of Brigus
6 Feb 1839MathewDaltonbachelor of Harbour GraceJuliaBrownspinster of Harbour GraceJoseph Verge, Philip Brown, both of Harbour Grace
24 Mar 1839HenryPaynbachelor of CarbonearMarthaSnow spinster of Harbour GraceGeorge Tapp, Joseph Verge, both of Harbour Grace
11 May 1839JohnWaybachelor of Harbour GraceAnneShepperdspinster of Harbour GraceJoseph Martin, Samuel Elliott, both of Harbour Grace
15 Jun 1839EdwardPowerbachelor of CarbonearMaryOatesspinster of CarbonearJoseph Rossiter, Charlotte Oates, both of Carbonear
16 Jun 1839FrancisAndrewsbachelor of Harbour GraceMariaPynnspinster of Musquitto[W.B.?] Pynn of Harbour Grace, Joseph Pynn of Musquitto
19 Oct 1839MosesSparksbachelor of Harbour GraceSarahShepherd (Shep)spinster of Harbour GraceStephen Sparks, William Shepperd, both of Harbour Grace
26 Oct 1839FrancisShepperdwidower of Harbour GracePatienceStevensonwidow of Harbour GraceTho's Ridley, Frederic Parsons, both of Harbour Grace
5 Nov 1839JohnGreenbachelor of New HarbourElizabethHellierspinster of New HarbourWilliam Hellier, Joseph Tyer
14 Nov 1839RobertAndrewsbachelor of Harbour GraceAnnPynnspinster of Harbour GraceJames Bradbury, Charles Davis, both of Harbour Grace
18 Nov 1839ThomasAshbachelor of Harbour GraceCharlotteSparksspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Sparks, Joseph Martin, both of Harbour Grace
1 Dec 1839MatthewDavisbachelor of Harbour GraceSusanAshspinster of Harbour GraceJames H. Thompson, Thomas Davis, both of Harbour Grace
5 Dec 1839WilliamShepperdbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethPottlespinster of Harbour GraceAlfred Shepperd, William Higgins, both of Harbour Grace
11 Dec 1839JohnCranebachelor of Island CoveElizabethDroverspinster of Island CoveGeorge Crane, John Young, both of Island Cove
16 Dec 1839JohnAdamsbachelor of Island CoveFrancesHusseyspinster of Island CoveJoseph Drover, Nathaniel Jones, both of Island Cove
19 Dec 1839JohnLynchwidower of Island CoveMaryYetmanspinster of Briants CoveRichard Coombs, Thomas Lynch, both of Island Cove
24 Dec 1839EdwardWilliamsbachelor of Harbour GraceMarthaFrenchspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam French, John Williams, both of Harbour Grace
26 Dec 1839NathanielShepperdbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryHigginsspinster of Harbour GraceAlfred Shepperd, Solomon Higgins, both of Harbour Grace

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