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Harbour Grace - Anglican Marriage Records, 1840 - 1853

Please note that for this transcription I have used the original documents held at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Harbour Grace. Consulting the records may yield additional information such as the name of the minister who performed the marriage, where the marriage occurred, and the literacy of the wedding party.

It is recommended that the original documents be consulted before assuming any of this transcription to be accurate.The records were transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY in May 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors. For verification purposes, photocopies of these documents can be consulted at either:

St. Paul's Anglican Church
Cochrane Street, PO Box 341
Harbour Grace, NL A0A 2M0
The Rooms Corporation of NL, Provincial Archives Division
9 Bonaventure Avenue, P.O. Box 1800, Station C
St. John's, NL, Canada A1C 5P9
Anglican Archives
19 King's Bridge Road
St. John's, NL A1C 3K4
Marriage Date Groom's Given Groom's Surname Groom's Info Bride's Given Bride's Surname Bride's Info Witnesses
23 Jan 1840ThomasFrenchbachelorCatherineAshspinsterWilliam French, William Puddicomb
17 Mar 1840CharlesBradburywidower of Harbor GraceCharlotteMcLeanspinster of Harbor GraceEdward Pynn of Harbour Grace, James Lampen of Harbor Grace
21 May 1840Charles Martinbachelor of Harbor GraceSarahAlcockspinster of Harbor Grace[Joseph?] Martin of Harbor Grace, John Payne of Harbor Grace
9 Oct 1840HenryAlcockbachelorLouizaMartinspinster of the same place [sic]William French, Charles Martin
17 Oct 1840FrancisMartinwidower of Harbor GraceElizabethTuckerwidow of Harbor GraceThomas Godden of Harbor Grace, Robert Davis of Harbor Grace
8 Nov 1840ThomasMurrainbachelor of Spaniard's BayMaryPiddlespinster of Spaniard's BayJohn Gosse of Spaniard's Bay, Joseph Verge of Spaniard's Bay
13 Nov 1840JamesReedbachelor of CarbonearMaryTaylerspinster of Harbor GraceOlivia Clarke of Carbonear, Henry Warford of Harbor Grace
16 Nov 1840WilliamSmithbachelor of Bishops CoveRachelGossespinster of Bishops CoveHenry Andrews of Harbour Grace, Thomas Smith of Bishops Cove
24 Nov 1840JohnSnowebachelor of Harbour GraceMary AnnAndrewsspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Andrews, Thomas Ryan, both of Harbour Grace
26 Nov 1840TimothyCallahanbachelor of Harbour GraceSusannaMercerspinster of Upper Island CoveMoses Noseworthy, William Sheppard
30 Nov 1840EdwardNoswerthybachelor of Briant's CoveElizabethYoungsspinster of Island CoveJames Young, Joseph Martin
3 Dec 1840AlfredNoswerthybachelor of Harbor GraceHannahDuffenspinster of Harbor GraceWilliam Shepperd Jr., Alfred Shepperd
5 Dec 1840ThomasSmithbachelor of Bread and Cheese CovePatienceNewmanspinster of Bread and Cheese CoveRobert Gosse, Jacob Smith
17 Dec 1840JohnBarrettbachelor of Bread and Cheese CoveSarahSmithspinster of Bread and Cheese CoveJacob Smith, Solomon Piddle
24 Dec 1840JamesWarrenwidower of Harbor GraceAnnTooheyspinster of Harbor GraceJames Toohey, Charles Pike
29 Dec 1840JamesNoswerthybachelor of Spaniard's BayElizabethGossespinster of Spaniard's BayHumphry Neal, Jonathan Noswerthy
30 Dec 1840IsaacSmithbachelor of Bread and Cheese CoveHannahMugfordspinster of Bread and Cheese CoveHenry Mugford, William Mugford
30 Dec 1840GeorgeShepperdbachelor of Harbor GraceCatherineGossespinster of Bread and Cheese CoveJohn Will'm Hartery, Wm Smith
30 Dec 1840WilliamFrenchbachelor of Harbor GraceRuthAshspinster of Harbor GraceEli Rogers, Charles French
6 Jan 1841JacobNoswerthybachelor of Harbor GraceElizabethTaylerspinster of Harbor GraceJames Lampen, [Thomas?] Noswerthy
10 Jan 1841RobertAlcockbachelor of Harbor GraceMildredCurrier [Coryear]spinster of Harbor GraceThomas Stevenson, John Andrews
__ Jan 1841DavidClarkbachelor of Spaniard's BaySusannaVokeyspinster of Spaniard's BayWilliam Clark, Thomas Clark
27 Jan 1841WilliamMinchinbachelor of Bread and Cheese CoveMaryMugfordspinster of Bread and Cheese Cove[illegible], William Mugford
28 Jan 1841JohnAndrewsbachelor of Harbor GraceFrancesAlcockspinster of Harbor GraceH.W. Trapnell, Robert Davis
4 Feb 1841FrancisShepherdbachelor of the South SideMaryYatemanspinster of Bryant's CoveJohn Kingwell, Joseph Yateman
17 Feb 1841JohnCouragebachelor of Harbor GraceSusan Hatcherspinster of Harbor GraceWilliam Curtis, George Hatcher
20 Feb 1841JosephSnowbachelor of Harbor GraceAmelia Martinspinster of Harbor GraceJohn Snow, David O. Stirling
4 Mar 1841WilliamAddamsbachelor of Harbor GraceMaryGoodgerspinster of Harbor GraceJoseph Courage, James [Nichels?]
25 Apr 1841WilliamTraversbachelor of Harbor GraceDinahRabbitswidow of Harbor GraceRichard French of Harbor Grace, James Knight of Harbor Grace
1 May 1841JohnPricebachelor of Harbor GraceFrancesCadwellspinster of Harbor GraceNicholas Payne, Edmund Rogers
2 May 1841JohnShepperdbachelor of Harbor GraceMary AnnOkespinster of Harbor GraceJohn Snow, Nicholas Payne
6 May 1841GeorgeCollinsbachelor of Spaniard's BaySarah Higginsspinster of Harbor GraceWilliam Gosse, William Baggs
9 May 1841StephenMartinbachelor of Harbor GraceMaryJewerspinster of Harbor GraceJoseph Martin, James Jewer
14 May 1841SolomonShepperdbachelor of Harbor GraceElizabethHawkinsspinster of Harbor GraceJoseph Martin, Joseph Martin
23 May 1841SolomonAshbachelor of Harbor GraceAnnSimmsspinster of Harbor Grace[Willi?] Parsons, Joseph Martin
29 May 1841JohnWhitebachelor of CarbonearMary AnnSnelgrovespinster of Harbor Grace[R---?] Snelgrove, Azariah Parsons, Robert Payne
10 Jun 1841PhilipEarlbachelor of Harbor GraceMaryPikespinster of Mosquito CoveJames Lampen, John Earl
17 Jul 1841WilliamStevensonbachelor of Harbor GraceLouisaLillyspinster of Harbor GraceRobert Lee Whiting, Jn'o Godden
17 Oct 1841ThomasNoseworthyof Briant's CoveSusannaSnowof Harbor GraceJohn Snow, Rachel Brazill
21 Oct 1841JohnCadwellof Harbor GraceJaneFarrellof Harbor GraceEdward White, Jane White
2 Nov 1841JohnButtof Perry's CoveAnnRiley
William Kirby, William Butt
7 Nov 1841RichardHaynesof Harbor GraceMary AnnMercerof Upper Island CoveHenry Barnes, George Sheppard
9 Nov 1841JamesPinkstoneof Harbor GraceAdaNoseworthyof Briant's CoveWilliam Sheppard, Robert Shutt
16 Nov 1841JosephMartinof Harbor GraceRebeccaChurchillof Portugal CoveWm Martin, Thomas Churchill
2 Dec 1841ThomasYeatmanof Briant's CoveAnneYeatmanof Briant's CoveMartin Porter, Anne Parsons, George Noseworthy
7 Dec 1841WilliamSpurdleof Harbor Grace[Nac(e)y?]Snowof Harbor GraceJoseph Martin, Robert Payne, Anne Gillespie
10 Dec 1841WilliamHutchingsof Spaniard's BayMaryNailerof Spaniard's BayRobert Pike, John Chipman, Hannah Smith
26 Dec 1841William Martinof Harbor GraceElizabethSnowof Harbor Grace[illegible] Trapnell, Thomas Cram, Robert Davis
30 Dec 1841JohnPowellbachelor of Harbor GraceCharlotteNoseworthyspinster of Harbor GraceJonathon Sheppard, Mary Noseworthy, Anne Sheppard
31 Dec 1841EdwardGrayleybachelor of Spaniard's BaySarahBarrettspinster of Spaniard's BayDavid Clarke, Marianne Grayley, Thomas Clarke
2 Jan 1842CharlesMarshallseabachelor of Harbor GraceSarahMartinwidow of Harbor GraceFrancis Pippy, Patience Pippy, Thomas Cram
17 Jan 1842JamesBrayof Harbor GraceMary AnnHigginsof Harbor GraceWilliam Bray, Edmund Rogers, Jn'o Bray
20 Jan 1842RobertDavisbachelor of Harbor GraceMarianneMartinspinster of Harbor GraceCharles Davis, John Wm Hartery
25 Jan 1842JohnVokeyof Spaniard's BayEmmaCoverduckof CubitsWilliam Coverduck, Patience Coverduck
19 Feb 1842AlfredSheppardbachelor of Harbor GraceJaneLovemanspinster of Harbor GraceJohn Higgins, Eliza Higgins
8 May 1842AbsalomMartinof Harbor GraceFrancesPippyof Harbor GraceNathaniel Davis, H.W. Trapnell, Frederick Martin
14 Jun 1842Henry FrederickForwardbachelor of CarbonearSarah FrancesGarlandspinster of Harbor GraceJean Manson Currie, Mary Elizabeth Bartlett, Sophia Sidney Montgomery, Wm Henderson, Wm Corbin, Mark W. Forward
10 Sep 1842SamuelDavisbachelor of Tilton HarborBridgetKennedywidow of Harbor GraceT. [-heanery?], Rachel Brazill
10 Nov 1842JosephMeadenbachelor of Harbor GraceEmmaMortimerspinster of Harbor GraceCharles Biss, George Hatcher, George Carson, Robert Puyn [sic]
1 Dec 1842ThomasSeymorbachelor of Harbor GraceMaryHatcherof Harbor GraceJames Alcock, Sarah Hatcher, George Hatcher
5 Dec 1842JonathonShephardbachelor of the South Side Hr GraceJane AnnBennettwidow of Bryant's CoveHannah Whiting, Nathaniel Shephard, Samuel Kingwell
15 Dec 1842FrancisFrenchwidower of Harbor GracePatienceGoodgerof Harbor GraceEli Rogers, William Adams, Marianne French
19 Dec 1842RobertAshbachelor of Harbor GraceFanny MariaBrownspinster of Harbor GraceJoseph Verge, Joseph Lewis, Jane [Patten?]
24 Dec 1842WilliamHigginsbachelor of South SideTriphenaPottlespinster of Bryant's CoveLouisa Higgins, Nathaniel Shephard, Anne Shephard
22 Jan 1843WilliamCakeof MosquitoAnnePennyof CarbonearJames [-amiorse?], David Cake, Marianne Cake
19 Jun 1843HughGordonbachelor of MosquittaMaryPikespinster of MosquittaJohn Gordon, Richard [Davies?], Eliza Gordon, Ambrose Pike
6 Sep 1843JamesPerchesof Harbor GraceJanePhelanwidow of Cat HarbourGeorge Voisey, James Lampen
23 Sep 1843DanielWinchesterof Harbour GraceJaneTappof Harbour GraceRobert Lee Whiting, Elias Ford, Elias Ford Jun'r, Susanna Lee Whiting
28 Oct 1843FrancisMooreof FreshwaterJuliaClarkeof CarbonearFrancis Parsons, John Hogarth
30 Nov 1843ThomasYeatmanof Bryant's CoveAnnMugfordof Bishop's CoveHenry Yeatman, John Yeatman, Mary Smith
7 Dec 1843RobertParsonsof Harbour GraceJaneHusseyof Island CoveGeorge Parsons, [Debra?] Hatcher
17 May 1844JohnTalbotof Harbor GraceSusannahMonaghanof Harbor GraceNathaniel Davis, Eli Rogers, Elizabeth Puddicombe, James Davis
26 May 1844SamuelElliotwidower of Harbour GraceMary AnnieParsonswidow of Harbour GraceAmbrose Parsons, Amelia Parsons, John [Hogarth?]
17 Jul 1844William JamesWardbachelor formerly of Halifax, Nova ScotiaEmily ThorneNuttallspinster of Harbour GraceSarah E. [Cha-----?], Julia Maria Nuttall, Ewen Thomas [Sta---?], Jn'a Ch's Nuttall, [illegible] Ward, James [Arnie?], D. Bethune
12 Aug 1844William ReedPattlebachelor of Ipswich, Suffolk, EnglandAnnWoolfryspinster of Harbour GraceAlice Higgins, Mary Woolfrey, D.W. Trapnell, F.J. Dancey
28 Sep 1844Frederick JamesDanceybachelor of Hr GraceMary AnnWhitingspinster of Hr GraceH.W. Trapnell, Tho's Skinner, John Pitts, Susanna Lee Whiting, Mary Ann Higgins
14 Oct 1844JamesUmbersonbachelor of Feather PointCatherineMagrathof River Head Harbour GraceNathaniel Noseworthy, Mary Umberson, Solomon Phelan
20 Nov 1844JohnYatemanbachelor of Bryant's CoveSusannaMinchinspinster of Bishop's CoveJohn Minchin, William Yateman, Jacob Noseworthy
25 Nov 1844JohnGordonbachelor of Harbour GraceLouisa ElizabethWhitingspinster of Harbour GraceF.J. Dancey, Tho's Skinner, Tho's Higgins
26 Nov 1844ThomasNoseworthybachelor of Harbour GraceAnnMercerspinster of Island Cove near Harbour GraceThomas Shepherd, Mary Noseworthy, Moses Noseworthy
28 Nov 1844WilliamHawkinsbachelor of Harbour GraceCatharineDavisspinster of Harbour GraceJane Susannah Walters, Elizabeth Puddicombe, James Davis, Tho's Davis
12 Dec 1844GeorgeSnowbachelor of Harbour GraceAnnCranespinster of Island Cove near Harbour GraceStephen Andrews, Robert Snow, Blath Snow
26 Dec 1844MosesNoelbachelor of Harbour GraceAnnGoss spinster of Bishop's CoveCatherine [Shippe?], Patience Noel, Jonathan Noel
26 Dec 1844JamesDavisbachelor of Harbour GraceCarolineGillardspinster of Harbour GraceEli Rogers, Nathaniel Davis, Nathaniel Davis
31 Dec 1844ThomasHigginsbachelor of Harbour GraceAnn CarolineFordspinster of Harbour GraceThomas Shinner, Edw'd Martin, G.R. Woolfrey, Elias Ford
1 Jan 1845William GrantEastaffbachelor of Carbonear, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, London, &c.Adelaide Wilhelmina MontgomeryStarkspinster of Harbour GraceHarriet G.P.G. Stark, Laura Wilhelmina Pack, Francis Green, Emily Mayne, John Hayward, D.B. [Munn?], Tho's Ridley
17 Jan 1845ThomasBabbachelor of Bryant's CovePatienceJonesspinster of Bryant's CoveElizabeth Bennett, Jonathan Sheppard, William Jones, Fanny Noseworthy
13 Feb 1845SamuelElsonbachelor of CarbonearSarahForwardspinster of CarbonearBridget Elson, Sarah E. Chancey, Jane C. Hearder, Louisa Forward
27 May 1845SolomonHigginsbachelor of Harbor GraceEleanorSheppardwidow of Harbor GraceWilliam Higgins, Martin Pottle, Triphena Higgins
3 Jun 1845JohnNoseworthywidower of Bryant's CoveSarahVoquespinster of Spaniard's BayWilliam Heath, John Voque
5 Jun 1845CharlesFoleybachelor of Harbour GraceFanny Adamsspinster of Harbour GraceHenry Webber, James Linsey, Eliza Marshall
13 Oct 1845Thomas ReynoldsSmithbachelor of St. John's, late of Bristol in EnglandJuliannaCurrie spinster of Harbour GraceA.W.D. Drysdale, Henry Le Messeurier, John Hayward, Laura Hayward
17 Oct 1845ThomasCrambachelor of Harbour GraceOliviaClarkespinster of Harbour GraceJn. Ch'r Nuttall, John Godden, H.W. Trapnell, H.T. Moore, Julia Ann Pike, Elizabeth Payne, Martha Godden
1 Nov 1845WilliamRivettbachelor of Harbour GraceMarySnowspinster of Harbour GraceStephen Andrews, Edward Snow, Emily Andrews
5 Nov 1845JohnWilliamsbachelor of Harbour GracePatienceMorganspinster of Port de GraveWilliam Williams, William Morgan, Mary Ann Coryear
6 Nov 1845NathanielNoseworthybachelor of Bryant's CoveMary Umbersomespinster of Bryant's CoveEliza Hierlihy, Eli Noseworthy, Edward Noseworthy
6 Nov 1845BenjaminMartinbachelor of Harbour GraceAnnHusseyspinster of Island CoveJoseph Martin, Robert Davis, Thomas Ryan
27 Nov 1845CharlesBillanbachelor of Gillingham in Dorsetshire, EnglandRachelHollandwidow of Harbour GraceHenry Umber, Louisa Cadwell, Richard Verge
2 Dec 1845MarkAlcockbachelor of Harbour GraceCatherineShepherdwidow of Harbour GraceJonathan Noel, Henry Alcock, Patience Noel
3 Dec 1845GeorgeKitchenbachelor of Harbour GraceSusannaWebberspinster of Harbour GraceThomas Kitchen, George Webber, John [illegible]
5 Dec 1845BlathSnowbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryPaynespinster of Harbour GraceNicholas Payne, Robert Snow, Elizabeth Payne, George Crane, Jane Susannah Walters
26 Dec 1845JohnKingbachelor of Halifax, Nova ScotiaMargaret ElizabethPynnspinster of MosquittoAnn Sparkes, Wm C. [Ha---?], George Carson, Stephen Bennett, Eliel Pike
4 Jan 1846JohnWilliamsbachelor of Liverpool in EnglandCharlottee EmmaGarlandspinster of Harbour GraceSamuel Bennett, Geo. R. Woolfrey, William Walters
7 Jan 1846EliRogersbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabeth MaryNoseworthyspinster of Harbour GraceEdward Knight, [Noah?] Rogers, Richard French, Moses Noseworthy
22 Jan 1846WilliamCrewbachelor of [blank] in Dorsetshire in EnglandElizabethDonovanspinster of CarbonearAlfred Shepherd, Rachel Brazill, Peter Wilson
12 Apr 1846William WhitingBattenbachelor of Plymouth in Devonshire in EnglandJulia AnnBennettspinster of Harbour GraceWm Bennett, W.H. Ridley, Lucinda Pike, Julia Nuttall, F.J. Dancey
27 May 1846Frederick Whitebachelor of Harbour GraceAmelia Jenkinsspinster of Harbour GraceJames Puddicombe, Elizabeth Stowe, Frederick French, Joseph Courage
19 Jul 1846RichardAndersonwidower of Cavan in the county of Cavan in Ireland, now of Harbour GraceJaneConnerwidow of Harbour GraceRichard [Bran?], Mary [B-we?], Rebecca Chapman
10 Nov 1846RichardMarshal bachelor of Harbour GraceJuliaShutewidow of Harbour GraceRobert Marshal, Henry Alcock, Patience Noel, Catherine Marshal
17 Nov 1846JosephCouragebachelor of Harbour GraceCeciliaHatcherspinster of Harbour GraceGeorge Hatcher, James Alcock, William Courage
26 Nov 1846GeorgeHarrisbachelor of Mosquito Amelia Dayspinster of CarbonearWilliam Clarke, James Harris, Israel Dove, Mary Ann Deny, Sarah Stickland
13 Dec 1846JamesAshwidower of Harbour GraceMarthaPippyspinster of Harbour GraceWm Thistle, William Pippy, James Croker
15 Dec 1846GeorgeCarsonbachelor of the Town of Liverpool in EnglandHonora ElizabethSparkesspinster of Harbour GraceWm Sparkes, Thomas Woolfry, Ann Sparkes, Emily Lee
4 Feb 1847RichardStaplebachelor of Crookhorn in Somersetshire in EnglandOliviaWelchwidow of Harbour GraceEli Rogers, Francis French, Frederic White
20 Mar 1847JamesTitfordbachelor of Ringwood in Hampshire in EnglandElizabethPuddicombespinster of Harbour GraceJoseph Verge, William Tapp, George Lee Whiting
4 Jul 1847ThomasShinnerbachelor of the Parish of Starverton in DevonshireSusanna Lee Whitingspinster of Harbour GraceHenry T. Moore, Tho's Higgins, Sam'l Elliot, Mary Woolfry, George Whiting
26 Sep 1847JohnPaynebachelor of Harbor GraceRachelBrazillspinster of Harbor GraceAnne Kingwell, Nicholas Payne, Jane Walters, Elizabeth Brazill
1 Oct 1847JohnCleverleybachelor of Salcombe near Dartmouth in DevonshireAnn ElizabethKingwellspinster of Harbour GraceEmily Mayne - Har. Grace, Silias Moore - St. John's, H.M.[illegible] - St. John's, Jn'o Kingwell - Harbour Grace
9 Oct 1847JohnNicholsbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethBrownspinster of Tor Bay near St. John'sJames Nichols, Thomas Nichols, William Tapp
2 Nov 1847CharlesSnowwidower of Harbour GraceElizabethAndrewsspinster of Harbour GraceStephen Andrews, Nicholas Payne, Emily Andrews
2 Nov 1847CharlesHawkinsbachelor of Harbour GraceJoannaMercerspinster of Island CoveSolomon Shepherd, John French, Joanna Butt
20 Nov 1847WilliamElsonbachelor of CarbonearSophia SidneyMontgomeryspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Stark, Julia C. H. Montgomery, Emily Mayne, J. Harrison Ridley
30 Nov 1847RobertBadcockbachelor of Harbour GracePatienceSnowspinster of Harbour GraceElizabeth Payne, Charles Snow, William Payne, Edwin Pynn
16 Dec 1847StephenBennettbachelor of Harbour GraceMary AnnSparkesspinster of Harbour GraceNicholas Payne, Ambrose Sparkes, Ann Sparkes
1 Jan 1848ThomasKitchenbachelor of Harbour GraceEstherStevensonspinster of Harbour GraceThomas Higgins, John Stevenson, George Webber, Emily Lee Whiting
6 Jan 1848JamesHarrisbachelor of Mosquito Mary AnnWaffordspinster of Bear's CoveDavid Cake, Israel Dove, Frederic Wafford
17 Feb 1848AlfredNoseworthywidower of Harbour GraceAnnSmithspinster of Bishop's CoveMoses Noseworthy, Adam Mackbath, Sarah Brown, Mariah Umbersone
7 Nov 1848GeorgeShinnerbachelor of Bryant's CoveJuliaUmbersonespinster of Bryant's CoveElizabeth Bennett, Daniel James, Richard Singleton
7 Nov 1848JohnBrownwidower of Harbour GraceMary AnnThornespinster of New Harbour in Trinity BayJohn French, Elizabeth Thorne, Henry Snow
25 Nov 1848SamuelParmitterbachelor of TopsailCharlottee Crookerspinster of Harbour GraceThomas Parsons, John Parmiter, Benjamin Squires
22 Dec 1848JohnDavisbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethMartinspinster of Harbour GraceJonathan Martin, Joseph Martin, William Davis
25 Dec 1848JohnGoddenbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethPaynespinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Dow, Robert Mayne, Emily Mayne, Robert Payne
28 Dec 1848JohnKnightbachelor of Harbour GraceEuniceNicholsspinster of Harbour GraceFrederick French, Phebe Knight, [illegible], Richard French
24 Feb 1849DavidCakebachelor of Mosquito SarahHaroldspinster of Bear's CoveJohn Harold, Philip Harold, John Sweetland, Rose-Anna Pike
4 Jun 1849William Bunclarkbachelor of Teignmouth in Devonshire, EnglandMary AnnCake spinster of Mosquito Henry Webber, Robert Pike, Catherine Cake
11 Sep 1849William JohnCoenbachelor of St. Laurence in the Island of Jersey, Lieutenant in the Royal Newfoundland CompaniesFrances ElizabethNuttallspinster of Harbour GraceJulia M. Nuttall, Hugh Best [Ch-------?] Capt'n RNC, C.F. Tyler [S-?] RNC, Richard S. Law Ensgn RNC, J. Harrison Rid ley, Nicholas S. Stabb, Charles Ridley, Tho's Nuttall, E.R. Stabb, Julia Montgomery, Harriet Stark, Cornelia Chancey
18 Sep 1849JacobParsonsbachelor late of Bryant's Cove near Harbour Grace but now of Ladle Tickles in Green BayJoannaShepherdspinster late of Harbour Grace but now of Ladle Tickles aforesaidJohn Haggett, Joseph Parsons, Mary Ann Parsons, Robert Shepherd
30 Oct 1849MartinShepherdbachelor of Harbour GraceEmily Andrewsspinster of Harbour GraceStephen Andrews, Jane Andrews, Stephen Andrews, William Andrews
5 Nov 1849FrancisMartinbachelor of Harbour GraceLouisa Tuckerof Harbour GraceWilliam Brazill, William Martin, John Thomas, Jonathan Martin
18 Nov 1849JosephMartinbachelor of Harbour GraceHarrietYoungspinster of Upper Island CoveRobert Snow, William Martin, Mary Ann Davis, Jonathan Martin
19 Nov 1849WilliamYatemanbachelor of Harbour GracePatienceNoelspinster of Harbour GraceRichard Noel, Moses Yateman, Joseph Noel
20 Nov 1849GeorgeNoseworthybachelor of Bryant's CoveAnnParsonsspinster of Bryant's CoveLevi Noseworthy, John James, Edw'd Parsons, Moses Noseworthy
2 Dec 1849NathanielShepherdbachelor of Harbour GraceHannahColesspinster of Mosquito Stephen Coles, Joseph Goff, Rebecca Shepherd, Julia Brown
18 Dec 1849George F.Paynebachelor of Harbour GraceElizabeth AnnCranespinster of Island CoveGeorge Crane, Nicholas Payne, Samuel Kingwell
2 Jun 1850WilliamLangwidower of CarbonearAnnCake widow of MosquitoRobert Penny, Andrew Lang, Margaret White, Mary Mariah Penny
5 Jun 1850JohnNoelbachelor of Fresh-Water near CarbonearSusannaPhraizespinster of CarbonearJoseph Jeffers, Joseph Phraize, Francis Jeffers, James Lampen
18 Jun 1850Edward L.Okebachelor of Harbour GraceFrancesWalsh spinster of Harbour GraceSamuel Bennett, Nicholas Payne, William Tapp, Hannah Bennett, Amelia Oke, Susannah Payne, Frances Bryne
1 Sep 1850William H.Haysbachelor of Boston in the United States of North AmericaAnnSparkesspinster of Harbour GraceRelly U. Crowell - Master of the Brig Rolerson of Boston, J. Lampen, Ambrose Sparkes, William Tapp, Sarah Sparkes
19 Sep 1850SamuelCongdonbachelor of Plymouth in Devonshire in EnglandRachelMartinspinster of Harbour GraceSarah Thorne Peters, James Lampen, Pheby Knight - All of Harbour Grace
29 Oct 1850WilliamTappbachelor of Harbour GraceCatherineParsons alias Pikewidow of Harbour GraceDuncan Munn, Robert G. Withycombe, Tho's Ross
16 Nov 1850AndrewUmber bachelor of Harbour GraceJoannaButtspinster of Harbour GraceRichard Verge, Alfred Shepherd
20 Nov 1850JohnParsonsbachelor of Okapit's Cove in Conception BayRebeccaShepherdspinster of South Side Harbour GraceJoseph Goff, Henry [Payne?]
21 Nov 1850GeorgeParsonsbachelor of South Side Harbour GraceMaryLundriganspinster of Island CoveJohn Andrews, William Andrews
21 Nov 1850RobertSnowbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryGrealyspinster of Island CoveThomas Davis, Thomas Snow
24 Nov 1850WilliamStevensonbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethStowespinster of Harbour GraceStephen Andrews, Robert Alcock
20 Jan 1851AbrahamAntlewidower of BrigusMarthaParsonsspinster of Harbour GraceJonathan Parsons, James Parsons
12 May 1851GeorgeHatcherbachelor of Harbour GraceMarthaMartinspinster of Harbour GraceHenery Martin, John Hatcher
20 May 1851Edward Parsonsbachelor of Bryant's CoveJudithStonespinster of Bryant's CoveEdward Noseworthy, Moses Noseworthy
26 May 1851NathanielNoelbachelor of South Side Harbour GraceSusanThompsonspinster of Harbour GraceSusannah Payne, Frances Payne, Stephen Andrews, Alfred Noel
7 Oct 1851JamesHigginsbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryAdamswidow of Harbour GraceGeorge Sheppard, Frances Dear
1 Dec 1851JamesHarriswidower of MusquitoAnnConnersspinster of MusquitoWilliam Wells, Israel Dove
1 Dec 1851RichardBraybachelor of Harbour GraceRachelBesserspinster of Island CoveJames Courage, Fredrick Verge, Martha Bray
11 Dec 1851JosephJohnsonbachelor of Harbour GraceMargaret Welshspinster of Harbour GraceJohn French, Mark Walsh
16 Dec 1851JohnBabbbachelor of Mosquito PointMargaretWhitespinster of Mosquito PointThomas Laner, Levi White
28 Dec 1851JosephBrazillof Harbour GraceSusanSnowof Harbour GraceThomas Cram, Joseph Martin
29 Dec 1851JamesCooperof Bell IsleLouisaStephensonwidow of Harbour GraceJohn Godden, Martha Godden
The following 8 marriages were out of chronological order:
6 Jan 1850JohnGillardwidower of Harbour GraceAnnShepherdwidow of Harbour GraceThomas French, William Ash, Susan Ash
1 Feb 1850RobertCouragebachelor of Harbour GraceFrancesPhelanspinster of Bryant's CoveWilliam Curtis, James Courage, William Williams
7 Feb 1850WilliamCouragebachelor of Harbour GraceCatherineKennedyspinster of Bear's Cove near Harbour GraceJohn Kenedy[sic], Joseph Courage, George Kennedy
2 May 1850RobertHigginsbachelor of Harbour GraceHannahJonesspinster of Bryant's CoveWilliam Pottle, James Higgins, Timothy McCarthey, Ann Yateman, Diana Shepherd
23 May 1850WilliamBartletbachelor of Brigus in Conception BayLucindaPikespinster of Harbour GraceDuncan Munn, Elfrida Pike, William Tapp, Jane Bartlett, John Pike
29 May 1850AmbroseSparksbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethBennettspinster of Bryant's CoveStephen Bennett, George Lee Whiting, George [Carson?], Ann Sparks
30 May 1850JohnMunnbachelor of the Town of Saint JohnsElizabethBrownspinster of Harbour GraceHenry [Griggs?] of Whitehaven Cumberland in England, George Brown, Louisa Brown, James Lampen - [the last three] of Harbour Grace
30 May 1850WilliamKennedybachelor of Bear's CoveLucindaMartinspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Trapnell, George Kennedy, Francis Martin, Julia Ann Kennedy
The following marriages were located in the back of the 1775-1806 baptism register:
15 Jan 1852ThomasDixonbachelor of the city of CorkAnnYatemanspinster of Harbour GraceJohn French, John Jenkins
26 Feb 1852Henry TyteMoorebachelor of Harbour GraceJulia MariaNuttallspinster of Harbour GraceHarriet Stark, Sophie [illegible], Eliza Ludgater, [Sophin?] G. Nuttall, Louisa Chancey, Lewis M. Munn, [Ma--isa-?] Ridley, Charles Ridley
29 Feb 1852JamesTitfordwidower of Harbour GraceElizabethFrenchspinster of Harbour GraceAmbrose Pike, Frances Pearse
16 May 1852RichardVergebachelor of Harbour GraceMariaBrownspinster of Spaniard's BayJoseph Verge, Frederick Verge
27 May 1852WilliamWilliamsof Harbour GraceSarah JaneBrownspinster of Spaniard's BayJames Burrage, Frederick Brown
21 Nov 1852John CharlesFrenchbachelor of Harbour GraceAmelia Huntspinster of Harbour GraceFrancis French, Moses Davis
13 Dec 1852RichardNoelbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryYatemanspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Yateman, Martha Noel
28 May 1853William Brazillbachelor of Harbour GraceCharlotteAlcockspinster of Harbour GraceJoseph Martin, Catherine Brazill, Charlotte Parson
1 Jun 1853William Martinbachelor of Harbour GraceCatharineBrazillspinster of Harbour GraceJoseph Brazill, William Brazill, Elizabeth Brazill
17 Nov 1853Henry Snookwidower of CarbonearJaneFlingspinster of Spaniard's BayJames Howell, Stephen Fling
25 Nov 1853ThomasNicholasbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethHuntspinster of Harbour GraceGeorge Nicholas, James Nicholas
28 Nov 1853LeviShepherdbachelor of Harbour GraceSusannaBarrettspinster of Bishop's CoveNathaniel Shepherd, William Smith
9 Dec 1853HenryMartinbachelor of Harbour GraceSusannaMartinspinster of Harbour GraceGeorge Martin, Thomas Martin
10 Dec 1853William Vergebachelor of Harbour GraceRachelHusseyspinster of Island CoveAlfred Shepherd, John Verge

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
NOEL / POWELL 30 Dec 1841 John Powell bachelor of Harbor Grace and Charlotte Noseworthy spinster of Harbor Grace Jonathon Sheppard, Mary Noseworthy, Anne Sheppard....This should be JOHN NOEL.....these are my great great grandparents and he was a NOEL..not a Powell. The record does in fact say the groom was John POWELL. He was illiterate, signing an "X" for his name, and therefore would not have known that the minister had written in the wrong surname. Gloria Bruce
George Hatcher and Martha Martin marriage Should be George Hatcher and ELIZABETH Martin marriage with Henry Parsons as a witness Geoff Martin

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