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Harbour Grace - Anglican Marriage Records, 1870 - 1882

Please note that I have used both photocopies and original documents held at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Harbour Grace. Consulting the records will yield additional information; the name of the minister who performed the marriage, the place where the marriage was performed and whether the bride, groom & witnesses were literate. For verification purposes, photocopies of these documents can be consulted at either:

St. Paul's Anglican Church
Cochrane Street, PO Box 341
Harbour Grace, NF A0A 2M0

The Rooms Provincial Archives Division
The Rooms Corporation of Newfoundland and Labrador
9 Bonaventure Avenue
P.O. Box 1800, Station C St. John's, NL, Canada A1C 5P9

Anglican Archives
19 King's Bridge Road
St. John's, NF A1C 3K4

The records were transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY in January 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

2 Jan 1870EdwardCooperbachelor of Harbour GraceMelinaKnightspinster of Harbour GraceCharles Nicholas, Ambrose Downing
22 Feb 1870WilliamAndrewsbachelor of Harbour GraceSarah SophiaButlerof Harbour GraceJohn Hutchings, [Mark?] A. Hierlehy
27 May 1870JohnHarrisbachelor of Rawston DorsetshireAmeliaWardspinster of Green Bay[Sam--?] Congdon, Mary Congdon
7 Jun 1870ThomasAlcockbachelor of Harbour GraceRebeccaBrownspinster of Harbour GraceMelena Curtis, R.D. McRae
8 Jun 1870StephenAndrewsbachelor of Harbour GraceMartha S.Davisspinster of Harbour GraceR. D. McRae, Selina Davis
9 Jun 1870AugustusPynnbachelor of Harbour GraceJaneAlcockspinster of Harbour GraceClaressa Pynn, George Davis
21 Aug 1870John RichardAshbachelor of Harbour GraceAmeliaAlcockspinster of Harbour GraceFrederick Verge, Eli Verge
25 Aug 1870Robert Squareybachelor of Harbour GraceAnn CarolineHigginsspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Leech Noell, John J. Higgins
14 Sep 1870Monier WilliamsHutchingsbachelor of St. John'sWilhelmina Mary WilsonDowspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Allan, Bessie N. Allan
15 Nov 1870JamesTuckerof Harbour GraceDelphineJacobsspinster of Harbour GraceSamuel Downing, Ambrose Downing
17 Nov 1870GeorgeAndrewsbachelor of Harbour GraceSusannaCollinsspinster of Harbour GraceEli Verge, Fanny Webber
17 Nov 1870ThomasPowellbachelor of Harbour GraceSusannaBrownspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Verge, Azariah Brown
20 Nov 1870JosephVergewidower of Harbour GraceSarah JaneLynchspinster of Harbour GraceEli Verge, Stephen French
24 Nov 1870GeorgeShepherdbachelor of Harbour GraceJanePippyspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Pippy, Levi Shepherd
26 Nov 1870BenjaminSmithbachelor of Bishop's CoveMargaretHolland spinster of Harbour GraceHenry Bray, Moses French
1 Dec 1870JosephSpurdellbachelor of Harbour GracePriscillaShepherdspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Purchase, Edward Shepherd
1 Dec 1870JamesDovebachelor of Harbour GracePatienceDovespinster of Harbour GraceGeorge Dove, Melissa Martin
12 Dec 1870John CharlesPinksonbachelor of Harbour GraceDorothyGeorgespinster of Harbour GraceArchibald Pinkson, Henry Hiscock
22 Dec 1870John CharlesStaple (properly Stapleton)bachelor of Harbour GraceMaryAndrewsspinster of Harbour GraceReuben Pike, Edith Margaret Staple
25 Dec 1870ThomasNoblebachelor of Whitehaven EnglandMelinaSpencespinster of Harbour Grace[illegible] Trapnell, Hannah Spence
12 Jan 1871Alfred HoratioPikebachelor of Fresh Water, N. ShoreLaura JaneParsonsspinster of Fresh Water, N. ShoreHenry Hiscock, Jacob Miller
2 Jun 1871William GeorgePikebachelor of Harbour GraceJane Rogersspinster of Harbour GraceJane Rogers, Augustus Pynn, Elizabeth Sparkes
2 Jun 1871AlbertGarlandbachelor of Harbour GraceMargaretBrodrickspinster of CarbonearWilliam Harris, Catherine Brodrick
15 Jul 1871WilliamPowellbachelor of Harbour GraceFrancesGillspinster of Harbour GraceEdward Shepherd, William Nicholas
27 Aug 1871MosesShepherdbachelor of Harbour GracePatience MariaHigginsspinster of Harbour GraceHenry [Gosse or Jones?], [Theresa?] Gosse
15 Nov 1871EdwardBrownbachelor of Harbour GraceMary AnnShepherdspinster of Harbour GraceEdward Shepherd, Margaret Shepherd
15 Nov 1871WilliamCarsonbachelor of Harbour GraceEstherColespinster of Harbour GraceNathaniel Martin, Clement Rogers
16 Nov 1871John ThomasAshbachelor of Harbour GraceSusannaMartinspinster of Harbour GraceSusanna Hindy, [Sylas?] Martin
17 Nov 1871JonathanMesserbachelor of Island CoveEdith MargaretStaplespinster of Harbour GraceJohn Charles Staple, Mary Staple
21 Nov 1871John CharlesGeorgebachelor of Harbour GraceTheresaNosworthyspinster of Harbour GraceArchibald Nosworthy, Leah Reade
23 Nov 1871StephenHuntbachelor of Harbour GraceFrancesBrayspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Hunt, Jessie [Bray?]
29 Nov 1871EmanuelCakebachelor of Harbour GraceSarahWhelanspinster of Harbour GraceMary Ann Whelan, Eli Shinner
6 Dec 1871SimonWillsbachelor of MosquitoAnn Pikespinster of MosquitoJoseph Wills, Susanna Wills
7 Dec 1871WilliamHuntbachelor of Harbour GraceSarahBarrettspinster of Harbour GraceMark Walsh, Stephen Hunt
14 Dec 1871GeorgeSmithof Bishop's CoveAnnBillingsspinster of Harbour GraceHenry Bray, Ellen Nicholas
[not given, Dec 1871?]JohnSpencebachelor of Harbour GraceSarahCouragespinster of Harbour GraceThomas Noble, Nathaniel Martin
20 Dec 1871RichardShepherdbachelor of this ParishFrancesGeorgespinster of this ParishJoshua Newman, John Shepherd
21 Dec 1871WilliamGossebachelor of Spaniard's BaySarahFrenchspinster of this Parish[Elies?] French, Emily Gosse
21 Dec 1871RoderickMcRaebachelor of this ParishMaryHigginsspinster of this ParishAlexander Clift, John Higgins
23 Dec 1871RichardHigginsbachelor of Harbour GracePhoebeShepherdspinster of Harbour GraceThomas Shepherd, Caroline Shepherd
27 Dec 1871AbrahamSmithbachelor of Bishop's CoveSarah JaneBarrettspinster of Bishop's CoveJohn Smith, Julia Ann Barrett
29 Dec 1871GeorgeDavisbachelor of this ParishMargaretSnowspinster of this ParishJames Davis, Stephen Hawkins
2 Jan 1872ArchibaldPinkstonbachelor of this ParishEmilySimmonsspinster of this Parish[illegible] Shute, Deborah Marshall
4 Jan 1872AlexanderCrockerbachelor of this ParishBelindaParmiterspinster of this ParishSamuel Parmiter, William H. Pike
7 Jan 1872HenryBlundenwidower of Bay-de-VerdeA. Eliza A.CampbellspinsterHarvey A. Green, Frederica T. Pack
20 Feb 1872RichardNoelwidower of this ParishRebeccaShepherdwidow of this ParishWilliam Noseworthy, Aaron Noel
4 May 1872JonathanWebberbachelor of this ParishJuliaSweetlandspinster of this ParishGeorge Snelgrove, Sarah Cake
1 Jun 1872Robert Anthonybachelor of this ParishBridgetReynoldsspinster of this ParishAzariah Alcock, W.L. Clarke
5 Jun 1872ElishaElfordbachelor of DildoLydia GreenOakleyspinster of Greens PondAzariah Alcock, W.L. Clarke
10 Jun 1872JohnShutewidower of this ParishPriscillaButtspinster of this ParishDeborah Martin, Augustus French
13 Jun 1872JosephNealebachelor of this ParishAliceNorcottspinster of this ParishWilliam Higgins, Jane Mortimer
23 Sep 1872SamuelMitchambachelor of Green's HarbourAnn ElizabethCooperspinster of Green's HarbourAlfred Webber, Jane M. Webber
13 Oct 1872William C. P.Noblebachelor of Harbour GraceElla M. B. Parkerspinster of Halifax, Nova ScotiaW. Munden Allan, A. Parker
9 Nov 1872JohnClarkebachelor of BrigusElizabethSimmonsspinster of Harbour GraceRobert Simmons, Tryphena Parsons
13 Nov 1872ThomasDavisbachelor of Harbour GraceMary AnnShepherdspinster of Harbour GraceEdgar Davis, Ann Hawkins
15 Nov 1872WilliamAlcockbachelor of Harbour GraceSarahThistlespinster of Harbour GraceGeorge Martin, Martha Alcock
20 Nov 1872Eli ThomasVergebachelor of Harbour GraceEliza Ashspinster of Harbour GraceEdward Brown, Mary Brown
24 Nov 1872JamesMooneybachelor of Harbour GraceSarahHannaberyspinster of St. John'sJoseph Russell, Henry Hiscock
28 Nov 1872JacobVokeybachelor of Spaniard's BayMaria Earlespinster of Bay RobertsJulia Vokey, Nathaniel Vokey
28 Nov 1872JonathanVokeybachelor of Spaniard's BayRebeccaParsonsspinster of Ochre-pit Cove[illegible] Seymour, Mary Ann Vokey
1 Dec 1872HenryTaylorwidower of Harbour GraceAnn Eliza Davisspinster of Harbour GraceThomas Davis, Mary Davis
1 Dec 1872WilliamDavisbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethSparkesspinster of Harbour GraceGeorge Shepherd, Thomas Sparkes
4 Dec 1872Thomas W.Gadenbachelor of Harbour GraceMargaretGadenspinster of Harbour GraceW.R. Stirling, M.J. Gaden
10 Dec 1872MosesHeroldbachelor of Harbour GraceCarolineWillsspinster of Harbour GraceJoseph Wills, Susanna Wills
11 Dec 1872GeorgeDovebachelor of Harbour GraceMelissaMartinspinster of Harbour GraceMatthew Stevenson, Stephen Martin
15 Dec 1872JohnMorrissbachelor of Chester EnglandAnnabellaSimmsspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Simms, William Smith
24 Dec 1872GeorgeBraybachelor of Harbour GraceMarySnowspinster of Harbour GraceReuben Pike, Jessie Bray
8 Jan 1873GeorgeHeraldbachelor of CarbonearMary AnnHeraldspinster of Harbour GraceJohn [Butt?], George W. Soper
10 Jan 1873WilliamFrenchbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethStevensonspinster of Harbour GraceJoseph Godden, Roseann Noel
26 Jan 1873John Hitchcombbachelor of Harbour GraceBridgetRussellspinster of Harbour GraceJames Purcell, Louisa Purcell
9 Apr 1873SamuelYeatmanbachelor of Bryant's CoveElizabeth Barrettspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Brown, George Robert Powell
21 May 1873GeorgeSterlingbachelor of Harbour GraceElizaAshspinster of Harbour GraceL. [Curbes?], Reuben Sparkes
24 Jul 1873William R.Squareybachelor of Harbour GraceAnnWoolfreyspinster of Harbour Grace[E.Wm Lyon?], Alice Woolfrey
1 Nov 1873JohnMercerbachelor of Bay RobertsMaryBadcockspinster of Bay RobertsCharles Badcock, Catheran Sparkes
2 Dec 1873EdwardMartinbachelor of White-Hills, Quidi VidiSarah JaneCookspinster of Twenty-mile PondHenry Hiscock, Joseph Russell
14 Dec 1873WilliamNicholasbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethRussellspinster of Harbour GraceHenry Alcock, Albert Courage
26 Dec 1873ElielCouragebachelor of Harbour GraceMargaretShepherdspinster of Harbour GraceEdward Shepherd, Rachel Courage
1 Jan 1874John W.Cranebachelor of Harbour GraceCatherineAndrewsspinster of Harbour Grace[E.W.Lyon?], Rob't Badcock
20 Jan 1874JohnWightbachelor of Bonne BayElizabethHeraldspinster of Harbour GraceGeorge Sweetland, Henry Herald
28 Jan 1874JohnPippybachelor of Harbour GraceEllenSomersspinster of Portugal CoveA. [Lamey?], [illegible] Martin
19 Feb 1874JosiahNoelbachelor of Harbour GraceRachelParmiterspinster of Harbour GraceThomas Parsons, Susanna Young
1 Mar 1874AlbertNoelbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethParsonsspinster of Harbour GraceRoseann Parsons, Stewart Parsons
25 Apr 1874NathanielSeymourwidower of Spaniard's BayMary AnneVokeyspinster of Spaniard's BayThomas Higgins, Julia Barrett
19 May 1874John T.Tappbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryDavisspinster of Harbour Grace[illegible] Tapp, E.W. Lyon
20 May 1874JosephMorganbachelor of Port-de-GraveNaomiMorganspinster of Port-de-GraveCaleb Morgan, Mary Ann Morgan
25 May 1874OwenChipmanbachelor of Spaniard's BayJaneSharpespinster of Spaniard's BayGeorge Baker, Sarah Jane Baker
1 Aug 1874WilliamAsh, Sen'rwidower of Harbour GraceDrusillaClarkewidow of Harbour GraceLouisa Ash, Thomas Ash
10 Nov 1874WilliamFrenchbachelor of Harbour GraceDianaDurdlespinster of CarbonearElias French, Mary French
3 Dec 1874GeorgeTarrantbachelor of Harbour GraceEmmaParsonsspinster of Harbour GraceRobert D. Tarent, Maria Jane French
7 Dec 1874SamuelPinsentbachelor of New HarbourEmmaHawkinsspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Hawkins, Thomas Brown
9 Dec 1874JohnWilliamsbachelor of Harbour GraceIsabellaCoombsspinster of Island CoveEdmend Rogers, [D-----?] Courage
20 Dec 1874EdwardBrownbachelor of Harbour GraceElizaNosworthyspinster of Harbour GraceGeorge T. Pike, Mary Brown
25 Dec 1874JohnAndrewsbachelor of Harbour GraceJanetHawkinsspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Hawkins, John Charles Staple
3 Jan 1875MarkAlcockwidower of Harbour GraceChristianaHawkinswidow of Harbour GraceMatthew Davis, John Davis
6 Jan 1875ArchelausShepherdbachelor of Harbour GraceJuliaCoombsspinster of Island CoveWilliam Sillers, Louisa French
15 Feb 1875Edmond HenryClowbachelorJulia AnnHusseyspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Clow, Mary Jane Hussey
3 May 1875ArchelausTaylorbachelor of Harbour GraceJulia AnnAndrewsspinster of Harbour GraceFrancis Andrews, Susanna Andrews
1 Jun 1875Henry W.Thomeybachelor of Harbour GraceRachel M.Greenspinster of Harbour Grace[V.?] Arthur Thomey, Mary Thomey
12 Jun 1875WilliamButtbachelor of Harbour GraceEmilyAlcockspinster of Harbour GraceThomas H. Alcock, Rebecca Alcock
15 Dec 1875JamesReidbachelor of Heart's Delight, Trinity BayHannahWhiteof Harbour GraceWilliam Grimes, George Lindsay
18 Dec 1875JohnRobinswidower of Harbour GraceMaryNoftyspinster of Harbour GraceWm M. Ford, Patrick Alcock, Anne Puddicombe
23 Dec 1875WilliamPiddlebachelor of MosquitoJaneShepherdwidow of Harbour GraceThomas Piddle, Leavinia Piddle, Thomas Murry, Selina Pippy
25 Dec 1875DuncanCouragebachelor of Harbour GraceMargaretWilliamsspinster of Harbour GraceStephen Williams, Robert Bradbury, Emily Williams, Giles Williams
1 Jan 1876JohnSparksbachelor of Harbour GraceAnneHawkinsspinster of Harbour GraceMathew Davis, William Hawkins, Catheran Sparkes, Christianna Hawkins
7 Jun 1876WilliamGrimesbachelor of Little Bay Islands, Green BayEmma ElizabethWhitespinster of Harbour GraceReuben Pike, Jessie White, Daniel B. Blackwood, Amelia White
11 Nov 1876JamesHatcherwidowerSarah AnnTaylorspinsterWilliam Nicholas, Henery Payne, Aggie Paterson
7 Dec 1876HenryJenkinsbachelor of Harbour GraceLouisaBrayof Harbour GraceHenry Bray, Mary Ann Bray, Caroline Umber
8 Dec 1876ReubenMercerbachelor of Bay RobertsElizaBadcockspinster of Bay RobertsEdward Holmes, Sarah Holmes
11 Jan 1877GeorgeFrenchbachelor of Harbour GraceSarah JaneAndrewsspinster of Harbour GraceSusanna Andrews, May French, Louisa French, Frederick French
20 Feb 1877JohnPeddlebachelor of MosquitoPhoebeSeymourspinster of Harbour GraceMartin Piddle, Susanna Courage, James Seymour
7 Mar 1877DavidOateswidower of CarbonearSusannaPeddlespinster of MosquitoAugustus Taylor, Jessie Seymour, Martin Piddle, Kezia [B----y?]
24 Apr 1877JohnHusseybachelor of Spaniard's Bay Big PondFannyClark spinster of Upper Island CoveJohn Barrett, Mary Ann Hussey, Naomi Gosse
14 May 1877AmbroseVokeybachelor of Spaniard's BayLaviniaShepherdof Spaniard's BayWilliam Hutchings, Jane Hutchings, Caroline Vokey
1 Jun 1877SilasMartinbachelor of Harbour GraceFannyMartinspinster of Harbour GraceThomas Martin, Edith Oke, Catherine Martin, William Hawkins
2 Jun 1877WilliamTitfordbachelor of Harbour GraceAnn ElizabethBonclarkspinster of Harbour GraceWm Bonclark, Hannah Peet, William Pike
7 Jun 1877James HenryCanningbachelor of Harbour GraceFanny MariaDaltonspinster of Harbour GraceMichael Brian, Searle M. Wren
3 Sep 1877JamesCouragebachelor of Harbour GraceEdith Andrewsspinster of Harbour GraceEdwin Whiteway, Susanna Andrews
14 Nov 1877MosesButtwidower of Spaniard's BaySarah JaneSmithwidow of Bishop's CoveGeorge Smith, Catherine Smith
1 Jan 1878MartinPiddlebachelor of MosquitoPatience Sladespinster of Marshall FollyJoseph Wills, Susanna Wills, George Slade
1 Jan 1878JamesMartinbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabeth AnnHatcherof Harbour GraceWilliam Hatcher, Amelia Parsons, John Charles Hatcher, Sarah Martin
28 May 1878JamesGordonbachelor of Harbour GraceMaria Davisspinster of Harbour GraceLeander Curtis, Jane Curtis
31 May 1878JacobAdamsbachelor of Harbour GraceCarolineWeeks of Harbour GraceSteward Bray, Emma Jane Higgins, Robert Hobbs
7 Jun 1878SamuelDaltonbachelor of CatalinaCatherineHamiltonspinster of River Head Harbour GraceWilliam Burke, Michael Hayes
8 Jun 1878NathanielSnowbachelor of Harbour GraceMary JaneJenkinsspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Jenkins, William H. Chipman, John Staple
8 Jun 1878JohnHarrisbachelor of MosquitoTheresaMurrayspinster of MosquitoJames Wills, Thomas Webber, Mary Hampton
4 Sep 1878ElijahStaplebachelor of Harbour GraceJaneFramptonspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Jenkins, Sophie Curtis, Charles French, Catherine Andrews
20 Nov 1878NathanielSticklandbachelor of Spaniard's BaySusannaBarrettof Spaniard's BayWilliam Puddicombe, Priscilla Stickland
16 Nov 1878GeorgeAdamsbachelor of Harbour GraceSusannaLynchspinster of Spoon CoveFrederick Martin, Louise Webber, Nicholas Payne
16 Nov 1878DavidPeddlebachelor of Hodge's Cove Trinity BaySarahSmithspinster of Bishop's CoveJames Drover, Stephen Smith, Prudence Smith
28 Nov 1878EdwardSweetlandwidower of Harbour GraceAmelia[Oate?]widow of CarbonearGeorge Snelgrove, Sarah Cake
3 Dec 1878WilliamMcCarthybachelor of CarbonearSenethPennyspinster of CarbonearJohn Pye, Mary McCarthy, Joseph Clark, Catherine Clark
__ Dec 1878JohnPeddlewidower of MosquitoSarahPikespinster of MosquitoWilliam Titford, Catherine Pike, Ann Pike, James Wills
1 Jan 1879HenrySeymourbachelor of Spaniard's BayMarthaSheppardspinster of Harbour GraceNathaniel Sheppard, Martin Sheppard, [Nilhehnine?] Sheppard, Jessie [Kitchin?]
1 Jan 1879MosesWilliamsbachelor of Harbour GraceEllenSeymourspinster of Harbour GraceMary Ann Williams, Jessie Seymour, Edward Williams, Stephen Williams
4 Jan 1879AlbertCouragebachelor of Harbour GraceAnnNicholasspinster of Harbour GraceGeorge Courage, Thomas Nicholas, Mary J. Courage
13 Jan 1879JamesBraybachelor of Harbour GraceMaryDermidyspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam French, Susanna Brown
5 Feb 1879GeorgeSnelgrovebachelor of Bear's CoveSarahCakespinster of Bear's CoveEdward Sweetland, Amelia Sweetland
14 Feb 1879HectorWilliamsbachelor of Harbour GraceLaviniaCouragespinster of Harbour GraceStephen Williams, Duncan Courage, Leah Snow
2 Mar 1879William HenryTuckerbachelor of Harbour GraceEdith Okespinster of Harbour GraceJohn L. Oke, Elizabeth Oke, W.H. Oke
29 Mar 1879WilliamLampinbachelor of Harbour GracePhoebeSparkesspinster of Harbour GraceReuben Sparkes, Elizabeth Sparkes
17 May 1879EdmundTaylorof this townElizabethSparkesof this townJohn Sparkes, Reginald Noel, Emily Sparkes, Mary Ann Taylor
20 May 1879JohnBraybachelor of Harbour GraceEmilyTaylorspinster of Port-de-GraveArchibald Bray, Eliza Bray
19 Jul 1879AaronSnelgrovebachelor of Harbour Grace, age 51FannyArcherspinster of Harbour Grace, age 45A.M. Whelan, Henry Webber, Jane Nicholas
9 Aug 1879MosesFrenchbachelor of Harbour GraceSarahShepherdspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Staple, Wilhelmina French
18 Aug 1879FredericMartinwidower of Harbour GraceElizabethMartinspinster of Harbour GraceEli Martin, Matilda Sheppard, Thomas Alcock, Elizabeth Brown
24 Oct 1879StephenWalshbachelor of Harbour GraceMarthaPinsonspinster of Dildo Cove Trinity BayWilliam Nicholas, Elizabeth Seymour
3 Nov 1879Eugene BennettThompsonbachelorAlice MaudHigginsspinsterR.D.McRae, T. Higgins, John Higgins, W.H. Thompson
23 Nov 1879IsaacBensonbachelor of Harbour GraceRachelCranespinster of Harbour GraceGeorge Crane, Thomas Benson, Isabel Crane, Dinah Benson
27 Nov 1879CharlesFrenchbachelor of Harbour GraceCatherineBensonspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Benson, Emily French, Thomas Benson, Dinah Benson
27 Nov 1879Abel ArthurStonebachelor of CatalinaMargaretBadcockspinster of Harbour GraceRobert Badcock, Frances Badcock, John Crossman, John L. Oke
2 Dec 1879JosephPippybachelor of Harbour GraceLouisaCouragespinster of Harbour GraceJohn Spence, Elizabeth Pippy, John Elias Courage
4 Dec 1879ThomasMercerbachelor of Upper Island CoveMary AnnRiglerof South Side Harbour GraceMary Ann Noel, Priscilla Riglar, John Noseworthy, William Noel
9 Dec 1879GeorgeCombywidower of Green's Harbour Trinity BayHannahPennyspinster of Green's Harbour Trinity Bay[James?] Gleeson, Jessie Bray
30 Dec 1879HenryBraywidower of Harbour GraceFrancesHuntwidow of Harbour GraceJohn Bray (Ja's), Martha Hunt
21 Jan 1880AndrewParsonsbachelor of Harbour GracePheobeDavisspinster of Harbour GraceJosiah Pike, Charles Payne, Eugene Parsons
20 Feb 1880EdwardRussellbachelor of Bay RobertsRachelDwyerof Bay RobertsAnganias Mercer, John [Drover?], John Sweeney
5 May 1880GeorgeStirlingwidower of Harbour GraceAnnieParisof Harbour GraceCharles Webber, Thomas Sheppard, Mary Josephine Paris
29 May 1880IsaacParsonsbachelor of Bay RobertsEllenBradburyspinster of Bay RobertsJohn [McKay?], Thos [W. Rogers?]
29 Jun 1880John RobertPeachbachelor of St. John'sDiana BaldwinNoseworthyspinster of St. John'sMary Susan Bennett, Samuel Peach, Marey Rodin
14 Nov 1880JamesMortimorewidower of Harbour GraceHarrietSimmonsspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam White, Elizabeth Jones, Sophie Brazil
2 Dec 1880JamesCouragebachelor of Harbour GraceEmilyVokeyspinster of Spaniard's BayJosiah Sheppard, Elizabeth Courage, Jessie Courage
18 Dec 1880HenryPaynebachelor of Harbour GraceMarySnowspinster of Harbour GraceFrederick Snow, Nicholas Payne, [illegible] Snow, William Hawkins, Catherine Martin
20 Dec 1880RobertDovebachelor of Harbour GraceFanny AnnAllenspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Dove, Eliel Martin, Sarah Martin
11 Mar 1881CharlesBessbachelor of Harbour GraceAmeliaParsonsspinster of Harbour GraceMark Pike, Louisa Courage
9 Jul 1881JamesPottlebachelor of Harbour GraceJessieSeymourspinster of Harbour GraceMark Pike, Charles Bess, Elizabeth Seymour, Louisa Courage
1 Oct 1881MosesAnthonybachelor of Harbour GraceSusannaBrayspinster of Harbour GraceJames Luffman, Frances Anthony, Solomon Anthony, Bridget Anthony
9 Oct 1881ArchibaldCouragebachelorElizabeth JaneNichollsspinsterElias French, Edmund Rogers, Hannah Wells, Susanna Nichols
29 Oct 1881NathanielNoseworthybachelor of Harbour GraceCatherineMartinspinster of Harbour GraceSilas Martin, Mary Whelan
1 Nov 1881JohnWhitebachelor of Bay RobertsRosannaBarrettspinster of Bay RobertsIsaac Mercer, Maria P. Andrews
1 Nov 1881JohnClarkbachelor of CarbonearMarthaPerryspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Perry, Sarah Perry
4 Nov 1881ArchibaldClarkbachelor of Spoon CoveSophiaVokeyspinster of Spaniard's BayMoses Gosse, Priscilla Peddle
5 Nov 1881WilliamHawkinsbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethParsonsspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Sheppard, Isabella Paterson, Reuben Gordon, Emily Parsons
24 Nov 1881Thomas Luffmanbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethCouragespinster of Harbour GraceJames Courage, Hardan Sheppard, Jessie Courage, James Luffman, Emily Courage, Fredrick Hawkins
1 Dec 1881Hugh WilliamBraybachelor Elizabeth MarthaHusseyspinster of Upper Island CoveArchibald Bray, Eliza Hussey, John Young, Melina French
4 Dec 1881Thomas JohnWalshbachelor of Harbour GraceEmma LouiseCorbinspinster of Harbour GraceGeorge J. Corbin, William A. Oke, William Walsh
6 Dec 1881JamesYetmanbachelor of South Side Harbour GraceSelinaSheppardspinster of Harbour GraceMoses Noel, Jonathan Sheppard, Selina Yetman
1 Jan 1882StephenWilliamsbachelor of Harbour GraceMary AnnStephensonof Harbour GraceJames Seymour, Josiah Williams, Mary Ann Williams, Elizabeth Williams
19 Jan 1882WilliamClowbachelor of Harbour GraceMary JaneHusseyspinster of Upper Island CoveHenry Clow, Julia Ann Clow, Mildred Hussey, John Nicholas
24 Jan 1882AzariahDawbachelor of Bay RobertsAnnie MariaWhelanspinster of Harbour GraceAlexander Clift, W. Munden Allan, Emma Dawe, Annie Bartlett, William Bartlett

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