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Harbour Grace - Anglican Marriage Records, 1882 - 1889

Please note that I have used both photocopies and original documents held at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Harbour Grace. Consulting the records will yield additional information; the name of the minister who performed the marriage, the place where the marriage was performed and whether the bride, groom & witnesses were literate. For verification purposes, photocopies of these documents can be consulted at either:

St. Paul's Anglican Church
Cochrane Street, PO Box 341
Harbour Grace, NF A0A 2M0

Provincial Archives of NF and Labrador
Colonial Bldg., Military Road
St. John's, NF A1C 2C9

Anglican Archives
19 King's Bridge Road
St. John's, NF A1C 3K4

The records were transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY in March 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

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6 May 1882JosiahAsh23, bachelor, Seaman, Harbour GraceFrancis Ash, LabourerMary AnnAlcock22, spinster, Harbour GraceJames Alcock, LabourerJames Pottle, Jessie Seymour
16 May 1882WilliamPuddicombe25, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceWilliam Puddicombe, LabourerFrancesPike24, spinster, Harbour GraceWilliam Pike, CarterHenry Pike, Elizabeth Snow, Priscilla Pike
1 Jun 1882StephenBray28, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceJohn Bray, FishermanJaneSnow27, spinster, Harbour GraceRobert Snow, FishermanCharles Webber, Leah Snow, Giles Courage
18 Jun 1882Frank H.Archibald22, bachelor, Boot Factor, Harbour GraceIsaac Archibald, GentlemanMaria MayDavis22, spinster, Harbour GraceHenry Davis, deceased, CaptainJohn T. Tapp, Mary Tapp
10 Jul 1882JamesHatcher45, widower, Policeman, Hearts ContentJames Hatcher, deceased, Mail CarrierJaneRowe32, widow, Hearts ContentRobert Ollerhead, deceasedJ. Shirley Sanderson, Jessie Bray
9 Aug 1882StephenBennett22, bachelor, Blacksmith, Harbour GraceStephen Bennett, deceasedEmmaJenkins22, spinster, Harbour GraceHoratio Jenkins, deceasedUriah Downing, Amelia White, [William?] Sparkes
7 Nov 1882GeorgeHutchings27, bachelor, Fisherman, Spaniard's BayJames Hutchings, FishermanElizabethHutchings23, spinster, Spaniard's BayWilliam Hutchings, FishermanJonathan Noseworthy, Mary Ann Hutchings
7 Nov 1882ThomasBenson23, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceWilliam Benson, FishermanMary AnnSparkes20, spinster, Harbour GraceWilliam Sparkes, FishermanThomas Pumphey, Dinah Benson, Isaac Benson, Ellen H. [illegible]
14 Nov 1882CalebAnthony27, bachelor, Fisherman, Spaniard's BayCaleb Anthony, FishermanMary AnnHinds24, spinster, Spaniard's BayJohn Hinds, FishermanWilliam Stickland, William Vokey
27 Nov 1882MarkPike29, widower, Seaman, Harbour GraceCharles Pike, CarpenterLouisaCourage22, spinster, Harbour GraceWilliam Courage, FishermanDuncan Courage, Hector Williams, Susie Pike
3 Dec 1882JamesAlcock25, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceJames Alcock, FishermanAnnPike23, spinster, MosquitoMoses Pike, FishermanRobert French, Mary Ann Ash, Susan Lilly
13 Dec 1882GilesCourage29, bachelor, Fisherman, Courage's BeachWilliam Courage, FishermanLeahSnow25, spinster, The MarshRobert Snow, FishermanStephen Bray, Duncan Courage, Louisa Pike, Mary J. Courage
15 Dec 1882JosephStevenson34, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceThomas Stephenson, SchoolmasterElfridaHawkins25, spinster, Courage's BeachCharles Hawkins, FishermanFreadrick [sic] Hawkins, Alice Hawkins
23 Dec 1882JamesSeymour26, bachelor, Fisherman, Courage's BeachTho's Seymour, LabourerMary AnnWilliams23, spinster, Bray's LaneWm Williams, FishermanMoses Williams, Mary Ann Seymour, Elizabeth Seymour, Julia Courage
29 Dec 1882EdwardAsh26, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceFrancis Ash, FishermanCatherineMartin24, spinster, Harbour GraceWilliam Martin, deceasedSamuel Gordon, Catherine Payne
25 Apr 1883AmbroseMarshall36, widower, Fisherman, CarbonearCleopas Marshall, FishermanMary CatherineSanders27, spinster, CarbonearPhilip Sanders, CooperSamuel Burke, Laura Burke, Margaret Priddle
28 Jul 1883WilliamButt26, bachelor, Seaman, Harbour GraceJoseph Butt, LabourerLydiaMurden26, spinster, Harbour GraceJoseph Murden, deceasedEdmund Rogers, Elizabeth Ash
4 May 1883JohnBrown25, bachelor, Fisherman, Swaine's IslandJohn Brown, deceasedFrancesAnthony20, spinster, Harbour GraceSolomon Anthony, LabourerSolomon Anthony, Robert Anthony, Margaret Noel
3 Jun 1883WilliamPike25, bachelor, Fisherman, CarbonearGeorge Pike, FishermanMary AnnBabb24, spinster, CarbonearJohn Butt, FishermanJohn Babb, Mary Pike
9 Jun 1883ThomasHederson28, bachelor, Fisherman, Bay RobertsJames Hederson, deceasedElizabeth AnnSaunders22, spinster, Bay RobertsJames Saunders, FishermanWilliam Richard, Jessie Bray
10 May 1883JosephRockwood25, bachelor, Fisherman, Heart's ContentJonas Rockwood, FishermanJuliaPenney23, spinster, Green's HarbourWilliam Penny, FishermanJohn McKay, Thomas Giffin
17 May 1883JamesChipman36, widower, Fisherman, Spaniard's Bay[name not given], deceasedMary JaneBarrett29, spinster, Bishop's CoveIsrael Barrett, FishermanJohn Chipman, Henry Clow
10 Jun 1883JohnJones27, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceHenry Jones, deceasedMaryFrench26, spinster, Harbour GraceWilliam French, LabourerMatthew French, Louisa French
11 Aug 1883Charles Fred'kSlade25, bachelor, Seaman, Harbour GraceJames Slade, BoatmanJessie MatildaThomas27, spinster, Harbour GraceJohn Thomas, FishermanCharles [Dickenson?], Susanna Pike
27 Sep 1883WilliamFrench24, bachelor, Painter, Harbour GraceGeorge French, PolicemanPatienceGood23, spinster, Harbour GraceJames Good, FishermanJ. C. French, James Snelgrove
6 Nov 1883JohnParsons23, bachelor, Labourer, Harbour GraceEdward Parsons, FishermanAdelaidSnow25, spinster, Harbour GraceCharles Snow, deceasedFrederick Snow, Charles Godden, Bessie Godden, Julia Snow
10 Nov 1883WilliamCrane22, bachelor, Fisherman, TiltonChristopher Crane, FishermanIsidoraSingleton18, spinster, TiltonRichard Sinclair [sic], deceasedJohn Sinclair, Caroline Smith
19 Nov 1883JoshuaNoseworthy25, bachelor, Fisherman, South SideThomas Noseworthy, FishermanMary CatherineSnow21, spinster, Harbour GraceEdward Snow, deceasedArchibald Noseworthy, Ann Noseworthy
22 Nov 1883JohnPynn25, bachelor, Fisherman, MosquitoJoseph Pynn, FishermanMary MariaParsons22, spinster, Harbour GraceWilliam Parsons, deceasedNicholas Piddel, Emy Nichols, Providance Pynn
28 Nov 1883HenryCoombes25, bachelor, Fisherman, Upper Island CoveJohn Coombes, deceasedElizaButt26, spinster, Harbour GraceHenry Butt, FishermanRobert Courage, John Charles Butt, Susanna Coombes
30 Nov 1883MosesNoseworthy24, bachelor, Fisherman, South SideMoses Noseworthy, FishermanAmeliaVokey22, spinster, Spaniard's BayJohn Vokey, deceased[Edmerl?] Noseworthy, Delilah Noseworthy, John Vokey, Sarah Jane Gosse
30 Nov 1883EliMartin25, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceFrancis Martin, FishermanMary AnnAllan23, spinster, Harbour GraceJoseph Allen, deceasedArthur Read, Walham H. Brown, Sarah Allan, Melissa Dove, Leah Williams
2 Dec 1883AlfredPike33, widower, Fisherman, Harbour GraceCharles Pike, FishermanIsabella Crane29, spinster, Harbour GraceWilliam Crane, deceasedJ.L. Oke, George Sheppard, Mary Sheppard
11 Dec 1883EdwardGreely26, bachelor, Fisherman, TiltonWilliam Greely, deceasedEliza AnnSmith22, spinster, TiltonAbraham Smith, FishermanJames Greely, Sarah Greely, Caroline Smith
14 Dec 1883StephenMartin24, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceStephen Martin, FishermanAliceHatcher21, spinster, Harbour GraceWilliam Hatcher, LabourerJames H. Martin, Elizabeth Ann Martin
23 Dec 1883HectorBray30, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceJohn Bray, FishermanMelinaSheppard29, spinster, Harbour GraceSolomon Sheppard, LabourerStephen Bray, Jane Bray
25 Dec 1883James A. Noel29, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceNath'l Noel, deceasedSarah FloraCorbin26, spinster, Harbour GraceThomas Corbin, deceasedGeorge Corbin, Stuart Noel, Isabella Peters
5 Jan 1884JamesCron32, bachelor, Draper, Harbour GraceRobert Cron, MerchantFrancesRoss23, spinster, Harbour GraceJohn Ross, FarmerThomas Ross, George Bursell, C.W. Ross, M.A. Ross
25 Jan 1884James SimmondsWells26, bachelor, Fisherman, MosquitoJohn Wells, deceasedEmily JaneFrench23, spinster, Harbour GraceFrancis French, deceasedThomas Piddle, Mary Amelie French
29 Apr 1884William H'yPike22, bachelor, Fisherman, Bear's CoveWilliam Pike, CarterElizabethNeal(e)19, spinster, Ship's HeadEdward Neale, FishermanThomas Martin, Priscilla Pike
9 Aug 1884AustinSnow23, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceJames Snow, FishermanSophia Martin22, spinster, Harbour GraceCharles Martin, deceasedThomas Snow, Alice Martin
2 Nov 1884Samuel Best27, widower, Butcher, CarbonearGeorge Best, deceasedCatherine ThistleGordon23, spinster, Bear's CoveHugh Gordon, FishermanHugh Gordon, Barbara Butt, Nicholas J. Powell
4 Nov 1884AlfredRees32, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceThomas Rees, FishermanJaneWebber30, widow, Harbour GraceAmaziah Davis, FarmerWilliam [Shaine?], Christiana Hawkins, James Rees
7 Nov 1884StephenRobins25, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceJohn Robins, LabourerEllen MaryGosse21, spinster, Spaniard's BayRichard Gosse, FishermanJames Neil, Elizabeth Pike
10 Nov 1884RobertHellyard29, bachelor, Fisherman, New HarbourWilliam Hellyard, deceasedMaryVerge37, widow, Harbour GraceGeorge Collin, deceasedJoseph Verge, John Hellyard, Jessie Luffman
22 Nov 1884GeorgeOates25, bachelor, Fisherman, CarbonearDavid Oates, FishermanSarah Sweetland21, spinster, Harbour GraceEdward Sweetland, FishermanEdgar Sweetland, Elizabeth Sweetland
27 Nov 1884WilliamAnthony23, bachelor, Seaman, Harbour GraceSolomon Anthony, LabourerJessie LouisaBray21, spinster, Harbour GraceJohn Bray, LabourerJames Jacobs, Mary Noel, Ambrose Anthony, Mary Ann Bray
9 Mar 1885JohnFrench27, Fisherman, Harbour GraceFred'k French, LabourerElizaNewman26, spinster, Harbour GraceJames Newman, deceasedJames Snelgrove, [Fan?] Snelgrove
18 Apr 1885John Cha'sHatcher23, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceWilliam Hatcher, WatchmanSusannaJeans22, spinster, Harbour GraceAbsalom Jeans, FishermanStephen Martin, John Sparkes, Alice Martin
10 Jun 1885ReubenCourage25, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceJohn Courage, FishermanProvidencePynn23, spinster, MosquitoJoseph Pynn, FishermanThomas Seymour, Julia Courage, Louisa Pippy, Edward Pynn
18 Sep 1885FreemanHorton23, bachelor, Fisherman, Guysborough Charles Horton, FishermanIsabella MaudCrane17, spinster, MosquitoGeorge Crane, FarmerGeorge Crane, Mary Crane, Mary J. Simmons, Joseph Simmons
10 Nov 1885NicholasPeddle24, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceGeorge Peddle, FishermanMary AnnHunt24, spinster, Harbour GraceGeorge Hunt, LabourerJames Bray, [Dorcas Brown?]
15 Nov 1885ThomasCourage28, bachelor, Shoemaker, CarbonearJohn Courage, CarpenterSarah AnnWilliams21, spinster, Harbour GraceStephen Williams, FishermanHector Williams, Julia Courage, Alexander Sheppart[sic], Emma Williams< /td>
22 Nov 1885KennethDay22, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceWilliam Day, CaptainChristianaHawkins23, spinster, Harbour GraceWilliam Hawkins, deceasedHugh William Hawkins, Phebe Alcock
28 Nov 1885GeorgeSnow27, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceGeorge Snow, FishermanPatienceFrench26, spinster, Harbour GraceJonathan French, deceasedStephen French, Phoebe Snow, Mary French, Thomas Snow
8 Dec 1885ThomasHawkins32, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceCharles HawkinsSusannaHutchings27, spinster, Harbour GraceWilliam Hutchings, deceasedJessie Paterson, Hugh William Butt, Jonathan Hopkins
16 Dec 1885AlexanderSheppard27, bachelor, Fisherman, South SideRichard Sheppard, FishermanEmmaWilliams20, spinster, Harbour GraceStephen Williams, PlanterStephen Williams, John Charles Williams
16 Dec 1885William [Haw---t?]Brown24, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceFred'k Brown, AgentIsabellaSparkes23, spinster, Harbour GraceAmbrose Sparkes, deceasedJohn Sparkes, Elizabeth Steward Munn, Robert Munn, Phebe Alcock
16 Dec 1885ThomasLilly27, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceJoseph Lilly, deceasedSusannaButt28, spinster, Harbour GraceJoseph Butt, LabourerHugh W. Butt, Elizabeth Seymour
21 Dec 1885MatthewKing26, bachelor, Fisherman, BlackheadSamuel King, FishermanEliza AnnPike25, spinster, CarbonearGeorge Pike, FishermanReuben King, Elizabeth Laing
26 Dec 1885GeorgeTarrent36, widower, Fisherman, Harbour GraceRobert Tarrent, deceasedAnnettaBrown18, spinster, Harbour GraceHenry Brown, LabourerSolomon Sheppard, Julia Hunt
15 Feb 1886WillisPenney27, bachelor, Clerk, CarbonearRobert Penney, ClerkEvelinePike25, spinster, CarbonearStephen B. Pike, HouseholderErnest Forward, [T.L.?] Taylor
27 Apr 1886William GaskoinHoltFull [age], bachelor, Sub-Inspector of Constabulary, Harbour Grace[Vesey?] Weston Holt, deceasedElizabeth NaomiAllanFull [age], spinster, Harbour GraceWilliam Allan, deceasedJessie [Cellau?], Minnie [ Cellau?], Morris J. Fawcett, Dugald Munn
31 Apr 1886WilliamSnow22, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceRobert Snow, FishermanAliceBray21, spinster, Harbour GraceAmbrose Bray, FishermanEdmund Rogers, Mary Ann Drover
3 Jul 1886MosesMartin31, bachelor, Labourer, Harbour GraceFrancis Martin, FishermanElizabethNicholls26, spinster, Harbour GraceGeorge Nicholls, deceasedStephen Robbins, Julia Ann Nicholls
5 Nov 1886WilliamHunt43, widower, Labourer, Harbour GraceWilliam Hunt, deceasedLouisaPippy32, widow, Harbour GraceJohn Courage, FishermanThomas Courage, Julia Bray
7 Nov 1886WilliamVerge26, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceJoseph Verge, LabourerMarthaCourtenay28, spinster, Harbour GraceWilliam Courtenay, MechanicEli Verge, Eliza Verge
16 Nov 1886JamesNeil23, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceEdward Neil, FishermanMary AmeliaFrench20, spinster, Harbour GraceFrancis French, deceasedJames S. Wills, Elizabeth Pike, Emily Wills, William Pike
7 Dec 1886Samuel Jenkins25, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceJohn Jenkins, deceasedKeziahNoseworthy20, spinster, Harbour GraceLevi Noseworthy, FishermanWm H. Chipman, Wilhelmina Jenkins, Roswell H. Rice
23 Dec 1886William FredrickPeddle21, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceGeorge Peddle, FishermanWilhemina French23, spinster, Harbour GraceFrancis French, deceasedJames Neil, Mary Amelia Neil
22 Feb 1887Nathaniel LeMoine28, bachelor, Clerk in Holy Orders, Harbour GraceJohn LeMoine, Deputy SheriffMary JuliannaMoore27, spinster, Harbour GraceHenry [L.?] Moore, deceasedAzariah Murden, Dugald Munn, Mary Grace Munn, Elizabe th S. Munn, Isa Munn
15 Oct 1887William Shave25, bachelor, Constable, Harbour GraceWilliam Shave, deceasedIsabellaDavis22, spinster, Harbour GraceAmaziah Davis, CarterAubrey French, Arthur Long, Mary Ann Davis, [Jemina?] Burt
26 Oct 1887WilliamBaker26, bachelor, Fisherman, Heart's ContentWilliam Baker, deceasedOliviaNoseworthy32, widow, Harbour GraceFrancis Martin, FishermanStephen Martin, Eli Martin, Eliza Martin, Mary Ann Martin
4 Nov 1887Robert LeeWhiting27, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceGeo. Lee Whiting, SchoolmasterMatildaAndrews26, spinster, Harbour GraceGeorge Andrews, LabourerRobert Payne, Mary French
9 Nov 1887JosephWestcott31, widower, Captain, CarbonearJoseph Westcott, FishermanMarthaCrocker24, spinster, CarbonearGeorge Crocker, FishermanJames Forward, Mary Jane Forward, George Crocker
14 Nov 1887EldredFrench26, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceCharles French, deceasedSelinaAlcock23, spinster, Bay RobertsJohn Alcock, FishermanGeorge French, Phoebe French
15 Nov 1887RobertPayne26, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceJohn Payne, FishermanMary AnnFrench26, spinster, Harbour GraceJonathan French, deceasedJoseph Godden, Bessie Godden, John Payne, Lavinia French
19 Dec 1887HenryMercer35, widower, Fisherman, Upper Island CoveHenry Mercer, FishermanSusannaVerge25, spinster, Harbour GraceWilliam Verge, LabourerJames Hunt, Eli Verge, Eliza Verge, Agness Nael
17 Dec 1887AmbroseBarrett52, widower, Labourer, Harbour GraceDavid Barrett, deceasedSusannaSnow49, widow, Harbour GraceWilliam James Snow, deceasedFrederic Snow, Adelaide Parsons
27 Apr 1888JamesGreely45, widower, Fisherman, TiltonEdward Greely, deceasedElizaBarrett45, widow, TiltonJames Drover, FishermanWilliam Hutchings, Selina Drover
28 Apr 1888WilliamMoore31, widower, Fisherman, Dildo CoveEdward Moore, PlanterEmmaReid27, spinster, Heart's DelightGeorge Reid, FishermanA. H. [Seymond?], Lizzie Moore
1 Jun 1888JohnMurray28, widower, Fisherman, CarbonearMichael Murray, FishermanAgnesParsons23, spinster, South Side Harbour GraceGeorge Parsons, deceasedGeorge Power, Maggy Earl, Gorgiana Cole, Maria Parsons
5 Sep 1888William HenryCrane23, bachelor, Fisherman, TiltonJoseph Crane, deceasedWilhemina Barrett19, spinster, TiltonJohn Barrett, FishermanRichard Gosse, Ann Melina Crane
7 Sep 1888RichardGosse25, bachelor, Fisherman, TiltonEliel Gosse, deceasedAnn MelinaCrane21, spinster, TiltonWilliam Crane, FishermanWilliam Henry Crane, Eliza Jane Shute
22 Nov 1888JamesCourage36, Widower, Fisherman, Courage's BeachJohn Courage, FishermanAbigailNoseworthy30, spinster, South SideAlfred Noseworthy, FishermanJohn Courage, [Hamutal Oram?]
25 Nov 1888JohnRyan25, bachelor, Constable, Harbour GracePhilip Ryan, FishermanKateMcKay25, spinster, Harbour GraceJohn McKay, BailiffJohn McKay, [Annie?] E. McKay, Wm. A. McKay
5 Dec 1888JamesHunt24, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceWilliam Hunt, deceasedElizabethNewhook23, spinster, New HarbourJohn Newhook, FishermanStephen Butt, Elizilbeth[sic] Butt, William Hunt, Charlotte Bray
26 Feb 1889Eleazer Noel25, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour Grace SouthMoses Noel, PlanterAnnHawkins20, spinster, Harbour GraceCharles Hawkins, FishermanJames Snow, Moses Noel, Sarah Courage, Charles Brown
21 May 1889Charles Brown23, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceGeorge Brown, LabourerSarahCourage21, spinster, Harbour GraceRobert Courage, FishermanGordan Sheppard, Phebe Alcock
4 Aug 1889HenryYetman24, bachelor, Fisherman, Bryant's CoveThomas Yetman, deceasedClaraParsons 21, spinster, Bryant's CoveGeorge Parsons, FishermanMark Parsons, Mary Patience Neale
15 Aug 1889Levi ThomasChafe28, bachelor, Schoolmaster, Bay of IslandsSamuel Chafe, FishermanEmma MariaGardner30, spinster, Harbour GraceBenjamin Gardner, CarpenterS.E. Chafe, [Lavinia A. Qui-----?], Frank Smart
25 Oct 1889WilliamTitford37, widower, Customs House Man, Harbour GraceJames Titford, deceasedAnnNorman37, spinster, Harbour GraceJohn Norman, PlanterWilliam Jones, Louisa Cosh
18 Nov 1889GeorgeRyall29, bachelor, Fisherman, Heart's ContentSilas Ryall, FishermanElizabethCombie36, widow, Port de GraveRobert Taylor, CarpenterGaden Rendell, Susie Taylor

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