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Harbour Grace - Anglican Marriage Records, 1890 - 1899

Please note that I have used both photocopies and original documents held at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Harbour Grace. Consulting the records will yield additional information; the name of the minister who performed the marriage, the place where the marriage was performed and whether the bride, groom & witnesses were literate. For verification purposes, photocopies of these documents can be consulted at either:

St. Paul's Anglican Church
Cochrane Street, PO Box 341
Harbour Grace, NF A0A 2M0

Provincial Archives of NF and Labrador
Colonial Bldg., Military Road
St. John's, NF A1C 2C9

Anglican Archives
19 King's Bridge Road
St. John's, NF A1C 3K4

The records were transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY in March 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

1 Jan 1890James Bolden (Baldran)Kitchen30, bachelor, Mason, Harbour GraceThomas Kitchen, MasonJane Elizabeth (Elezebeth)Walters28, spinster, Harbour GraceGeorge Walters, LabourerThomas M. Kitchen, Mary Walters, Amelia Ash, Thomas Snow
2 Jan 1890StephenFrench26, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceJonathan French, deceasedFloraSheppard20, spinster, Harbour GraceJacob Sheppard, FishermanFrederic Brown, James French, [illegible] [Hunt?]
30 Jan 1890GeorgeMartin30, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceCharles Martin, LabourerHannah EdithHeater24, spinster, Harbour GraceJohn Charles Heater, PlanterSamuel Martin, Mary E. Whiteway, Lilly Martin, Emma Pike
12 Feb 1890FredericMartin24, bachelor, Clerk, Martin's BrookJames Martin, FishermanAnnabelPike28, spinster, Caplin CoveAmbrose Pike, PlanterAlfred Pike, Hannah Edith Martin, Elizabeth Pike
25 Feb 1890MarkBarrett23, bachelor, Carpenter, Harbour GraceAmbrose Bennett, CarpenterJane Snow(e)18, spinster, Harbour GraceCharles Snow, deceasedJohn Parsons, Julia Snow
27 Feb 1890StewartBray33, bachelor, Seaman, Harbour GraceJames Bray, deceasedEmma JaneHiggins26, spinster, Harbour GraceJames Higgins, deceasedJohn Bray, Minnie Walsh, Edgar Bray
8 Mar 1890GeorgePeddle24, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceGeorge Peddle, FishermanMary JaneAdams22, spinster, Harbour GraceJames Adams, FishermanJohn Peddle, Wilhemina Peddle
31 Jul 1890William AustinOke32, bachelor, Printer, LeMarchant St.Edward L. Oke, Lighthouse keeperSophia Lilla (Lillia)Snow 26, spinster, Noad StreetStephen Snow, PlanterJ. [S. Munn?], William Sparkes, M.D.[Makinson?], Naomi Munn, [Bill Haw----?], [T.R. B------ll?]
24 Oct 1890Jacob BennettCox25, bachelor, Constable, PlacentiaCharles Bennett Cox, Navigator(A.) Miriam Ann (An)Williams24, spinster, Harbour GraceJohn Williams, Tide WaiterJohn Williams, [Tho's G---lan?], William Dooley
16 Nov 1890HenryHunt24, bachelor, Fisherman, Pipe TrackHenry Hunt, FishermanJulia Hunt23, spinster, Courage's BeachGeorge Hunt, LabourerArchibald Bray, Eliza Bray
15 Dec 1890AmbroseJames24, bachelor, Fisherman, Bryant's CoveDaniel James, FishermanAnn Noseworthy32, widow, Bryant's CoveWilliam Gosse, FishermanThomas Knight, William Henry Jeans, Eliza Jeans
31 Dec 1890George HenryBadcock29, bachelor, Clerk, Harbour GraceRobert Badcock, Store-keeperIsabella MarySpence18, spinster, Harbour GraceJohn Spence, CoasterJohn Spence Jun., Arthur. S. Noble, Paul Higgins, Maud Spence, Bessie Ba dcock, Mabel Badcock
1 Jan 1891JosephColbourn32, bachelor, Fisherman, CarbonearWilliam Colbourn, FishermanMargaretEarle26, spinster, CarbonearMoses Earle, FishermanWilliam T. Hawkins, Robert Laing, Mary L. Hawkins, Augusta Jane Earl
2 Jan 1891JohnBrazil22, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceJohn Brazil, CarpenterEmma George22, spinster, Heart's ContentRichard George, FishermanAlfred George, Edward Carson, [Ed--erme?] Carsom [sic]
5 May 1891James Hunt25, bachelor, Fisherman, Ship's HeadJames Hunt, CarterEmily Martin24, spinster, Long HillFrancis Martin, FishermanGeorge Dove, Melissa Dove
17 May 1891MarkHawkins[21?], bachelor, Seaman, Harbour GraceCharles Hawkins, LabourerJessie LouisaHorwood22, spinster, Harbour GraceFrederic Horwood, LabourerGordan Shepperd, Sophia Hawkins
2 Jun 1891FrankSmart27, bachelor, Clerk in Holy Orders, Bay de VerdeGeorge Smart, BuilderMary CarolineNoel19, spinster, Harbour GraceJohn Monk Noel, Clerk in Holy OrdersHubert J. Bayly, Alice Noel, William Noel, Edith LeMessurier< /font>
8 Jul 1891William Ward[39?], bachelor, Grocer, Harbour GraceWilliam Ward, SchoolmasterMargaret Jessie AgnesRutherford32, spinster, Harbour GraceAndrew Rutherford, MerchantAnn Rutherford, Charles Godden, Mary E. Rutherford, Fannie White, Mary J. Ward
11 Nov 1891AlbertRogers30, bachelor, Joiner, Ship's HeadEli Rogers, JoinerMary AnnBrown25, spinster, Stanley RoadWilliam Brown, [Out--on?] AgentWilliam Brown, James Martin, William Sparkes, Bertha Martin
12 Nov 1891RichardHiggins44, widower, Fisherman, South SideWilliam Higgins, FishermanCaroline Notley21, spinster, Sloop Cove LabradorJob Notley, FarrierPhebe Higgins, Clement Sheppard, Robert Higgins, Ann Eliza Sheppard
13 Nov 1891WilliamCoombs22, bachelor, Fisherman, The BeachRichard Coombs, LabourerPhoebe (Phebe)Pynn23, spinster, MosquitoJoseph Pynn, LabourerEdward Pynn, Eli Coomb, Sarah Pynn, Mary Pynn
25 Nov 1891Archibald (Arch Abte?)Pynn33, widower, Fisherman, Bear's CoveJoseph Pynn, FishermanMary Vaughan23, spinster, Small PointThomas Vaughan, FishermanCharles Eldridge, John C. Pynn, Catherine Aldridge, Mary Pynn
1 Dec 1891James Garland22, bachelor, Tanner, Harbour GraceGeorge Garland, SweepLaviniaNichols24, spinster, Harbour GraceWilliam Nichols, FishermanJames Breaker, Emma Reed
6 Jan 1892Thomas Snow25, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceRobert Snow, FishermanMary AnnWalters24, spinster, Harbour GraceGeorge Walters, LabourerJames Kitchen, Mary J. Bray, Emma Walters, W. B. Walters
22 Jan 1892RichardChant23, bachelor, Seaman, Harbour GraceHenry Chant, EngineerJulia Sheppard18, spinster, Harbour GraceMoses Sheppard, LabourerJohn Sheppard, Mary Ann Ash, George [Tizard?]
7 Apr 1892Frederic(k)Snow29, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceFrederic Snow, FishermanEmma JaneStevenson28, spinster, Harbour GraceGeorge Stevenson, FishermanGeorge Stephenson, Eliza Stevenson, Mary Walters, Thomas Snow
22 May 1892Samuel PercySpracklin39, Widower, Fisherman, CupidsSamuel Spracklin, FishermanLouisaPike33, widow, Harbour GraceWilliam Courage, FishermanAlexander Courage, Annie Spracklin, Lavinia Williams, Charles [illegible]< /td>
6 Aug 1892JosiahWilliams35, widower, Shoemaker, Harbour GraceWilliam Williams, LabourerMarthaHigden25, widow, Harbour GraceStephen Reed, FishermanStephen Butt, John C. Williams, Jessie Williams, Elizabeth Butt
11 Oct 1892FredericBrown63, widower, Wharfinger, Harbour GraceWilliam Brown, WharfingerAnnie Martin47, spinster, Harbour GraceHamilton Martin, CarpenterEli Martin, Frederick Martin, Elizabeth Martin
13 Nov 1892Edward ThomasAsh36, widower, Fisherman, Harbour GraceFrancis Ash, LabourerMary AnnAsh36, widow, Harbour GraceRichard Verge, FishermanGordan Shepperd, May Ann Ash, Matilda Bray
23 Nov 1892CharlesSnow35, widower, Fisherman, Clark's BeachCharles Snow, FishermanMary AnnMoore29, spinster, FreshwaterFrederic Moore, FishermanJohn C. Pike, [Melvenia?] Pike
2 Dec 1892GeorgeHunt24, bachelor, Labourer, Pipe TrackJohn Hunt, LabourerSusannaPurcell23, spinster, Pipe TrackJames Purcell, LabourerSolomon Sheppard, Mary Sheppard
16 Dec 1892AlbertCase24, bachelor, Fisherman, Heart's DelightThomas Case, FishermanCeciliaBryant21, spinster, Heart's DelightGeorge Bryant, FishermanRobert Lee [Welling?], Sarah F.G. Donnar
22 Dec 1892FredericNewman31, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceJames Newman, FishermanMaryNewman19, spinster, Harbour GraceJohn Newman, FishermanGeorge Powell, John Newman, Amelia M. Cole, Elizabeth Gill
28 Dec 1892AbrahamBarrett29, bachelor, Fisherman, Spaniard's BayJoseph Barrett, FishermanRebeccaButt23, spinster, Spaniard's BayMoses Butt, FishermanFrancis Barrett, Providence Hutchings
29 Dec 1892PaulHiggins30, bachelor, Hair-dresser, Harbour GraceThomas Higgins, CooperTryphenaAsh26, spinster, Harbour GraceCharles Ash, EngineerKenneth Geor. Spencer, Sarah Ash, James Ash, Frank McRae
17 Feb 1893WilliamHunt24, bachelor, Fisherman, Pipe TrackWilliam Hunt, FishermanCharlotteBray22, spinster, Victoria St.Henry Bray, FishermanJames Kelly, Jane Hunt
23 Feb 1893Andrew BurkettLehr23, bachelor, Dentist, Harbour GraceWilliam Lehr, TradesmanMaud MaryFitzgerald19, spinster, Harbour GraceHenry James Fitzgerald, AgentO.V. Travers, H.J. Fitzgerald, Lizzie Fitzgerald, Minnie Martin
18 Oct 1893WilliamNoel25, bachelor, Seaman, Harbour GraceJohn Fred'k Noel, CaptainAmeliaDavis24, spinster, Harbour GraceAmaziah Davis, CarterWilliam Shave, Mary Kitchen, Esther Noel, W.J. Sparkes
21 Nov 1893JamesBarrett28, bachelor, Fisherman, FreshwaterLevi Barrett, FishermanSarah Yetman26, spinster, Bryant's CoveThomas Yetman, FishermanNorman Heater, Ella Butt
7 Dec 1893James Davis21, bachelor, Farmer, Harbour GraceAmaziah Davis, FarmerMargaret Ann Sheppard20, spinster, Harbour GraceThomas Sheppard, EngineerThomas Sheppard, Lizzie Sheppard, Alice Brown, Andrew Sheppard
11 Dec 1893PhilipJackson24, bachelor, Blacksmith, Harbour GraceThomas Jackson, FishermanAlicePeddle22, spinster, Shop mistress, Spaniard's BayJoseph Peddle, FishermanEphraim Parsons, Mary Dwyer
27 Dec 1893GeorgeDavis26, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceAmaziah Davis, FarmerEmelineBray22, spinster, Harbour GraceFrederic Bray, LabourerStephen Bray, Theresa Webber, Maud Bray, James Davis
1 Jan 1894GeorgeJones24, bachelor, Labourer, Upper Island CoveGeorge Jones, FishermanAliceFrench22, spinster, Harbour GraceMatthew French, LabourerJohn W. Drover, John Jones, Frances Drover
6 Jan 1894LeviHutchings29, widower, Fisherman, Spaniard's BayGeorge Hutchings, FishermanVictoriaEddy (Addy)25, widow, Shoal HarbourJohn Noseworthy, Fisherman[Simeon?] Brown, Elfrida Pike, Leah Pike, William Hutchings
1 Feb 1894CharlesAsh27, bachelor, Joiner, Harbour GraceGeorge Ash, CarmanElizaStevenson27, spinster, Harbour GraceGeorge Stevenson, FishermanGeorge Stephenson, Lizzie D. Andrews, Elizu Murphy, Otto Grimm
6 Mar 1894WilliamWilliams67, widower, Carpenter, Harbour GraceJohn Williams, FishermanMaryFrench55, widow, Harbour GraceThomas George, FishermanRobert French, Lavinia Williams
23 Apr 1894JohnDavey29, bachelor, Carpenter & Builder, St. John'sEdward Davey, Carpenter & BuilderAnnie Wills22, spinster, Harbour GraceRichard Wills, FishermanGeo. J. Adams, Susie Thompson, Wm Arthur White, Mary Pike, A. Taylor
6 May 1894John (C.)Williams24, bachelor, Farmer, Harbour GraceWilliam Williams, CarpenterCeliaCanning21, spinster, Harbour GraceGeorge Canning, FishermanWilliam Verge, Ambrose Williams, Jessie Brown, Matilda Bray
31 May 1894GeorgeStevenson (Stephenson)27, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceGeorge Stevenson, FishermanMatilda Bray24, spinster, Harbour GraceJoseph Bray, LabourerWilliam Bray, Emma Snow, Emma Hunt (Jas), Frederick Snow
8 Jun 1894JosiahNoel28, bachelor, Fisherman, South Side Harbour GraceJosiah Noel, FishermanEmmelineBrown23, spinster, Harbour GraceHenry Brown, LabourerHector Bray, Fannie Barnes, Annie Tarrant, Eldred Noel
5 Oct 1894GeorgeBarrett35, bachelor, Seaman, FreshwaterLevi Barrett, FishermanMary AnnSheppard26, spinster, Harbour GraceJames Sheppard, FishermanJohn Tarrent, Annie Tarrant
8 Nov 1894JohnParsons33, widower, Carter, Harbour GraceEdward Parsons, CarpenterCaroline Nurse25, widow, Harbour GraceCharles Parker, FarmerHenry F. Fitzgerald, Maysie Ross, Ann Welsh
22 Nov 1894HerbertAndrews22, bachelor, Factory Hand, Harbour GraceRichard Andrews, FishermanJulia Walsh23, spinster, Harbour GraceRichard Walsh, SeamanJames Walsh, Chas. [Butler?], Lizzie Gordon, Hermie Archibald, Florence Noel, [ Minnie?] Walsh
23 Nov 1894WilliamVerge33, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceRichard Verge, FishermanLeahWilliams27, spinster, Harbour GraceFrederic Williams, FishermanEdward Thomas Ash, Eliza Crane
10 Jan 1895JamesCrocker27, bachelor, Planter, Harbour GraceCharles Crocker, PlanterEmmaWalters25, spinster, Harbour GraceGeorge Walters, LabourerWilliam B. Walters, Louie M. Parsons, James Parmiter, [Aby Croel?]
23 Apr 1895Henry FredericFitzgerald29, bachelor, Draper, Harbour GraceHenry Fitzgerald, AgentMarionMartin22, spinster, School Teacher, Harbour GraceMatthew Martin, EngineerEmma Martin, Bertha Martin, Maysie Ross, Frederick Martin, Joseph Ross
25 Apr 1895RobertClow20, bachelor, Painter, Harbour GraceHenry Clow, [Sea--on?]Jessie Spurdle19, spinster, Harbour GraceJoseph Spurdle, LabourerJames Garland, Mary French
10 May 1895Selby ArthurButt21, bachelor, Fisherman, South Side Harbour GraceArthur Butt, FishermanIsabella Martin20, spinster, Harbour GraceCuthbert Martin, FiremanEli Martin, Jessie Anthony
21 Nov 1895JamesMortimor(e)25, bachelor, Seaman, Harbour GraceAndrew MortimoreBathshebaKeat(e)s24, spinster, Domestic Servant, Harbour GraceJob Keats, FishermanJames Pottle, Mary Josephine Paris, Annie Mortimor
7 Jan 1896James EdwardHunt24, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceJohn Hunt, FishermanMarthaNeill22, spinster, Harbour GraceEdward Neill, LabourerJames [Neal?], Duncan Hunt, Alice Neill
16 Jan 1896EldredSheppard24, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceMoses Sheppard, LabourerMary JosephineParis24, spinster, Domestic Servant, Harbour GraceAntoine Paris, SailorJohn Sparkes, Ethel Parsons, Clara Davis, Bertram Sheppard
26 Feb 1896Edward GreenTaylor32, bachelor, Clerk, Bay RobertsRichard H. Taylor, ShopkeeperDorcasMercer30, spinster, Bay RobertsSamuel Mercer, Captain[Alice or Alex?] Jackson, Delphyne Jackson
16 Apr 1896FredericWoodman35, widower, Merchant, New HarbourJames Woodman, FishermanLizziePayne27, spinster, School Teacher, Harbour GraceGeorge Payne, SchoolmasterH.D. Taylor, George Wm Payne, Bertha Martin, Susie Payne
1 Oct 1896JosephMartin34, bachelor, None [Deaf-Mute], Harbour GraceStephen Martin, FishermanAliceMoore31, spinster, [Deaf-Mute], Harbour GraceWilliam A. Moore, ShoemakerStephen Martin, Bertha Martin, James Martin
4 Dec 1896GeorgeSnow28, bachelor, Fisherman, Bay RobertsJames Snow, FishermanEliza AnnHolmes23, spinster, Spaniard's Bay PondEdward Holmes, FishermanJames Snow, Sarah Holmes
16 Dec 1896EugeneWells (Wills)24, bachelor, Fisherman, MosquitoSimon Wells, FishermanElizabeth Butt24, spinster, Harbour GraceStephen Butt, FishermanStephen Butt, Louie Pearce, Eliza Murphy, Annie Bradbury
29 Dec 1896JamesCron44, widower, Draper, Harbour GraceRobert Cron, GrocerEmma Martin28, spinster, School Teacher, Harbour GraceMatthew Martin, EngineerFrederick Martin, A. Graham Munn, H'y F. Fitzgerald, Bessie Godden, Maysie Ross
2 Jan 1897AmbroseWilliams33, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceFrederic Williams, FishermanElizaCrane27, spinster, Harbour GraceGeorge Crane, FishermanWilliam Verge, Sophia Crane
1 Aug 1897Thomas Ash28, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceRobert Ash, FishermanMary Peddle27, spinster, Servant, Harbour GraceJoseph Peddle, FarmerFrederick Snow, Caroline Parsons, John [Parsons?]
6 Aug 1897WilliamAsh27, bachelor, Shoemaker, Harbour GraceAmbrose Ash, FishermanElizaDove20, spinster, Harbour GraceJohn Dove, FishermanWm B. Walters, Richard Ash, Elizie Murphy, Mary Ann Dove
3 Feb 1898HenryWebber24, bachelor, Carriage Driver, Harbour GraceTobias Webber, CarterElizabeth Gill22, spinster, Harbour GraceThomas Gill, FishermanSamuel Ash, Theresa Ash
10 Feb 1898Edward CharlesFrench27, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceEdward French, FishermanMary AnnAsh25, spinster, Harbour GraceJohn Ash, Farmer[illegible] C. Ash, Silas French, Lizzie French
16 Mar 1898JamesWalsh30, bachelor, Factory Hand, Harbour GraceRichard Walsh, SeamanElizabeth Gordon30, spinster, Harbour GraceGeorge Gordon, FishermanGeorge Gordon, Paul Higgins, Lucy Gordon, Minnie Gordon, Beatrice Noel, Hiram Ar chibald
13 Apr 1898EdwardPickering48, widower, Engineer, WhitbourneWilliam Pickering, ContractorFannieWhite36, spinster, Harbour GraceWilliam Jenkins White, CaptainAnd'w Rutherford, Mary E. Rutherford, E.G. Stirling, A.G. Munn
30 Oct 1898GeorgeParsons26, bachelor, Fisherman, Bryant's CoveGeorge Parsons, FishermanEliza JaneYetman23, spinster, Bryant's CovePhilip Yetman, FishermanWalter Noseworthy, Susanna Parsons
6 Dec 1898JosephRossiter36, widower, Fisherman, CarbonearJoseph Rossiter, FishermanDelphine (Dalfan)Power21, widow, CarbonearFrederick Earle, FishermanWilliam Earle, Miriam Earle, Ida Earle
12 Jan 1899Thomas AustinParsons24, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceThomas Parsons, FishermanHelen ElizabethSparkes25, spinster, Harbour GraceJoseph Sparkes, CarpenterJames Parsons, Sarah S. Sparkes, Fannie Sparkes, J.T. Sparkes< /font>
4 Oct 1899William ThomasPayne25, bachelor, School Teacher, King's CoveThomas Payne, FishermanMinnie MarionAsh28, spinster, School Teacher, Harbour GraceJohn Nicholas Ash, Fisherman & CarterJohn N. Ash, Flossie Noseworthy, John R. Ash, Wilhelmina Mary Ash, Bessie Ash, Nettie Ash
26 Oct 1899RichardNoseworthy28, bachelor, Fisherman, Bryant's CoveGeorge Noseworthy, FishermanMargaret Ann Sheppard27, Spinster, Harbour GraceEdward Sheppard, PainterEdward Sheppard, Mary Ann Sheppard, Eldred Sheppard
7 Nov 1899David WalkerBlackall35, bachelor, Priest, Pinchard's IslandThomas Blackall, PriestMinnie LouisaSpence23, spinster, Teacher, Harbour GraceJohn Spence, Mariner[A. St. S-------?], Alice R. Noel, Jessie E. Spence, A.J. Spenc e, T.E. Wilson
14 Nov 1899William GeorgePushie27, bachelor, Conductor, St. John's Roderick Pushie, FarmerJessie Ethel Spence21, spinster, Harbour GraceJohn Spence, MarinerThomas Courage, John A. [Noel?], Jessie Heath, Wm J. Spence, Nellie Spence , Gertrude Warren
15 Nov 1899Thomas HenryDowden28, bachelor, Farmer, St. John'sThomas Dowden, FarmerElizabeth Ash25, spinster, Harbour GraceJohn Nicholas Ash, CarterJohn N. Ash, Maysie Ross, Wilhelmina Ash, Flossie Noseworthy, Nettie Ash
19 Dec 1899John WilliamPurchey29, bachelor, Fisherman, South SideJohn Purchey, FishermanJane MariaRigler30, widow, South SideWilliam Noel, FishermanAzariah Noel, Isabella Noel, Catherine Sheppard, George Purchey
26 Dec 1899William ErnestCarsons25, bachelor, Carpenter, WhitbourneWilliam Carsons, CarpenterMarthaAsh20, spinster, Harbour GraceJohn Ash, WatchmanSilas Martin, Fannie Ash, Eugene Janes, Annie Sparkes

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