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Harbour Grace - Christ Church Marriage Records, 1881 - 1898

In 1865, after fourteen years as pastor of the congregation of St. Paul's Church, Harbour Grace, Rev. Bertram Jones left his parish to retire in England. Jones was replaced by Rev. Mr. Hoyles from Carbonear and James Gardner, a lay preacher of the congregation. Jones returned to Newfoundland in 1868 after an unsuccessful attempt to secure a retirement and pension from the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel.

His request for a pension from the St. Paul's congregation, upset by the expulsion of their priest, Archdeacon Kelly, resulted in a schism which divided the congregation.

In 1875 forty-six members of St. Paul's congregation erected Christ Church and on July 9, 1876 it was consecrated by Bishop Kelly. Ironically, the dispute over the Jones pension was settled that year when he retired. In December 1878 a memorial present of 120 was instrumental in enabling the congregation to acquire their first curate. Reverend C.E. Smith served as first Rector of Christ Church from his appointment in 1880 until 1883 when he was replaced by Reverend N. LeMoine.

According to T.G. Ford (1935) Christ Church was officially granted the right to keep registers of marriage, birth and death in 1883. On January 12, two years earlier, the first baptism was performed at the church and noted on the register of St. Paul's. The church, however, operated in heavy debt and by 1889 became the Mission of Christ Church, St. Paul's parish, subsidized by grants from the Synod. That year the Reverend John Monk Noel was appointed curate of both mission churches of St. Peter's and Christ Church. From that period his successors at St. Paul's, Rev. W.R.J. Higgitt (1915-1925), Rev. Gordon S. Templeton (1925-1934), Rev. H.F.G.D. Kirby (1934), and former curate of St. Peter's Rev. W.E.R. Cracknell, became responsible for the Christ Church congregation. With the arrival of Kirby in 1934 the congregation decided to close the church. The final baptism was recorded in October 1933 by Rev. Mr. Templeton. The church was eventually dismantled and its building material transferred to Rev. Mr. Short's congregation for enlargement of the church at Grates Cove qv.

Please note that I have used both photocopies and original documents held at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Harbour Grace. Consulting the records will yield additional information; the name of the minister who performed the marriage, the place where the marriage was performed and whether the bride, groom & witnesses were literate. For verification purposes, photocopies of these documents can be consulted at either:

St. Paul's Anglican Church
Cochrane Street, PO Box 341
Harbour Grace, NF A0A 2M0

Provincial Archives of NF and Labrador
Colonial Bldg., Military Road
St. John's, NF A1C 2C9

Anglican Archives
19 King's Bridge Road
St. John's, NF A1C 3K4

The records were transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY in March 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

11 Oct 1881WilliamBuckler28, bachelor, Blacksmith, Water Street Harbour GraceWilliam Buckler, ShoemakerMatildaSheppard24, spinster, Harvey Street Harbour GraceMartin Sheppard, FishermanJ.A. Whitman, Charles Budden, Willis Sheppard
4 Jan 1882EbenezerParsons54, widower, Freighter, Water Street Harbour GraceJohn Parsons, FishermanAnnSnow41, widow, Noad Street Harbour GraceThomas Hawkins, FishermanStephen Hawkins, Emily Hawkins
8 Jun 1882John CharlesAsh26, bachelor, Shoemaker, Harbour GraceRobert AshWilhelminaSheppard28, spinster, Harbour GraceMartin Sheppard William Buckler, Martin Sheppard, Willis Sheppard
16 Jul 1882SolomonSheppard26, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceSolomon Sheppard, SextonMaryBrown26, spinster, Harbour GraceGeorge Brown, LabourerEdward Brown, Sisley Sheppard
16 Nov 1882PhilipLeMarquen(d) (LeMarquan)24, bachelor, Seaman, Harbour GraceGeorge LeMarquen, deceasedSarahRivette22, spinster, Harbour GraceWilliam Rivette, deceasedJohn Whiteway, Lucy Whiteway
20 Dec 1882EdgarPercy38, widower, Engineer, Harbour GraceMoses Percy, Master MarinerMelinaCurtis33, spinster, Harbour GraceWilliam Curtis, deceasedHector Curtis, Sophia Curtis
28 Dec 1882RobertAndrews27, bachelor, Tinsmith, Harbour GraceWilliam Andrews, deceasedCatherineRussell21, spinster, Harbour GraceJoseph Russell, PainterJoseph Russell, Wm J. Russell, [Geo.?] Tapp
24 Jan 1883John Alcock45, widower, Fisherman, Bay RobertsJohn Alcock, deceasedMarthaHawkins33, spinster, Harbour GraceThomas Hawkins, FishermanWilliam T. Hawkins, Sibella Hawkins
22 Aug 1883GeorgeAlford30, bachelor, Fisherman, Dildo CoveCharles Alford, FishermanLouisa Davis30, spinster, Harbour GraceCharles Davis, FishermanJoseph Pike, Margaret Davis
19 Sep 1883William JohnRussell24, bachelor, Painter, Harbour GraceJoseph Russell, PainterMary AnnWeymouth22, spinster, S. John'sThomas Weymouth, ShoemakerWm G.R. Hill, Emma H. Russell
10 Oct 1883EliBrown47, widower, Workman, Harbour GraceSolomon Brown, FishermanAnnPuddicomb30, spinster, Harbour GraceWilliam Puddicomb, deceasedJames Puddicomb, Henry Jenkins
29 Nov 1883HerbertGosse24, bachelor, Fisherman, Spaniard's BayStephen Gosse, SchoolmasterEliza AnnSheppard21, spinster, Harbour GraceJohn Sheppard, FishermanJames Gosse, Georgina Gosse
29 Dec 1883John Piercy22, bachelor, Fisherman, Norman's Cove Trinity BayBenjamin Piercy, FishermanSusannaDowning28, spinster, Harbour GraceSamuel Downing, deceasedSamuel Downing, John Downing
30 Apr 1884JosiahSheppard21, bachelor, Constable, Bay RobertsLevi Sheppard, Ships CarpenterMary AnnDooling23, spinster, Harbour GraceMark Dooling, FishermanTho's Henderson, J.S. Lacey, Susie Hiscock, Samuel Squires, Bessie Godden
7 Jun 1884WilliamPike24, bachelor, Fisherman, CarbonearCharles Pike, FishermanCicelia AnnSheppard23, spinster, Harbour GraceGeorge Sheppard, SextonThomas Courage, Solomon Sheppard
17 Jun 1884William Geo. R.Hill27, bachelor, Cooper, Harbour GraceGeorge R.C. Hill, CooperEmma H.Russell20, spinster, Harbour GraceJoseph Russell, PainterLouisa Parsons, John Luscombe, Susie Hiscock, Edward J. Russell
1 Jan 1885JohnWhite21, bachelor, Fisherman, Norman's CoveCharles White, FishermanSarahPiddle23, spinster, Harbour GraceJohn Piddle, Farmer[A. St. Seymond?], Mary Ann Piddle
7 Jan 1885AlbertNoseworthy25, bachelor, Seaman, Harbour GraceJacob Noseworthy, deceasedMaryBray29, spinster, Harbour GraceWilliam Bray, deceasedJessie Sheppard, William John Yetman
21 Jan 1885William T.Hawkins30, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceThomas Hawkins, PlanterMaryColeman30, spinster, Harbour GraceWilliam Coleman, deceasedJoseph [Colbourne?], George Hawkins
11 Nov 1885GeorgeYetman27, bachelor, Seaman, Harbour GraceWilliam Yetman, FishermanSusannaBriffit19, spinster, Bryant's CoveEliol Briffit, FishermanGeorge Briffett, Moses Yetman
25 Nov 1885Charles Edmunds36, widower, Labourer, Harbour GraceJames EdmundsJaneAsh47, widow, Harbour GraceStephen Tucker, deceasedCharles Dickinson, Joseph Edmunds
30 Dec 1885JamesParmiter26, bachelor, Captain, Harbour GraceSamuel Parmiter, PlanterAliceAlcock25, spinster, Harbour GraceHenry Alcock, PlanterGeo Corbin, Wm Sparkes, Elizabeth Pike, Mary Alcock
20 Jan 1886JamesLuffman24, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceHenry Luffman, deceasedMaryBray20, spinster, Harbour GraceJohn Bray, FishermanHector Bray, Melina Bray
20 Feb 1886PhilipSanders25, bachelor, Cooper, CarbonearPhilip Sanders, CooperSarahMahaney20, spinster, CarbonearJosiah Mahaney, FishermanSamuel Mahaney, Levi Winsor
3 Jul 1886JohnPike30, bachelor, Mate, Harbour GraceCharles Pike, PlanterJaneCurtis34, widow, Harbour GraceMatthew Davis, PlanterSamuel Lilly, Mary Ann Lilly
26 Nov 1886StephenAsh23, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceJonathan Ash, deceasedSarah JaneMartin22, spinster, Harbour GraceGeorge Martin, SeamanCharles Dickenson, Richard Ash
7 Dec 1886James HenryFrench27, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceEdward French, deceasedSusannaNicholas25, spinster, Harbour GraceWilliam Nicholas, deceasedAlbert Courage, Azariah French
1 Feb 1887SamuelHutchings29, bachelor, Workman, [Bay Roberts?]William Hutchings, FishermanElizabethNorman29, spinster, Harbour GraceThomas Norman, deceasedAmaziah Ash, Azariah Sheppard
2 Feb 1887FredericHiscock24, bachelor, Shopman, Harbour GraceHenry Hiscock, CooperPatience Jacobs26, spinster, Harbour GraceJoseph Jacobs, FishermanNath'l Pike, Henry F. Fitzgerald, Susie Hiscock, Olivia Parsons
2 Feb 1887John Willias [sic]White23, bachelor, Clerk, S. John'sLevi White, deceasedMarthaBarrett22, spinster, Harbour GraceAmbrose Barrett, ShipbuilderEugene Pike, Sarah Rebecca Webber
12 Nov 1887JosephButt26, widower, Fisherman, Perry's Cove North ShoreWm Butt, FishermanMary AnnUmberston23, spinster, Glover Rd Harbour GraceWm Umberston, FishermanAlbert Sheppard, Maria Jane Butt
22 Nov 1888EdgarStevenson35, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceJames Stevenson, deceasedMaryNoseworthy33, spinster, Harbour GraceWilliam Noseworthy, FishermanJames Stevenson, Margaret Noseworthy
18 Feb 1889JosephBeeso25, bachelor, Labourer, Harbour GraceMichael Beeso, LabourerMary JaneButt23, spinster, Harbour GraceJoseph ButtSamuel Lilly, Tryphena Pretty
25 Nov 1889WilliamUmberson50, widower, Fisherman, Harbour GraceJames Umberson, FishermanSarahBradbury40, spinster, Harbour GraceWilliam Bradbury, FishermanGordon Sheppard, John Ash
2 Jan 1890John LangdonOke34, bachelor, Storekeeper, S. John'sEdward L. OkeMary WinifredSheppard31, spinster, Harbour GraceNathaniel Sheppard, Lighthouse KeeperW.A. Oke, Margaret Sheppard, George L. Sheppard, V. Sheppard, Lillie Pike
26 Jan 1890JonahGosse24, bachelor, Seaman, Harbour GraceHenry Gosse, Ship's CarpenterSusannahSparkes22, spinster, Harbour GraceReuben Sparkes, CarpenterReuben Sparkes, Roland Gosse, Phebe Lampen, Wm Lampen, Minnie Sparks
3 Jan 1893George ApseyCanning(s)22, bachelor, Miner, Harbour GraceGeorge CanningMelvenia Jane Pike20, spinster, Seamstress, Harbour GraceJohn Chas Pike, FishermanThomas H. Fitzgerald, Lemuel Harris, Celia Canning
1 Jan 1894William CharlesHutchings29, bachelor, Grocer, St. John'sJames Hutchings, BuilderMargaretSheppard26, spinster, Harbour GraceNathaniel Sheppard, Lighthouse KeeperLouie M. Parsons, J.F. Sheppard, Chas. A. Godden
19 Jan 1894James WilliamEdison25, bachelor, Mariner, Harbour GraceGeorge Edison, FishermanEmmaCourage23, spinster, Harbour GraceStephen Courage, deceasedSamuel Ash, Maud Taylor, Archibald Courage
5 Dec 1895AlbertPiercy34, bachelor, Fisherman, Heart's ContentJames Piercy, FishermanJanetHiscock23, spinster, Servant, S. John'sEdward Hiscock, FishermanC.G. Rendell, Aggie Buddon
31 Dec 1895LorenzoSheppard21, bachelor, Labourer, Harbour GraceGeorge Sheppard, deceased, LabourerSelinaNoseworthy20, spinster, Machinist, Harbour GraceJosiah Noseworthy, FishermanSteward Noseworthy, Sophia A. Noseworthy, Sarah White
12 Aug 1897AmbroseCrutch48, widower, Seaman, Harbour GraceTho's Crutch, FishermanFloraFrench29, widow, Harbour GraceJacob Sheppard, FishermanJessie Bussell, Tobias Sheppard, Lilly French, George Sheppard
13 Nov 1897John William Newman28, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceJohn [illegible] Newman, FishermanHarriet Anne Tucker25, spinster, Harbour GraceJohn Tucker, FishermanIsrael Tucker, [Margaret?] Noseworthy
3 Dec 1897IsraelTucker29, bachelor, Fisherman, Harbour GraceJohn Tucker, FishermanMargaretNoseworthy26, spinster, Harbour GraceWilliam Noseworthy, FishermanJohn Noseworthy, Fannie Noseworthy
15 Jun 1898BertramNoel37, widower, Fisherman, Harbour Grace SouthMoses Noel, deceasedRebeccaShepperd (Sheppard)37, spinster, Harbour Grace SouthRichard Shepperd, FishermanMinnie Noel, Alexander Sheppard, Victor Sheppard

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