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Conception Bay North ~ Harbour Grace District

Harbour Grace - Roman Catholic Marriage Records, 1806 - 1845

Be aware that these records are very difficult to read and the spelling erratic, and my interpretation of them may not always be accurate. Records are complete to 1821, and partially complete after. The records were transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY with Kennedy marriages contributed by JUDY BARKER. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Aug 24, 1806Tim [LANEY?] m. Ruth JACOBEdmund HUNT & D. CAHILL
Oct 22, 1806Thomas CANELLY m. Anne CLARKEMich(l) MACKEY & Joseph POWER
Oct 23, 1806John FURLONG m. Mary LOWJohn CUMMINS & James ENGLISH
Oct 23, 1806Martin DRISCOL m. Marg(t) LOWJohn CUMMINS & James ENGLISH
Oct 23, 1806Richard KENNEDY m. Ann PENDERGESTWilliam BRODERICK & Daniel MACCARTHY
Oct 25, 1806John DELANY m. Joanna BYRNEWilliam PHELAN & Thomas PHELAN
Oct 27, 1806John CONRY m. Sera SLATEDenis [DUSON?] & Sam THISTLE
Oct 29, 1806John CULLINAN m. Sera HOULETCornelius MACEARTHY & Juliana MACEARTHY
Nov 18, 1806Laurence NEVILL m. Mary CAVENAGHJames LAWLESS & P. [GUILLY?]
Nov 18, 1806Pat: STRANGE m. Anne BUSSYJoseph BROWN & Charlotte RICHARDS
Nov 29, 1806Thomas MEIGHERS m. Ellenor MULLONYThomas EZECHIEL & James KENNEDY
Dec 2, 1806James KENNEDY m. Mary MACKEYPat CRAWLEY & John QUIDLAN
Dec 2, 1806John KEATING m. Mary MOOREJohn WOODFORD & Thomas EZECHIEL
Dec 29, 1806Michael FARRIL m. Magaret PHELANDenis [BRENNIN?] & Will(m) DALTON
Dec 31, 1806James BARRON m. Grace PEDDLEPeter WALSH & Mary LAHY
Jan 6, 1807John SMEAKUN m. Mary HARRINGTONWalter BUTLER & John GRANT
Jan 6, 1807John SMOAKUM m. Mary HARRINGTONWalter BUTLER & John GRANT

Note: I believe the two entries above are the same marriage, but recorded twice.
Jan 10, 1807James DALTON m. Elizabeth SHEADennis DUNN & Dennis MAGRATH
Jan 12, 1807William BAGGS m. Joanna HEARNTimothy HEARN & Laurence [HEASE?]
Jan 21, 1807Philip HIGGINS m. Elizabeth WOODFORDWilliam DUGGAN & John CORBAN
Feb 24, 1807Patrick CAHILL m. Mary MEANYWill(m) MEANY & Patrick MACDONELL
Feb 24, 1807John BARRETT m. Susanna HACOW. MULLOWNY & Elisabeth MULLOWNY
Feb 24, 1807William KEATING m. Mary O'CONNORJohn KEATING & Dennis O'CONNOR
Feb 26, 1807Thomas EZECHIEL m. Patience HICKEYJohn O'NEAL & John KENNEDY
Mar 2, 1807Bartholemy DRISCOL m. Winny DRISCOL COSTELLOThomas COSTELLO & James COSTELLO
Mar 28, 1807Timothy DOOLING m. Charity SAVORYDenis NOONAN & Rich(d) CONNELL
May 3, 1807John BARRY m. Cath(e) BUTTPat REILLY & Morris CONNOR
May 19, 1807Thomas MEIGHERS m. Ellenor WALLW. RYAN & Fanny O'LEARY
May 21, 1807James PHELAN m. Mary MERRIGANDavid PHELAN & Alice NOWLEN
Jun 5, 1807William WOOFORD m. Marg(t) O'NEALRich(d) CONDON & Bridge CANE
Jun 14, 1807Florence MACCARTY m. Jane KENNEDYCh: MACCARTY & Pat: MAHONY
Aug 9, 1807Rich(d) NOWLE m. Briget GREEN[Jn(a)?] HURLEY & Ellen [GOOLY?]
Oct 4, 1807Nicholas MAGEE m. Margaret MAHERRichard REGAN & Joanna MAHER
Oct 18, 1807Nicholas NEARY m. Elis: JONESMorris COUGHLAN & James COUGHLAN
Nov 1, 1807Patrick HICKEY m. Mary KENNEDYJames MOLLOWNY & Will(m) MOLLOWNY
Nov 15, 1807Rich(d) REGAN m. Susan DONOVANWilliam GREEN & Daniel DONOVAN
Nov 20, 1807William MALLEA m. Dorothea BUTTDennis DUNN & Moses [illegible]
Nov 21, 1807James MACDONALD m. Sera WALLWill(m) NONAN & James FITZGERALD
Nov 24, 1807Rich(d) WHITE m. Anne LAHEYJames MACKEY, Rich(d) CODY
Dec 28, 1807Cornelius MACCARTHY m. Bridget SHEPHERDAbram NORCOTT & Denis MACCARTHY
Jan 8, 1808John DRISCOL m. Mary COLLINSDan(l) HEARN & Henry WISEMAN
Jan 18, 1808John BRIEN m. Mary DOBBINWill: [GALL?] & Will: [MESSEN?]
Feb 2, 1808John CURTIS m. Mary CURRAGEJohn CURRAGE & John DONAHY
Feb 5, 1808John HARTRY m. Mary FAHEYTh: FAHEY & Th: MACCARTHY
Feb 6, 1808Terry BRODERICK m. Anne WELLSGarrett CONNOR & Th: DALY
Feb 28, 1808Pat: CORBET m. Sera HACOThom: HACO & Martin COSTELLO
Mar 3, 1808Patrick DOYLE m. Mary WALSHEdmund DAILTON & John KENNEDY
May 6, 1808William HUMPHRY m. Sera KINGMich(l) KEEFE & David FLYNN
May 12, 1808Thomas LANE m. Anne TILLYWill(m) BRODERICK & Denis DONOVAN
Jun 6, 1808Martin PHELAN m. Ellen: MURPHYPat: MURPHY & Rich(d) CONNELL
Jun 10, 1808John REGAN m. Elisa BARRITJoseph BERRY & Thom BECKET
Sep 25, 1808Rich(d) COD m. Anne EDDYJames COTTER & Rich(d) CONNELL
Oct 1, 1808James [FERRIL or PERRIL?] m. Anne [FERRIL or PERRIL?]Pat: POWER & Th: [FERRIL or PERRIL?]
Nov 2, 1808Philip MAHONY m. Mary WALSHJames MAHONY & Pat: COSTELLO
Nov 5, 1808John MAGRATH m. Honora MURPHYLaurence WRIGHT & John HOGAN
Nov 21, 1808William LONNERGAN m. Widow WALSHThomas MAHER & James MACDONALL
Nov 26, 1808John SWEENY m. Elisabeth [GERY?]Stephen PHELAN & Thom: PHELAN
Jan 1, 1809Joseph KEMP m. Abigail EARLWill(m) COATES & Mary CONNOR
Jan 10, 1809John GORMAN m. Mary LACOURSimon GORMAN & Mich(l) KEATING
Jan 22, 1809Pat: POWER m. Mary BARRETTDenis MAGRATH & John DENIHEA
Jan 29, 1809John ELSON m. Alice DALTONThom: FOLEY & Rich(d) CONNELL
Feb 14, 1809Dan(l) MORY m. Mary [HEDORTON?]Will(m) DALY & Peter [HEARN?]
Feb 14, 1809Joseph FLEMMING m. Mary QUIRKDenis FOGERTY
Mar 19, 1809Philip LOUIS m. Cath(a) LEARYWill: MOLLOWNY & Denis LEARY
May 29, 1809Thom: GLEASON m. Mary GODFREYThom: FOGARTY & George [illegible]
Jun 1, 1809Will(m) BRODERICK m. Honora MURPHYJohn MURPHY & James [illegible]
Jun 6, 1809Phil: CAROL m. Elenor DUGANAnd: CLEARY & Will(m) CLEARY
Jun 12, 1809John KEEFE m. Mary BUTLERWill(m) GLEASON & James BUTLER
Oct 3, 1809Thomas DOODY m. Ellenor NOONANRich(d) CONNELL & Tim: DINEEN
Oct 5, 1809James BUTLER m. Jane PERRYFlorence MACNAMARA & Will(m) KEOUGH
Oct 8, 1809Henry COLE m. Cath(a) BUTLEREdmund WELSH & Morris MERRIGAN
Oct 8, 1809Morris MERRIGAN m. Olivia KINGJohn MURPHY & Cath: BARRY
Nov 6, 1809Edmund DALTON m. Cath(e) MURPHYPat: KENNEDY & John KENNEDY
Nov 6, 1809Walter FEWER m. Ellen HACOWill(m) [CASEY?] & And: KENNEDY
Nov 8, 1809Edmund MERRIGAN m. Mary CONWAYWill(m) BURK & Pat: BURK
Nov 8, 1809Pat: WALL m. Anastasia RYANWill(m) RYAN & Th: MAHER
Nov 9, 1809Joseph MASON m. Elisa BAKERGeorge MASON & Thom: MASON
Nov 23, 1809Edmund HOWARD m. Anne BRADBERRYWill: CLEARY & Grace FOGARTY
Jan 3, 1810Joseph REDMOND m. Honora RYANPat: WALSH & Ellen ROACH
Jan 6, 1810Rand: DONEVAN m. Ellen BOWDan: DONEVAN & Ellen BOW
Jan 6, 1810Rich(d) CORBIN m. Ellen PHELANWill: PHELAN & Pat: BADCOCK
Jan 25, 1810Thom: BRIEN m. Mary QUILTYJames BYRNE & [illegible] QUILTY
Feb 6, 1810John HEARLY m. Joanna MORISYPat CAHIL & Ellen KEOUGH
Feb 7, 1810Will(m) MARTIN m. Cath SHEAJames DALTON & Mich(l) GREEN
Feb 19, 1810Peter FREENY m. Patience BRADBURYWill(m) PHELAN & Ellen CORBITT
Feb 20, 1810Will(m) KENNEDY m. Mary WADERob: CONNELL & Th: COSTELLO
Mar 1, 1810Erin LOUIS m. Elis: [GOUSIN?]John KENNEDY & Mary KENNEDY
Mar 3, 1810Mich(l) MAHONY & Mary BARRYPat: COSTELLO & Elisa: LOUIS
Mar 15, 1810John FARRIL m. Patience CORBINRedmond KEATING & [Cath?] CONNELL
Apr 2, 1810John DOYLE m. Ellen ENGLISHTh: ENGLISH & Elis: MURPHY
Apr 7, 1810Martin PHELAN m. Jane POWELMartin PHELAN & Ellen PHELAN
Apr 20, 1810Edmund WALSH m. Cath: PIKEMich(l) GODFREY & Elis: REGAN
Apr 23, 1810David BARRY m. Mary REYNOLDSDaniel CONNOR & Cath: DUNFEY
Jun 2, 1810Samuel ROGERS m. Anastasia GILFOYWill(m) DOBBIN & Mary BYRNE
Jul 18, 1810James KEEFE m. Mary DUNNMaurice WALSH & Alice MAGRATH
Aug 20, 1810John MACLANE m. Charlotte HEFFERNANJames GLEESON & Jane BRADBURY
Oct 5, 1810Thomas NORTH m. Sera MANNINGDenis NOONAN & T. DENIN
Nov 6, 1810Thomas MASON m. Elis: HICKSThom: HICKS & John KENNEDY
Nov 26, 1810Thom: THISTLE m. Cath GOSSJohn BARRETT & Rich(d) TAYLOR
Dec 17, 1810James WOODFORD m. Mary EZECHIELPat CONWAY & Mary KANE
Dec 26, 1810John FITZGERALD m. Frances KENNEDYTh: GEARY & Mary HARTORY
Dec 28, 1810Thomas PHELAN m. Rachel WHITEDavid PHELAN & Frances PHELAN
Jan 31, 1811James GLAVIN m. Elisa: BUTLERJames BRILL & Mrs. BRILL
Jan 31, 1811Tim: MORY m. Ann MARSHALLPat MORY & Mary MARSHALL
Feb 5, 1811James POWER m. Mary LONNERGANJames HOLLERHAN & Stephen WALSH
Feb 12, 1811Charles [GOUSA?] m. Martha COSTELLOTh: FOLEY & Mary FOLEY
Mar 3, 1811Thomas MAHONY m. Diana ENGLISHWill(m) BRODERICK & Thom: ENGLISH
Mar 31, 1811Pat: KEATING m. Ellen CONNORWill: WOODFORD & wife
Mar 31, 1811Mich(l) MURPHY m. Mary HEALYMr. BUTLER & wife
Apr 3, 1811Edmund HALY m. Mary MACCARTYWill: MACCARTY & Mary MAGRAH
Apr 5, 1811George LAHOUNY m. Martha WOODFORDJohn WOODFORD & Mary KING
May 8, 1811Mich(l) FEEHAN m. Marg(t) HANLYLaur POWER & Jus: REGAN
May 17, 1811Luke HAYS m. Bridget KELLYEdm: KELLY & Mary SMEAKUM
Aug 23, 1811Vincent COSTIGAN m. Joanna KENNEDYRichard SHEA & Elizabeth MALOWNY
Nov 13, 1811William FITZGERALD m. Mary CONELLYEd: FAHEY & Elizabeth [KILAN?]
Nov 13, 1811Thos FAHEY m. Ellen HARRINGTONEd: FAHEY & Mary SMOAKUM
Nov 16, 1811John WOODFORD m. Marg(t) LACOURJames WALL & John CORBAN
Jan 12, 1812Edmund FAHY m. Jane CRUMMYJohn CRUMMY & Mary HARTERY
Jan 12, 1812Pat BARRY m. Elisa WELLSJames SHEA & Ann BUTLER
Feb 13, 1812James KELLY m. Mary BARRETTVincent COSTIGAN & Phil BUTLER
Feb 24, 1812Daniel HAGAN m. Mary ROACH[no witnesses recorded]
Apr 7, 1812N. BARRY m. Mary CONOLLYJohn BARRY & Robert ST. JOHN
Apr 15, 1812Maurice POWER m. Sibella MAHERDaniel SULLIVAN & wife
Apr 21, 1812Thos MACKEY m. Elis(th) HICKEYJn(o) HICKEY & Marg(t) MACKEY
May 31, 1812Dan(l) GREEN m. Rachel [GOSNE?]Thos FOOLEY & Fanny LONDON
Jun 11, 1812George CRANE m. Jane WHEELERWalter LANNY & Ellenor LONDON
Aug 24, 1812Mich(l) KEEF m. Maria HEFFERNANMich(l) MURPHY & Joanna COWER
[?] 23, 1812Vincent COSTIGAN m. Joanna KENNEDYRich(d) SHEA & Elizabeth MOLOWNY
[?] 23, 1812Pat(k) MAGEE m. Mary CONNELJohn ROACH & Mary MEANY
[?] 23, 1812Rich(d) ALLEN m. Judith LATTINJames DELANY & Mary MAGEE
Nov 24, 1812William KENNEDY m. Ann KENTSWilliam KENNEDY & Ann OATES
Jan 10, 1813Tho(s) TEARNEY m. Mary TERNEYJn(o) KENNEDY & Bridget DUNFEY
Jan 21, 1813Jn(o) MOXLEY m. Mary ROACHJn(o) MEANEY & Ellen KENNEDY
Jan 27, 1813Pat(k) [CONAWAY?] m. Briget DUNFEYJames DUNFEY & Mary [MAHER?]
Feb 18, 1813Tho(s) CARROL m. Cat(h) COLLINSJn(o) DONAHEY & Eliz(th) [PALMER?]
May 29, 1813Laur(y) BRIEN m. Briget [FIERT or PIERT?]Robert & Jane CONNOL
Sept 10, 1813Pat(k) CAREY m. Elis(th) WADEEd(m) WADE & Brige BRIEN
Oct 10, 1813 Edm. WADE m. Briget KENNYJohn FLANIGAN & Ann WALSH
Oct 10, 1813Mich(l) COSTELO m. Ann WALSHEd(m) & Briget WADE
Oct 10, 1813David COSTELO m. Elisa BARRYMich(l) & Ann COSTELO
Nov 5, 1813James DUNN m. Mary QUINPat(k) QUIGLY & Mary PENDERGAST
Nov 12, 1813Jn(o) HEALEY m. Ann [IVIS?]James HEALY & Anty POWER
Nov 17, 1813Pat(k) REILY m. Elis(th) WHITEAWAYMorris FITZGER(ld) & Rich [PHELAN?]
Nov 18, 1813W(m) MORY m. Mary CONOLDan(l) MORY & Alice HANRAHAN
Nov 22, 1813Laurence CROAK m. Mary Anne FLAHARTYJames TIERNEY & Hanna NEWLAN
Nov 28, 1813John TARGATE m. Anne MULLOWNAYGeorge WITCH & Sera SULLIVAN
Dec 1, 1813Philip WALSH m. Mary CORBITMichail CORBIT & Mary WALSH
Dec 1, 1813James BYRNE m. Widow PLOUGHMANConstantine LEAN & [blank]
Dec 3, 1813Stephen WALSH m. Margaret MACKAYPatt WALSH & Mary GUSHUE
Dec 4, 1813Thomas [TREHEE?] m. Johanna TOOLEPatrick TOOLE & Mary GUSHUE
Dec 9, 1813Laurence MULLALY m. Ann HINGYW(m) STERLING & [Fern?] MACNAMARA
Dec 27, 1813Matth. GEORGE m. Patience CLERKRobert GEORGE & George CLERK
Jan 11, 1814Peter OWENS m. Mary POORJames SINNOT & Laurence DUGGAN
Jan 11, 1814Patt DELANY m. Judith PARSONSJohn DELANY & Julian PARSONS
Jan 18, 1814W(m) ENNET m. Maria HARTERYGeorge HARTERY & Math. KERNEY
Jan 23, 1814Jn(o) DENEHEY m. Ellen MAGRATHRich(d) GLAVEEN & James GLAVEEN
Jan 27, 1814James FOX m. Alice MAGRATHMath KERNEY & Mary FOLEY
Jan 30, 1814Jn(o) [COUGHLIN or LOUGHLIN?] m. Ellen MACCARTYJn(o) MACCARTY & Elis(th) MACCARTY
Jan 31, 1814James PHELAN m. Mary SOLIVANSam(l) GOSSE & Ellen PHELAN
Feb 1, 1814Morris CAULBERT m. Cath(n) COLLINS[Philip CROONEEN?] & Mary MULAHAEY
Feb 15, 1814Jn(o) BARRIT m. Briget POWERDennis MAGRATH & Alice FOX
Feb 22, 1814Tho(s) BRADBERRY m. Honor DOBBINTho(s) MORRICEY & Anty POWER
Feb 28, 1814Dennis HARTRY m. Widow WALSHDoctor CONNERS & Eliz: SHEEHAN
Feb 28, 1814Edward SKEHAN m. Anne KAVANAGHDr. CONNERS & Eliz: SKEHAN
Mar 17, 1814Pat(k) [LONDON or CONDON?] m. Briget PHELANJn(o) COLLINS & Mary GELASBY
Mar 31, 1814William BURK m. Eliz: LEWISGarret WALL & Eliz: HICKS
Apr 3, 1814James LE HURY m. Eliz: LE COURTJohn & Mrs. GORMAN
Apr 10, 1814Henry BAKER m. his 2 Cousin Eliz: SULLIVAN (dispensat(e) obtenta)John & Marg(t) KENNEDY
Apr 10, 1814W(m) HEARN m. Joana MACNAMARAJohn & Mary HEARN
Apr 26, 1814Pat(k) MORRIS m. Mary FOLEY between the hours of nine & ten at night in the presence of Tho(s) MAGHER & Fanifred CAWLEY.
Apr 30, 1814Maurice MURPHY m. Mary COLBERTMichael DRISCOLL & Mary GUSHUE
May 9, 1814Thomas GEORGE m. Eliz: [POLUM?]James FLINN & Patt: POWER
May 28, 1814Thomas [SHAYER?] m. Hanna HOGANDan(l) LEGRUE & Mary POWER
Jun 16, 1814Darby HARRINGTON m. Margereth COLLINSJn(o) DRISCAL & Cath CAULBERT
Sep 3, 1814Joseph WALSH m. Mary COLEMorris MURPHY & Ann GRIFFIN
Sep 4, 1814Edward WALSH m. Ann WHITECharles GOVER & Ann COSTOLO
Oct 29, 1814Matthew WOOLFORD m. Ellen FAHEYJames Fahe WOODFORD & Joanna FAHEY
Oct 18, 1814Edmund HOLOHAN m. Anne BARNETThomas NOONAN & Mrs. [Ditto]
Nov 10, 1814Nich(s) WALL m. Mary WALSHMich(l) WALSH & Jn(o) HICKEY
Nov 11, 1814John POOR m. Mary GUSHUEMaurice MURPHY & Mary MURPHY
Nov 14, 1814Jn(o) KELLY m. Mary BRIENDavid POWER & Alice EWER
Nov 16, 1814John KINWICK m. Elizabeth HICKSGarret WALL & Mary HICKS
Nov 17, 1814James HALY m. Mary HICKSJohn & Elizabeth KENWICK
Nov 23, 1814Jn(o) YOUNGS m. Annistas [POWE?]George YOUNGS & Ellen WHEELER
Nov 30, 1814John KELLY m. Catherine TOOLERobert CONNELL & Elizabeth LEWIS
Dec 1, 1814William SKANE m. Mary COLE John SKANE & Anne WHELAN
Dec 3, 1814Dan(l) KENDLER m. Mary MAGHERPat(k) TROY & Marg(th) HICKEY
Jan 7, 1815James HEARN m. Mary HEARNPhilip & Bridget CONWAY
Jan 18, 1815Edmund CLEARY m. Johanna GIBBSMichael HICKEY & Elizabeth HICKS
Jan 19, 1815James BARRON m. Grace WOODFORDMichael WOODFORD & Elizabeth HINES
Feb 5, 1815James DAWLEY m. Mary MACKEYJames DOYLE & Ellen SHEA
Feb 7, 1815Pat(k) HARRINGTON m. Ann BECKETPat(k) WALSH & Mary MADDOX
Mar 2, 1815Tho(s) LEARY m. Mary [HORNES or HOMES?]Tho(s) [HUHENGAME?] & [illegible] BOWER
Mar 10, 1815Pat(k) MAGUIRE m. Elizabeth PARSONMathew & Mrs. MUGRAGH
Mar 27, 1815Martin MURPHY m. Mary TOOMEYMr & Mrs BRODRICK
Apr 4, 1815Martin RYAN m. Sera DUGGANJn(o) BARRIT & Marg(th) [HAISE?]
Apr 9, 1815Patrick KEHOE m. Ellen PHEALANPatrick QUIGLEY & Ellen KENNEDY
Apr 12, 1815W(m) WOODFORD m. Constantia FARDYTho(s) WHITNY & Ellen [PENNEL or CENNOL?]
May -, 1815Jn(o) COLLINS m. Ellen GEARYMich(l) HEAREN & Jane HAMILTON
May 3, 1815Michael HEALY m. Johana MURPHYMr. MACKY & Ann [LOHEER?]
May 21, 1815John THISTLE m. [Oner?] BALDENMr. & Mrs. ROACH
May 28, 1815Laurence FOLEY m. Ann HACOWalter FEWER & Cora MEASON
May 28,1815 Patrick KENNEDY m. Catherine TERRY Mr. J. KENNEDY & Mrs TERRY
June 3, 1815Tho(s) CONAWAY m. Cath(r) PENDERGASTMr. PENDERGAST & Mary IVANEY
June 17, 1815Tho(s) MARA m. Briget NEVENSDavid POWER & Mary [MANDASEL?]
July 28, 1815James KEHOE m. Julia RYANMrs. RYAN & Jn(o) DEVEREX
Aug 4, 1815Stephen BOUGHEN m. Cera BYRNMr. BRYAN & Mary COOK
Sept 2, 1815Philip DOYLE m. Margret KELLYMr. MUGRAH & Hanah NOWLIN
Sept 4, 1815Tho(s) [RYBORN?] m. Mary DUGGENTho(s) BRYAN & Mary DARBY
Sept 30, 1815Robert WHITE m. Ann GRIFFENGeorge [GOSNE?] & Mich(l) LYONS
Oct 1, 1815Timothy GRIFFIN m. Mary WHITEEd(m) MANGEN & Ann WHITE
Oct 8, 1815Micheal BRODRICK m. Mary KENNEALYMrs. KENNEALY & Tho(s) WALSH
Oct 8, 1815Laurence MURREY m. Margret CONNORSPatrick FURLONG & Catherine RYAN
Oct 12, 1815Neil McCARN m. Elizebth OLIVERMr. & Mrs. FOWLOW
Oct 28, 1815Thomas MANDAVAL m. Eleonor SHEAMicheal HENISY & Mrs. CONNORS
Oct 30, 1815John KEHOE m. Ursula WOODFORDMicheal WOODFORD & Mrs. KENNEDY
Nov 1, 1815John HICKS m. Cathrine WITCHGarret WALL & Mrs. WITCH
Nov 2, 1815Patrick TOOLE m. Mary WALLMary WALL & Dennis CONNORS
Nov 5, 1815James FITZGERALD m. Mary MAHERMrs. GRIFFIN & Robert ST. JOHN
Nov 7, 1815Bryan RYAN m. Cathrine McDONNALDMrs. PHEALAN & Laurence MURPHY
Nov 11, 1815John EAGAN m. Bridget HALLARANCathrine FOLEY & Robert MANSFIELD
Nov 11, 1815James MAHANY m. Mary [FORN? or TORN?]Bridget LYNES & James DARBY
Nov 14, 1815John KENNEDY m. Mary GLASBYEdward KENNEDY & Elizabeth McCARTY
Nov 14, 1815Richard SHEA m. Mary McGRATHDaniel CONNORS & Elenor KENNEDY
Nov 17, 1815Patrick MULRONEY m. Jude MORANMary DUNN & Patrick MORAN
Nov 18, 1815John [CUSTEEN?] m. Julia CASHANMr. QUINLAN & Marian KEAN
Nov 20, 1815James FAHEE m. Mary FITZGERALDMrs. FAHEE & Maurice FITZGERALD
Nov 22,1815Richard LAWLESS m. Margaret KING Catherine MURPHY & Patrick KING
Nov 29, 1815Richard KALLINEN m. Fanny PHEALANMr. & Mrs. FARREL
Nov 30, 1815James POOR m. Nancy BYRNEJoseph BYRNE & Mrs. BOHANS
Dec 2, 1815James BRYAN m. Mary MANDIVALMrs. KENNEDY & Thomas MANDIVAL
Dec 10, 1815John WILLIAMS m. Bridget KELLYPhilip WALSH & Mrs. WALSH
Dec 10, 1815John ST. JOHN m. Cathrine RYANThomas WALSH & Mrs. BUTLER
Dec 19, 1815Patrick CONNELLY m. Mary ROOFEMary COOKE & Micheal SHEA
Dec 29, 1815James POWER m. Anne BURNSMr. BOHAN & Mary QUINLAN
Jan 1, 1816James THOMSON m. Cath: BYRNEMr. GREATH & Elinor BUTTEN
Jan 2, 1816Daniel MARAY m. Jean GEORGEMr. MARAY & Miss MORAY
Jan 3, 1816[Pierce??] CODY m. Anastasia CODYJohn CODY & Mary MEHAN
Jan 10, 1816John LAWLOR m. Mary KINGMr. FOX & Mrs. BARRY
Jan 14, 1816[Jon? or Con? or Lon?] FITZGIBBONS m. Mary SULLIVANEDavid MEEHAN, W(m) FENNELL, Mary CAIN & Mary [BINCHEY?]
Jan [day illegible], 1816 John LAWLOR m. Mary KINGMr. FOX & Mrs. BARRY
Jan 16, 1816John DALY m. Mary NEIGLEMr. & Mrs. NEIGLE & Elenor KENNEDY
Jan 25, 1816Jeremiah PUMPHRY m. Bridget BARRYJohn HEARN & Anastasia KENNEDY
Jan 30, 1816Michael FURLONG m. Mary WALSHJohn WALSH & Mary KENNEDY
Jan 30, 1816Patrick DUNFY m. Honora CONNELLMaurice CONNELL & Elizabeth HANRAHAN
Jan 31, 1816Bartholemew STAPLETON m. Elizabeth McCARTHYCalahan McCARTHY & Mary CONYDON
Feb 1, 1816John COSTELLO m. Mary DOYLE David COSTELLO & Elizabeth CONNELL
Feb 1, 1916Edward HINES m. Mary DELANYMartin POWER & Miss MOORS
Feb 4, 1816James SCULLY m. Marg(t) HICKEYW(m) HICKEY & Bridget LINES
Feb 7, 1816Thomas HARTRY m. Mary POWERJohn & Mrs. [MURRAY?]
Feb 11, 1816John McGRATH m. Allice BUTTINMr. McGRATH & Cath: THOMPSON
Feb 18, 1816Edward WALSH m. Mary BROPHYPatrick POWER, James DOYLE & Elenor DENAHY
Feb 19, 1816Mathew PENNY m. Hanaugh NOWLANMathew WOODFORD & Mrs. WOODFORD
Feb 26, 1816Patrick MEANY m. Allice HANRAHANPhilip MEANY & Mary HANRAHAN
Feb 26, 1816Robert FLANAGAN m. Mary COOKMrs. COOK, Robert & Mrs. WALSH.
Feb 27, 1816Daniel HOGAN m. Jean HAMMILTONTimothy HOGAN & Elenor HAMMILTON
Feb 27, 1816Walter WALSH m. Mary CAHILLPatrick MEANY, Patrick CAHILL & Mrs. DUNFY
Apr 14, 1816Edward LAHEE m. Cathrine LOCUIERTimothy COLEMAN & Mary CONEY
Apr 16, 1816William WHELAN m. Elenor WHELANMr & Mrs. CORBAN, Mr. FARRELL & Mrs. FOSTER
Apr 29, 1816John NORRIS m. Mary GEARYJames KELLY & Ellen COTTER
May 2, 1816Patrick DOODY m. Hanaugh GODFREYMicheal GODFREY & Mrs. NOONAN
May 12, 1816Timothy HEARNE m. Cathrine [DEVERE?]William HICKY & Mrs. REAGAN
May 29, 1816James WALSH m. Elenor HARTRYJames FOGARTRY & John WALSH
May 30, 1816Thomas BUTLER m. Judith HENESYEdmund BUTLER & Martin HENESY
June 10, 1816[Thearn LANNAN?] m. Charlotte WOODFORDMichael WOODFORD & Grace WOODFORD
June 11, 1816Micheal GRIFFIN m. Mary CONEYEdmund BRODRICK & Margret POWER
July 1, 1816William THORN m. Marian KANEThomas KANE & Mrs. QUINLAN
July 25, 1816John DUNN m. Ally COLLENSPeter CARREL & Mary GAUL
Aug 12, 1816John PHEALAN m. Hanaugh [CRISTE?]William DUGGEN & Cathrine PHEALAN
Aug 12, 1816John FORASTEL m. Ann MULRONEYEdmund [DOOTEN?] & Mrs. MULRONEY
Aug 25, 1816Thomas FARREL m. Mary LEARYRichard HIDEN & Ann BARREN
Aug 25, 1816Thomas FARRIL m. Mary GEARYRich(d) HEADEN & Annestas BRENNAN

Note: I believe the two entries above are the same marriage, but recorded twice.
Sept 14, 1816Thomas RYAN m. Eliz(th) BRIENHen(y) SHEA & Marg(th) MURRY
Oct 9, 1816Edward ENGLISH m. Margret PENDERGASTEdward ENGLISH & Mary MURPHY
Oct 10, 1816Pat KING m. Cathrine MURREYThomas DELANEY & Daniel KING
Oct 27, 1816John DOMPHY m. Ellen MURREYJohn McGRATH & Johana MURRY
Oct 29,1816 Laurence KENNY m. Mary MOREAW(m) MOREA & Honor DUNFEY
Oct 31, 1816James WALL m. Mary BRENNANMartin WALSH & Mary CANE
Nov 3, 1816Jn(o) MADDIGAN to Honor HICKEYDan(l) CAREY & Cat(hn) [LEARN?]
Nov 3, 1816Peter SOLIVAN m. Mary CHEEVERSJn(o) FARRIL & Patience FARRIL
Nov 3, 1816William MOORES m. Bridget MACKYPatrick COLEMAN & Corra BEESON
Nov 7, 1816Patrick WALL m. Judith MURPHYTho(s) PENDERGAST & David FRISBY
Nov 7, 1816James BENNET m. Jane BEESONRoger BARRAT & Cathrine BEESON
Nov 7, 1816John KELLY m. Elizabeth BARRETJas WALL & Cora WALL
Nov 7, 1816Richard POWER m. Cora BEESONPatrick DUNN & Margret KERWICK
Nov 9, 1816John MANSFIELD m. Ellen BRYANCharles GUSHUE & Mrs. GUSHUE
Nov 12, 1816Patrick CARROL m. Mary RYANRobert CONNOL & Margret RYAN
Nov 14, 1816Pat(k) RYAN to Honor SHEHANDarby CURRIN & Alice OATES
Nov 18, 1816James GEARY m. Cath(n) MADDOCKW(m) DOOLEY & Cath(r) NADDY
Nov 19, 1816Thomas [STICHINGHAM?] m. Jane POWERMorgan MOORE & Charlotte KEATING
Nov 29, 1816Thomas OATS m. Cathrine SHEAGerimiah GOOBY & Ellen GOOBY
Dec 4, 1816Tho(s) SHEA m. Mary QUINDLANTho(s) DELANEY & Mary GRANT
Dec 10, 1816James O DONNEL m. Ann LYNCHLaurence CHORUS & Ellen CRAWLEY
Dec 25, 1816James KENT m. Judy KELLYJohn KENT & Catherine POOR
Jan 1, 1817Roger BARRET m. Jane WITCHGeorge WITCH & [Shusanna?] BARRET
Jan 3, 1817John LINAHEN m. Cathrine MURPHYJames KANE & Mary GLAVEEN
Jan 16, 1817Micheal SHEA m. Johanna MULLOWNEYThomas MORICY & Catherine STRAP
Jan 20, 1817Bartholonew DRISCOL m. Bridget MAHERMicheal DEALY & Margret BARREN
Jan 28,1817 John MEANY m. Mary KENNEDYJames KENNEDY, Mary KENNEDY, Denis DUNN, Margret MAGEE
Feb 9, 1817Brian CAVANAUGH m. Mary [ASPER?]John CAVANAUGH & Margaret KAVANAUGH.
Feb 11, 1817Pat(k) DUN m. Francis COVYDUCKJohn DUNN & Margerth [COVYDOUGH?]
Feb 13, 1817John MURPHEY m. Ellen SHEAJames [JOHN?] & Briget LYONS
Feb 13, 1817Nicholas FURLONG m. Cathrine RYANJames GAUTON & Ann NOWLAN
Feb 18, 1817Math: HOGAN m. Mary BRIENJn(o) FOLEY & Cath FOLEY
Feb 18, 1817Martin CASEY m. Briget BRIENPat(k) POWER & Mary WALSH
Feb 18, 1817David LAWLER m. Briget DALTONPat(k) CONAWAY & Elisabeth DALTON
Mar 4, 1817James WEAD m. Ally SHEAGeorge SOOLIVAN & Elizabeth CONNELL
Apr 26, 1817Richard HOGAN m. Cathrine HUSSEYJames HOGAN & Bridget HUSSEY
May 4, 1817John COTTER m. Mary QUIRKJames COTTER & Margaret KELLY
May 11, 1817John MURPHY m. Margaret HOWLETJohn COTTER & Margaret KELLY
May 26, 1817Micheal KNOX m. Mary GAULJames WALSH & Mary FURLONG
June 10, 1817Martin DOYLE m. Mary McCARTYDavid LAWLAR & Mary FLEMMING
June 11, 1817Patrick BRYAN m. Mary COOKEMartin WALSH & Cathrine SUTTON
June 15, 1817Andrew DRYSDALE m. Mary PENDERGASTJames FOX & Ellen LUMBERT
Aug 1, 1817Thomas DOYLE m. Margaret [FREHY?]James FOGERTY & Margaret QUINLAN
Sept 23, 1817James COLEBERT m. Mary MURPHYJoseph MURPHY & Ellen FOLEY
Sept 27, 1817Thomas WALSH m. Cath(n) DOYLEPat(k) MAGHER & Ellen CROWLEY
Oct 2, 1817Dan(l) MACCARTY m. Ellen KEHOEMarg(th) [LEANDLON?] & Honnor DUNFEY
Oct 11,1817 James HACKET m. Margaret KENNEDYDoctor SHEA & Mrs. KENNEDY
Oct 13, 1817Patrick STRAP m. Alley DEADYHenry SHEA & Mrs. KENNEDY
Oct 16, 1817Jn(o) BRANSFIELD m. Grace ROSEJn(o) MURPHY & Mary SIMS
Oct 18, 1817Mich(l) WALSH m. Serra WALLW(m) DRISCAL & Ellen WALL
Oct 20, 1817William MURPHY m. Mary SHORTHILLPatrick MULLOWNEY & Mary PHEALAN
Oct 21, 1817Tho(s) CEARNEY m. Mary HICKYJa(s) DELANEY & Mary MULLONE
Oct 22, 1817Dennis CARROL m. Cath(n) DUNNPat(k) HINGEY & Mrs. DUNN
Nov 6, 1817Morris WALSH m. Marg(th) DRISCALEllen CROWLY & Marg(th) SCANDLAN
Nov 12, 1817Jn(o) QUILTY m. Cath(n) POWERTho(s) BRIEN & Briget HUNT
Nov 12, 1817Joseph PENNELL m. Margaret KEHOEThos KELLY & Mary DOYLE
Nov 14, 1817Philip HACO m. Judith WALSHJames CUNNINGHAM & Ellen CRAWLY
Nov 14, 1817Ja(s) COLE m. Mary SHEAJames SHEAN & Ellen BRIAN
Nov 18, 1817Pat(k) SHEA m. Ellen FOGARTYMoran FARRIL & Jn(o) MURPHY
Nov 19, 1817W(m) HAW m. Ann DAUTONJn(o) MURPHY & Marg(th) PHELAN
Nov 21, 1817Tho(s) HURLY m. Mary DRISCALJames BURNETT & Mary MURPHY
Nov 23, 1817Sam(l) DOLLAN m. Mary MURRYJn(o) DEMPTER & Joanna SHURLEY
Nov 30, 1817Micheal DOYLE m. Mary DOOLEYW(m) HARNET & Mary FOWLER
Dec 4, 1817Martin WALSH m. Briget HUNTW(m) STONE & Marg BRIEN
Dec 9, 1817Philip MEANEY m. Marg(th) HEARLYJohn HARNEY & Johann CAHIL
Dec 27, 1817Samuel [GANEY?] m. Mary BROFEYW(m) MURPHY & Ann HERRON
Jan 7, 1818Edward KENNEDY m. Ann GELASBYW(m). GLEASBY & Jane KENNEDY
Jan 9, 1818John KING m. Ellen MURRY[blank] DRIVER & Ann FITZGERALD
Jan --, 1818Terrence KENNEDY m. Jane KENNYJohn McCARTY & Ann [SCHAVE? or SCHANE?]
Apr 2, 1818Tho(s) RYAN m. Elizabeth [TUBERET?]Tho(s) TUBERET & Ellen RYAN
Apr 9, 1818Patrick DOWER m. Mary MOOREMary KERRICEY & Margereth SCANDLEN
Apr 9, 1818Tho(s) KINSELOE m. Cathrine HEALYJn(o) HEALY & Elizabeth MOORES
Apr 19, 1818James HEARNE m. Mary TREASYEdmund BURKE & Cathrine PLOWMAN
Apr 20, 1818James FORD m. Elizabeth McDONNALDEdward PHEALAN & Elizabeth COLE
Apr 20, 1818John DUNFEY m. Elizabeth HEARNEJohn ROGERS & Cathrine PHEALAN
Apr 22, 1818Laurence HARTERY m. Lucretia DENNINGJames BURNET & Margereth SCANDLIN
May 4, 1818Bartholewew CORBET m. Elizabeth WELLSPatrick BYRNE & Mary CORBET
June 5, 1818John CAVENOUGH m. Mary MURPHYJohn WALSH & Cath(n) NARY
June 8, 1818Jn(o) BARRY m. Ann NOWLANMath DUNFEY & Marg(th) CURRIN
Oct 15, 1818William COSTICAN m. Elizabeth CONNELLHenry SHEA & Cathrine MAHONEY
Oct 16, 1818Jn(o) STAFFORD m. Elizabeth ENGLISHJohn ENGLISH & Mary ENGLISH
Oct 16, 1818Thomas ENGLISH m. Elizabeth PENDERGASTEdward ENGLISH & Mrs. MURPY
Oct 18, 1818Pat [LARNECY?] m. Diania GRIFFENTimothy GRIFFEN & Elizabeth LYNES
Oct 19, 1818Patrick [PINUKEN?] m. Mary BROADBERRYJohn WHELAN & [Miss?] SHEA
Oct 21, 1818James [DWIRE or DEVINE?] to Mary HACOPeter RYAN & Mary DOYLE
Oct 26, 1818Roger TOOLE m. Johanna WALSHJames BARRY & Ann MAHONEY
Oct 30, 1818Dan(l) MACCARTY m. Briget NOWLANJn(o) DEADY & Mary HURLEY
Nov 7, 1818Michael AIDE m. Anne GORDENWilliam RICHERDSON & John FOGERTY
Nov 11, 1818Michael CONNERS m. Elizabath HARTRYJeremiah HEARTRY & Timothy MURPHY
Nov 17, 1818Rich(d) PURCEL m. Mary ROBERTSJohn LYNCH & Ellinor SULLIVAN
Nov 19, 1818John CUSTOLO m. Margret KERBYJames MAHONEY & Patt CUSTOLO
Nov 24, 1818Tho(s) MURPHY m. Ellen MURPHYPatt MACCAN & Cath STRAP
Nov 28, 1818Thomas ADAMS m. Ellen DOYLEPat(k) BRIEN & Elisebeth BROWN
Dec 4, 1818Mich(l) FORASTEL m. Honor MURPHYAntony MURPHY & Judith [MULRUNY?]
Dec 9, 1818John GAHAN m. Judith CONAWAYPat(k) DUNN & Mary HUNT
Dec 12, 1818James [QUONEY? or IVONEY?] m. Honor MACCARTYW(m) ENNETT & Briget LYONS
Jan 2, 1819William STACK m. Catherine MARREYJohn STACK & Elizabeth CONNELL
Jan 6, 1819William HAWKCO m. Margaret SHORTELLHumphry CRAWLY & Matty HAWKCO
Jan 11, 1819John HICKEY m. Mary SOLIVANMichael HICKEY & Judith WALSH
Jan 25, 1819Phillip FAHEY m. Mary DUNJohn DUN & Ann PHELAN
Jan 30, 1819John MURPHY m. Joanna CHURLEY[no witnesses recorded]
Jan 31, 1819Fredrick KENNY m. Mary ELWORTHMich(l) SHEA & Mary [GIFFENS?]
Jan 31, 1819Pat(k) FLAHERTY m. Nelley SULLIVANJohn HARINGTON & Sally SULLIVAN
Feb 2, 1819Felix McCARTY m. Marg(th) COUGHLINCallanan McCARTY & Jane NAIL
Feb 10, 1819Patrick BRENAN m. Mary NORRISMorris PHILFRICK & Anne JANE
Feb 17, 1819Mich KELLY m. Mary NERRONJames PENDERGAST & Ann NAIL
Feb 23, 1819James BROMOND m. Elenor HAMMILTONJohn HAMMILTON & Margaret HAMMILTON
Mar 24, 1819John BAB m. Bridget GRANT[Rob(t)?] BRENAN & Kelly WALSH
Apr 21, 1819Michael FITZGERALD m. Catharine NADDYMichael GRACE & Mary DUGGAN
May 1, 1819John HAMILTON m. Ann DONNEVANMich HENNICY, Joseph COLLERS & [Margert?] HAMILTON
May 2, 1819William DOOLEY m. Elizabeth MINANelan MICHINAN & Mary ENGLISH
May 4, 1819Dennis MAGGENLY m. Mary BUTTENWilliam HOGAN & Mary OLIVER
May 9, 1819Tho(s) HENNICY m. Margereth O'BRIENMich(l) [CARRE?] & Briget CASEY
May 17, 1819Marten [COWEN?] m. Anna MACKY[Richard?] MAGUIRE & Mary SMITHEY
May 17, 1819Jam(e) COADY m. Ansty LAWLESSJo(n) RYAN & Peggy HEALY
May 23, 1819Will(m) HEGARTY m. Mary GAULRich(d) CUSTEEN & Peggy [SCAULAULER?]
May 26, 1819William WALSH m. Elizebath WILLIAMSCatharine REARSON & Rebecca CONDON
May 30, 1819Rich(d) LAWLES m. Ann FITZGERALDJn(o) PHELAN & Briget DELANEY
June 3, 1819William [LECER?] m. Ann SHERINJames [DOYLE?] & Ann COLLE
June 21, 1819Patrick MASON m. Betty NOLANJohn KENNEDY & Mary WOODFORD
Aug 29, 1819John MADE m. Honora WALSHPierce PHELAN & Margaret COKELY
Sept 4, 1819Mark McDANNIEL m. Mary CODYJames CODY & Margaret GORMAN
Oct 3, 1819Michael ASPIL m. Mary RIORDANWalter WHELAN & Winford DOOLING
Oct 4, 1819Jn(o) HANDLINTS m. Mary RYANEd(nd) PENDERGAST & Mary MASON
Oct 4, 1819Patrick NEIL m. Margaret DELENYJohn McGRATH & Mary DAULTEN
Oct 5, 1819John GRIFFIN m. Mary FOLEYJohn MADICK & Mary COTTER
Oct 23, 1819John DUNN m. Fanne JANEPat(k) DUNN & Charlot KING
Oct 25, 1819Micheal DELANEY of the Parish of Carrick Co. Tiperary m. Kelly DANNIEL Same placeJames BUCKET & John BUCKET
Oct 29, 1819Patrick DOYLE m. Mary SCANDLONThomas RYAN & Sera WALL
Oct 29, 1819William HARDEN m. Mary MADDENEdmond FEWER & Mary KENNEDY
Nov 9, 1819Mich(l) POWER m. Aice PHELANPat(k) KEYS & Mary DRISCOL
Nov 9, 1819W(m) HURLY m. [Jane?] SHEPARDJames HATCHER & Ann SOLIVAN
Nov 17, 1819Rich(d) BRIT m. Mary KELLYNich(s) BOW & Alice CONDON
Nov 20, 1819Hen(y) LANE m. Mary FOWLEREd(m) HEART & Magereth FOWLER
Nov 20, 1819Nicholas BARRELL m. Jane [FAWLER? or HAWLER?]John HAWLEN & Honer HOLLEHAN
Nov 23, 1819John FITZPATRICK m. Briget LEHEYTho(s) MULOLONE & Mary HOGAN
Nov 25, 1819W(m) COTTER m. Briget KENNEDYFrancis EGINTON & Mary KENNEDY
Nov 27, 1819Pat(k) WALSH m. Elisb(h) MAHONEYPhil(p) MULCHAY & Cath(n) MAGRATH
Nov 30, 1819Tho(s) NOLAN m. Mary MULLOWNEYMich(l) KEEFF & Cathrine [PELEY?]
Nov 30, 1819James HERRON m. Alice JONESW(m) KEATON & Ellen JONES
Nov 30, 1819Michael POWER m. Margaret CAHELLRichard HARDEN & Mary KAHILL
Dec 26, 1819Richard ENGLISH m. Mary BOLANThomas ENGLISH & Mary ENGLISH
Jan 6, 1820James DELANEY m. Mary COMMINSRich CALLINAN & Francis [EUFRID?]
Jan 6, 1820Edmond DWYRE m. Elizabath McCARTHYElenor KENNEDY & William KEHOE
Jan 8, 1820Francis LYNCH m. Briget LYONSJn(o) FOLEY & Mary MACDONAL
Feb 1, 1820John KEHOE m. Magdalen TREASYJohn DOYLE & Philis KEHOE
Feb 15, 1820Patrick TROY m. Christiana DOYLEMich(l) MURPHY & Alice CONDON
Apr 9, 1820W(m) DUGGUN m. Mary POWERPat(k) POWER & James BROTHERS
May 6, 1820Thomas BURK m. Briget McNAMARRAJn(o) LYNCH & Cath(n) DALTON
May 14, 1820William CALEHAN m. Catharine WALSHElenor NOX & John DUGGAN
May 30, 1820Tho(s) WALSH m. Margeth HAYSMartin CASEY & Anestas MARA
June 3, 1820William KEHOE m. Mary CONNERSFelix McCARTHY & Elenor KENNEDY
June 8, 1820Mich JOY m. Briget MAGEEJames POWER & Jn(o) GUNNET
June 27, 1820Michael [MERFNAHAN?] m. Dorkis HAWILTimothy MURPHY & Cath(e) ENGLISH
Aug 1, 1820Daniel HOLLON m. Mary RICHARDJohn RURK & Mary MACDONALD
Sept 17, 1820Thomas NEIL m. Mary JANEMaurice TROY & Mary COTTER
Sept 17, 1820James KEHOE m. Mary HANGANDennis NOONEN & Mary COTTER
Sept 18, 1820Mich(l) FLEMING m. Letice BLUNDENRich(d) MACKEY & Elenor DOODY
Sept 19, 1820Laurence KEYES m. Susana [EDAN?]Rich(d) MACKEY & Elenor DOODY
Sept 21, 1820Edmond MOORS m. Ann DUFFITThomas NOONAN & Mary DAULTEN
Sept 33 [sic], 1820John McCARTHY m. Mary DAUTENRich(d) MACKEY & Elenor DOODY
Sept 26, 1820Maurice KENNEFICK m. Mary NORRISJohn COLLINS & Elenor REGAN
Sept 27, 1820Cornelius DONNEVON m. Mary HAYSLary BRNE & Mary MAHONEY
Sept 27, 1820Mich(l) POWER m. Sera SOLIVANTho(s) MacCARTY & Mary MAHONEY
Sept 28, 1820David MURPHY m. Elenor GLAVEENWilli(m) BRAUDRICK & Honor MURPHY
Oct 1, 1820Patr HENREHIK m. Jane BUTLERJohn KEFFE & Mary BUTLER
Oct 7, 1820Jam(s) WOODFORD m. Mary [HAHY? or FAHY?]Mathew & Ann WOODFORD
Oct 11, 1820Pat(k) POWER m. Mary LYNCHJames SHERIN & Ellen JONES
Oct 12, 1820James DOYLE m. Elenor POWERWilliam DALTON & Elenor KENNEDY
Oct 17, 1820Patrick MURPHY m. Elenor REDMONDJohn POWER & Margaret SCANLAN
Oct [25?], 1820Morgan MORRICY m. Mary DELEHUNTYEdmond FONNELY & Mary KINSELA
Oct 29, 1820Felix McCARTHY m. Elenor CANDLERJohn McCARTHY & Ann SKEAN
Nov 2, 1820James HOGAN m. Margaret FOLEYWilliam DUGGAN & Catharine ENGLISH
Nov 5, 1820William MULEAHY m. Mary JONESPhilip MUCAHEY & Mary CONDON
Nov 6, 1820Mich(l) [HEPNE?] m. Peggy FLAHERTYRob(t) [ROCKETT?] & Margareth MURPHY
Nov 10, 1820W(m) DEA m. Mary Ann DURRELW(m) PENNY & Ann [ODLE?]
Nov 11, 1820David KEEFE m. Mary COUNEYJam(s) JOY & Nelly KNOX
Nov 12, 1820John SHERIDON m. Nancy POWERJam(s) POWER & Anne McGREATH
Nov 20, 1820Tho(s) DELLANEY m. Mary KINGWalter PHELAN & Peggy DUNN
Nov 22, 1820Dennis MANGAN m. Mary [HEAGESLY?]Ned MELLANE & Ellen CLEARY
Nov 23, 1820Mich(l) WHITE m. Charlot BUTTMick GEARE & Ellenor KENNEDY
Nov 24, 1820Peter HARVEY m. Hargret HANLONJoseph HANLON & Ellen CROWLEY
Nov 25, 1820Mick GARE m. Mary AUSTINWill(m) RIORDAN & Elizabeth KELLAWAY
Nov 26, 1820George FLAHERTY m. Catharine FLEMMINGMartin FLEMMING & Jane GODFREE
Nov 27, 1820Will(m) GILLASBY m. Mary KINGFelix McCARTHY & Ellinor McCARTHY
Nov 27, 1820James [CALOCGHAN?] m. Briget FLAHERTYEd(m) POWER & Ellen FITZGERALD
Nov 30, 1820John DORAN m. Peggy CEVERINJam(s) FOX & Peggy SCANLON
Dec 28, 1820W(m) KENNEDY m. Ellen KENNEDYJohn CLARK & Julian KENNEDY
Dec 28, 1820Rich WALSH m. Elisabeth WALSHJames DOYLE & Mary WALSH
Jan 1, 1821Oliver GRACE m. Mary MEASONJeremiah KENNEDY & Mary SCIVIER
Jan 5, 1821W(m) DELANY m. Elisebeth SNOWRich(d) TROY & Rebecca SNOW
Jan 7, 1821Joseph WELLS m. Ellen FLYNNW(m) FLYNN & Mary FLYNN
Jan 7, 1821Edmond HART m. Jane LANEDaniel BRINE & Honor HALLEHAN
Jan 8, 1821Tho(s) KELLY m. Mary RONANTho(s) CODY & Mary MADDOCK
Jan 24, 1821John MURPHY m. Bridget PHELANPat(k) BUTLER & Nancy PHELAN
Jan 27, 1821James SKANE m. Alice LYONSJohn SKANE & Mary SKANE
Feb 1, 1821Tho(s) FITZPATRICK m. Elisebeth CAHILW(m) DUGGUN & [Christian?] ENGLISH
Feb 13, 1821Laurence SHEEHAN m. Julia HALLARANJam(e) MAHONE & Bridg(t) HOLLARAN
Feb 21, 1821James DOYLE m. Elizabeth KELLYWalter PHELAN & Peggy DUNN
Feb 22, 1821Pat(k) LEARY m. Peggy POWERRich(d) SHEA & Bridget KENNEDY
Feb 22, 1821Patt HANREHAN & Janna CAHELLPatrick CAHALL & Mary KEEFFE
Feb 26, 1821John [FURRIS?] m. Ellen CONDONMary CONDON & Patrick BYRN
Mar 4, 1821John Shea SHEA [sic] m. Ellen [GAWIN?]John HANREAHAN & Mary CANTY
Mar 5, 1821Cornelius FOGARTY m. Cathrin FOLEYJames MERCH & Mary DALTON
Mar 6, 1821Peirce WALSH m. Mary KENNEDYThomas CODY & Mary DOYLE
Mar 6, 1821Michael FLYNN m. Peggy BOWEDan(l) DUNIVAN & Ellen JONES
Mar 6, 1821John HALEY m. Maria KELLYPat(k) BRIEN & Bridget FLAHERTY
Mar 6, 1821John BRENAN m. Ellenor SULLIVANJam(s) SULLIVAN & Ellenor LYNCH
May 10, 1821Patrick ROARK m. Mary MADDOXJames NAIL & Briget POWER
May 10, 1821Tim(y) MULCAHEY m. Mary RICHARDAntony MOOR & Julian HURLEY
May 13, 1821William HARNETT m. Peggy HAMILTONTho(s) LEE & Margret HEALY
May 13, 1821John BURN m. Elenor WALLPeter BURN & Ann WALL
May 21, 1821Mich(l) CONNOR m. Anastatia ASPELLMargaret PHELAN & Walter PHELAN
May 29, 1821Thomas LEE m. Mary DRISCOLLDaniel CONNORS & Mary McKEE
May 30, 1821Mich(l) SHERIN m. Julia HURLYMathew HURLY & Cather(n) ENGLISH
May 31, 1821Mathew DOOLING m. [Sue K ?] FOSTERJam(s) FITZGIBBON & Ann FITZGIBBON
June 10, 1821Tho(s) RYAN m. Joanna PHELANJame SKEAN & Ann SKEAN
June 14, 1821Henry KING m. Julia COTTERSamuel KING & Elenor GEARY
July 22, 1821Edward RYLEY m. Anasstasia FINNThomas WHITE & Susanna FOWLER
[Aug?] 17, 1821Patt RUSSELL m. Susan BURNThomas MELONE & Jane GOLAHOE
Aug 23, 1821Rich(d) MORRICY m. Ellen MORRICYEllen CROWLEY & Rich(d) FITZGERALD
[Aug?] 29, 1821John QUILTY m. Jane GOLAHAREdmond POWER & Elizabeth GOLLEHAR
Nov 8, 1821Michael KEHOE m. Elenor HENABURRYMicch(l) SENNOTT & Mary KINSELLA
Nov 17, 1821Peter EZEKIEL m. Catharine WOODFORDThomas EZEKIEL & Mary GORMIN
Nov 18, 1821John LEARY m. Margaret HEDDERSONJames LEARY & Joanna BARTLER
Nov 18, 1821John McCUE m. Joanna BARTLERJames LEARY & Margaret HEDERSON
Nov 18, 1821Daniel DUNLEY m. Judy MURPHYThomas CONLY & Elizabeth [CELLOORES?]
Nov 19, 1821John MURPHY m. Joanna GORMINJohn GORMIN & Mary GORMIN
Nov 19, 1821Thomas WALL m. Joanna FURYJohn GORMIN & Mary GORMIN
Nov 19, 1821Thomas GORMIN m. Margaret GORMINJohn GORMIN & Mary GORMIN
Nov 19, 1821Mich(l) BRODRICK m. Briget HOGANTim(y) TOOL & Eliz(th) KIDNEY
Nov 21, 1821Edmond MURPHY m. Mary DOBBINSThomas WALL & Elizabeth MURPHY
Nov 25, 1821Owen HAMMILTON m. Margaret HEALYJohn HAMMILTON & Margarth HAMMILTON
Nov 27, 1821Thomas TOBIN m. Elizabeth DANNELLPatr [LINAN?] & Catharine GAMMON
Nov 29, 1821Bartte MACCARTY m. Ann COSHJohn BOWLIN & Mary BUTLER.
Dec 9, 1821Edward POWER m. Catharine JANEJohn QUILTY & Elizabeth JANE
Dec 14, 1821Patrick FINN m. Elenor FITZGERALDThomas BUTLER & Mary BUTLER
Dec 17, 1821Mich(l) SHEA m. Reachell SNOWPerce POWER & Julian HURLY
Dec 21, 1821Jo(n) CUSTULLO m. Mary DEADYCharles GUSHUE & Elizabeth WALSH
Dec 27, 1821Jo(n) POWER m. Mary DALTONJam(s) WADE & Mary MACKEY
Jan 23, 1822Maurice FITZGERALD m. Elizabeth DALTONJames FAHY & Jane WHITEAWAY
Feb 10, 1822Pat(k) FAHEY m. Sera MULLOY W(m) STERLING & Mrs. STERLING
May 10, 1822Edmond LAVERS m. Elizab(th) DRISKELJohn & Margret ROCHE
May 11, 1822Brine MURPHY m. Catharine HEARNGeorge KEARY & Joannah PHELAN
May 12, 1822John RYAN m. Mary WALLTimothy SOLIVAN & Catharine KEATING
May 12, 1822John JOY m. Jane PENNYJohn KENNEDY & Eliza PENNY
May 15, 1822Patrik TOBIN m. Ann FOLEYAndew HEALY & Ann WIAT
May 16, 1822Edward DWYER m. Mary SWENYPatt(k) CALLAHAN & Cath(n) MURPHY
May 16, 1822George SYMMS m. Peggy ODELJohn ROCHE & Catharine KENNEDY
May 30, 1822Thomas MARKS m. Ellen KENNEDYJohn FITZGERALD, Patrick E. MULLOY & Julia TAYLOR
Nov 24, 1822William KENT m. Mary KENNEDYJohn KENT & Mary KENT
Nov 27, 1823Thomas KEEFE m. Mary KENNEDYHenry SHEA & Eleanor FURLONG
Jan 20, 1824Richard BABBE m. Bridget KENNEDYWilliam BABBE & Catherine KENNEDY
Dec 28, 1824William FLYNN m. Anne KENNEDYStephen CLARKE & Mary FLYNN
Jan 11, 1827Roger KENNEDY m. Bridget WALSHMoses LEWIS & Mary KENNEDY
Mar 22, 1827Michael CULLEN m. Mary KENNYRichard CONNELL & Margaret GUSHUE
Dec 16, 1827David KENNY m. Margaret WALSHJames WADE & Elinor CASSNELL
Jan 13, 1828Lorensa MOORE m. Catherien KENNEDYJohn MEANY & Catherine CULLEN
Jan 20, 1828William BRANSCOMBE m. Margaret KENNEDYLorensa MOORE & Thomas MARKS
May 4, 1828Elias LEWIS m. Mary KENNEDYWilliam MULLONEY & Elizabeth LEWIS
Sep 9, 1828Thomas KENNEDY m. Mary COLLINSFrancis CAMPS & (------) FITZGERALD
Nov 29, 1828John KENNEDY m. Mary KENNEDYNicholas KENNEDY & Sophia SCOTT
Oct 2, 1828Michael KEEFFE m. Catherine CORBETTPatrick KEEFFE & Margaret DUNN
Nov 9, 1828Laurence KEEFE m. Rebecca CONDONJames POWER & Richard CONDON
[Dec?] 6, 1828Moses LEWIS m. Anastasia WOODFORDRichard CONNELL & Elizabeth JOYE
[Dec?] 27, 1828William FLYNN m. Ann SULLIVANRichard CONNELL & John SHEA
Jan 10, 1829John HICKEY m. Julia GELASPYPeter MARTIN & Catherine HICKEY
Feb 17, 1829James FITZPATRICK m. Lucinda KEARLEYRichard NEIL & Eleanor RUSSELL
Feb 21, 1829John MCGRATH m. Mary SMARTJohn HICKEY & Julia HICKEY
Mar 17, 1829John HICKEY m. Margaret MURPHYRichard CONNELL & Catherine MYERS
May 22, 1829Patrick DOOLEY m. Bridget KEEFJohn DOOLEY & Mary Ann WALSH
May 27, 1829Michael FLYNN m. Catherine FLEMMINGThomas MERRIGAN & Richard REDMOND
Nov 15, 1829Michael KEEFFE m. Johanna CALLAGHANMaurice FITZGERALD & Johanna DRISCOLL
Dec 3, 1829Edmund KEEFFE m. Mary DALY alias NAGLEGarrett CONDON & Mary KEEFFE
Nov 11, 1829William DOYLE m. Sarah SNELGROVEJames DOYLE & James MEANY
Nov 18, 1829Patrick FLYNN m. Mary GRIFFINMoses MURPHY & Edmond FLYNN
Dec 29, 1829Philip HUNT m. Eliza FITZGERALDEdmund HANRAHAN & Anne FITZGERALD
Jun 5, 1829Isac BARANS m. Margaret KENNEDYJames KENNEDY & Bridget KENNEDY
Dec 6, 1829John KENNEDY m. Elinor WALSHPhilip LEWIS & Mary WELSH
Dec 7, 1829John KENNEDY m. Jane GORMANJerry KENNEDY & Ann GORMAN
Oct 10, 1830John FLYNN m. Martha CRITCHPatrick KEEFFE & Elizabeth KEEFFE
Oct 19, 1830Michael CONNORS m. Mary CORBETTTimothy KENNEDY & Barbara DALTON
Nov 14, 1830Patrick KEEFFE m. Alicia POWERDaniel CRANE & Mary MURPHY
Nov 25, 1830John FITZGERALD m. Bridget FOGARTYAndrew FAHY & Elizabeth FAHY
Nov 25, 1830Nicholas KENNEDY m. Mary CLEARYJoseph KENNEDY & Elizabeth KENNEDY
Jan 18, 1831John NEIL m. Bridget CONNORSMaurice LEEHY & Margaret FINNERTY
May 10, 1831Edward KEEF m. Briget GRACELaurenc HEGAN & Anty CAVENOUGH
Nov 13, 1831Thomas HICKEY m. Anastasia SCANLANWilliam KEEFFE & Margaret NAGLE
Nov 21, 1831Maurice FLYNN m. Anastasia DWYERPatrick HANESY & Catherine ENGLISH
Nov 23, 1831John FLYNN m. Elizabeth DWYERStephen SCALLAN & Anne FLYNN
Dec 4, 1831Patrick HICKEY m. Mary HICKSWilliam JOY & Owen MCCARTY
Dec 5, 1831Thomas KEEF m. Mareneth COMMONSRichard DEALEY & Anety FITZPATRICK
Feb 8, 1831Nicholas KENNEDY m. Julia KENNEDYRichard GEARY & Julia McCARTHY
Jun 11, 1831Martin KENNEDY m. Bridget CURRANPatrick AYLWARD & Mary GUSHUE
Nov 3, 1831William CRABBE m. Mary KENNEDYAbraham DEANE & Catherine WINTERS
Nov 9, 1831Michael KENEDY m. Margaret HUCKISONDaniel RYAN & Norry KENEDY
Nov 18, 1831John CORCORAN m Mary KENNEDYJames McDONNELL & Rebecca McDONNELL
Apr 27, 1832William HICKEY m. Alicia KELLYMichael MILES & Mary KELLY
Sept 11, 1832Thomas NEIL m. Elenor NOONANJohn [MARRGAN?] & Mary NOONAN
Dec 13, 1832John FITZGERALD m. Elizabet Ann [GARLRAN?] **See Errata table belowJames HIPPERLY & Ann CAWLEY
June 3, 1833Luis KEEFE m. Elizabeth CHURCHJohn HINKS & Mary ROWAN
[Nov?] 21, 1833Jeramia NEIL m. Ann FRINCHRichard MACKY & Margaret DUMFY
Feb 16, 1834John GROVES m. Sera EGANJohn SWIFT & Edward POWER
May 11, 1834William O'CONNER m. Elin ALINCharles MCCARTY & Elin DWIER
Jan 25, 1835Moris FITZGERALD m. Johanna CONNERSJohn CONNERS & Catherine KELLY
Sep 30, 1835Patrick KEEFE m. Catherine WHELANWilliam MACKEY & Tho(s) KEEFE
Nov 15, 1835Nicholas FITZGERALD m. Margaret GEIGHANDaniel SULIVAN & Betsy BROWN
[Apr?] 27, 1836Hugh CONNERS m. Biddy CONNERSJohn FITZGERALD & Margaret WALLIS
Sep 4, 1836William O'NEIL m. Mary OLIVERJohn OLIVER & Mary O'NEIL
[Apr?] 31, 1837Tho(s) FITZGERALD m. Jean MCDONALD[Don BAIRE?] & Mary WALSH
May 17, 1837James FLINN m. Mary GODFREEThomas NEIL & Johanna NOONAN
Sep 2, 1837Patt KEEFE m. Anne HINGYJa(s) POWER & Margaret HINGY
Nov 23, 1837Maurice FITZGERALD m. Mary WALSHThomas [BONRAN?] & Margaret MCCARTY
Nov 30, 1837John FLINN m. Bridget COLLENSDaniel BRIEN & Marry KENNY
Dec [1?], 1837[James?] KEEFE m. Mary DALYGarret CONDIN & Elisebeth DALY
Nov 7, 1839John FITZGERALD m. Abby MORESYJohn DUNN & Bridget MADOCKS
Nov 27, 1839John FITZGERALD m. Cath(e) [JENNAR?]John FITZGERALD & [Collin?] MORARTY
Dec 28, 1839James FITZGERALD m. Catherine MORSEYMichael MCGUIRE & Johana [BALEN?]
Jan 12, 1840Thomas FITZGERALD m. Ellen POWERWilliam KEEFE & Mary POWER
[Jan?] 26, 1840John DUNPHY m. Luisa GORDANJohn CAHIL & Marg(t) CAHIL
May 27, 1840Cornelius NEIL m. Bridget MOCHERWilliam HOWLETH & Mary-ann MCDONALD
[May?] 4, 1840Peter KEEFE m. Mary KINEHANDenis RYAN & Catharine COSTAGAN
Feb 4, 1841Michael FITZGERALD m. [Reacher?] GREENJohn GREEN & Bridget GREEN
Nov 24, 1841Cha(s) GARLIN m. Ann CAGHLIN[illegible] & Jane CAGHLIN
Jan 21, 1842Timothy KEEFE m. Catherine WHITEMichael VORMAN & Mary WHITE
Oct 9, 1842Michael NEIL m. Marg(t) GREENPierce MAHER & Ann MURPHY
Jan 1, 1843Patrick HICKEY m. Ellen COONEYMich(l) STAPLETON & Marg(t) COONEY
Jan 15, 1843Michael FITZGERALD m. Joanna GEIHANMaurice KENNEDY & Mary WALSH
May 14, 1843Matt NEIL m. Marg(t) DONEVANWm HOWLET & Ellen DONEVAN
Nov 2, 1844Michael FITZGERALD m. Bridget MADDOCKMaurice KENNEDY & Anastasia WALSH
Nov 17, 1844James HICKEY m. Marg(t) COONEYJohn CODY & Catherine CODY
Nov 17, 1844John FITZGERALD m. Ellen [BURK?]Will(m) FITZGERALD & Cath(n) CALLEHAN
[Oct 31, 1844 or
Nov 21, 1844?]
John KEEFE m. Mary WALSHJohn CONDON & Margaret KEHOE
Jun 1, 1845William KEEFFE m. Susanna DEALYGarrett CONDON & Susanna INNOTT
Nov 30, [1845?]Rich(d) HICKEY m. Julia CODYJam(s) WALSH & Eliz(t) CODY

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
FITZGERALD/[GARLRAN?] The surname is GARLAND Judy Garland
Vincent Costigan m Johanna Kennedy is listed under 1811 which is correct and also under 1812 which is not correct. Judy Barker

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