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Conception Bay North Region ~ Harbour Grace District

Harbour Grace - Goughlan United Chrchyard Water Street

It was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY, November 1998. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.
Surname GivenName Transcription
Area to the right of the church:
MEECHJamesIn Memory of James MEECH who departed this life [Mar --?] 1872 Aged 35 Years. Erected by Orange Brethen.

PARSONSMaryIn Memory of Mary wife of William PARSONS who departed this life the 18th August 1858 aged 64 years.

PARSONSAnnIn Memory of Ann PARSONS who departed this life 13 Nov 1847.

PARSONSM?? JaneSacred to the Memory of [M---?] Jane PARSONS [illegible] Robert PARSONS who died April [9?] 1834 Aged [illegible].

THOMPSONHenryIn Memory of Henry THOMPSON M.D. a native of Hull, England who died Feb 2, 1868.

GORDONSusannahSacred to the Memory of Susannah Relict of the late Capt Wm GORDON who departed this life July 13, 1860 Aged 30 Years.

STEVENSONJessicaSacred to the Memory of Jessica STEVENSON daughter of John and Louisa STEVENSON [remainder illegible].

STEVENSON?Sacred to the Memory of [illegible] daughter of John and Louisa STEVENSON who departed this life the 8th day of June 1838 [or 1858?] Aged 5 Years [remainder illegible].

PIKELeviTo the Memory of Levi PIKE who departed this life the 27th day of April 1841 Aged 32 Years and 6 Months [more illegible]
PIKEJohn ThosAlso John Thos PIKE Son of Levi PIKE who departed this life the 8th day of June 1838 Aged 2 Years and 6 Months.

PIKEEdwardSacred to the Memory of Capt. Edward PIKE who departed this life on the 2nd April 1863 Aged 79 Years.

GORDONMary AnnSacred to the Memory of Mary Ann the beloved wife of Samuel GORDON who died 19 January 1871 [verse illegible].

BRADBURYElizabethSacred to the Memory of Elizabeth wife of Mr. Charles BRADBURY of Harbour Grace who departed this life in the full triumph of faith Dec 2nd 1835 [or 1885?] Aged 62 Years [verse mostly illegible].

MUNNDuncan In Memory of Capt Duncan MUNN who died at sea on the 21 June 1855 Aged 45 Years MUNN

DAVISThomasSacred to the Memory of Thomas DAVIS who departed this life on the 29th December 1842 Aged 25 Years [verse partially illegible].

PARSONSFrederickSacred to the Memory of Frederick PARSONS who departed this life March 26, 1871 Aged 66 Years [verse illegible].

DROVER?LouisaSacred to the Memory of Louisa beloved wife of James [possibly DROVER??] [remainder illegible].

??[Broken headstone - top portion missing]...who departed this life January 18[--?] Aged 54 [verse partially illegible].

HAYESMarySacred to the Memory of Mary HAYES who departed this life September 29, 1851 Aged 75 Years [verse illegible].

Area behind the church:
PETERSJosephErected in Memory of Father and Mother (Indulgent Affectionate) Joseph PETERS Stipendiary Magistrate of Harbor Grace who died 18th March 1872 Aged 81 Years.
PETERSEliza/ Eliza PETERS who died 18th February 1892 Aged 97 Years.

TUCKER?John FrederickIn Memory of John Frederick son of John & [illegible] [surname possibly TUCKER??] [remainder illegible].

MULBANYJamesTo the Memory of James MULBANY who departed this life April 19th 1885 [or 1865?] Aged [55?] Years.

Area to the left of the church:
PARSONSWilliamSacred to the Memory of William PARSONS who died March 14, 1862 Aged 56 Years & 6 Months.

PARSONSElizabethIn Memory of Elizabeth PARSONS beloved wife of S. T. PARSONS who departed this life Feby 2nd 1862 Aged 62 Years [verse illegible].

CURRIE??[Headstone broken in pieces on the ground - possible surname CURRIE??]

??[Broken stone entirely illegible].

PARSONSWilliam HenrySacred to the Memory of William Henry PARSONS Late Planter of this place who departed this life on the 28th March 1850 Aged 56 Years [verse mostly illegible].

NICHOLSAmelia Ann In Memory of Amelia Ann beloved wife of Nathaniel NICHOLS who departed this life Sept 13 A.D. 1869 Aged 54 Years [verse illegible].

SHARPJamesSacred to the Memory of James SHARP Native of Dunfermline Scotland who departed this life on the [23rd?] January 1842 Aged [30 or 50?] Years.

Name on HeadtstoneDescription of ErrorMy Name
SHARP The Harbour Grace Standard of Aug 14, 1908 had a transcription for the stone of James Sharp as follows: "Sacred to the memory of James Sharp, a native of Dumferline, Scotland, who died on the 25th of January, 1840, aged 50 years." Incidentally, he was the high-constable of Harbour Grace from 1832 to 1834. David Wells

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