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Conception Bay North Region ~ Harbour Grace District

Harbour Grace - Presbyterian Cemetery (Military Road)

Below is the complete listing of the Harbour Grace Presbyterian Cemetery on Military Road.

Headstone inscriptions were collected and compiled by BONNIE HICKEY, October - December 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Nichols, Thomas

McKay, Louise19211962

McKay, Carol19521962
daughter of Louise McKay
McKay, Baby

Munn, John5 Feb 180729 Sep 1879
born at Port Bannatyne, Bute; died at Southport, England; Forty-five years Merchant of [Harbour Grace]; erected by son William P. Munn.

Munn, William P.
12 Sep 188237 yrs

Duff, William 22 Jul 1842
71 yrs born in Bothkenna, Stirlingshire.
Duff, Mary Ann25 Nov 18466 Jan 192983 yrs Information: Born at Stranraer, Scotland. Died at Halifax, NS.

Moores, Silas W.19001962

Moores, Dorothy Duff19051989

Nutbeem, Christopher Moores27 Nov 195824 May 1983

Nutbeem, Robert William11 Jun 19277 Feb 1995


Stewart, Neil
7 Mar 189555 yrsborn at Rothsay, Scotland
Stewart, Mary
21 Apr 192778wife of Neil Stewart
Stewart, Robert Craig

died in infancy

Jillard, Lizzie
1 Jul 188159 yrserected by N & J Jillard in memory of their sister
Jillard, Nathaniel
18 Aug 188578 yrsa native of Dartmouth, Devon, England
Jillard, John P.
21 Jun 189073 yrsa native of Dartmouth, Devon, England; died at Heart's Content

Fletcher, Mary Jane
17 Jan 18687 yrsonly child of Daniel & Jane Fletcher

Paterson, John6 Apr 183127 Jun 1897

Paterson, Agnes
9 Jan 1915
died at St. John's
Paterson, Foster30 Jul 186714 Jan 1868

Paterson, Robert7 Aug 187213 Sep 1872

Paterson, George18 Dec 186330 Aug 1901
the eldest son
Paterson, Lenora
22 Jun 191048 yrswife of George Paterson; died at Moncton, New Brunswick

Travers, Oliver Victor10 Mar 183919 Jun 192586 yrsborn at Kildare Capes, PEI; died at Harbour Grace; erected by the Paterson family


Beaton, William

Ross, Martha Ann
14 Apr 186338 yrswife of Rev(d) Alexander Ross, Minister of the Presbyterian Church Harbour Grace
10 Feb 18633 mthsinfant daughter of Martha Ann Ross

Ross, Maria Susannah
19 May 185735 yrswife of Rev(d) Alexander Ross, Minister of the Presbyterian Church Harbour Grace
Ross, Ann Maria
9 Sep 186180 yrsmother of Maria Susannah Ross; relict of the late John Ross, R. N., of Halifax N. S.; died at Harbour Grace

Clements, William Henry
27 Apr 18611yr 5mthsson of William & Sarah Clements

Henderson, Annie Gordon
20 Jun 191171 yrswife of Tho(s) Henderson



Gordon, Wm


[appears that the first letter or letters of the surname are missing]

Hutchings, William Charles
28 Jul 190137 yrs
Hutchings, James Soper
22 Jun 189682 yrsa native of Dartmouth, England

Sharpe, John

Fairley, David19011981

Fairley, Alice19071989

Munn, Rupert19171958

Munn, Elizabeth W.19001973

Munn, Ethel F.19031948

Munn, Martha P.9 Dec 18746 Jun 1943
born at Harbour Grace; wife of Norman Munn

Munn, Norman18 Nov 18648 Apr 1918
born at Harbour Grace

Munn, John
18 Oct 186843 yrsMaster Mariner; drowned at Cat Harbour on a voyage from Labrador to Harbour Grace
Munn, Isabella Ann
31 Oct 189225 yrsdaughter of the late John & Elizabeth Munn; died at Harbour Grace

Munn, Archibald
21 Feb 187763 yrsa native of Rothesay, Scotland; died at Harbour Grace
Munn, William Duncan
4 Jul 187316 yrsyoungest son of Archibald Munn; died at Harbour Grace

Allen, William7 Feb 180629 Sep 1881
for 45 yrs a physician much beloved in Newfoundland
Allen, Susannah
25 Dec 1895
wife of William Allen

Cron, James M.

killed in action in the Great War 1914-1918
Duff, Graham

killed in action in the Great War 1914-1918

Bickford, Julia5 Jan 18447 Feb 1898
born at Brigus; daughter of Azariah Munden; died at Harbour Grace

McEacheran, William
6 Sep 1872
a native of Elliot River, P. E. Island

Holst, Bent17 Sep 18473 Dec 1871
born at Moss in Norway; Captain of the Norwegian Schooner "Frederik Holst"; died at Harbour Grace

Campbell, Duncan

Munn, Frederick Lamont1095 **See Errata table below1967
husband of Florence Goodwin

Munn, Robert Stewart
17 Dec 189465 yrsmerchant of Harbour Grace
Munn, Robert Stewart Allan
29 Jun 18715 monthsinfant son of Robert Stewart Munn
Munn, Elizabeth Munden4 Jun 184027 Jan 1919
born at Brigus; wife of Robert S. Munn
Munn, William Azariah18841940

Munn, Ethel M.18721962

Munn, Archibald18771963

Munn, Robert Stewart18741946

Munn, Elizabeth Trapnell18771955

Munn, Dugald25 Mar 186325 Apr 1927
eldest son of Robert S. Munn
Munn, Rachel Alice Shaw
15 Feb 1950
wife of Dugald Munn
Munn, Robert Dugald3 Mar 190016 Mar 1967
born at Harbour Grace
Munn, John12 Jun 184215 Oct 1879
born at Rothesay; brother of Robert S. Munn, died at Harbour Grace
Munn, Alexander Graham18661939

Munn, Mary Grace18681930

Moore, Isabel M.18751943

Shaw, Elizabeth S.18721948

Munn, Ronald J.18791950

Hippisley, Susie Rosa18781956

Jockel, Flora18821963


[infant headstone, "RUTH" on one side and "ALLEN" on the other, in same fenced plot as above Munn family]

Smith, Edward M.
15 Aug 18985 mos 15 daysson of Elliot & Ethel Smith

Thompson, Isabella Sophia
9 Feb 18843 yrs 4 monthsdaughter of E. B. & A. M. Thompson
Thompson, Victoria Sophia
8 Oct 187714 yrs 4 monthsdaughter of W. H. & M. E. Thompson

Quintin, Edward C.
26 Aug 190137
Quintin, Susie
30 Nov 189224 yearswife of E. C. Quintin

Thompson, E. B.
9 Feb 192164 years
Thompson, Alice M.
3 Nov 193279wife of E. B. Thompson
Thompson, W. H.10 Sep 183124 Aug 1913
J. P.

Thompson, Louise8 May 18842 Sep 1943
daughter of Eugene B. & Alice M. Thompson

Thompson, Harold E.24 Sep 189223 Apr 1914

Rutherford, Margaret Cairns

82 yrswife of Robert Rutherford of Roxburgshire Scotland
Rutherford, Agnes Brown

42 yearsdaughter of Margaret Cairns Rutherford

Weedon, Margaret
21 Apr 187523 yearswife of Ezra Weedon of Hearts Content, NF

Quinten, Lavinia Frances
[12?] Jan [1861?]32 yearswife of Edward West Quinten
Quinten, Samuel Henry14 Mar [1855?]

died the same day
Quinten, Emma Jane

[remainder of inscription is illegible]

Parsons, Reuben 18791968

Parsons, Gertrude18821981

Parsons, Eleanor Isabel
23 Oct 19084 moschildren of R. T. & Gertrude Parsons
Parsons, Vivian Valentine
16 Dec 19097 moschildren of R. T. & Gertrude Parsons

Cunningham, Mrs. Capt.

Munro, Mary Elizabeth
[?] Nov [1861?]19 yr [5?] moswife of Thomas Munro

Strathie, Charlotte Sarah
8 Aug 186732 yearswife of John Strathie; also their children:
Strathie, Charlotte Sarah
20 Nov 18674 months
Strathie, Alexander
12 May 187411 years
Strathie, Elizabeth McDonald
Nov 188120 years
Strathie, James Thompson
14 Jan 188123 yearsdied at St. Louis, MO
Strathie, Jane
4 Sep 188949 yearswife of John Strathie; also their children:
Strathie, Maggie
29 Aug 187110 months
Strathie, Jeanie
23 Sep 187111 months
Strathie, Margery Laura
1 Aug 18815 years 6 mos
Strathie, Fergus Alexander
15 Aug 18813 years 6 mos
Strathie, Hanlon
10 May 18821 year 6 mos

Duff, Robert M.18611945

Duff, Maude M.18711957

Duff, Helen
19 May 191314 years 11 mosdaughter of Robert & Maude Duff

[Grimm?], Ernest
20 Jan 186910 months[located in the Grimm family plot but there is no surname on this marker]
[Grimm?], Ernestine
9 Apr 1869age 1 year[located in the Grimm family plot but there is no surname on this marker]

Grimm, Otto Ernest18701964

Grimm, Clara Davis18731942


Erected by Fritz Grimm in memory of his Family, May they Rest in Peace.

Archibald, Frank Howard
1 Jun 189233 years
Archibald, M. May
13 Nov 194991 yearswife of Frank Howard Archibald
Archibald, Frank C.18871972

Archibald, Rose G.18901971

Cron, Joan13 Sep 191624 Sep 1917
daughter of Charles & Irene Cron

Cron, Charles18861962
Cron, Irene B. Jardine18871969

Cron, Frances
20 Dec 188328 yrswife of James Cron
Cron, Margaret Isabel
28 Jun 18891 year 8 monsdaughter of James & Frances Cron
Cron, James Maxwell18511935

Cron, Emma Martin18681932

Cron, John Maxwell18841927

Wilson, Alex. Mann
14 Jul 189847 yearsof Aberdeen, Scotland

Cron, James19181991

Cron, Marion Ivy1920[blank]

Cron, George M. (Bus)19141993

Cron, S. Jeanette (Stevenson)19191996

Clift, Henry Augustus
4 Nov 189160 years

H. A. C.

[infant headstone next to that of Henry Augustus Clift.]


[surname is the only text on this headstone.]

Brunless, John184318 Apr 192178 yearsborn at Kelso Scotland; died at Harbor Grace; erected by his nephew James B. Brown.
Brunless, Annie
10 Jan 192082 years
Brunless, Agnes
9 Nov 191575 years

Munn, Frederick Lamont19051967
husband of Florence Goodwin

Munn, John G.8 Jul 186112 Jan 1935

Munn, Christina M.
24 May 195073 yearswife of John G. Munn

Goodwin, E. G. Alison20 Aug 191825 Mar 199980 yearsnee Fraser [this is a temporary marker from Noel's Funeral Home]

Goodwin, E. G. Alison Fraser20 Aug 191825 Mar 1999
wife of W. Leroy Goodwin

Yetman, Flora J.19051983

Parsons, Millicent I.19071997

Parsons, William E.19071991
[husband and wife type of monument - the wife's side is blank]

Parsons, Valera19241982
[husband and wife type of monument - the husband's side is blank]

Parsons, Margaret Taylor
19 Jan 1973
wife of W. H. Parsons, M. D., M. C. 1880-1929

Woods, John Hamilton19201998
Distinguished Flying Cross

Holmes, Beatrice18951980

Archibald, Ralph W.28 Nov 191523 Jun 1986

Archibald, Annie J.18911968

Archibald, Hiriam Herman18831969

Archibald, David13 Aug 192221 Sep 1953
husband of Annie; father of Patty & Jimmy

Archibald, Frank Rorke19141987

Archibald, Henry Davis18851975

Archibald, Mary Tocque (Rorke)18981952

Archibald, Howard J. (Howie)25 Aug 192026 Aug 199979 years[this is a temporary marker from Noel's Funeral Home]

Grimes, Mary Stuart Cron8 Oct 189929 Sep 1940

Grimes, Lilian Maria Cron19001953

McGrath, Brian Cron19281996

McGrath, Alice I. Cron19021970

McGrath, John James19271991

Cron, Dorothy E.1918[blank]
nee Whitman
Cron, F. Robert19061972

Name on Headstone Description of Error My Name
MUNN, Frederick Lamont Date of birth should be 1905.  Florence Goodwin, his wife, died May 20, 2001 Marilyn Myrvold
MUNDEN I noticed a small error, though I don't know if it's on the headstone or the transcription. The record for "Bickford, Julia" goes on to say that she was the daughter of Azariah Munden. Indeed she was--her name was Julia Bickford Munden, and as far as I know she never married. Since her grandmother's name was Julia Bickford, and she had an aunt named Julia Bickford Henley (all from Devon, England) I think it unlikely she got the name by marrying a Bickford in Harbour Grace or Brigus. Dick Cannings

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