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Anglican (St. Peter's) Burial Records, 1873 - 1899

Please note that for this transcription I have used the original documents held at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Harbour Grace. Consulting the records may yield additional information such as the name of the person who performed the burial and the date of death.

It is recommended that the original documents be consulted before assuming any of this transcription to be accurate. The records were transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY in May 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors. For verification purposes, photocopies of these documents can be consulted at either:

St. Paul's Anglican Church
Cochrane Street, PO Box 341
Harbour Grace, NL A0A 2M0
The Rooms Corporation of NL, Provincial Archives Division
9 Bonaventure Avenue, P.O. Box 1800, Station C
St. John's, NL, Canada A1C 5P9
Anglican Archives
19 King's Bridge Road
St. John's, NL A1C 3K4
5 Feb 1873Mary JaneNoseworthy
Bryants Cove
7 Apr 1873WilliamShepherd38South Side
2 Jun 1873JonathanShepherd68Bryants Cove
20 Jul 1873SusannahYeatman
Bryants Cove
6 Aug 1873SarahCraneAdultSouth Side
[2 or 9?] Oct 1873[not given]NewmanInfantSouth Side
6 Oct 1873GeorgeStoneInfantBryants Cove
[24 Jun 1874?][not given]GeorgeInfantSouth Side
24 Jun 1874Mary George16South Side
25 Jun 1874AlbertNewman28South Side
28 Jun 1874MartinShepperdInfantSouth Side
8 Sep 1874TerisaSpurdleInfantSouth Side
8 Sep 1874Lavinia NoelInfantSouth Side
4 Dec 1874ElizabethMorgan48Bryants Cove
7 Jan 1875Margaret J.NoelInfantSouth Side
14 Feb 1875FrancisYeatmanAdultBryants Cove
29 Apr 1875WmNoseworthy70Bryants Cove
22 Jun 1875CharlotteJones76Bryants Cove
11 Jul 1875AnnShepperd74Bryants Cove
17 Dec 1875MaryYeatmanAdultBryants Cove
[Dec 1875?][not given]NoelInfantSouth Side
22 Jan 1876JosiahNoel
South Side
17 Feb 1876JosephNoel65South Side
22 Feb 1876JonathanNoel70South Side
22 Feb 1876Jn'oNewman84South Side
7 Mar 1876AdaFrench60South Side
13 Mar 1876ElizabethShepperd26South Side
21 Mar 1876SarahNewman66South Side
11 Apr 1876SusannahShepperd26South Side
25 Apr 1876Sarah JaneReglarInfantSouth Side
25 Apr 1876[not given]ShepperdInfantSouth Side
16 May 1876Eliza Shepperd61South Side
14 Jun 1876JosephSpurdle29South Side
16 Nov 1876PriscillaNoseworthy29South Side
16 Dec 1876DorathyJones39Bryants Cove
29 Jan 1877Arch'ldPinkstone29Harbour Grace
23 Mar 1877MatthewNoseworthy29South Side
16 Jul 1877Mary LouisaNoelInfantSouth Side
25 Aug 1877Robert GeorgeInfantSouth Side
Dec 1877[not given]YeatmanInfantB. Cove
5 Dec 1877Hugh WilliamShepperd17South Side
15 Dec 1877DiannaShepperdInfantSouth Side
2 Jan 1878[not given]ShepperdInfantSouth Side
9 Jan 1878Geo. R.Noel3 South Side
23 Mar 1878John, Jr.Shute17 South Side
5 Apr 1878EsauNoseworthy33Bryants Cove
2 Jun 1878JamesNoseworthy77Bryants Cove
20 Sep 1878John Newman5North Side
30 Jan 1879PhilipYeatman26B. Cove
24 Mar 1879JohnYeatman50B. Cove
18 Apr 1879AustinNeileInfantB. Cove
16 May 1879ElizabethShepherd44South Side
22 Jul 1879RichardMarshall73South Side
15 Aug 1879JaneHiggins30South Side
13 Nov 1879GeorgeShepherd65South Side
1 Dec 1879Ann (twin)ShepherdInfantSouth Side
3 Dec 1879Salina (twin)ShepherdInfantSouth Side
4 Feb 1880SolomonHiggins64South Side
13 Feb 1880JuliaMarshall75South Side
21 Feb 1880MaryNeile7Bryants Cove
27 Feb 1880SarahNoseworthy45South Side
30 Mar 1880WmShepherd3South Side
31 Mar 1880WmNoseworthy17South Side
1 Jun 1880SalinaNoseworthy[?]38South Side
27 Aug 1880JosephYeatman68Bryants Cove
15 Oct 1880CarolineNoel43South Side
20 Nov 1880MaryNoseworthy73Bryants Cove
26 Feb 1881MaryNoel76South Side
29 Mar 1881JamesPurchey39South Side
9 May 1881SusannahNoel62South Side
11 Jun 1881ArchibaldStoneInfantBryants Cove
26 Jul 1881FrederickNoel43South Side
12 Oct 1881Nathaniel, Sr.Shepherd69South Side
24 Oct 1881RichardShepherd3 South Side
8 Nov 1881JamesDixonInfantSouth Side
23 Nov 1881Martin, Sr.Shepherd72South Side
21 Jan 1882JohnChatman99South Side
23 Mar 1882Ja's HenryShepherdInfantSouth Side
8 Apr 1882RachaelStone35Bryants Cove
21 Apr 1882FrancesGeorge82South Side
27 May 1882MaryPercher77South Side
13 Jun 1882ClementSheppard11South Side
1 Aug 1882Ida MayNoel2South Side
10 Oct 1882CedlarNoseworthyInfantSouth Side
14 Oct 1882Moses ShepherdHigginsInfantSouth Side
9 Dec 1882SusannahNoseworthy66South Side
3 Feb 1883AlbertNoseworthyInfantSouth Side
16 Feb 1883JosephYeatman26Bryants Cove
20 Feb 1883MaryParsons7Bryants Cove
12 Apr 1883MarkNoseworthyInfantBryants Cove
16 Apr 1883SusannahShepherd18South Side
20 Jun 1883AnnNoseworthy63South Side
30 Aug 1883ElizabethParsons73Bryants Cove
4 Sep 1883WillisShepherdInfantSouth Side
27 Sep 1883ElizabethDickson38South Side
24 Nov 1883HenryJones57Bryants Cove
8 Dec 1883Jane MariaNoseworthy43Bryants Cove
11 Dec 1883SenethSpurdleInfantSouth Side
2 Jan 1884Mary AnnDicksonInfantSouth Side
16 Feb 1884SarahNoseworthy78Bryants Cove
20 Feb 1884AgnesShepherd6South Side
10 Mar 1884WilliamNoel80South Side
11 Jun 1884Robert GeorgeInfantSouth Side
11 Jun 1884CarolineJames4Bryants Cove
12 Aug 1884JamesShepherd53South Side
21 Oct 1884AnnNoseworthyInfantBryants Cove
24 Oct 1884[not given]Noel
South Side
10 Nov 1884Alice MaudNoel3South Side
19 Nov 1884Thomas NormoreNoseworthyInfantSouth Side
Dec 1884EdithNoelInfantSouth Side
3 Feb 1885BelindaNoseworthy36Bryants Cove
10 Jan 1885WilheminaYeatmanInfantBryants Cove
24 Jan 1885SusannahNewman21South Side
20 Feb 1885MarkNoel13South Side
20 Feb 1885Mary AnnShuteInfantSouth Side
20 Feb 1885HeberNoelInfantSouth Side
15 Jun 1885LaviniaNewmanInfantSouth Side
21 Jun 1885Jacob TuckerNoseworthyInfantBryants Cove
28 Aug 1885IsabelNoseworthyInfantSouth Side
Sep 1885[not given]BriffettInfantHarbour Grace
Oct 1885John C.Gillard21South Side
Oct 1885MarionNoseworthyInfantSouth Side
12 Dec 1885Ida NoelInfantSouth Side
Feb 1886MaryNeal73Bryants Cove
27 Mar 1886JohnShepherd5South Side
9 Jun 1886Moses Sheppard49South Side
20 Jun 1886BerthaShepherd4Bryants Cove
16 Jul 1886AnnGillard84South Side
23 Jul 1886Thomas Noseworthy64South Side
3 Dec 1886SusannahSheppardInfantSouth Side
14 Dec 1886CharlesNoseworthy57Bryants Cove
17 Dec 1886ElizabethUmberson43Harbour Grace
31 Jan 1887LeonardNoseworthyInfantBryants Cove
1 Mar 1887SarahNoseworthy
Bryants Cove
29 Jun 1887AnnWay75South Side
18 Jul 1887JuliaStone2Bryants Cove
26 Jul 1887MariamNoseworthy4Bryants Cove
18 Aug 1887MarthaWebber49South Side
26 Aug 1887William TaylorNoelInfantSouth Side
31 Aug 1887ThomasNoseworthyInfantSouth Side
15 Sep 1887HarveyNoelInfantSouth Side
23 Sep 1887[not given]JamesInfantBryants Cove
21 Oct 1887EllenHigginsInfantSouth Side
29 Oct 1887MarySpurdle4South Side
28 Nov 1887FrancisSpurdleInfantSouth Side
5 Jan 1888EmilyJames40Bryants Cove
6 Jan 1888GraceStone83Bryants Cove
6 Jan 1888ElizabethSheppard71South Side
21 Feb 1888FrancesNoel20South Side
15 Mar 1888EdwardParsons84Bryants Cove
4 Jun 1888AugustusNoseworthy36Bryants Cove
9 Aug 1888MosesNoelInfantSouth Side
2 Oct 1888BessieNoseworthyInfantSouth Side
10 Oct 1888DiannaHigginsInfantSouth Side
2 Nov 1888Jacob Noseworthy69South Side
22 Nov 1888HarrisonNoelInfantSouth Side
23 Nov 1888PhoebeHiggins39South Side
18 Dec 1888RachelGeorge56South Side
21 Mar 1889HildaNoelInfantSouth Side
15 Feb 1889Richard GeorgeSheppardInfantSouth Side
26 Feb 1889EmilyYeatman13Bryants Cove
30 Mar 1889FrancesMorgan40Bryants Cove
15 Apr 1889CharlotteNoel70South Side
1 Jun 1889HerbertNoseworthy4Bryants Cove
4 Jun 1889Lilly BlancheNoel4Bryants Cove
6 Jun 1889EdwardNoelInfantSouth Side
8 Jun 1889AnnJones
Bryants Cove
1889ReginaldNoel33South Side
5 Oct 1889AnnieYetman3South Side
19 Oct 1889JamesSpurdle2South Side
20 Oct 1889MarkHiggins12South Side
8 Nov 1889GeorgeNoseworthy17 mthSouth Side
9 Nov 1889ElsieNoseworthy1 1/2South Side
1 Jan 1890AnnieSheppard22South Side
Jan 1890Ann MariaHiggins5South Side
Jan 1890JoshuaShute4South Side
Jan 1890PatienceSheppard86South Side
14 Feb 1890GeorgeShute3South Side
23 Feb 1890SusannahShute6South Side
23 Feb 1890HarrietShute2South Side
21 Feb 1890GraceNoel90South Side
26 Feb 1890Ella BlancheNoseworthyInfantSouth Side
21 Mar 1890LeahNoseworthy29South Side
21 Apr 1890MaryHiggins76South Side
30 Apr 1890TryphenaSheppard26South Side
24 Jun 1890JamesNoseworthy7South Side
12 Jul 1890Alexander RobertNoelInfantSouth Side
27 Aug 1890JamesClarke54South Side
10 Sep 1890Frank SmartSheppardInfantSouth Side
15 Sep 1890Ina CharlotteNoelInfantSouth Side
27 Sep 1890ElizabethSheppard38South Side
10 Oct 1890MargaretShuteInfantSouth Side
14 Oct 1890WilliamNoel54South Side
10 Dec 1890MaryNoel11 mthSouth Side
12 Dec 1890WinifredSheppard1 1/2 mthSouth Side
17 Dec 1890WilliamSpirdal73 South Side
25 Oct 1890WilliamNoel19South Side
9 Mar 1891BessieSheppard1South Side
6 Apr 1891MosesNoseworthy78 South Side
18 May 1891SusannahSheppard7 South Side
20 Jun 1891JamesNoseworthy6 mthSouth Side
30 Jul 1891LeslieNoel6 mthSouth Side
2 Dec 1891ElizabethSheppard55 South Side
26 Jan 1892AgnesSheppard2 mthSouth Side
28 May 1892FloraHiggins8 mthSouth Side
23 Jun 1892WalterButt1 daySouth Side
26 Jul 1892AnnieNoseworthy2 1/2 mthSouth Side
1 Oct 1892Eliza JaneYeatman31 South Side
5 Oct 1892JohnSpurdell2 yr 9 mthThe Beach (North Side)
6 Nov 1892WilliamShute2 mthSouth Side
8 Nov 1892ClementNoel18South Side
17 Nov 1892CarolineNoel11 mthSouth Side
21 Dec 1892HannahHiggins67South Side
30 Jan 1893TheresaSpurdell74Harbour Grace South
4 Feb 1893Mary PatienceYeatman10 Harbour Grace N.
11 Feb 1893HenryClarke29Harbour Grace S.
23 Apr 1893William Noel10 mthHarbour Grace S.
22 Jul 1893MarySheppard72Harbour Grace S.
7 Aug 1893Mary AnnNoseworthy3 yr 7 mthHarbour Grace N.
9 Sep 1893KennethNoel5 1/2 mthHarbour Grace South
11 Dec 1893RobertHiggins69Harbour Grace South
24 Jan 1894AnneNoel52Harbour Grace South
29 Jan 1894HannahSpurdell1 1/2 Harbour Grace
3 Jul 1894GeorgeSpurdell16 daysHarbour Grace
5 Jul 1894WilliamSpurdell17 daysHarbour Grace
30 Jul 1894Jane MariaSheppard41Harbour Grace South
23 Aug 1894[Scibella?]Shepherd10 mthHarbour Grace South
13 Nov 1894JohnRiglar6 Harbour Grace South
23 Jun 1895KennethNoel2 yr 11 mthHarbour Grace South
26 Oct 1895Gertrude CharlotteNoel3 yr 3 mthHarbour Grace South
21 Jan 1896AlbertSheppard3 mthHarbour Grace South
29 Jan 1896WilliamSpurdell12 mthHarbour Grace South
29 Feb 1896TheresaSpurdell3 Harbour Grace South
8 Jun 1896AlfredNoel24Harbour Grace South
2 Sep 1896AlfredNoseworthy80Harbour Grace South
Harbour Grace South
30 Apr 1897CarolineNoseworthy37Harbour Grace South
30 Jun 1897MosesNoel81Harbour Grace South
9 Sep 1897William FrankNoel24Harbour Grace South
18 Jan 1898ElizaNoel35South Side
11 Mar 1898EmmanuelSpurdle3 1/2 South Side
30 Apr 1898JosiahSheppard6South Side
17 May 1898MarySpurdle16 mthSouth Side
26 May 1898VioletNoel9 mthSouth Side
21 Jun 1898AnnNoel78South Side
30 Jun 1898Sarah MargaretSpurdleInfantSouth Side
9 Jul 1898KennethSpurdleInfantSouth Side
13 Jul 1898ThomasSheppard78 South Side
29 Aug 1898MarthaHigginsInfantSouth Side
25 Jan 1899JamesReglar75South Side
23 Jan 1899Sarah Yetman2South Side
27 Mar 1899John HenrySheppard62 South Side
5 Jul 1899AmbroseSheppard67 South Side

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