NL GenWeb 1913 Directory

Conception Bay North - Harbour Grace District

Harbour Grace

The information was transcribed by MARILYN PILKINGTON ~ February 2002. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.
Adams, Eugenefishermanh Bear's Cove
Adams, Georgelaborerh Harvey
Adams, Jamesfishermanh Henry
Adams, Patrickfishermanbds Harvey
Adams, Samuelfishermanh Lampin's Lane
Adams, Williamfishermanbds Harvey
Alcock, BertramHr Grace B & Shoe Cobds Martin's Lane
Alcock, Kennethemp Archibald Brosh Martin's Lane
Alcock, Patrickfishermanh Thomas Lane
Allan, Martinfishermanh Military Rd
Allan, W.M.physicianWater, h do
Andrews, Francisfishermanh Noad
Andrews, George W.clerk, W.H. Thompsonh Harvey
Andrews, Richardfishermanbds Noad
Andrews, Robertfishermanh Trapnell Ave
Andrews, Stephen
h Harvey
Anglo-American Telegraph Co
Archibald Brothers LtdBoot and Shoe ManufacturersWater
Archibald F.C.of Archibald Bros Ltdh Harbor Grace
Archiblad, H.D.of Archibald Bros Ltdh Harbor Grace
Archibald, H.H.of Archibald Bros Ltdh Bannerman House
Ash, Charles
h Lady Pond Rd.
Ash, Edward T.fishermanh Water
Ash, Georgecabmanbds Water
Ash, Hectorfishermanh Harvey
Ash, Hedley S.of John C. Ash & Sonsbds Harvey
Ash, Howard M.of John C. Ash & Sonsbds Harvey
Ash, Mrs. Janecaretaker, Customs Househ Water
Ash, Johnfarmerh Hard Path
Ash, John C.of John C. Ash & Sonsh Harvey
Ash, Robertlaborerbds Harvey
Ash, Roswell A.of John C. Ash & Sonsbds Harvey
Ash, Silasfishermanbds Noad
Ash, Thomasfishermanbds Harvey
Ash, Timothyengineer, S.S. Adventurebds Hard Path
Ash, WIlliamemp Archibald Brosbds Noad
Ash, Williamcabmanbds Water
Aylward, Jamesclerkh LeMarchant
Bailey, William B.ex-police inspectorh Water
Bank of Nova Scotia
Barnes, W.C.master marinerh Water
Barrett, Ambrose
h Kitchen's Hill
Barrett, Joseph
bds Kitchen's Hill
Barron, Jamesfishermanh South Side
Bartlett, Isaaccapth Victoria
Bartlett, Jamesfishermanh Murray's Sq
Bartlett, Thomasfishermanh Bear's Cove
Bartlett, Williamfishermanbds Bear's Cove
Beaton, Williamfishermanh Stetton's Hill
Benson, Arthurheeler, Archibald Brosh Lady Pond Rd
Benson, Williamfishermanbds Lady Pond Rd
Best, Williamfishermanh Harvey
Blake, Capt Alice (Salvation Army)
h Harvey
Bradbury, Charlescabmanbds Bradbury's Lane
Bradbury, Eugenefireman, S.S. Adventurebds Bradbury's Lane
Bradbury, Jamescabmanh Water
Bradbury, Jamesengineerbds Bradbury's Lane
Bradbury, Nicholasfishermanh Dungarvon Rd
Bradbury, Robertfishermanh Bradbury's Lane
Bradbury, Thomasemp Marine Railway Dockh Glover Rd
Bradbury, Williamfishermanh Harvey
Bransfield, Williamfishermanh Harvey
Bray, Ambrosefishermanh Devonshire Rd
Bray, Archibald
bds Harvey
Bray, Fredfishermanh Water
Bray, Georgefishermanh The Beach
Bray, Harveyemp Hr Grace Boot & Shoe Cobds Harvey
Bray, Hectorfishermanh Devonshire Rd
Bray, Henryfishermanh Pipe Track
Bray, James Sr.fishermanh Harvey
Bray, James Jr.fishermanbds Harvey
Bray John
h Harvey
Bray, John laster, Hr Grace Boot & Shoe Coh Noad
Bray, Johnforeman, Murray & Crawfordh Devonshire Rd
Bray, Johnwharfinger, Murray & Crawfordh The Beach
Bray, Normanfishermanh Downing
Bray, Paulfishermanbds The Beach
Bray, Richardfishermanh Harvey
Bray, Robertfishermanh Devonshire Rd
Bray, Selbyfishermanh Lady Pond Rd
Bray, Stanleyfishermanbds Devonshire Rd
Bray, Stephenemp Murray & Crawfordh Devonshire Rd
Brazil, Timothyacting turnkeyh Stretton's Hill
Brien, Jamesfarmerh Stretton's Hill
Brien, Jeremiahfishermanh The Beach
Brien, Johnfishermanh The Beach
Brown, Charles
h Downing
Brown, Georgefishermanh Water
Brown, Johnfishermanh Martin's Lane
Brown, Philipfishermanbds Downing
Brown, Williamfishermanbds Downing
Brunless, Johnfishermanh Victoria
Buckingham, J.mgr, Hawkes Bay Whaling Co
Burke, Johnfishermanh South Side
Burke, Patrickfishermanbds South Side
Butler, Charlesclerkh Downing
Butler, Mrs. Dennisgrocer, Downingh do
Butt, Arthurfishermanh French's Lane
Butt, Johnfishermanh Cochrane
Butt, Johnfishermanh Water
Butt, John
bds Glover Rd
Butt, John A.clerk, POh Harvey
Butt, Maudschool teacherbds Water
Butt, Stephenfishermanh Victoria
Butt, Williamfishermanh Slip Rd
Butt, Williamfishermanbds French's Lane
Cake, Johncarpenter and contractor, Cochraneh do
Cake, Johncarpenterh Lampin's Lane
Callahan, Edwardfishermanh South Side
Callahan, Johnfishermanh South Side
Callahan, John
h River Head
Canning, Georgefishermanh Downing
carpenter, Rev Charles (C of E)
h South Side
Carson, Edwardcarpenter, Murray & Crawfordh Bear's Cove
Carson, Georgecarpenter, W. Carsonbds Bennett's Lane
Carson, Haroldfishermanbds Bear's Cove
Carson, Stephencarpenter, W. Carsonbds Bennett's Lane
Carson, Williamcarpenter and contractor, Bennett's Laneh do
Casey, John (JP)clerk of courth Harvey
Catholic Academy
Chafe, L.T.mgr, Murray & Crawfordh 2 Victoria
Christ Church (C of E)
Roman Catholic
Cathedral Road
St. Paul's (C of E)
Clarke, Ambrosefishermanh Stretton's Hill
Clarke, Solomonfishermanbds Stretton's Hill
Cleary, Jamesfishermanh South Side
Cleary, Johnfishermanh cooper Cor Rd
Cleary, Martinfishermanbds South Side
Cody, Jamesfarmerh Harvey
Cody, Madelineprop Victoria Book Storeh Trapnell Ave
Colbert, Mrs. CAtherineGeneral Store, Waterh do
Collins, Jamesfarmerh River Head
Collins, Johnfishermanbds River Head
Connell, Mauricefarmerh Water
Connors, Michaelemp RNF Coh Pipe Track
Connors, Patrickfishermanh Lady Pond Rd
Coombs, Elifishermanh The Beach
Coombs, Richardfishermanh River Head
Coombs, Thomasfishermanbds River Head
Coombs, Williamfishermanh Water
Cooney, Johnfishermanh Cathedral Rd
Corbett, Jamesfishermanh Rocky Pond Rd
Courage, Eliolfishermanbds The Beach
Courage, Georgefishermanh Downing
Courage, James H.emp Archibald Brosh The Beach
Courage, Johnemp Hr Grace B & Shoe Cobds Stanley
Courage, Kennethfishermanbds The Beach
Courage, Moseslaster, Archibald Brosh Stanley
Courage, Thomasshoemaker, Waterh do
Courage, Thomas
h Downing
Court House
Crane, Georgefishermanh Downing
Crane, Johnfishermanbds Downing
Crane, Williamfishermanbds Downing
Crocker, Mrs. Alexanderdry goods, Waterh do
Crocker, Alexanderfishermanh Harvey
Crocker, Jamesfishermanbds Harvey
Crocker, Robertfishermanh Harvey
Croft, Williamfishermanh Water
Cron, Jamesgeneral merchant, importer and exporter, Waterh Belle-Vue
Cron, John M.salesman, J. Cronh Bear's Cove
Cronan, Edwardfishermanbds Water
Cronan, Williamfishermanh Water
Curtis, Georgecooperh Noad
Custom House
Dailey, Edmundmate, Flora Bellh Cottage Rd
Dalton, Thomasfishermanh fisherman's Rd
Darby, Rev Thomas B. (Methodist)
h Water
Davis, Charlesfishermanh Woodville Rd
Davis, Edwardfishermanh Lady Pond Rd
Davis, Ernestclerkbds Woodville Rd
Davis, Georgefishermanh Woodville Rd
Davis, George
bds Lady Pond Rd
Davis, Georgefishermanh Water
Davis, Harrycooperh Noad
Davis, Isabelbkkprbds Woodville Rd
Davis, Jamesfishermanh Water
Davis, Jamesemp Hr Grace B & Shoe Coh Nichol's Lane
Davis, Johnteacherh Harvey
Davis, Johnfishermanh Water
Davis, Leanderfishermanh Noad
Davis, Matthewfishermanbds Noad
Davis, Thomasfishermanbds Noad
Davis, Thomasfishermanh Bear's Cove
Davis, Willismgr, R Rutherford & Coh Water
Dawley, Patrickfishermanh Glover Rd
Donnelly, Michaelfishermanh Water
Donnelly, Robertfishermanbds Water
Dooley, Williamconstableh LeMarchant
Doran, Edwardfishermanh South Side
Doran, Francis
h Hard Path
Doran, Johnfishermanbds Hard Path
Dove, Davidfishermanbds RAce Course Rd
Dove, Jamesfishermanbds Race Course Rd
Dove, Johnfarmerh Stevenson's Village
Dove, Johnfarmerh Lady Pond Rd
Dove, Lorenzofishermanh Race Course Rd
Dove, Walterfishermanbds Stevenson's Village
Downing, Ambrosemason contractor, Downingh do
Downing, H. Raymondrestaurant, Waterh do
Downing, Roymerchanth Downing
Downing, Uriahmason, A Downingbds Downing
Doyle, Bridgetailoressbds Garland
Doyle, Patrickcooperage, Garlandh do
Doyle, Thomasfishermanh Dungarvon Rd
Doyle, Walteremp United Towns Elec Cobds Dungarvon Rd
Dwire, Alexanderacting sergeanth Harvey
Duff, R.M.importer of dry goods, etc, sub agent Palatine Ins Co, WaterWater
Duffy, Jamesfishermanh Garland
Duggan, Michaelfarmerh River Head
Duggan, Williamfishermanh South Side
Dunn, Jamesfishermanh South Side
Dunn, Johnfishermanh Water
Dunn, Thomasfishermanbds South Side
Earle, Williamlaborerh Water
Edmunds, Charlesfishermanh Rocky Pond Rd
Edmunds, Josephfishermanh Downing
Ellis, Mrs. Ellen
bds Harvey
Ellsworthy, Mrs. Georgegrocer, Noadh do
Ellsworthy, Georgeengineer, RNF Coh Noad
Ellsworthy, William
bds Noad
Fahey, Edward
h River Head
Farrell, Jamesfishermanbds South Side
Farrell, Johncooper, Hawkes Bay Whaling Coh Bennett's Lane
Farrell, Johncooperh Stevenson's Village
Farrell, Mrs. Margaretprop, Cochrane Househ Water
Farrell, Thomasfishermanh South Side
Finn, Rev William (R Catholic)
h Cathedral Rd
Fire Hall and Station
Water E
Fizgerald, Miss Margaretdry goods, Waterh do
Fleming, Michaelfarmerh Woodville Rd
Fleming, Morrisplanterh Water
Foley, Jamesfishermanh Water
Foley, Jamesprop, West End Hotelh Water
Foley, Johnpostmasterh 242 Water
Foley, Patricksailorh Water
Ford, Johnfarmerh Gullies
Ford, Thomasfishermanbds Gullies
Ford, Thomas J.station agenth Harvey
Fox, Jamesbailiffh Harvey
Fox, Jamescabmanh Harvey
Frampton, Johnfishermanh Noad
Frampton, Williamfishermanbds Moad
Freeman, Edward D.mgr, Strapp's Pharmacyh Bannerman
Freeman, Williamtailorh Bannerman
French, Johnemp Hr Grace B & Shoe Coh Water
French, Mark
h Bear's Cove
French, Robertcarpenterbds Water
French, Williamfishermanh Lampin's Lane
Galvin, Jamesfishermanh South Side
Galvin, Richardplanterh South Side
Garland, CD & SoncooperageWater E
Garland, Charles D.of CD Garland & Sonh Water E
Garland, Henrygrocer, Harveyh do
Garland, James A.of CD Garland & Sonbds Water E
Garland, Jamesemp Hr Grace B & Shoe Coh Harvey
Garland, Josephfarmerh Garland
Garland, Mrs. Josephgrocer, Harveyh do
Garland, Patrickcooperage, Garlandh do
Garland, Selbycooperh Victoria
George, Haywardfishermanh South Side
George, Lewisfishermanbds College Lane
George, Martinfishermanh South Side
George, Richardfishermanh South Side
George, Robertemp United Towns Elec Coh College Lane
Godden, C & Edry goods and hardwareWater W
Godden, Charles A.of C & E Goddenh Water
Godden, Ernestof C & E Goddenh Water E
Goff, Miss Catherineconfecty, Water Eh do
Gollaway, Georgefishermanbds Gullies
Gollaway, Jamesemp United Towns Elec Coh Gullies
Goodland, Albert J.principal, Ch of Eng Schoolh Victoria
Goodwin, W.S.physician, Waterh do
Gordon, G.T.tinsmith, Water Eh do
Gordon, Johnfishermanh Caplin Cove
Gordon, Mrs. Juliaprop, Gordon Lodgeh Water
Gordon Lodge
Water E
Gordon, Mayclerkbds Bear's Cove
Gordon, Reubenprinterh Bear's Cove
Gordon, Samuelfishermanbds Bear's Cove
Gordon, Williamclerkbds Caplin Cove
Gorman, Jamespainterh Water
Gorman, James H. branch mgr, United Towns Elec Coh Water
Gothorpe, Thomassupt, NS Cable Stationh Church
Grandfield, Andrewplanterh Rocky Pond Rd
Granville, Michaelemp Hr Grace Boot & Shoe Coh Garland
Granville, Richardfishermanh Garland
Griffin, Corneliusfishermanh LeMarchant
Griffin, Jamesemp Hr Grace Water Coh Bannerman
Griffin, John
h Long Hill
Griffin, Johnsupt, Hr Grace Water Coh Harvey
Griffin, Michaelfishermanbds Bannerman
Griffin, Michaelemp Hr Grace Boot & Shoe Coh Condon's Lane
Griffin, Thomasfishermanbds Bannerman
Griffin, Thomasemp Hr Grace Boot & Shoe Cobds Condon's Lane
Griffin, Walter
bds Condon'd Lane
Grim, Otto E.cooperh Water
Grouchie, Matthewconstableh Victoria
Guilfoyle, Edwardplanterh River Head
Guilfoyle, Michaelfishermanbds River Head
Guilfoyle, Williamteacherbds River Head
Hamilton, Patrickfishermanh Glover Rd
Hamilton, Peterfishermanh Glover Rd
Hanrahan, Joseph P.sec-tres, Marine Railway Dockh Harvey
Hanrahan, Thomas (MA)supt of Educationh Harvey
Harbor Grace Boot & Shoe Manfg Co, Ltd
Harbor Grace Literary Association
Harbor Grace Standard, The
Harbor Grace Water Co
Hare, James
h Death Hill
Hare, JeremiahfishermanThe Beach
Hare, Johnfishermanbds Death Hill
Hare, Morrisfishermanh Death Hill
Hare, Patrickplanterh Long Hill
Hare, Williamfishermanbds Long Hill
Harlick, Edwardfishermanh Bennett's Lane
Harpe, Michaelfishermanbds Bannerman
Harpe, Michaelfishermanbds Bannerman
Harpe, Williamshoemaker, Archiblad Brosh Bannerman
Harris, Georgeof W & G Harrish Devonshire Rd
Harris, Jamesemp W & J Harrish Pipe Track
Harris, Jessie
bds Harvey
Harris, Josephfishermanh Harvey
Harris, W & GblacksmithsWater
Harris, Williamof W & G Harrish Harvey
Hatcher, Allenemp Hr Grace Boot & Shoe Coh Lady Pond Rd
Hatcher, Johnfiremanh Lady Pond Rd
Hatcher, Leanderfishermanh Harvey
Hatcher, Williamemp Hr Grace Boot & Shoe Coh Harvey
Hawkes Bay Whaling Co
Courage's Beach W
Hawkins, Catherinetailoressbds Nichol's Lane
Hawkins, Miss Sibelladry goods, Waterh do
Hawkins, Williamcooper, Murray & Crawfordh Water
Hayden, Lawrencefishermanbds The Beach
Hayden, Lukefishermanh The Beach
Hayden, Richardfishermanh The Beach
Hayden, Mrs Richardrestaurant, The Beachh do
Hayes, Georgefishermanbds Harvey
Hayes, Jamesfishermanh Harvey
Hayes, Miss Mary
h Water
Hayes, Williamemp Hr Grace Boot & Shoe Coh Bannerman
Hearn, Jamesemp RNF Cobds Cork Lane
Hearn, Michaelemp RNF Coh Cork Lane
Heater, Johncooper, Hawkes Bay Whaling Coh Horwood's Rd
Heath, Albertdraperh Water
Heath, Arthur W.operator, Postal Tel Coh Water
Heath, Johnplanterh Woodville Rd
Hennessey, Davidfishermanh Harvey
Hennessey, Johnsailorh Harvey
Hennessey, John J.grocer, Waterh do
Hennessey, Leonardclerkbds Water
Hennessy, Williamplanterh Water
Hickey, Alexanderfishermanbds River Head
Hickey, Alexanderfishermanh Grove
Hickey, Patrickfarmerh River Head
Hickey, Peterfishermanbds River Head
Hickey, Richardfishermanh River Head
Hickey, Williamfishermanh River Head
Higgins, Georgefishermanh South Side
Higgins, Paulbarber, Waterh Cockrane
Higgins, Robertfishermanbds South Side
Higgins, Williamfishermanbds South Side
Hogan, Timothybutcher, Cathedral Rdh do
Holloway, Benjaminfishermanh Harvey
Horwood, Alfredcarpenterh Skip Rd
Horwood, Eldredcarpenter, Marine Railwayh Nichol's Lane
Horwood, Williamfishermanbds Nichol's Lane
Hudson, Archibaldfishermanh Grove
Hunt, Duncanblacksmithh Pipe Track
Hunt, Georgecarpenterh Pipe Track
Hunt, Henryminerbds Pipe Track
Hunt, Johnpipe fitterbds Pipe Track
Hunt, Stephenfishermanh Horwood's Rd
Hunt, Williamminerbds Pipe Track
Hunt, Williamwharfingerh Water
Hunt, W.J.mgr, Bank of Nova Scotiah Water
Hutchins, Leonardfishermanh Harvey
Hyde, John J.
bds Bennett's Lane
Hyde, Minniestenographerbds Bennett's Lane
Hyde, Patrickfishermanh Bennett's Lane
Hyde, Mrs. Patrickprop, Hyde's Restaurant, Bennett's Laneh do
Hyde, Peterfishermanbds Bennett's Lane
Hyde's Restaurant
Bennett's Lane
Janes, Eugenecooperh Harvey
Janes, W.J.mgr, Hr Grace Boot & SHoe Coh Water
Jenkins, Charleslaborer, Hawke's Bay Whaling Coh Devonshire Rd
Jenkins, Markemp Hawke's Bay Whaling Cobds Devonshire Rd
Jenkins, William
bds Devonshire Rd
Jones, Michael T.dry goods, Water E.h do
Jones, Williamfishermanh Slip Rd
Joy, Elizabethtailoressbds Cathedral Rd
Joy, Patrickfishermanh Cathedral Rd
Kane, MIchaelplanterh Stanley
Kearney, Johnminerbds Hard Path
Kearney, Michaelfishermanbds Hard Path
Kearney, O.M.barrister and solicitor, Cochraneh do
Kearney, Williamfishermanh Hard Path
Keefe, CharlesfishermanGrove
Keefe, Johnfishermanbds Grove
Keefe, Lawrenceteamster, Murray & Crawfordbds Grove
Keefe, Michaelfishermanbds Grove
Keefe, Patrickfishermanh Grove
Keefe, Williamfishermanbds Grove
Kehoe, Johnfishermanh Pipe Track
Kehoe, Michaelfishermanh Water
Kehoe, Williamfishermanbds Water
Kelly, Francisfishermanh Harvey
Kelly, Josephinetailoressbds Race Course Rd
Kelly, Michaelfishermanbds Harvey
Kelly, Patrickfishermanh Military Rd
Kelly, Patrickfishermanbds Harvey
Kelly, Peterfishermanbds Harvey
Kennedy, AndrewfishermanBear's Cove
Kennedy, Charles L.hardware, Waterh do
Kennedy, Georgefishermanh Kildare Rd
Kennedy, Johnfishermanbds Kildare Rd
Kennedy, Richardfishermanh Water
Kennedy, Ronaldteacherh Water
Kennedy, Terencefishermanh Water
Kennedy, Thomasfishermanbds Water
Kennedy, W.H.asst postmasterh LeMarchant
Kitchen, Edwardbricklayerh Kitchen's Hll
Kitchen, Georgeminerbds Kitchen's Hill
Lahey, Patrickcooperh Bennett's Lane
Langdon, Richardfishermanh cooper Corner Rd
Leaftrage, Georgefishermanh Rocky Pond Rd
Leary, Gertrudetailoressbds Nichol's Lane
Leary, Thomasminerh Rocky Pond Rd
Leary, Thomas
h Kildare Rd
Lee Chung LaundryWater Eh do
Lee, Johnmachinist, RNF Coh Pipe Track
Lee, WilliamElectrician, United Towns Elec Cobds Pipe Track
Lehr, Mrs. A.B.prop, "The Rest"h Water
Lilly, Georgeemp Hr Grace B & Shoe Cobds Noad
Lilly, Robertmasonh Harvey
Lilly, Samueltailorbds Harvey
Lilly, Thomasfishermanh Noad
Lynch, Miss Aliceconfecty, Waterbds do
Lynch, Jamesfishermanh Nichol's Lane
Lynch, John T.teacherh The Beach
Lynch, Michaelfishermanh Pipe Track
Lynch, Theresa M.wid Johnh Water
Lynch, Thomasfishermanbds Pipe Track
Madigan, J & Wmerchant tailors
Madigan, Jamesof J & W Madiganh Water
Madigan, Patricktailor, J & W Madiganh Bannerman
Madigan, Patricktemperance drinks, Water Eh do
Madigan, Williamof J & W Madiganh Water
Mahoney, Williamfishermanh fisherman's Rd
Maloney, Danielfishermanh Hard Path
Maloney, Patrickfishermanbds Hard Path
Marine Railway Docks Co Ltd (John Tapp, mgr)
The Beach
Martin, Abrahamfishermanh Murray's Sq
Martin, Albertfishermanh Stevenson's Village
Martin, Alexanderteamsterbds Murray's Sq
Martin, Allanfishermanh Lady Pond Rd
Martin, Alonzofishermanbds Lady Pond Rd
Martin, Andrewfishermanh Brazil's Lane
Martin, Charlesteamsterh Martin's Lane
Martin, Charlesfishermanh Murray's Sq
Martin, Claratailoressbds Water
Martin, Cuthbertengineer, RNF Coh Murray's Sq
Martin, Eugenefishermanbds Murray's Sq
Martin, Francisfishermanh Martin's Lane
Martin, Francisfishermanbds Murray's Sq
Martin, Frank
h Water W
Martin, Fredfishermanh Harvey
Martin, Georgefishermanbds Harvey
Martin, Haroldsealer in general dry goods, groceries, etc., Waterh do
Martin, Harriettailoressbds Brazil's Lane
Martin, Isaacengineer, RNF Cobds Martin's Lane
Martin, Jamespainterbds Water
Martin, Jamesfishermanbds Victoria
Martin, James
bds Murray's Sq
Martin, Johnfishermanh Pipe Track
Martin, Matthewengineerh Brazil's Lane
Martin, Peterfishermanbds Harvey
Martin, Robertemp Archibald Brosh Water
Martin, Silasfishermanh Brazil's Lane
Martin, Thomasfishermanh Victoria
Martin, Williamclerkbds Murray's Sq
Mercer, Edwinfarmerh Gullies
Mercer, Georgefarmerh Gullies
Mercer, John Srfarmerh Gullies
Mercer, John Jrfishermanbds Gullies
Mercer, Josephfishermanh Harvey
Mercer, Leanderheeler, Archibald Brosh Noad
Mercer, Robertemp Hr Grace B & Shoe Coh Water
Mercer, Thomasfireman, Archibald Brosh Nichol's Lane
Miflin, Chesleyclerkh Water
Miller, Williamcooper, Murray & Crawfordh Stevenson's Village
Moore, Jamesplanterh Harvey
Moore, Patrickfishermanh Cottage Rd
Moore, Peterplanterh Water
Moriarty, Edwardfishermanh LeMarchant
Moriarty, Francisfishermanh The Beach
Moriarty, Jamesfishermanbds LeMarchant
Moriarty, Johnfishermanh Rocky Pond Rd
Moriarity, Josephfishermanh Water
Moriarity, Williamfishermanh The Beach
Morine, Jamesfishermanh River Head
Morrissey, charlesteacherh Harvey
Morrissey, Johnfishermanh Race Course Rd
Morrissey, Michaelfishermanh River Head
Morrissey, Patrickfishermanbds Race Course Rd
Morrissey, Patrickfarmerh River Head
Morrissey, Thomasfishermanbds River Head
Mortimer, Andrew
h Sullivan's Hill
Mortimer, Jamesfishermanh Sullivan's Hill
Mortimer, John
bds Sullivan's Hill
Mulcahey, Johnfishermanh Harvey
Mulcahey, Michaelfishermanbds Harvey
Munn, Cyril G.clerkh Harvey
Munn, James D.mgr, Hr Grace Standardh Harvey
Munn, Normanfish merchant, Waterh Harvey
Murphy, Johnfishermanh Harvey
Murphy, Marywid Johnbds Water
Murray & Crawford Ltdseal oil refineryWater
McCarthy, Corneliusfishermanh River Head
McCarthy, Felixfishermanh Academy Lane
McCarthy, Jeremiahfishermanbds South Side
McCarthy, Justin Srfishermanh St. Mark's Rd
McCarthy, Justin Jrfishermanbds St. Mark's Rd
McCarthy, Michaelfishermanh South Side
McCarthy, Neilteacherh Woodville Rd
McCarthy, Richardfishermanh Stretton's Hill
McGrath, Williamfishermanh South Side
Mackey, Francisfishermanh fisherman's Rd
Mackey, Jeremiahfishermanh cooper Corner Rd
Mackey, Johnfarmerh fisherman's Rd
Mackey, Johnfishermanbds fisherman's Rd
Mackey, Michaelfishermanh fisherman's Rd
Mackey, Michael J.fishermanh River Head
Mackey, Richardfishermanbds cooper Corner Rd
McRae, Frankof RD McRae & Sonsh Victoria
McRae, John T.of RD McRae & Sonsh Water
McRae, RD & Sonsgeneral merchants and exportersThe Beach
Neil, Alfredfishermanh Pipe Track
Neil, Arthurfishermanh Harvey
Neil, Jamescooper, Murray & Crawfordh Water
Neil, Jamesemp United Towns Elec Coh Ship Head
Newhook, Williamfishermanh Downing
Newman, Williammasonh Downing
Nichols, Archibaldfishermanh Downing
Nichols, Eliolfishermanbds Nichol's Lane
Nichols, Georgefishermanh Nichol's Lane
Nichols, Johnfishermanh Pippy's Lane
Nichols, Nathanielfishermanh Bannerman
Nichols, Susanemp Archibald Brosbds Water
Nichols, Thomascarpenter, Marine Railwaybds Downing
Nichols, William
h Water
Nichols, Williambarber, Waterh Brazil's Lane
Noel, Beatriceschool teacherbds Cochrane
Noel, C.A.teller, Bank of NSbds Military Rd
Noel, Rev CanonC of Ebds Cochrane
Noel, Clementfishermanh South Side
Noel, Ernestfishermanbds South Side
Noel, Hedleyfishermanbds South Side
Noel, Jamesfishermanbds South Side
Noel, Johnfishermanh South Side
Noel, Johnaccth Cochrane
Noel, Josiahfishermanh Webber's Lane
Noel, Leanderfishermanbds South Side
Noel, Markfishermanbds South Side
Noel, Selbyfishermanh South Side
Noel, Silasfishermanbds South Side
Noel, Stewartfishermanbds South Side
Noel, Stewartplanterh South Side
Noel, Williamfishermanbds South Side
Norcott, Abrahamfishermanh Water
Norcott, Andrewfishermanh Harvey
Norcott, Johnfishermanh Feather Point
Noseworthy, Albertfishermanh Devonshire Rd
Noseworthy, Charlesfishermanh Water
Noseworthy, Duncanfishermanh South Side
Noseworthy, Edgarboatmanbds South Side
Noseworthy, Jamesfishermanh Lady Pond Rd
Noseworthy, Jamesfishermanbds South Side
Noseworthy, Jonathanfishermanh South Side
Noseworthy, Josephfishermanh French's Lane
Noseworthy, Josephfishermanh Downing
Noseworthy, Josiahfishermanbds Devonshire Rd
Noseworthy, Mary
h Harvey
Noseworthy, Mosesfishermanh ship Road
Noseworthy, Robertcarpenterh Harvey
Noseworthy, Stewartfishermanh Noad
Noseworthy, Thomasfishermanbds Noad
Noseworthy, Walterfishermanbds Slip Rd
Noseworthy, Williamcooperh Ash's Lane
Noseworthy, Williamfishermanh South Side
O'Brien, Michaelfishermanh Water
O'Brien, Rogerplanterh Kildare Rd
O'Connor, Timothycooper, Murray & Crawfordh Water
O'Deady, Jamesfishermanh Academy Lane
Oke, J.L.secty, Hr Grace Water Coh Victoria
Oke, William A.district judgeh Victoria
O'Keefe, Ellenwid James L.h Cathedral
O'Keefe, Frankminerh Harvey
O'Keefe, Jamesfishermanbds LeMarchant
O'Keefe, Williamplanterh LeMarchant
O'Neil, Patrickemp RNF Cobds Cottage Rd
O'Neil, Thomasasst station master, RNF Coh Cottage Rd
O'Shea, Richardgrocer, Waterh do
Palatine Insurance Co Ltd (RM Duff, sub agent)

Parmiter, Jamesfishermanh Harvey
Parmiter, William H.dry goods, Waterh do
Parsons, A.fishermanh South Side
Parsons, Archibaldfishermanh Bear's Cove
Parsons, Arthurcabmanh Pippy's Lane
Parsons, Arthurfishermanbds South Side
Parsons, Austinfishermanh Water
Parsons, Benjamin
h Harvey
Parsons, Bernardblacksmith, LeMarchanth Harvey
Parsons, Charlesengineer, RNF Coh Bear's Cove
Parsons, Davidfishermanh Kitchen's Hill
Parsons, Duncansailorbds Bear's Cove
Parsons, E.E.general merchant, Waterh Harvey
Parsons, Edwardundertaker and cabinet maker, Waterh Bannerman
Parsons, Edwardplanterh Water
Parsons, Francisplanterh South Side
Parsons, Frankfishermanbds South Side
Parsons, Freemanplanterh South Side
Parsons, Georgefishermanbds South Side
Parsons, Gilbertplanterh Bear's Cove
Parsons, Hannahwid George F.h Cathedral
Parsons, Henryfishermanh Murray's Sq
Parsons, Jamesfishermanbds South Side
Parsons, Jamestidewaiterh LeMarchant
Parsons, Johnfishermanbds Bear's Cove
Parsons, Johnemp Archibald Brosh Bear's Cove
Parsons, Johnfishermanbds South Side
Parsons, Johnfishermanbds Water
Parsons, Katherinetailoressbds Bear's Cove
Parsons, M.E.clerk, Bank of NSbds Military Rd
Parsons, Mary W.wid James H.h Cathedral Rd
Parsons, N.G.bookkeeperbds Bear's Cove
Parsons, Robertclerkh Stretton's Hill
Parsons, Reuben T.photographer, Waterh do
Parsons, Samuelfishermanh South Side
Parsons, Theodoredry goods, Waterh do
Parsons, Timothyfishermanbds South Side
Parsons, Victorgeneral merchant, Waterbds do
Parsons, W.H.physician, Victoriah do
Parsons, Williamcabmanh Water
Parsons, Williamfishermanbds Bear's Cove
Parsons, Williamfishermanbds Water
Payne, Robertfishermanh Water
Peddle, Eleazer
h Bear's Cove
Peddle, Jamesfishermanh Thomas Lane
Peddle, Nicholasfishermanh Harvey
Peddle, Robertfishermanbds Thomas Lane
Pelly, Thomasemp Marine Railwayh Slip Rd
Perry, Nicholasfishermanh Academy Lane
Perry, Nicholasfishermanh Condon's Lane
Perry, Williamfishermanbds Academy Lane
Pike, Ambrosefishermanh Nichol's Lane
Pike, Ambrosefishermanbds Bear's Cove
Pike, Christopherfishermanh Harvey
Pike, Edwardfishermanh Kitchen's Hill
Pike, Eliasfishermanh Bradbury's Lane
Pike, Georgefishermanh Bear's Cove
Pike, Henryfishermanbds Harvey's Lane
Pike, Johnfishermanbds Bradbury's Lane
Pike, Johnfishermanbds Harvey
Pike, Susanstenographer, Murray & Crawfordbds Bradbury's Lane
Pike, Williamfishermanh Woodville Rd
Pippy, Edwardfishermanh Pippy's Lane
Pippy, Ezekielfishermanh Pippy's Lane
Pippy, John G.fishermanbds Pippy's Lane
Pippy, Josephfishermanh Pippy's Lane
Postal Telegraph Office
Post Office
Pottle, Jamesfishermanh Water
Powell, Georgefishermanh Downing
Power, Andrewcarpenterh Cathedral Rd
Power, Elizawid Morrish Harvey
Power, Jamespainterh Victoria
Power, Johnfishermanh Harvey
Power, Johnconstableh Harvey
Power, Robertshoemakerh Harvey
Power, Williamfishermanh Harvey
Pugh, Edwinemp United Towns Elec Coh Race Course Rd
Pumphrey, Ellenwid Danielh Water
Pumphrey, Frank J.studentbds Water
Pumphrey, Isaacsailorh Water
Pumphrey, Joseph L.clerkh Water
Purcell, Williamfishermanh Pipe Track
Purchase, Georgefishermanh South Side
Purchase, Thomasfishermanh South Side
Pynn, Albertship carpenter, Marine Railwayh Pipe Track
Pynn, Archibaldcarpenterbds Stretton's Hill
Pynn, Augustusship carpenter, Marine Railwaybds Pipe Track
Pynn, Georgecarpenterh Water
Pynn, Georgeship carpenter, Marine Railwayh Bannerman
Pynn, Josephtinsmithh Stretton's Hill
Pynn, Williamfishermanh Military Rd
Quinn, Alexanderfarmerh Stretton's Hill
Quinn, Edwardemp Rutherford & Coh Water
Quinn, Williamemp Hr Grace Boot & Shoe Coh Water
Quirk, Johnfishermanbds Glover Rd
Quirk, Michaelfishermanh Glover Rd
Ready, Bernardcabmanh Stretton's Hill
Ready, Jamescabmanbds Stretton's Hill
Reed, Arthurfishermanh Victoria
Reed, Williamfishermanh Military Rd
Regular, Jamesfishermanh Bear's Cove
Regular, Willisfishermanh Bear's Cove
Reid Newfoundland Co
Stretton's Hill
Rest, The (Mrs. A.B. Lehr, proprietress)
Reynolds, Francisfarmerh River Head
Reynolds, Jamescabmanbds River Head
Reynolds, Thomas
bds River Head
Reynolds, Williamfishermanbds River Head
Rodgers, Albertcarpenterh Water
Rodgers, Albertgrocer, Waterh do
Rodgers, Edmundcarpenterh Horwood's Rd
Rodgers, Walter
h Horwood's Rd
Rose, Martinteamsterh Gullies
Ross, Josephgroceries and provisions, Waterh do
Ross Thomasdry goods and groceries, Water Eh Harvey
Russell, Edwardfishermanh Horwood's Rd
Russell, Johnfishermanbds Horwood's Rd
Rutherford, Andrewgeneral dealer andcoal merchant, Water Wh Cochrane
Rutherford, R & Coimporters and general merchantsWater
Ryan, Edwardfishermanh Garland
Ryan, Thomasfishermanh Cathedral Rd
St. John, Dennisfishermanh Harvey
St. John, Josephfishermanh St. Mark's Rd
St. John, Joseph Jrfishermanbds St. Mark's Rd
Salvation Army
Scanlan, Michaelfishermanh River Head
Searle, Fredclerk, MT Jonesh Water
Seaton, Williamoperator, Cable Officebds Water
Serrick, Richardcarpenter, Marine Railwayh Sullivan's Hill
Seymour, Albert H.ex-magistrateh cooper Corner Rd
Shanahan, Johnfishermanbds Woodville Rd
Shanahan, Martinfishermanh Academy Lane
Shanahan, Martinfishermanh fisherman's Rd
Shanahan, Nicholas Sr.fishermanh Woodville Rd
Shanahan, Nicholas Jr.fishermanbds Woodville Rd
Shanahan, Patrickfarmerh fisherman's Rd
Shanahan, Ronaldfishermanbds fisherman's Rd
Shanahan, Thomas Srfishermanh fisherman's Rd
Shanahan, Thomas Jrfishermanh fisherman's Rd
Shea, Dennisfishermanh Water
Shea, Jeremiahfishermanh Cork Lane
Shea, Johnlaborer, Murray & Crawfordh Hard Path
Shea, Stephenfishermanbds Hard Path
Shea, Thomas
h River Head
Shea, Williamplanterh Cork Lane
Sheehan, Jameslaborerh Noad
Sheehan, Johnfishermanbds Noad
Sheppard, Albertsailmakerbds Noad
Sheppard, Alexanderfishermanh South Side
Sheppard, Alfredfishermanbds South Side
Sheppard, Alfredwharfingerh Feather Point
Sheppard, Ambrosecooperh Water
Sheppard, Clementfishermanbds South Side
Sheppard, Edwardfishermanh South Side
Sheppard, Edwardfishermanbds Harvey
Sheppard, Edwardfishermanh Kitchen's Hill
Sheppard, Elifishermanbds South Side
Sheppard, Georgefishermanbds Harvey
Sheppard, George H.fishermanh Water
Sheppard, Henryfishermanbds South Side
Sheppard, Herbertfishermanh South Side
Sheppard, Johncooperh Devonshire Rd
Sheppard, Johnfishermanbds South Side
Sheppard, Johnshoemaker, Brown's Laneh do
Sheppard, Johnfishermanh Noad
Sheppard, Jonathanfishermanbds South Side
Sheppard, Josephfishermanbds French's Lane
Sheppard, Josiahdistrict inspector of policebds Water
Sheppard, Leonardfishermanh South Side
Sheppard, Leonardclerk, P Officeh Water
Sheppard, Lorenzofishermanbds Water
Sheppard, Markfishermanbds South Side
Sheppard, Martinfishermanbds South Side
Sheppard, Martinclerk, R Rutherfordh Harvey
Sheppard, Mosesfishermanbds Kitchen's Hill
Sheppard, Robertteamsterbds Water
Sheppard, Thomasengineer, RNF Coh Water
Sheppard, Williamfishermanh French's Lane
Sheppard, William H.clerkbds Harvey
Shute, Markfishermanh South Side
Shute, Mosesfishermanbds South Side
Shute, Robertfishermanh Brazil's Lane
Shute, Williamfishermanbds South Side
Simmons, Ernestgeneral merchant, Waterh Victoria
Slade, Charlesteamsterh Water
Smallcombe, Richardfishermanbds Glover Rd
Smallcombe, Thomasfishermanh Glover Rd
Smith, Ellenwid John, confectionery, Waterh do
Snelgrove, Arthurfishermanh Bear's Cove
Snelgrove, Georgefishermanh Bear's Cove
Snelgrove, Jamesfishermanbds Bear's Cove
Snelgrove, Johnfishermanbds Bear's Cove
Snelgrove, Williamblacksmithbds Bear's Cove
Snow, Austinfishermanh Snow's Lane
Snow, Fredfishermanbds Snow's Lane
Snow, Fredship carpenter, Marine Docksh Water
Snow, Shannonfishermanbds Water
Snow, Stephenfishermanbds Water
Sparks, Johncarpenterh LeMarchant
Sparks, Josephcarpenterbds LeMarchant
Sparks, Thomascarpenterh Noad
Sparks, Williamcarpenter, RNF Cobds Noad
Spence, Johntidewaiterh Cochrane
Spencer, Harveycooperh Harvey
Spencer, Samuelfishermanbds Harvey
Spurdle, Edwardfishermanh South Side
Spurdle, Georgefishermanbds South Side
Spurdle, Georgefishermanh Slip Rd
Spurdle, Johnfishermanh South Side
Spurdle, Josephfishermanh Slip Rd
Spurdle, Josephfishermanh Garland
Spurdle, Williamfishermanbds Garland
Squires, Alexander
h Bear's Cove
Stanley, Georgefishermanh Bear's Cove
Stapleton, Johnfishermanh Water
Stapleton, MP & Cogroceries and ProvisionsWater
Stapleton, Michael P.of MP Stapleton & Coh Water
Stapleton, Patrickcooperbds Water
Stevenson, Bertramfarmerh Stevenson's Village
Stevenson, Bertramplanterh Lady Pond Rd
Stevenson, Edgarfishermanh Stevenson's Village
Stevenson, Eldredblacksmithbds Stevenson's Village
Stevenson, Frederick
bds Stevenson's Village
Stevenson, George Sr.fishermanh Stevenson's Village
Stevenson, George Jr.fishermanbds Stevenson's Village
Stevenson, George E.dry goods, B & Shoes, millinery, etc., Water Centralh Water W
Stevenson, Henryclerk, RM Duffbds Lady Pond Rd
Stevenson, Jamesmasonh Stevenson's Village
Stevenson, John Jr.fishermanh Ship Head
Stevenson, Josiahmasonh Stevenson's Village
Stevenson, Lorenzofishermanbds Stevenson's Village
Stevenson, Markfishermanbds Stevenson's Village
Stevenson, Matthew
h Stevenson's Village
Stevenson, Samuelteamsterbds Lady Pond Rd
Stevenson, Williamfishermanbds Stevenson's Village
Stevenson, Williammaster marinerh Water
Strapp, Walter A.physician, Waterh Brazil's Lane
Strapp's Pharmacy
Sullivan, Fredclerkh Devonshire Rd
Sullivan, Johnfishermanh Lady Pond Rd
Sullivan, Michaelfishermanh River Head
Sullivan, Morris
h Water E
Sullivan, Mrs. Morrisconfectionery, Water Eh do
Sullivan, Patrickfishermanh South Side
Sullivan, Paulfishermanh South Side
Sweetland, Georgefishermanh Bear's Cove
Sweetland, Jamesfishermanbds Bear's Cove
Tallon, Johnshoemaker, Bannermanh do
Tapp, Arthurblacksmith, Waterh do
Tapp, Johnblacksmith, Waterh Noad
Tapp, Johnmang dir, Marine Railway Docksh Noad
Tarrant, Georgefishermanh Kitchen's Hill
Tarrant, Johnfishermanbds Kitchen's Hill
Taylor, Ambrosefishermanh Harvey
Taylor, Archibaldfishermanh Bear's Cove
Taylor, Edwardfishermanh Webber's Lane
Taylor, Eugenefishermanh Water
Taylor, Henryfishermanh Cochrane
Taylor, Henrycarpenterh Water
Taylor, Johnfishermanh South Side
Taylor, Richardfishermanbds Harvey
Taylor, Robertfishermanbds South Side
Taylor, Samuelfishermanbds Bear's Cove
Taylor, Williamfishermanbds Harvey
Taylor, Willisfishermanbds Bear's Cove
Thomas, John
h Water
Thomey, Arthurfishermanh Cathedral Rd
Thomey, Charlesboarding house, Water Eh do
Thomey, Harrypegger, Hr Grace B & Shoe Cobds Water
Thomey, Henrymaster marinerh The Beach
Thomey, Henry J.fishermanh Water
Thomey, Henry W.fishermanbds The Beach
Thomey, Johntidewaiterh The Beach
Thomey, Lillybkkprbds The Beach
Thomey, Misses M & Mgrocers and confectionersWater E
Thomey, Margaretof M & M Thomeyh Water
Thomey, Margaretwid Markh Water
Thomey, Maryof M & M Thomeyh Water
Thomey, Matthewemp Archibald Brosbds Water
Thomey, Michaelboarding house, Waterh do
Thomey, Samuelagent, Singer Sewing Machine Cobds Water E
Thompson, Eugene B.operator, Anglo Amer Tel Cob Harvey
Thompson, Jamesfishermanh Dungarvon Rd
Thompson, Johnfishermanh Harvey
Thompson, Johnfishermanbds Dungarvon Rd
Thompson, W.H.of W.H. Thompson & Coh Victoria
Thompson, WH & CodruggistsWater
Thorpe, Williamfishermanh Caplin Cove
Titford, Elsiesalesladybds Harvey
Titford, Frankfishermanbds Harvey
Titford, George J.fishermanbds Harvey
Titford, Melvinblacksmithbds Bennett's Lane
Titford, Robertcarpenterbds Harvey
Titford, Samuelfishermanh Harvey
Titford, Sylviefishermanbds Harvey
Titford, Walterengineer, RNF Coh Harvey
Titford, Williamtidewaiterh Bennett's Lane
Tobin, Thomas
h Bannerman
Tobin, Mrs. Thomasboarding house, Bannermanh do
Tobin, Williamemp United Towns Elec Coh Harvey
Trapnell, John (J.P.)supt of prisonh Harvey
Travers, Oliver merchant, broker and ins agent, Waterbds do
Travers, Williamteamsterh Pipe Track
Tucker, Israelemp Hr Grace Water Cobds Race Course Rd
Tucker, Williammaster marinerh Stretton's Hill
Tucker, Williampegger, Hr Grace B & Shoe Coh Race Course Rd
Umberson, Georgefishermanh Glover Rd
Umberson, Patrick
h Glover Rd
Umberson, Williamfishermanbds Glover Rd
United States Cable Station
United Towns Electrical Co Ltd (Branch)
Water E
Verge, Elifishermanbds Pipe Track
Verge, Harrisonfishermanbds Bannerman
Verge, Josephfishermanh Devonshire Rd
Verge, Levi
bds Devonshire Rd
Verge, Richardemp Hr Grace Water Coh Bannerman
Verge, William
h Pipe Track
Victoria Book Store
Walker, John E.grocer, Waterh do
Walsh, Bernardfishermanh Ship Head
Walsh, Frankfishermanh Dungarvon Rd
Walsh, Harrisonlaborerh Water
Walsh, Jamesprinter, Standard Officeh St. Mark's Rd
Walsh, Johnminerh Harvey
Walsh, Michaelemp Hr Grace Water Cobds River Head
Walsh, Mrs. Patrickgrocer, River Headh do
Walsh, Richardfishermanh fisherman's Rd
Walsh, Ronaldcarpenterh Harvey
Walsh, Thomasfishermanh River Head
Walsh, Thomasgrocer, River Headh do
Walsh, Waltercooperbds Harvey
Walsh, Williamcooperh Harvey
Walsh, Williamfarmerh Cathedral Rd
Walters, George
h Water
Ward, Mildredschool teacherbds Victoria
Ward, William (JP)sub col of customsh Victoria
Warren, James S.wheelwright, carriage builder and painter, Water Wh do
Warren, W.S.mgr, Marine Railway Docks Coh Water
Watson, Williamcooperh LeMarchant
Watts, Claudeclerk, HC Wattsh Water
Watts, Henry C.general merchant, Water Eh do
Webber, Alfredawid Valentineh Water
Webber, Baxterminerh Water
Webber, Charles H.fishermanh Woodville Rd
Webber, Claratailoressbds Webber's Lane
Webber, Elizabethwid Harryh Harvey
Webber, Georgefishermanh Webber's Lane
Webber, capt George C.
h Nichol's Lane
Webber, Henrycabmanh Harvey
Webber, Johnclerkbds Woodville Rd
Webber, Theodoreclerkbds Woodville Rd
Webber, William
bds Nichol's Lane
Wells, Albertemp Hr Grace B & Shoe Coh Kildare Rd
Wells, Charlesfishermanh Cochrane
Wells, Jamesfarmerh Lady Pond Rd
Wells, Matthewcabmanbds Lady Pond Rd
West End Hotel (Jas Foley, prop)
Whelan, Georgecarpenter, R Rutherford, Military Rd
Whelan, Johnfishermanh Brazil's Lane
Whelan, Richardfishermanh Cathedral Rd
Whipple, Thomasfishermanh Death Hill
White, Marcusfishermanh Harvey
White, Williamlaborerbds Harvey
Whiteway, Dougaldclerkbds Woodville Rd
Whiteway, Georgefishermanh Woodville Rd
Whiteway, Henryshoemaker, Water Eh do
Whitman, J.A.custom tailor, Waterh do
Whitman, L.A.tailorbds Water
Williams, Ambroseteamsterbds Devonshire Rd
Williams, Edmundteacherh Bear's Cove
Williams, Louissupt, The United Towns Elec Co Ltd
Williams, Stephenfishermanh Water
Williams, Williamcab driverh Harvey
Williams, Willisfishermanbds Devonshire Rd
Willis, Albertfishermanh Devonshire Rd
Wills, Berthaschool teacherbds Harvey
Wills, Florawid Thomash Harvey
Yetman, Archibald
h Pipe Track
Yetman, Jamesplanterh South Side
Yetman, Jamesfishermanbds South Side
Yetman, Johnfishermanh South Side
Yetman, Josiahfishermanbds South Side
Yetman, Mosesfishermanh Water
Yetman, Mosesplanterh South Side
Yetman, Williamfishermanh South Side
Yetman, Williamfishermanh Downing
Yetman, Williamfishermanh Cochrane

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