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1928 Directory

Bishop's Cove

The information was transcribed by DEBBIE COATES ~ January 2002 from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors.
Adams Esau
Barrett Natt
Barrett Jethro
Barrett Israel
Barrett Hector
Barrett John R
Barrett Eldred
Barrett George F
Barrett Nathan
Barrett John
Barrett Nath sr
Barrett Eleazer
Barrett Bertram
Clarke Robert
Clarke Isaac
Clarke Josiah
Drover Josiah
Drover James
Jones Leander
Lynch Thomas
Lynch Joseph
Mercer John
Menchins Josiah
Menchins Nath
Menchins J W
Menchins Eugene
Menchins Thomas
Peddle Peter of Jno
Peddle ohn Thos
Peddle Maxwell
Peddle Geo H
Peddle Jooseph
Peddle Edmund
Peddle George
Peddle Moses
Peddle Peter sr
Smith John of Jno
Smith John F
Smith John E
Smith Moses D
Smith John of Jno E
Smith Moses of A
Smith John of M
Smith Abraham
Smith John of A
Smith Reginald
Smith Cyril of Jno
Smith Eli
Smith Josiah
Smith Ralph
Smith Isaac
Smith Silas
Smith Levi
Smith Joseph
Smith Jacob
Smith Leonard
Smith Edward
Smith Mark
Smith Samuel
Smith Cyril of Isaac
Smith Stanley
Smith John of A
Smith James
Smith George
Smith A E
Smith W D
Smith John T
Smith David
Smith Arnold
Smith Stuart
Smith Isaac of Wm
Smith Elijah
Smith Wm of Wm
Smith Joseph of Wm
Smith Walter
Williams Leander

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