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1928 Directory

Harbour Grace

The information was transcribed by DEBBIE COATES ~ January 2002 from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors.
Page 518
Adams GeorgeBears Cove
Adams JohnBear's Cove
Adams SamuelBear's Cove
Adams S (of J)Lampen's Lane
Abbott WilliamWater Street
ARCHIBALD BROTHERS manufacturees of Boots and Shoes (see Advt)
Archibald F CCochrane Street
Archibald H DBannerman St
Adams LemuelBear's Cove
Andrews GeoHarvey St
Alcock KennethDeath Hill
Adams WmHarvey St
Andrews HerbertWater Street
Andrews Henrydo
Alcock Bertramdo
Alcock Henrydo
Alcock Ralphdo
Ash Ed TShip Head
Ash John (JN) Pippy's Hill
Ash GrahamPippy's Hill
Ash ArthurPippy's Hill
Ash ThosHarvey St
Ash FrankHarvey's St
Ash RobertHarvey's St
Ash WmNoad St
Ash CharlesNoad St
Ash John JNoad St
Ash LlewllynHarvey Street
Ash RichardKitchen's Hill
Andrews RobertHarvey St
Adams Richard J Harvey St
Ash TimothyHard Path
Ash PatrickHard Path
Barrett MarkBear's Cove
Brazil RobertHarvey Street
BUTT C C broker (see advt)
Butt Charles CCourage's Beach
Butt JohnCochrane St
Butt MichaelFisherman's Rd
Barrett RKitchen's Hill
Barrett RKitchen's Hill
Burke EdgarWater Street
Bray SelbyPipe Track
Bray GrahamPipe Track
Bray GeorgeDevonshire Rd
Bray StephenDevonshire Rd
Bray RobertDevonshire Rd
Bray WmWater St
Bray UriahHarvey St
Bray LeanderHarvey St
Bray JohnNoad Street
Bray JohnNoad St
Bradbury Eugene Water St
Bradbury AlbertWater St
Beckham JohnWater St
Brown PhilipDowning St
Brown WmDowning St
Brown ThomasDowning St
Brown HectorHarvey St
Barnes JosephSouth Side
Brazil JohnSpds Bay Rd
Page 519
Barron JamesRiverhead
Bulman GeoCochrane St
Bruce MichaelOtterbury Street
Byrne John Wdo
Bryne Edwarddo
Butt Johndo
Bradbury Thosdo
Bradbury Jasdo
Bradbury Wmdo
Cooney JohnCarbonear Rd
Cooney RichardCarbonear Rd
Cooney EdwardCarbonear Rd
Carroll PatrickStretton's Hill
Collis A LLeMerchant St
Carson WmBennett's Lane
Carson GeorgeBennett's Lane
Clare JohnHolbrook St
Cake JohnLampen's Lane
COCHRANE HOTEL Miss Rose Archibald prop (see advt)
Cron JamesCaplin Cove
CRON DR C physician (see advt)
CRON J merchant (see advt)
Coffin Rev F SCochrane St
Conners TimothyCochrane St
Coady JamesHarvey Street
Coady Michael JHarvey Street
Conners PatLady Lake Rd
Chafe Frederick GVictoria St
Chafe LeslieVictoria St
Curtis GeoNoad St
Curtis JamesNoad St
Curtis HectorNoad St
Crocker SamuelBrazil's Lane
Crocker GeoBrazils Lane
Connors TimothyVictoria St
Cron CharlesVictoria St
Casey JohnWater Street
Crocker GeoBannerman Lake
Coombs WmWater Street
Crane JohnDowning Street
Crane HenleyDowning Street
Cran WmHarvey Street
Courage GeoStanley Rd
Chedwick AlfredWater St
Crocker AlexHorword's Rd
Coombs RichardSpds Bay Rd
Cron Thomasdo
Callahan Johndo
Page 520 Advertisements
Page 521
Collins Johndo
Cleary Martindo
Crane WilliamThicket
Crane John srThicket
Crane John jrThicket
Crane MosesThicket
Callahan J Cooper Corner Rd
Callahan BCooper Corner Rd
Callahan Jas Cooper Corner Rd
Callahan JohnCooper Corner Rd
Crocker ChasOtterbury
Crocker James COtterbury
Crocker James GOtterbury
Crokcer George [sic]Otterbury
Davis FrancisGarland's Hill
Davis ThomasBear's Cove
Davis HenryBear's Cove
Davis RobertCaplin Cove
Davis AllanCaplin Cove
Davis JohnCaplin Cove
Dunn ThomasLeMarchant St
Dinn Rev M FCathedral St
Doyle PatrickGarland's Hill
Dunn Frank JLeMarchant St
Dove JStevendon's Villiage
Davis GLady Pond Rd
Dove IsraelLady Pond Rd
Dove WalterStevenson's Villiage
Dove FredStevenson's Villiage
Dooley WmLeMarchant St
Dooley GeraldLeMarchant St
Duff Robert MWater St
DUFF R M merchant dry goods boots etc (see advt)
Duff DavidWater St
Driscoll W JWater St
Dove JamesStevenson's Villiage
Dwyer AlexHarvey St
Dove DavidStevenson's Villiage
Davis GeorgeWater Street
Davis LorenzoWater St
Davis WmWater St
Davis Nathinel [sic]Downing St
Downing UriahDowning St
Downing JohnDowning St
Davis HenryNoad St
Davis MatthewNoad St
DavisThomasNoad St
Davis JohnNoad St
Davis EdwardKitcher's Hill
Dwyer JamesPipe Track
Duggan WmSouthside Side
Dunn JamesSouthside Side
Dunn WmSouthside Side
Dunn RobertSouthside Side
Doran EdRiverhead
Doran FrancisHard Path
Doran JohnHard Path
Doran RichardHard Path
Doyle ThomasDungarvan Rd
Dawly PNorth Side
Dawson ThomasNorth Side
Dunn John COtterbury
Dunn WmOtterbury
Dunn ValentineOtterbury
Donnelly MichaelOtterbury
Edwards WmBear's Cove
Fleming FrankCaplin Cove
Farrell JohnKildare Rd
Fitzgerald JamesWater St
FITZGERALD MISS Mdealer in millinery (see advt)
Fitzgerald P JWater St
Fitzgerald ThomasHolbrook St
Fitzgerald WilliamHolbrook St
Fitzgerald T of WWater St
Fleming MauriceWater St
Freeman Ed DHarvey St
Page 522 Advertisements
Page 523
Freeman WmHarvey St
Fraize ThomasHarvey St
Fox James PHarvey St
Farrell LeonardDeath Hill
Farrell James jrDeath Hill
Farrell James srDeath Hill
Frampton JohnNoad St
Frampton WmNoad St
Ford Thos GHarvey St
Foley EdwardWater St
Fallon LukeWater St
Foley JamesWater St
French GeorgeWater St
French SilisCourage's Beach
French Edwarddo
French Thosdo
French Josephdo
French Walterdo
French Wmdo
French RobertWater St
French WoodleyWater St
Filliard JohnHarvey St
Fahey EdwardSpds Bay Rd
Gordon JohnCaplin Cove
Gordon R TBear's Cove
Gordon G THarvey St
Garland HenryHarvey St
Grandville AGarland's Hill
Garland CharlesWater St
GODDEN C & E merchants dry goods and hardware(see advt)
Godden CharlesWater St
Garland J of CWater St
Garland J of GCochrane St
Garland Geo ACochrane St
Griffin MichaelCochrane St
George CharlesLampins Lane
Griffin CorneliusLeMarchant Rd
Grimme Otto ECaplin Cove
George RobertCottage Lane
Griffin ThosLady Pond Rd
Griffin JohnLady Pond Rd
Griffin ThomasLady Pond Rd
Goodland A JVictoria St
Gillard AllanLilly's Lane
Greenhan AllanBannerman St
GOODWIN W. S., D D S dentist (see advt)
Page 524
Goodwin Whitman SShip Head
Gosse ECourage's Beach
George ClementHarvey St
Guilfoyle W JSpds Bay Rd
Guilfoyle Regdo
Guilfoyle Thosdo
Guilfoyle Mdo
Galloway JamesGullies
Galloway Jas of JasGullies
Galloway ThosThicket
Galloway DavidThicket
Galloway WmThicket
Griffin JohnFisherman'rs Rd
Galloway GeoThicket
GRACIAN HOTEL THE Mrs A Yetman prop (see advt)
Hogan T PCarbonear Rd
Heath A WCaplin Cove
Harris Rev WWater St
Higgins PaulBeach
Hayden LukeWater St
Hayse MCochrane St
Hayse WCochrane St
Higgitt Rev W R JCochrane St
Halliday ThosLeMarchant Rd
Hayden ArthurWater St
Hayden Timdo
Hayden L Tdo
Hennessey Jasdo
HARBOR GRACE BOOT & SHOE MFG CO THE W J Parsons mgr (see advt)
Hayden LawrenceBannerman St
Hare WilliamHarvey St
Hennessey J of Ddo
Hare Johndo
Hatcher Johndo
Hatcher Allando
Hatcher Ldo
Hatcher RobtHarvey St
Hare PatLady Lake Rd
Hare MauriceLady Lake Rd
Holloway BenjaminHarvey St
Herald DuncanParson's Lane
Hanrahan EdHarvey St
Hunt GeoPipe Track
Hunt W Gdo
Hunt J Gdo
Hunt Henrydo
Hunt W Hdo
Hunt W Wdo
Hunt Jamesdo
Hunt Ddo
Harris GeoDevonshire Rd
Horwood WmCourage's Beach
Hennessey H FWater St
Heath ErnestCourage's Beach
Hatcher NormanHarvey St
Harris Josephdo
Harris Ndo
Harris Wmdo
Harris Johndo
Hunt JamesSouth Side
Hayse WmSouth Side
Hickey JohnSpds Bay Rd
Hickey PatSpds Bay Rd
Hickey PCooper Corner Rd
Hinton HWater St
Hynes EdwardOtterbury
Hearn MichaelOtterbury
Hearn JamesOtterbury
Hearn JohnOtterbury
Howard Rev FCatheral St
Jones M TWater St
Janes EugeneHarvey St
Jones JohnCourage's Beach
Jones HenryKitchen's Hill
Kennedy ChasBear's Cove
Page 526
Kennedy AndrewBear's Cove
Kennedy ClarenceBear's Cove
Kennedy ThosBear's Cove
Kennedy TerenceWater St
Kennedy T DLeMarchant St
KennedyLeMarchant St
Kennedy R K of W Hdo
Kennedy H RLeMarchant St
Kennedy W O'BLeMarchant St
Kennedy SLeMarchant St
Kennedy C IWater St
Kennedy R K of C LWater St
Kane MichaelDeath Hill
Kitchen GeorgeHarvey Street
Kitchen RonHarvey Street
Kitchen HarveyHarvey Street
Kitchen HedleyKitchen's Hill
Kearney PatSpds Bay Road
Kearney W jrHard Path
Kehoe T of TNorth Side
Kelly PatrickNorth Side
Kelly PeterNorth Side
Kelly TimNorth Side
Kelly WmNorth Side
Kelly RichardHarvey St
King BMartin's Lane
Lilly Jas of JasHarvey St
LeDrew JohnWater St
Lee RobertWater St
Lehbridge Geo [sic]Lady Pond Rd
Lewis S GCochrane St
Lilly JamesLilly's Lane
Lilly ShenstoneLilly's Lane
Lilly GeoLilly's Lane
Lynch ThosPipe Track
Lynch JosephBannerman Lake
Luffman WmHarvey St
Luffman ThosHarvey St
Leary RonHarvey St
Lilly ThosNoad St
Lilly GeorgeNoad St
Lee W RWater St
Langsdowne RCooper Corner Rd
Munn R SWater St
McRae John TWater St
McNeil WarrenBear's Cove
Madigan PHarvey St
March Right Rev John, D. D., Bishop of Harbor GraceCathedral Street
Martin GeoWater St
Martin A srMurrey's Square
Martin WalterBrazil's Lane
Martin CharlesMurrey's Square
Martin IsaacMartin's Lane
Martin JosephMurreys Square
Martin A (Fdk)Murrey's Square
Martin RonaldMurrey's Square
Martin Andrewdo
Martin Alexdo
Martin Daviddo
Martin Mundendo
Marrtin W HMartin's Lane
Martin ThomasVictoria St
Martin MalcomVictoria St
Martin Fred (F)Martin's Lane
Martin EliLady Pd Rd
Martin EugeneLady Pd Rd
MARTIN MUNDEN tinsmith & sheet metal worker (see advt)
Martin AllanLady Pd Rd
Moriarity JohnRocky Pd Rd
Meaney Denis FVictoria St
Moores JamesHarvey St
Martin ThomasHarvey St
Madigan W SWater St
Martin E (H)Murrey's Square
Page 527
Martin F HWater St
Martin AMurray's Square
Martin Thos of AlexWater St
Martin EliolKitchen's Hill
Martin AndrewHarvey St
Martin JohnFrench's Lane
Martin FWater St
Martin WmHarvey St
Martin JohnPipe Track
Mercell HarveyCochrane St
Moriarity JamesLeMarchant St
Moriarity EdwardCochrane St
Moriarity WmBeach
Murphy ThomasVictoria St
Murphy FrancisVictoria St
McRae FrankVictoria St
MUNN & OAKE **See Errata table belowprinters and publishers prop "Harbor Grace Standard" (see advt)
Munn Jas DHarvey St
Morris FrancisVictoria St
Morris FredWater St
Mercer ThosWater St
Mercer F of HWater Street
Mercer JosiahHarvey Street
Mercer JohnHarvey St
Mortimore JohnKitchen's Hill
Morrissey PPipe Track Rd
McCarthy FelixHarvey Street
McCarrthy Eddo
McCarthy Justin jrdo
Murphy Johndo
Morrissey MichaelRiverhead
Moran Jamesdo
Mackey M Jdo
Mercer JohnGullies
Mercer GeoGullies
Mercer EdwardGullies
Mercer JermemiahGullies
Mackay FredWater St
Mackay ArthurCochrane St
Mackay FrancisFisherman's Rd
Mackay RCooper Corner Rd
McCarthy CFisherman's Rd
Mullowney P Hard Path
Mullowney EdHard Path
Mullowney DanielHard Path
Morrissey ThosGlover Rd
Mulcahey MOtterbury
McCarthy JosephGlover Rd
Noseworthy Esaudo
Noseworthy Thosdo
Noseworthy RTrapnell's Lane
Nichols WmBrazil's Lane
Noseworthy RVictoria St
Nichols NBannerman Lake
Neil EdwardPipe Track
Neil JamesShip Head
Nichols WmShip Head
Nichols JacobWater St
Nichols EliolWater St
Noel JohnShip Head
Noseworthy JDevonshire Rd
Noseworthy Josdo
Page 528
Noseworthy JasAshe's Lane
Noseworthy SelbyWater St
Noseworthy MWater St
Noseworthy SNoad St
Noseworthy FNoad St
Noseworthy ThosNoad St
Noseworthy EHarvey St
Noel MarcusHarvey St
Newman JohnStanley Rd
Northcott JamesOtterbury
Northcott ThosOtterbury
Neil AlfredPipe Track
Neil JosephPipe Track
Neil ArthurHarvey St
O`Keefe PatrickBear's Cove
O`Keefe Wmdo
O`Keefe Johndo
O`Keefe Michaeldo
O`Neil Rev T DCathedral St
O`Keefe DBennett's Lane
O`Brien JasStretton's Hill
O`Brien PStretton's Hill
O`Brien E FStretton's Hill
O`Conner W MLady Pd Rd
Oke E LVictoria St
Oke J LVictoria St
O`Shea RWater St
O`Shea JasWater St
Parmiter W HWater Street
PARMITER W H merchant general business ( see advt)
Pike Geo of AmbroseBear's Cove
Pike Geo of Geodo
Parsons John Tdo
Parsons Shenstonedo
Parsons Duncando
Parsons SelbyStretton's Hill
Parsons A TStretton's Hill
Parsons G BHarvey St
Pickford Rev G BWater St
PIKE MRS J groceries dry goods and hotel accomodation see ad
Pike ChristopherCaplin Cove
Peddle Cecildo
Peddle Williamdo
Peddle Eleazerdo
Peddle Nathanieldo
Pynn WillisMilitary Rd
Parsons ArthurWater St
Pasher MarkLampen's Lane
Parsons WmBear's Cove
Parsons Wm of PresBear's Cove
Parsons VictorHarvey St
Parsons FrederickHarvey St
Parsons PrescottBear's Cove
Pugh EdwinCaplin Cove
Parsons Cyril TBear's Cove
Parsons W JLeMarchant St
Perry WmCollege Lane
Perry N (W)College Lane
Power Jas AWater St
Pynn John (Ed)Water St
Page 529
Pynn FrancisWater St
Payne RobertWater St
Pumphery WmWater St
Parsons JohnWater St
Pike EdKitchen's Hill
Pike EugeneKitchen'sHill
Power MCottage Rd
Pynn ArchStretton's Hill
Pynn HarveyStretton's Hill
Pynn G WLady Pd Rd
Parsons Ephraim EHarvey St
Pynn John (Jos)Harvey St
Pike ThosHarvey St
Parsons EdBannerman St
PARSONS E E merchant general business (see advt)
Parsons CecilBannerman St
Parsons A EBannerman St
Parsons R TWater St
Parsons StewartWater St
Purcell RichardPipe Track
Purcell EdwardPipe Track
Parsons TheodoreShip Head
Penny FrazerCourage's Beach
Pottle JamesCourage's Beach
Pike JordanDowning St
Powell GeoDowning St
Pynn HenryHarvey St
Pynn Cdo
Pynn Ndo
Pynn Ado
Pike Jamesdo
Pike Frankdo
Pike Allando
Power JohnHarvey Street
Peddle JamesWater Street
Peddle RobertWater Street
Peddle JohnWater Street
Pike JohnHarvey Street
Pike WmHarvey Street
Parsons AllanHarvey Street
Pynn FredNoad Street
Parsons WilliamOtterbury
Parsons Austindo
Parsons Austindo
Parmiter James srdo
Parmiter James jrdo
Parmiter Henleydo
Quinn AlexStretton's Hill
Quinn WilliamGarland's Hill
Quinn EdwardWater Street
Ryan RichardGarlands Hill
Ryan AlexMilitary Rd
Regular WillisBear's Cove
Regular WmBear's Cove
Reddy BernardStretton's Hill
Reddy MichaelStretton's Hill
Rideout SydneyBannerman St
Rogers EdmundCourage's Beach
RODGERS ALBERT undertaker (See advt)
Rogers AlbertCourage's Beach
Rogers A LCourage's Beach
ROGERS A L taxi service see ad
Ross ThomasWater Street
Ross CharlesWater Street
ROSS THOMAS merchant general business (see advt)
Ross W LWater Street
Ross JosephWater Street
Reynolds Wm (J)Spds Bay Rd
Reynolds JamesSpds Bay Rd
Reynolds Wm (W)Spds Bay Rd
Reynolds FrancisSpds Bay Rd
Page 530
Reynolds W (Jas)Spds Bay Rd
Reynolds ThosFisherman's Rd
Rose MartinGullies
Russell EdFisherman's Rd
Russell FrancisCooper Corner Rd
Russell Jamesdo
Russell P (Jas)do
Russell P (P)do
Ryan WilliamFisherman's Road
Ryan Mdo
Ryan Johndo
Ryan M (J)do
Ryan Wm (M)do
Serrick RichardBeach
Snelgrove JohnBear's Cove
Stapleton JohnWater St
Stapleton M PWater St
Stapeton John (J)Water Street
SIMMONS E general merchant (see advt)
Simmons ErnestWater St
Sullivan MauriceWater St
Stowe JohnCaplin Cove
Stowe SCapin Cove
Stanley ThosBear's Cove
Stevenson WHarvey St
Sheppard KHarvey St
Slade CharlesCochrane St
Squires AlexCaplin Cove
Spurdel JLampen's Lane
Stevenson M (W)Stev. Village
Stevenson MStevenson's Village
Stevenson M (M)do
Stevenson Bertdo
Stevenson Samdo
Stevenson Wmdo
Stevenson Ldo
Stevenson Geodo
Shea WmDeath Hill
Stevenson AlexVictoria St
Sheppard JBannerman St
Shute NVictoria St
Shute MosesVictoria St
Sullivan F JHarvey St
Sheppard ErnestWater St
Shute ArthurVictoria St
Stevenson H EWater Street
Sheppard RonaldShip Head
Stevenson RShip Head
STEVENSON G E general merchant and coal dealer (see advt)
Stevenson G EShip Head
Page 531
Sheppard JordanWater Street
Sheppard Robertdo
Sheppard Richarddo
Sheppard Lorenzodo
Sheppard SHarvey St
Snow Samueldo
Snow Austindo
Snow EWater St
Snow Georgedo
Sheppard StephenHarvey Street
Stevenson Henrydo
Shanahan Johndo
Sheppard J Cdo
Sparkes Thomasdo
Spencer Joshuado
Spencer Harveydo
Spencer Samueldo
Sehppard John [sic]do
Sheppard Ed (G)Harvey St
Sheppard Martindo
Sellers JamesAshe's Lane
Sellers ADevonshire Rd
Sellers TDevonshire Rd
Sheppard NKitchen's Hill
Sheppard RKitchen's Hill
Sheppard RKitchen's Hill
STRAPP DR G(see advt)
Sheehan JohnFrench's Lane
Sheppard Solomondo
Sheppard Williamdo
Sheppard Freddo
Sheppard A Edo
Sheppard Ed (J)Ashe's Lane
Sheppard EleazerNoad Street
Page 532
Snow WilliamNoad St
Snow Bernarddo
Snow Edwarddo
Snow Frederickdo
Snow Thomasdo
Snow Georgedo
Snow Williamdo
Sheridan JSouth Side
Sloan GeoSpds Bay Rd
Shoughrue J (M)Spds Bay Rd
STRICKLAND E farmer & lumberer (see advt)
Sullivan MSpds Bay Rd
Shanahan JohnRiverhead
Shanahan N (N)Riverhead
Sullivan EdFisherman's Rd
Sullivan Johndo
Shanahan Thosdo
Shanahan Rdo
Shanahan N (J)do
Shanahan Pdo
Shanahan MartinHard Path
Shea JohnHard Path
Shea StephenHard Path
Shoughrue J (B)Dungarvan Rd
Stapleton PNorth Side
Smallcomb JohnOtterbury
Smallcomb RichardOtterbury
Sullivan CorneliusHarvey St
Sullivan JohnGlover Rd
Smallcomb StephenHarvey St
Sullivan EdFisherman's Rd
Tapp ArthurWater St
Thomey ChasWater St
Titford WmBennett's Lane
Titford GrantBennett's Lane
Thomey JamesBeach
Tobin ThosBannerman St
Tobin J JBannerman St
Thomey A (M)Bannerman St
Thomey MBannerman St
Tarrant GeoKitchen's Hill
Tarrant BKitchen's Hill
Tarrant G (G)Kitchen's Hill
Templeton Rev G SCochrane St
Tucker IsraelLady Pd Rd
Thomey A (J)Harvey St
Thomson A RWater St
THOMSON W H & CO chemist and druggist (see advt)
Titford SamuelHarvey St
Titford JamesHarvey St
Page 533
Thistle ThosMartin's Lane
Thomas JohnWater St
Taylor EWater St
Tarrant JohnWater St
Taylor RichardHarvey St
Taylor LemuelHarvey St
Taylor MaxwellHarvey St
Tetford R srHarvey St
Tetford R jrHarvey St
Umberson P (P)Otterbury
Umberson JohnGlover Rd
Verge RBannerman Lake
Verge HBannerman Lake
Verge EliPipe Track
Verge WmPipe Track
Verge MarkPipe Track
Vaters GeoHarvey St
Webber J DCaplin Cove
Webber GeoCaplin Cove
Webber WmCaplin Cove
Webber ChasCaplin Cove
Webber VCaplin Cove
Walsh W of WLeMarchant St
Walsh W of EdCarbonear Rd
Walsh W GCochrane St
Walsh RichardCochrane St
Walsh J of RdCochrane St
Walsh J TCathedral St
WALTERS W B merchant grocries provisions (see advt)
Walters W BWater St
Wells AlbertCochrane St
Wells ArthurHarvey St
Walsh RLeMarchant St
Whelan GeoMilitary Road
Walsh A JWater St
Wells JasLady Pd Rd
Whittle ThosDeath Hill
Williams S HWater St
Wells HaroldShip Head
Warren W srShip Head
Warren W jrShip Head
WEST END HOTEL THE Mrs James Foley prop (see advt)
Whitman L AWater St
WHITMAN J A & SON tailors and clothiers (see advt)
Williams AmbroseShip Head
Williams SCourage's Beach
Whelan JohnGullies
Whelan MosesThicket
Young J JWater St
YETMAN H L merchant groceries fruit etc (see advt)
Yetman PHarvey St
Yetman JHarvey St
Yetman J srWater St
Yetman J jrWater St
Yetman MosesShip Head
Yetman W GHarvey St
Yetman EdHarvey St
Yetman ADowning St
Yetman WNorth Side

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
MUNN & OAKE That printing shop was called MUNN & OKE (no A )  My gr-grandfather, my grandfather and my father all worked at that printing shop and it was called MUNN & OKE. Jessica Oke McCarthy

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