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Conception Bay North ~ Harbour Grace District

1928 Directory

Harbour Grace Southside

The information was transcribed by DEBBIE COATES ~ January 2002 from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors.
Barron Michael
Burke John
Burke Patrick
Callahan James
Cleary Bernard
Farrell John (Thos)
George Martin
George Levi
George Hayward
George Richard
Glavine William
Glavine James T
Gillard Willis
Gillard Allan
Higgins Thomas
Kearney Patrick
McGrath Joseph
Noel Dugald
Noel Hedley
Noel Ernest
Noel Wm (Az)
Noel Gaden (Az)
Noel Wm (Wm)
Noel Mark
Noel Silas
Noel Nathaniel
Noel Eleazer
Noel Gaden (Elz)
Noseworthy Edward
Noseworthy John
Noseworthy Silas
Noseworthy James
Noseworthy Edmund
Noseworthy Archibald
Noel Selby
Noel John
Noel Clement
Noel Leander
Noel Harold (J C )
Noel Henley
Norcott William
Noel James ( W T)
Noel Dugald (S)
Purchase Thomas
Parsons Arthur
Parsons John (R)
Parsons Andrew
Percey James
Parsons James H
Parsons Duncan
Parsons Richard
Parsons Bradley
Parsons Moses
Parsons James
Parsons McKeny
Parsons Edward
Parsons Norman
Parsons John J
Parsons Samuel
Parsons Henry (W)
Parsons Wm
Parsons Francis
Parsons Henry jr
Parsons Freeman
Parsons Alexander
Parsons George
Regular James
Sheppard Johathan
Sheppard Hugh
Sheppard John W
Sheppard Selby
Sheppard Richard (H)
Sheppard Alfred
Sheppard William
Sheppard Herbert
Sheppard Josiah
Sheppard Leonard
Sheppard Freeman of J
Sheppard Clement of T
Sheppard T M
Sheppard Maxwell
Sheppard T H
Sheppard Edward (T)
Sheppard Nath
Sheppard George
Sheppard Abijah
Sheppard Arthur
Sheppard Ambrose
Sheppard Nath of T
Sheppard Simeon
Sheppard Hayward
Sheppard Freeman (R)
Sheppard Edward (N)
Shute James P
Shute Moses
Shute Mark
Sullivan John
Sullivan Edward
Spurdel John
Spurdel Ebenezer
Spurdel Edgar W
Spurdel Joseph
Spurdel Edgar (G)
Spurdel Geo (W)
Spurdel William
Spurdel George (G)
Spurdel William of G
Sullivan Peter
Taylor Archelus
Taylor John
Taylor Edmund
Yetman Moses
Yetman Josiah
Yetman Maxwell

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