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1928 Directory

Upper Island Cove

The information was transcribed by DEBBIE COATES ~ January 2002 from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors.
Adams John
Adams J W
Adams Esau
Adams George
Adams Alfred
Adams Roland
Bishop Ernest
Bradbury Wm
Barrett Wm
Barrett Benjamin
Bishop Lorenzo
Bishop Herbert
Bishop Albert of Esau
Bishop Esau
Bishop Albert of A
Crane W of Geo
Crane William
Crane W of Nath
Crane Archibald
Crane John W
Crane Ernest
Crane John of Joseph
Crane John of John
Crane George
Crane Leonard
Crane Josiah
Crane James
Coombs Azariah
Coombs Wm
Coombs John of John
Coombs Henry
Coombs Geo
Coombs Nathaniel
Coombs Archibald
Coombs Norman
Coombs Eugene
Coombs Cyril
Coombs Walter
Coombs John of Richard
Coombs Geo of John
Coombs John
Coombs Llewellyn
Coombs John sr
Coombs Whitney
Coombs John of C
Coombs Howard
Crane Henry Wm
Comby Joseph
Crane Albert
Clarke Geo of Robert
Clark Robert
Clark David
Clark Matthew
Clark David
Clark Matthew
Dobbin Eldred
Dobbin William
Dobbin Nicholas
Dobbin George
Dobbin Vincent
Drover J W
Drover Albert
Drover Clement
Drover Geo
Drover Edward
Drover James
Drover Thos of Wm
Drover William
Drover Nath of W
Drover Nath of N
Drover J W
Drover Ambrose
Drover Joseph of Joseph
Drover Leander
Drover John
Drover Walter
Drover Moses
Drover Eldred
Drover Joseph of A
Drover Joseph of Jno
Garland George
Garland John G
Greeley William
Greeley Thomas
Greeley John
Galway James
Galway Wm
Galway Bernard
Griffin John
Hussey Joseph
Hussey Uriah
Hussey John
Hussey Wm
Hussey Albert
Hussey Mark
Jones Wm
Jones Solomon
Jones Geo of J
Jones John
Jones Albert of Nath
Jones Albert of A
Jones Geo of Geo
Jones John Thomas
Jones Ernest
Jones Wm of E
Janes Martin
Janes W J
Janes Geo of W
Janes Archibald
Janes Nathaniel
Janes Archibald of A
Janes Gilbert
Janes John of John
Lundrigan Wm H
Lundrigan Herbert
Lundrigan Walter
Lundrigan Mark
Lundrigan John of John
Lundrigan Nathaniel
Lundrigan Joseph
Lundrigan Jno of Jno
Lundrigan John R of Jno
Lynch George
Lynch Michael
Lynch Geo of Jos
Lynch David
Lynch Arthur
Lynch Eugene
Lynch Joseph
Lynch Archibald
Lynch Arch of D
Lynch John Thomas
Lynch John Robert
Lynch Geo of Geo
Lynch Levi
Lynch John of W
Lundrigan Wm
Lundrigan Joseph of George
Lundrigan John of James
Mercer John
Mercer Albert
Mercer Cyril
Mercer Joseph
Mercer Richard
Mercer Elijah
Mercer John Wm
Mercer Norman
Mercer Eldred
Mercer Kenneth
Mercer James H
Mercer Elijah of Hy
Mercer Henry
Mercer Josiah
Mercer Wm of Wm
Mercer Eliol
Mercer Frederick
Mercer Jonathan
Mercer Wm of W of Jno
Mercer Esau
Mercer Ernest
Mercer Charles
Mercer Wm of Charles
Mercer Leander
Mercer Wm of Thos
Mercer Geo of Thos
Mercer James
Mercer Thomas
Mercer Nath
Mercer Wm of Nath
Mercer George
Mercer Joseph
Mercer Arch of Nath
Mercer Levi
Mercer William
McCarthy George
McCarthy James of W
McCarthy James of Felix
McCarthy Herbert
McCarthy Michael
McCarthy William
McCarthy Felix
McCarthy Mark
McCarthy Thomas
McCarthy Michael of Thomas
Newman Arch
Newman James
Newman Albert
Newman m W
Osborne David
Osborne John
Osborne Thomas
Osborne Roland
Osborne Selby
Parsons James
Parsons Archibald
Parsons Jonathan
Parsons George
Parsons Stephen
Parsons James of R
Quinton Thos James
Reide A E
Reide Selby
Reide Ernest
Roberts John
Sharpe George
Sharpe Ambrose
Sharpe Thomas
Sharpe John
Torraville Rev H V
Young John
Young Horatio
Young Esau
Yetman Selby
Young W H
Young Arthur
Young Frederick

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