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Conception Bay North - Harbour Grace District

Harbour Grace ~ John Sharpe's Directory 1885- 1886

This directory was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

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Abbot, GeorgeengineerNoad street
Adams, GeorgeseamanHarvey street
Adams, JamesplanterShip's head
Adams, SamuelfishermanBear's cove
Adams, JacobfishermanWater street
Alcock, HenryplanterWater street
Alcock, Henry, jun.fishermanWater street
Alcock, Williamboot and shoemakerWater street
Alcock, Thomasmaster marinerCourage's beach
Alcock, JamesfishermanShip's head
Alcock, JameslaborerShip's head
Allan, Wm. M.surgeonWater street
Allan, MichaellaborerShip's head
Anderson, RobertplanterWater street
Andreoli, ValentinedealerWater street
Andrews, StephenplanterWater street
Andrews, Stephen, jun.planterWater street
Andrews, GeorgefishermanWater street
Andrews, HenryplanterWater street
Andrews, George, jun.fishermanNoad street
Andrews, FrancisfishermanNoad street
Anthony, MosesfishermanDeath hill
Anthony, SolomonfishermanDeath hill
APSEY, JOHN, John Munn & Co.Harvey street
Archibald, F. H.boot and shoe factoryWater street
Ash, WilliamfishermanWater street
Ash, RobertfishermanHarvey street
Ash, HectorfishermanHarvey street
Ash, John C.boot and shoe makerHarvey street
Ash, JohnfishermanHarvey street
Ash, AmbrosefishermanHarvey street
Ash, WilliamtailorHarvey street
Ash, JohnfishermanAsh's hill
Ash, WilliamfishermanAsh's hill
Ash, John T. fishermanLadypond road
Ash, FrancisplanterCourage's beach
Ash, CharlesengineerBeach
Ash, JohnfishermanHard path
Ash, ThomasfishermanCaplin cove
Ash, EdwardfishermanCaplin cove
Ash, JamesfishermanCaplin cove
Ash, GeorgefishermanWater street
Aspell, MichaelfarmerKildare road
Atkinson, Rev. T. W.Wesleyan parsonage
Aylward, JameslaborerLe Marchant street
Ayre, JohnlaborerThistles lane
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Badcock, RobertengineerBrazil's lane
Badcock, Robertbook-keeperBrazil's lane
Bailey, JohnplanterLe Marchant street
Barnes, GeorgeblacksmithLe Marchant street
Barret, AmbrosecarpenterKitchen's hill
Bartlet, ThomasfishermanBear's cove
Barry, Johnmaster marinerLe Marchant street
Barry, Johnboot and shoe makerWater street
Beach, JohnblacksmithLilly's lane
Bemister, Johnsheriff, Northern districtHarvey street
Bennett, GeorgecoachmanHarvey street
Bennett, Thomas R.judge, H.G. district courtCaplin cove
Benson, JamesfishermanLadypond road
Benson, WilliamfishermanKitchen's hill
Bess, WilliamplanterHarvey street
Brace, JohncarpenterVictoria street
Bradbury, CharlescabmanWater street
Bradbury, GeorgelaborerWater street
Bradbury, JamesfishermanGlover road
Bradbury, JonathanfishermanBear's cove
Bradbury, CharlesplanterBrazil's lane
Braker, CharlessailmakerLe Marchant street
Braker, StephenblacksmithLe Marchant street
Bray, GeorgefishermanWater street
Bray, JohnfishermanCourage's beach
Bray, FrederickfishermanCourage's beach
Bray, AmbrosefishermanCourage's beach
Bray, StewartfishermanCourage's beach
Bray, JohnfishermanBannerman road
Bray, GeorgelaborerHarvey street, west
Bray, RichardfishermanHarvey street, west
Bray, ArchibaldfishermanHarvey street
Brazil, StephenseamanBrazil's lane
Brennan, DanielfishermanDeath hill
Brien, JamesplanterNoad street
Brien, ThomascooperStretton's hill
Brien, ThomascooperRiverhead
Brown, GeorgefishermanWater street
Brown, MosesfishermanWater street
Brown, FrederickwharfingerWater street
Brown, ThomasfishermanStanley road
Brown, HenryfishermanStanley road
Brown, GeorgefishermanWater street
Brown, WilliamwharfingerStanley road
Brown, JohnfishermanStanley road
Brown, EdwardfishermanStanley road
Brown, ElilaborerStanley road
Brown, HarveylaborerBannerman road
Bryan, MichaelplanterWater street
Buddon, CharlestailorWater street
Bush, JamescabmanGarland's lane
Butler, JohncarpenterWater street
Butler, WilliamfishermanStretton's hill
Butler, DenisfishermanBeach
Butler, RobertfishermanBear's cove
Butt, WilliammerchantWater street
Butt, William, jun.traderWater street
Butt, GeorgefishermanWater street
Butt, SamuelfishermanHarvey street
Butt, JosephcarpenterCourage's beach
Butt, ElifishermanGlover road
Butt, FrancisfishermanBear's cove
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Cairns, Thomaspoor commissionerWater street
Callahan, EdwardcooperWater street
Callahan, JohnfishermanSpaniard's Bay road
Callahan, JamesfishermanWater street
Candler, Thomasmaster marinerWater street
Canning, GeorgefishermanWater street
Canning, JohnplanterOtterbury
Carsons, WilliamcarpenterBeach
Carsons, GeorgesailmakerBeach
Carty, MichaelcabinetmakerStretton's hill
Casey, JohntailorWater street
Cashman, PatrickfishermanHarvey street
Chipman, WilliamcoasterWater street
Clare, JohnmasonBeach
Clift, Alexandersub-collector of H.M. CustomsHarvey street
Clift, Henry A.barristerWater street
Clow, HenryfarmerHarvey street
Coats, Jameshead shopman, John Munn & Co.Bannerman road
Cody, JohnstorekeeperWater street
Cody, FranciscabinetmakerWater street
Cody, JohncarmanHarvey street
Cody, PatrickplanterOtterbury
Cody, ThomascooperRiverhead
Cody, JohncooperRiverhead
Cody, PatrickfishermanFisherman road
Cody, MichaelfishermanRiverhead
Cody, JohnfishermanRiverhead
Colbert, PhilipcooperWater street
Colbert, RobertcooperHarvey street
Cole, JosephfishermanWater street
Cole, WilliamfishermanWater street
Cole, WilliamfishermanWater street
Cole, StephenfishermanStanley road
Cole, JohnfishermanStanley road
Cole, Frederickmaster marinerShip's head
Cole, JohnfishermanShip's head
Colins, Terrance R.boarding-house keeperWater street
Collins, ThomasfishermanThistles lane
Collins, ThomasfarmerGlover road
Collins, PatrickfishermanSpaniard's Bay road
Connel, JohncooperLampen's lane
Connel, MauricefishermanDeath hill
Connoly, WilliamfishermanDeath hill
Convent of Mercy
off Water street
Connors, PatrickfishermanLong hill
Connors, TimothyfishermanDeath hill
Connors, PatrickfishermanDeath hill
Connors, J.
Glover road
Corbit, MichaelfishermanLampen's lane
Courage, ArchibaldseamanCourage's beach
Courage, JohnlaborerCourage's beach
Courage, ElialfishermanCourage's beach
Courage, James R.fishermanCourage's beach
Courage, James H.fishermanCourage's beach
Courage, ThomasfishermanCourage's beach
Courage, WilliamfishermanCourage's beach
Courage, RobertfishermanCourage's beach
Court house
Harvey street
Cram, GeorgefishermanStanley road
Crane, Hugh W.laborerKitchen's hill
Crake, WilliamcabmanWater street
Croaker, CharlesplanterOtterbury
Crocker, GeorgefishermanHarvey street
Cronan, RichardfishermanKerry lane
Cronan, JohncooperBeach
Cruger, OttostorekeeperHarvey street
Cummins, JohnfishermanRiverhead
Curtis, Hectormaster marinerNoad street
Curtis, JamesengineerNoad street
Custom house
Water street
DBack to top
Dalton, ThomasplanterRiverhead
Dalton, RichardfishermanRiverhead
Davis, JohnplanterWater street
Davis, HenryplanterWater street
Davis, GeorgeplanterWater street
Davis, JamesplanterWater street
Davis, RobertplanterWater street
Davis, JohncabmanWater street
Davis, WilliamplanterWater street
Davis, NathanelplanterMarsh
Davis, EdgarplanterMarsh
Davis, MatthewplanterMarsh
Davis, JohnfishermanKitchen's hill
Davis, WilliamcoachmanGibbet hill
Davis, AmaziahcarmanGibbet hill
Davis, NathanelplanterCaplin cove
Davis, CharlesplanterCaplin cove
Davis, EdgarplanterCaplin cove
Davis, Elialmaster marinerBear's cove
Dawe, IsraellaborerCourage's beach
Dawe, JohnfishermanCourage's beach
Dawley, JohnfishermanBeach
Dawley, WilliamfishermanRiverhead
Dealy, MichaelfishermanLong hill
Dealy, MichaelfishermanLong hill
Dealy, CharlesmasonHard path
Deer, WilliamfishermanBannerman road
Deveraux, PatrickmerchantWater street
Donahoe, LawrencefishermanKitchen's hill
Donnelly, RobertfishermanOtterbury
Doran, MichaelfishermanGlover road
Dove, SamuelplanterGibbet hill
Dove, JohnplanterGibbet hill
Dove, JamesplanterGibbet hill
Dove, JamesfishermanDowney's hill
Downey, SamuelgardenerHarvey street
Downey, UriahfishermanHarvey street
Downey, AmbrosefishermanHarvey street
Downey, JohnlaborerHarvey street
Downey, JosephfishermanStanley road
Doyle, PatrickfishermanWater street
Doyle, JohnfishermanRiverhead
Doyle, MichaelfishermanRiverhead
Doyle, EdwardSub-inspector of policeCourt house
Doyle, JohnfishermanGlover road
Doyle, PatrickcooperGarland lane
Drover, MosescarpenterHarvey street
DRYSDALE, ANDREW J.Post master and saving bankWater street
Duffy, JamesriggerGarland lane
Duggan, WalterfishermanSpaniard's Bay road
Duggan, MichaelfishermanSpaniard's Bay road
Duckworth, AlfredengineerWater street
Duckworth, Mrs. A.millineryWater street
Dunphy, JamescooperWater street
Dunphy, PatrickcarpenterWater street
Dwyer, Peterplanter and traderRiverhead
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Edmonds, JameslaborerKitchen's hill
Eldridge, CharleslaborerHarvey street
Eddison, GeorgefishermanHarvey street
FBack to top
Fahey, PatrickfishermanSpaniard's Bay road
Farrel, PatrickshopkeeperWater street
Farrel, Patrick boot and shoe makerWater street
Farrel, JohnfishermanDeath hill
Farrel, ThomascooperKildare road
Farrel, ThomasfishermanCarbonear road
Fitzgerald, HenryaccountantWater street
Fitzgerald, Danielmaster marinerWater street
Fitzgerald, MichaelplanterWater street
Fitzgerald, MichaelplanterNoad street
Fitzgerald, WilliamlaborerDeath hill
Fitzgerald, JohnlaborerLady Pond road
Fitzgerald, Williamroad inspector4 Stanley road
Fitzgerald, MauriceplanterWater street
Fitzgerald, ThomasmateCarbonear road
Fitzgerald, JamesfishermanHard path
Fitzgerald, MichaelfishermanSpaniard's Bay road
Fitzgerald, ThomasfishermanCarbonear road
Fitzgibbon, WilliamfishermanKitchen's hill
Flemming, Richardboot and shoe makerWater street
Flemming, JohnplanterVictoria street
Flemming, RobertplanterOtterbury
Fletcher, Danielmaster cooperHarvey street
Flynn, MichaelcooperWater street
Flynn, Davidmusic masterCochrane street
FOGWELL & TAYLORgeneral merchantsWater street
Foley, PatrickmateStretton's hill
Foley, PatrickfishermanShip's head
Foley, PatrickseamanShip's head
Foley, ThomascabinetmakerWater street
Ford, WilliamcooperHarvey street
Fox, JamescarmanDeath hill
Frampton, JohnlaborerNoad street
French, ThomaslaborerWater street
French, John C.carpenterMartin's brook
French, AugustuslaborerDeath hill
French, RobertcarpenterCourage's beach
French, JosephcarpenterCourage's beach
French, John laborerCourage's beach
French, StephenlaborerCourage's beach
French, JamesseamanCourage's beach
French, RichardcarpenterCourage's beach
French, Fred.laborerCourage's beach
French, WilliamlaborerCourage's beach
French, Charles H.laborerCourage's beach
French, Stephen fishermanCourage's beach
French, EdwardfishermanCourage's beach
French, JameslaborerCourage's beach
French, RobertlaborerCourage's beach
French, JohnlaborerCourage's beach
French, WilliamlaborerCourage's beach
French, MatthewlaborerCourage's beach
French, WilliamlaborerCourage's beach
French, FredericklaborerCourage's beach
French, EldredfishermanCourage's beach
French, GeorgelaborerShip's head
French, JohnfishermanHarvey street
French, GeorgefishermanWater street
French, RobertsailmakerMartin's brook
French, LevimerchantWater street
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Gardner, RobertfishermanRiverhead
Gardner, ChristopherfishermanHarvey street
Garland, CharleslaborerHarvey street
Garland, HenrycooperHarvey street
Garland, GeorgelaborerGarland's lane
Gas Company
Le Marchant street
Gill, JamesboatmanWater street
Gill, PatrickcoachmanCaplin cove
Gill, MichaelfishermanNoad street
Gillespie, SamuelplanterOtterbury
Godden, JosephwatchmakerWater street
Golder, F. W.ship's husbandBeach
Gordon, GeorgefishermanLampen's lane
Gordon, JamescooperCaplin cove
Gordon, SamuelfishermanCaplin cove
Gordon, ReubencooperBear's cove
Gordon, HenryfishermanBear's cove
Gordon, JohnfishermanBear's cove
Gordon, SamuelfishermanBear's cove
Gordon, HughfishermanBear's cove
Gordon, Mrs.boarding houseWater street
Goss, HenrymateLilly's lane
Gough, MichaeltailorWater street
Gough, Peter R.boot and shoe makerWater street
Gould, JamesplanterLe Marchant street
Glindon, WilliamdraperWater street
Graham, JamescooperWater street
Granfield, ArthurlaborerHarvey street
Granfield, AndrewfishermanDeath hill
Grammar SchoolJames Munn, principalHarvey street
GREEN, DANIEL J.MerchantWater street
Green, Johnmaster marinerBennett's lane
Green, ThomasplanterBrazil's lane
Griffin, JamesplanterThistle's lane
Griffin, JohnfishermanGarland's lane
Griffin, PatricklaborerLong hill
Griffin, CorneliusseamanWater street
Griffin, DaniellaborerBannerman road
Grimme, FritzcooperCaplin cove
Grubert, Williamboot and shoe makerCondon's lane
Grubert, Johnboot and shoe makerWater street
HBack to top
Hagerty, MichaelfarmerRiverhead
Halfpenny, JameslaborerKitchen's hill
Hamilton, ThomasfishermanGlover road
Hampton, Fred.seamanGarland's lane
Hanrahan, JohnfishermanSpaniard's Bay road
Hanrahan, Nicholasmaster marinerWater street
Harper, PatrickfishermanSpaniard's Bay road
Harris, JohncooperHarvey street
Harris, NicholasblacksmithHarvey street
Hart, JohnfishermanStretton's hill
Hartry, JohncarpenterCarbonear road
Hartry, WilliamcooperStretton's hill
Hartry, JeremiahsailmakerNoad street
Hatcher, GeorgelaborerKitchen's hill
Hatcher, WilliamwatchmanKitchen's hill
Hatcher, CharlesfishermanKitchen's hill
Hawkins, Stephen A.master marinerNoad street
Hawkins, Thomas
Courage's beach
Hawkins, Fred.
Courage's beach
Hayden, TimothyplanterBeach
Hayden, RichardplanterBeach
Hayes, DennisfishermanLong's hill
Hayes, MichaelfishermanBennett's lane
Hayes, LawrenceplanterHarvey street
Hearn, PatricklaborerGlover road
Hearn, JamesfishermanRiverhead
Heator, John C.planterCaplin cove
Heator, GeorgeplanterCaplin cove
Heath, Samueltide-waiterWater street
Henderson, JamesfishermanGlover road
Henderson, WilliamfishermanGlover road
Henderson, ThomasdraperCochrane street
Hennesey, WilliamplanterWater street
Hennesy, JohnplanterWater street
Hennesy, DavidfishermanCochrane street
Herald, JohnfishermanBear's cove
Hickey, PatrickfishermanSpaniard's Bay road
Hickey, RichardfishermanSpaniard's Bay road
Hickey, AlexanderfishermanSpaniard's Bay road
Hickey, WilliamfarmerRiverhead
Hickey, MichaelfarmerRiverhead
Hickey, JohnfishermanLong's hill
Higgins, John F.blockmakerWater street
Hiscock, HenrycooperLe Marchant road
Hines, PatrickfishermanOtterbury
Hines, EdwardfishermanOtterbury
Hirst, Edward C.master marinerCochrane street
Hogan, Danielmaster marinerWater street
Hogan, JohnbutcherWater street
Horwood, Fred. P.planterCourage's beach
Horwood, AlfredplanterCourage's beach
House, PatrickplanterStretton's hill
Howell, CharlesfishermanWater street
Humber, AndrewlaborerBannerman road
Hunt, JohnseamanLampen's lane
Hunt, StephenlaborerCourage's beach
Hunt, GeorgelaborerCourage's beach
Hunt, JameslaborerCourage's beach
Hunt, Johnplanter1 Bannerman road
Hurley, FrancisfishermanStretton's hill
Hutchings, Jamesshop keeperVictoria street
Hynes, PatrickfishermanRiverhead
IBack to top
Innot, Joseph C.cooperHarvey street
JBack to top
Jackson, ThomasfishermanWater street
Jackson, Alexanderhead constableCourt house
Jarvis, Jamesdry goodsWater street
Jenkins, JohncarpenterHarvey street
Jenkins, RobertlaborerHarvey street
Jenkins, HenryplanterCourage's beach
Jillard BrothersmerchantsWater street
Jillard, Nathaniel(of Jillard Bros.)Water street
Jillard, John(of Jillard Bros.)Water street
Jones, WilliamboatmanHarvey street
Jones, MichaelshopkeeperWater street
Jones, WilliamlaborerDeath hill
Jones, JamesblacksmithBeach
KBack to top
Kearney, WilliamseamanHard path
Kearney, WilliamfishermanHard path
Keefe, MichaelcooperWater street
Keefe, Michael F.master marinerWater street
Keefe, JohnplanterLe Marchant street
Keefe, PatrickplanterLe Marchant street
Keefe, PatricklaborerKitchen's hill
Keefe, JamesplanterCarbonear road
Keefe, WilliamfishermanBear's cove
Keefe, J. J.fishermanHarvey street
Keefe, PatrickfishermanBear's cove
Kehoe, JohnlaborerThistle's lane
Kehoe, JohncooperBennett's lane
Kehoe, MauricelaborerBeach
Kehoe, MichaelplanterRiverhead
Kehoe, MatthewfishermanFisherman's road
Kehoe, PatrickfishermanRiverhead
Kelly, PatrickplastererStretton's hill
Kelly, JohnfishermanLong's hill
Kelly, ThomasfishermanCarbonear road
Kelly, PatricklaborerBannerman road
Kelly, MichaelfarmerOtterbury
Kelly, MichaelfishermanOtterbury
Kelly, DavidfishermanGlover road
Kelly, EdwardfishermanHarvey road
KENNEDY, C. L.stove and tinware depotWater street
Kennedy, Danielboot and shoe makerBannerman road
Kennedy, WilliamcarpenterBear's cove
Kennedy, RobertplanterBear's cove
Kennedy, GeorgelaborerBear's cove
Kennedy, JonathanfishermanBear's cove
Kenny, Johnboot and shoe makerWater street
Kenefick, PatrickplanterWater street
Kilfoy, EdwardfishermanSpaniard's Bay road
Kitchen, GeorgemasonKitchen's hill
Kitchen, JamesmasonKitchen's hill
Knight, JohnfishermanStanley road
Knight, JohnlaborerStanley road
Knight, Peter D.accountantVictoria street
Knox, RobertsailmakerVictoria street
Knox, MichaelfishermanOtterbury
LBack to top
Lahey, PatrickcooperThistle's lane
Lahey, RichardbutcherWater street
Lahey, RobertbutcherWater street
Lahey, MichaelbutcherBeach
Lahey, JohncooperBeach
Lamey, Andrew J.clerkHarvey street
Landers, RobertcarmanStretton's hill
Lampen, William cooperCochrane street
Langsdown, RichardfishermanRiverhead
Laughlan, PatricklaborerHard path
Layton, Charlesmaster marinerCochrane street
Leary, RichardfarmerLong's hill
Leary, MichaelfishermanLong's hill
Leary, JohnfishermanDeath hill
Leary, ThomasfishermanDeath hill
Leary, JamesfishermanDeath hill
Lee, MartinplanterWater street
Lee, JeremiahplanterBannerman road
Lee, DavidplanterBannerman road
Lee, EdwardplanterBannerman road
Lilly, WilliamblacksmithLilly's lane
Lilly, James
Harvey street
Lilly, JosephtailorMarsh
Lindsay, JamesplanterCaplin cove
Lynch, JohncooperWater street
Lynch, Johnmanager, Water worksWater street
Lynch, JohnplanterBennett's lane
Lynch, JohnfishermanThistle's lane
MBack to top
McCarthy, I.shopkeeperWater street
McCarthy, NeilcooperLe Marchant street
McCarthy, PatrickfishermanThistle's lane
McCarthy, CorneliusplanterFisherman's road
McCarthy, DanielplanterFisherman's road
McCarthy, CharlesfishermanSt. Mark's road
McCarthy, JohnfishermanSpaniard's Bay road
McCarthy, TimothyfishermanSpaniard's Bay road
McCarthy, CharlesfishermanBear's cove
McDonald, Maurice
Lady Pond road
McDonald, Right Rev. R.R.C. Bishop of Harbor Grace
McGrath, PatrickcabmanShip's head
McKay, JohnconstableMilitary road
McKinnon, MurdochtailorWater street
McRae, Roderickagent and planterVictoria street
Mackey, MichaelplanterRiverhead
Mackey, RichardplanterRiverhead
Mackey, JohnfishermanRiverhead
Maddock, JohnmerchantWater street
Maddigan, RichardtailorWater street
Mackinson, GeorgeengineerVictoria street
Maloney, PatrickfishermanSpaniard's Bay road
Maloney, PatrickfishermanSpaniard's Bay road
Maloney, DanielfishermanSpaniard's Bay road
Meaney, JameslaborerDeath hill
Manning, MichaellaborerStretton's hill
Martin, ElischoolmasterWater street
Martin, JamesfiremanWater street
Martin, JamesengineerWater street
Martin, HectorcarpenterBrazil's lane
Martin, JosephlaborerBrazil's lane
Martin, BenjaminlaborerBrazil's lane
Martin, John C.fishermanBrazil's lane
Martin, FrancisfishermanMartin's brook
Martin, MosesfishermanMartin's brook
Martin, AlbertfishermanMartin's brook
Martin, ElielfishermanMartin's brook
Martin, JamestailorMartin's brook
Martin, HectorfishermanMartin's brook
Martin, CharlesplanterMartin's brook
Martin, FrancisplanterMartin's brook
Martin, GeorgefiremanMartin's brook
Martin, WilliamfishermanHarvey street
Martin, WilliamfishermanHarvey street
Martin, PeterfishermanHarvey street
Martin, JohnfishermanHarvey street
Martin, CuthbertfishermanDeath hill
Martin, MichaelfishermanDeath hill
Martin, ThomasfishermanKitchen's hill
Martin, FrancisplanterKitchen's hill
Martin, StephenlaborerKitchen's hill
Martin, MatthewengineerCourage's beach
Martin, FrancisfishermanLong's hill
Meany, WilliamfishermanFisherman's road
Merchant, DanielcarpenterCaplin cove
Mercer, JohnfishermanShip's head
Moore, JohnplanterCochrane street
Moores, ThomasfishermanDeath hill
Moores, JamesfarmerRiverhead
Moriarty, JameslaborerGarland's lane
Moriarty, PatrickplanterLe Marchant street
Moriarty, JameslaborerLadypond road
Morris, John S.boot and shoe makerBannerman road
Morris, John sailmakerVictoria street
Morrisey, MauricelaborerBannerman road
Morrisey, MorganlaborerHarvey street
Morrisey, CharlesfishermanWater street
Mortimore, AndrewfishermanHarvey street
Mulcahey, MichaelplanterRiverhead
Mulcahey, WilliamlaborerRiverhead
MUNN, JOHN F.editor and publisher StandardHarvey street
Munn, Jamesprincipal, Grammar SchoolHarvey street
MUNN, JOHN & CO.merchantWater street
MUNN, ROBERT S.(of John Munn & Co.)Harvey street
Munn, Mrs. W. P., widow"Bannerman House"Bannerman road
Murphy, OwengroceriesWater street
Murphy, J. street
Murphy, JohntinsmithBemister's lane
Murphy, MauricecarpenterHarvey street
Murphy, JohnfishermanHarvey street
Murphy, PiercelaborerOtterbury
Murphy, PeterfishermanStretton's hill
Murphy, JohnfishermanHarvey street
Murphy, RichardfishermanStretton's hill
NBack to top
Neil, CorneliusfarmerLong's hill
Neil, PatrickfishermanLong's hill
Neil, EdwardlaborerShip's head
Neil, JohnlaborerBannerman road
Neil, DanielfishermanHarvey street
Newhook, HenrycarpenterHarvey street
Newhook, JamescarpenterWater street
Newman, JoshuafishermanHarvey street
Newman, FrederickfishermanHarvey street
Newman, WilliammasonHarvey street
Newman, JohnfishermanStanley road
Nichols, NathanielstevedoreWater street
Nicholas, TobiasfishermanWater street
Nicholas, MosescarpenterHarvey street
Nicholas, NathaniellabourerWater street
Nicholas, JohnstorekeeperWater street
Nicholas, CharlescarpenterWater street
Nicholas, ThomaslabourerWater street
Nicholas, WilliamhairdresserWater street
Nicholas, Archibaldmaster marinerStanley road
Nicholas, ThomaslabourerShip's head
Noel, JamesfishermanWater street
Noel, Rev. J. M.clergyman, Church of EnglandCochrane street
Noel, John F.planterCourage's beach
Noseworthy, JohnfishermanWater street
Noseworthy, MosesfishermanHarvey street
Noseworthy, WilliamfishermanMarsh
Noseworthy, IsaiahplanterCourage's beach
Noseworthy, JosephseamanBannerman road
Northcott, JohnplanterOtterbury
Northcott, WilliamlabourerLong's hill
Northcott, AndrewfishermanHarvey street
Northcott, JosephfishermanHard path
Northcott, JosephfishermanHard path
OBack to top
O'Donnel, WilliamcooperHarvey street
O'Neil, PatricklabourerWater street
O'Neil, Denismaster marinerHarvey street
PBack to top
Palmiter, Samuelschool teacherHarvey street
Parsons, Willisshop keeperWater street
Parsons, JohnplanterWater street
Parsons, StuartplanterWater street
Parsons, MarkstorekeeperWater street
Parsons, JosephcarpenterWater street
Parsons, AlexandercabinetmakerWater street
Parsons, AndrewdraperCochrane street
Parsons, TobiasfishermanStretton's hill
Parson [sic], BernardblacksmithStretton's hill
Parsons, LouisseamanStretton's hill
Parsons, EdwardcabinetmakerDeath hill
Parsons, JamesmerchantCarbonear road
Parsons, ThomasplanterOtterbury
Parsons, W. H.mateCaplin cove
Parsons, ThomascarmanBear's cove
Parsons, WilliamfishermanBear's cove
Parsons, NathanielfishermanBear's cove
Parsons, GeorgeplanterBear's cove
Parsons, AmbrosecabmanBear's cove
Parsons, JonathanplanterBear's cove
Parsons, CharlesplanterBear's cove
Parsons, JohncarpenterBear's cove
Parsons, JohnfishermanBear's cove
Parsons, BenjaminplanterBear's cove
Parsons, EdwardcarpenterBear's cove
Parsons, CharlesfishermanBear's cove
Parsons, JonathancarpenterBear's cove
Parsons, RichardplanterBear's cove
Parsons, AndrewclerkHarvey street
PATERSON & FOSTERmerchantsWater street
Paterson, John(of Paterson & Foster)Water street
Payne, J.carpenterWater street
Payne, JohncarpenterWater street
Pendergast, PatrickcooperWater street
Pendergast, J. L.
Water street
Pelly, ArchibaldcarpenterWater street
Pelly, ThomascarpenterCourage's beach
Pelly, ArchibaldcarpenterShip's head
Penny, WilliamfishermanGlover road
Peters, GeorgecarpenterCochrane street
Phelan, EdwardplanterCarbonear road
Phelan, MichaelseamanOtterbury
Pike, AmbrosesextonBear's cove
Pike, John C.mateCaplin cove
Pike, WilliamcarmanCaplin cove
Pike, SimeonseamanBannerman road
Pike, HenryfishermanStanley road
Pike, AlbertengineerSampson's brook
Pike, WilliamfishermanHarvey street
Pike, WilliamfishermanHarvey street
Pike, JoshuafishermanHarvey street
Pike, Christophermaster marinerMarsh
Pike, PeterfishermanStretton's hill
Pike, AmbrosefarmerStretton's hill
Pike, GeorgeplanterWater street
Pike, NathanieldraperWater street
Pippy, WilliamfishermanOtterbury
Pippy, ThomasfishermanCaplin cove
Pitto, CharlescarpenterShip's head
Pitto, Josiahmaster marinerShip's head
Pottle, JamesfishermanMarsh
Powell, GeorgelaborerStanley road
Power, MauricecooperHarvey street
Power, MichaelfishermanLong's hill
Power, RichardlaborerCarbonear road
Power, AndrewfishermanCarbonear road
Power, JohnfarmerBannerman road
Power, JohnfishermanHarvey street
Puddicombe, WilliamlaborerWater street
Puddicombe, JamescarpenterWater street
Puddicombe, WilliamfishermanRiverhead
Pumphrey, DanielseamanBeach
Pumphrey, IsaacplanterWater street
Pumphrey, DanielplanterWater street
Purcel, WilliamlaborerShip's head
Purcel, JohnfishermanBannerman road
Purcel, MichaelcarmanBannerman road
Pynn, AugustuscarpenterBannerman road
Pynn, GeorgecarpenterBannerman road
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Quinn, EdwardlaborerWater street
Quinn, JohnlaborerStretton's hill
Quinton, Edward W.dry goods, Water streethouse, Cochrane street
Quinton, Edward railway station masterCochrane street
Quirk, JamescooperWater street
Quirk, JamesfishermanGlover road
RBack to top
Reddy, JamesriggerStretton's hill
Reid, ArthurfishermanKitchen's hill
Reid, JohnlaborerBannerman road
Reynolds, WilliamfishermanSpaniard's Bay road
Richards, JohncooperBeach
Robbins, JohncabmanShip's head
Rogers, JohnseamanGarland's lane
Rogers, ElicarpenterCourage's beach
Rogers, EdmundcarpenterCourage's beach
Rogers, ThomasgaolerCourt house
Rollin, WilliamfishermanSpaniard's Bay road
ROSS, C. W., & CO.merchantsWater street
Ross, Charles W.merchant Water street
Ross, Thomas, jun.(of C. W. Ross & Co.)Water street
Ross, Thomas, street
Russell, JosephpainterHarvey street
Russell, JohnfishermanRiverhead
Russell, JamesfarmerRiverhead
Rutherfurd, RichardshopkeeperWater street
Rutherfurd, AndrewmerchantWater street
Ryan, JohnplanterWater street
Ryan, WilliamtailorWater street
Ryan, EdwardcooperBeach
Ryan, JohnfarmerCarbonear road
Ryan, AugustusfishermanRiverhead
Ryan, LawrencefishermanFisherman's road
Ryan, LawrenceplanterFisherman's road
Ryan, FrederickfishermanWater street
SBack to top
Sacrey, JohnfishermanGlover road
Scanlan, MichaelfishermanRiverhead
Scanlan, ThomascarmanKitchen's hill
Scanlan, PatrickboatmanWater street
Scully, ThomasplanterLong's hill
Scully, RogerstorekeeperLong's hill
Scully, Michaelschool-masterLong's hill
Seymour, ThomaslaborerCourage's beach
Seymour, Alfred H.landing waiterHarvey street
Shacarew, BartholomewfishermanRiverhead
Shacarew, Daniel fishermanGlover road
Shacarew, JamesfishermanRiverhead
Shanahan, JameslaborerFisherman's road
Shanahan, ThomasplanterRiverhead
Shanahan, MichaelplanterRiverhead
Sharp, Johnbook-keeperHart's lane
Shea, DenismerchantWater street
Shea, JohnfarmerCarbonear road
Shea, ThomasfishermanRiverhead
Shea, ThomasplanterRiverhead
Shea, NicholasfishermanHard path
Shea, JeremiahfishermanDeath hill
Sheppard, JohnlaborerWater street
Sheppard, AzariahcooperHarvey street
Sheppard, EdwardpainterHarvey street
Sheppard, HenryfishermanHarvey street
Sheppard, GeorgelaborerMarsh
Sheppard, GeorgeplanterMarsh
Sheppard, John C.cooperMarsh
Sheppard, GeorgefishermanKitchen's hill
Sheppard, W. H.fishermanCourage's beach
Sheppard, AlfredfishermanHarvey street
Sheppard, Nathaniellighthouse keeperHarbor Grace island
Sheehan, JamesseamanHarvey street
Sheehan, JamesfishermanKitchen's hill
Sheehan, JohnlaborerKitchen's hill
Sheehan, JamesseamanMarsh
Sillars, WilliamfishermanHarvey street, west
Simmons, WilliamfishermanBear's cove
Simmons, RobertfishermanCaplin cove
Simmons, MartinfishermanDeath hill
Sinnot, JohnseamanRiverhead
Slocombe, JohnfishermanLong's hill
Slocombe, WilliamfishermanLong's hill
Smallbridge, CharlesfishermanLong's hill
Smallcombe, PatrickfishermanHarvey street
Smallcombe, JohnfishermanOtterbury
Smallcombe, PatrickplanterRiverhead
Smallcombe, John M.mateKitchen's hill
Smallcombe, ThomasfishermanGlover road
Smith, WilliamblacksmithLilly's lane
Snelgrove, GeorgefishermanBear's cove
Snelgrove, GeorgefishermanBear's cove
Snelgrove, AaronfishermanCaplin cove
Snelgrove, SolomonfishermanCaplin cove
Snow, JamesfishermanWater street
Snow, Hugh W.fishermanWater street
Snow, WilliamseamanWater street
Snow, FrederickfishermanWater street
Snow, RobertfishermanWater street
Snow, ThomasfishermanWater street
Snow, GeorgefishermanHarvey street
Snow, NathanielfishermanHarvey street
Snow, CharlesfishermanHarvey street
Snow, RobertfishermanMarsh
Snow, ThomasfishermanMarsh
Snow, HenrylabourerKitchen's hill
Sparks, JohncarpenterLe Marchant street
Sparks, JosephcarpenterLe Marchant street
Sparks, ReubencarpenterHarvey street
Sparks, WilliamplanterMarsh
Sparks, ThomasplanterMarsh
Spence, Johnmaster marinerCochrane street
Spence, JoshuafishermanHarvey street
Spence, John, jun.master marinerCochrane street
Squires, AlexandershopkeeperWater street
STANDARD, The Harbour GraceNewspaper OfficeWater street
Staple, Johnboot and shoe makerWater street
Staple, ElijahfishermanCourage's beach
Stapleton, MichaelplanterLe Marchant street
Stapleton, JosiahcooperRiverhead
Stapleton, JohncooperRiverhead
Stevenson, M.teacherGibbet hill
Stevenson, MatthewfarmerGibbet hill
Stevenson, WilliamplanterGibbet hill
Stevenson, RichardcooperGibbet hill
Stevenson, GeorgeplanterGibbet hill
Stevenson, WilliamfishermanGibbet hill
Stevenson, JosiahfishermanGibbet hill
Stevenson, JeremiahfishermanGibbet hill
Stevenson, ThomasfishermanLady Pond road
Stevenson, Williammaster marinerShip's head
Stevenson, JohnfarmerShip's head
Stewart, NeilgrocerWater street
Stewart, Martinmaster marinerVictoria street
Stewart, Michaelmaster marinerWater street
St. John, DenisfishermanSt. Mark's road
St. John, JosephfishermanSt. Mark's road
Stirling, W. R.accountantVictoria street
Stirling, GeorgefishermanHart's lane
Stone, RichardcarpenterWater street
Stowe, FrederickteacherShip's head
Stowe, SamuelfarmerShip's head
Stowe, RobertfarmerBannerman road
Stafford, John F.cooperBannerman road
Strapp, Thomas
Bannerman road
Strapp, JohnplanterBannerman road
Strathie, Johnmanager, Gas WorksLe Marchant street
Sullivan, JohnseamanLady Pond road
Sullivan, JohnfishermanRiverhead
Sullivan, ManoahfishermanRiverhead
Sullivan, MichaellaborerHarvey street
Summers, JamesseamanCochrane street
Summers, HezekiahfishermanHarvey street
Sweetland, GeorgefishermanBear's cove
Sweetland, EdwardfishermanBear's cove
TBack to top
Tarrant, GeorgefishermanKitchen's hill
Tarrant, JohnfishermanKitchen's hill
Tapp, John T.blacksmithNoad street
Tapp, WilliamblacksmithHearty lane
Taylor, SamuelplanterHarvey street
Taylor, RichardlaborerHarvey street
Taylor, AmbroseplanterHarvey street
Taylor, CharleslaborerBannerman road
Taylor, SamuelplanterBear's cove
Taylor, WilliamplanterBear's cove
Taylor, GillesclerkBear's cove
Temperance Hall
Victoria street
Thistle, JohnlaborerWalsh's lane
Thomas, JohnfishermanWater street
THOMPSON, W. H.druggistWater street
Thompson, Eugene B.druggistWater street
Thomson, WilliamstorekeeperMartin's brook
Titford, WilliamboatmanHarvey street
Titford, RobertfishermanHarvey street
Tobin, Williamrepairer Telegraph Co.Harvey street
Tobin, JohnplanterStretton's hill
Tobin, JamesfishermanStretton's hill
Thomey, KennedyplanterWater street
Thomey, JohnplanterWater street
Thomey, HenryplanterBeach
Thomey, Henry W.planterBeach
Townsend, GeorgestewardHarvey street
Trapnell, HenryshopkeeperWater street
Trapnell, JohnshopkeeperWater street
Trapnell, H. W.clerk of the peaceTrapnell's lane
Trapnell, ThomascarpenterMartin's brook
Travers, WilliamlaborerBannerman road
Travers, O. V.(buyer, Paterson & Foster)Mrs. Brown's, Water street
Tucker, WilliammateVictoria street
Tucker, John F.
Kitchen's hill
VBack to top
Vass, Edwardboot and shoe makerBeach
Verge, RichardfiremanStretton's hill
Verge, ElilaborerShip's road
Verge, JosephlaborerHarvey street
Vey, WilliamfishermanBannerman row
Vey, WilliamlaborerBannerman road
WBack to top
Wall, James F.cooperCourage's beach
Walsh, PatrickbutcherCourage's beach
Walsh, ThomascooperLe Marchant street
Walsh, WilliamcooperBrace's lane
Walsh, WilliamcoachmanHarvey street
Walsh, WaltercooperHarvey street
Walsh, EdwardtinsmithWater street
Walsh, StephencoachmanStretton's hill
Walsh, PatricklaborerRiverhead
Walsh, JamesseamanRiverhead
Walsh, RichardplanterRiverhead
Walsh, JohnplanterRiverhead
Walter, GeorgelaborerWater street
Ward, WilliamgrocerWater street
Ward, William teacherBell's lane
Warford, HenryfishermanBear's cove
Warren, Jamescarriage buildersShip's head
Warren, WilliamcarpenterShip's head
Warren, CharlescarpenterShip's head
Watts, Cladiussecretary, Water Coy.Water street
Watts, JohnshopkeeperWater street
Watts, RichardseamanGarland's lane
Webber, Charlesrevenue boatCustom house
Webber, Valentinemaster marinerCourage's beach
Webber, TobiascabmanHarvey street
Webber, JohnfishermanHarvey street
Webber, DuncanlaborerCaplin cove
Webber, JonathancarpenterCaplin cove
Webber, CharlesfishermanCaplin cove
Webber, AlbertfishermanCaplin cove
Webber, WilliamfishermanCaplin cove
Webber, John C.fishermanCaplin cove
Webber, JonathanriggerCaplin cove
Webber, CharlesfishermanCaplin cove
Webber, HenrylaborerCaplin cove
WEBBER, GEORGEdruggistWater street
Welsh, MarkfishermanCourage's beach
Welsh, MichaelfishermanRiverhead
Wells, JosephfishermanCaplin cove
Wells, HenryfishermanCaplin cove
Wells, MatthewcabmanDeath hill
Wells, CharleslaborerHarvey street
Wells, Williams [sic]fishermanCourage's beach
Wesleyan Church
Water street, east
Whelan, HenrylaborerCochrane street
Whelan, SamueldealerWater street
White, FrederickwatchmanHarvey street
White, WilliamlaborerHarvey street
Whiteway, WilliamplanterCaplin cove
Whiteway, GeorgeplanterCaplin cove
Whiteway, JohnplanterCaplin cove
Whiteway, HenryfiremanCaplin cove
Whitman, GeorgefishermanCourage's beach
Williams, FrederickfishermanShip's head
Williams, WilliamfishermanShip's head
Williams, Stephen
Courage's beach
Williams, MosesfishermanCourage's beach
Williams, Johntide-waiterHarvey street
Wills, Thomastide-waiterHarvey street
Wills, Thomasstore-keeperHarvey street
Wiseman, WilliamlaborerWiseman's hill
Wiseman, PatricklaborerWiseman's hill
Wilson, CharlesmateBeach
Wilson, AlexanderaccountantLe Marchant street
Wood, William Olive [sic]barristerBear's cove
Winslow, J.sergeant, Police

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