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Conception Bay North - Tilton

All Saints Anglican Cemetery

Transcribed December 1998 by Bonnie Hickey. Note: Many graves in this cemetery are marked only with plain slate. Complete listing!

Linked names have photographs that were submitted

In loving memory of Moses BISHOP/
Born Aug 16th 1880/
Died March 7th 1935/

In loving memory of Julia/
Beloved wife of Moses BISHOP/
Born Sept 29, 1881/
Died Nov 6, 1967/
Erected by sons Henry & Lewis.

In loving memory of Jessie SINGLETON/
Beloved wife of William SINGLETON/
Died July 16th 1949/
Aged 26 Years/

In memory of Llewelyn SINGLETON/
Beloved child of William & Jessie SINGLETON/
Died March 9th 1948/
Aged 6 Years/

In loving memory of George E./
Beloved husband of Frances J. DROVER/
Died May 5, 1968/
Aged 75 Years/
Frances J./
Beloved wife of George E. DROVER/
Died Feb 4, 1966/
Aged 69 Years/

In loving memory of William John SINGLETON/
Ever remembered by Wife & Family.

In loving memory of Eliza CHIPMAN/
Died Nov 2nd 1922/
Aged 72 years/
Azariah CHIPMAN/
Died Sept 3rd 1930/
Aged 84 years.

1914-1919 R.N.R./
In loving memory of our dear Father/
James S. GOSSE/
Who was accidentally killed at the Newfoundland Airport May 15th 1941/
Aged 49 Years/

In loving memory of Jessie/
Beloved wife of James S. GOSSE/
Who died Dec 21st 1936/
Aged 44 Years/
Also their daughter Elizabeth Jane/
Who died Dec 21st 1936.

In loving memory of Leander DROVER/
Died Nov 3rd 1956/
Aged 84 Years/
Elizabeth Rachel DROVER/
Died Aug 12th 1952/
Aged 80 Years/
Erected by Archibald DROVER.

[Headstone toppled with inscription facedown, therefore unreadable.]

In loving memory of Elsie Isabell DROVER/
Beloved wife of John S. DROVER/
Died Feb 20th 1948/
Aged 53 Years/

In loving memory of Emma DROVER/
Beloved wife of John S. DROVER/
Died April 4th 1930/
Aged 34 Years/

In loving memory of Donald William/
Darling Child of Lewis & Elizabeth DROVER/
Died Feb 18th 1947/
Aged 19 Months/

William 1898-1980/
His wife R. May 1901-1973/
Daughter Irene E. 1922-1924/

[Wooden cross:] Irene E. CHIPMAN.

In loving memory of William MENCHIONS/
Born 1846 - Died 1929/
Also his wife Jane MENCHIONS/
Born 1852 - Died 1926/
Erected by Solomon & Ethel VOKEY.

In loving memory of Solomon/
Beloved husband of Ethel VOKEY/
Born 1901 - Died 1967/
Beloved wife of Solomon VOKEY/
Born 1904 - Died 1996/

In loving memory of Minnie/
Beloved wife of Maxwell GREELEY/
Died March 22nd 1961/
Aged 50 Years/

In loving memory of Julia Ann/
Beloved wife of Herbert GREELEY/
Died Oct 27th 1960/
Aged 78 Years/

In loving memory of Herbert GREELEY/
Beloved husband of Julia Ann GREELEY/
Died Oct 23rd 1958/
Aged 78 Years/

In memory of Hazel Jane/
Beloved child of Moses and Lizzie GOSSE/
Died Jan 28, 1919/
Aged 14 Mo's & 7 days/

In loving memory of Myrtle J. GOSSE/
Beloved daughter of Moses & Lizzie/
Who died Jan 24, 1929/
Aged 15 Years/

M. J. G. [infant headstone].

In loving memory of Moses/
Beloved husband of Elizabeth J. GOSSE/
Died Feb 1, 1958/
Aged 74 Years/

In memory of our loving mother Elizabeth J. GOSSE/
Died July 5, 1974/
Age 89 Yrs 8 Mths/

In loving memory of Eliza/
Beloved wife of James GREELY/
Who departed this life 25th April 1906/
Aged 63 Years/

In loving memory of James GREALY/
Departed this life April 15th A.D. 1913/
Aged 70 Years/

In loving memory of Julia BARRETT/
Beloved wife of the late Abraham BARRETT/
Who departed this life Feb 15th 1925/
Aged [headstone broken and number illegible] Years.
[Lisa Almon submitted that Julia was 79 years when she died]

In memory of Abraham BARRETT/
Who died Dec 13th 1894/
Aged 52 Years/

In memory of Provedence/
Beloved wife of John SEYMOUR/
[headstone broken at this point, and on another piece:]
Who died Jan 14th 1912/
Aged 71 Yrs & 6 Mo's/

P. S. [infant headstone].

J. S. [infant headstone].

In memory of John SEYMOUR/
Who departed this life Jan 17th 1906/
Aged 66 Years/

In loving memory of Fanny/
Beloved wife of Josiah JANES/
Died June 16, 1901/
Aged 46 Years/

In loving memory of Archibald/
Beloved son of David & Hannah CLARKE/
Died Dec 23rd 1907/
Aged 21 Years/

Safe in the arms of Jesus/
Thomas Maxwell/
Darling son of Moses & Julia BISHOP/
Who departed this life Sept 7th 1913/
Aged 4 Years & 3 Mo's/

In loving memory of Stephen GOSSE/
Who departed this life April 23rd 1906/
Aged 71 Years/
[headstone broken].

In loving memory of Gilbert/
Beloved husband of Jessie GOSSE/
Who died Oct 20 1905/
Aged 41 Years/

In loving memory of Ann Eliza/
Beloved wife of Herbert GOSSE/
Died Oct 8, 1893/
Aged 33 Years/
Also her children/

In memory of Nathan/
Beloved husband of Elizabeth MINCHEONS/
Who died Oct 6th 1906/
Aged 30 Years.

In memory of Susannah/
Beloved wife of Nathaniel DROVER/
Died Dec 17, 1934/
Aged 62 Years/
Erected by son George & daughter May.

In loving memory of Nathaniel/
Beloved husband of Susannah DROVER/
Died April 12, 1921/
Aged 60 Y's/

In loving memory of Jemima/
Beloved daughter of Herbert & Susannah BARRETT/
Died June 25th 1901/
Aged 21 Years, 11 Mos/

[Large stone pillar toppled on the ground with only one side visible:]
Also their children/
Mary Jane died Dec 24, 1885/
Aged 3 Months/
James died Oct 4, 1885/
Aged 1 3/4 Years/
Joseph died Aug 16, 1887/
Aged 1 Year/
Mary Patience died July 10, 1888/
Aged 3 Years/
Absalom died Nov 29, 1892/
Aged 2 Years/

In loving memory of Blenda [sic] BARRETT/
Who died April 2nd 1911/
Aged 57 Years/

In loving memory of John BARRETT/
Who died June 6th 1913/
Aged 63 Years/
[headstone broken]/

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