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Bryant's Cove - St. Andrews Church Marriage records

The following marriages were transcribed from photocopies of the original parish registers held at St. Peter's Anglican Church in Upper Island Cove. As with all online records, it is recommended that the original documents be consulted before assuming any of the transcription to be accurate.

For verification purposes, photocopies of these documents may be consulted at either:

St. Peter's Anglican Parish
PO Box 29
Upper Island Cove, NF A0A 4E0

Anglican Archives
19 King's Bridge Road
St. John's, NF A1C 3K4

According to the 25 Nov 1882 edition of "The Harbor Grace Standard and Conception Bay Advertiser", a "serious fire occurred at Upper Island Cove, resulting in the total destruction of the Parsonage House. Thirty pounds in money together with the Church Registers were also lost."

The lost registers would have commenced around 1820, give or take a few years. Prior to the 1820s, Upper Island Cove Anglicans belonged to the Harbour Grace (St. Paul's) Anglican parish, so you will find the earlier UIC records in the Harbour Grace records.

The records were photocopied by DON DROVER, and transcribed by SARAH C. RAE in fall 2001. While they have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical or interpretive errors.

Groom Groom's Father Bride Bride's Father
Marriage Date Surname Given Age Condition Profession Residence at Marriage Name Profession Surname Given Age Condition Profession Residence at Marriage Name Profession Witnesses MarriedBy
1891-11-13BarrettEldred25BachelorFishermanBishop's CoveJohn BarrettPlanterNoseworthyMelina22Spinster
Bryant's CoveJames NoseworthyPlanterAnn Maria Noseworthy; Laura H. Reid;J. Shirley Sanderson
1893 11 10SmithAbraham23BachelorFishermanBishop's CoveAbraham SmithPlanterNoseworthyEmma
Bryant's CoveMoses NoseworthyFishermanRobert Noseworthy; Emily Ann Smith;J. Shirley Sanderson
1893 11 28JanesSamuel41WidowerFishermanBryant's CoveJohn JanesFishermanNoseworthyMargaret20Spinster
Bryant's CoveJohn NoseworthyFishermanJessie Neil; Alexander Noseworthy;J. Shirley Sanderson
1893 12 20GosseJosiah26BachelorFishermanSpaniard's BayJohn GosseFishermanYetmanLeah23Spinster
Bryant's CoveHenry YetmanFishermanJulia Yetman; George Yetman;J. Shirley Sanderson
1896 05 14SmithEsau41WidowerPlanterBishop's CoveIsaac SmithPlanterNoseworthyAnnie29Widow
Bryant's CoveJames NoseworthyPlanterEldred Barrett; Melina Barrett;J. Shirley Sanderson
1901 12 10NoseworthyEliezer26BachelorFishermanBryant's CoveMoses NoseworthyFishermanStoneMary Ann
SpinsterServantBryant's CoveThomas StoneFishermanAbraham Smith; Jessie Stone;Frank Smart, Priest
1901 12 25NoseworthyWalter25BachelorFishermanBryant's CoveJacob NoseworthyFishermanParsonsSusannah21Spinster
Bryant's CoveGeorge ParsonsPlanterNathan Noseworthy; Marion Noseworthy;Frank Smart, Priest
1901 12 25NoseworthyLeander26BachelorFishermanBryant's CoveEsau NoseworthydeceasedNoseworthyCaroline23Spinster
Bryant's CoveJacob NoseworthyFishermanNathan Noseworthy; Marion Noseworthy;Frank Smart
1902 04 24BabbEdward25BachelorMinerBryant's CoveJohn BabbFishermanBurnAlice23SpinsterDom esticBryant's CoveJohn Burn(deceased)Jacob Morgan; Alfreda Stone;Frank Smart, Priest
1904 12 27ParsonsCharles27BachelorFishermanBryant's CoveGeorge ParsonsPlanterMorganSarah22Spinster
Bryant's CoveJacob MorganPlanterJames Parsons; Marion Noseworthy;Frank Smart, Priest
1904 12 29ReidAlbert25BachelorFishermanDildoNoah ReidFishermanStoneElizabeth22SpinsterBryant's CoveWilliam StoneFishermanJames Stone; Alfreda Stone;Frank Smart, Priest
1905 11 17JamesIsaac John29BachelorFishermanBryant's Cove
deceasedJanesMary Jane20SpinsterServantBryant's CoveWilliam H. JanesFishermanGeorge Noseworthy; Lillie B. James;Frank Smart, Priest
1906 03 27ParsonsJames24BachelorFishermanBryant's CoveGeorge ParsonsPlanterNoseworthyJulia18Spinster
Bryant's CoveJacob NoseworthyFishermanCharles Parsons; Archibald Noseworthy; Annie Noel; Sarah P. Parsons;Frank Smart
1906 09 07NeilJames22BachelorMinerBryant's CoveRichard NeildeceasedNoelAnnie19Spinster
Bryant's CoveJohn NoelFishermanAmbrose Parsons; Edith Parsons;Frank Smart, Priest
1906 12 13BabbAndrew23BachelorFishermanBryant's CoveJohn BabbFishermanYeatmanPatience17Spinster
Bryant's CoveJoshua YeatmanFishermanM. Yetman; Bertha Babb; Annie YetmanCharles Carpenter, Priest
1906 12 27YetmanJohn Hayward23BachelorFishermanBryant's CoveThomas Yetman(deceased)YetmanAnnie21Spin ster
Bryant's CoveMoses YetmanFishermanJames Yetman; Jessie Yetman;Frank Smart, Priest
1908 02 26SheppardNathaniel25BachelorFishermanHarbor Grace S.Ambrose Sheppard(deceased)StoneBertha23SpinsterDomesticBryant's CoveGeorge StoneFishermanEdward Stone; Rebecca Stone;Frank Smart, Priest
1909 03 04BabbsThomas29BachelorFishermanBryant's CoveJohn BabbsFishermanYetmanSusan19Spinster
Bryant's CoveMark YetmanFishermanSimeon Noseworthy; Mary Noseworthy;Ernest E. Rusted
1910 06 23NoseworthyArchibald24BachelorFishermanBryant's CoveJacob NoseworthyFishermanSnowAnnie20Spinster
Spaniard's BayThomas SnowMinerJames Parsons; Julia Parsons;Ernest E. Rusted
1910 12 24MercerJohn23BachelorFishermanUpper Island CoveElijah MercerFishermanJamesMartha22Spinster< td>
Bryant's CoveJohn JamesFishermanSamuel James; Jane Mercer;E. E. Rusted
1911 01 05YetmanGeorge23BachelorFishermanBryant's CoveNathaniel YetmanFishermanTuckerAmelia20SpinsterServantBryant's CoveMoses TuckerFishermanAbram Morgan; Jessie YetmanErnest E. Rusted
1912 05 15NoelArchibald66WidowerFishermanHarbour Grace SouthJohn Noel
NoseworthyCatharine56Widow< td>
Bryant's CoveJohn Baker
Abram Morgan; Elfrida Noseworthy;Ernest E. Rusted
1914 12 08YetmanJacob23BachelorFishermanBryant's CoveNathaniel YetmanFishermanSheppardBertha21Spinster
Spaniard's BayLevi SheppardFishermanNathan Yetman; Jessie Yetman;Ernest E. Rusted (Priest)
1915 11 19YetmanJoseph40WidowerFishermanBryant's CoveWilliam YetmandeceasedMercerMartha26Widow
Bryant's CoveJohn JamesFishermanIsaac James; Fannie Yetman;Ernest E. Rusted
1916 11 21SheppardJohn William43WidowerFishermanHarbour Grace SouthJohn ShepparddeceasedJamesMary Jane33Widow
Bryant's CoveWilliam JamesdeceasedWilliam James; Fannie Yetman;Ernest E. Rusted
1917 11 20PorterWilliam Henry24BachelorFishermanPort-de-GraveAppolos PorterFishermanJanesEliza Florence20Spinster
Bryant's CoveWilliam Henry JanesdeceasedJohn W. Sheppard; Lizzie Yetman;Ernest E. Rusted
1919 09 25MercerRichard25BachelorFarmerTopsailJacob MercerFarmerYetmanPhoebe21SpinsterBryant's CoveJoshua YetmanFishermanCharles Mercer; Berha Babb;Ernest E. Rusted (Priest)
1923 12 20JamesIsaac26BachelorMinerBryant's CoveJohn JamesFishermanYetmanAnnie19SpinsterServantBryant's CoveGeorge YetmanFishermanKenneth Yetman; Rhoda Noseworthy;Ernest E. Rusted (Priest)
1925 12 25SweetlandJohn Norman24BachelorPlumberCatalina S.B.Earnest SweetlandFishermanNoseworthyBeatrice Hazel21Spinst er
Bryant's CoveJacob NoseworthyFishermanNorman Noseworthy; Susie Noseworthy;M. K. Gardner
1927 01 15LynchMark20BachelorFishermanSpoon CoveGeorge LynchLabourerNoseworthyAnnie17Spinster
Bryant's CoveGeorge NoseworthyFishermanIsaac James; Annie James;H. Torroville (Deacon)
1927 02 01Gosse Moses27BachelorBlacksmithSpaniard's BayEsau GosseBlacksmithYetmanIsabella22Spinster
Bryant's CoveMark YetmanFishermanAlexander Yetman; Gladys Babb;Harvey Torroville
1927 04 19YetmanThomas Henry39WidowerFishermanBryant's CoveNathaniel YetmanFishermanYetmanDiana20Spi nster
Bryant's CoveJohn Charles YetmanFishermanElizabeth Mercer; Blanche Babb; Kenneth Yetman;Evelyne Clench Rector of Spaniard's Bay
1927 08 16VincentChesley27BachelorBlacksmithSt. JohnsGeorge VincentdeceasedStoneRose21Spinster
Bryant's CoveSimeon StoneFishermanJames Parsons; Annie LynchHarvey Torroville (Priest)
1929 10 31HutchingsArthur23BachelorCarpenterTiltonWilliam HutchingsCarpenterBabbElizabeth22Spinster< td>DomesticBryant's CoveEdward BabbFishermanSolomon Hutchings; Beatrice Hutchings;Harvey Torroville (Priest)

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