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Upper Island Cove Mission in the Diocese of Newfoundland

Bishop's Cove - St. John's Church Marriage records

The following marriages were transcribed from photocopies of the original parish registers held at St. Peter's Anglican Church in Upper Island Cove. As with all online records, it is recommended that the original documents be consulted before assuming any of the transcription to be accurate.

For verification purposes, photocopies of these documents may be consulted at either:

St. Peter's Anglican Parish
PO Box 29
Upper Island Cove, NF A0A 4E0

Anglican Archives
19 King's Bridge Road
St. John's, NF A1C 3K4

According to the 25 Nov 1882 edition of "The Harbor Grace Standard and Conception Bay Advertiser", a "serious fire occurred at Upper Island Cove, resulting in the total destruction of the Parsonage House. Thirty pounds in money together with the Church Registers were also lost."

The lost registers would have commenced around 1820, give or take a few years. Prior to the 1820s, Upper Island Cove Anglicans belonged to the Harbour Grace (St. Paul's) Anglican parish, so you will find the earlier UIC records in the Harbour Grace records.

The records were photocopied by DON DROVER, and transcribed by SARAH C. RAE in fall 2001. While they have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical or interpretive errors.

Groom Groom's Father Bride Bride's Father
# Marriage Date Surname Given Age Condition Profession Residence at Marriage Name Profession Surname Given Age Condition Profession Residence at Marriage Name Profession Witnesses MarriedBy
11880-01-07 RussellHenry 27Bachelor PlanterBay Roberts Stephen RussellPlanter SmithSarah 24Spinster
Bishop's Cove
Planter Israel Smith; Mary Jane Smith; William H. Smith; Fanny Jane French; Alfred C. J. Warren, Priest
2 1880 10 24Barrett George45 WidowerPlanter Bishop's CoveJacob Barrett PlanterSmith Eliza48 Widow
Bishop's CoveIsaac Bradbury FishermanAbraham Smith; Isaac Smith; Eliza Smith; Jane Smith; Alfred C. J. Warren, Priest
31880 11 00 MarshallJohn 25Bachelor FishermanBay Roberts William MarshallFisherman BarrettMartha 21Spinster
Bishop's Cove Israel BarrettFisherman Edward Marshall; A. C. J. Warren; Mary Jane Barrett; William Pilot
4 1880 12 29Young Frederic
BachelorFisherman Upper Isl. CoveJohn Young FishermanMenchinton Mary
Bishop's CoveJohn Menchinton FishermanWill(m) Menchinton; Horatio Young; Susanna Young; A. C. J. Warren, Priest
51881 01 02 ElmsWilliam 27Bachelor FishermanBay Roberts
Fisherman LundriganMary 27Spinster
Upper Island Cove George LundriganFisherman John Lundrigan; Archibald Young; Susanna T. Drover; Emma Young; Alfred C. J. Warren
6 1881 01 06Barrett Levi30 BachelorFisherman Bishop's CoveAbraham Barrett FishermanBarrett Mary
Bishop's Cove John BarrettFisherman George Barrett; Rebecca Smith; Henry Barrett; Katherine Smith; Moses Barrett; Alfred C. J. Warren
71881 11 20 SmithJohn Charles 27Bachelor FishermanBishop's Cove David SmithFisherman SmithMary 22Spinster
Bishop's Cove George SmithFisherman George Peddle; Rebecca Mentionton; Alfred C. J. Warren, Priest
8 1881 12 08Hutchings Mark26 BachelorFisherman Spaniard's BayHenry Hutchings FishermanSmith Elizabeth Anne 19Spinster
Bishop's CoveJacob Smith FishermanGeorge Gosse; Sarah Gosse; Alfred C. J. Warren
91881 12 27 SmithWilliam 20Bachelor FishermanBishop's Cove Jacob SmithPlanter BarrettSelina 25 Spinster
Bishop's Cove Nath(l) BarrettPlanter Thomas Gosse; Edward Smith; Julia Barrett; Emily Smith; A. C. J. Warren
10 1881 12 27Smith John28 BachelorFisherman Bishop's CoveJohn Smith SailorBarrett Melissa23 Spinster
Bishop's CoveNath(l) Barrett PlanterDavid Barrett; Sarah Barrett; Nathan Mention; Eliza Mention; A. C. J. Warren
111881 12 27 ReidJohn 23Bachelor FishermanUpper Island Cove John ReidPlanter SmithJulia Anne 22Spinster
Bishop's Cove Abraham SmithFisherman Abraham Barrett; Albert Reid; Susanna Young; Caroline Reid; Alfred C. J. Warren
12 1882 01 06Osborne Natrhanael22 BachelorFisherman Upper Isld CoveJohn Osborne FishermanJeynes Julia Anne 20Spinster
Bishop's CoveMoses Jeynes FishermanWilliam Jones; James Osborne; Elizabeth Jones; Susanna Janes; A. C. J. Warren
131882 03 12 TuckerDavid 21Bachelor TeacherBishop's Cove James TuckerTrader SwansboroughSarah 22Spinster TeacherBishop's Cove William SwansboroughTeacher Herbert Barrett; Lucinda Barrett; Archibald Drover; Mary Drover; A. C. J. Warren, Priest
14 1882 04 30Wilcox Benjamin35 WidowerPlanter Bay RobertsBenjamin Wilcox
Musedale Mary Ann25 Spinster
Bay RobertsWill(m) Musedale
Joseph Barrett; Belinda Martin; A. C. J. Warren
151882 05 25 SmithArnold 22Bachelor FishermanBishop's Cove William SmithFisherman SmithMary Anne 22Spinster
Bishop's Cove Nathanuael SmithFisherman John Smith; Rachel Drover; A. C. J. Warren
16 1882 10 15Mercer Edward39 WidowerFisherman Bay RobertsJohn Mercer FishermanAbbott Keziah22 Spinster
Spaniard's BayJohn Abbott doJosiah Butt; Elizabeth Combs; Thos Temple
171882 11 07 VokeyPhilip 24Bachelor FishermanSpaniard's Bay Norm Vokey**See Errata Table below FishermanVokey Leah19 Sp inster
Spaniard's Bay Emmanuel VokeyFisherman George Vokey; Mary Ann Roberts; A. C. J. Warren
18 1882 11 08Collins George32 WidowerFisherman Spaniard's BayGeorge Collins FishermanSmith Fanny29Spinster
Bishop's Cove William SmithFisherman Herbert Barrett; Annie Smith; A. C. J. Warren
190000 11 13 SmithJohn 26Bachelor FishermanBishop's Cove Ingram SmithFisherman DroverRachel 27 Spinster
Bishop's Cove James DroverFisherman John Smith; Mary Ann Smith; Arnold Smith; A. C. J. Warren
20 0000 11 16Collins John23 BachelorFisherman Spaniard's BayTimothy Collins FishermanMenchinton Katherine2 2Spinster
Bishop's CoveJohn Menchinton FishermanJohn Menchinton; Sarah Menchinton; William Porter; Mary Jane Collins; A. C. J. Warren
211882 11 21 ChipmanWilliam 23Bachelor FishermanSpaniard's Bay James ChipmanFisherman BarrettElizabeth Anne 23Spinster
Bishop's CoveWilliam Barrett FishermanJohn Chipman; Sarah Barrett; A. C. J. Warren
22 1883 11 25Vokey William26 BachelorFisherman Spaniard's BayPhilip Vokey FishermanRowe Selina23 Spinster
FishermanJames Hutchings; Mary Ann Hutchings; A. C. J. Warren
231882 12 07 HutchingsJames 25Bachelor FishermanSpaniard's Bay George HutchingsPlanter BarrettLucinda 26Spinster
Bishop's CoveJoseph Barrett PlanterHerbert Barrett; Annie Smith; Isaac Hutchings;
24 1882 12 21Lundrigan Thomas26 BachelorFisherman Upper Island CoveJoseph Lundrigan FishermanSmith Sarah26 Spinster
Bishop's CoveWilliam Smith FishermanDavid[?] Barrett; ElizabethMercer; Sarah Barrett; John Jones; George Smith; A. C. J. Warren
251882 12 24 VokeyJohn Robert 24Bachelor FishermanSpaniard's Bay Jonathan VokeyFisherman GosseHonora 20Spinster
Spaniard's BayWilliam Gosse FishermanGeorge Vokey; Mary Anne Roberts; A. C. J. Warren
26 1882 12 26Butt Josiah24 BachelorFisherman Spaniard's BayJohn Butt
Cumby Elizabeth Anne23 Spinster
Hearts ContentFrancis Cumby
Josiah Butt; Keziah Mercer; A. C. J. Warren
271882 01 01 BarrettAbraham 28Bachelor PlanterSpaniard's Bay John BarrettTrader BarrettLaura 18Spinster
Bishop's Cove Moses BarrettPlanter illegible Barrett; Maud Gosse; Susanna Barrett; Leonard Barrett; John S. Martin; A. C. J. Warren
28 0000 05 15Kirwan John43 WidowerFisherman Bay RobertsJames Kirwan FishermanBarrett Mary
Bishop's CoveRobert Hennessey FishermanHerbert Barrett; Thomas Barrett; Laura Barrett; A. C. J. Warren
291883 05 20 BarrettJohn Rob(t) 24Bachelor FishermanBishop's Cove Joseph BarrettPlanter SmithAnne 25Spinster
Bishop's Cove W(m) SmithFisherman Nathaniel Barrett; Lucinda Hutchings; A. C. J. Warren
30 1884 11 19Lear William26 BachelorFisherman Hibbs HoleJohn Lear FishermanBarrett Anne Melina
Bishop's Cove David BarrettFisherman David Barrett; David Barrett; A. C. J. Warren
311884 11 26 SheppardLevi 22Bachelor FishermanSpaniard's Bay Henry SheppardFisherman BarrettElfrida 22Spinster
Bishop's Cove Nath(l) BarrettFisherman illegible; William Smith; A. C. J. Warren
32 1884 12 09Gosse William37 BachelorFisherman Spaniard's BaySolomon Gosse FishermanMenchinton Rebecca36Spinster
Bishop's CoveJohn Menchinton FishermanJohn Menchons(?); Phoebe Barrett; A. C. J. Warren
331885 05 31 PeddlePeter 22Bachelor FishermanBishop's Cove George PeddleFisherman BarrettPhoebe 17Spinster
Bishop's Cove Joseph BarrettFisherman illegibleA. C. J. Warren
34 1885 11 29Barrett Jacob24 BachelorFisherman Bishop's CoveGeorge Barrett PlanterSmith Selina24 Spinster
Bishop's CoveAbraham Smith Planterillegible A. C. J. Warren
351885 12 10 VokeyJoseph
Bachelor FishermanSpaniard's Bay
Fisherman BarrettCaroline
Bishop's Cove Henry BarrettFisherman illegible; Sarah Barrett A. C. J. Warren
36 1885 12 04Barrett Francis26 BachelorFisherman Spaniard's BayJoseph Barrett PlanterBarrett Martha25 < font size=1 face="arial">Spinster
Bishop's CoveDavid Barrett PlanterJohn William Smith; illegible A. C. J. Warren, Priest
371887 12 16 SmithAlijah[?] 24Bachelor FishermanBishop's Cove David SmithFisherman BrownSusanna 21Spinster
Bishop's Cove Thomas BrownFisherman Josiah Smith; Martha Smith; A. C. J. Warren
38 1887 12 22Menchinton John24 WidowerFisherman Bishop's CoveJohn Menchinton FishermanSmith Priscilla19Spinster
Bishop's CoveIsaac Smith FishermanNathanuel Barrett; Stella Smith; A. C. J. Warren
391888 11 25 HusseyUriah 24Bachelor FishermanUpper Island Cove Joseph HusseyFisherman PeddlePhoebe 24Spinster
Bishop's Cove John PeddleFisherman Bertram Jones; Susanna Hussey; A. C. J. Warren
40 1888 12 19Smith Joseph27 BachelorFisherman Bishop's CoveJacob Smith FishermanSmith Martha21 Spinster
Bishop's CoveIsaac Smith FishermanJosiah Smith; Patience Mercer; A. C. J. Warren
411889 11 03 BarrettBertram 26Bachelor FishermanBishop's Cove George BarrettPlanter MartinAlice 18Spinster
Bishop's Cove John MartinSchoolmaster Leonard Barrett; Wilhelmina Martin; J. Shirley Sanderson
42 1889 12 18Barrett Nathanuel24 BachelorFisherman Bishop's CoveJohn Barrett PlanterSmith Stella22Spinster
Bishop's Cove Abraham SmithPlanter Samuel Smith; Mary A. King; J. Shirley Sanderson
431890 01 01 DroverNathanuel
Bachelor FishermanBishop's Cove James DroverFisherman PeddleSusanna
Bishop's CoveGeorge Peddle FishermanPeter Peddle; Phoebe Peddle; J. Shirley Sanderson
44 1890 05 22Smith John26 BachelorFisherman Bishop's CoveAbraham Smith PlanterOsborne Rachel22 Spinster
Island CoveJames Osborne FishermanGeorge Smith; Stella Barrett; J. Shirley Sanderson
451890 12 11 SmithRobert 22Bachelor FishermanNormans Cove Robert SmithFisherman BarrettSusanna 22Spinster
Bishop's Cove Nathanuel BarrettFisherman Leah White; Julia Barrett; J. Shirley Sanderson
46 1890 12 17Vey John46 WidowerPlanter RandomJames Vey PlanterKing Mary Ann38 WidowTeacherBishop's Cove William WilcoxCaptain John S. Martin; Jessica Smith; J. Shirley Sanderson
471890 12 26 LundriganNathanuel 24Bachelor FishermanUpper Island Cove Joseph LundriganFisherman MenchintonEsther 22Spinster
Bishop's CoveMatthew Menchinton FishermanAgnes Lundrigan; Josiah Mercer; J. Shirley Sanderson
48 1891 01 08Chipman Solomon29 WidowerFisherman Spaniard's BayOwen Chipman
Barrett Julia
Bishop's CoveNathanuel Barrett PlanterSolomon Chipman; Julia Barrett; J. Shirley Sanderson
491891 05 06 MenchintonJosiah
Bachelor FishermanBishop's Cove Thomas MenchintonFisherman PeddleMaria
Bishop's CoveJohn Peddle FishermanFredrick Young; Mary Young; J. Shirley Sanderson
50 1891 11 29Smith William55 WidowerPlanter Bishop's CoveGeorge Smith PlanterSmith Jane53 Widow
Bishop's CoveThomas
Israel Smith; Elfrida Smith; J. Shirley Sanderson
511891 12 23 GosseRobert 26Bachelor PlanterSpaniard's Bay James GossePlanter SmithJessica
Bishop's Cove Israel SmithPlanter Flora Smith; William Gosse; J. Shirley Sanderson
52 1892 10 16Barrett Elisha46 WidowerPlanter Spaniard's BayJohn Barrett PlanterLewis Elizabeth26 SpinsterTeacher Bishop's CoveDavid Lewis AgentLeah J Earle; John S. Martin J. Shirley Sanderson
531892 11 30 CollinsRobert 22Bachelor FishermanSpaniard's Bay John CollinsPlanter SmithFlora 20Spinster
Bishop's Cove Israel SmithPlanter Eliza Ann Gosse; Esau Smith J. Shirley Sanderson
54 1892 12 29Sheppard Henry24 BachelorFisherman Spaniard's BayHenry Sheppard FishermanBarrett Naomi
Bishop's CoveJoseph Barrett FishermanAbraham Barrett; Sarah Kennedy; J. Shirley Sanderson
551893 11 17 CrockerJohn 35Widower PlanterHearts Delight George CrockerPlanter SmithEmma 24Spi nster
Bishop's Cove Jacob SmithFisherman Albert Smith; Rose Ann Smith; J. Shirley Sanderson
56 1893 12 25Peddle Edmund
BachelorFisherman Bishop's CoveGeorge Peddle FishermanSmith Elizabeth

Bishop's CoveIsaac Smith FishermanPeter Peddle; Patience Smith; J. Shirley Sanderson
571898 11 08 SmithEsau 47Widower PlanterBishop's Cove Isaac SmithPlanter SmithProvidence 19Spi nster
Bishop's Cove Edward SmithFisherman George Smith; Elfrida Smith; J. Shirley Sanderson
58 1889 01 01Adams John William26 BachelorFisherman Upper Island CoveJames Adams FishermanLynch Emma23 Spinster
Bishop's CoveJoseph Lynch FishermanWilliam Hussey; Fanny Adams; J. Shirley Sanderson
591899 11 21 BarrettWilliam 26Bachelor FishermanUpper Island Cove William BarrettFisherman ClarkeMary Ann 20Spinster
Upper Island CoveDavid Clarke FishermanDavid Clarke; Cecile Clarke; T. C. Notten (Priest of Port de Grave)
60 1899 11 22Crane William Henry23 BachelorFisherman Island CoveHenry Crane deceased FishermanDrover Mary Jane21 Spinster
Island CoveJack Drover
John Drover; Sarah Dorcas[?] Drover; T. C. Notten
611900 12 31 MinchintonNathaniel 31Bachelor FishermanBishop's Cove Thomas MinchintonFisherman SmithRosannah 24Spinster
Bishop's CoveJohn Smith FishermanJosiah Minchinton; Marion[?] Menchions; T. P. Quinton, Priest of Mission of Spaniards Bay
62 1901 12 18Bickford Mark27 BachelorMiner Belle IsleLemuel Bickford FarmerAdams Leah May18 SpinsterDomestic Bishop's CoveJohn Adams FishermanNathanael Osborne; Melina Adams; Susanna Bickford; Frank Smart, Priest
631902 12 04 ThorneWilliam 26Bachelor FishermanBay Bull's Arm Uriah ThornePlanter SmithJulia 20Spinster
Bishop's Cove William SmithMiner William Robert Thorne; Moses M. Young; Elfrida Thorne; Frank Smart, Priest
64 1903 05 14Smith Cyril26 WidowerFisherman Bishop's CoveIsaac Smith deceasedSmith Flora19 Spinster
Bishop's CoveArnold Smith FishermanSarah Smith; Jethro Barrett; Mary Smith; Joseph Smith;
651906 01 10 PorterGeorge 26Bachelor FishermanSpaniard's Bay Jonathan PorterFisherman MenchintonRachel 23Spinster
Bishop's CoveWilliam Menchinton FishermanJohn Barrett; Sarah Smith; Frank Smart, Priest
66 1908 01 29Roberts Josiah28 BachelorEngineer S. JohnsElias Roberts
Martin J. Rale[?]22 Spinster
Bishop's CoveJohn S. Martin
Jean N. Bowman; E. Jones; Mary Roberts; E,[?] F. Roberts Frank Smart
671908 05 13 BattenSamuel 28Bachelor FishermanBareneed Robert Batten
AndrewsLizzie 27Spins ter
Port-de-Grave George Andrews
John R. Barrett; Lucinda Barrett; Frank Smart
68 1909 05 04Coombs John31 BachelorFisherman Upper Island CoveJohn Coombs FishermanClarke Rebecca A.24 Spinster
Bishop's CoveWilliam Clarke FishermanJohn Adams; Rachel Adams; Ernest E. Rusted, Priest
691909 12 14 SmithEli 32Widower FishermanBishop's Cove William SmithFisherman SmithJulia Jane 20Spinster
Bishop's Cove Moses SmithFisherman Joseph Lynch; Mary Lynch; Ernest E. Rusted
70 1910 12 24Collins Timothy23 BachelorFisherman Spaniard's BayJohn Collins FishermanDrover Elizabeth19Spinster
Bishop's CoveJoseph Drover FishermanNorman Coombs; Mary Ann Drover; Ernest E. Rusted
711911 01 03 SmithWilliam Duncan 25Bachelor FishermanBishop's Cove Esau SmithFisherman SmithSarah 25Spinster
Bishop's Cove John SmithFisherman Mark Lundrigan; Elizabeth Smith; Ernest E. Rusted
72 1911 07 11Lynch John Robert22 BachelorFisherman Upper Island CoveGeorge Lynch FishermanPeddle Rebecca19 Spinster
Bishop's CovePeter Peddle FishermanJoseph Peddle; Ada Smith; Ernest E. Rusted
731911 12 20 LundriganMark 27Bachelor FishermanUpper Island Cove John LundriganFisherman SmithElizabeth Elsie 23Spinster
Bishop's CoveJohn Smith FishermanEdward Smith; Sarah Smith; Ernest E. Rusted
74 1913 07 18Smith John Thomas21 BachelorFisherman Bishop's CoveJohn Smith DeceasedSmith Wilhemina17Spinster
Bishop's Cove Arnold SmithFisherman Stanley Smith; Elizabeth Peddle; Ernest E. Rusted
751913 12 30 ClarkeIsaac George 26Bachelor FishermanBishop's Cove William ClarkeDeceased MenchiontonWinnie 21Spinster
Bishop's CoveJosiah Menchionton FishermanJosiah Clarke; Rachel Menchintion; Ernest E. Rusted
76 1914 12 24Smith Moses Drover23 BachelorFisherman Bishop's CoveJohn Smith FishermanMenchionton Lizzie Violet20 Spinster
Bishop's CoveJohn Menchionton FishermanDuncan Mentions; Winnie Peddle; Ernest E. Rusted
771915 12 01 SmithWilliam 23Bachelor FishermanBishop's Cove Isaac SmithFisherman SheppardFlora 22Spinster
Bishop's Cove Henry SheppardFisherman Abram Sheppard; Elsie Smith; Ernest E. Rusted
78 1915 12 23Smith Stanley21 BachelorFisherman Bishop's CoveArnold Smith FishermanPeddle Elizabeth18Spinster
Bishop's Cove John Thomas PeddleMiner Josiah Clarke; Rachel Menchintion; E. E. Rusted
791915 12 23 SmithJohn 23Bachelor FishermanBishop's Cove John SmithFisherman BarrettMary Hannah 18Spinster
Bishop's Cove George Frederick Barrett FishermanAbram Barrett; Minnie F. Smith; Ernest S. Rusted
80 1916 01 01Smith John21 BachelorFisherman Bishop's CoveAbraham Smith FishermanBarrett Sarah Winifred21Spinster
Bishop's CoveJethro Barrett FishermanJames Smith; Susie Barrett; Ernest S. Rusted
811916 12 19 ClarkeJosiah 26Bachelor FishermanBishop's Cove William Clarkedeceased SmithEliza 22Spinster
Bishop's Cove John SmithFisherman Isaac Clarke; Lydia R. Smith; E. E. Rusted, (Priest)
82 1916 12 28Barrett Hector25 BachelorFisherman Bishop's CoveJethro Barrett FishermanSmith Stella20Spinster
Bishop's Cove Abraham SmithFisherman William Barrett; Susie Barrett; Ernest E. Rusted
831923 04 08 SmithLevi 30Bachelor FishermanBishop's Cove William Smithdeceased BarrettLucinda 29Spinster
Bishop's Cove John Robert BarrettFarmer W. E. Barrett; Silas Smith; Ella Noel; Ernest E. Rusted (Priest)
84 1930 07 25Mercer Joseph40 WidowerMerchant Upper Island CoveJohn William Mercer deceasedSmith Flora42Widow
Bishop's CoveArnold Smith FishermanRichard Mercer; Esau F. Adams; Claude D. L. Sparshott, Deacon
851918 12 24 MenchiontonGeorge Willis 21Bachelor FishermanBishop's Cove George MenchiontonCarpenter MercerMinnie 23Spinster
Bishop's CoveEli Mercer FishermanJohn Sheppard; Mary Mercer; Ernest E. Rusted
86 1917 12 27Smith John Ingram21 BachelorFisherman Bishop's CoveJohn Smith FishermanPeddle Irene21Spinster
Bishop's Cove Edmund PeddleFisherman Muses D.Smith; Gladys Jones; Ernest E. Rusted
871942 05 30 KingErnest 22Bachelor MinerBell Island C.B. Eleazar KingUnemployed SmithMary 18Sp insterDomesticBishop's Cove John SmithCarpenter Edward Smith; Annie Smith; John Smith; George Camp
88 1931 11 24Mercer John Arthur28 BachelorButcher HearstownJohn Mercer LabourerWilliams Effie Pearl19 < font size=1 face="arial">SpinsterDomestic illegibleLeander Williams LabourerJohn Williams; Flora Smith;
891932 06 23 DroverMaxwell John 21Bachelor FishermanUpper Is. Cove Moses DroverFisherman SmithEthel Marian 18SpinsterDomestic Bishop's CovePearce Smith FishermanElizabeth Smith; George S. Smith; George Camp
90 1932 07 06Earle Isaac Maxwell27 BachelorFarmer HearstownIsaac Earle FarmerLynch Ivy May25 SpinsterDomestic Bishop's CoveJoseph Lynch LabourerHarvey Earle; Eliza Lynch; George Camp
911932 09 01 JonesWalter Melvin 22Bachelor MinerUpper Is. Cove Harvey JonesMiner BarrettNita 20SpinsterDomesticBishop's Cove Bertram BarrettFisherman Arthur Lynch; May Lynch; George Camp
92 1932 11 24Coombs William28 BachelorMiner Upper Island CoveJosiah Coombs MinerMenchions Violet21Spinster DomesticBishop's Cove Nathaniel MenchionsMiner Duncan Coombs; Ethel Coombs; George Camp
931932 11 24 CraneWilliam 24Bachelor MinerUpper Island Cove George CraneMiner LynchEliza 19Spi nsterDomesticBishop's Cove Joseph LynchMiner Walter Crane; Ida Earle; George Camp
94 1935 05 20Barrett Nathaniel22 BachelorFisherman Bishop's CoveGeorge F. Barrett InvalidSmith Irene Doris 19SpinsterClerk Bishop's CoveMoses D. Smith FishermanKatie Smith; William John Crane; George Camp
951935 12 10 CraneWilliam 27Bachelor FishermanThicket John CraneFarmer SmithKate 19SpinsterDomesticBishop's Cove Moses D. SmithFisherman Nathaniel Barrett; Lydia R. Smith; George Camp
96 1936 11 05Deering Thomas George24 BachelorFisherman HearstownLevi Deering FarmerBarrett Ethel21Spinster DomesticBishop's Cove Eleazar BarrettFisherman Abe Barrett; Sarah Jane Deering; George Camp
971936 12 21 DroverKenneth 25Bachelor FishermanUpper Island Cove Edward DroverFisherman SmithWinnie 21SpinsterDomestic Bishop's CoveSamuel Smith FishermanEdward Smith; Sadie Smith; George Camp
98 1937 04 01Gosse Bertram34 BachelorMiner Spaniard's BayMoses Gosse CarpenterMenchions Edith Rachel23 SpinsterDomestic Bishop's CoveEugene Menchions FishermanRobert Seymor; Millie Menchions; George Camp
991937 05 08 HuntJames 26Bachelor MinerHarbour Grace Duncan HuntBlacksmith BarrettIrene 24Spin sterDomesticBishop's Cove Eleazar BarrettFisherman George Hunt; Matilda Hunt; Ethel Deering; George Camp
100 1939 12 16Drover Nathaniel20 BachelorFisherman Spaniard's BayGeorge Drover MechanicClarke Rachel20 SpinsterDomestic Bishop's CoveJosiah Clarke MerchantMr. JackE. Drover; Sadie Clarke; George Camp
1011940 05 13 HorwoodJohn 32Bachelor FishermanHarbour Grace William HorwoodFisherman BarrettBerdina 23SpinsterDomestic Bishop's CoveHector Barrett TeacherSilas French; Hector Barrett; Mary Barrett; Flora Adams; George Camp
102 1940 12 31Vokey Joseph26 BachelorFisherman Spaniard's BayHarvey Vokey FishermanSmith Rachel22 SpinsterDomestic Bishop's CoveJohn E. Smith FishermanElizabeth Joan Smith; Ingram Smith; George Camp
1031940 12 31 GosseElmer 22Bachelor FishermanSpaniard's Bay William GosseFisherman SmithEmmie 21Spinster DomesticBishop's Cove Samuel SmithFisherman Edward Smith; Sadie Smith; George Camp
104 1942 05 30King Ernest

Smith Mary

G. C.
1051942 08 15 ReesHenry Allison 25Bachelor MinerLance Cove, Bell Is Leonard ReesMiner SmithEvelyn 26Spinster DomesticBishop's Cove Eli SmithCarpenter Ura Smith; Tifilon Rees; Miss Julia Rees; George Camp
106 1942 11 14Mercer George21 BachelorMiner Upper Island CoveLeander Mercer FishermanMenchins Minnie Jane1 9SpinsterDomestic Bishop's CoveGeorge W. Menchions CarpenterG. W. Menchions; Moses Mercer; Sybil Mercer; Agnes Drover; George Camp
1071942 12 05 JanesFrank 21Bachelor Truck DriverHarbour Grace Eugene JanesCooper SmithAnnie 21 SpinsterDomesticBishop's Cove John SmithCarpenter [?] Smith; Frederick Janes; Clayton Smith; Hilda Smith; George Camp
108 1943 06 24Marshall George Joseph20 BachelorClerk Poole's Cove F.B.Frank Marshall CarpenterSmith Myra E.18SpinsterDomestic Bishop's CoveJohn Smith MinerClyde Marshall; Jean Smith; George Camp
1091943 12 15 GosseWilliam Howard 22Bachelor FishermanSpaniard's Bay Theodore GosseFisherman SmithAnnie Loraine 19Spinster
Bishop's CoveDavid Smith FishermanDorothy Pike; Eric Tuttle; Stewart R. Shepherd, Priest
110 1943 12 23Drover Lewis23 BachelorTruck Driver Spaniard's BayJohn P. Drover CarpenterSmith Elizabeth19< td>Spinster
Bishop's Cove John E. SmithCarpenter Gladys W. Smith; Ingram Smith; S. R. Shepherd, Priest
1111943 03 28 SmithDonald Rex[?] 23Bachelor SailorH. M. Navy Stanley SmithFisherman ClarkeSarah 21Spinster TeacherBishop's Cove Josiah ClarkeMerchant Olga Smith; G. Young;S. R. Shepherd, Priest
112 1944 04 09Hutchings Hayward26 BachFisherman Spaniard's BayArthur Hutchings FishermanSmith (Sarah) Sadie(Dmp)23 Spin
Bishop's CoveJohn Smith CarpenterDonald Hutchings; Hilda Smith; S. R. Shepherd
1131944 08 26 CrockerWesley 23Bachelor Truck DriverHr. Grace Alexander CrockerEngineer SmithRowena 20Spinster
Bishop's Cove Moses SmithFisherman Emily Smith; Duncan Hunt; S. R. Shepherd, Priest
114 1944 12 26Young William20 BachelorTruck Driver Upper Isld CoveWilliam Young CarpenterSmith Enid Gladys 18Spinster
Bishop's CoveGeorge Smith MechanicMae Barrett; Edward Harvey Vokey; S. R. Shepherd, Priest
1151945 11 26 GiffordWilliam Gordon 32Bachelor FishermanPort-de-Grave William Gifforddeceased SmithVirginia [?] Smith 20 Spinster
Bishop's CoveRalph Smith CarpenterPatsie Smith; Clayton L. Ralph; Stewart R. Shepherd, Priest
116 1946 02 18Adams William23 BachLabourer Upper Island CoveAlfred Adams FishermanSmith Emily19 Spin
Bishop's CoveSamuel Smith FishermanLizzie Coombs; Henry Coombs; S. R. Shepherd, Priest
1171947 05 15 YoungGordon 28Bachelor Ex ServiceUpper Is Cove Arthur YoungLabourer SmithOlga 20 Spinster
Bishop's Cove Stanley SmithFisherman D. Smith; Phyllis Peddle; Edmund Hunt, Priest Spaniards Bay
118 1949 08 06Drover Edward24 Bach
Upp Isld CoveEdward Drover CarpenterSmith Vera Aileen24 Spin
Bishop's CoveEli Smith CarpenterDelphine Hutchings; illegible Lynch; S. R. Shepherd, Priest
1191955 02 19 PeddleThomas Claude 21Bachelor CarpenterBishop's Cove John PeddleMiner McCarthyEileen 19SpinsterDomestic Upper Is CoveRonald McCarthy MinerJosiah Peddle; Dorothy Lundrigan; H. M. Batten (Priest)
120 1955 04 15Smith Rhodie28 BachelorFisherman Bishop's CoveMoses Smith FishermanBarrett Frances23Spinster TeacherBishop's Cove W. E. BarrettBunness John R. Barrett; Enid Barrett; H. M. Batten (Priest)
1211956 08 18 RobertsStephen 17Bachelor LabourerSpaniard's Bay Samuel RobertsFarming BarrettQueenie Eliza 16Spinster
Bishop's CoveNathanael Barrett CarpenterSamuel Roberts; Shirley Lane; H. M. Batten (Priest)
122 1956 11 17Jewer William Wallace23 BachelorLabourer Spaniard's BayHenry William Jewer LabourerSmith Susie Marina16SpinsterDomestic Bishop's CoveRandolph Smith DeceasedHoward E. Smith; Joyce Bishop; H. M. Batten (Priest)
1231957 04 27 SharpeThomas 24Bachelor LabourerUpper Island Cove William SharpeCarpenter PeddleFlorence Cavell 18SpinsterDomestic Bishop's CoveJohn Peddle MinerHarrison Sharpe; Dorothy Peddle; H. M. Batten (Priest)
124 1957 06 20Clarke John William50 BachelorLabourer Bishop's CoveRobert Clarke LabourerHarding Hattie Irene42 SpinsterCook St. John'sWellington Harding DeceasedIsaac Davis; Doris Harding; H. M. Batten (Priest)
1251959 12 14 LynchClayton Wm 22Bachelor CarpenterBishop's Cove David Lynchdeceased/Retired KingJune Eileen 16SpinsterDomestic Broad CoveRichard King LabourerClarence Lynch; Mrs. Hubert Bunden; H. M. Batten (Priest)
126 1958 02 15Drover Clyde Thomas18 BachelorLabourer Upper Island CoveMaxwell Drover CarpenterSmith Muriel Irene17 SpinsterDomestic Bishop's CoveJohn A. Smith MinerGeorge B. Drover; Shirley Drover; H. M. Batten (Priest)
1271958 09 27 DroverArthur Hayward 19Bachelor StevedoreUpper Island Cove Joseph DroverCarpenter PeddleSylvia 16SpinsterDomestic Spaniard's BayJohn Peddle MinerHenley Lynch; Marguerite Peddle; H. M. Batten
128 1954 06 05Peddle Harold Wilfred24 BachelorLabourer Bishop's CoveGeorge F. Peddle WatchmanSheppard Winifred Jean17SpinsterDomestic Bell IslandChesley Sheppard MinerMax Barrett; Louise Peddle; H. M. Batten (Priest)

Name in Record Description of Error My Name
VOKEY #17 Father of Philip is Aaron. Robert E. Vokey.
VOKEY #102: Joseph VOKEY groom. Father of groom is Harry, not Harvey. I'm Joseph's son. Robert E. VOKEY

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