NL GenWeb 1835 Voter's List

Conception Bay North - Harbour Grace District


PANL: File No. 1835 GN 43/7 Voters List, Box 7

The information was transcribed by BILL WHITE ~ September 2002. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

"The List of Persons entitled to vote in the Elections of a Member or Members for the District of Conception Bay in respect of Dwelling Houses situate in the Harbour Grace Division of the said District."

Thos Danson Revising Magistrate

# Christian Name and Surname of each Voter at full length Place of Abode and Qualifications Street, Lane, Road and other local Description
1 Byrne Thomas Musqueto
2 Cahill Patrick Musqueto
3 Cake William Musqueto
4 Colehole? John Musqueto
5 Connell Maurice Musqueto
6 Connors Michael Musqueto
7 Connors David Musqueto Saddle Hill
8 Donovan Daniel Musqueto
9 Doran John Musqueto
10 Dunphy Patrick Musqueto
11 Gloster Patrick Musqueto
12 Gordon William Musqueto
13 Hannon John Musqueto
14 Hanrahan Roger Musqueto
15 Harrington Daniel Musqueto
16 Harris John Musqueto
17 Hawe William Musqueto
18 Keefe David Musqueto
19 Keefe Michael Musqueto
20 Lauder James Musqueto
21 McCarthy Daniel Musqueto
22 McDonald James Musqueto
23 Malone Edmond Musqueto
24 Meaney Philip Musqueto
25 Meaney Patrick Musqueto
26 Molloy Richard Musqueto
27 Murphy John Musqueto
28 Neagle Thomas Musqueto
29 Peddle James Musqueto
30 Pike Edward Musqueto
31 Pike Samuel Musqueto
32 Pike Moses Musqueto
33 Pike William Musqueto
34 Pike John Musqueto
35 Pippy Joseph Musqueto
36 Pynn William Senior Musqueto
37 Pynn William Junior Musqueto
38 Pynn Charles Musqueto
39 Pynn George Musqueto
40 Pynn Sheppard? Musqueto
41 Ryan Matthew Musqueto Saddle Hill
42 Simmons John Musqueto
43 Simmons William Musqueto
44 Simmons James Musqueto
45 Taylor John Musqueto
46 Taylor Joseph Musqueto
47 Thomey Arthur Musqueto
48 Thomey Kennedy Musqueto
49 Walsh William Musqueto Musqueto Northpoint
50 Walsh William Musqueto
51 Walsh Walter Musqueto
52 Walsh William Musqueto

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