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Conception Bay North - 1924 Voter's List

Harbour Grace District ~ Bryant's Cove

This directory was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Babb, WilliamBryant's Cove
Babb, AndrewBryant's Cove
Babb, EdwardBryant's Cove
Babb, ThomasBryant's Cove
Briffett, JacobBryant's Cove
Briffett, GeorgeBryant's Cove
Duggen, JeremiahBryant's Cove
Hayes, LinusBryant's Cove
Hayes, JamesBryant's Cove
Hearn, WilliamBryant's Cove
Hearn, MichaelBryant's Cove
James, JohnBryant's Cove
James, IsaacBryant's Cove
Janes, AustinBryant's Cove
Kidney, JohnBryant's Cove
Kidney, JamesBryant's Cove
Morgan, AbramBryant's Cove
Mercer, RichardBryant's Cove
Norcott, MichaelBryant's Cove
Norcott, LinusBryant's Cove
Neil, JamesBryant's Cove
Neil, CharlesBryant's Cove
Noseworthy, SelbyBryant's Cove
Noseworthy, Jacob sr.Bryant's Cove
Noseworthy, Jacob jr.Bryant's Cove
Noseworthy, NathanBryant's Cove
Noseworthy, EsauBryant's Cove
Noseworthy, HenryBryant's Cove
Noseworthy, HerbertBryant's Cove
Noseworthy, AlexBryant's Cove
Noseworthy, GeorgeBryant's Cove
Noseworthy, ArchBryant's Cove
Noel, WalterBryant's Cove
Noel, AlexBryant's Cove
Parsons, Ambrose jr.Bryant's Cove
Parsons, Ambrose sr.Bryant's Cove
Parsons, FrankBryant's Cove
Parsons, AlbertBryant's Cove
Parsons, James jr.Bryant's Cove
Parsons, James sr.Bryant's Cove
Parsons, CharlesBryant's Cove
Parsons, GeorgeBryant's Cove
Stone, AlfredBryant's Cove
Stone, SimeonBryant's Cove
Stone, JohnBryant's Cove
Stone, EdwardBryant's Cove
Stone, AmbroseBryant's Cove
Stone, GeorgeBryant's Cove
Stone, AlexanderBryant's Cove
Whelan, MichaelBryant's Cove
Whelan, JamesBryant's Cove
Whelan, WilliamBryant's Cove
Whelan, ThomasBryant's Cove
Yetman, Geo (of Hy)Bryant's Cove
Yetman, JohnBryant's Cove
Yetman, KennethBryant's Cove
Yetman, NathBryant's Cove
Yetman, Geo (of Nath)Bryant's Cove
Yetman, ThomasBryant's Cove
Yetman, JacobBryant's Cove
Yetman, Henry (of Thos)Bryant's Cove
Yetman, RichardBryant's Cove
Yetman, MosesBryant's Cove
Yetman, Joseph (of Moses)Bryant's Cove
Yetman, John (of Moses)Bryant's Cove
Yetman, Geo. (of Moses)Bryant's Cove
Yetman, John (of Ed)Bryant's Cove
Yetman, Wm (of Jno)Bryant's Cove
Yetman, Joseph (of Wm)Bryant's Cove
Yetman, Mark (of Wm)Bryant's Cove
Yetman, HaywardBryant's Cove
Yetman, Joseph (of Wm sr.)Bryant's Cove
Yetman, ClementBryant's Cove
Yetman, Robert (of Thos)Bryant's Cove
Yetman, Robert (of Robt)Bryant's Cove
Yetman, Geo (of Wm)Bryant's Cove
Yetman, Mark (of Jno)Bryant's Cove
Yetman, AlexBryant's Cove
Yetman, Mark (of Mark)Bryant's Cove
Yetman, JoshuaBryant's Cove
Yetman, Henry (of Hy)Bryant's Cove

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