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Conception Bay North - 1924 Voter's List

Harbour Grace District ~ Harbour Grace Riverhead

This directory was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Ash, TimothyHard Path
Ash, Patrickdo
Barnes, JosephSouth Side
Brazil, JohnSpds Bay Rd
Byrne, WilliamThicket
Barron, JamesRiverhead
Butt, MichaelFishermen's Rd
Bruce, MichaelOtterbury
Bryne, John
Byrne, Edwarddo
Byrne, Patrickdo
Butt, Johndo
Bradbury, Thomasdo
Bradbury, Jamesdo
Bradbury, Williamdo
Coombs, RichardSpds Bay Rd
Coombs, Thomasdo
Callahan, Johndo
Collins, Johndo
Cleary, MartinSpaniard's Bay Rd
Crane, WilliamThicket
Crane, John
Crane, John
Crane, Mosesdo
Callahan, JamesCooper Corner Rd
Callahan, Bernarddo
Callahan, James (Jas)do
Callahan, John (Jas)do
Crocker, CharlesOtterbury
Crocker, James (Chas)do
Crocker, James (Geo)do
Crocker, Georgedo
Duggan, WilliamSouthside Side [sic]
Dunn, Jamesdo
Dunn, Williamdo
Dunn, Robertdo
Duggan, MichaelSpds Bay Rd
Doran, EdwardRiverhead
Doran, FrancisHard Path
Doran, Johndo
Doran, RichardHard Path
Doyle, ThomasDungarvan Rd
Dawley, PatrickNorth Side
Dawson, Thomasdo
Dunn, John C.Otterbury
Dunn, Williamdo
Dunn, Valentinedo
Donnelly, Jamesdo
Donnelly, Michaeldo
Fahey, EdwardSpds Bay Rd
Guilfoyle, William
Guilfoyle, Reginalddo
Guilfoyle, Thomasdo
Guilfoyle, Michaeldo
Galloway, JamesGullies
Galloway, James (of Jas)do
Galloway, DavidThicket
Galloway, Williamdo
Galloway, Thomasdo
Griffin, JohnFishermen's Rd
Galloway, GeorgeThicket
Hunt, JamesSouth Side
Hayse, Williamdo
Hickey, JohnSpds Bay Rd
Hickey, Patrickdo
Hickey, Alexanderdo
Hickey, PeterCooper Corner Rd
Hamilton, Patrickdo
Hynes, EdwardOtterbury
Hearn, Michaeldo
Hearn, Jamesdo
Hearn, Johndo
Kearney, PatrickSpds Bay Rd
Kearney, William sr.Hard Path
Kearney, William
Kehoe, ThomasNorth Side
Kehoe, Thomas (of Thos)do
Kelly, Patrickdo
Kelly, Peterdo
Kelly, Timothydo
Kelly, WilliamNorth Side
Kelly, RichardHarvey St
Langsdowne, RichardCooper Corner Rd
McCarthy, FelixHarvey St
McCarthy, Edwarddo
McCarthy, Justindo
McCarthy, Justin
Murphy, Johndo
Morrissey, MichaelRiverhead
Moran, Jamesdo
Mackey, Michael
Mercer, JohnGullies
Mercer, Georgedo
Mercer, Edwarddo
Mercer, Jeremiahdo
Mackay, FrancisFisherman's Rd
Mackay, RichardCooper Corner Rd
Mahoney, WilliamFisherman's Rd
McCarthy, Corneliusdo
Mullowney, PatrickHard Path
Mullowney, EdwardHard Path
Mullowney, Danieldo
Morrissey, ThomasGlover Rd
Mulcahey, MichaelOtterbury
Mulcahey, John
Martin, JohnPipe Track
McCarthy, JosephGlover Rd
Northcott, JamesOtterbury
Northcott, Thomasdo
Neil, AlfredPipe Track
Neil, Josephdo
Neil, ArthurHarvey St
Parsons, WilliamOtterbury
Parsons, Austindo
Parmiter, James
Parmiter, James
Parmiter, Henleydo
Quirk, MichaelGlover Rd
Reynolds, William (J)Spaniard's Bay Rd
Reynolds, Jamesdo
Reynolds, William (W)Spds Bay Rd
Reynolds, Francisdo
Reynolds, William (Jas)do
Reynolds, ThomasFisherman's Rd
Rose, MartinGullies
Russell, EdwardFisherman's Rd
Russell, FrancisCooper Corner Rd
Russell, Jamesdo
Russell, Patrick (Jas)do
Russell, Patrick (Ptk)do
Ryan, WilliamFishermen's Rd
Ryan, Michaeldo
Ryan, Johndo
Ryan, Michael (John)do
Ryan, William (M)do
Sheridan, JohnSouth Side
Sloan, GeorgeSpds Bay Rd
Shoughrue, John (M)do
Sullivan, Michaeldo
Shanahan, JohnRiverhead
Shanahan, Nicholas (N)do
Sullivan, EdwardFisherman's Rd
Sullivan, Johndo
Shanahan, Thomasdo
Shanahan, Ronalddo
Shanahan, Nicholas (J)do
Shanahan, Patrickdo
Shanahan, MartinHard Path
Shea, Johndo
Shea, Stephendo
Shoughrue, John (B)Dungarvan Rd
Stapleton, PatrickNorth Side
Smallcomb, JohnOtterbury
Smallcomb, Thomasdo
Smallcomb, Richarddo
Sullivan, CorneliusHarvey St
Sullivan, JohnGlover Rd
Smallcomb, StephenHarvey St
Sullivan, EdwardFisherman's Rd
Umberson, Patrick (J)Glover Rd
Umberson, Patrick (P)Otterbury
Umberson, JohnGlover Rd
Whelan, JohnGullies
Whelan, MosesThicket
Walsh, ThomasRiverhead
Walsh, Richarddo
Yetman, WilliamNorth Side

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