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Conception Bay North - 1924 Voter's List

Harbour Grace District ~ Harbour Grace South Side

This directory was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY.
Barron, MichaelSouth Side
Burke, JohnSouth Side
Burke, PatrickSouth Side
Cracknell, W.E.R. (Rev)South Side
Callahan, JamesSouth Side
Cleary, BernardSouth Side
Farrell, John (Thos)South Side
George, MartinSouth Side
George, LeviSouth Side
George, HaywardSouth Side
George, RichardSouth Side
Glavine, WilliamSouth Side
Glavine, James T.South Side
Gillard, WillisSouth Side
Gillard, AllanSouth Side
Gillard, JohnSouth Side
Higgins, ThomasSouth Side
Kearney, PatrickSouth Side
McGrath, JosephSouth Side
Noel, DugaldSouth Side
Noel, HedleySouth Side
Noel, ArchibaldSouth Side
Noel, ErnestSouth Side
Noel, AzariahSouth Side
Noel, William (Az)South Side
Noel, Gaden (Az)South Side
Noel, William (Wm.)South Side
Noel, James (Wm.)South Side
Noel, MarkSouth Side
Noel, SilasSouth Side
Noel, NathanielSouth Side
Noel, EleazerSouth Side
Noel, Gaden (Elz)South Side
Noseworthy, EdwardSouth Side
Noseworthy, JohnSouth Side
Noseworthy, JonathanSouth Side
Noseworthy, SilasSouth Side
Noseworthy, JamesSouth Side
Noseworthy, EdmundSouth Side
Noseworthy, ArchibaldSouth Side
Noel, SelbySouth Side
Noel, JohnSouth Side
Noel, ClementSouth Side
Noel, LeanderSouth Side
Noel, Harold (J C)South Side
Noel, HenleySouth Side
Norcott, WilliamSouth Side
Noel, James (W T)South Side
Noel, Dugald (of S.)South Side
Purchase, JohnSouth Side
Purchase, ThomasSouth Side
Parsons, ArthurSouth Side
Parsons, John (R)South Side
Parsons, Andrew-
Percey, JamesSouth Side
Parsons, James H.South Side
Parsons, DuncanSouth Side
Parsons, RichardSouth Side
Parsons, BradleySouth Side
Parsons, MosesSouth Side
Parsons, JamesSouth Side
Parsons, DouglasSouth Side
Parsons, McKenySouth Side
Parsons, EdwardSouth Side
Parsons, NormanSouth Side
Parsons, John (J)South Side
Parsons, SamuelSouth Side
Parsons, Henry (W.)South Side
Parsons, WilliamSouth Side
Parsons, FrancisSouth Side
Parsons, Henry jr.South Side
Parsons, FreemanSouth Side
Parsons, AlexanderSouth Side
Parsons, GeorgeSouth Side
Regular, JamesSouth Side
Sheppard, JonathanSouth Side
Sheppard, HughSouth Side
Sheppard, John W.South Side
Sheppard, SelbySouth Side
Sheppard, Richard (H)South Side
Sheppard, ClementSouth Side
Sheppard, AlfredSouth Side
Sheppard, WilliamSouth Side
Sheppard, MartinSouth Side
Sheppard, HerbertSouth Side
Sheppard, JosiahSouth Side
Sheppard, LeonardSouth Side
Sheppard, Freeman (of J)South Side
Sheppard, Clement (of T)South Side
Sheppard, Thomas M.South Side
Sheppard, MaxwellSouth Side
Sheppard, Thomas H.South Side
Sheppard, Edward (T)South Side
Sheppard, NathSouth Side
Sheppard, GeorgeSouth Side
Sheppard, AbijahSouth Side
Sheppard, ArthurSouth Side
Sheppard, AmbroseSouth Side
Sheppard, Nath (of T)South Side
Sheppard, SimeonSouth Side
Sheppard, HaywardSouth Side
Sheppard, Freeman (R)South Side
Sheppard, Edward (N)South Side
Shute, James P.South Side
Shute, MosesSouth Side
Shute, WilliamSouth Side
Shute, MarkSouth Side
Sullivan, JohnSouth Side
Sullivan, EdwardSouth Side
Spurdel, JohnSouth Side
Spurdel, EbenezerSouth Side
Spurdel, Edgar (W)South Side
Spurdel, JosephSouth Side
Spurdel, Edgar (G)South Side
Spurdel, George (W)South Side
Spurdel, WilliamSouth Side
Spurdel, George (G.)South Side
Spurdel, William (of G.)South Side
Sullivan, PeterSouth Side
Taylor, ArchelusSouth Side
Taylor, JohnSouth Side
Taylor, EdmundSouth Side
Yetman, MosesSouth Side
Yetman, JosiahSouth Side
Yetman, MaxwellSouth Side

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