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Conception Bay North - 1924 Voter's List

Harbour Grace District ~ Harbour Grace West

This directory was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Andrews, HerbertWater St
Andrews, Henrydo
Alcock, Bertramdo
Alcock, Henrydo
Alcock, Ralphdo
Ash, Edward T.Ship Head
Ash, John (J N)Pippy's Hill
Ash, James
Ash, Grahamdo
Ash, Arthurdo
Ash, ThomasHarvey St
Ash, Frankdo
Ash, Robertdo
Ash, WilliamNoad St
Ash, Charlesdo
Ash, John (J)do
Ash, LlewellynHarvey St
Ash, RichardKitchen's Hill
Andrews, RobertHarvey St
Adams, Richard
Bray, SelbyPipe Track
Bray, GrahamPipe Track
Butt, Charles C.Courage's Beach
Butt, Williamdo
Bray, GeorgeDevonshire Road
Bray, Stephendo
Bray, Robertdo
Bray, WilliamWater St
Bray, UriahHarvey St
Bray, Leanderdo
Bray, JohnNoad St
Bradbury, EugeneWater St
Bradbury, Albertdo
Beckham, Johndo
Brown, PhilipDowning St
Brown, Williamdo
Brown, Thomasdo
Brown, HectorHarvey St
Crocker, GeorgeBannerman Lake
Coombs, William Water St
Crane, GeorgeDowning St
Crane, Johndo
Crane, HenleyDowning St
Crane, WilliamHarvey St
Courage, GeorgeStanley Road
Ghedwich [sic], AlfredWater St
Crocker, AlexanderHorward's Road
Davis, WilliamWater St
Davis, Georgedo
Davis, Lorenzodo
Davis, NathanielDowning St
Downing, Uriahdo
Downing, Johndo
Davis, NathanielNoad St
Davis, Henrydo
Davis, Matthewdo
Davis, Thomasdo
Davis, Johndo
Davis, EdwardKitchen's Hill
Dwyer, JamesPipe Track
Ethridge, GeorgeHarvey St
Elsworthy, GeorgeNoad St
Elsworthy, WilliamNoad St
Foley, JamesWater St
French, Georgedo
French, SilasCourage's Beach
French, Jamesdo
French, Matthewdo
French, Edwarddo
French, Thomasdo
French, Douglasdo
French, Josephdo
French, Walterdo
French, Williamdo
French, Francisdo
French, RobertWater St
French, Woodleydo
Filliard, JohnHarvey St
Goodwin, Whitman S.Ship Head
Gosse, ErnestCourage's Beach
George, ClementHarvey St
Hunt, GeorgePipe Track
Hunt, William (G)Pipe Track
Hunt, John (G)do
Hunt, Henrydo
Hunt, William (H)do
Hunt, William (W)do
Hunt, Jamesdo
Hunt, Duncando
Harris, GeorgeDevonshire Road
Horwood, WilliamCourage's Beach
Hennessey, Henry F.Water St
Heath, ErnestCourage's Beach
Hatcher, NormanHarvey St
Harris, Josephdo
Harris, Nicholasdo
Harris, Williamdo
Hare, Johndo
Hayse, Georgedo
Jones, JohnCourage's Beach
Jones, HenryKitchen's Hill
Lynch, ThomasPipe Track
Lynch, JosephBannerman Lake
Luffman, WilliamHarvey St
Luffman, Thomasdo
Leary, Ronalddo
Lilly, ThomasNoad Street
Lilly, Georgedo
Lee Whiting, RobertWater St
Martin, Thomas (of Alex)Water St
Mercer, Thomasdo
Martin, Francis (of Hector)do
Mercer, JosiahHarvey St
Mercer, Johndo
Martin, EloilKitchen's Hill
Mortimore, Johndo
Martin, AndrewHarvey St
Martin, JohnFrench's Lane
Morrissey, PatrickPipe Track Rd
Morrissey, Johndo
Martin, FrederickWater St
Martin, WilliamHarvey St
Nichols, NathanielBannerman Lake
Neil, EdwardPipe Track
Neil, DanielShip Head
Neil, Jamesdo
Nichols, Williamdo
Nichols, JacobWater St
Nichols, Eloildo
Noel, JohnShip Head
Noseworthy, JosiahDevonshire Road
Noseworthy, Josephdo
Noseworthy, JamesAshe's Lane
Noseworthy, SelbyWater St
Noseworthy, Malcolmdo
Noseworthy, StewartNoad Street
Noseworthy, Frankdo
Noseworthy, Thomasdo
Noseworthy, EleazerHarvey Street
Noseworthy, Ezekieldo
Noel, Marcusdo
Newman, JohnStanley Road
Purcell, RichardPipe Track
Purcell, Edwarddo
Parsons, TheodoreShip Head
Penney, FrazerCourage's Beach
Pottle, Jamesdo
Pike, JordanDowning St
Powell, Georgedo
Pynn, HenryHarvey St
Pynn, Clintondo
Pynn, Normando
Pynn, Agustusdo
Pike, Jamesdo
Pike, Frankdo
Pike, Allando
Power, Johndo
Peddle, JamesWater St
Peddle, Robertdo
Peddle, Johndo
Pike, JohnHarvey St
Pike, Williamdo
Parsons, Allando
Pynn, FredNoad St
Rogers, EdmundCourage's Beach
Rogers, AlbertCourage's Beach
Rogers, Arthur
Sheppard, RonaldShip Head
Stevenson, Robertdo
Stevenson, George
Sheppard, JordanWater St
Sheppard, Robertdo
Sheppard, Richarddo
Sheppard, StephenHarvey St
Sheppard, Henrydo
Shanahan, Johndo
Sellars, JamesAshe's Lane
Sellars, AlbertDevonshire Road
Sellars, Thomasdo
Sheppard, NormanKitchen's Hill
Sheppard, Richarddo
Sheppard, John C.Harvey St
Sparks, Thomasdo
Spencer, Joshuado
Spencer, Harveydo
Spencer, Samueldo
Sheppard, John Harvey Street
Sheppard, Edward (G)do
Sheppard, LornezoWater St
Sheehan, JohnFrench's Lane
Sheppard, Solomondo
Sheppard, Williamdo
Sheppard, Frederickdo
Sheppard, Albert
Sheppard, Edward (J)Ashe's Lane
Sheppard, MartinHarvey St
Sheppard, EleazerNoad Street
Snow, Williamdo
Snow, Bernarddo
Snow, Edwarddo
Snow, Frederickdo
Snow, Thomasdo
Snow, Georgedo
Snow, Williamdo
Snow, SamuelWater St
Snow, Austindo
Snow, Georgedo
Snow, Fred (R.)do
Thomas, JohnWater St
Taylor, Eugenedo
Tarrant, Johndo
Taylor, RichardHarvey St
Taylor, Lemueldo
Taylor, Maxwelldo
Tetford, Robert
Tetford, Robert
Verge, RichardBannerman Lake
Verge, Harrisondo
Verge, EliPipe Track
Verge, Williamdo
Verge, Markdo
Vaters, GeorgeHarvey St
Wells, HaroldShip Head
Warren, William
Warren, William
Williams, Ambrosedo
Williams, StephenCourage's Beach
Yetman, James sr.Water St
Yetman, James
Yetman, MosesShip Head
Yetman, William G.Harvey Street
Yetman, Edwarddo
Yetman, ArchibaldDowning St

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