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Conception Bay North - 1924 Voter's List

Harbour Grace District ~ Tilton

This directory was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Barrett, WilliamTilton
Barrett, AbrahamTilton
Bishop, MosesTilton
Barrett, Herbert SrTilton
Barrett, Herbert Jr-
Brazil, JohnTilton
Brazil, WilliamTilton
Brown, WilliamTilton
Brown, EdwardTilton
Brown, DavidTilton
Bishop, NoahTilton
Barrett, Abraham (of Jno)Tilton
Barrett, EdwardTilton
Barrett, Wm (of John)Tilton
Barrett, JohnTilton
Byrne, JohnTilton
Byrne, LawrenceTilton
Barrett, CyrusTilton
Barrett, HarveyTilton
Chipman, WilliamTilton
Chipman, SimeonTilton
Chipman, LeonardTilton
Chipman, AzariahTilton
Chipman, Simeon JrTilton
Crane, William HTilton
Crane, JohnTilton
Clarke, IsaacTilton
Clarke, DavidTilton
Clarke, GeorgeTilton
Clarke, RobertTilton
Crane, JosephTilton
Crane, SelbyTilton
Crane, John SrTilton
Drover, GerogeTilton
Drover, LeanderTilton
Drover, ArchTilton
Drover, John STilton
Drover, JamesTilton
Fitzgerald, John JTilton
Fitzgerald, John Tilton
Fitzgerald, JeremiahTilton
Fitzgerald, ThomasTilton
Fitzgerald John (of John)Tilton
Grealey, HerbertTilton
Grealey, William
Grealey, Thos. WTilton
Grealey, Wm. (of Thos)Tilton
Grealey, ThomasTilton
Gosse, ValentineTilton
Gosse, JamesTilton
Gosse, John WTilton
Gosse, James JTilton
Gosse, MosesTilton
Hussey, JohnTilton
Hussey, RobertTilton
Hussey, WilliamTilton
Hussey, Wm (of Thos)
Hutchings, JosephTilton
Jewer, John Tilton
Jewer, GeorgeTilton
Menchins, WmTilton
Mercer, JosephTilton
Peddle, JohnTilton
Peddle, JosephTilton
Roberts, ThomasTilton
Sheppard, Henry WTilton
Smith, JacobTilton
Smith, JosephTilton
Smith, MosesTilton
Singleton, GeorgeTilton
Smith, DouglasTilton
Smith, LemuelTilton
Smith, Moses MTilton
Singleton, AlbertTilton
Singleton, ElishaTilton
Singleton, RichardTilton
Vokey, JohnTilton
Vokey, JacobTilton
Whelan, John TTilton
Young, WilliamTilton
Young, Nicholas SrTilton
Young, Nicholas JrTilton

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