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1932 NL List of Electors

Bryant's Cove

The information was transcribed by VERNALYN MORROW HEALE ~ November 2001 and posted to NL GenWeb on November, 2001. While I have tried to be careful, there may be transcription errors, interpretations, poor copies, or errors existing in the actual data. Note: A column for age was not on the Voters’ List. This list of 99 names and the unregistered list of 20 names makes up the total of 119 mentioned as the number of votes submitted.

Certificate of Opening of Poll at Archibald Noseworthy’s at Bryant’s Cove in the Electoral District of Hr. Grace, was duly opened on the eleventh day of June at 8 o’clock A.D. 1932 in the presence of Linus Hayes & Charles Neil. James Parsons Deputy Returning Officer & Frank N. Parsons Poll Clerk. Total Number of Votes polled in the List is 119.

1932 Voters’ List in District of Hr. Grace in Polling Station at Bryant’s Cove
NOSEWORTHYArchibaldBryant’s CoveFisherman
HAYESLenusBryant’s CoveFarmer
PARSONSFrank N.Bryant’s CoveTeacher
NEILCharlesBryant’s CoveFisherman
PARSONSJames (Sr.)Bryant’s CoveFisherman
NORTHCOTTLenusBryant’s CoveFarmer
YETMANClara (Mrs.)Bryant’s CoveDomestic
YETMANHenry L.Bryant’s CoveFisherman
BABBEdwardBryant’s CoveFisherman
DUGGANJeremiahBryant’s CoveMiner
YETMANAmeliaBryant’s CoveDomestic
DUGGANEllenBryant’s CoveDomestic
BRIFFETTGeorgeBryant’s CoveFarmer
WHELANCatherineBryant’s CoveDomestic
WHELANMaryBryant’s CoveDomestic
NOSEWORTHYGeorgeBryant’s CoveFisherman
STONEAlfredBryant’s CoveFisherman
YETMANKennethBryant’s CoveFisherman
YETMANMosesBryant’s CoveFisherman
HEARNMichaelBryant’s CoveMiner
PARSONSGeorgeBryant’s CoveFisherman
YETMANWilliamBryant’s CoveFisherman
YETMANSusannaBryant’s CoveDomestic
YETMANJoshuaBryant’s CoveFisherman
PARSONSJamesBryant’s CoveFisherman
YETMANGeorge of HyBryant’s CoveFisherman
JANESAustinBryant’s CoveMiner
BRIFFETJacobBryant’s CoveFarmer
MERCERRichardBryant’s CoveMiner
NOSEWORTHYJacobBryant’s CoveFarmer
BRIFFETTBridgetBryant’s CoveDomestic
BARRONJosephineBryant’s CoveDomestic
MacDONALDThos.Bryant’s CoveMiner
BABBThomasBryant’s CoveFisherman
BARRONBernardBryant’s CoveFisherman
STONEGeorgeBryant’s CoveMiner
YETMANNathanielBryant’s CoveFisherman
MORGANAbrahamHr. GraceTidewaiter
STONEEdwardBryant’s CoveFisherman
BARRONFrankBryant’s CoveFisherman
NORTHCOTTMichaelBryant’s CoveFarmer
STONESimeonBryant’s CoveFisherman
STONEJohn C.Bryant’s CoveFisherman
KIDNEYJamesBryant’s CoveFishermanSec.ballot
NEILJamesBryant’s CoveMiner
STONEAlexanderBryant’s CoveFisherman
HEARNCatherineBryant’s CoveDomestic
JAMESIsaacBryant’s CoveMiner
DUGGANEdwardBryant’s CoveMiner
YETMANJohnBryant’s CoveFarmer
PARSONSPheobeBryant’s CoveDomestic
PARSONSAmbroseBryant’s CoveFisherman
STONEAmbroseBryant’s CoveFisherman
YETMANRobertBryant’s CoveFisherman
YETMANGeorge of M.Bryant’s CoveFisherman
YETMANHaywardBryant’s CoveFarmer
WHELANThomasBryant’s CoveMiner
YETMANGeorge H.Bryant’s CoveFarmer
WHELANWilliamBryant’s CoveFisherman
STONEBridgetBryant’s CoveDomestic
STONEJohnBryant’s CoveFisherman
YETMANJosephBryant’s CoveMiner
YETMAN ThomasBryant’s CoveFisherman
NOSEWORTHYEsauBryant’s CoveFisherman
NOSEWORTHYAlex.Bryant’s CoveP.M.
NOSEWORTHYElfridaBryant’s CoveP.M.
YETMANJacobBryant’s CoveFisherman
YETMANGeorge of NathBryant’s CoveFisherman
YETMANSarahBryant’s CoveDomestic
YETMANAnnieBryant’s CoveDomestic
PARSONSJuliaBryant’s CoveDomestic
YETMANElizabethBryant’s CoveDomestic
YETMANJoseph of M.Bryant’s CoveFisherman
YETMANMark (Jr.)Bryant’s CoveMerchant
PARSONSEdwardBryant’s CoveFisherman
STONEFannieBryant’s CoveDomestic
STONEMaudBryant’s CoveDomestic
BABBSusieBryant’s CoveDomestic
NEILLydiaBryant’s CoveDomestic
BARTEAUMargaretBryant’s CoveDomestic
WHELANRitaBryant’s CoveDomestic
YETMANDrucillaBryant’s CoveDomestic
PARSONSCharlesBryant’s CoveMerchant
YETMANMarkBryant’s CoveFarmer
PARSONSSarahBryant’s CoveDomestic
PARSONSElizaBryant’s CoveDomestic
STONERebeccaBryant’s CoveDomestic
STONEJessieBryant’s CoveDomestic
YETMANBerthaBryant’s CoveDomestic
NOSEWORTHYNathanBryant’s CoveFisherman
NOSEWORTHYMargaretBryant’s CoveDomestic
KIDNEYJohnBryant’s CoveFarmer
BABBAliceBryant’s CoveDomestic
NOSEWORTHYAnnieBryant’s CoveDomestic
NOSEWORTHYSusieBryant’s CoveDomestic
BABBAndrewBryant’s CoveFisherman
NOSEWORTHYClaraBryant’s CoveDomestic
BABBPatienceBryant’s CoveDomestic
WHELANElizaBryant’s CoveDomestic

Note: I did not list residence as they were all of Bryant’s Cove. The columns are listed in the same order as on the Voters’ List. I did split the Name Column into surname and given. YRS - years residing in district.   *Deputy Returning Officer: James Parsons, Poll Clerk: Frank N. Parsons

1932 List of Unregistered Electors who Voted at Polling Booth of Bryant’s Cove in District of Harbour Grace
JANESMaryDomestic26Hr. ? SouthJohn W. SHEPPARD 5 yrsnot old enough
BABBMaxwellFisherman21Bryant’s CoveEdward BABB21 yrslist was too ?
PORTERHaywardMerchant3?? GraveJames PORTER 2 yrsnot residing in ?
YETMANHarrietDomestic60?iards BayJohn BUTT 2 yrsnot residing in ?
PARSONSAmbroseFisherman22Bryant’s CoveAmbrose PARSONS Sr.22 yrsnot of age
JAMESArchibaldFarmer21Bryant’s CoveLemuel JAMES21 yrsnot of age
MacDONALDMaryDomestic25Bryant’s CoveBernard BARRON25 yrsnot of age
STONEFreemanFisherman21Bryant’s CoveSimeon STONE21 yrsnot of age
STONEAlbertFisherman23Bryant’s CoveAmbrose STONE23 yrsnot of age
STONEWalterFisherman21Bryant’s CoveEdward STONE21 yrsnot of age
JANESJohnFarmer25Bryant’s CoveWm H. JANES25 yrsnot of age
JAMESAnneDomestic28Bryant’s CoveGeorge YETMAN of Hy.28 yrsnot of age
PARSONSHarveyFisherman25Bryant’s CoveGeorge PARSONS25 yrsnot of age
NORTHCOTTWilliamFisherman23Bryant’s CoveMichael NORTHCOTT23 yrsnot of age
HAYESGeorgeFisherman21Bryant’s CoveLenus HAYES21 yrsnot of age
NOSEWORTHYHenryFisherman21Bryant’s CoveNathan NOSEWORTHY21 yrsnot of age
PARSONSHerbertFisherman25Bryant’s Cove*James PARSONS25 yrsnot of age
YETMANWalterFisherman22Bryant’s CoveGeorge W. YETMAN22 yrsnot of age
PARSONSDulcieDomestic25Hr. Grace SouthEleazer NOEL 6 yrsnot of age
NOSEWORTHYMinnieDomestic29Bryant’s CoveRobert YETMAN29 yrsnot of age

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