NL GenWeb 1835 Voter's List

Conception Bay North Region - Harbour Main District

South Side of Holy Rood to Topsail Head

1835 September the First.

The information was transcribed by SUE O'NEILL ~ December 1999. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

"The list of Persons entitled to vote in the election of a member or members for the District of Conception Bay, in respect of dwelling houses, situate in the South Shore division of the said District, that is to say from MacGrath's house on the South Side of Holy Rood (not including his house) to Topsail Head."

ANDREWS, GarlandSouth ShoreUpper Gulley
ANDREWS, JohnSouth ShoreUpper Gulley
ANDREWS, AlfredSouth ShoreUpper Gulley
ALLEN, JamesSouth ShoreTopsail
ALLEN, GeorgeSouth ShoreTopsail
ATHIUS, GeorgeSouth ShoreManuels
BATTEN, WilliamSouth ShoreFox Trap
BEARD, RichardSouth ShoreFox Trap
BISHOP, JohnSouth ShoreLong Pond
BOGGIN, MichaelSouth ShoreTopsail
BRINE, WilliamSouth ShoreTopsail
BUTLER, JohnSouth ShoreMiddle Bight
BUTLER, CharlesSouth ShoreFox Trap
BUTLER, WilliamSouth ShoreFox Trap
CABLE, William JuniorSouth ShoreFox Trap
CABLE, William SeniorSouth ShoreFox Trap
CABLE, JohnSouth ShoreFox Trap
CHEATER, GeorgeSouth ShoreChamberlains
CHURCHILL, SamuelSouth ShoreTopsail
CHURCHILL, PhilipSouth ShoreTopsail
COOTE, CharlesSouth ShoreUpper Gulley
COZENS, JamesSouth ShoreLower Gulley
DAW, JohnSouth ShoreLower Gulley
DAW, CharlesSouth ShoreLower Gulley
DAW, AbrahamSouth ShoreKelligrews
DELANEY, JohnSouth ShoreFox Trap
DELANY, WilliamsSouth ShoreFox Trap
DELANY, EliasSouth ShoreFox Trap
DOWDEN, ThomasSouth ShoreChamberlains
DUFF, ArthurSouth ShoreHoly Rood
DWYER, JamesSouth ShoreKelligrews
EADE, ThomasSouth ShoreFox Trap
ELLARD, MichaelSouth ShoreLower Gulley
FARRELL, NicholasSouth ShoreLower Gulley
FARRELL, JamesSouth ShoreKelligrews
FLOOD, PeterSouth ShoreHoly Rood
FLOWER, WalterSouth ShoreHoly Rood
FOWLER, JohnSouth ShoreChamberlains
FOWLER, HenrySouth ShoreChamberlains
GREALY, JamesSouth ShoreFox Trap
GREENSLIT, MathewSouth ShoreLong Pond
GREENSLIT, HenrySouth ShoreLong Pond
HANCOCK, JohnSouth ShoreHoly Rood
HARDON, WilliamSouth ShoreHoly Rood
HIBBS, GeorgeSouth ShoreChamberlains
HIBBS, ThomasSouth ShoreChamberlains
HISCOCK, EdwardSouth ShoreChamberlains
HISCOCK, Edward JuniorSouth ShoreChamberlains
HODGE, JamesSouth ShoreKelligrews
HYNES, JohnSouth ShoreMiddle Bight
HYNES, RobertSouth ShoreMiddle Bight
JANES, BarneySouth ShoreFox Trap
KELLY, GeorgeSouth ShoreLance Cove
KELLY, JosephSouth ShoreManuels
KENNEDY, EdwardSouth ShoreFox Trap
KENNEDY, JohnSouth ShoreMiddle Bight
KING, ThomasSouth ShoreKelligrews
LEESON, WilliamSouth ShoreLong Pond
MAYO, WilliamSouth ShoreTopsail
MAYO, ThomasSouth ShoreTopsail
MILLER, ThomasSouth ShoreLong Pond
MILTON, WilliamSouth ShoreLong Pond
MILLER, RobertSouth ShoreTopsail
MILLER, JosephSouth ShoreTopsail
MERCER, JohnSouth ShoreChamberlains
MURPHY, EdwardSouth ShoreHoly Rood
MURPHY, MichaelSouth ShoreHoly Rood
MURPHY, JohnSouth ShoreHoly Rood
NEAL, WilliamSouth ShoreManuels
NEVILL, JamesSouth ShoreTopsail
NOSWORTHY, JacobSouth ShoreLong Pond
NUGENT, EdwardSouth ShoreKelligrews
NUGENT, WilliamSouth ShoreLower Gulley
NUGENT, MichaelSouth ShoreLower Gulley
NUGENT, JohnSouth ShoreLower Gulley
O'BRIAN, BryenSouth ShoreLower Gulley
PARMITER, RichardSouth ShoreMiddle Bight
PETTEN, EdwardSouth ShoreMiddle Bight
PERRIN, JohnSouth ShoreFox Trap
PHEGAN, MichaelSouth ShoreFox Trap
PHEGAN, JosephSouth ShoreFox Trap
PORTER, NathanielSouth ShoreFox Trap
PORTER, JosephSouth ShoreFox Trap
RIDOUT, RichardSouth ShoreFox Trap
ROACH, JohnSouth ShoreTopsail
SCOTT, CharlesSouth ShoreUpper Gulley
SCOTT, WilliamSouth ShoreUpper Gulley
SMITH, WilliamSouth ShoreManuels
SMITH, RobertSouth ShoreManuels
SMITH, GeorgeSouth ShoreChamberlains
SMITH, GeorgeSouth ShoreTopsail
STANLEY, JohnSouth ShoreLong Pond
SQUIRES, BenjaminSouth ShoreManuels
TAYLOR, JohnSouth ShoreLong Pond
TAYLOR, JacobSouth ShoreMiddle Bight
TILLY, GeorgeSouth ShoreKelligrews
TILLY, RobertSouth ShoreKelligrews
WALSH, MichaelSouth ShoreManuels
WELSH, MichaelSouth ShoreLance Cove
WILLIAMS, William SeniorSouth ShoreManuels
WILLIAMS, William JuniorSouth ShoreManuels

(signed) Robert John Pinsent J.P.
Chairman of Court Sessions, Port de Grave

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