NL GenWeb 1936 Directory

Conception Bay North Region ~ Harbour Main District

Holyrood South

Transcribed by Tom Hynes . While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be typographical errors.

Austin Leonard lab
Austin Patk game warden Pinsent's Falls
Austin Stephen trkmn Carroll & Co Ltd
Bennett Frank txmn
Bennett James frmr
Bennett John cook
Bennett Mrs Mary prop Holyrood Inn
Brophy James lab
Brophy Martin tmstr Carroll & Co Ltd
Brophy Michael Jr frmr
Brophy Michael Sr frmr
Brophy Nicholas lab
Brophy Patk lab
Brophy Thos lab

CARROLL & CO LTD general dealers in provisions groceries dry goods coal lumber etc specializing in bait and ice (see advt)
Carroll Mrs Elizabeth mgrs Carroll & Co Ltd
Carroll John J mgr Carroll Cold Storage Co Ltd
Crawley James Jr wtchmn
Crawley James Sr frmr
Crawley Mrs Margaret wid
Crawley Wm frmr
Curran Wm Jr lab
Dunphy Mrs Annie prop Dunphy's Hotel
Dunphy Edmund frmr
Dunphy John frmr
Dunphy Miss Mary tchr RC School
Dunphy Michael prop undertaking and wheelwright works
Fewer Michael blksmth
Flood Mrs Elizabeth wid
Flood Thos frmr
Furey John crtkr Star of the Sea Ass'n
Furey Thos sectionman Highroads Dept
Furey Wm lab Nfld Rly
Furey Wm Jr lab
Gates Mrs Rose wid
Harding Gerald lab Carroll Cold Storage Co Ltd
Harding John frmr
Harding John lab
Harding Richard frmr
Hennessey Daniel frmr
Hennessey James lab
Hickey John lab
Hickey Patk lab
Hickey Peter frmr
Hickey Wm frmr

HOLYROOD INN Mrs Frank Bennett prop lunches dinners teas table license (see advt)
Hynes James lab
Kiley Mrs Ellen wid
Kiley John eng
Kiley Michael frmr
Kiley Patk lab Nfld Rly
Kiley Philip mech
Kirby Mrs Alice wid
Kirby Edward genl mer
Kirby Miss Madeline slsldy Kirby's Store
Kirby Rupert lab
LaCour Mrs Elizabeth prop Brookside Inn
LaCour John carp
LaCour Theophilus carp
Lewis Arthur lab
Lewis John frmr
Lewis Miss Josephine  
Lewis Philip frmr
McGrath James frmr
Maher Mrs Blanche wid
Maher James frmr
Maher John frmr
Maloney Edward lab Nfld Rly
Maloney James Jr gdnr Mrs Munn's sum res
Maloney James Sr frmr
Morrissey Mrs Mary wid
Morrissey Mrs Susan wid
Murray John frmr
O'Brien Bartholomew frmr
O'Brien John carp
O'Rourke John lab
O'Rourke Miss Mary A prop O'Rourke's Hotel
O'Rourke Matthew frmr

O'ROURKE'S one of the oldest hotels in Nfld private dinners teas etc (see advt)
RC School    
Ryan Gerald gdnr J S Currie sum res
Ryan Wm frmr
Ryan Wm Jr lab
Seymour John frmr
Sullivan Cornelius frmr
Tobin Moses emp Frank Bennett
Walsh Bernard line repairer Nfld Postal Telegraphs
Walsh John lab
Walsh Patk mech Highroads Dept
Walsh Mrs Sophia wid
Whalen Daniel blksmth

J. J. CARROLL, Managing Director
Holyrood, Newfoundland
Coal, Lumber, Brick, Salt, Ice, Provisions, Groceries, Dry Goods
Bait for Newfoundland and Canadian Fishermen
We Specialize in Bait and Ice for Newfoundland and Canadian Fishermen

O'ROURKE'S One of the Oldest Hotels in Newfoundland Make Your Arrangements for Private Dinners, etc.
Holyrood South, Newfoundland

Holyrood, Newfoundland
We Serve Dinners, Lunches and Cater to Special Parties
Table License to Sell Beer and Wine
We Will be Pleased to Book Orders in Advance
On the Premises: Up-to-Date Gas Station, Lubricating Oil
and a Large parking Space for Cars

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