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Conception Bay North Region - Harbour Main District

Conception Harbour

The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation)OccupationLocation
Buck Robert, fisherman
Buck Patrick, of Robert,do
Buck Philip, do
BUCK JOHN, jr, liquors
Buck James, sr, fisherman
Buck James, jr, do
Buck Patrick, of Jamesdo
Buck John, sr,do
Buck Patrick, sr,do
Buck Patrick, of Patrickdo
Burke Michael,do
Carroll John, do
Cain Thomas,do
Costello Timothy, sr,do
Costello Edward,do
Curran Patrick, fisherman, Main Line
Curran John, dodo
Costello John,dodo
Costello David, dodo
Costello Tim,dodo
Corbett Stephen,doConception Harbor
Conway Daniel,dodo
Conners Maur, sr,dodo
Conners Pat, sr,dodo
Conners Pat, jr,dodo
Conners John,dodo
Conners Maur, jr,dodo
Conners Thos, jr, dodo
Conners Thos, sr, dodo
Curran John,dodo
Curran Robert,dodo
Curran Martin,dodo
Curran Michael,dodo
Curran James,do do
Curran Patrick,dodo
Curran John, dodo
Costelloe John,doHealey's Pond
Costelloe Tim,dodo
Costelloe James,dodo
Costelloe John, sr, dodo
Donovan Cor, jr, doConception Har (prop)
Donovan Wm, dodo
Donovan Patrick, dodo
Donovan Cor, sr,dodo
Donovan Richard, do do
Driscoll William,dodo
Driscoll John,dodo
Driscoll Barthol,dodo
Dalton James, sr,dodo
Dalton James, jr, dodo
Dalton George,dodo
Dalton Ed, sr,dodo
Dalton John, do do
Dalton Ed, jr,dodo
Dalton Edward, doSilver Spring
Dalton Robert,dodo
Dalton James,dodo
Dalton James, doHealy's Pond Road
Flynn Daniel, fish'man,Conception Harbor
Gushue Charles,dodo
Gushue John,dodo
Gushue Martin, dodo
Gushue James,dodo
Gushue John,dodo
Gushue George,doCollier's Road
Gushue Nichol, sr,dodo
Gushue William, do do
Gushue Patrick,dodo
Gushue Nichol, jr,dodo
Griffin Michael,dodo
HARMON JOHN,liquorsdo
HORACE PATRICK, liquors & general dealerCollier's Road
Kelly James,fisherman,Collier's Road
Keating Michael, doOld Road
Keating John, sr, doNorth Path
Keating John, jr,dodo
Keating James,dodo
Kennedy Stephen,dodo
Kennedy S J,dodo
Kennedy Wm, sr,doDriscoll's Road
Kennedy Wm, jr,dodo
Kennedy Mich'l, dodo
Keating Wm,doKeating's Hill
Keating John,dodo
Kennedy Patrick,dodo
Kennedy Wm,dodo
Kennedy M, sr,doBelow Chapel
KENNEDY WM, planter and general merchant,Below Chapel
Keeffe John, fishermanBelow Chapel
Keeffe Philip, dodo
Keeffe Michael, dodo
Keeffe Richard,dodo
Kennedy M, jr,dodo
Keating Wm, sr,dodo
Keating John,dodo
Keating Wm, jr,dodo
Keating Richard,dodo
Kenny Edward,dodo
Kenny David, dodo
Kenny William,dodo
Leary James, sr,doConception Harbor
Leary James, jr,dodo
Leary John,dodo
Leary Robert,dodo
Laracy Thos, jr,dodo
Laracy Patrick,dodo
Laracy James,dodo
Lewis James,dodo
Lewis James, dodo
Lewis Moses,dodo
Lewis John,dodo
Moore James,dodo
McGrath John,dodo
Mahoney Patrick,doSpring Road
Mahoney John,dodo
Mahoney Jas, sr,dodo
Mahoney Aaron,fisherman,Spring Road
Mansfield Pat'k,dodo
Murphy Patrick,dodo
Mahoney Philip, dodo
Mahoney Jas, jr,dodo
Murphy Jas, sr, doMain Line Road
Murphy David, dodo
Murphy Jas, jr,dodo
Murphy John,dodo
Mahoney P, sr,doHarbor Road
Mahoney James, doConception Har (prop)
Mahoney Mich'l,dodo
Mahoney James, dodo
Mahoney M, dodo
Mahoney Philip,dodo
Mahoney Mich'ldodo
Mahoney James,dodo
Mahoney Philip,dodo
Mahoney M, dodo
Mahoney Mich'l,dodo
Mahoney Patrick,dodo
Mahoney James, dodo
Mahoney Pat'ck, dodo
Mahoney Michael, carpenter,do
Meany Wm, fisherman,do
Mahoney Michl, doHealy's Pond Rd
Mahoney Philip, dodo
Mahoney John,dodo
O'Toole John, doConception Hr, (prop)
O'Toole Patrick,dodo
O'Toole Michael,dodo
O'Toole James,dodo
O'Toole Patrick,dodo
O'Toole John,dodo
O'Connell Robt, dodo
O'Toole John,doHealy's Pond Rd
O'Toole Rodger, dodo
Ryan Matthew,dodo
Poland Daniel,doConception Har (prop)
Ryan Matthew, dodo
Ryan Philip,dodo
Rochford Nich, srdodo
Rochford Nich, jrdodo
Rochford Thos,dodo
St John Jas, sr,dodo
St John, E of Jas,dodo
St John Bernard,dodo
Sullivan L'rence,dodo
St John, Ed of M,dodo
St John John, sr,dodo
ST JOHN, PTK, sr,planter,do
St John Pk, jr, fisherman,do
St John Jas, jr,dodo
Stack John,dodo
Trehey Joseph,dodo
Trehey Timothy,dodo
Trehey Patr'k, sr,do do
Trehey Patr,k, jr,dodo
Trehey Thomas,dodo
Wade Ed, sr, fisherman,River Head
Wade Nicholas,dodo
Wade Thos, dodo
Whelan Jas, doOld Road
Whelan Matthew,dodo
Williams Thos, sr,dodo
Williams Thos, jr,dodo
Williams John,dodo
Williams Nich,dodo
Wade Wm,dodo
Wade James,dodo
Wade James,dodo
WADE MAURICE,planter,do
Wade James,fisherman,do
Wade William,dodo
Wade Michael,doConception Har (prop)
WADE MICHL, carpenter,do
Wade Michael, fisherman,do
Wade John,dodo
Wade James,dodo
Wade Thomas,dodo
Wade Charles,dodo
Wade Edward,dodo
Wade Edward,dodo
Wade James,dodo
Wade Edward,dodo
Wade Edward,dodo
Wade Edward,dodo
Wade Maurice,dodo
Walsh Robin,dodo
Walsh John,dodo
Walsh Edward,dodo
Walsh James,dodo
Walsh John,dodo

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