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Conception Bay North Region - Harbour Main District


The information was transcribed by Tom Hynes.   While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

A large fishing settlement on south side of Conception Bay, district of Harbor Main. The first caplin in Conception Bay were found here. Signs of coppe exist in the rocks close by, and an attempt has been made at mining. There is a remarkable hill just outside of the settlement called the "Holyrood Butter Pots." It is a post town. Distant from St. John's 28 miles by road. Mail weekly. Population 405.


Barrett George farmer
Barrett Michael farmer
Barrow James farmer
Beeso Edward farmer
Beeso Michael farmer
Beeso Partick farmer
Beeso Patrick farmer
Bennett John farmer
Boland James farmer
Brien Terence planter
Brown James farmer
Butler Edmond farmer
Byrne John farmer
Byrne Patrick farmer
Byrne Peter farmer
Cody Michael  
Cody Patrick  
Ezekiel Thomas fisherman
Flanigan Peter farmer
Fowler James farmer
Jay John merchant
Kennedy Cornelius farmer
Kennedy John planter
Kennedy John planter
Lewis Elias farmer
Lewis James farmer
Lewis James farmer
Lewis John farmer
Lewis John farmer
Lewis John farmer
Lewis John farmer
Lewis Patrick farmer
Lewis Philip farmer
Lewis Philip farmer
Lewis Philip farmer
Lewis V. farmer
Lewis William farmer
Mullowney Philip farmer
Mullowney Richard farmer
Murry Edward school teacher
Murphy Thomas farmer
O'Neil John farmer
Penney John fisherman
Prendergrast Peter fisherman
Ryan Michael farmer
Sclater Thomas cooper
Taplin James farmer
Targate Richard farmer
Targate William farmer
Timmins Edward planter
Veitch George planter
Veitch John telegraph operator
Veitch Philip planter
Wall Garrett farmer
Wall James farmer
Wall Nicholas farmer
Walsh David farmer
Walsh James farmer
Walsh James farmer
Walsh James planter
Walsh John farmer
Walsh Michael farmer
Walsh Michael planter
Walsh Richard farmer
Walsh Richard farmer
Walsh Richard farmer
Walsh Garrett planter
Walsh Thomas farmer
Westerman Henry dealer


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