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R.C. Marriages - Carbonear (1849-1883)

Transcriber's Note: The information provided in this file was used to complete a lot of my own personal research. The information was transcribed by Robert Murphy. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Jan 22, 1850 Carbonear Robert Murphy not given John Keefe  
    Susan Phelan not given Mary McCarthy  

Nov 11, 1852 Carbonear Thomas Pretty not given Jeremiah Connell  
    Margaret Connell not given Johanna Halahan  

Nov 24, 1852 Carbonear Jeremiah Connell not given Jeremiah Broderick  
    Mary Cotter not given Mary Broderick  

Nov 26, 1852 Carbonear James Murphy not given Robert Knox  
    Bridget Babb not given Mary Quigley  

May 19, 1856 Carbonear Maurice Connell not given Denis Carroll  
    Ellen Cronew? not given Mary Walsh  

Jan 08, 1857 Carbonear Joseph Walsh not given Thomas Walsh  
    Julia Broderick not given Mary McCarthy  

May 27, 1857 Carbonear James Butt not given John Butt  
    Bridget Murphy not given Lara King  

Nov 28, 1857 Carbonear James Walsh not given Peter Fanning  
    Maryanne Murphy not given Catherine Broders  

Jan 21, 1858 Carbonear James Geary not given Thomas Barry  
    Anastasia Murphy not given Margaret Murphy  

Nov 27, 1858 Carbonear James Murphy not given Richard Fogarty  
    Margaret Kennedy not given Ellsa Kennedy  

Nov 14, 1859 Carbonear James Murphy not given Richard Doherty  
    Mary Cronin not given Ann Connell  

Feb 27, 1865 Carbonear John Murphy not given Simon McCarthy  
    Mary Morisey not given Anne McCarthy  

Jun 09, 1865 Carbonear John Murphy not given James Broders  
    Margaret Lyons not given Mary Lyons  

Nov 18, 1865 Carbonear Michael Murphy not given Martin Walsh  
    Ellen Day not given Margaret Walsh  

Apr 09, 1866 Carbonear John Molloy not given John Murphy  
    Charlotte Murphy not given Teresa Foristal  

Feb 12, 1866 Carbonear John Thomas not given David Murphy  
    Mary Murphy not given Johanna Murphy  

Nov 29, 1866 Carbonear Con Murphy not given Patrick Harris  
    Mary Margaret Fortune not given Anne Cullen  

Nov 22, 1867 Carbonear John Hare not given William Lee  
    Mary Connell not given Ann Connell  

Jun 03, 1868 Carbonear Nicholas Banfield not given John Molloy  
    Teresa Murphy not given Catherine Murphy  

Sep 24, 1868 Carbonear Bernard Murphy not given William McCarthy  
    Eliza Gould not given Ann Fanning  

Jan 20, 1869 Carbonear Maurice Malone not given Patrick Finn  
    Margaret Murphy not given Mary Murphy  

May 19, 1869 Carbonear James Moriarty not given Patrick Joy  
    Eliza Murphy not given Eliza Joy  

Jan 08, 1870 Carbonear William Dunn not given Richard Dunn  
    Catherine Murphy not given Agnes Murphy  

Feb 19, 1871 Carbonear David Loader not given John Kennedy  
    Johanna Murphy not given Margaret Kehoe  

Dec 01, 1871 Carbonear Patrick Lyons not given Joseph Murphy  
    Margaret Murphy not given Mary Lyons  

Nov 27, 1872 Carbonear John Murphy not given Richard Banfield  
    Ellen Banfield not given Mary Elizabeth Fudge  

Jan 06, 1873 Carbonear John not given illegible  
    Bridget Murphy not given illegible  

Jan 19, 1874 Carbonear Patrick Fleming not given John Hurley  
    Mary Murphy not given Ellen Murphy  

Nov 27, 1875 Carbonear James Murphy not given Sylvester McCarthy  
    Agnes Degan not given Mary Jos Hearn  

Jan 06, 1876 Carbonear William Kennedy not given Maurice Harrington  
    Anne Connell not given Elizabeth Ritts  

Jan 15, 1878 Carbonear Joseph Hogan not given Daniel Collins son of Wm & Mary Hogan
    Ellen Murphy not given Ann Kennedy dau of Edward & Catherine Murphy

Nov 26, 1878 Carbonear Thomas Barry not given James Murphy son of John & Ann Barry
    Anastasia Murphy not given Mary Bridget Finn dau of John & Alice Murphy

May 02, 1879 Carbonear Patrick Dunphy not given John Connell son of John & Louisa Dunphy
    Catherine Murphy not given Mary J. Power dau of Thomas & Elizabeth Murphy

Sep 21, 1879 Carbonear John French not given Edward Thistle son of William & Frances French
    Bridget Murphy not given Ellen French dau of William & Margaret Murphy

Jan 31, 1882 Carbonear John Murphy not given James Deady  
    Alice Hamilton not given Julia Hamilton  

Feb 19, 1882 Carbonear Richard Murphy not given William Fitzgerald  
    Ellen Shea not given Margaret Jones  

Feb 08, 1883 Carbonear James Murphy not given Patrick Murphy  
    Anne Kennedy not given Anne Kennedy  

Jun 12, 1883 Carbonear Patrick Murphy not given Michael Murphy  
    Frances Cronin not given Margaret Fortune  

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