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Marriages from Northern Bay R.C. Parish Box 1 (1838 - 1914)

Transcriber's Note: The information provided in this file was used to complete a lot of my own personal research.
The information was transcribed by Robert Murphy. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

Nov 09, 1839 Northern Bay William Mackey not given John Havard  
    Eliza Murphy not given Bridget Whelan  

Nov 21, 1839 Northern Bay William Broderick not given Edward Broderick  
    Alice Hogan not given Mary Hogan  

Feb 18, 1841 Northern Bay Joseph Murphy not given Francis Colbert  
    Grace Sanders not given Bridget Walsh  

Sep 28, 1841 Northern Bay David Murphy not given Maurice Whelan  
    Catherine Connell not given Catherine Hennessy  

May 14, 1848 Northern Bay David Connell not given John G. Ward  
    Eliza Tucker not given John Bryth  

Jan 14, 1844 Northern Bay Peter Murphy not given James Collins  
    Mary Moore not given Ellin Moore  

Nov 22, 1846 Northern Bay Edward Kennedy not given John Fitzgerald  
    Mary McDonald not given Catherine Rowe  

Aug 10, 1847 Northern Bay Edward Murphy not given John G. Ward  
    Ellen McDonald not given Elizabeth Mansfield  

Nov 24, 1848 Northern Bay John Sanders not given Thomas Fox  
    Eliza Murphy not given Elizabeth Mansfield  

May 25, 1851 Northern Bay Maurice Murphy not given William Colbert  
    Mary Fleming not given Judy Murphy  

Aug 17, 1854 Northern Bay John Murphy not given Richard Colford  
    Anne Colford not given Anne Stafford  

Oct 17, 1855 Northern Bay John Lynch not given Michael Walsh  
    Mary Murphy not given Mary Hogan  

Nov 27, 1858 Northern Bay John Murphy not given James McDonald  
    Judy McDonald not given Judy Murphy  

May 14, 1859 Northern Bay Gerald Murphy not given Patrick Hennessey  
    Bridget Hennessy not given Anty Hennessey  

Jun 18, 1859 Northern Bay Daniel Murphy not given Michael Colford  
    Anty Colford not given Margaret Mackey  

Oct 01, 1862 Northern Bay John James not given James Janes  
    Sarah Broderick not given Johanna Broderick  

Nov 06, 1865 Northern Bay John Murphy not given John Broders  
    Anne Riggs not given Ann Broders  

Nov 07, 1865 Northern Bay James Murphy not given John Mackey  
    Eliza Howard not given Eliza Howard  

Oct 28, 1867 Northern Bay James Royal not given Joseph Royal  
    Anastasia Murphy not given Mary Murphy  

Jun 05, 1869 Northern Bay Terence Kennedy not given Thomas McDonald  
    Mary McDonald not given Jane Kennedy  

Dec 26, 1870 Northern Bay Joseph Murphy not given Patrick Broderick  
    Mary Broderick not given Johanna Murphy  

Dec 27, 1870 Northern Bay John Broderick not given Jeremiah Broderick  
    Anastasia Howard not given Ellen Lannan  

Oct 23, 1877 Northern Bay John Bislan not given Patrick Walsh  
    Elizabeth Broderick not given Margaret Ryan  

Jan 07, 1875 Northern Bay Patrick Broderick not given John Collins  
    Anastasia Fitzgerald not given Anne Kavanagh  

Nov 24, 1875 Northern Bay Richard English not given John Murphy  
    Mary Murphy not given Agnes Collins  

Jan 08, 1876 Northern Bay John Connell not given M.C. Connell  
    Julia Fahey not given Sara Fahey  

Jan 09, 1876 Northern Bay John Murphy not given Den Murphy  
    Anne Fitzgerald not given Johanna Fitzgerald  

Feb 26, 1876 Northern Bay Michael Connell not given John Morecy  
    Ellen King not given Mary Connell  

Jun 17, 1876 Northern Bay John Albert Hearn not given Maurice Murphy  
    Bridget Murphy not given Bridget Ahearn  

Nov 29, 1876 Northern Bay Edward Murphy not given John Hogan  
    Mary Hogan not given Agnes Hogan  

Nov 06, 1877 Northern Bay Thomas Murphy not given John Murphy  
    Elizabeth Doyle not given Cecilia Murphy  

Nov 27, 1877 Northern Bay Patrick Murphy not given Michael Power  
    Mary Hyde not given Kate Hyde  

Jan 10, 1880 Northern Bay Jerry Broderick not given John Broderick  
    Elizabeth Vie not given John D. Broderick  

Feb 01, 1880 Northern Bay Thomas Murphy not given William Royle  
    Mary Landy not given Cecilia Murphy  

May 21, 1881 Northern Bay John Murphy not given illegible  
    Johanna Oliver not given Cecilia Murphy  

Nov 14, 1881 Northern Bay Edward Walsh not given Bern Foristal  
    Bridget Connell not given Kate Connell  

Nov 25, 1881 Northern Bay John Oliver not given Henry Oliver  
    Ellen Murphy not given Cecilia Murphy  

Nov 25, 1881 Northern Bay Vincent Murphy not given Martin Oliver  
    Mary Oliver not given Ellen Oliver  

Jan 19, 1882 Northern Bay Denis Murphy not given Andrew Oliver  
    Johanna Oliver not given Ellen Murphy  

May 31, 1882 Northern Bay Patrick Royal not given John Royal  
    Ellen Murphy not given Cecilia McCann  

Jun 06, 1882 Northern Bay Patrick Doyle not given William Doyle  
    Johanna Murphy not given Julia Rockwood  

Nov 26, 1882 Northern Bay Henry Oliver not given Patrick Oliver  
    Cecilia Murphy not given Bridget Oliver  

Nov 28, 1882 Northern Bay Edward Murphy not given John Hogan  
    Agnes Hogan not given Johanna Leary  

Nov 27, 1883 Northern Bay Mark Forrestal not given Bernard Forrestal  
    Mary Murphy not given Bride Walsh  

Jan 25, 1884 Northern Bay Maurice Murphy not given Joseph Murphy  
    Agnes McCann not given Kate Fitzgerald  

Nov 28, 1884 Northern Bay Peter Royal not given John Royal  
    Sara Murphy not given Agnes McDonald  

Nov 28, 1884 Northern Bay John Colford not given William Broderick  
    Nora Broderick not given Eliza Collins  

Jan 07, 1885 Northern Bay Michael Broderick not given Patrick Tobin  
    Anne Butler not given Mary (illegible)  

Nov 08, 1889 Northern Bay Edmond Murphy not given illegible  
    Eliza McCarthy not given illegible  

Dec 01, 1894 Northern Bay John Royal Redlands Denis Murphy  
    Alice Murphy Job's Cove Jane Royal  

Jan 15, 1897 Northern Bay William Murphy Job's Cove Daniel Davis  
    Caroline Davis Job's Cove Johanna Davis nee Oliver  

Nov 22 1900 Northern Bay Denis Murphy Job's Cove Patrick Murphy  
    Jane Royal Job's Cove Bridget Murphy  

Apr 15 1901 Northern Bay Vincent Murphy Job's Cove Robert Layman widower
    Anastasia Layman Gull Island Ellen Murphy nee Fahey

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