Conception Bay North Region - Northern District

Salmon Cove United Church Cemetery (Partial)

The records were transcribed by LINDA IVAN

These were transcribed directly from photographs of the stones, minus the verses...



- Erected by Jethro Penney, Sacred to the Memory of Jane Wesley Penney Died Aug 10, 1921 Aged 63 years

- In Memoriam Hugh George Parsons died Dec. 5, 19 15 Aged 28 years, also his wife Fanny Jane Parsons

- Erected by John Parsons in memory of his grand-child Oscar Parsons died June 3rd, 1920, aged 7 1/2 years

-In Memoriam Esther beloved wife of Israel Penney died Jan 23, 1916, aged 43 years.

- Erected by Eli in memory of his beloved father, George Parsons died Sep 25, 1913, aged 86 years. Also his mother Sophia died Aug 22, 1919 aged 85 years

- In Memoriam Sadie darling baby of Eli and Lillie M. Parsons died March 25, 1913 aged 23 days

- In Loving Remembrance of William Henry Parsons who departed this life March 18, 1915 aged 70 years.

Same grave as above (William Henry Parsons) - In Loving Remembrance of Susanna Parsons who departed this life Nov 16, 1914 aged 72 years.

- In Loving Memory of John W. Parsons born April 14, 1894 died June 5, 1966

Same grave as above (John W. Parsons) In Loving Memory of Elizabeth beloved wife of John W. Parsons, Died December 6, 1953 aged 55 years.

- PENNEY Gilbert 1908 - 1984 Beatrice 1912 - 2003 Married Nov 10, 1928

- In loving memory of William T. Penney Born July 8th, 1880 Died June 3rd 1941 Erected by his wife Sophia Penney

- In Loving Memory of Ada beloved wife of Joh n W. Parsons Died Oct 4, 1919 aged 52 years

- In Loving Memory of Eli Parsons Beloved Husband of Lillie M. Parsons Died March 16th, 1957 aged 81 years.

Same grave as above (Eli Parsons) Lilly May Parsons died June 16th 1964 aged 82 years

- GEAR Brothers Isreal 1907 - 1975 and Thomas 1920 - 1975

- In loving memory of Israel Penney died July 8th 1957 aged 68 years erected by his wife Ethel

Same grave as above (Israel Penney) In Loving Memory of Ethel M. Penney died August 9th, 1960 aged 67 years. Erected by her daughter Doris.

- In loving Memory of our dear father Clement Penney who died Dec 15, 1934 aged 33 years **See Errata table below . Erected by his son Israel Penney.

Same grave as above (Clement Penney) In Loving Memory of Diana beloved wife of Clement Penney, born Aug 15th 1850, died Jan 6th, 1926.

-In Memoriam No 3573 Pte William T Parsons beloved husband of Hannah and adopted son of Eli and Lillie M. Parsons who died of wounds at the 16th General Hospital Le Treport, Dec 14, 1917 aged 22 years. In Grateful Remembrance of a Brave Soldier who gave his life in defence of his King and Country.

- In Loving Memory of Clement Penney died Jan 15, 1937 aged 22 years. Ronald died Sept 5, 1920 aged 18 months. Beloved sons of George E. and Jessie Penney.

- Erected by his wife Elizabeth Ann In loving Memory of Reuben Penney (stone cracked off, but he died July 25th 1917 in a mine explosion in New Waterford, Cape Breton, aged 27 years)

Same grave as above: In Loving Memory of Elizabeth Ann Penney 1893 - 1969. Erected by John Parsons and Family.

- PENNEY William J 1884 - 1974 PENNEY In Memory of Mary Ann beloved wife of William J. Penney died Aug 8, 1962 aged 77 years

- In loving memory of Israel Penney died July 19th 1956 aged 86 years.

- In Loving Memory of George Wm Kelloway killed at Caledonia Mines Cape Breton Jan 11th 1923 aged 28 years. Erected by his wife FLORA.

- In loving memory of Alfred Rose died June 8, 1943 age 43 years. Ever remembered by his wife Mary and family.

Same grave as above (Alfred Rose) Mary Ann Rose died Feb 4, 1983, age 83 years. (could be 82 years)

- In loving memory of Florance Joan (sic) darling daughter of James H. & Julia Parsons died May 7, 1937 aged 3 years, 3 months.

- In Loving Memory of John Slade died Feb 10, 1965 age 89 years (could be 88 years)

Other tidbits from the Salmon Cove United Church Cemetery, this from the grave plot list which includes graves with no markers (incomplete):

PENNEY, Graham 193 5-2003

PENNEY, Hazel 1910-1992

PENNEY, Henry A. 1889-1951

PENNEY, Henry G. 1914-2001

PENNEY, Israel 1870-1956

PENNEY, Israel 1912-1939

PENNEY, Israel 1889-1957

PENNEY, Jacob 1856-1937

PENNEY, James 1910-2004

PENNEY, Jane 1850-1892

PENNEY, Jane Wesley 1858-1921

PENNEY, Janie unkn-1935

PENNEY, Jessie 1887-1971

PENNEY, Jessie L. 1935-1993

PENNEY, Jethro 1913-1936

PENNEY, Jethro 1858-1942

PENNEY, John C. 1910-1960

PENNEY, John H. 1911-2004

PENNEY, John R. 1917-1995

PENNEY, John Robert 1885-1963

PENNEY, Joseph 1878 (?) - 1897

PENNEY, Joseph 1851-1913

PENNEY, Joseph 1 912-2002

PENNEY, Joshua 1852-1943

PENNEY, L. Beatrice 1912-2003

PENNEY, Leah 1887-1889


Name in Transcription Description of Error My Name
Clement PENNEY Clement Penney, died Dec. 15, 1934. He was born June 20, 1851 and was therefore 83 years old when he died and not 33. Eileen (Penney) Noble


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